The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 23, 1959 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1959
Page 12
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1.1' fig* 11 THE BRAZOS?ORTTAOtS SBAZOSPOBT PACTS BRAZOSPORT DIAL BE 3-1611 DAILY CLASSIFIED SECTION Braaosport ana srazona county, xexas, weft., Sept. 23, It x_ I — __ b ,.-~~*-+mm 1 ' UsT iff' 1 • tt -Hi A -if ft ci B art ft •4' * Is- 1 ' A i art f $f H -t J> K A « A) D Jr U 1C JT .JT A U.J. w ANGLETON DIAL TI 9-5246 :® CLASSJFIEO II > INFOBMATION V.-7 '•*• pl»e» TO"* *d f.Jte'9-Mn or BE 3-35U - ind «» for Clami * ; :; ; RATES * 7C 1 weekday 0 days (consee) S days icons**) Tntetilftns must be ;• "\ Classified Hours , Monday through Friday . V 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. '•'•••!-•• ' Bsiufday *'• JtM A.M. 12 P.M. illation deadline Is 8 ei publishing day instrUon deadline tor r sds If • A.M. of publishing day. *\*?>«* bo vi',r' 31. SERVICES OFFERED 58. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CARPORTS, aluminum awnlnsi, sad cutters. No money Sown. OOlF FENCE 00. MI S-51U. CARPENTER—repair, remodel, roof- Inl. sheet rock, and palntlnl. Schuster Phone BE 3-H49. CARPENTER wort wenteft - Repair windows, add rato Homes, uai sheet- rock. tape, nosr Md Mirturt palniing BE M28> CUSTOM panels. Curry's tad St. MADB SBAT Cu 1 liners. Expert mm upholstery- Bh-ip door DAVENPORT OPHOtSTBRV: Can 88 3-1J72 Free estimates trtadl-i tiv-m Located « Slaua-hU'. ao«. . A.M. bk'Jlb by U A.M. ol I?.?., publishing cay. 3^« an ad It *id««d « can Bert* tanertled or ehangad b« lot* publlcaJlen. Th. BraiolpoH Fasts ?•!«» lit. tighJ te «dl» ot «i««l M|Y ad ••««! U dMtns objectionable and to eharma lh» classification ctdrt lo conform to *h» polity or «ie paper. ... , ?AU charges are based en » 3 ifoi'rrilnimum. H6TICB ol typographical or etha* errors must be given before the second Insertion or claims for refund or extension wilt-not be recognised. Therefore 1 , *e must be notified ol errar before • A.M. of tecond Dubllshlno day 1.' St-ECIAt NOTICES j6Sft OOODE — N«lt time 7011 ar over our war drop »7 "nd •»»'-> • eup Sf^eeKw with us. OuU Bujirsne. Afener. MM* North OuU Blvd. a.' £68T - FOUND tost—Slick billfold In approilmetel j|»: MW* 61 weal !th. Finder ma kefp-money. Please null or comic .naVal papers and billfold. 19U Ave O .'or BE 3-33U. AND SLIPCOVERS — e by experienced seamstress. Mrs. Miller. CY 7-4130. LECTRIC MoiOR 4ERVICS. Walei pumps. V. turn Su 'IP. tuft. «ad repair, replacement parts. 130* n 19tn. BE 3-1458. FncaorL QKNERAL ELEOTRIP SSRVKU. Tor comp»tent etrvlct an roar cm appliance Call nor an aealtr. cmi,,n'« BE 3-iai OTTERS - Oalranlsed Jron—Installed «0o per loot. Noihlna- Sam, «3.00 monthlj Call Anileton. TJ 8-7SS9. 7 Vacuum Cleaner CJ. SALES l> SERVTOt SWT Ul AN V K. B»ro» ORNAIIKTAL OtOH Columni and RalHass PArNTINO — Interiors and exteriors Sheetrock tsplns. Hoatlnt and tei luring. First Class materials workmanship. Terms can be arranged. H. E. Baker. CY 7-S901. FOB RSNT ' BAND INSTRUMENT NEW AND 08ED Ask about ear Rental—Trial Plan •top Quality 8rand» CONN, KINO, MSBLANC SELMER. NORMANDT Sheet Uuslo Oept. LOCAL REPAm BBOP H ft B MO6IO COMPANY . MM Bull Blvd. BE 341M BRAZORIA ROAD—3 bedroom, Ir»me home, with some furniture. 8. D. Oupton Realtor,. Pbone DI 5.465L, BRAZORIA - Garden Acres home. All new 3 bedroom frame on 7S « MO lot. Lont term loan. Coleman '.amber, Co AN 52«3 or AN J-MU. RENT PIANOS PIANOS PIANOS Por as little as S10. per month H Ji H MTJSIO COMPANY 100J Dull Blvd. aSWlM 57. BUILDING MATERIALS PAINT SPEClAk. - Rtboet »a«» and outside white ".9- <F). YP thiplap 8c. JlS-rooflns 17.35 Western.Lumbe SB 1-3W AINTINO t'oet (i«neji« sfte«trocl finishing 8taln" *aA aatura< 'tnliih*» A. R. Qlover, BE 3-31DO or BE 3.5111. PHOTO BNURAVDiO—For me ceil to Photo Enirailni, zuo baiflones. Zinc line cuts. One da> serriu "Its work guaranteed, call now ged Johnson, Vbe Braziinport racta Eisr»»lns n» partmenl. Phone BB 3-3511. DB-TRACTOB — 'M model Farmall with bellj mower. CY 7-2053 after 4:30. RADIATORS, magnetos, lawn • mweri and smail engines, parts and jerries BRAZOEPORT RADIATOR WORKS MU Hwr SM Pneport BE 3-U71 rYPEWRITERSJ ADDTNO MaehUles? Sales or rent. Call Sam Oant, Bn * . wsport Onderwood Quit Blvd. BE Agency. '<0 s 34. TV SERVICE FREEPORT Air conditioned bedroom vlth meals optional after Oct. 1st. BE 3-1698 after 1 p.m. 4VCXHP OF THANK8_ JE&fcELL We wish to lake this oppor ratty-to thank all our friends an ielthbort tor. the kindness <hown ftiHni the death of our beloved one, S -S; Jarrell, also, the Rebekahs, ofoftilO's. and the Rev. Johnny •J-IQIIUQ ^ (6< wonderful service i durinff our tay : Ood i upon a] is*.'BEAUTY PARLORS RID VOUR8ELP OP RAOQED CEPTIONI Let aonn» Oebert repair »our set to perform Use new. S taar dependable servlc new. 8 i a-uu DID YOD KNOW that eattei nitura food wlO make run feel better Shaw's Natural Foods. Hwi. J8T Trading Post. BE 3-1431 TENNESSEi SUGAR CORED Hickory smoked hams. AN 3-8949. Norman' Drive In Hie? 2S8 Clute. BTTTbtO OIBL COSMETIC. HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA. Our profession al< BMUly consultation service w< reiiler without cost or obllcatlon >S)r6ved b»: American Medical As- toctttin, end Good Housekseplni. Koa-alergle. reeommeaded to teen' aari Trtth acne. Call,me »l'h «iir problems. W. W. Martin, CY 7-23M. 16.'INSTRUCTIONS t , CERAMIC CLASSES BldNNERS AND ADVANCED f ' TATJOHT BY JENSY ;!i.,.'-..' -CY-74M7- -.. TRAINEES For HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATORS • ""OD THINGS TO EAT S3. MISCELLANEOUS CLEARANCE OP ISS9 T. V.'I a" Lowboy T.V.'s. mahoianj maple wood cabinets. Reg. IJ79.95 — sale ..... 21" mahotanr console. Ref. 1289.9! - sale ..... 21" Maho«any ;onso!<. . Re«. 1299.95-sa!e '^-.i- 1 21" Cherry console with 3 speaker - Re«. »»9-95-l* jv Mahoiany console with doors and 3 speakers. Ref. M59.95 - sal.. . . . $JW ' 1 1269.9 SEAL TAB SHWOLES BRICK — PLYWOOD GULP LTJIIBER CO. «7 S. Ualn. Cluie I-hons AN 5-2M1 02. HOUSES FOR SALE NOLETON - Homes for colored to beautiful Washington Terrace..New 3 bedrooms, central neat .attic fan..Low down payment. GOO, 70S, 713,. and TJ1 Marshal! Road. Call L. C. COOKSBY. In Analelon « 9-47U. iNOtETON—J bedroom all brick h6me. Ideal for teachers. Located In Richie sub-Division. Convenient to SouthSlde school, o. L. McKar, AN s-sitt. lOJ. HOUSES FOR SALE S75.ll TOTAL monthly payment on Ol 4U per cent assumption loan for Ideally situated 3 bedroom home with csraie and utility room, In lovely Lake Jackson, on a lane «0«1S8 toot lot wflh S »ty access, iixis kifchen with veht-a-hood and 9 double cibl- nets In natural wood finish. Air conditioned: hardwood floors, tile bath, shower and vanity: double closets ta Men bedroom, plus additional closet (Pace: 220 wirlnc; Venetian blinds: front door school bus service: central heatint. CY 7-7073. 12*. USED CARS FOR SALE BRAZORIA—New 3 bedroom note*, tiled bath and halt, aaraie, 100' frontage, redwood fenclis. Ko down PMment. 207 2nd St. O. L. McKay AN 5-SU2. CHILDREN LOVE this nelthbWboOd (so will you). 103 Ash Lane: S bedroom, 2 baths, double sarase, electric kitchen, terrace, Insulated. TEXAS 7-77J7. BETTER HOMES. CY M8 MONTH for this eueptlonal buy In Antleton. 1710. equity . and assume nan on this 2 bedroom home. Hotter- Carter and Associates' CY 7-J477. CLUTE—Nice 'roomy 1 bedroom borne. USOO.OO. 100 West Marlon St. Phone AN S-5BM or AN 5-5819. CLDTE—First one here sets this 1 bedroom bariatn. tlOO. total -colt to move In. Extremely low monthly payments. Floeter-Carter and Associates. CY 7-2477. CLUTE — I bedroom home 1(4 rears old. Solid slab, attic fan, larte rooms. near Terrlll On School. 89,000. -AN 8. FARM EQUIPMENT FOUR BEDROOM HOMES' See our VA and PHA approved PI TEXAS BETTER HOMES CY 7-7781 PREEPORT—8740. down buys 3 bedroom, corner lot 77x125 on Ave a. ABC Realty. BE 34212. 2. PETS - SUPPLIES JONES CREEK—3 bedroom hoaie with large taraee on 23^ acres of .land CY 7-7735. OCKER SPANIELS—Black, 9 w«ks old. 1 male'and J female. For Sale. TI 9-6101. . JHOOMS FOR REN1 LAKE JACKSON—204 Wmdtnt Way, bedrooms, redecorated, for $100 dowi $65 per month, by owner. CY 7-2014 FREEPORT—Rooms or room and board. Private or semi orlvatft. 731 West Ttn. BE 3-9206. LAKE JACKSON—3 bedroom home, tOx 28 tamlly room. > car attached taraie wan to wall carpetlnr. drapes, fenc ed. Only $350 total cost to 'move ta to. .Veterans. PLOETER.CARTER ASSOCIATES; CY 7.2477. j APTM'NT. FREEPORT—1 bedroom duplex. West 10th. Refrlserator, stove heater. BE 3-3606 after J P.m. FREEPOR1 ! oKtroom aparunenta. hardwood flours, tll».baths and drain boards H J OavU. Realty. BB S-5229 LAKE JACKSON—1 bedroom. Stove refrigerator, heater aod twin beds furnished. 135. month. AN 5-2058. LAKE JACKSON—3 bedroom, completely redecorated by October 1st. Near school and town. CY 7-2224. FURNISH3D AP'TM'NT. FOR RENT CLUTE—3 room brick apartment at 405 Cora St. (25 Mo. AN 5-2224 or AN S- 2138. CLUTE—Nicely furnished duplex with utilities paid. AN J-2215. CLU.TE- — 8 bedroom furnished apart ' meni. 814. 'week, no utilities paid. Alt 5-431U. ...... 31 B Circle way CY 7-2911 FREEPORT — 2 bedrooms, furnished apartment, call BE 3-1997 after 6 p.m FREEZER ~ Upright. AMC 20 eu. ft. Little over a year old. AN ,5-5787. RANGE—Apartment ranie, also, mis- eellaneous store futures. Phone BE 3-4264. hazard guarantee. Many sixes. Black and white walls. White Auto store, 1011 North Dull Blvd. BB 3-2252. SPEED OUEEN. WASHERS yoa breeze through roar laundry without leavlnB your air conditioning. Sea them too.r al Irby'i on Hwy 188 In Clute. Universal School will train (etv'tbc) High Pay Jobs In the BET READ TiRES-^ Heiyyr'Constructlon Industry. ' - """ 5;.-.^; * Coiiipletc Tralntni; Prop»m In- anVUnf Actual Experience on rs^toai Types Of Heavy Equlp- attt Trained Men Are Earning » $10,000.00 Per Vear! I-''-- * . i; : • ACT NOW! Get Full Information and Quall- Hcjrtlon ' Chart by MAILING COUPON. TODAY! Cnjurisl' Scbeol •nHeavr -Eomlo. Opeutloa > Dett. c4. 528 Meadows Bldg.. . Dsyss i; Texas • ' FREEFORT — rooms and apartments ApplI 1<]10 West 4th. BE 34242. ONES CREEK — Orer 2300 square feet of Uvlnc area. 4 bedrooms, hal acre. Bargain at SU.500. Cftnsld* a trade. BS 3-3or' LAKE JACKSON—108 ->rlmros& lovely 2 'bedroom borne. 229 toll 'outlet Only 8150 down on contract then ti monthly. Texu Better Homes. E. L Sauer. Realtor. CY 7-778L i LAKE JACKSON — Lovely 3 bedroom brick In Shadow Glen. Breakfast are Built Ins In bath room, beautltu fenced yard. Assume enulty at 872 per month. Floeter-Carter and As soclates. CY 7-2477. o fcttillr BM w. oih. J bjdrooml bulll In electrlo «ven and rtose. Separate dlnlntrsrei. Fenced blck yard, real mee. Paymenls MS 23 w. Bth. i bedrooms, new pafnl •300 down, owner • win carry .- own papers. •••• •••. •' . ,. • • •• *KE JACKSON I bedrooms, attle fan, tin. J» wlrmt tofitir conditioner, nice JtoraBe . closer ; alacent to ear BE 3^3 COOIJST ""ALWTATE BUICK — Fust reasonable otter accepted for my WOO equity In 1955 Bulck. AN 5-2275. FORD—U!0 « cylinder. Radio and heater, i Call AN 5-2418. FORD 1950, coupe. Perfect condition. 8295. Phene, AN '• JJ1 9-___'_ _, MBRCORY—1950. New upholstery, food tires and good paint, BE .1-4384. PLYMOUTH—1950, 4 door Sedan, (work car> will sell or trade. BE 3-4164. PLYMOUTH—S3, radio, tuater. runs and drlvtsigood. 8195. Walts Surplus sales 254 Main. Chile AN 5-3831. TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED LAKE JACKSON • 04 Magnolia S27S down It Camerllla Latte family room ' 17 Acacia—S bedrooms. !5 Redwood—3 bed. $88 Month. 40 Laurel—4 bed. Breeseway, OJMagnolla-J bed. air condltloiat. Jt Bu|jach»-t3i» down. it c»iadlum-3 bed. family room.. 11 Jasmute—Bath and half, 10 Wisteria—Corner lot. 5 A'M'f-PosslbiB rental purchase 09 Forest oak Lane—3 bedrooms, 1 ton air eondtloner. CLDTB bedroom, family room, all brick, > baths, exceptionally good bur. • TI 9-6712 ^ - PREBPORT bedroom, bath and !i, near school. OYSTER CREEK bedroom, all brick 1 • yr. old. Will take, trade-in In West rieeport. ta Btawsport CaU ROGER DRAKE cr JOB TALBOT 103. LOTS FOR SALE AVENUE B—77 foot frontasi, School. .Phone BB 3-3695. BEAUTIFUL LOTS In Oult Terrace Estate. Also . Shady Oaks.. Chllditn love It out here and so will you Floeter-Carter and Associates, CY 7 2477.' ' - SASTROP BAY00.—..A la««.13SliSL lot only S3400. E. L. Sauer, Realtor CY 7-776J. BtUTEL (SCHOOL AREA 11 Lake Jack son. mil sell, a few of our- chele> Dome sites for cash or tenna. E. L Saner. . Texas Batter Homaa, CY 7-TTSt ENJOY ashing, water ttuns and Boat tns oa Baatrop Bano. US x too abad aomesltas. 81250. tarma. Realty. CY 7-8543. LAKE JACKSON—4 bedrooms, large living room, kitchen, bath, attached garage, wan heater. Very comfortable. Large lot, fenced yard. 8350. Down to refinance. Or. buy owners equity at discount and assume 4 percent loan. CY 7-2307. • * LAKE JACKSON—3 bedroom h6me. wall to wall carpeting. 8250 total 16 move tn. to Veterans or assume equity at 859 mo. FLOETER-CARTER i " ASSOCIATES. CY 7-2477. LAKE JACKSON - 1» Bulsache. Buy thla U72 so. ft., 3 bedroom -home. On contract for tlSO.tiBO. «59.<2 Mo. for only 17 years plus taxes and Insurance. Estimated to be 818J» Mo or total 878 Uo. TEXAS BETTER HOMES. CY 7-7781. LAROE LOT on sta Bernan. Sacrifice CY 7-2367. LARGE HOMESITES near Bratorla. Telephone, electricity and school bus service. Insured Utte. Win take equity In trade. Rowland Realty. CY 7*543 LAKE JACKSON shady lot. 81x1(2. Neat school and shopping. 81,295. BE 3-1250 OYSTER CREEK FRONTAGE! South era Oaks Drive 120'x235' E. L. Eaue Realtor, CY 7-7761. FAMOUS HAMAS Albert Benjamin, London star, writing in the (British) Bridge Magazine, telta about a Irttl* man he keeps running Into. ' He Wee* the man an light etc* eept for! one annoying habit It seems the little man shows Benjamin at hand, asks him what he bids, Walts for the answer, and then disappears. Benjamin never discovers whether the answer Is right or wrong. For example, Jha Uttte a asked BanjaralnTwnat t» wouW do, sitting South, if West opened with two clubs', North passed, Best bid two spades (East and West are both honest Udders), and South held s>KJT4 f 83 IT HAD TO COME—The small car population gets this recog-, nitlon at Hofstra college to Hempstead, N. T. Hofstra's small car parking area has 101 bertha where there used' to be' only, 84 parking places for the conventional size cars.) VELAECO—One half block. Also, rat block, close to school, churches, and shopping center. Ph. Jane Floater CY 7-1477 or CY 7-2848 LAKE JACKSON - Brick Venire. 3 bedrooms, fenced yard. 81000 eojvlty. 873 Mo. ROWLAND REALTY. CT 7-4543. '• •••:••-••• ' • - ••• - PREEFORT—Clean 4 rooms. Also gar age apartment with garage. Utilities paid. Couple only. 1223 West 4th. MODERN garage apartment wltb garage 2 blocks down town Freeport. Central heating See at 410 West 1st or CaU CY 7-7539. LAKE JACKSON-«1 center Way (comer) I bedrooms. 1 car garage, tamlly room. F.H.A. equity Monthly payments 8123. I. L. SAUER REALTOR CY 7-7781. NORTH PREEPORT—Apartments 20th Street next to bowling alley. Phone BE 3-2518. AKE JACKSON—1 bedroom tome 118 Rulsache. 8500. down 859. month. Rawland Realty. CY 7-6543. SORRY Sal Is - now a merry gal. 8be used Blue Lustre rug an upholstery cleaner. DARWOOD FURNITURE CO. STOVE—1955 Frlgldalre. 2 oven range wllh deep well. REFRIGERATOR— 1957 Frlgidalre. with freetlng unit. BEDROOM SUITE—Gray, with innerspring mattress. Also miscellaneous living room Items. AN 5-5593. NICE FURNISHED APARTMENT — Adults. Air conditions. 505 South Ave. C. CY Y-&02. STOVE—Frlgldal«. eleclrlc. DEVAN. Flex-o-steel. CHAIB, modern, brown. In good condition. CY 1-4364. Fhlje*.','•...... .Hr. usually home . MALE HELP WANTED ATTENTION—Retired man. shift work- eJsVof women. Sell Watklns Products, part or Full time. Apply 1915 Avenue tt Mr. R. W. Bgger. Rosenberg. Tex. ROUTE BOYS—for Anlleton Brazosport Padts Paper Route. Contact Mr. Ho- b&t Lackey 601 E. Loralne, TI 9-5141. MALE • FEMALE HELP IOTES avaoame—deliver on ' paper routes la Brazorla. TRAILERS for raw furnished. Private baths. Swlmmlai pool. Barefoot "- er Park. Hvy 218. Fneturt 213 NORTH 12th—2 and 3 rooms with bath comfortably furnished, near Henke's shopping .cenler. Galhrlght Apartments BE 3-3394. •STOP BWEATma 81 MILDEW" Centrally heat your home. Nothing down. 110.00 monthly. Factory direct distributor. Our owa duct ahop aad Installation crews. Call Angletoa TI 9-7538. CLTJTE — t rooms aad bath, large shady fenced yard. 913 Meyers St Phone BE 3-4996. Range—Deluxe fas, divided top, window oven. Usht ud timer S30 Air conditioner, Frlgldalre. ' used one year »125 Space heaters, metal circulating. M. and $4. each. Window (an, 3 epeeds 113. Window tans, small typo S3 CY 7-761* VACDTJMS AND POLISHERS Hoovers, Electrolux's, o. E.'s aad Floor polishers. Ilka new. Bali price. Terms. AN 5-2662. 87. UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT AN0LETON—2 miles loulh. of. 2 bed moms. 850 per month. Phone IT 9*74501 CLUTE—229 Eait Pecan Lens. 1 bed room house with large living room and kllchen. Only 848 per month with the water furnished. Town and County CY 7-7777. HAGERMAN ROAD - 4 room with bath and utility room. Water rum ,lsbed. Phone BE 3-5U6. LAKE JACKSON — 1 bedrooms with garage and' acreened porch. Phon CY 7-6851. CLOSE OUT SALE 1 New 1959 Hoffman blonde console TV (with trade) $230.95 1 VII Console Record Player with stero 113943 ..—-' Need > light car or motor soooter ot handle. Suppllment your income. Good money for a few hours wkiVasr. The Brazosport »aots Newi- paper BB 3-3511 circulation Depart' ' B. FEMALE HELP WANTED HELP —Experienced. Ap- T* ply 'In person only to Garretts' No. i fin Lake Jackson. '£Ot PREVIOUS experience necessary— " Women without previous experience ~?a Adding as much as 330 weekly to ' '!» Income with T.V. Advertls. , Write No. M-Uth Ava North "cttl. Texas. Record Flayer S13M5 BADIO tl TV Way CY 7-4071 LAKE JACKSON — Two bedroom home Large closed-la porch. 860. BE 3-3369 54. HOME FURNISHING CARPETS an to* nnDdatloa at a beautiful room. BaUd your torgly roan with one from Leonard's Vim Co. CY 7-8S1S for estimates. DEED—Refrigerator, Q.E., 895. Sewing table 815. Record table, (5. Maple chest-of-drawers, 311. Practically aaw reclining chair. 87!. CBS T.V. with antenna, UO. BB 34495. $35 BARBARA— 3 bedroom house water Md half of light bill Mo. AN 84431. LAKE JACKSON 3 bedroom home. 890 pir month. ROWLAND 1EALT7. CY 7-8343. 100x120' Reildeatlal lot to the city ot Dsnbury. Reasonable 8700. Phone CY 7*7284. 4EAR FOUR FORKS—Modem home and 10 acres ol cleared saady loam, ilO.OOO. Adjoining 12 acres available al 8500 per acre. Rowland Realty, 103 Plantation Drive, CY 7-6543. YSTER CREEK Community—2 bedroom home, 81000. below value at 85800. 31800. down. Balance 850. month at 4 percent. Bl^. 3-1019. JONES CHEEK LOTS PRE DEVELOPMENT SALE Small down payment Balance by' the month ' MATT COOLEY BE 3-3333 Benjamin mumblea that K is floubtful whether It is better to bid some quantity of diamonds, or whether it Is better to pass and hope that North win lead a club against some high hear 1 contract West might reach. Of course, the little man promptly disappears after posing the question. Six months later Benjamin meets the little man again and asks what happened on the hand. The little man doesn't remember what hap pened. Be doesn't even rcraem ber the hand. Not only that, but the llttl man posts an even crazier prob lent. South reaches six spade doubled. West opens the three o hearts and it wins the trick The defense is sound and de clarer makes the contract; WhA are the four hands? So* Benjamin spends, a few sleepless nights trying to flgur out Borne reasonable hand tha East Wet* st South ? * & Dte "" - Opening lead—-three of hearts Declarer ducks In dummy fearing a ruff,' and East discards, a club. South/sensing the situation, discards the jack of dla. monds. A heart Is continued na"i the diamond king goes on tne) ace. i, . Declarer cashes the king and ace of spades, "leads diamonds twice through East's A-Q, later discards four club losers on the established diamonds, and makes the slam! (© 1959, Kins Fcalnres Synaicate, Ino.) Age Deadens Senses Of Smell And Taste By HERMAN N. IUNOKCN, M. D. , 1* Willing to postpone her dinner until her Sdoptedlbaby'' sqiflrrel polishes off that bottle of milk at the home of J. T. Shacklett la Dallas, Texas. At right, one-year-old Molllt Theodores cuts • cute caper on the beach at Daytona, Fla. Science IfotebooK 104. BUSINESS PROPERTY LAROE warehouse with lot on Lake Jackson-Glute road next to - Palmer's Sperling Shop. 82500. d. L. McKay AN 5-5311. PLANTATION DRIVE — 107' frontan only 813.000. A 900 snare foot build- tar thrown In. £. L. Sauer, Realtor, CY 7-7761. ACRIFICINO MY EQUITY la 204 Jonquil In Brazos Oaks. This I bedroom home has wall lo wall carpeting, garbage disposal, range hood, central heat, shrubbery and palms, fenced back yard, brick trim. SU.OOO value .with only 89000. due .when you equity. CY 7-4441 alter < p.m. ACREAGE for sale In Braaoris, Wallace Repair Shop, Bratorla. VELA6CO — sacrifice 7 room house and lot. Pbone nowl BB 3-3798. H. J. OAVn SEALCT , Plum* ro t-S22S FKEEPgttT - . 1323 W. 7to—8500 down. . PESRx-S LANDING— 1 acre. 1 bedroom HOUM. CLDTE-Larxe iota, bo* Horn menta. LAKE JACKSON- . UO Laurel. > Imnroom id'tfti 230 Caladlum. I bedrooms, and den or family room, this 1s a Well-kept, well built borne In Brazos Oaks. ve Caladlom, 1 bedrooms, den. Owner has Installed central heat carpeting, and fence. The equity Is high, but tne 105. ACREAGE FOR SALE BRAZOO RIVER. - Peach Point area- IJt aorta. 85000. Mrs. W. L. W» Real Estate. BB 3-2541 TIVE ACRES or more, on black top road. Cleared sandy loam. Vicinity ol Four Forks. 8500 an acre. Rowland 'Realty, 103 Plantation Drive, CY 14543. U14 ACRES of excellent BrsiorU County land oa Brltlnc* Road near Bra- lorla. • Terms. BE 3-113).' Matt Coolay Realty 108. REAL ESTATE WANTED 1 or 3 BEDROOM bouse, wes end o . Freeport. Less than 81,500 down par ment. Prefer seller financing It. ABC REALTY, BB 3-3232. price Is low. JAMES REALTOR, CY 7-249J. M. ELBERT LAKE JACKSON — t bedjooa UBU v near junior tdgb. SW per 110. BOWLAND REALTY, CY 7-O4S, 88. FURNISHED HOUSES FOB RENT CLUTE — 4 rooms, J bedroom. 850. HOUM In rear. Bills paid 734 SI, Ana's SI. 18*. rVQRK WANTED. WOMEN • BOOKKEEPER— Would like to keep *~- bpoka la air home. Experienced. Pro» motion man and . collecting accounts .- etc, CY 7-7180 alter 5 PJO. _ BOAT-Trawl bait boat M ». For caih. Phone BE 3-2931. ctttLD CASE: no eer ottt. Feaced : ftcd, TV. also nisht aa« Sunoay * |£f«r Prsthar. AN S«rt fDAY NiraSESY—Fencsd play yari, by •-.^0X^^.^437 NJSVtl "AP." M"^ 1 " at M» S). I*. 55. SPORTING GOODS JONES CREEE — Uoseley's Modtm Cottages. Cleaa. quite two rooms aad bata for adults. Vt mile ott Hwy 38 OB East Live Oak Drive. BE 3-1804 BOAT — 16' But Well, completely rigged, dual Johnston, new trailer, reasonable. Or will trade for car or smaller rlf. 231 Mtddox. Clute. AN 5-5448. -mtor^O BONE la my aom*. Bring to * iU Wist 8lb, BB M4SO. JUST ARBIVBD I960 OLASTRON BOATS U' BILTWELL FISHING BOATS COMPLETELY FIBRE CLASS COVERED, WINDSHIELD. 8TEEHINO 3393 ' ' Name your needs . . . name your pow. er . . . nann jrour speed! he wonder-, tul new Johnson Seahorse will tlve more of everything you want for { runAbouts. From standing start to top sp*ed In no time flat. Now on display at PALMER'S BPORTWO- GOODS LAKE JACKSON Bwj-3 rooms and bath itt.50 i week utllltlaa Paid, call BE 3-1820 or BB 3-210L SURF8IDE BEACH cottaiea umiortablT ruralihtd at »tetej rales. Call Doris Hautler BE 3-2303. 125. MOBILE HOMES MOBILE BOMB villa, 43'iU 1 wlda. bedrooms. Call BE 3-12U. VELASCO—3 room Some clou to school. Contact 807 North Ave B or BE 3-4347 alter 4:30. 90. BUSINESS RENTALS FOR BENT — 40 * 60 QUonset Midi-is with plenty of parklnp area. Bwr 288 between Dow and Cute. CY 7-7731. __ _.r rent or lease In carter « Co. 110 Plantation Drive. (33 Ho. Each. CARTBB * CO. CY '4477. 117 L. 3. Boad. Cluti AH 56. MUSICAL INSTHUMEN1S COB)<ET—Bundr used less than i niari. la »ood condition BB 3-U7J. CLASaiPIED 101. BUBI. OPPORTUNITIES ALL BRICK AND ON A WIDE DRIVE These lovely three bedroom homes, with two tile baths, s> very modern heatlnt; unit, an being shown (or the first time. There is also « two car finished carafe. Altbo » new borne, large stately trees and well developed shrubs and turf give a Uveat in appearance. For a family who desire sv gracious home In an established, I dignified neighborhood this Is s,' real find. The price wfll be an agreeable surprise to those who know real estate value*. VETERANS NO DOWN PAYMENT Loan applications and .... , on site reduce clostnf cost* to minimum. QUALITY HOMES QUALITY PEOPLE OY 7-7010 30' STARLIGHT house trailer. 8693 cash Town and County CY 7-7777. 126. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES AUTHORIZED DEALER for Lincoln Mercury, Edael, English Ford, Studabaxcr. Has representatives Braxosport area. For appointment Cal CY 7-2023. seance QUIZ TEST VZX&IEtCEI,Q.! COBBY MOTOR — Your Authorlaed Ford Oealsr oaers oomaete servlc on llotor. Body, CfeMsla. NOM ' ^" 1 " STOP complaining .that nobody can cook like mother used to. The food these .days Is w good as It ever was and probably much tetter. So are the cooks. And; the cooking equip- rnenfr is-'far^pairloc to what yb^mbth'eruiiedi What's The Reasxmt So why don't things, taste the same as when Mom used to prepare them years ago? Well, the taste probably Is about .the same, but your taste buds and olfactory discrimination, are not. As we get older we lose a great amount of our ability to taste and smell things. Four Taste Qualities , There are four taste qualities bitter, sweet,'sour and salty Some of the taste 'buds which enable us to- distinguish these qualities, begin, to atrophy fairly early in life. By .the time you reach ma turityj you no longer are abl to use the taste buds for sweetsj which were in your cheeks. This probably explains why most adults don't have the same longing for candy a* they had in (jhildhood. Betue Of amen Suffer. Your sense of smell suffers •vtn mom than- your sense o Uste as you age. And you tea tion becomes. Unfortunately ills loss Is permanent. Since there is nothing -you a do about it, the best advlc. can give you Is to stop com- lalnlng about the taste, or lack it, of th« foods prepareciTn if home. ,- . .,•• , .£ f«> ,-Tou probably will find' that resit fruits also taste pretty, at, not at all like they did rhen you were a youngster. Again, it's you, not the fl«ls> tat has changed. ^ .... '-. toves Are ; Better -' V'.•-"-".' Even the cook of tha houst, as she gets older, is apt to com* lain that these new fangled toves just don't cook like the) Id kitchen ranges of years back. Of.course they don't, they really are much better. So next time you are aboutyto spout off about the good old, t cooks In the good old days. Just remember: your memory probably is better than your taster and your smeller. QUESTION AND ANSWER K. D.: I have Insomnia and cannot take even a mild sleeping pin. Is. then any herb that WWW help this eondltlon? C Answer: The regular use o( sleeping; pills should be avoided. You should prepare for sleep by relaxing for an hour or so beforo going to bed, avoid exciting- Ize, of course, that what yo taste is actually a blend of taste and smell. • Try tasting «v« your favo Ite food when you have a col and you'll sea what I mean. The older you get, the less active your olfactory dlacrimiti reading, conversation, radio ot TV shows. The bedroom shoulg be quiet, darkened and well ventilated without drafts and the bed comfortable and »ot. too warm. A warm bath or a warm diftlf before retiring will help inouoa natural, restful sleep. C 1959. Ktaf CWUltM SVniJlctU, Inc. fftMCUt. SBOKITt **** TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED ATTENTION BASBER8I Present b(r-i ber movlnf October tin. BuJJdtoi, will be lor rent. Uo. per Ho. water and sas furnished. Call Robinson HeaUr. AH H53S or AM 5-3704. 102. HOUSES FOB SALE ANOLETON — SIM. down. «M. Per rnontb. TUe bath, new toot, will con- your lot as 4om pamut. AM H2UL TATION RJC tAKE RAPPLE OPF A JU66EW- 6000CHANCBTO 120. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES HUNDRED CHANCES TIRE SALE KUM0BC P<" RHnOUM-IIMI RAPFLE peopue wnot> R-W Bur IT SEEMS SUCCESS IS Plus fax And Heeappable Tire ALL EOAD HAZAED GUARANTEED CLUB MEM8EI3S' HEAD BONES-" TVtE SKV'S THE LIMIT FRPIv.

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