Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 16, 1937 · Page 12
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 12

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1937
Page 12
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M: Y<HIR --CLASSIFIED SELLS THE PL ANTS ft N D ALWAYS WILL...! Classified Advertising Rates Information All want ads are ntrictly cash and art accepted over the phone with the positive nndr.rBtnndintf thnt the account 10 to be paid when our collector calla. PHONE TOOR WANT AD TO 666 or 667 Our courteous ad-taker will receive yonf Wnnt Ad. hotplng yon word it. 4 AU ads for "Situation Wanted" find "Lwlt and Found" arc cash with order and will nbt be Accepted over the telephone. Out-of-town advertising cash with order. The Pahipa Dally NEWS reserves the :\right to classify all Wnnt Ada under appropriate hendinjrn nnd to revise or withhold from publication any cop) 1 deemed objectionable. 1 Notice of any efror must be given In tlrrie for correction before second insertion. In case of any error or an omission In advertising of any nature The Dally NEWS- shall not be held Hnble for damaged further than the amount re- celvfid : for aueh advertising. Ads will be received until 10:00 a. m. for irtanrtlon name day. Sunday ml a will be received until 6:00 p. m. Saturday.- LOCAL RATE CARP EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 12. 19SI 1 day, 2c tx word; minimum 3Uc. 2 dnyti, 4c a word; minimum 60e. 8 daya, 6c a word; minimum 75e. C days, 7c a word; minimum 21.00. The Pampa Daily NEWS ANNOUNCEMENTS 1—Card of Thanks. 2—Special Notices. 3—BilB-TraTcl-Trnnsportiitlon. 4 —-Loflt and Found. EMPLOYMENT 6—Male Help Wanted. 6—Female Help Wanted. 7—Male & Female Help Wanted. 8—Salesmen Wanted. 9—Agenta. 10—-Business Opportunity. 11—Situation Wanted. BUSINESS NOTICES 12—Instructions. 13—Musical—Dancing. It —Professional Service. 15-7-Gencral Household Service. 16—Palntlnfr-PanerhnnginK. 17—Flooring-Sandlng-Ucfinlfihlnfr. 18—Lahdscaplng-fMrdenlng. 19—Shoe Repairing. 20— Upholstering-Hcfinishlng. 21*—MoYing-Epress-nauling. 82—Mdvlng-Transfcr-Storage. 28*— Cleaning-Pressing. 24—Washing and Laundering. 26—Hemstltching-Dresiiniaking. 26—Watch-Jewelry Repairing. 27—Beauty Parlors-Supplies. MERCHANDISE 28—Miscellaneous For Sale. 29—Radios-Supplies. 80—Musical Instruments. 31—Wanted To Buy. LIVESTOCK 82—Dogs-Pets-Sopplles. 33—Poultry-Eggs-Supplles. 34—Livestock I'm Sale. 36—Wanted Livestock. 88—Farm Equipment. AUTOMOBILE 37 — Accessories. . 38- — Repalring-Servlce. 38— Tires- Vulcanizing. 40 — Auto Lubrication-Washing. 41— Automobiles For Sale. 42— Wanted Automobiles. ROOMS iND SUARD 48 — Sleeping Rooms. 44. — Room and Donrd. 46— Housekeeping Rooms. 46< — UnfurniBbtwi Rooms. FOR RENT REAL ESTATE 47 — Houses For Rent. 48 — Furnisdcd Houses For Rent. 49— Apartment For Hcnt. 50 — Furnished Apartments. S!T — Cottages and Resorts. 52 — Offices For Rent. 53— i-Duslness Property. 54-?— Farm Property For Rent. 55— ^Suburban Property For Rent. 56— Garages For Rent. 57— Wanted To 1 Rent. 58 — Cottages nnd Resorts. FOR SALE REAL ESTATE 59— City Property For Sale. 61— Lots For Sale. 62— Farms and Tracts. <3f-Out of Town Property. 84S— Wanted Real Eulule. FINANCIAL 65—Building-Financing. «6»—Investments. 67r^-Money To Loan. 68^-Wantcd To Borrow. A9i—Insurance. FOR SALE OR TRADE 70—Real Estate. 71—Miscellaneous. •AN UP-TO-THE-MINUTE J DIRECTORY OF Business and Professional < PAMPA ACCOUNTANTS J. R. Roby 412 Comfas-Worley. R. 980W. Ot 787 BAKERIES Pampa Bakery Fred Schaf/niir, 115 W. Foster, Ph. 81 BOILERS J. H. Deering, Boiler and Weldings Works Pampa. Ph; : 292—Kellervllle, Ph. 1610F1! :BUILDING CONTRACTOR J. King, 414 N. Sloan, Phone 163. •PALMER CHIROPRACTOR Dr. Kuthryn W;. Uulirigs, • Nelirocalometer Service; 21.8 W. Craven. iK' ' CAFES Canary Sandwich Shop,: 8 dgors east of'Rex Theater, Ph. 760 , MACHINE SHOPS Jones-Everett Machine Co. : . Barnm. and Frederick Sla., Ph. 249 • ...'TRANSFER AND STORAGE Pampa Transfer and Storage Co. 500i.Wcst Brown, Phone 1025 State Bonded Warehouse. h ' " WELDING SUPPLIES Jones-Everett Machine Co, Barnes and Frederick Sts., Ph. 243 ANNOUNCEMENTS I—Special Notlotj« Ma:rk "every grave. Select your monuments for Decoration Day. We have aH r ;'fc|nds ot marble and granite. Come In and let us help you. SOHAFER MONUMENT COMPANY 817 South. Ouyler Phone 100B-.1 FOH' PENT—Electric refrigerators, any make: $5.00 per month. Thompson Hardware Company. ._* 26c-24 MEL.VA IVY wishes to announce ahe~is wording at OIHc's Beauty Shop in White Deer^—and invites all her friends and customers to visit her there. 6c-10 ANNOUNCEMENT Mft, J, C. BERRY, Architect FORMERLY OF AMARILLO, TEXAS • ::AND SHAWROOK, TEXAS WISHES TO ANNOUNCE THE BEIMOVAL OF HIS OFFICE TO PAMPA, TEXAS 9U)TE %, DUNCAN BUILDING PHONE 1144 ROOFING Mew ana repair Hot Mopping Prices reasonable. Work Guaranteed free'- Announcements (Cent.) «—Sp*clal NotlcM UNDER NE.W mnniiKempnt. A. B. Coloy hna bouerht the? B * n Cure. W2 South Cnylpr frrmi Jnhn Shoiw. It will be mnnnKrtl by D. !,. Trby. Your trml<- np- prccjntecl. 2p-ll Turkish Baths Steam and electric Swedish Magnetic Massage. Eliminates poisons. Guaranteed reducing. No pills or diet. Colonic irrigations. MISS KING Smith Building FOR SALE OR TRADE CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS Rubble Design (Rough Hand Hewn Hard Rock Face Effect) Ideal for Residences,' Business Bldgs., Retaining Walls, Foundations, Terracing, etc. Built to Gov't. Spec., Uniform and Durable, Seasoned Thoroughly. Dimensoin 8"x8"xlC". PRICE 15c each. W. D. LYNCH LeFors, Texas REX CAFE Short orders all hours, Delicious Sandwiches Howard Martin, Mgr. 1st door west of Rex Theater 4—I,ost and Pound LOST—Olitlernim'ir" w'hl'tp" wrist wiilrh. Initial" I). O. I'limiw News for nnvnrd. Iti'liirn In FOUND— I'nlr uf glasses. Owner may | dnve snme by plmnlnr l'M2 and Htoji- pini' by NEWS to ray fur this ml. 3p-ll I,OST--Lndies bliic>k~°i>iirH« nl Hull ['ark. Klmlrr keep money and turn oilier contents to News office re- lp-S> EMPLOYMENT n— Fomalr Itelp WANTED — Kx))crlciu:o(l HUnunrraphur with ability, personality unit th-sirc to It-urn u most fa.sci tin tint: bnsim-su. Must Jmve rt'forencL-B. Write Hox 10, irure Pitinpn Diiily NCWB. 8p-10 tl—Situation Wanted KADY, AOK Hli. wnutM lik'ht h(»unukuop- iiiw jul) in miitht>rl'>»N homo ur fur flduv- ly cuuplf or ]>riirtii:i.l iiurHin^. Mrs. M. N. DyerH, 7120 N. _Wt>»l Strc.'t. Sp-12 OlKl7" WANTS hoiiBowork" or"~cnre~of lklreii. 402 Rust Murphy. 8p-10 BUSINESS NOTICES 14—Professional Service. SPENCER individually designed corsets mid surgical Kurmunts. Mrs. Tom Bliss. Phone 9111. 023 North Sommc-rville. 2(1-26 I 17—Floorin/r-Sandinff-Ref hushing ' SPECIALISTS in high quality work~ut lowest prices. Phone .62. 26c-12 18—Landscaplng-Gardentnir. NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL YARD GRADING & PLANTING, TREE PRUNING, Etc. HENRY THUT PHONE 818 20—Upholstering- tti:flnisJQin|{, DON'T DISCARD that lirnkcn or worn furniture, let Brunimett repair nnd refinish it for you. 614 South Cuylur. Phum- M25. 12c-H 14—Washing and Laundering LAUNDRY—Flat finish 6c. Round dry 4e. C1B South Cuyler Street. Phone 1425. Mrs. Stutcn. 2Gc-0 87—Beauty Parlors, Supplies. I1ORBS Beauty Shop Permsnents tl to K5. Oppoalt* from Piunpa Hospital. Ph 1007. 26c-lS IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE The seed you plant in the want ads this Spring needs no watering. Response is the greatest in seven years and. pricse are the BEST. It's no I enmes from Heaven" business, just dollars from the good earth. Use the rn'ighty mites called want ads and you'll be mighty glad. PAMPA DAILY NEWS WANT ADS LIVESTOCK (Com.) 33—PfMiltr :I2 ANCONA chickens. 30 layimr hens •J roosters. $20.011. C. H. Wells. LeFors, SEE YOUR CHTOKS BEFORE YOU BUY 10,000 day old and started chicks of 15 most popular breeds to select from. Our prices are the lowest we have ever offered. We nre giving FREE with each purchase of 100 chicks ONE 25-LB. BAG OF ANCHOR BRAND STARTER At our hatchery you can see anil know you are buying quality chicks. Box 402 Phone 1161 COLE'S HATCHERY 828 West Foster Parana, Texas AUTOMOBILE Baby Chicks Not thy Cheapest but the EJcst in Quality. Our prices aru the most reasonable.- we have over offered. Call and aee our chicks. Dodd's Hatchery' % Mile Bast of Dunver Viaduct 3(i—Furrn Equipment. FARM MACHINERY Two row and single row lister with planters, six disk engine plow and ten foot tandem disk, one combined harvester, three heavy wagons, six section drag harrows, and one 14 .nch turning plow. C. C. Dodd, % mile east Denver Viaduct, Pampa, Texas. 41—Automobile for sale. FOR SALE OR TRADE Equity in 1937 Super Tudor Terraplane Carefully broken in. Trailer house for sale. 533 South Cuyler AUTOMOBILE (Cont.) 41—AotomobDM ror Bale. SEE THESE VALUES!' 1935 Chevrolet Coach, Heater and radio $425 1936 Chevrolet Coach $475 1936 Chevrolet Sedan $525 1935 Chevrolet Coupe $425 1935 Ford DeLuxe Sedan, heater and radio $400 1935 Ford Coupe $375 1934 Ford Tudor $2^5 1934 Ford Coupe $275 1931 Chevrolet Coach $160 1930 Chevrolet Sedan $125 1929 Ford Coupe $ 75 1930 Ford Sedan $125 —See The New— SILVER DOME TRAILER Now On Display As low aa $675 Culberson- Smalling Chevrolet Co., Inc. ? |«IIAI HOIOM I M 1 fit." H lf*T E.LA'N PACKARD TRADE - INS CLEANER — NICER Check these bargains . . . , 1936 Ftrrd Delux Touring Coach. FOR RENT fCont.) 57—Wanted To Rent WANTfeb "^-"Nfceir fGTnishcd 8-ronm ftfartment for refined cnnplc—pefrnftnenl tenants.' Phone 6(56. Clnfl»!fi«l . tf FOR SALE 5jr-Clty froptrty for 8»le. 3-ROOM modern house, (rnrnpe. Nenr srhool; $1000.110. Terms. Also H.xSO houne ot be moved. M. Hohfn, Real Estlite, 311 Foster. Se-12 ONK 8-ROOM house for Bale or rent. A. Taylor's Service Station, 901 Ripley Street, 3p-ll ON "ACCOUNT of sickness, owner offers best pnyinK cafe In downtown Pampa. It i» well equipped, doing capacity business. Will pay for Itself in a few months. For price and terms see John N. Mikc- sell, Duncan Building, Phone 160. 3c-10 4-ltOOM modern house for sale with garage, trees, lawn and fenced back yard, $700.00 down, bHlarice in cnsy payments. . , Write Box 796. City. . 6c-18 Coach, Trunk, WANTED TO SELL equity in new o used car. Write liox 34, Alinmi. 3p-'j USED CARS 1936 Ford DeLuxe Tudor— $ A Real Buy 1936 Ford Tudor Sedan 1935 Chevrolet Coupe (Master) New Motor 1935 Ford DeLuxe Sedan Completely Reconditioned 1935 Ford Coach 193S Ford Coupe MOTHER'S DAY A permanent for Mother. Nothing would please her more than a soft natural looking permanent from the Yates Beauty Shoppe. Gray hair will not be burned or discolored. Efficient Operators We Try to Please Ask about our line of Cosmetics. PHONE 848 YATES BEAUTY SHOPPE 420 NORTH CUYLER 3 doors North of Blossom Shop MERCHANDISE !8—Miscellaneous For Sale. NB>V OAK dinette suite 18 piece) 5545.011. v 4-piece bedroom suite 3-1.50. 2-pieee iving room suit 3H.50. New breakfast ets Iwalnut or ivory finish) $12.75. New •heal of drawers 57.76 to $0.50. Singur ewing machines $0.50. New Home sew- IIK niachinu $3.50. Barber chair $1.95. ncubutor $1.115. Irvin'a Store, 520-531 South Cuyior. lc-10 CVEUIilCAIUNG. st'rawhurry plants. %- nile east of Denver viaduct. C. C. Dodtl. Gu-lU AUTOMOBILES $ <§25 *325 19M Ford Truck, Long Wheel-base Completely Overhauled 3935 Chevrolet Truck Overhauled :< 8—Repatrlng-servin*. ONE 1080 FORD Coacn. unc 1!)3<) Chevrolet Coach. Good condition. M. 1 J . Downs. Phone 422-J. 12c-ll 38 —Repairing Service STOP AT THE GULP SERVICE STATION NO. 3 for service, tire repairs, accessories, etc. O. W. HAWKINS, MGR. ON 11ORGER HIGHWAY PHONE 1444 )932 Ford Coach 1931 Chevrolet DeLuxe $*9f f| Sedan. Overhauled jwlHJ 1937 Ford Sedan (Demonstrator) — LIBERAL DISCOUNT ALSO 3 SIZES OF COVERED WAGON TRAILER HOMES TOM ROSE (Ford) THIS CURIOUS WORLD *£ William Ferguson 1,200 FT OP 2Mi upaet tubing run once, mile buuLli, % cast of Athm Smok[*k>d.s lant. Op-13 FOR SALE—Used wuter-coolcil Electro- ux refrigerators. $GU.OU unu up. Thoniu- Hnrdware Company. 2CC-24 Sow.your lawns with fancy grass seed Also Merit Feeds Buy at Stark and McMillen OR SALE—Worth tho money, to bo ovt-d, 2 ^asulitie hniul pumps, 2 tanks nil 10x20 buildlns, $286.00. M. Heflln. 11 Went Foster. 8c-9 FEED AND FIELD SEEDS [ttize and kaffir sao.ked. Maize and kaf- r in head. Hegari, katfir and cane baled curries some Brain). Sudan hct'uri, kaf- 'r, maize and cane for planting. Prices i line ruling markets liko grades. D. L. IK! H. P. Larsh. Mugic City and McLean, exas. 8c-9 0 TUBE Victor radio. 400 East Fosiur. hntip 12fifi t.f •M < WkUtlCNH WON! LIVESTOCK 3—Poultry - Eggs t Supplies. BABY CHICKS 11 popular breeds furnished by the lead- ins; hatcheries of West Texas from pure bred flocks culled and-Approved. ,¥5.96 per hundredv Place your on?cr now for prompt delivery. PAMPA MILMNCJ CCSVCPANY 0, W«»t »fOW« gt, J>h.9B9 U58 THAT THEV HAVE "BEEN KNOWN TO FALl_ INTO A HAY STACK. WITHOUT CAUSING MUSK-OX HAS NO NEED FOR. A FLV-SWATTERTAIU, EVEN THOUGH HE LIVES IN A FLV AND MOSQUITO IN FESTED LAN D. HIS KEEP INSECTS AWAV. COPS. 1937 BV NEA SERVICE. INC. "B«OWN PAPYRI, SOAKED IN OIL." WAS THE ONLV INSULATOR, THE INVENTOR. FERRANTI COULD FIND FOR, HIS PRIMITIVE ELECTRIC CABLES IN 1690 / TPPAY, IT STILL IS BEING- USED FOR, INSULATION. DUE to the resistance of the atmosphere, meteorites cease to burn at an elevation of some 10 to 20 miles above the earth. When we see one that appears to strike the earth, we know that it must b.e at least 200 miles away, sirice it disappeared below our horizort •wtuie smi hjgij enough jn the ^ir to appear luminous. 1935 Ford Radio. 1935 Buick, Rumble Seat, Coupe. Actually H),000 miles. 1935 Terraplane Coach. 1935 Chevrolet Coupe. 1934 Plymouth Coupe, Radio and Heater. 1934 Ford Coupe, Extra Clean. 1934 Pontiac 6-Wheel Sedan, Radio and Heater. 1933 Plymouth Sedan. New Paint and Motor. 1933 Plymouth Coach. 1932 Chevrolet 6-W h e e Coupe. 1932 Ford Coupe. 1932 Ford Roadster. 1932 Chevrolet Coach. 1931 Ford Sedan. Ne v Paint. 6-Wheels, Motoi Overhauled. 1*931 Chevrolet Coupe, G- Wheels. New Paint, Other lower priced cars with lots of miles left. SALESMEN D. J. BRANDON B. R. (Woody) WOOD R. W. RAGSDALE ERNEST WINDBORN C. RALPH JONES Inc. Packard, DeSoto and Plymouth lO W. Kinsssmill Phone 113 WKLL LOCATED 13-room house with 18000 mi. feet of real cstnte arrnnxti! fof i npnrtmonts with baths. 2 apanmentR furnished, (idod Income property, or fijoorl lome for larite family. Can easily be fi- lanct-il. Will take smaller place as traiie- n. Phone 326. 6c-ll WE HAVE LIsfKD some of the "very jest homes! In the eity. These homes will iv shown by appointment only. John I. Hrmlley. 207 Combs-Worley Bldg. Phont U7ii ur 380. TRAILER ADUENTURf By Nard Jones NBA Service, Inc. Chapter XXI ! t urned to her again. "You ought tc The steel companionway led to an be proud to be ln " on something ,!«« enclosed deck above, biit Martha tnat - It>s -the biggest idea Johnhj still could not feel the bracing air I c , iznlk ever had— and that's saying or know whether the vessel was in P'* ntv - No trucks for the dlcfts til the open sea or skirting the edges eet Wlse ta bllt a caravan of trail* of some shore. She followed down el "'?' °P lum • • • unstamped liquor.". a long passageway, hearing Sped- ; Martha swayed against the wall. don behind her and then, as she ' „ •;f emed preposterous that she arid reached a dark-stained door he Be «.v had been the victims of this .-, said, "Go right in there. Ciznik will '^1 „ lly P lanned hoax— the Airspeed be along later" Trailer company. But as her mind She opened the door and stepped lhe°one prisoned below. The walls were pan. - ..<,, , ., „ „, „ eled with walnut. The center boast- , So y ? u , " ' ciznik was eo- ecl a heavy walnut table on which ! ? g T .? mT glvi "f you a chance to ____ i__, , .._ ...... srflV 111 if T fnttM tito i.m. *« .-*....] rested a beautiful ship's lamp. There was a built-in double bunk over which was thrown a blue and white candlewick spread. On one side of :he room were shelf after shelf of oooks. and on the other three large stay in it. I could use you to good advantage. You've got the looks and courage — and — well, we could get along all right." "Suppose I don't like the Idea?" Martha asked slowly. jrass bordered port hole*. Martha | Ciznik shrugged. "I wouldn't de- ran to one. peered out into the dark- j cide right away, if I were you. There a hone 166. JOHN L. MIKEKKLL Dununn -Wunlutt Automobiles. j 14 PAY CASH fur unuil t r ur k w i Lh . . boitrdi. Mail lowest prices on in ode I« rum Uiao mi imnuMiiaiely tn Ilux M. B.. cure of Parnpu Daily News. 3p-ll ROOMS AND BOARD 3—•Sleeping Koocu iLEANROOM S.'~ fi'.OO per forth I'Vost. Virginia Hotel. week. 500 26P-16 VKKlilJ rittW u leepinu roonm. 704 lew Flotel. West Fouler. Hroad- 2Gn-2(t 1—K<M)m a lift Boartl tOOM AND HOARD fnprivate home, tod meal.-i, congenial surroundings. 'Close . ROO fin«t Foster I2o-14 Rooms. WARM, MODERN apartment, for couple. Jlose in. Reasonably priced. Kline Hotel, 23 South Russell. Phone 11525. 2Uc-2il FOR RENT for Kent. 'OH RENT—Vacancy al New Town Cab- ns. Mayings for rent.' Plenty of hot Wft- er. 1301 South Barmie. 26P-8H 8—Furnished House for Rent -ROOM . and 1-room burnished vith modern conveniences. Gibson Colage Court. 104S South Barnes. 6c-18 -ROOM house, .furnished.. Bills paid. 1117 ast Francis. 3p-ll fICB CLEAN 2. room furnished house, •ills paid. ' Modern conveniences. Lewis ottages. 411 S. Uusscll. 5c-ll -ROOM house, furnished or unfurnished, "ewly papered. 713 South Finley. 12tf-15 OR KENT—2,room furnished bouse. ills paid. 535 South Somerville. Ctf-13 '. — -\pi.iuuaon. for -ROOM unfurnished modern apartment. niuire 802 Weal foster. • 8c-12 -Furnisnea ROOM furnished apartment. Bills imid. U.OO per month. 500 South Sumerville.- HAUTIFULLY furnished liurtment, 1 Phone 546-M. kitcticnettc '3c-12 URNISHED house-keeping room. Adults lly." S26.''We»t Klintsmill. 2c.lO OH RENT—2-rooni furnished apartments ith bath. On pavement, 525 South Cuy- OB REN1~20-foot new'.brick building. 12 South ,Cuyler. Thonuiseu Hurdwuro ompany. 3crl2 OR RENT, a metal machine building on Vest Klnesniill. Phone 79 or 60S REAL BARGAINS in amall and iarpo homea. Llat your property with me. Rob Seeds. Telephone 810. Oc-10 FOR SALE—Five-room home, near Rchdol, on pavement. Recently remodeled, repapered nnd repainted. Plenty of closets and buill-lna. Hardwood floora, shrubs, lawn fenced hack ynrd. Philip Pond "" less beyond. She could see nothing. Vo light, no dark outline of shore, hardly even the surface of the water itself. 3ldg Phone She turneci to face Speddon but 6c-ll found to her astonishment that he - • had not accompanied her Into the room. As she faced the door she heard the key turning within the lock. Once again she was caught and this time waiting for Johnny Ciznik! In nervous idleness she roved about the strange room. At the end opposite the door was a great long chest, carved curiously, she tried to open the lid carelessly with one hand, but found that all her strength WHS necessary. And inside the big chest was square tin after square tin, piled one atop the other. Martha opened one. Inside was something that looked and smcllc'd like flour. She was examining it curiously when suddenly there was a sound at the door and it swung open In her fright, Martha dropped the tin box from nerveless fingers The white powder splattered over the deep-piled rug. and her startled eyes saw that within the flour had been a .«ccond. smaller tin which was sealed tightly. In that fearful moment she knew that she had been examining opium—sealed within tins, then packed into flour in another tin so that when it was floated overboard it would keep dry! "What's the idea?" She looked up to see a heavy, squat man, dark and angry At once she knew that this was Johnny Ciz- . - 1C STATION in good location, with busineHS established. MaU Sellars, 62R Weat Foster. 7p-ll WHEN SHALL WE THREE MEET AGAIN? With rialnK prlci'H anil better conditions, such bargalnn as there are being picked uji every day. I—INVESTMENT—I Investment in Pampa income property is not only safe, but offers most satisfactory returns. 811. Duplex near paving, 4B. to a side, modern, East front, rents now for SU'J.OO a month. Price only $2250. II—HOME—II A borne in Patnpn saves rent and brings to you and your "family permanency, satisfaction ami happiness. 511. on N. West St., East front, all modern, garnKe. This Is yimr opportunity to Ket a dandy home in a splendid location at a price. Well 1 about S500.IIO less thnn anything offered in tlie neighborhood. Owner says s»ll for $1,850. Ill—HUiLDINC SITES --II Almost every day new homes ore being j (( . ~ «^ M ^^. nn. started in Pampa. If you wish to join I tln " ox from nerveless fingers. The I'ampa's building boom and build your •••'-"- • • •• own, let us show you some of our very desirable sites, 70 by MO corner located on Clarendon highway South. One of the few remaining lots close-in on this highway. The price, $250 terms. RENT—3R. unfurnished duplex, separate itath. flose-in on paving, $25.00. 2U. close- in bouse. $10.00. 6R. apartment, furnished. ' '" paid, $60.00. New 5R. unfurnished iii'iin*.-, hardwood floors at $-10.00. INSURANCE of all kinds. See us for old 'ine bail insurance on wheat. Frost, Phone SOO. 820 North 6p-14 61—Lots For Sale. FOR SALE' A<!nms aitdit iun. ment. See W. IX Worley buildii I front lots in le block from pave- Wntcrs, -112 Cunil phone 7X7. 3i--rj _.._ _ ._ LOTS AND "LOTS of lots in Cook-Adams and Cook-Adams Heights addition. We are offering the very best building sites in tho city and will make terms to suit purchaser. John I. Bradley. 207 Combs- Worley Building. Phone 672 or 388. 6c-ll 63—Out of Town Property. NOTK THESE HOUSE Unnrain.s New :i- and RnritKe. owner IrjivinK niusl sell Monday: tilsd ^ r iiratre, a real $U^.5(I. House 14x36 4-rooms. a lul I'ipo and post. $210.00. House, 10x3'? hipp roof, sheetrorked. H rooms, bargain. illu.ud. The aiiov Come early. M. an 'OR SALE-- l-room hi bargains and will K. Monson, LeFors. 2c-ll rara« inch and ombined. 1000 ft. 2 inch, SOU ft. I box car witb II ;t7 ft. •heel-iron shed. I 1 -.', miies west of KinKS- nill. fi. W. McEwen. Gp-15 FINANCIAL '7—-Money To nik. Beneath his open pea-jacket he wore a well-tailored suit. His tie and collar were correct. But Ciznlk's face was red and lined. His eyebrows were black and heavy. hi s mouth full and -sensuous, utterly cruel. He-was a man who had become rich by staying on the other -. side of the law. by trading upon the misery of the unfortunate. In his own little, terrible world, his word was law. And his law broueht him money to spend in the world beyond his own—so that he enjoyed a curious kind of respect where he deserved none. He walked toward the trembling Martha. "Women!" he growled. "They're always sticking their noses where they're not wanted. But you didn't find out anything I wouldn't have told you. That's opium—and I'm Johnny Ciznik. I'm the biggest operator in it Just as .1 was the biggest operator in liquor before repeal." He smiled at her ironically. "Want to know anything else?" "There's just one thing I want to know." Martha answered .Heartily. "Where's Betty Haynes? I wpnt yo'u to take me to her—and I want you to put us both ashore." Ciznik's eyes widened admiringly. L-OA-Tl-S Salary Loans — Personal Loans $5 to $50 No security nor endorsers. The only •equirement Is that you be steadily employed. Payments arranged to mit you. All dealings strictly con- 'idential. Loans made in a few minutes. 1 Salary Loan Co. L. B. Warren, Mgr. First National Bunk Bldg. Room 3 Phone 303 MONEY Salary Loans — Personal Loans $5 to $50 We Require No Security We solicit oil field, and carbon black workers. Payments arranged to suit you. All dealings strictly confidential Loans made In a few minutes Lowest Rate' PAMPA FINANCE CO. J. 3. Starkey Mgr are a lot of things you ought to think about. Suppose the T-men want to know about your little trip in the trailer? You couldn't make your story sound very good, could you?" "But there wasn't any opium In the trailer?" CiiT.ik roared. "Wasn't there?. Listen if the dicks got that trailer right now they'd find its celling lined with it! ... Only they won't get it—unless I want them to." "Unless you . . want them to?" "Sure. I might have to cut you and the Hnynes girl and Sloss and Carrington loose, you know, I've never .spent a day in the icebox and I don't intend to." Martha stood facing him, her fists clinched angrily, it was all. she could do to keep from flinging herself at him But she knew it would • be no use. Everything was in Clsnik's favor. Everything—just ns it must have been all his evil life. "There's another possibility," he mentioned casually "You and the Haynes girl know quite a lot. If you'. decide not to throw in with me, I might decide to drop you over the side of this ship. That, after all.' would be safest and quickest.". He walked slowly across the room, ga/ed out one of the port holes. "I'd think it over pretty carefully, if I were you baby." "T don't have to think it over," Martha cried her voice so high and bitter that Ciznik turned in surprise, "I'd see you in before I'd let, a man like you wipe my shoes!" Ciznik fluvhed to an even deeper crimson. "All right then, wise dame " Swiftly he walked to the door and opened it. Martha saw the Oriental standing expectantly in the passageway. Ciznik nodded once, muttered sometliiiiR unintelligible, and she saw the yellow man enter the room' and walk toward her. • (To Be Continued) 'Say you've got some .stuff!" STATE PRESERVES FIRST ,ONG DISTANCE LINE. He walked to the table, got himself a cigaret. "Your friend's all right. You'll see her when I get ready." Carefully he lighted the cigaret. observed Martha keenly through the haze of gray smoke. "How'd you like to make a pot of dough?" 'I wouldn't. All I want is to get out of this!" 'That's pretty hard : baby. Especially when you're already in it up to your neck." "I'm not in it," Martha cried. "I've tried every, way I know to—" 'Oh. yes " interrupted Ciznik savagely. "You're in it. You were in it the minute you drove out of San Diego with that trailer." "What do you mean?" Ciznik smiled. "I mean that Sloss and Carrington work for me. We were trying something. A false compartment in a family trailer—never be suspected. A compartment that could carry opium-—even people. Chinese out of Mexico into the United States . . . Natives out of British Columbia. At a good price, of course. You were trying it out for us. We don't know whether the Treasury Department dicks are wise. But if they do smell anything it's too bad for you and your friend, isn't it?" He crushed the cigaret savagely, SEEK FUNDS TO ANALYZE NRA DATA. WASHINGTON (7P) — NRA spent millions collecting business statistics and now a commerce department bureau wants money to find out what they mean. Alexander V. 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Be sure to see us I For Residence and Business Loans Phone 336 M. P. DOWNS 504 Coinbs-Worley Bldg SACRAMENTO, Calif. (#•)— A few )oles and .short, stretches of wire wve been .recognized by California s state historical landmarks. They are the remnants of what local his- orians say was the world's first orig distance telephone line. Running • 60 miles and serving rhree principal towns and some 30 tatioris; the line was put into opera- ion in 1878. in 1930 Thomas 'A.I Sdison 'requested photographs of the qujpment used on the Unei. Three big mining companies financed the line, its chief, purpose jeing to convey information about he water supply for hydraulic placer iperations. — — ; - -»- — . - PQG KEEPS TRIM BY VETERINARIAN. OKLAHOMA CITY (/P)— Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Akin recently took their iet dog to have Its ears clipped. 'wo weeks later they asked the eterinary if they should, bring the log back for observation; ' ' . Why, he's been coming back by himself ev.ery morning since the first ' • bWftP to the next town or across America Through Bus — No Change Leaves Pampa for Oklahoma City a^nd points east at 9:40 a, m. and 4:15 p. m. Leaves Pampa for Enid at 12:40 p, m. Leaves Pampa for Childress, Wichita Falja, Da|}as vat 11:00 a. ni., 2:45 p, m, and 7:00 p, m,' via. Amarillo. Large new buses all the way over an f paved route. Five round trips daily to Amarillo and Borgqr. t If you w^ut (the best, 6«k fpr TRA!L,WAYS-»-ftlw*y« PAMPA BUS TERMINAL PHONE 871 «« «i 3 a

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