The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 26, 1969 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 26, 1969
Page 9
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LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE ThU to to flns ( nolle* the* ea the »* day at January, A.O. IMf, CITIZEN* NATIONAL BANK & TRUST COMPANY OF BAYTOWN, lt>ae^rvoenl ^ecutor and Testamentary Trustee at the esiate at BUCK H. TURNER; VERA WILLIAM TURNER, a widow; and ALLEN E. RUSSELL. TRUSTEE, did makt oppllcatkx to me Commissioners Court of Harrli County, Texas, to concol the dedication ft a portion of Jane* Rood In HorrU County, T»xo», MM oppHcatton b»lno <» follows: IN RE: APPPLiCATIOM TO CANCEL DEDICATION OF A PORTION OF JONES ROAD, HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS IN THE COMMISSIONERS HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS APPLICATION TO THE HONORABLE COMMISSIONERS COURT OF HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS Now comes CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK I TRUST COMPANY OF BAYTOWN, Independent Executor and Testa- mcntary Trustee ol ttit estate o4 BUCK ER. a widow; and ALLEN E. RUSSELL, H. TURNER; VERA WILLIAMS TURN- TRUSTEE, acting by and thrsugji their attorney, and max* this application to the Honorable Commissioners Court of Harris County. Texas, to cancel the dedication of a portion of Jones Rood, being a sixty (401 foot right of way. In Harris County, Texas, tlte portion of said Janet Rood sought to be cancelled being described by metes and bounds as follows, to - wit: Being a parcel or trad of land out o( the Tolcott Patching Survey, Harris County, Texas, and belno bordered on the north and South by the Buck Turner property, on the West by John Martin Rood, and on tile East by a Houston Lighting and Power Company right of way, and being more particularly described by metes and bounds as follows: BEGINNING at the point of Intersection of the East right of way line of John Martin Road with the North right of way line of Jones Road; THENCE North 99 deg. 46 mln. East with the North right of way line of Jones Rood and me South property line of the Buck Turner tract as'described In deed recorded In Volume 2109 al Page 507 of the Deed RVcords of Harris County, Texas, a distance of 3,233.14 feet to a point In the Westerly right of way line of a Houston Lighting and Power Company right of way; THENCE Soutti » deo. 47 mln. 35 sec. East with the West line of said Houston Lighting & Power Company rlgtil of way, 0 dlstonc* ol 60.35 f«t to a point In the South right of way line of Jones Rood; THENCE South 19 deg. « mln. West with the South right of way line of Jones Road and the North line ol the Buck Turner tract as described In deed recorded In Volu-ne 77M at Page 543 of the, Harris County Deed Records, o distance 01 3,279. !3 feet to a point In the Easterly right of way line of John Morlln Rood; THENCE North 1J deg. 34 mln. 34 sec. West with the east right of way line of John Martin Rood, a distance of 41.45 feel to the POINT OF BEGINNING, enclosing a tract of land containing 4.474 acres, more or less. In support of this oopllcotlon, your Applicants would show the Court (he following: I. That Jones Rood Is dedicated by o mop of Highlands Forms filed lor record April 7, 1W6, under County Clerk's File No 230.264, and recorded !n Volume 7 at Pace 60 of the Map Records of Harris County, Texas. II. That the portion fought to be cancelled was not eroded. Improved nor opened lo the public ol the time of the dedication of the map or Highlands For-ns, nor has It at any time since April 7, 1926, been graded, Improved or opened to the public. III. That sold portion of sold Jones Rood sought to be cancelled Is not at the present tfme. nor has It ever been used In any way for o public thoroughfare or by any public utility or other llrm or Individuals other man by the owners of th* property odiolnlno said strip. IV. That your Applicants are the owners of property on both sides of the tract ol land sought to be cancelled and that the cancellation of such dedication will not Interfere with the established rlahls of any person, firm, association or. GOrjppraMPR * the Immertoti vicinity. V. T& e sketch showing the portion «f Jonoo Read taught »e be cancelled, ond shown In red. It attached hereto ond marked Exhibit "A" fer aHpurpeteo- VI. Thot this application b raSiln •«c«4»ftee wfth ArTicse TW of Vernon's Civil Statutes al the State al Teiioe- WHEREFORE, your Applicants prey that on order bo entered petting a time y^ •'ace at a regular term of this Court ol which Applkonh may be heard ana this application ond petition acted upon by this Court, that due notice of such hearing be given In the manner required by tow, and that thereafter the £»urt enter on order formally cancel ling 2*^dedication of the portion of Jones Rood herein describe* ond for such further orders o* this Court .-nay deem proper. REID, STRICKLAND. GILLETTE & RAMSEY Bv: Robert L. Gillette Attorneys for Applicants P.O. Box 009, Savings 1 Loon Building Bavtown, Texas" Barnard Sees Transplant Win HOUSTON (APJ - Dr. Christiaan Barnard says the difficulties of heart transplant surgery will be overcome with further operations and research. "There are many problems still ahead," the famous Capetown, South Africa, physician said Friday night. "I believe we should continue and we shall eventually get to all the problems." Barnard, who performed the world's first human heart transplant operation in December, 1967, told a meeting at the Baylor College of Medicine that heart implantation "is a good form of treatment." He suggested that mechanical hearts may eventually replace transplant operations. "The heart is the first organ or the easiest organ which we will replace by a mechanical device," Barnard said. "I think the rrtoment heart transplantation is the best method." Barnard flew to Houston Friday to attend a charity event Sunday for the Texas Heart Institute. He was introduced at Ihe Osier Society meeting by Dr. Denton A. Cooley, who has performed 17 heart transplant operations at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital. Garage Sale ASHBEL SMITH Parent-Teacher Association will have a garage sale from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday at Roseland Park Pavilion. Sunday, January 26, 1969 Vagtoora Sun Want Ads Bring Readers, Results^ f 1. JTAT1D MEET- wtown Shrine Club will be MM Monday, January 0, '*•*, 7:00 p.m., In the Club Howe on Hlahwov 144. La- diet Night, Shrlnors wear your hn. All members am wood to attend. Joe Speck, Prei. Martin Griffith, Seo-Tre*. 1-A. Special MotioM MEDICARE QUESTIONS AMSWBMD- Wo will file your daim. "Get well" equipment - hospital bed*, wheel chairs, patient lifts. Trl-Clty Pharmacy. 42942*1. MEDICAL PROFESSION — Are you k»- teieited In office or clinic across street from Gulf Coast Hotpltol??? Will build to suit tenant. Coll C. E. Smith, 427-4902 for Information. As el tMt date I wMI M leaaer be responsible for debts Incurred by anyone ether than myself. Signed Thomoo L. Patrick TIMBER WANTED — Ptoe and hard- v*eod, log and puJpwood and estimated. Purchased In bulk or per thousand and units. HERB TIMBER CO., Box 15, Liberty. Texas 77575. Phone 334-3*41, Liberty or 517-4474. Raywood, R. B. Evan*. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISERS on urejed te check the first Insertion at on eel fer XAtttXe errors. The Bavtown Sun wBl no-charge for on Incorrect at II We ejgv vertiser coll* the classified Jepuitinenl belore the second tneertlon. WHITE OPACB INCREASE* REA0ERSM1F TAX RETURNS PREPARED BY MAIL — 15 lee. Coll Clifton McDowell for Information. 427-45*0. WEDDING SERVICE Completely new la pxrytewe _ . decerallna •( cherclv beaejuets and re- ceptlea. perteaatiied service. 1-C Garage Sale CARAOE SALE — Otd Wllseo. Supply Building, FM 565, Ml. Belvleu. Monday through Sat. I a.m. til? Anllaues. old bottles, gtoneware. clottws, miscellaneous. OARAOE SALE — Mead ay ooy, Jon. 27-Jon. 30. 307 ' 9 a.m. to S p.m. Ikre Tkurv LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Sealed bids will be received by trie Lee College District, Box Oil, Baytown. Texas 77520, until 11:00 a.m., Monday, February 3, 19»9, for WELDING MACHINES AND PEDESTAL GRINDERS at wnkn time bids will be ooened In the Comptroller's Office, Lee Drive, Baytown, Texas. Bldderi may be present at the coming of me bids. Specifications and necessary Informa tlon moy be tiod by calling at the Comptroller's office. The Board al Regents rrserves the right to reject any and alt bids or accaot any bid deemed most advantageous to It. LEE COLLEGE DISTRICT Alvln H. Miles, Co-nptroller SATURDAY, JANUARY 2S, 1K9 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, )9»» 1-C CARAOE SALE — 1ft* Crete* Cedar bayou Rd. Starts Frl. 'till? Piano, clocks, bottles, clothing, couch, miscellaneous. OAP.AOE SALE — 14*1 MadHon. Frl. thru Tuei. Like new Wonder Horse, petit* Jr. dreetet, other miscellaneous Item*. HI BAVTOWN SUN ke» o Home Deilv- -y Route available In Anohuoc. If you rr o High School student with a car n Anatiuac you can make a flood part me IncoTie. •rite to John Fairbanks, Be* 471 cytawn, Texas 77*20. Monuments-Lots FOUR CEMETERY LOT* _ Located hi Memory Gardens. $175 cosh. For complete details coll RAY BORN JOHNSON, INC., 437-17U; nights. Glen Erwln, 424-7147. velsl, U WPM 000 up lerk Tvph% Ughl S/H Us* Menonger Girl, Type JO U40 Personal* .O.K., Day* Only 1200 up arts Clerk, Type 40 WPM t200 up eusekeepen and Ceeki 'el Office tMO IF GOOD OOVERNMENT AWARDS being handed out would our community take any prlies? BE OF TNE SAME MIND ee» another. Mind not high things, but condescend le men of low estate. Be not wise In your own conceits. ALCOHOLICS ANOMYMOWS] — fnlormatljon on AlcohotMm If you have a drlnklna Call 477-07W. Murance Investigator t4U up lout Trainees tl.t4-u.JI lir. reduction Helpers tJ-U hr. up J to II SM* • :)• to 4:» Mendoy Thru Friday t le 11 Satvrdoy Decker Dr. 427-M4B Q.V.D. For Qenlltr, Valve, DapeadapHltt. Call Dick OortM to details, 4114MI. Lost-Found LOST DOO — Male Chthuatiaa, vtdaM* old Pelly. Answers lo "Patrick." REWARD! I Call 427-5112 or 422-9774. OOO LOST — Apricot • red Pnniireotpo. male, lost In Pelly area. Reword. 427-5424, 427-2363. FOUND — WMte female eat v/ltri medium lona hair. 704 Pamela, 432-2117. FOUND — WWte male No Poodle. Coll 422-2457 and Identity. LOST CAT — remote Stamet*. 7P» Mir lom, vicinity Lee Drive, wearing llea col lar. REWARD! 422-2612. 7. Instruction* DON M. HULLUM Employment' Service WOMEN'S DIVISION Secretary, Typing SS, Shorthand 00 MOO Secretary, Typing IS, SkerttMNid M 0400 (tart lerk Tyeeil, IS Word* 0400 lerk Typist,, Teletype Exp. SO Net Words SIM Domestic Help Baby Sitters COUNSELOR—*eana Mollaway MEN'S DIVISION Technician, Seme Chemistry ..teas em Accountant, BBA Degree ••- le 1700 hipping Clerk. Experienced -• WO* plus roleet Engineer, CHE Degree SIM* plus irattsmoH, Mechanical, Piping- .... Open etes Management Trainee SSM tulrument Tech stJd luallty Centrel, Welding S7O» lant Help PermiesM S>.7< te O.J1 Mtlvery Me* tOO-SM Week onsultants: Dan HMIum, Den Henderson Let An Eiperlenced Persennei Mao. Hetp Plan Your Career a.m. le S p.m. Monday Thru Friday » a.m. te Noon Saturday POISE AND MODEL1NO — New session bcfilnnlng mid-F-'ebruary. Morning, all crnoon, evenlnc. Group and private lessens. Mary Lynne Johns, School, 422-7217. BONNIBAR PRIVATE SCHOOL 2-5 Grade added each year. Standards higher than accreditation reaulrements. Phone 472-7211, or S7S-1122. U.S. Civil Service Tests! High starting per. Short hear*. Advancement. Preparatory training o* long at reejuired. Thousand* of loot open. Experience usually unnecessary. Crammer school sufficient fer many lees. FREE Information ea |ea*, salaries, requirements. Write TODAY gtvhsg name and Lincoln Service, Bex 7J-IA. The 10. Help Wanted NEEDED — GrlH Ceek and Waitress. Ap ply In person to KETTLE'S RESTAURANT, 60S Alexander Drive. TWO EMPLOYEES NEEDED — Oenerot cook, and waitress with tray experience. Apply In perxm. Bay Reef Restaurant. 2505 Market. HI AND LOIS Bv Mart Wetter and Dik Browne / rrls NOTHING \ / SERIOUS. JUST \ I DON'T CARE! I DON'T THINK IT'S APPROPRIATE FORA TEN-YEAR-OLD'S ROOM/ BUT, IT'S ONLY A PLASTIC BALLOON MR. ABERKATHY By sJoees and Rldgeway iVe GOT A SURPRISE FOR>tXJ, MONTY] HE SEEMS VEPY PLEASED WITH IT, THERE AREN'T TOO MANY AUTHENTIC AUTOGRAPHS AROUND. BEETLE BAILEY By Mort Wdker I HATE TO HAvIE TO 6ET UP FPOM r\ie. TABLE TO 66T LET'S ? BUTTER, BACON, TOAST COFPEE.. TMATS EVERYTHING. YOU CAM GO MOW, BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By Fred Lasswefl LL JEST SET DOWN ) AN'POOR MVSELF J f\ HOT CUP OF-- THANK GOODNESS" T FINALLY GOT THAT TATER OFF I FOOLED VE THAT TIME !! IT'S 6MPTV!. 1 ALLEY OOf By V. T. Hamln WELL WHAT HAPPENS NOU." A TH' FIRST ' THING WE BETTER DO IS PUT HER ON A PIET. 1 ...HERE.SET /' "~S.STOP/ YOU RID OF THIS . RIGHT. 1 I CAN'T TAKE STIIFT.' \ __^ AWAY MY GOOPIES! WHY; I'LL STARVE TO DEATH! LOOK, YOUR HIGHNESS, / BUT I'LL WE'LL TELL VOU WHAT WASTE AWAY TO EAT AN' WHEN ( TO NOTHING TO EftT F-ROM ^,'V I'LL... IMOW ON! 2r\" m« h r NIA I I - -It TM l*t Ul P»l Ol* 10. Ho>tp Wantojd Baytown Employment Secretary, S/H 74, Type U MB up eikfceeper. Fall Charge, Type 71 WPM MM up Receret Clerk. Type M WPM, S/N a Groysteoe Blag. Suite 1*1 42242*1 27tJ West Main 11. Female Help Wanted IS. Work WantoxJ SWIMT'S KIDDI* CARB — 110 W. Heman. Stale llccmed, snacks, hot meats. supervhed play. Age* 3 thru 10. e:30 o.m 6 a.m. 422-yati, alter t call 427-4244 SEWING DONE Phone S7I-UI7 Mother Goose Nursery State LteeaMd 15-A. Bldg. Contractor HOUSE LEVELINO — Bell be Hem type piers lo builders cloy. Slabs our specialty. All work guaranteed. A-ABA FOUNDATION CO., 674-»111 or 424-7910. ALL KINDS OF CARPENTRY and (Mint- Ing No lob too small or too large. Phone 427-1047. REPLACE THAT OLD ROOF — With e Bonded roof by Bob. Siding and remodeling. 427-2516. GET UTILITY PLUS wilt) en attached Double carport matched to your architecture. Add storage space. 5-years to pay. C. G. "ROCKY" ROQUEMORE 1«04 Wright Blvd., 422-9179. LIQUIDATING — Entire sleek, Slllcone, woter proofing and paints. All colors. 'A r'lcel 422-4561. PAINTINO AND REMODELING — Resll- dential and co-nmercio), fast, dependable service. Call 422-9172 or 422-SUI. THOMPSON BUILDERS Renwdelini — cabinets — windows — carperts _ „„, h<m) ., ono - ,i d _ Financing, IM Jehu A. 424-VU7. Hasty Builders TOTAL REMODELING — FREE ESTIMATES «e» S. Main, HliMotxJs, 4M-23H. 17. Houses For Rent EXECUTIVE HOME — 1-aedreenH, 1 bclhs, air, heat, S200. Plus security de- DOtlt. MCCANDLESS, 427-1219. MCKINNEY RD., tfli — CelenM Perk, 2-bedrom mobile home, DO-US weekly. Call 422-WM. NORSES — OeaMo. Sfcptlend, Ooad (or children. Gelding. 9Md roplna horse. S7S-13W. 18. Bedrooms - Board PEARCE, 1*1 E. — tedreom Hr real. kllchen privileges. Coll 4224291. LO8IT, 7*1 E. — kedroom, sllllnf re*m, shore kitchen and both. Perrtale only. Call 472-4475. BEDROOM — With private bath, telephone ogtlonal. Call 42MI4S. LADIES on GENTLEMEN — NO drunks, private entrances, kitchen 211 E. Murrlll. 427O03S. privilege*, NICE BEDROOMS — Men only; plertv oorklna. With or without air conditioning PARKS HOTEL, 4J7-7722, Ml S. Main. 19. Business Rentals • AYWAY DR., MM — ktrslness building lor lease, formerly Guys and Dolts. Call 424-5477. SM PARK - UP* Sq. Ft. 0«*d Parklnf 01 ea. Hardware, paint, appliances, furnl- luie, business supplies and etc. Pnone 422-2838. COMMERCIAL SPACE — Mear K-Mart Plaza. Call JOHN M. SHEARER, REALTY. 422-&S17 or 422-60)6. METAL BUILDING — JulTaDM «0r or Garage, 910 N. Main, -hone 427-Z771. 16. Apartments For Reni FURNISHED — GENTLEMEN, US weak- Iv, double 120. Bills paid, linens furnished, air conditioned, near college. 4M-6J1S. WILLOW, IM* — J room parage opart- n>enl. furnished, bills paid, SAi. -127-4509. LIVE IN HOUSEKEEPER AND BABY- ITTER — 6 days week. Salary oood. TWO J-reem fentlshed apartments — Lpstalrs us; downstairs, 190. Utilities X3ld. CARTER H. MILLER AND AS5O- IATE REALTORS, 427-7143 or Claire F. haman, 422-4455. COCKTAIL WAITRESS AND GO GO GIRLS — Salary good. Call GL 2-917] or ~l. 2-4202. 6ULF, JHVi W. — Furnished garage pcrlmenl, air conditioned. Ideal student r working couple, bills paid, SAO. 422-7001. LADY wltn same knewledge penerol In- uronew, 5"/j doys. New agency. Write \O. Box 592, Bcrytown, tor Interview. FULL TIME CHECKER NEEDED — Must be 21 or older and experienced In drive-in grocery work. Apply In person •nly to MINUTE MAN NO. 1. 321 W. Gull. URNISHED — One bedroom oportmenl- Oraperies, carpets, utilities paid, ly 3213 Missouri, 427-4539. BABYSITTER NEEDED — In my home, days week, all Wed. and Sunday. 27-4483 alter 5 p.m. ORE — JVi 'ark. For ap- DOMESTIC NELP WANTED IN Crosby •rea. One day o wee*. Saturday mornino ireitrned, Phone 579-3311 after S p.m. LVN le work Industrial medical clinic. 40 hour per week, * lo 5 p.m. Colt Peggy Bell. GL 3-5454. LA PORTE, *M S. KANSAS — Small bedroom apartment. S6S. Soeclol this eek only, 2nd month rent FREE to ood permanent tenant, GR 1-1191. irocesslng experience preferred, 09* 25 o 35. Write Box 23*3 care at The Bay- own Sun. giving Qualifications. MAIN, lit S. — Hletnanat, Apt. C. One edroom furnished, water and gas paid. MO. 426-1521. WANT LADY — To live with Mether tor companion (Including light housework. References required. Call 422-9153 alter D.m. LLINOIS. )20S — Fumttned Ills paid, couple. 575-1083. BAR MAIDS WANTED — H-tf, slogie, apply 2521 Market St. Sunday 2-4 p.m.. Body Shop. ER Experienced, SH-70, Typing 55-40, S400 plus DON HULLUM EMPLOYMENT, 422-82V3. EXPERIENCED YPISTS — CLERKS - BOOKKEEPERS COMPTOMETER OPERATORS Temporary er full time By AppeJntmeol phene 4W-1«»* PD TEMPORARIES V* Decker Drive Suite Me. 101 BAKKLEY SQUAKh TOWNHOUSfe — ew cost luxury and convenience. Swim- tine pool, central air, polios, carport. dishwasher, refrigerator, olsposc!. carpel- na; turnlshed or uniurnfsfted. Utllltle! DO Id. 1215 Park. 422-7435. 422-0707. NEEDED Immediately! Wolfreis. PleeM apply hi pert** te 'HE TOWER RESTAURANT, Decker Dr. 'wo-Bedroom Apts. $ 135 REATIVB ARMS — Twe bedroom «•> urnisned, etl beell-li: kitchen*, carpet* evered carport, peel, wasnaleria, fenced playground • MOO Beiar Rd. EXPERIENCED SECRETARIES Three Positions Open STARTINO SALARY MOO TO $410 OOOD SHORTHAND AND TYPINO FEES PAID BY EMPLOYER ONLY IS MINUTES FROM BAYTOWN DON M. HULLUM Employment Service Pheen 422-42T) 1702. West Main EARN MORE!! Shew netelMtofly advertised, prestlae ccsmetlc*. Makevp mellwd* used In Holtywoed. We leach you FREE - And It's Iwtl 11 Deurs weekly should give yo» MS preflt; full time S100 and up. i>hene VIVIAN WOODARD COSMETICS, far eppeintmer.l, 4T2JT04, 12. Male Help Wanted 1120 WEEK — 1 salesmen, tull ar part, •ime, nat books, cars, insurance, etc., r ree training, Insurance, Monday y a.m. 113 N. Main 427-5020. 9RIVE* — Age epen, drelt exempt. Light storehouse work. 40 hour week. Monday throuati Friday. 427-737o. ACTIVE RETIREE — Or college stu- oVnt. to work In furniture store, JOOO month. Full or port time. Aprty WILKENFELD FURNITURE. TWO MEN needed et ence lo assist manager. Soles-Service and Supplies. No experience necessary, must hove car. Call JA 3-2515. LINE week 427-7: YOUNC MAN — Needed to fill assistant manayer position. Good pay, company Benefits. Exaerknce not required. Apply In person to vTwnooer of Men's Dept. K-V.ort. MANAGER TRAINEE — Must be years old ond have auto. Good starling salary, oood chance for advancement Aaoly In oerson only, AMERICAN FINANCE SYSTFM, 10] w. Texas Ave 13. Sales Help Wanted II PWT TOO MUCH fer (IMP e... 40. with cor, te take short auto trip* near Baytown. Air .71011 C. J. Dlckerson Pres., Southwestern Petroleum Corp., Fl Worth, Texoi 74101. SALES OPPORTUNITY Full er pert Mme. O.M.S. aete«net<ve vnper In lector*. Earning limited le ye«r time and pMHV. CaN Jerry, *n-nOO er 432-2440. 15. Work Wonted BABYJITTIhtd) - l« mv home. Weekl or heurty. Fenced yard. Wei! expcrlencei POP.MER LiOAL UCRKTARY - Deilref typing In ho-ne. CAMDY CANC NURSCRY - New eejn- cry. Kind, Intelligent, laving core. Hot meals, kindergarten. 4 a.m. le e p m »I2 per week 1 cMHL etc, 437-2511, 71 E. Texoe. HAPPY HOUSE DAT I4VRSERY - Mate licensed, working rnatnert ei.rojt you WAREHOUSE, 317 Noire, — «OxlM ft masonry building with office space. Will rent or least. Mrs. Lambert, 422-6904. Warehouse For Rent On N. Main. 40 ft. by 00 ft. en 2 acres Suitable lor garage. Includes office spaa. Coll 422-03S1. 20. Wanted To Rent WANT TO RENT GARAGE — (prefer oblv In vicinity of Ward Rd. Call 422-1111. and Hwy RUETT, 1400 S. — Upstairs lurntshed portment. Couple only, hone 422-7165. EFFICIENCY CABIN — One bedroom urnished. Couple or single. No pets. 226 Schaapa Lane. HREE ROOM FURNISHED APART- ^ENTS. $20 weekly, utilities paid, close > town. Claire Thomon, 422-4455. CAR- EP H. MILLER AND ASSOCIATES. 27-7343. hREE-ROOM DUPLEX — 3104 Wisconsin ec from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. only . 'ills paid. IHIO.J uiel./ 12 J roams. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR — 500 Decker Orlve, Section I— and 2-bedrooms, furnished and unfur- Irhed apartments. Electric kitchens, air or.dltloned: draperies; swimming pool. Phone 424-0613. 21. Trailer Space P "* L* ' 6 VILLAGE AND MOBILE HOMES W* have lots tor sale. Pre. dcvelopment! All utilities, future swim- mlnfl pool, conveniently located at corner of Prairie Rd. and Battlebell in Hlohlonds CHARLIE RAMSEY, 426-3521. LARGE CORNER LOT for rent or tale In Hlnhlands, lor mobile home. Swlmmlno cool available. Contact Leonards Barber Shop. Boywoy Dr. 424-5120 after U noon JOHNSON'S TRAILER PARK — Cernw ol Ave. B & Hwy. 144. All city utlJitli (natural aas) 57&-2620 Mt. Belvleu. Services Ofierec 29. Ltostoek BABY CALVIS — Fer tele, OLDENS CALF BARN, 4915 Redell Rd., 424-770*. THREOT QUARTER MORSE*, very pood blood line. Must see la aeoreciate. For Information call 42A-3W5. HAY — Dellls OVeju, MrtMted end sprtr- ed for weeds In sorlna. Call 570-3101 Crosby. SHETLAND PONY — 0>eee) •*** <»*• n. toddle Included, *7S- 573-1314. EXCELLENT RED TOP CANS HAY — Large bale SI.20 under 100 boles. *10i Wade Rd. HORSE STALLS FOR RENT — lixleeV Ing 25 acres for prarlng. Newest and nicest In Baytown. Larry Enderll, 4274416. 47S-1U1. Western Wear Ma E. Temee 4XM011 HORSE FOR SALE m-t HORSES |oy. peldtn t*S; MMtcen kerrt, U*; ... peldlne .... .... _. . Registered Mack ApaoleMe Mare, SJOJj Palomino mare, t»I. 414-4PM. 99 CENTS Otter C1NCHWORMER Werm am/ slxe horse. Mmpla ceotalner. Money back puerenhx •cea thru Set., Peb. 1st. GULF COAST PHARMACY 2000 Oarth Rd. 4XH417 FREE CITY DELIVERY 30. Articles Wanted 31. Artid** For Sato V-BELTS AMD PULLEYS tor relrtejefe- tors, air conditioners, pumpe, compressors, washers, attic and window Ions. J,- OOt belts In Stack. MASSEY ELECTRIC t23 S. Pruett, 4J2-72*!. NOW OPEN — New Shea specie!Irlne. !• crafts and aft* » and X oar cent discount. OE5IGN CENTER, 1709 Lee Dr., 423-7054. TRUCKS FOR RENT We Sell Custom Hitches BAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS. «W-»»U to KBpere's •eeety-MeU NEW PERMA-POWER RedM Ceptrel Oarape Doer Openers BEVILLI 1-WAY RADIO, Pkane 477-B1* FABULOUS VALUES Oil Color TVS Gene's Hi-Fi in E. Te FIOURINO YO"R.JNCOMB_JAX>_> Baytown Typewriter Exchange M* N. Mohl, 477-JOTt Take advanloae et our reduced prKes ea ell aaefin« macMnet I* stock. Red Tag Sate Dlteeeitlaued. Used end Floor WANT WANT te b«v etvmlnum wi<«aews — Je- lousle, crank type, etc. Cat! 424-4M1 alh>r 5 a.m. WANT TO BUY, CAST IRON, POT BELLIED STOVE — ANY CONDITION, but reasonable. Also want old wardrobe. Call 424-9061 after 5 p.m. WANTED — Hardtop tor 1MO M6A. Must be In goad shape. Coil 424-73P9. 30-A. Will Trad* WILL TRADE — S1SP* Me) or tnrlmp boat for auto or trailer of equal value. 452-76JO. T-BIRD. 1H4 — Londov. liuded. excellent condition, I owner, blue, white vinyl IOD. 11500 cash or trade for vacant lot or tractor, 4S1-3412. 31. Articles For Sato Models. New S Sl.U 1 Ne. 1444 AM-FM Radio....S 43.00 tlM.M 1 Ne. 14000 H-ln. black o»d wMte TV, damaged I N.OO i 140.X 1 NO. I«5SO Zl-in. black and wMte vted TV S1012S JIM.30 i NO. 14S40 22-m. Mack and wMte TV, NEW Slll.OO Clt.M 1 Ne. D4J JO-In. floe range, NEW SVff.OI Ulf.tS 2 Ne. 17)0 10-Ft. Retrlper. elor-Freenr cemeinatlen. NEW sau.ot I»*.*S 1 No. 4tlO l«-Ft. vctrigttt rrostteu freezer SBf.OO SZlt.rS 1 Ne. 14*. 14-Lb. awte- matie wasnar, vsed tlJOOO Montgomery Ward 42K234 K-Mart PI ere CULPEPPER'S Warehouse Showroom Flvt Piece Mople Finish Dinette Set J110.00 Maple Swivel Rockers S 53.95 Sleeper Lounge. Good Selection 1159.95 to J249.95 Toble Lamps ts.95 IOS19.9S Kino Size Heodooord S 29.95 Dining Chairs. Values to $29.95, One of a Kind s ».'J NEW-USED FURNITURE MM Market 4X7-147* HODGES OVERHEAD DOOR CO. — Residential and Commercial doors jerv- Iced and repaired 424-5638. INCOME TAX SERVICE — Abe Bern:on Consultant 713 Gronlhom. 422-4676, By appointment. COURTEOUS — REA- SONABLB - DEPENDABLE-ACCURATE DINING SUITE, FAN, ETC. — Drexd \ohogany dining, table and 6 chairs. rom Thomas Court collection. 20 Inch oil about Wind-maker Fan. Space heat- rj, other Items. 701 E. Humble, 422-1472. INCOME TAX — Non-itemlied 1040, *4; simple Itemized 1040. jlo. Detailed prices ot request. JAA'.ES DUVALL BUSINESS, J. N. BERRY, ASPHALT CONTRACTOR Equipment & Truck Rentals. Sewer and Woler Lines Fltase call 427-49*0. BUTANE FLOOR FURNACE — 40,«00 11 U, never used, 115. 24-4045. ROACHES? Average < ream haute, S15. Also termites, ants, fleas, etc. Co-nmer. rial, residential. Bonded, licensed. Hcrvey's Pest Control, 422-9006, 422-5357. •LUEBONNET APARTMENTS — low renting — One and two bedroom*, furnished. All bills paid, hwy 14*. 423-6917. fin, all pills . 424-OOM BEAUTIFUL APARTMENTS •2-1 bedreemt, furnished er unfurnished. Electric bullMns; peel, parklnf. etc. WHITEHALL, DOO Tall, 417-1711 NORMANDY—GRANADA—COLONY Ml Trl-Clty Beocti Rd., 477-M71 TANGLEWOOD SQUARE eeautift* apartments. One and Two-bedrooms, frees and pool. Phene 427-1 IV. NOW RENTING Barcelona Apartment VTfhtge — Live bet- er electrically la these "newest of me new" apartments. Unique Spanish arch- lecture and ultra-modern recreation hsc- Bn-les and eiaoHKe llvlne cenditiens. One and twe bedroenui. furn!«hed and unfur- nhhed. Call fer details. 477-M41, manager. Weiclcersheimer Manor i end two Boareem I. Furnished er enti ^11-4044. rnlslMd. GRAYWOOD ARMS One and two bedreorTi a^evtmentf Permshed and urrturotehed. UTILITIES PAID LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE 472-P4M 124U Memerlal IX Baywood Apartments tOO E. James, furnished or unfurnished apartment* fer rent. te »12J. Phone V7. Hcmews For Rent PINEMONT ENTERPRISES — (Including aluminum) sandblasting, paint- Ing, 7001 Decker, 424-5546. BAYTOWN AIR CONDITIONING • HEATING CO., 1314 N. Main, Days 4274012, Nights 427-5445 — TWENTY FOUP HOURS SERVICE. Expert Installation ana servicing, commercial and residential. MELVIN JONES. OWNER. "No equipment Is better than the Installation arid 5erv Icing." INCOME TAX SERVICE — S4 up. appointments at your home, call alter 4 Dm., Raymond Baotaux, 422-495). Shoe Repair Best m shee reputr. dyhtei and reevHdlnej. ANDERSON'S, t« K. Testas. TRENCHING AND PACKHOE WORK Alse equipment and ntocMne moving. Call 422-8239 Electric Motor Repair Rewinding, any *l"d. tlze, ntodern eaptp ment. Quolilied mechanic. MASSEY ELECTRIC, 02J S. Pruetl, 4R-7IH. Backhoe and Loader Bullderer Werk—Top soil—Shell Yard Dirt — 417-1 s»5, Leyd Burr hi ASPHALT PAVING All types-streets, parking lots, driveways. BAYTOWN 427 iSil. ASPHALT CONTRACTORS, 23-A. Welding Supplies BAYTOWN WELDINO SUPPLY—Sales Rentals, Repclrs. Oxygen and acetylene anesthetic gases and equipment. 24-hou' service. 092 N. Alexander, 427-1807. 24. Soil - Fertilizer FOR BEST RESULTS — Try Fertllom* Wlnleriier for new or established lawns Hove the prettiest lawn this spring LYNCH8URG FEED AND HARDWARE TOP SOIL-FILL SAND SHELL LAY-PINE BARK 437-JPH 26. Plant* - Se«d* MASSEY TOMPKINS. >11 — One bedroom furnished, mobile home, all utilities paid. 427-43.14. ALVA, — S-reem unfurnished house. utility or sleeping porch. One block tram eie-ncnlory, 427-1117. NEAL, 212 — 7 bedrooms, furnished, Don el heat, air. No nets, references, 4J7-239S. PEGGY, M3 — For sale er rent, unlur- rished 2 bedrooms, comatetely redecoraf. ed, beautiful hardwood floors. 422-5971. BAKER RO., etOO — 1 bedroom ynlurn- iihed house. Washer and air conditioner connections. 424-83fl. JEFFERSON, 1110 — For sale *r rest. Redecorated, 3 bedrooms, tile kitchen ond both. Fenced bock yard. WO deposit. Call 424-7450. ADAMS. 2001 — Fer sale er rent, un- fui nished 3-bedroom brick, family room; 2-car carafe. 422-5171. SCARLETT, 30* — Unfurnished *-b*d- rooms, 2 baths, window air. Fenced back yard. WALKER REALTY, 424-55*3 or 424-5140. SPRING IS ALMOST HERE! Slash Pine Trees, Nondenos. NEW snloment ol AZALEAS. DAVIS NURSERY, 6411 Decker Drive. 424-7171. FRUIT TREES — Peer, Bench, plum, oersimmon, saltsuma, kumquat, orcnae, lemon. SMITH BARROW GAR. DENS. S802 Thompson Rd., 426-3215. 28. Pets - Supplies JAPANESE AKITA PUPPIES — Registered $100. Coll 575-1172. DACHSHUND PUPPIES — AKC register ed females, or 424-7961. 6 Weeks, 477-3211 FREE COMO WITH LAMB CUT —Free coioone wilh Town ond Counlry. Free sw<al«r wilt) Strip cut. M I, SI'OP, 7S01 N. Main, 422-44*0. R PET FIVE gglton equorlum U.TS "i EN gallon aquarium So.40 Soulrrel Monkeys - 119.95 GREENWOOD'S PET SHOP 4J6-2SJ7 IRISH SETTER PUPPIES — AKC. 7 weeks. Calc 427-5550. CLEVELAND, 100 W. — Extra nice I bedrooms, I bath. Cyclone fence, S125 per -ntntn, reterendes, 150 deposit required. 5713004. Crosby. SPACIOUS — Twe bedroom, 2 bath home. Completely furnished. Adults only, 1175 per month. Carter H. Miller and Associates, Realtor, M.L.S., 427-7343 ar Claire F. Thomon, 422-4455. HOUSC FOR LEASE — On N. Commence. Unfurnished 3 bedroom. Available In 30 days. Coll 472-73U. HIOHWj compl ply Ti TOWN AND COUNTRY KENNELS — Grooming ond boarding. Poodle pupcdet terms avoilabte. 4506 N. Main. 422-4970. PROFESSIONAL POODLE CROOMINO CLAIR LAC KENNELS 4MMS5 rveeUtes and weekend*. HUNNICU roam hoi I p.m. IOWA, IIW - Nice* tPTiiliOed erkk home, }-bedrao<ne, den, lorae living area, central heat, air conditioned, water and gas furnished. *150 month. Ne pets. 4:4-1110. NEW MOBIL! HOME — Furnished. 10 n. wide. 2 bedroom, all bills paid. De- pa>ll reaulred, TRAILER CITY, M10 N. A»e«ender Of. $1,49 OAY PET WAFFERS M ceunt, money back guarantee). Offer geed fV» Sa«., Feb. 1st. SULF COAST PHARMACY N Oartk Rd. 4B-t41 FREE CITY DELIVERY 29. Livestock • Suppliec MARE - Five veer eM ooppk Gentle. 476-7975. awarter horse FOR SALE — I stell horse sleMe, to pe moved off properly, 11,400. Phone 424-7M1. HAY FOR SALE — LSI o ee*e end up. al barn, Dayton, 2M-5I74. :EFk;GERATOR — G.6., door, oood condition, ilS. all 422-8402. YPEWR1TER — Sears xcellenl condition, W5. 22-727*. IM ai ar 1961 <W 31-B Building Material SPECIAL ON ROOFING 240 Pound Self Seal Rooflnfl. White only, S7.50 per square. BRITTON CRAVENS LUMBER, 2409 Mkt. ALUMINUM SHEET* — ±1 -In. By 1*- tn high grade, .009 In. ttilckness. Ideal lor Insulation, rooflno. siding, J.I5 eocn. Con be seen at the Baytown Sun, 1301 Memorial Orlve. CLAM SHELL REPUBLIC SHELL On Highway 144 Al Cedar Bayou PHONE 42J-71U Builders Hardware and Supplfel WHOLESALE Crosby & Robbins, Inc. 501 West Homan Phone 417-7515 ARTIN'S USED FURNITURE lelrigerator, 14' Double Door Coldspol, Late Model S12S.OO 'Ine Pedestal Table. Heavy 40 In. Drawer Chest ol Drawers ... Bookcase Headboard Bedstead •Jew Double Box and Inner Spring Set lce Apartment Range Cerosene Heater 425 W. Main OLD PELLY 95.00 14.95 14.95 49.50 49.95 12.95 422-5049 OWN A NEW ELECTROLUX Vacuum cleaner. ust SS monthly. ' WILKINSON. 427-3521 TRUCK-GUN — 'Jt Chevrolet panel truck, MM, with scope. 422-7052. TO RACE BOXES AVAILABLE NOW— Calendar refills available. All oft let supplies you'll need to start 1M9 right. MATMERNE'S at 117-119 West Pearee. MAIN HOIST — One tea. Celflnej Chain hoist In excellent condition. Cost 1300 ew, will sell for 1150. Call 422*302 and «k for Mr. Kyte. ADDINO MACHINES CASN REOI1 TERS - TYPEWRITERS Sales. Rentals Service. AM moke*. e4ectrtc ond manual BLOOM SALES, 3305 Market, 437-2325 AS ALWAYS — Your supplier Work and Crafts. MCDONALD NEEDLE ARTS Bob Smith Rood. 427-1271. DIAMONDS are A girl's best friend until she finds Blue Lustre lor cleanlno. cnrpets. Rent electric shamoooer SI. BAYTOWN HARDWARE. Old Boytown. MISCELLANEOUS — Freneti Prevleclol ofa. S95. Larae metal desk and swivel choir, $125. 5 H.P. outboard Sect Flyer motor, 175. Gerard turntable. Harmon Card In amplifier, and 4 cases, all 175. 427-1460. speakers TRIPLE DRESSER and keekcase headboard. ISO; Lane cedar Chest, $20; chrome dinette set, 112; 427-1500. CRAVES WAREHOUSE Anltdue Metal Bed S 15.00 29.50 10.00 25.00 25.00 2500 10.00 25.00 35.00 49 JO 47.50 37.50 49.50 125.00 17.50 17.50 Amall Office D«sX Check Writer Adding Machine Ccsh Reofsler hospital Bed Nice Bookcase Antique OoK Dresser Mahogany Duncan Phyfe Couch ... 5 Piece Duncan Phyfe Droo Leaf Dinette 3 Piece Woter Fait Bedroom Suite Aoartment Stove .parlment Rtlrlaerator Built-in Electric Range 4 Piece Dinette Lorae 4 Drawer Chest 214 W. Main — OLD PELLY 31-C Musical Instruments SAXOPHONE — Conn, Alto Saxophone, excellent condition, cost $350, will sacrifice at halt price, 424-S264. AMPLIFIER — Tenyck 44* In warranty. 2-15 In. speakers, 320 Watt peak power, bass and aultar chanel. reverb, trerrv ulo-vibrolo, uttra accent, fol switch, cover. Small equity, assume payments, 427-5240. BALDWIN PIANOS—ORGANS House Of Music t Park Ph. 427-J014 Small Upright Piano Completely rebuilt onnd refinished. Oeeu- iMul t«»e. Nettling dewn. Aisume menin- ty payments •* $l«. Folly guaranteed for 10 v«orv Balance due $295 Halbert Music Co. 410 E. Tent (27-M70 Free Bepo Free 32 Article* For Rent SUN LAMP, ELECTRIC CYCLE, MASSAGER, EXERCISE EQUIPMENT. AH con be bouohl or borrowed Irom A to Z RENTAL CENTER, at reasonable rates. 1610 N. Main, 427-5429. FURNITURE — Seta, 1 end tattles, celfee toble, desk. All new, Must sell WILL SACRIFICE! 422-7*47. TAKE UP PAYMENTS en repessesterf Eleclrolux Vocuum, carries new cleaner yaoranltf. JA 3-2SIS. •AIR CONDITIONERS, PIANO — 1V>- ton Fedders. 1-ton Varnodo. worklna condition: Good uprignl piano. 422-1471. PRECIOUS STONES — Cwstem cut oi»d rr.ounted. Also ceramic oltst, supplies. Watch ond lewelry repair. 5500 Shepherd Rd. (Between Garln and John Martin Ra.) 8AYSHORE 575-1471. ROCK SHOP CERAMIC SHOP—314 W. MeM, ejtf PeRy. Gretnware, bisque, supplies and gifts. 422-9971. MATTRESS — Fh-m, IvH slse, newly rebuilt. Call 422-9787. TRUCKS FOR RENT — Drive yourself, r/aulpped with hydraulic lilt oatcs. (New trucks). Local and one-way. 2101 Market, 422-5115. BAYTOWN RENTALS. Neexl to Kilgorc'i Ready MU. Travel Trailer Rental* See Blctiea d DAN HUTCHINS MOTOIU Hwv l«* 01 Tejiee FOR RENT Reducing Equipment Power Teols, Power Post Hale DI Hirers Floor Sanders and Pelinheri Sewer Cleaning Equipment Mewers. Tillers, Cdgers, Hedge Trimmer* Tew Oars and Car Taps Fans, Ladders, Chain Sows Rug Shampoo Machines Television* Utility TroKers Trucks We Rent Most Everything BAYTOWN RENTALS Next to Kllgore's Ready-Mix 2101 Merkel 425-5012 STAY TRIM EXERCISING EQUIPMENT! It United RentAlls Weekdays 7-4 p.i Sunday 0 a.m.-l p.m. Preett and Pearee, 41VeSl» 33. Sporting Goods FOR SALE — Phllce TV, bedroom suite, single bed, steel porch set, oos heaters. Coll 4229906. COOKWARE, STEREO — New emned 14 piece set Continental Tellon cookwore by West Bend, SX. Used portable record player with s«creo needle, «25. 427-1420. NOROE WASHER — HOeW only 5 months, S90. 124-4I27. OLIVER. LESTER — J71» Borkaloe — Please be our aucst to attend the movie "THE HORSE IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT" now apoearlng at the Srun- son Theetre. Present this ad ond your Identification at the box office for your two free admissions. CAMPER COVER — For ml er 1*52 Chevrolet pickup, removable side* and back, 130. 414-0769. USED MOTORCYCLE PART* AMD ACCESSORIES — For Horlev Davidson and others. Information call 575-1*4. KIRBY — ee.n meat*, reewm wltk e»- tocfiments, so?. Eleclroknt. VW.OO, III N. Main, 427-502o. FOR SALC — 5 ho. rldlna lawn mower. Pnone 422-2137. TV SAL! — 1 sets SJO eecti. Teete meet- el $50. 1 set feO, t color set Others S2S up. Snop repairs. WORLD TV, 1311 S Main, 427-143*. THE PROVEN carpet cleaner Blue metre Is easy on the budget. Restores forgotten colors. Rent electric thornpooer II. S. R. WILLIAMS, Mont Beivleu. NEW FnMen ceeen ere Se*'t - _. She keeps her carpet colors brlgM—wtm Blu« Lustrel Rent electric shompooer »1. WOOD'S HOME CENTER, 000 E. Texas. ELECTKOLUX — Bie»PI»el MV issedel; slwmpooer, fleer waxer. SeUe* ond Service 4R.ft*4 after »:». SU Harvey. START 1*0* wM*j aR baebbe p:let you need. Coll MA THE* MTQeMf iVteVoJo. M iPBjI^^WVfl CUH REPAIRS Precision barrel and chamber work. Apex, Douglas and Ackley Barrels. Hand Inoders supplies. 404 E. Jack —HUNTER'S OEM—Baytown JOHNSON — Outteard Motor, » H.P. ond six aallon tank, $100. Phone 422-264*. RIFLE — Sporterlied Mauser, tictllMl condition. Nice gunsmlin work, 4 cower scope and carrying case. $45. Call 43*24"77. SHOTGUN — 12 ejevee pump. exceNenf condition, A months old, poly choke. Nice carrying case. 175. 424-5497. BOAT RtO — 14 n. beat, » hp meter, trailer. WSO, or trade tor cor. 2103 Adorns. 422-75*3, PINCMONT ENTERPRISES — Beets. Soles and Service, Dull repairs, let us sell vour boa). 7001 Decker Or., 424-5544. KOOL KOVCR KAMPUR — » old, MM model. Clearance and Inside lights. See te appreciate and make attar. 422M70. PISTOL* — SAW ssM Rugers. .1 te .44 mags, used rifles and snot gvns. gun repairs ond scope mounttna. HOLZAEP- FELS FUN SHOP. IS W. Cleveland. 11 FT. ALUMINUM — V eettem eeet end trailer, I new lire*, tlej cosh, er will trade fer oolves. «ae-O«e otter S. •LAII BOAT, 1« ft. — BKellee* pejH, tou. wlndtMeM, sleerlnej, $224. 424-4045. MIR RIFLE — 10.0*. WHS) Mgft pew •redKOiM, I4we1na kit, tlf*.

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