The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 18, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 18, 1897
Page 4
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^^t^^a^tf^-^t^fv -*. ( ,^f ^ifes t c/ *" . tut *> V ,&L- Fast Trains To • Bay'View., ; -6-. R. & I, • :~ >,*r to ttny trftitt "$&} i l«tv«« KnJ fr; Ta. /iH y 7:t*> p, . ,' 4 BAJ Vjew ,8:^ p, fl&u.amt , Hftrt^ k • TO MACKINAC PETOSKEV CHICAGO.. FOUH TBIPS PCX Wit* Toledo, PETOSKfcY, THE I'SOO," MARQUETTE EVERY EVENING BETWEEN Detroit aa& Cleveland Connecting 1 1»U1» HftrHeit tfraltn fit Cleveland , for all points Kast. South aijd , . Southwest. ' iundayTrlp* June, July, August and September Ont* 2 New Steel Passenger Stearaera 1 K&jlt l««rt 'been Built for our Upper take Route costing each. Sena for illuB*-<tled pamphlet.' Address, A. A. SCKlNTZ.'e. *•• 1-. oeraorr, wuctv Tile Detroit & Cleveland Steam Hav. flfr 0 i -n» *-.9 j. -- — — . Wangled and Torn -<t lao<« curtains would sicken tlw heart of 'auy coflsjcu'utioua honnt-kepper. -Fortw ' nutt-ly such it stat«- fcf affairs IB not nwws sary." \\e undertake tothorootjfhly wash and irt>n any lac* curtain, no matter how d.»lkKiU», .-ntrusled to our cart-'and to return if a» wholtt find Bound as when brought to us. Anybody eata lautider-a WIC'K or H !M .'''.'•rt'hiol- it tak*i» art to •do u |>";<, U<-» vurtain inthi* way they arc doncrlit 1 [\t- Stcunt Lalllldry, Hatch Block. ?. t > U.' 5'.' pANKLIN« •• i*TAa*.r«* utes jwd DFTRniT MirH wc»inuji| miv«n» O»ly_» Btwfc frqm Woodwwd 41 » HJ. JAMES, Prop. U~~^Ll 1 wo«tralua,t)i« vtulme U»«s< Gl »it PFOPIP^ rcujr j^jy<3 r,i« this tnx>5* aJt»ne **u te HJ»- »<»»1 toOMMa W i -/—ife** 1 foa o< Um « Jor gampfalet ' atj THEHEHRYO.SHEPABDCO. OftELLDW Continues and Strengthens in the Southern Communities That Are in Hi«t Orasp. IfOKE HBtlOAgES AT ffBW OBLEAHS • • / *- ' -^ •* i •* nw CWtoiti Al«» Bvpoi t<><), Mrtklftff T Wrt ft. Far • t^Krt*Hf»n or -thts etM*« ihcw t'wrei-x An gN$ta*t« rtftliff fcfij, But fep t p Cothljnt tlr New' Orleans yesterday iis- fee/w%ht ijhore '<<erio\js asped at ftny tfnj.e Since SrundayV when »i of /tftf SiV. Cfaittl^ eft^t^^ were uV- ster^ff io ,fep' ybllow ,jftY«K A <aar( w^atnip tht\ board of ripaith nov O^SPJV and of these ene tleatU .if JJwte-ttrauner. At the offtcte of ttte tjoard ol health the repi/jets wt-J? - „ The situation had so materially Improved Thursday ptyht . It was felt that ^pretty much the liad come, artd that copdHlohS' imtaoVfe. thif<-S(lay < ho\V*>Ver; -was out- of the hottest <Jaya of the, month, "antf a» yellow fever thrives In- thrtt <stjara< ter of we^ithct* there seems to have bwrf a rapid rtev'el<jpfi>ent of gernja. Tli.- -phyfiiclans still feel *hat thfrre Is inu.-h that ts pailsfactory In ttre sltwatioti. One t'nri Thut Is, StRii I It Is true that the new pase«< repteseiit the extreme upper, the extreme lovvr»- and central portions of the city, but there ha^ been fio ^eiious spread frruti the original fed. and the opinion Is StiM" expressed that the- may be e<m- trollfd and that there Is no Irnmimr.t danger of an epidemic. Secretary Patton, of the bdaVd. said last evening: "The appearance of eight cases today Is not mwxsiarlly alarming. 1 said thru* evenings ago that the prospet'ts seemed to point to the development here of a* least lifty. cases us a result of bonatai'it Interrourpe we hav« bpr-n having \nti- the infected towns on the-gulf ooast and' the fact thai a fM-Omis-cuOus throng of ^ome 700 or (TOO people had- hastened Into ,the city on the Monday evening following the declaration of the Oct'nii Springs pickness to be yellow fovur. \ Takcx a Hopeful Vle%». \ "We have had now twenty-eljlit eases and two deaths. The majority of the remaining cases are improving 1 . *It is still qultfc likely that, there will appear numeroua eases in New 'Orleans but the- situation Is not distressing and the chaiicea of a disairtrous epidemic art; remote." Kuiid Brauner. of Webstcr_ajid-Se<'- ntid streets, Carrolton, is the rtonth iv- ported. The Braulier case was. first tirotiRht to the attention of the bosi.! ear|y In the "w<?ek. Close attention Jtfai been given It, but while the jiistKUid' 8uap((;iot) they were cl<nlly »icgra\'ateil to wanaiiXan ahso lute declaration that the '>afte was yel- Uiu- f^\ f>r. ' / fB fKN-TKHS. low fev*T. AT THK OTHl'JU Ou*> IHMtlh at Mobile, Nlu«t«'«>u «'imi>» at Illltixl—Iiicmixlns; at KdvMinlrt. Muiaiv, Ala-^^ept. 18.—Yesterday's report Hhows^ilo Increatk! In the ratio of cases atidvGut onr acJditioual death, that ur 3, U Taylui, u t<rii)K<ayei, who cainc beie from Wtit Virginia four weekuago. Ttie ((uarandni- against Mobile haa in- troast><! in severity, gcrantruv had iw new easts of yellow feviT*Hit*itr y«rter» day.. The cast's pievlously reported ate reported Improving. ^j«vv, iQrleans, Sept. 181—The "jvpcrt'-'of .(h«; board of health at fiiloxt.Ve*U;t:day (suya t|»at iht>re are rilnwtiett <tu*» of aitunl yfeltow fuver uniJt-rtrfatmentwith reset vetl as to twelve caa*-*t wore «e\«-n new cases reported ui £mtji--ltour. hours ending Thyrwlay Springs, Mip.. Wept. IS,—TH^ kltuution here in not ouetjorajfiiiK, Sever- ul ot th« dengue patients hav« lukt-n a turn fur 1 thtf UOHW, alth«rU|jh none g£ them arfc tnnsidcred as trirlcally-lit Ther« ««iv seven ,ntw cages <jf the j>rt— nuuilif r titiw fk-H "tweiHy»(lVC. — - KUHa, MlbS , ( Jte-v. T. H. i'mvell, of don, Uifd of, yellow fever. ." Misw., Sept. U.- : V t from Edvvafds gav^ of 1 yellow ftvtr. Au ID yerterday t»«U- Weil' siclanii t6 _jut. d<*lar«cl them to frorn yelK,vv fever, hut J are h^ing trmted (»» so^pet-iP, , Jffi^T TTR^OBNitVR VgARS, 8?pt. 18. Jug erifl ss>vwai atsttes, of int--(-i:a>«'J mure than is frtrn Louis , St. aad in tut oft Wy itat Otftteijt 4^' ti^e r^fcei: rddxtg to ths w^drawal v ta -at ' town ^Jtuuai»ou* for tbt rtp*u«a that natrcantile toprovfed ooeatUute ti^ tea-t- . Tbec* are 1SS bjuefoees faflure* reported the United 8t»tef thin vi&k. wltb lTi-Jii»t week, S15 to tit« wee^ it year d«w, 21S two ye»rs a«.;.; « Jilte numtwf tbr«e yfcai-4s ago. and 348 li this «&»o4d »ee)t of tfepiuai.uer, isya. Tbere are 3* bufsiutsu ft4iuf£s r^p^tiMi frv«» tl»« Cft«*diaa D.9m4alou this week- ag*l»iat U9 last w«ek *nd 4( in *ath pt ltiMpiaMt awd J^S. , aa ymsiraajr rale- i^r $10,35 fr^un Omaha, llu-85 ftroiu Ba 8*d ti troa» £)«$» WOMIK*!, m Tuesday* ,«4 mftf*- the tit>iniati»ci^B «f tfte St the Istost CmftoMtBj tn the way itf job For Hfcrfidoft hotel, W0 stores, a honsc and lot #ith bAttt and otchftrd. eaiy. BROWN , MteK ? ;4.J$; modetfelejrele; w fof caftli.' Enquire «t American tet«tirlry, noplhio^CJteen^* dwrg store, abi«it style, tdlK aborit ift But have you seen 'the stylish wodtfitig iairi- tfrtiorjs, pftrfcy cards, individual cards w'fr ftre pnfeting otrtt* 'they're unite ftylo t)on't yoa tfepd a tflfifo ot prJht}ng in th«j last i Pete* tockwood, ntiho Herd mill iff i«A^eJii(ilraB|eftQni'fo*W|ie& es thfe Yorftv»lC?u1H!fwe»n} pn& of th* beet ItftfBds ffljw^ more common or tattoo mts pie having it think that their nerves are t» blame hud are Burprisfed that they itre pot cured by nefvl* tnnaloine and «ptfmr.rflme- the «pl sent at the mtf chief J» lo«s ofj the stomach is the organ 'to ba looked , „ Net voua dyspeptics often do nob have any pain whaleyer m DWfitonnioh, nor perhsiV any of the usual symptom* of etomauh Jfervous dynpepsifc bhowa ibtfclf not in th« stomach -so much an in nearly every other orgBiutirnmne- esses Mid heart palpitates, arid is irr<?Rul«r; irt Others the kidneys are aff«ct»tl;, in othdrs tWo boftels ore conntf patfed, with headaches; atilUttnerp HFC troubled with I tea of flesh and appetite, withnccamulfttUin of gas, sour riwingn and hertrtburn. * Mr.- A, W. Sharper of Nr>fil Prospect, St., Indianapolis, Ind, t wto» «*• followa "A tnotivo of pure Kfatitudo prumpB mo to write ihe«o few lines re««r'ling the new (»nd valuable medicine) Stuart'* Pyapopma Tftb- letsu Lhav« been a enffenng from nervotts flynpeiwia f • r the last four yeaw; have used varioua imtc-rit ine<lici»i^« and other rftne- cdipw without any favorable TfeSiulfr. They lotiic'tiinef gave teiDporarj- relief until the effwtn of the medicine Wore oil. I attributed thie'to tny sedentary habits, bcinu n boodkpepfi with little pbyBloal exerciw, Utit I ani Kl"d to stntc that the tablets hare Over<-oa>o all tfiWe obstacles for I gained m tteuh, sleep better, and- am bolter in every way. The pbove is written not for notoriety, but is pasted on actual fact." Ucopectf iitly .y<m'r>< A. W. SHAKER, til 1'rospect St., IndUnapoli , lad. It i« safe to nay that Stuart's Dyspepsia 'l*ut>lefci wiM'Ctiro auy stomach weakness or dinCT< > b- j eJteepti-f*nc8.r of .Btortnich. Tliej x curc'Botr Ktomach, feas, loss of flesh an/d appetite, Mev'plwsnewi, palpitation, heartburn, qwistipallofa and lioadaehec). ^n^tor'valuahile little book on stomaeh di»C'ft«OH by addreemng^StttRrt Co., Matghall, Mu-h. All druggists Bclljull si/.od packages at 50 ' ' • ' Seed Time and Is n good (ii'l'HrliiMity to enquire about fHrming lnnd» m South Dakota, only one days ride'from Chicago. Bountiful crops of wheat, corn, bark-y and flax reward tlfe tiller .of the soil. .Art a stock and* dairy icfcuntry Sfovth Dakota MK'R all the world. Fir« vlww farm lau'lrt -with nearby market* can now be bought for from 3'u, $1 - J, $15, and tipwanli^ por acre, aoil thin in the time to invest. For further partioiilaw write to II. HealTord, General i'assengcf Chicai{o.'Mtl«r»uko3<' St. Vaul Railway* Old Colony Buildint?, Ch:c«tfo, III, , tbs> 1*,-<I, lifio frrtm to ':rittt'U> Creek; Colo., aim >. i aixjwu in tbo ciofc«co umvt« yioiuKi r MOT I IUHO« 1 >Ul|fl>U<iMM lUYoropanytef? map I* t Otiic,<«o -A Alton K. R, - _Write or call -to-«lay, for lo*(W* *ato» tuw lilltMirtlBulftrfv tt, 8orofrvni*,"a«neralAgent juMjenger Department. JOl A(l*m» Street, Mw (iptu a» ; ''diDb% CMcttso, ilUnoto. foo| »TVW»I ••^•AftSlfc"** THE BELVIDERE, •BsWI^jP' &** 'Y«fk- JBi ,mca, ^PtJ^J!^ m. -f, ' SOLE PROPRICTDR ARRESTS DISEASE. ilOO.OO reward will bo pnicl for tho arrest and conviction of any ono detected refilling out bottles. FOP .mile by W. T. ORAKR mid A. 0. IIYJIE. Three \ \^^ CHICAGO ^ECORD is a modei newspaper in every sense of the word.''— Harrisbutg(Pa.} Call> / 4 'There is no papet^pnoilshed in America ^ihat so netirlv apffroaches>the true journalistic Men! 'a's--The CHICAGO 'RECORDS*- "I havc,&im? to the firm conchtssor;, after a loyg test anti after a wide co^- py'rison- w/*/i the/wsxnals of many cities a tod coun^ tries, jlwt The CHICAGO RECORD\£omes as rrcur hcing the ideal daily' JQilrnalas we arc for son:e time likely to -find on these mortal sito-Ft>s."—Prof. J. T. Hatficld^ii the Cvans'ton (///.) Index: Sold by nwwlculcrs even/whore and subscriptions wi'u-i'tl lrj aU postmasters. Address 6VU,*a /?/,V';);?;), r;f : Madison~st. ' «3C«i?-sr, RexTablets Arc sold under a positive guarantee to cure £r refund the money, and we stand by our guarantee. Clf K KS all Nervous Diseases, Impotence, Varicocele, Lost Vitality m old or^oung, Nightly Emissions and! Wasting Diseases, and all effects ol self- ,ibu<ic ov exccsses.^Stops dangerous drains. '\ genuine nerve tonlc^-Shows immediate improvement. The | of modern times. Pon't buy ; Get KEX TABLETS,. Price 50 cents,or" six -packages (a f»dl treatment) for $2.501, by mail, in plain package, on receipt ot {irjtse. C1rcula.r free. Kim. REMEDY CO., lu at Marwhail, MI«I».. by A» 6.-HYDB. OAVBAT8, (MARKS, i DCStCN COPVRIOHT8, «to.' r (ti'^rrtiaflnn'ttii't frt* l4aiij!x*"'c « rito to VoHK. u*l* brouubt bufore Joi Ujanjo IU U>« * ,,;! F€>T the last 20 years we feave kej^ Piso's &m for ....... t < ' >*«...»i< . *• ». * . » ^4^ sygajr d groceryimn ^'n^ljout 2, 'TIME TABUL 4, JS&7. fa.'Ka.wn TJtXtibf-lr t Swpe mly on »lg»*l. .. . «|3W W ., ,. 8:3**. m. t*»a O. W. ftB .ft-gtHi'-feM'rt 15 - * --rtT*-• ••• rwwwi /^ - • -f armelrly; So, % tattle Ciaek ftc . .. .v ,. M « »• m. .„.. ssss, a- ft *f, *. MWftfttt iSfe- a new pair of kidneys FRfie BY MAIL. All sufteters horn Kidney Disease. , Rhcu autism, £^iut. Diabetes, Gravel, Catqrrb o£ the Bladder and impure blood, , can get free by miil {or the asking; "A 'pure'. It is Illustrated: an4 worth n>»ny tliu«i> U* weight i|i colti. NATURE'S RtaM&uv Co,, Covce BUl'z. Chicago. Ill, "• " '" J ~ "'" '" ' "" \'_* ' 'Jfo tee bad 0f ' t < •, ifl, 8, POWEUt, Pru^giat*, MAB8HALL, MICH L/U LADIES wiotfwi DB. FELIX LEBRUM'S A. O. HYDE, He? vuijs Debility. p*l "s-ssa^asaWiaSeatoit^.,.. J S2»Ufefe: IU« '«a. , ju»*>. #r M" - -—:;"• —»<wv- , fwt *tr 5«pi»W|« VfU» i '^'LIK 31 '- M**W»«Bfe*! k W?«l M mx- % - *K>XiiO* Of "MHH3HI&4W ty i

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