The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 29, 1962 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1962
Page 4
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f<flfoflof CITIZENS CAN HFLP WRITE BASIC LAWS Have you ever wished yon could clwnue Ihe provision* of United States Constilulion or Ihp Texas C'nnslilulinn? If so, you would undoubtedly have cii«mis~srd the IhoiiL'ht summarily. The procedure of wrilinu or cltanuini; hasic law seems far remote from the prerogatives of an individual citi/en. Kvcn Ihr legislation tbat later fills in the frumnvork appears- outside Ihe capability of a citizen lo influence. And yp.l, Ihe next level under Ihe stale in aenenil discretionary : power is the municipal government. At I his level, individual citi/ens- arp ablp to propow specific prevision 10 Ihe cii.v's basic law —• its i constitution in effect. j Indeed, citizen? are urged to help, and Ihose wlm draft hasic law are disappointed if interest is so slight that no viewpoints (.f individual citizens are incorporated in the writing. In Ihp case of a city, Ihe constitution is called a home rule char-' ter. But the purpose is exactly the same. The federal constitution, including its amendments, ^els forth this nation's philosophy, Ihe powers of government and the rights of Ihe people. II speaks in general terms, leaving to Con£ the prerogative of applying those basir concepts to current practice. The slate does the same, except that no provision of Ihe slate's basic law may conflict with a provision of Ihe federal Consiitution. And the Legislature similarly applies Ihe basic law to specific conditions. A general law city (and all but three Brazoria County cities are^ have as their basic law Ihe Texas Constitution and the statutes. But a home rule city such as Chile, Lake Jackson and i'rceporl may wrile its own constitution — or charier — limited only lo Ihe extent *f the state and federal law. City Councils apply Hie provisions . f Ihe charter specific city conditions by passing ordinances. A constitution or charter is maiie hv men. and is not infallible. And conditions change. So every second v ear citizens may io\ise the charter, adopting the revisions Dv a majority vote. Tomorrow the Freeport Charier Review Commission will hold' a public hearing on revisions in the charter. If you know of anv nianr/jr in which the public interest would be I'lenefllted by a revision, the t review groups would welcome your proposals. ' As an example of how a citizen or gmup interest may affect Ihe I charier provisions, it might be mentioned that when Hie 'Frecport I charter was" being rewritten in 1959 and 3960, representatives of the i new* media proposed that there be a provision whereby the local | news media would be notified in advance of all special meetings. It j turned out that the Commission had already written such a provision, j but had they not, they would have likely adopted the suu'ecsiion. Olher citizens influenced the writing of Hie charier similarly. ! This is the year in which the Chile charter will be reviewed. An Anglelon Charter Commission is forming, and will in due lime hold hearings to incorporate citi/en ideas into Ihe charier. Lake Jackson ' will review its charier next year. In Brazosport's three home rule cities, a copy of the charter was mailed to each citizen prior to the addition of the charier. Angleton " citizens should still have a copy of the charter proposed two "years ago but turned down by voters. In all four cities, thinking citizens slu.-uld read the provisions. They ar» not lengthy, and for the most part are written simply If you see a worthwhile change that could be made, you would be • fellow citizens a favor by making your thoughts known to those, who can mak* them into law. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE '4 BRAZOSPORT AND iRAZORIA COUNTY. TBXAS, STIR CRAZY" ~ Jim Bishop, Reporter iy JIM BISHOP Spain A Land Of Silent Emotion World Today DIVIDEND HOLDOUT CENTURY OLD : Tin ISishops leave tomorrow for voasl baby pig in placed in a por- i ; Madrid. Not so long ago. we celnin oven. siiriYiumled by em ; would have regarded ibis as a Item! logs. We want lo pal again ; i voyage comparable to Dr. Living- under ihe Rrape arbors of a small' ,'slon's. or Magellan's. Today it is inn outside a village, and sec thei ,a nothing. It requii-es less time slant of the sun agninsl the stonej i for us to fly from New York to'wall and Ihe bullfight posters ln| j Spain than it Inkcs for me to run, Ihe ctxi! dnrk of Ihe Ivir. j my boat from Sea Bright. N.J. i |,, lvl , („,,„ m .,, )y ,,!„,.„ | n mv | to Allanlii- City. N.J. And al loss (j,,,,, n, lti ,,,. s , to mv , mll r oun.| risli . t<x) - In. I like Sp'ii:i and Thailand! Sllll. Kelly and 1 act as though best. Spain Invaiise of Ihe dignity I it is faraway and forever. As I of Ihe individual man. and RniiR-, type these words, in my office be- kok because of Ihe laughter of| hind the house, she Is in the bed-. Ihe people. The Siamese never j room folding dresses and slips and'grow up. They retain Ihe joys of i hankies nnd stockings into « big' childhood tlmiush adullhixxl. j va ' ; Spain is repressed emotion.; She did not remember to pack: Kveryone feels deeply nlxml thej the passporls or the TWA tickets, nation, Ihe people,' and one's! Tlwl figures. Instructions to the: neighbors. The men hide thti housekeeper and Gayle regarding i biwxliim in Iheir eves; Ihe worn-! Ihe care of litlle Karen and Kath- en musk their feelings behind' lleen while we are gone have been : modesty. 'Hie children are shy. |given four limes. You sav ,„,„„ Hnd |hrv !(1WP| .' Instructions to the lltlle ones iheir eyes and study their feet.' regarding Ihe rights of the house-; 11le p,,;.,,,.,,, of „„ ppop | p js ,,,,,,,, keeper and Clayle have been re-j anri in i r ||ech,al as «ell a> eco| pealed lo the children six times. nonl j,.. : Tlie dog, Rocky, is in a panting j ,, „. . , , , IliXv. He knows that something..'?;"''• ' * " l ' 1 "' ;( "' '^ l >"""• Ms about lo happen, but he isnM '^II.V ww a isure wlml. He just squats in the " 1P "! wh "' h sairi; ' ^ illa "" llm middle of the nig. panting ,,,, j s Mediterranean. 'Iwelve rooms; so excited that he can't find three spmlnl ' 1 I'"- mef lhrro ' iir « nl '-' steak bom-s he burled in the back- aRr ' Swi ""'"'"K I 1 "" 1 - Hiniishcd yard. The ground looks as thou-'li! 1 ' 11 ' 01181 ' 01 "' c: ' x)k ' "' HiH an<l *"'' it had been peppered with mortar dpnpr in '' lllri « ) ' *2nt) a month." shells. , There is no real recreation for Why Spain? It is one of the few;Spaniards on Sunday or any other nations left where Ihe people have day. On holidays, Ihe mads an»j a sweet pride in their heritage, empty — except for Ihe monied' It is a beautiful, dry country:class— and families remain nt semi-insulated against Ihe elec - h o m e behind closed shinier*. Ironic world. Al Ihp Ritz Hotel. iThe sun Is steady and relentless j.vou can still order a piece of ! in farms and cities. There is a (cheese between meals are! have;vast silence, and Ihe Mis of •the waiter bring four huge wed-.churches come from far avvav on Iges of different cheeses, crack - > dry wind ers, bread and a botlle of vin or- 1 „ '.. ,,.-.,. dinaire for what it costs here to "''"sometimes crouch hes,de step on a local bus ' f f "- |(lsl °'" "all, thru- skinny Why Spain? A,.= r-,.,.^... , . lx * 1 ' e > ! » s one wilh the stone. CltAVNKT xriHvrv WEDNESDAY ON TV 2 <!HANNF,t, n fTIIANNKI, 11 OffANTrtfe. <* KUHT-TV 0 KHOti-TV II KTItrt-TV Id «:.1I> O ('Aplflln nnh Show " ID ftdt-f. nt Nigh! IB Who IV) You Trim? <:00 f| Dirk Tmny; rot Ott 0) Mflhnlln .lnek.«o n Sine* ID Anierienn RnmNlnm! «:0.1 B MOM Tlmilrr-"M n ,, BMP." )• I r t n r MnUirr lUrrymorf, Vincent Price HO Karly Show '")•)„, Man They Could Nol fOlxm , O Th» r, I g h t SI WW . "Miisln nf A. merles: Song* of « Young Million." furl I of a twrt-jmrl if. riw on American folk mu »le and folklore fj Twi O'Olnok Rnnirtur, ^fwn, Wither. Rrfcrt. IB News,, ,, rn ,,, rr IB News, Wcathf.r, 5 «:« {£) Klllrik 1 ., riiihhniise &:m O Operation 1.1ft tO Whlrlyhirds ffi Casper the Friend . (Ihost; COf.OH <SM £} Almnnnr Nf<iy«r»i.i "* WKUNKSOAV K :W O N*ws, Spo O What's Ne.w? ... «:l« O New*, , Walter Ci-miktte, News ABC Kvcntnfi Bay. nanny •>«nk Uvejoy; th* ".v ot Gun K»hn_ » IB ABC Final "Report" , •Irwk rtftrlrr, Marilyn !/>»• «ll, niinny Hrlri;.. fl»l».' Ijiwrrnrf., Mas shnlrn*"' <X)I/)R 0) Mi verhon t -- "I 1 " Quota," n sergeant "•"• i forreful tacllcs to g«l ** " Vrulls 12:09O C'nnmill Or fl> Nevvj Final ' I l «:S» O W »jt o n f r»tn-^"Thr I*vl lisle Story," ,l,,hn THt' MORMNn roi«; '» >*l«»«*d from prinnn nr, lh« condition tliAl kr fenvr lh«i territory; rrpi*! O The Written Worn- CD Alvln (B Ripcord !:INI O Arts Around I's (Q Best ot Crouir'io (B Keyliple - • "The Se- g ; oo crct Door," the camera looks at Ihe craftsmen _;v\ ho create nev/'cars g;(M 11:01) «:,10 7:00 7:1* 7:30 © (0 Jjfl Don Ava Gardner i, »...Y ..,jnui. t\\n vjaruner is . . there. She is a bullfight aficion-: Sql " n "" gJal the """'""«"•'•'"«•''«, ado. and so are we. Sam Brons-•'' "° wlld n '- htli ' e - ov ™ »' Mad-; dine late, and like to; » Days at Peking'." an"atr(xmt- remai " at dimler ' at 'W "nlil; ihe Bo.xer rebellion of 190(1. Soi mldnlRht ' For .'"" in lhp ''''V., THI BRAZOSPORT KTABLIfHID 1712 By JAMES MARI.OW , surance companlw and hanks ing in the withholding lax on divi- Ion is there, too. producing Ihe ™^^^^^ '"" '"""-'• T1,™ the •-•• 100 years ago the first income tax^ ehanged ' Th * National Associa-;measure went over to the Senate in American history went into ef-' tion of Manufacturers blasted the^where the Finance Committee, jfecl with a provision now beingjwhole bill. headed by Byrd, began heHrint'.s. er.'bu't' i's'now a movie executive jkicked around in Congress as ifj Support for the idea comes from; When the Byrd committee got'Wearing silk chartreuse under-' 111en ' ample and shrill, sit out- were brand new and unthink-iequally strange mates, like lib-!through with the bill, the wilh- wear. side the crowded tenements chal- ieral Sen. Paul Douglas. D-HL, holding tax on dividends was Kelly and I wai V 11 m * At Appnmatlnx," .Tnhnny relate* events he witnessed at th« surrender of Apnoinnltox; repent O r>isrovery ID Checknmle — "The YarlH Club (ianc." Patricia Neal; a widow's job places her within ilie orbit of nf foot ion of. two men: repent IB Top Cnl "All That ".laz/."; repeal 8:(H) O Myntnry Theatrn — "Tli« Problem of Oil 1,1," 01 News. Farm Report IB Mr_Caboose, Engineer K) Morning Kdltlon Newi Sports Q) Capl Kangaroo IB Cndf t Don IB People Are Funny O S»y Wnefc" CD Calendaf (B Jack Lnljinne Show O I'f»y~Your Hunahj W I I*v« Lucy BD Morning Movie— "F»* hpr ''' a k • s a Wife," Dffsl Ar » i " : . Adolphe Men. .'... fo ". Gloria .._ S * ll 21 son __ ">:0tl O P r t o • I» B 1 j h t • roi.OB 0) Vf rdlct JsJVours , 0 ".. ?8 g Concr'iiiretTon _ 0* Rrighler Day lo'fsiTQ) ^ PttfaliuM _<Wly awl tti JAMK ._ «LENN HIATH 6EORG1 L. IIACOM IRNII I. XIISCHANft Adnrlislng Manager MORRIS FREEMAN Mcckasilcil SimriMmdwrt I. I. HINDRIX ClmlattM Manoq«r PIARL «LOV» ClanlflW M«u««r (able. j This ac i oilier things—called ing a tax on paid out by In the poor districts, the wo-: ....... Hawaiian Kyc— "Koko " ;Sn ROBERTA DANSBY Managing Editor LEROY BYRD Women's Editor 6EORGE FERGUJON Sports Editor NANELLE H. MALLORY Office Manager f^T. -loco ' eral Se "' Paul Dou Klas. D-H1., holding tax on dividends was Kelly and I want one more look t(1| ' in s like nervous parakeets and i. j i ~fi,T 0 ??' an0 ' he ™ nserv ' ativ « V.S. Cham- gone. The Senate this week began at Santa Cruz del Valle de los : fanning themselves. The laces,, ings-called for withhold- her of Commerce. debate on Ihe measure. Caidos, a cathedral built into a : «" perfumes, the handwork on' i.\ on dividends and ln- ; stranger still, nobody on either The Senate bill, as it stands, mountainside by Generalissimo, : Rarmenls, are superb. The prices! to remember that act;instead of saving the government Franco as a memorial to Spain's "re always ridiculously low The provided for whatlmoney will probably cost the gov- Civil War dead. If your Spanish Guardia Civil travel in pairs as now. But that ei-nment money. It's a guess,is as poor as mine, you need a'policemen should, patrolling the ago should be whether the withholding lax on, translation of that title. It means i streets on foot Katt,"* son of Koko Kat» joins a looter gang. ____ ® Your » w " Truth or OomequencM Search for Tomorrow souRht by_Tom; repeat J" fi:45 QJ Guiding Light »:Sd O About Ceramics -r- De^ U~:S5~BJ"NBtf N«w«~Reporr .this act constitutional. .present tax system are of recenti Y *'. the Treasuiy savs M Ml I But now when President Ken-.origin. I lion in dividend and interest in-in Botin's a^ain wher. nedy asks Congress to approve ai It wa, a graduated income tax. come is not reported each vrari---~-^^-- ---- vviihholdmg tax on dividends and j Then-as now—the f irst S600 of in-1 on tax returns. It estimates '$800 interest-as part of a general taxi come was exempt. Then the tax! million '« lost yearly because of revision to close loopholes in the was 3 per cent on income between!this and that withholding would tax laws-he has run into fiery ; $600 and $10,000 and 5 per cent:bring in SB50 million more opposition. on all income over $10,000. It! Congress passed the 1862 act as i .v;n. tiany J. Byrd, conserva- ; went up higher later in the Civil one more way to pay for Ihe Civil I VP Southern Democrat of VuvWar. It also imposed a tax on in-j War. The greatest revenue came 1 . S3VS the dividend Withhold- ihnHtan^o nm. a » ei iw\ A i *»__ f*. n «« -.41 LI . ... ' .„_ ,..., J to think like Also, we want to have dinner j a Spainard. Suddenly, everything a whole' becomes lovely. . . Washington Scene . . — t ••—•• -» w*cw iiutA/ocu <» MA uii in* i "M*. ntc gicentral i gima. says (he dividend withhold- j heritance over $1,000. And-the from other sources, Pratt. M«nb«r et Auocionon. „ —^_ .»^. M ...uu™.u-ii lc >iiain;« over JJ.IAW. ana — tne irgm omer sources, like tariffs ins is "unworkable." Sen. Jacobitax was withheld from the sal- There was a lot of cheating then' I is. javits, liberal New York Re-laries of government employes. Hoc, and gripes about Ihe compli- | publican, says ]t is 'impractical.", Th« House passed Kennedy's i cated tax forms.. .stock exchange^rms, life in-tax revision bill March », leav- Congress abolished this whole j itax measure in 187:.' under pre. . i«urt from business during Presi-i jdent Grant's administration. In invent By ftEORGE DIXON DAILY CROSSWORD Business Mirror Mexico Is Controller In Silver Speculation Sees Red :.: A White Noise WASHINGTON — When I ACROSS L*Rida for 3.Birth announce- ment: * _. JMCOI; C. Slumbered "it'a —. nieknuu* 13. A chafly bract: bot. coin M.Afooag resin 16. Organ of 18. Perfect model* 17. Cry of pain 18. Ran away IB. Branching from a center Ot. Impel 36. Close companjoa 37. Polish thoroughly W-Afreah •8. They accept Wagers 4. Cover, BO the inside 6. Meadow 6. Gardener's tool T.—— Amendment (20th) 8. Napoleon's Isle •.Pare 10. SaJlors: colloq. 16. Sick IT. Killer whale 20. FemaJe deer 21.Inter- nally 23. Spawn of fish 24. Sounding. water 25. Scottish. Gaelic 27.-TJtter 29. Little child 31. Garden invaders ran,over th« speech professor's utale- jjii years u brought ihe -overn-1 1 "'" Senator Harry F. Byrd ofiment that he wanted to try outai mem about J375 million. The rev-; v "'ginia the other day his usually-!"white noise" — which h* rit-l |«nue from other taxes ran ioipleasant face wore a frown. Ascribed as a blend of several fre-1 [about J1.5 billion in the same-''Wired this could mean only oneiquencies just as white light it a' A^KBLBS^^^^^^KS^^^-Crri' h«ve moved in on the Jver mar-^ last No, ember I, ^^"",1: ^ u, a a^ ' ~' "£* I "T* r T'" "' I?"'" ' "° rt "' hi "" ng """""'i kPl agnin along with many lndus-|ing. Since then the price on Uteistumbled througl the ™u ^ untH ,* '" ™ Km my ""' " J^™ Ct ° lM[>K P 1 *""-" tnal users fearing shortages orjopen market has risen by fits andiin 1881 th. "unreme ?o ,« i rti mlsos - so ' askpd wl "» *•* mak- recounted Senator Byrd. "Now, I) -•- c« Hiirinir ihoir hir-eiort. ... H >.imii mm j nK n | nl d ottn ,. ast suppose we're going to junk lh«! ter 0) Dick Van Dyke- T.oura ii offered a dancing contract; repeat 0 Q Bat Maaterson — Th« flr« department ordrn a hnlldtn( bought by MM- terson destroyed; rep*«t O Songs Out of the Sou* --"Religious Folk Songs' ID Cirola "Mer chant* of Kvil," Carlo; Morrulban, Peter Vor, Zereneok, Tim O'Connor; United States narcotics agents crack a dope- smuggling ring involving »n ambassador; repeat (D Naked City -"And If Any Ar» Frozen, Warm Them," Akim Tamiroff, Nehemlah Persoff: n m»n Plans to rob )iij brides brother; repeat lid UrlnUry'. Jmir- . 1 '-^ w) O Topper W N(?w « at N°on _ <B J«ne Wyman Pre»entt 13 rls" (D Ue Shepherd Stiow 13:30 OHI«hw» y Patrol 01 As the World Turni _ (B C»moufla|* "~ --.^ 1:M O J«n Murrmyj COLOR CD Password _. (B Horn* Edition Newi ~ ~~ _. 1~:!t > O Lor«tte Tonne CD Houst Party QQ Dragnet 0) The Mlllionair* (B Day in Court _ !:30 f) Our Fir* Daughters ffl To Tell the Truth O Seven K«y« !:M ffl CRS News soaring prices during their big starts. 3Sta ad ' ihim he was wrong. , ,-,,.. . . Mexico, with a large supply on! Even in those davs Ihe idea of 3u all hands are keeping aihand and more coming sleadil yl an income lax wasn't revoluUon i «aichfu eye on Mexico which has j from its mines, has acted occa^jary. The British had such a tax =, :r^; S -of Tr = y sUve^^"ul ^^ finingIJT ££ %K«t£. "'^uuiors sent th. price up.rVJSttE^ earlier this month. Then Mexico, •••'•"•'• "•— •- - - • • lu '!'° r me war »"" BMIdin but it CONTRACT BRIDGE By B. Jay Becker (Top KwnlHoldtr In Main,,' Individual ChamptoatMp Aniwer 35. Subtle emanation 30. Father: colloq. 37. So be it '.'if). Work 33. Fasten with -10. Feminine stitches noun - A •- ' JIUUIL 18. Girl's name 34. Coagulate suffix . ». Earth goddeta «8. Frightened B6. Conopaaion 88.Bvade ».Boy% •leknuu* tt.Vtm DOimt •la world's largest silver producer, i offered to sell if the price reached ja fraction higher than the current 'market one, and thus halt the rise. Now it is climbing again. The price wenl above $1.10 an ounce in (London Tuesday. Kuropean speculators were credited with sparking 'some of the demand. The rest appeared lo be coming from Indus -— ,,....«. _(..^> Luiiug, iui | iui Ule WHr Wllll which there Is a growing demand'was never enacted in this era of vending machines Between 1872 and Ihe end of the ind turnstile, century Ameriran lnduslrial de . ITie current silver price is theivelopment was on its way. Some "I am blue," he replied, "over a white noise." I tapped one of my turn, then! he other. "I beg your pardon, ', enator," I said, "but my hearing!~"~~ — -.....*,, seems lo be Impaired. It sounded j^ ovfr to '"« olh( ''' —- - .nr as i/ you said you were blue over! Csp "° r - Sul ' e "nougb, Rep. H. R. j while noise." 'Gloss of Iowa, Senator RyrriV "Don't worry atout your hear-; econo ' n y cotuilerparl in Ihp House ing," said Senator Byrd. "I «m ienvei 8 ned ••olorfully against •' nillioiu that Civil Defense into sirens and substitute les prrssers?" left Senator Byrd looking blue r while noise, and wander- of the South dealer, North-South vulnerable, NORTH 410742 ¥ K Q 5 2 *B + JS51' WHS* I.;,VHT * * * K '^ U b <i S , . . not only blue over a while noise, wl '"' naaf to °- • •• ...«. j »i.wpii»t:iii waa un JIM \vay, .^ome nl " "'"> IHUK ovrr a wntti .est in U yeai*. The big de-imen made great fortunes. There I am close to seeing red " M at that torn, came from gov-1 were also hardships and demands : 'Hie guardian of our purse Tna J'onullsls slriniis exolameH he was "Mr. Speaker," tlmnderwl Rep. Gross in tones resonant enough --• — - •*•- ... ....Til jo^i jjiduuuii i diieu lor silver price of J1.30 in | a new income lax. A lot of Demo- ounce was reached. nfior u/n,.u :"—•—,"•»"""«"• •"•.«" inuriii. ma i-opuilsls sirings explained he was prsmal-i " lr ?e"*L "< f of" r^ ' he ^ """• 189 ' plaUOn " ' a " Ml "" '"""V «""««1 »y ,he dis,:lSure|" f "» a ci_ui u aIlV(f| Dl ll'l? M 51 lUt mn ; a natc in>.m»,. * i^ . . * i , .. . __ «_l 'rrats favored i .. tnaia iavor In the Uniled States many of the j passed it in it. Ami not a Congress i that Ihe Pentagon is paying a speech professor i».......LI tu UIT mining iiuiii iirauK- in in» unned States mnnu rtf thttnaL-f^j u • M**A * , , ^ ' i»i««r«aui i :::;:,r™,,:;r- - - - ss:»~*Sls V-« ^ '-ttKi s " - "' - .. 'is it loo much _ ! to hope Ihe d»y will come when j . I some foundation or agency of I ' '(iwcrnmenl, richly endows by diK-tio., schedules. " '" C0^~^ ZSTZZit^i^', ?' '" '^ ^ * "* ' "" r !"«>'"" '«»«." ' '"" iOongtroa. will make a sludy of' Prices have risen in the Uni.edjlong since dos« I M£U^~ n"l\ % e rl-h" m ^ rl '"''""*• The «''^''',,i,,an. br. H,rW and "™* ">'' P™l'rily the .„.; Smies. too, as American manulac-1duction of silver now is a iideline'of Ihe Inadm," T.. • r h !J ' Oyrl ' '* '™»niissioi.ed lo figure i K "" hl>d wal1 " "' laxpayer* when: ture,, o, silver Hems for ,h e ,to the mining* C.nd'zm^!^ »« Mv ^ D ft""S, stw i° U ' " hul "'»>* ^ «'«'•'• ^ ^ 'T "™ "^ >tl Uinstn.a, trade go m,o full swing.copper. Price weakness in lead yer. Joseph Cboaie al 11,0,1" P "' S " n ' S ii """' i ""' "" «»>« " "•»y : 5" 1 * lrMr " 4 " w "- v "" l< " 0 '" : •Mso « a .,-h,ng ihe pric. trended ane in recent month, has j RocWeller^ was nTmu.lw'i An!i|i tak " '"'" a > mr m '™«" ^l*^^'" 1 * " p'"f "' " * """ "" Kyid am Rep,' ' the , • . •" "-*cin IIIUIUIIA [jfiis rvucKt'ieiier was no burgeoning photo-i.dled many of these mines and in 1895, m a blind aritiv-intj* in/-li n.l»;,... ^ c-.t. ,„„ i .. . . t «•» i* »/m»t Ihr' NCJYirrti r;f thn'f or in >re ax. , i • ii . " " ; '" *" mti»t ijiuirs aiiu ;in lay,), in a Dlinflint! i'fvcr*;;il <»f '"" c ""' /-• • . , ' -•-!••; g.-ph,c and electronic industries, i silver production has droppedithat MM decision a I Lhlv ,„ siM; ""' s "' '•"""• "'' » ith a " 'n*-'*? 0 ** pll!(lKed ll »-»'«' l «'« I" «"„)>• Ii is Iheir growing demand lor ; along with it i..„,»•; url1 " 101 ' ° '"*•"'> «'"• ... i>^« mu .i nr ( .....u,... , , . s=' r -a "^ sus s"jt» srr-=j=Ti:=rr; ",""< T,™,, t id" r U ! ' ar;t ° meel ' he demand ' Mudl « ilv "' ! ''° -ale aifnc^ iU",L. - '"" .-». ~,i , antelwe^o^^'^i^J^J^™ 1 ?!:^ """-^ lutional the ««»"> «'"» '- '-I" ^ ** <^»-'^e la Tour, !,| LeHlfl PfiZB FOf P06t ai»\ p Ihe mailer further, l.el H be hop- Hi- will turn his finding over to! 6 * 1 lhal * wml * nn>M ' ll '"' s ""t 'ihe Office of Civil Defense. »hichi* roul " ll "'" 1 '""" * hl "«» fc'udy. \ believes lhal Ihe siren, lineiiicd The gap between production and I the camera bedecked tourists tell Jn the non-Comma-1 you how much more film is being consuinption i _ __ nis' world last year came lo 140 used. ounces. Production runs at' Bui belter than i:jo million ounces >'''"• ver, with Silver held all Uie markel by ; many speculators is now estimated as Wit! hi;,'li as 'M million ounces. The pass the I6lh Amendment lo i| u ,jbcconiini' outdated, or, as Henry i Constitution in UU. Bui in those! 1 *™ 1 '", project officer of the' MOSCOW (AI'i-Kaii: years tetween 1895 ,-uid 1913 ine'WB'' "-•—•• '-- - »A104 +4972 HOIJXJI »107 •* A Q 1 (I I, • •> + K6 The bidding: »OUth Went Jlin-lh Ka it 1 * 1 » TnftH 1 & »* Dble. Opening lead live or .((Kidr-;,. I wan playing In n,, |,,i,.,„,,. llonal tonriiiiini-nt r.-ci-ni| v In Juan leu I'IIIH, j.'miii,., v.-lu-n thin hand conm up. I was Ni.rlh. My puiln..|- 'vi- Ml-B. Don,thy lluyd,,,, ,, f j|, ls lliiK«-oii-Hiid.soii, N y ,, ,,„ h»s the iinlMiin.ln.K 'i.v',,,| among wonu'ii In nailijimi n,,,,. petition iliiring thu ,,,1,1 uiii. u yeurn. Our upiiuiu-i.tH v.vr,. tv.u Research Directorate, pul;K»iz, lie siren is kind Pakistani poet, was Jack. relumed a bear*, which South won with th« Ua. Realizing that trump* W*M stacked against hor, Urn. H«JT- don plnyud a low dtamotul town r<l.s tho nine. West took th« ten, but wa;i now cndpayed. H« could not mako a ploy without sin riil. ing a trick. Hopiii); hop* Uut K«;,l im<l tha kUig of «lub«, V.' led tho ac« and ttxm th* !<•» nl clulw. Mn. Jlayden took 'hi. \,:i\ K ,u,fi returned Uw &*• r rilainondft, again «ub)«otlnijr '•Vt'..l In aii cndplny. K' hn look tha nvo *tth Ov» ;.»'k Mini exited with • club, <!•• 11.HIM- v.ouid ruff, plajr tb« ac» and uimthrr diontoitd, and thiw ciimpel Went to lead a h««K I? diiidiny'ij K.Q. 1C ho ducked tha flyo, StopbW Ku,t could win tha trick, th» oiitcoina would bo th* MOM. \V,-d W tiM licked, and h» kn*«r H. A< h;:illy, |n» dlKked, ar)4 Mn. liuyilna niado two dl*» iiicuidit doubled tot a On* < Tin- hajui hud an ____ <'i|'i.-l. that day. Mm, HIXI Marcu.i, Knglamfsj ta* woiiuu player, cam* to m* »n4 '•:."'! Wu;il had u»kud her: "Wta "i lull, blondu, attructrW Wngii .liwijiiiuu who in auoh • « dlamundti, which I taJMly by standing r.ady to sell it * .,,.,..,. - - «n unpin-;Monday lor Ihe "promotion of i-ikel ,n. itai decision ,rf i«6 brou«t,i c,s,,, ,hin«." (){ . au> 1)ationsP ,, ., , '[ :Ihe court more_public condemn.:,.: Scnalor Byrd did not indulge in,im.-lwie*. 1,000 ruble, - $1| } XM) _i i-mpincisni. ll« declared unem -iantj u gold medal. i [lirically liiai Or. Oyer's project! Tass rfuoled the pocl as respond. struck him as not only non-ossen- hal hul downright absurd. He said he was particularly aroused ing wiUi a call for all lo "dump 1 mililary rockels into \>ff sea, dump all weapons into Ihe «»»." ton spudc. Mrs. Hayiti-ji limk th.: ii,:,.,.,, With the ace and iilny. ,1 „ | IC ,.., West, af.u,,! i hl! ,„,,,, ,,„; ;; wnglelun, wunt up witii Hi,. „ • and Bunt, nol unxi.,,,, .„ ';,'.,ve null ltd, ilr,,^,,:,! ihe to 1SIW, KJLK *-..i. tin- '!>• .cuptloji that It wan Mn«. Huydiii, hut s ha aaicl: "If »h«'i« alt mi nvi: .mrj Kngll.-ih, »h*'« nut u i;.,,,a player; If she'* Kn»- in..i uiii-iu.nve; Bud If she'* at- .MTU*-!

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