Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 15, 1947 · Page 12
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 12

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 15, 1947
Page 12
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; Sunday, J tt ft« IS, 194f onalBirih 33 Percent ve '33 Figure YORK—The upswing in the fate in the past 13 years has JflCea a divident of '4.000,000 aaaitloiial babies, according to the smisticfans of the Metropolitan IMS insurance Company. Almost tfflfe" half of these "extra" babies *ftre bbrti in the last three years. 1944 to 1946. "IteonoTnic recovery, war-induced prosperity, and special psychological factors attending the induction flfifl release of men from the armed forces, have contributed t > raise the national birth rate 36 percent above the low point registered in 19&3." the statisticians report. "The ffttfe in 1946. 24.8 per 1.000 population", was the highest for the country since the early 1920's." TliR outstanding record for 194G was due largely to n .spectacular rise in births during the second half of the year following the rapid demobilization of our Army and Navy. The number of births reported rturing the first six months averaged n little more than 225.000 a month. Then in July the number jumped to 284.000. and continued to increase until it reached a peak of 343.000 in December. Reports for the first CUUU-UT oi this year indicate that the birth rate in 1947 will be at least as favorable as in 1940. Legal Records MatYlage Licenses The following couples were granted marriage licenses in the offices of County Clerk Charlie Thtit over the weekend: James W. Henderson and Ruby Christine Williams. James H. Nash and Billie Wanda Jackson. Kcalty Transfers W. S. Roberts and wife. Lul.i Roberts, to J. H. Tucker; All of Lots numbered 5 nnd 6 situated in Block 6 of the Wilcox addition of the cit.v of Pampa. v Carl P. Blue and wife. Mary Blue. lo Edith Mae Bnrnett: All of Lots numbered 41 and 42 situated in Block 4 of the Wilcox addition of the city <?f Pampn. Hushes Development Company (o William E. Whit.scll and wife Jenny nd Whitsell; All of Lot number 1 situated in Block 4 of the Wyn-' iclea addition of the city of Pnmpa. A. J. Goodwin nnd wife. Sarah !3ood\vin. to C. H. Pryor and wife. Mildred E. Pryor; All of Lot nuni- - 30 situated in Block 42 of the Wilcnx addition of the city of Pivm- Divort'f Suits l-'ili-cl The following divorce suits were lied in the offices of District clerk 3ee Patterson near the close of the reek: Bertha A. Hc'ott versus Walter H. Scott. Doi'otha [IKY, Long versus C. E. I N A P O L E 0 N WE HAVEN'T" SOLD A -THING- AUL OAV/ WE. N6ED A GfOOD SALESMAN SEE/ I'VE SOT AN \t>EA.' # .SNtSvY/* _3_£T^* H ^7^4 HPoundsSterling Over Half Tech Grads This Year Were Vets LUBBOCK—More tlvm half the students receiving degrees from Texas Technological College this year were veterans of World War II. a recent check disclosed, and in the Agriculture and Engineering divisions where most of the students are men. the majority oi veterans was overwhelming. Of 69 persons who were graduated from the Agriculture Division. G5 were war veterans, as were 68 of the 83 Engineering graduates. Over the college. 229 of the 400 students receiving degrees were former service men. Catholics Plan New Chapel for Aggses BRYAN—<Special) — A drive for $200.000 has been launched by the Rev. Tim Valcnta of St. Joseph's Catholic Church to provide a new chapel and recreation center for the 900 Catholic students at Texas A. & M. College. Plans for the new building will include a. residence for the .student chaplain, a recreational center consisting of an auditorium, class rooms, library, .students' lounge and game rooms. The Rev. Valcnta has announced that anyone interested in making a donation for the project may send it to St. Mary's Building Fund, Box 850, College Station, Texas. U. S. Senator Answer 1c B I B B A B N A C X I'rcvlons Pamle I HORIZONTAL j 1,7 Pictured i U. S. senator 14 Responsible 15 Extension of .time 16 Limbs i 17 Requirfl -i ,19 Snare jTOHerd of whales 21 Children d2 Qualified 13 Low haunt 25 Priority i (prefix) 26 God oi love 28 Youths 20 Musical note 30 Paid notice Bl Italian- city 13 Malayan canoe p6 College cheer 37 Work unit 18 Biblical name J9 Pace |3 Exist 15 Argentina timber tree 17 Italian coin 18 Followers 19 Pertaining to i 'Enoch )l Agonies 13 Rivers §4 Funeral vehicle VERTICAL 1 Metal scoria 2 Philippic 8 Chatter 1 Pounds (ab.) 5 Cloth mcnsuvo !} Dispatched 7 Brought up 8 Carmines PHe chairman ot the Senate appropriations committee 10 Deponent (ab.) JlOhio village 12 Storehouses 13 Fine 18 Babylonian " deity 24 Direction 25 Monk 27 Observe 28 Race course circuit 31 Wandering 32 M*.-iner 34 Lecturer 35 Concurs 38 Indians 39 Slender 40 Twitchings 4"i Symbol for erbium 42 Trail •54 Essential being 46 High card 48 War god 50 Laughter sound 52 is from i New Hampshire f lla SI urn m so 16 SI m SZ. 1 12. 4Z. I Dorothea Richmond, who owns ,a chain of West Coast dress' ;shops, models the first sterling! silver gown ever made. She says' she received the gown from the Sultan of Johore, whom she entertained in Hollywood lastX •summer. Valued at $5000, the' • ,dres.s ..wiiighs_ Market Briefs KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY. .Itiin- l l~-i,i'i-..|.TS- I)A ) - i.';il Ih- 1'iMi; (-Hives r,H; <'t,nipari'il l-riiljiy IHKI wi-i-U sImiKhtcr sli-rr.s and Jii'il'i'i-s sii-i.iin b|j;-||,.|", int-iliuni niul «-oi,d i-i.u-s Kti-iniK u.i .".() liin-lu-r; vi'iil- <!i-N and i.'als-rs .vti-.-uly KUUI! anil choicf KlncU su-i'i-s and all firadi-s bcirrrw sioiidy; nii'iliuni SHM.-I; stt-i-i-.x ."id bnv- i-r: i-iiAvs h,'iri'i.\' si,';nl\' lo r,ri lower; loiids flioici- l»7:,-l'Jr,D ill sU-i-rn 27.002'<; bulk rmniirfsi'd yiu«l anil clioice inn) anil iri.oil 2l.riii-2-l.rin* -Va i 11'" IVd brir-'i-s anil nii\-,-iJ yrarlin.^s inainh-- ';?'i- ""•ilium lo I'linii-c Ki'lilni; 22.50- -f,.7."i; 1n]i niriliiiiii anil ^01*1! i-invn I'i.uu; -,„»! and rbnii-i- vi-alors 21.dU-2n.00' most luiid liils; nu-diiiiu Mini K'nod. Mlork sh'crs is.nn-21.7,',; inuuty :i.",ii- iniiu Hi bi'i-i-i'iinl.s 2:1.7"i: t-inninoii aii'l iiH'iliinn liri-i-il sinriv >:U'i'i-s II.uu. I7.r>ii; iriind and rhnk'i- y.' lu'il'- crs lii.iiii-21.ini: i-nu's \vilb ralvr-s at siilv niMin-rous m ir,.f>ii-Ki.2r,. linns .Mi; <'i,in|iiin-<l \viili l-'riilay last wi.-i-k nin-vi-n. liKht.-H and laitrlii'i-s 2iiO ill dowji 2"i.."iii liiKhi-r; L'TII Ib ii|i sli-iidy In 2."i lowi-r; rlu.siiit;- lop 2"i.2. r i; SOWH iirinind 'ill biKln-1- al 2<uiW down. FORT WORTH LIVESTOCK iliT \\'Oi: f ril. June II il'Si.). I'oinjjaivil \\'i-i;li a^'o: I\vu CLASSIFIED ADS Classfled ads are accepted until >:30 a. m. for week day publication on lame day. Mainly About Pampa ads antll noon. Deadline for Sunday paper —Classified od.s, noon Saturday; Maln- iy About Pampa, 4 p. rn. Saturday. CLASSIFIED RATES (Minimum ad three 6-ooint lines) 1 Day—2Sc per line. 2 Days—2»o per line per day. 3 Days—lOc pc-r line per day. 4 Days—JSc per line per day. C Days—12e per line per any. 8 Pav.s—lie per line Per day. 7 Days (or longer)—lOo per line Der day. Monthly Rate—$2.00 per line per month £no .copy change). 3 —Special Notices .\i if 7:i-7si'n\sTi7r,"i'; i'Tn- HI-MS m.-iov- li:in im-M-lf. Sinned Si-nil. :!!>!! Kast Illssl, Olilll. It's Time to have Your Time Piece Checked! Walrlii'.i .'unl i^loi-Us ri-p.-iin-il. Antii|ln- i-tiM-Us pnl in ntiniini; nrib-r. '.<2<* S. I iiilkni'i'. i L. R. Hamrick, Ph. 376W. Parker Hotel N"V." iiiiiltT n»'\% maliatfem<-nl. Uod<'.- » iraicil. Ni-w i-K'Uit lu'ds hy day or Lee Lykens, Manager. iagie Radiator Shop 516 W. Foster Phone 547 4 —Lost and Found I 'A 1 .\T~fTLl7v7 iosTr^lTiiyi-iir red and U'hHii spoil (id. biai'k main, white lull. \vi-nriiiR lialtt-r. Notify K. Ij. hnST~-"Hoy'M~ Uriiwir Iciiii'n'-r bllIfold, I'nntaininu iniiiortiinl naiier*. l-'imli-r ki'i'ii money and return billfold to I'anipa ^'^w^nr |ihnno_2j'i!ll!._ ^ J~lil XD— i3ay~Tiii'i-si\ " .l7~'nr~.Sai'ki.>U., Star Itoiitc 2, iVIIiiini lllK'Im'uy. iY I-'HRl-:—tiopal haulltiRr and m iiifr. Cnr unlondfjifi:. S22 IS. Mnrpbj Phiuie ISn.O-W. •" Panhandle Transfer-Storage 916 W. Brown St. Ph. 1025 "United Van Twines" Plenty storage space, loeal, lonj^ dip Bruce & Sons Transfer Local and Jong dlstar»oo movlnsf. Besi equlpnient and vans,. We have plenty •tcraKe space. Pbone 934. H. P. HARRISON, 914 E. Fred^ rick. House moving and winch trucks for service. Ph. 2162 —Male Help 5—Garages and Service Clay Bui lick Body Shop 518-20 W. Foster Ph. 143 "Mac" McCullum . . . formerly willi Jjcwl.s Motor ''"•. is """fine P. K. One Stop' AYhri'i 1 ymi will In- wHcoiiu-fl ;i;j /in old I' i'ic j ir) MI- new t'tJ-stonior. 403 W. Foster Phone 2266 Hank Breining, Lefo/s, Texas Wash, lubrication, nnlo servlre. Lawrence Gulf Serv. & Garage 920 Alcock, Phs. 9531 Tnne-Un — CJencrnl Jlepnlr 351 __.._ _._.. _ _ Jack .Vaughn "66 ' Service Phlllins "G(i" Products Wash — Lubrication EP1 B. Cuyler ____ Phone 9B69 Killian Bros. Garage ati N. Ward Phonp^ 1810 McWilliams Motor Go. Pampa Safety Lane-—Ph. 101 Shock absorbers lor all cars. General repair work. .Efficient service. 6—Transporter ion 1'IIILUI'S dnylifjln i-mpicyi'i- ile.sires in i'imliu-1 cur sbMrinn Ki'oiip or ridi-rs. ,Sc. ( . I'oiimlsluiii- ;n i!ll N. Xc|. MIII c.r (.i.-isiiliiu. l>f|ji. oi't'ii'.', I'hil- ...J.i_P".. MUVJ.Vi;, iiiiuliiiK lr;intifer arid car unloading. Ht-e Curler lioyd or call IL'.'i or 12-1. Tex Kv;inn. V. A. N'T I'll) inn n \villi ilrivc-rs license In pickup ;IIK| ilvllvi-r <lry rl 'IcaiH'i's. lid's, r'nvlcr. ' Young married man between 21 and 35 at White's Auto Store for sales work, also man for mounting tires and Batteries. No phone calls. \ A X THl) '~3~K\rl» To r" To nn t ; 1 1 n woTk . Kxpcrlfin-c jirol'crrfil. Apply In per_•*"-" i. j'r.vslnl Fitliife. _ 17 — Situation Wanted YVlbl, KIOIOP Mimill rlilldri-n by day nr hour in my homo for busy innth- i'1-s. !H1 S. l-'nnlkniM-. Pli._2BS7M. KX I'KUIKXt'|01> i'ool» wants work. I'lnini- fl£"i-_\y. Practical Nurse Wants Work Ob.ilelrie maps. Mrs. Walker Ph.2H-lli: 18—Business Opportunity Vul! SAljIi --Full Mbop cMivilpnu'iit niul I'ulldiutc for rent. Ulutmnlymi Giir- imt- :inrl \VeMfiiR .Shop. S20 \V. I'ran- ____ _ __ _ ___ FOIl SAL10 — Complete run and furniture clennlns- eciuinment, portable niachlno. Cnll 229B-W. 24—Shoe Repairing Goodyear Shoe Repair Homo of Heller Shoe Kcpatrl»g D. W. Sosser—115 W. Foster 25—General Service M-JT NAT nnd .liinirs LniiKford .sharpen and repair ymir lawn mower. "'"' Allifi-l SI. ) h"iiW5T. Korora Water Well Service UV'II fin A,,y I'liK-t;. Any tlmi'. .'.'.'"L'.V I'l?! 1 __. .„ J"DV: ' Tl i!iSL^S Montgomery Ward Service "n nil i-lri.-truvil appliances, I. G. Hudson __309_N. Bollard ___ Mayo Water Well Service No Job Too I-ai-fte or Ton Small Ph.- S07..T or 10Z7_ _^ 17]Q Linooln LlCJONSKD Kiinsmlth— lOrmer L. Brod. nax, located at Crawford Gasoline Plant. Skcllytown. Texan. 26—Financia! Money To Loan Pampa Pawn Shop i-iisvM 17.2f>-lx.r,ii, incillnin anil tfonil stui-Uitr yeai'linns 17.r,u-2U.",<),' Mi-dinm anil Km id .sl(K.'k(.'i' rows I l.nii-1 l.dfl. I'alv.-: riunpai-i-d wri-k iiK'o: bust uradi'M Nlrnnj;, olln-r.s wi'.'ik. Unod and I'hiiici- 2(, -nod anil i.-hoiop Ho?;-*: for Wi-i'U. liim-lit-r buys wtoady lo 2:, hiulic'i-. sows l.uil hifihi'i-. siocki'V liifj.s sii-ady. UVi'kN tnii*: bnirlici- buns liitfs 22. kii.ds sin HIM', .spuls i- and plain qualii'ii'd spots lower. This n all rlnssi's: wi-rks " nvnil \\-il li higher, Inw Ki'ii ofi'erinsj-s wi-nl;. iivnd rvid-'Ut ii'i |S - nii:\<'il >-i'arlinys L'"i.7ri, K""il ina- Illiv lii'i'Vrs ' L'l.lln. "ro\VS 111. ltd, bulls Hi. nn. SUM-KIT yi-arling.s i'J.75, \\'i.-el;s imlks: ni'-ilium ami ^unil staiiHlUfi' sii-ers anil yearlings 1!).IHI-^;;.5I), ^niid ©BY MATEEL HOWE FARNMAM; Bv MATEEL HQWE DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE. INC. * nWYTC THIS STORVi I wan the only one "lio Knciv Klorn \\'n* Kuinv; to UHVC n biiliy. Hob's lialij. Slit- out ti k llln^ liini. I jiprsumlril her t» <ell him iiitil her fiunlly nhnut the three ilny» xho t-pi'iK wKh Bob In lluffiilo, .\f(<>r Mlu> iloeti M» t Sam ronipK lo my fnUirr trltli Ihe ivlu>U Nlnrjr. l-'nllu-r polnlx out fliirt under Hie t-lrcMim- NlnnerH l-'lorn^H ilivoree i»if£ht not even be valiil. -She haa Placed Sam in uu iutolernblc pDtitlon. lie unfa. * v * XIV fTVHE following day our daily pa- i per carried this announcement: "The engagement existing between Mrs. Florabelle Tolliver Finneran and Mr. Samuel Plart Forbes has been broken by mutual consent." "* Cousin Sam and Nelson Forbes Went down to New • York and stayed there until the excitement had died down, or at least until it - was no longer at white heat. For of course Otsego talked, breathed, slept, ate, and drank nothing but , the broken engagement. I could not stand tjie talk, the 1 unending' speculation and conjecture, and I fled to Elmira to visit my grandmother. It was there that I learned that Bob Finneran had bee.n killed in France. Bob died bravely and gallantly, jorming a nest of machine guns. was the first boy from our to lose his life in the wax- was daily coming closer and to being.our war.. J went three times to the Tol' and asked to see Flora. Mrs, never opened the door a few inches and told pach time that Flora i jht to go and see I kept putting afternoon she was. swathed ..pinched and Mrs. Finneran had been an exceptionally pretty girl, but it was now a faded prettiness and there was an unpleasant whine in her voice. 'She whins was accentuated when ^t said she had come to ask me a favor. "It's not exactly a favor . . rather the opportunity to right a wrong. I know you did it thoughtlessly, that you have been a tool rather than an instrument. Nevertheless you have done me and mine a great injustice. I call on you in Robert's name to make it right." It took me a little while to realize that Mrs. Finneran wanted me to deny that Florabelle and Bob had been together in Buffalo, to deny that Bob was the father of Florabelle Tolliver's child. * * * HEN Father came home and I Jpld him the news, he looked very grave. "This is pretly ugly," he said. "Mattie Finneran knows that in all probability the baby is Bob's. Because oi her malignant jealousy she has chosen to believe the improbable. Unfortunately a great many people may accept her story. Flora will have to show her letters from Bob, prove that she was in Buffalo. That ought to be simple enough." That evening I went over to the Tollivers. Fortunately, Mrs. Tolliver had gone out. Amy took me up to Flora's room. I found her in bed with a slight cold, sewing on baby clothes. Her hair was carefully brushed and curled, her nails manicured. She wore an extremely becoming pink bed jacket. She greeted me with her usual enthusiasm. She said she knew J would come, that it was exactly like me, that of course she did feel terribly about poor dear Bobby's death, but alter all, Bobby had it-en dead to her for ti long, long time, ." ' , i too bad'Bob' didn't Hve.'lonf enough to know ntaout the baby. 1 think it would have made him very happy," I said. "Yes, it is too bad," Flora said, biting oil a thread. "But then it might have distressed and 'disturbed him. Bobby rather avoided responsibility." I had to choke back an angry retort. Without bothering to be tactful I plunged into an account of Mrs. Finneran's visit and her assertion that the baby was sot Bob's, I felt guilty and disturbed when Flora sat for a minute with bowed Wad and then burst into a storm of sobs. I went over and took her hand. "Please, please don't feel so bad," i urged. "All you have to do is fo show Bob's letters asking you to meet him in Buffalo or referring to the meeting. It's simple as anything." * * i|: "T ... I haven't any of Bob's let• L ters. I burned them all -up, Every single one," Flora sobj»ed. "Well, in that case Father oi someone will write to the Iroquois Hotel and get a copy of Bob's signature." ! "Bobby didn't register; I did," Flora got out. "I ... I registered as Mr. and Mrs. John Smith from Oskaloosa. Bobby thought it was awfully funny, because I could spell Oskaloosa." "But why on earth ., ," I began. Flora sat up, her sobs at a sudden end. "It doesn't matter," she said a littleJ impatiently, "but if you must know, Bobby wasn't supposed to leave the country, leave Canada." "Do you mean it doesn't matter that you can't prove that your baby is Bob's? With his mother claiming . , ." "Actually I am so terribly, terribly happy and relieved." "Happy?" * "Yes, rapturously happy. What does it matter if Mother Finneran says I'm no better than I should oe, if a few of her friends or the .vhole town believes her? My baby is all mine now, utterly, absolutely mine. I'ye been frightened half out of my wits that Mother Fin» neran might claim, her share. Now I'll never, never have to see that awfui woman again," -. Kliod ;llll! cllnlrc ISU-HOfl Ibs L'l.Tr.-l'.'i.iiii, .mini! .-mil rbnii-i, ::()0'!<H> Hi.--, L'o.lHt-^ 1 .DO, u<i"d anil i-hnii'c •ir.n-nr. n>s ^:{.^r>-u-i.r,u. .-u, W s 20.511- 21.IJO, .stueUt-r pin: FORT WORTH GRAIN KUKT SVUUT11. .i - M ..(.•{>).. Win-sit No. I hard;ii. llnrl.'.v \'n. 2, I. ITi-l.-r,!!. I tills No. '2 i-i'il '.M-i.ill. ('urn .\'o. i ycllcm- 2.2:;-2.;ri- No. CHICAGO WHEAT i 'UK 'ACii, .him. ] I i/i', wiiral: < ipi-n IliKb LIIU. ri(,si- .n\ L'.iL'S-n;; 2. i::Vj 2.11 2.M'..-li Si-p 2.Ml 1 , 2.11'. 2.IIS", 2.IHI"',"-',.', I>'-|- .2.IMI 2. Ill"; 2.»7'.'i .'.H!/-0,V;-i May 2.»"i : )'i 2.U7U. 2.up:, ".orrV. CHICAGO'GRAIN CIIICACd. June U—i/]') —- Feed Ki'ains devi'lo|ied stivnulh on tlit> linai'd of iradr Unlay, Itount-inH' liaek I'l'iin, ilic pi-i.'i'i'i'diny sfssion's lii'eak, bill niH'i' iiK-aln U'lii-at slipped into lo\vt-r lcrriloi-.\-. l c 'lui>ils in lo\va vatisi-il .sonu- bnyinp: in iMi-ii and oats and thf yellow gruln was als,, niili-d by a good demand In Ibi- Mini market. I't'i-sisii'iH siiliiiK of wheat rel'leeied a I'liiii Iniiiiiion of moderate hedging pn-.sMire. of Invi-stmc-iiL snp- port ri'snlis from dmibls (.-oiu-erning tin- I'liiinti-yV ability to. absorb tile ivi'iird-hreakhiK' wheat crop at re<:oiil Ill-iri: Ii-Vltls. \\'hrai ckisi'd "'••-l :: 'i lower, .Inly yi.\ I !-j-2.l I. corn was !•'!« to I cunts hiKber. .Inly $I.S:)-l.S!i : *i, and oats wi-ri- ",-\'-y l biglu'v. July Ml;-as. TO EMPLOYED PEOPLE3 Money When You Need It ?B TO $no • Loans Quickly Arranged. No security. Your signature eets the money. WESTBR'N GUARANTT LOAN CO. 109 W. Klngsmil) Phone 2482 27—Beauty Shops KKi;i> your hair in tion through the \\ilb rt-Kuliir care excellent condi- ummer monthx at La lionitii Read The Pampa News Want Ads _ _ _ S.M~AKT! "l''si'"your" iicad"lVKlV(> u sopbisiical ion. A beanlil'iil per- n jusl. (lint. Visit. 1m- _ -Ml-;. V ATI-IS says men admire beautiful hair not discolored Mhutturlna l'ci-inani;nts, 'I'KI'ST V(iin: liair'to our ca i vT \Ve" r \ 7 e :ni idea you'll be pleased. Muehess III;!! lily .Shop. Ph. -127 I!K IX TIIIAI for summer with a new short hair cnl and beautiful permanent, Cull -IM for your permnn- eni .'il the l''.lite Ueanly Shop. _ 29 — Paper Hanging NOItMAN Paintine--I J ai.)er Hansrlnier, 721 N. Sumncr. Phone 10C9-W. AJJ _wcirk __ _ _ _ _ Reliable Painting, Paper Hanging. Phone 2028W. 30—Floor Sanding FAIltiMY FLOO14 SANDING CO. Portable power, go anywhere, 15 years experience, LOUR Hotel, Apt. 3. Phono (1521. Floor Sanding Charles Henson, Phone 2049 31-—Plumbing and Heating f'llKOK your Plumbing Inspuc-.tor at I lio C'lty IJiUI. FMioni! 2200 for the mime* of tho Ma.slor Jjlfwuveil num. Itci-K \y« hope you call. Builders Vliuubing Co. Water Heater Headquarters Shower stalls and chroma faucets. Smith Plgmbing, phone 396 32-—Upholstering and Furniture Repair Slip Covers, Draperies Mrs. Verna Stephens irlnK', Ttefinishhiff, lIpholslerinK PAMPA CRAFTSHOP 821 S. CuyJer Phone 165 PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermeer Prisdlla! Stop wallowing around in mud! you're behaving like 3 five-year o/d! 33A~*-Rug-l : urniture Cleaner* * Fifty? Cleaners Complete TUtR &; Furniture CleanlnR Cnrpet layiiiR, blndlnp and repairlns. All work guaranteed. "It's Olways better the 'B7' Way" Tl. 13. TWIRUC It. H. Burqulrt 307 ^V. Foster Phone 67 34—Refrigeration" FARMERS Suburban Grocers — Two Master-Built Deepfreeze Units for sale. Special price: 17 cubic foot only $425.00 1 1 cubic foot only $365.00 Brown St. Industrial Shop 527 W. Brown 35-—Cleaning and Pressing TIP TOP ctBANTmsThon't" hesitate to send your finest nmiarel to us ('nil .SS.n. Pick up and delivery. 35-B—Hot- Cleaning-Blocking Tux Cleaners and Hatters Hats Cleaned and Blockec Colnman Williams. 31!) W. Foster. 36—Laundering Ennis Laundry. Ph. 2583. 610 EJ. Frederic. Help yourself, 45c nor hour. AVet. wnsli and rough dry service. n;<).\TX(i done nt 101 .'• S. Clark. Dresses nnd shit-Li H'c, Pants Jiie. fliit. work 75(; per dozen. Others 221 Atchison, one block east of Nunta Ke Depot. Wot wash, rotiKli dry, help your self. Soft water, steam, free pickup and do- llvey. Open 7 to 7. Wiggins Laundry — Ph. 1134 Kor foucli dry, wet wash, hell) your self service. Hot, soft water. Oortn fill driy .Saturday. Pick-up and de livery wet-vice. Fi05 Henry Ht. KlUBIK'S Laundry nnd Help Tour Self Service. Free rdel£-up and da- livery. Damp dry and soft 'steam. Phone 125 or 112 N. Hobart Your Laundry & Dry Cleaners Phone 675 Free Delivery 37—Dressmaking FnUBTS SEW Shop, -320 S. Cuyler. Cbildrens ready-to-wear, linens, button boles nnd dress making. Ph 2081. 39—Lawn Mowers Shepherd Mower and Saw Shop 612 E. Field Ph. 2434-W All work 44—Electrical Service AI Lawson—Neon Mo Representative Star Rt. 2 Ph. I39» Pampa. Texan Martin Neon Mfg. Co. 3ales and aervlce. Interior llchtlna;. 405 S. Bollard Phone 2307 46—Cabinet Shop CARTWRIOHT'S CABINET SHOP 1000 Alcock Phone H10 fl'll build It to iiult torn. 55—Turkish Baths-Massages JAICI^LIO'H BATH Clinic. Ph. 97. lbiim biiths, Swedish Massixse, re diti;liiif treatments. TOnU'. Foster. 57—Instruction !. I.'si ATTlCNTrTjN'^PiTmpa Business College is approved boll) day and insrhl. school, under the G. I. Bill of IliuhtK. Visit School, -IDS JO. JCings- inill. 61—Household ''OH SAtiW—Apartment size 4 burner Move. Also lee box, 25-lb. capacity. MO X. Xinimer. "-I-'T. (;l!OSJj,:v Sbelviidore refrigerator, walnut poster bed, springs and m:niivs.s, •'-; bnl, roekers, platform i-oi'.ker.s mid hiijb i;luilr for sale. Udl'SIOIICiLf) Kond.s for n;ilo, Sec Lovl Keniindy a t I'VKT'K t,'HlL_iLV£'L. ( '_l ) - PV i-'<)l; KALi-I: N'k-o fl-uku'e maple IJv- iiiK 1 roojn sniio, ulKo baby bed, in.- if-rspriiiK niatlivss and biKh chair. 721_.\j__iUissc11._ Phone H87-W. spEciAr" "olding lawn chairs with high back and neavy oak frames — $2.98. . SAacDonald Plumbing & Furn. 513 S. Cuyler Phone 578 Received Shipment Valnnty Coffee Tables .... $10.05 ea. Iniform Koekers ....... ifUO.riO ua. iinvivM CotK ..... ....... $;>.<iri ea. 'ied Sprinn-,s ..... ..,....,,.. $S.95 ea. Cash- for Used Furniture There's Artists in Farming', There's otlu-rs in • Painting, There's ninny indulging, But our ArtistH are Printing. __ Til'Li^) nipa News. __ "dlt K.-V1.K — New Dormeyer eloe.trlc Mix-Mauler. Never been used. Only Ml • 51L_ E! " ' Ufi 2L 1 ?:M: __ ____ 'OUR F()l)T C.Yusiej" Shelvadore Rti- fr/Kuraior fo;- ,«ulp. In excellont con- dillon. -I2U N. Ijofors St. Phone 'ISM-J.L ____ ___ _ __ 'OH SAljl3— Beifi-ooni "suiter 9xl2 wool rii{f, oecasslonal rlialr, Kroehler'llv- IIIBT room Kiiite, floor lump, baby bed with innerspring niaUross, odd bed with mattress and springs, S of drawers, dressing; table with mirror, neiv Hoper range, table radio, '£!! hoy's bicycle. CM N. yqulkner. ai'ffains - UarsainK - Bargains . . . targe walnut wardrobe, plate, mirror doors. \ Steel Gliders ....... *19.00 to $29.50 •Ueel lawn chaii's ............ $5.95 •lew (leneral Mills Betty Crocker iron. -pinuB bedroom titiltea, both blond' and walnut ................ $99.75 5 op-up Toasters. ">nt- group of pictures '/i prico, 'lothe.s Hamper 1-3 off. -plei-e living i-oom auitea froli $10 up. Oinnettes JIO up. Cltehen cabinet .............. T^.-1 5 Ine raiiKe stove . - » . ............ ?^9,60 Used beds from $2.00 up. ' metal iee. boxes. Economy Furniture 6 1 5 W. Foster _Ph, _535 rwin's-509 W. Foster 3-piece dining room suite. 4-piece bedroom suite. 2-piece living room suite, and a divan. Also table 'top stove. ood , clean mereharv .__ ; au ~SA Wfl^- 1 1 - ft. cj-osfey-sliel vador re/riBerat<fl- !!«•• -wccellent goudltlon. JSJaV be*»WP-»t «0 totora St., after 6:30 p-m. Who was the first mart to drive a gasoline propelled auto>' mobile at the terrific speed of 60 miles per hour?-' *. v The first persons Jo contact me personally by telep : h6n6,Qf; r ; mail with the correct answer will receive $2.00i ;| WOODIE'S GARAGE ;: 308 W. Kingsmill Phphf MAJESTIC RADIOS :"< Radios, Record players, records, assortment of needles,-v Record cases. "" «•: PAMPA MUSIC STORE [• 214 North Cuyler __ Phone ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. V Pampa's Electric Headquarters, ; Contracting and Repairs, Appliances and Supplies-"': Kiel-trie Irons. I-jlfiCtrlc alarm niul kitchen clocks. Klourescent fixtures, Ineaclescent fixtures. Salmon rubber blade fans. RO, 100, ir.O w/ltt liiBebf repnl'rent lamps. Jniluutrial electric equipment. Oil field electrification and repairs. Free wlrltiR- check, estimates <iud plans, LICENSED, INSURED AND BONDED E. W. SOUTHARD' ...,- ; 3 1.9 W.Foster Phone 11 06, _ YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO TAKE CHANCES WITH YOUR CAR OR TRUCK Our shop has the latest modern equipment with experienced mechanics to keep your car or truck in perfect < running condition. • ' .j Quick Battery Charge - Parts - Accessories. BROWN ST. INDUSTRIAL SHOP 527 W. 6rown v CLOSE-OUT SALE fj SPECIAL PRICES ON FOLLOWING ITEMS • ' * •' One 2 1-2 Hi P. Lawson Out-bodrd Motor $125.00:,,; Value — now $89.50. '•••+ One 'girls' Bicycle $54.50 Valuer— Now. $39.50. ;•;•:•;. * Two Golf Players Bag Boys, $21,50 Volue— now- $15.95;S Two Wartime Baby Buggies $15.00 value, now $6.50.;Two Car Top Luggage Carriers, $19-.75 Value— Notor? $14.95. ' .(:?• •'.;( * THOMPSON^ HARDWARE: CO; f J CHECK YOUR'CAR FOR VACATION TRAVEL .-.:^ ,! • i * ' i u'i " i Let our expert mechanics check your car and nnako tlio neuessary"' repairs to assure you-of safe, hiippy vacation travel. • ' •,. v Drive In For Dependable Service, . ;.' : : ,;f 700 W. Foster SMARTS GARAGE (Rear Garvey Motor) Phone 484! CAUTION . . . HOT WEATHER AHEAD . . . •;}; Autoiuoblles get overheated too, when they lack'care. That's bad.for-P your car and temper. Forestall trouble. Drive in for.a mld-summor':J; check-up ... , • •' ..:.-• ."; GOFFEY PONTIAC GO. 'ty 6 —Pontioc—8 ••• " ^ 320 N. Somerville - • .- • - Phonq- 365, }# SPECIAL NOTICE On Wednesday and Thursday, Junie. 18 qnd'.l?, Mr. C. M. Williamson; the Sun Motor tester represenT.atiy;? will be here to analyze your car free ofr"'cH^ir^j:' We have a new Sun Motor tester and Sun DistribuK>r Tester to better service the cars of our customers. '•.',. ' CORNELIUS MOTOR COMPANY / ; 315 W.Foster Phone 346^ That's June 18 and 19 . ' .- • v:v ' PAMPA USED CAR LOT 1942 Chevrolet Special De Luxe 2-door. t 1941 Plymouth De Luxe 2-door. 1941 Chevrolet Special De Luxe 2-door. 1941 Ford 2-door, Radio, Heater. 117 E. Kingsmill Phone 154^ (TCTMEADS WrEK^ENDlPECIAL ^; 1936 Ford Tudor, good Mercury motor?,; radio. Come tell me what it's worth. ; 421 S. Gillespie-Miami Hiway-Phone

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