The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 29, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1962
Page 2
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if '1 •uuniion—«a».—ac j-jji i — ACTS •RA20SPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY. TEXAS, WED., AUftUST 2», 1f*2 Bab-Chic Fashions Opening Formal opening in planne' Thursday for Freeport's new Bnh Chic Fashions store on West Sec onrl in th* downtown area, s <•• cording to owner Ren Babe-hick formerly of Sf. Louis, Mo. Babchlek, who owns a dress design and manufacturing operation in St. Louis, says that the Free port store will be completely independent of the former company and that dresses and sports wear for women will Ix- designed and manufactured right in the shop /or exclusive handling by Bab- •hle. Other branded women's styles /III be carried by the shop, loo, inhchirk reports, featuring dress- s and snorts wear for misses and unlom. Mrs. Babchick will man- •jje (lie dress shop and will em- iloy several salesladies and •eamslresses (or the original design company. Tiie shop has boon completely remodeled for its new occupants, mving been leased formerly by he Gulf Finance Company. It ias taken several months to com- plete the redecorating ipside and outside, Babchick says. A new front has Iwen put on, with the inside getting a new sand color floor and a pink nnd while decorating Job. Babchlck says that the store will open with n fall fashion line prepared In St. Louis. "I think there's a wonderful future in the CiiiW Coast area," Bahchlck says, "and I picked Frrcport beca'.ise the idea of a town that combines industrial and resort possibilities pleased me." THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF Afi P4M 5.50 to 8.95 «IM— 0.1, I Htm H HIM r/>-4, A thru » «r«wl»g •Iris StiM—^i.l, AAA t*™ I Creeper*, toddlcrj, walken, stylc- uonscious little men and women ... Jumping Jacks are right for them every step of the way! Catering to their likes and their tvHims with precise fit and exclusive "snug-hug" heel, it'» Jumping Jacks for the whole, wide wonderful world of childhood. 115 W. 2nd FREEPORT octets Q FINE SHOES PHONE BE 3-1300 2-SPEED 7-CYCLE Simplest, Most Fool Proof washing ever . . . Just set one dial, the rest is Automatic. Police To Return Pair From El Paso Kirrport Police (,'apl. (;. ii, Bnnkslon left for Kl Paso Monday I (o return n ninn and womnn wanted for passing ot six worthless checks totnlitiR $175 fit locnl httsl- [worthies* checks were reporM •nesses. inn .Inly I!) liy nn emplnyee of n Police Chief N. II. l-a.inller unlrllKreeporl hunk. Thr rlMta, four the pnlr, Rnrhnrn (inlrtmnn nfjfor \K> mid two for ftT.Srt, wcr» firnrorla. nnd Weltlnn K. Smith o(;ilalrc) July H. 0 Brazosnorl were picked up hy Y\\ I/x-nl pnlicp nlso cliockc'' with j Agree On Canal Use Pnso officers on n minor Rnd his department was notified. Freenort poli<T lind Issued « -— I bulletin on (lie couple when the Ahllone officers at that Hm» nn Hie pair were believed In he mi- ronle to Hint city where Smith'* father resides, (lilnf tnssiler said. BF,N BADCHICK POSES BV HEW FKBEPOUT FASHION STORK Former St. Ixiiil* BtiMneMitinn Opening Slnrn Here Th!» Week Tim* Your Warn Amy? •nut* no JOB tan. V&rtt)? 1. They item from InfcuUou. T— F— 2. They hurt on MM *>»«! of; 'eaves a. tiny scar. It hurls like your feet. T—• F— j*- pebble In your shoe. Nova- 3. High-voltajf. X-ray. can! caln ' R tajectlona numb plantar cure warts. T— f — j 4. Novacaln'R Injections can cure warts. T— 4. TnM. etattkng off ft plantar wart with an ordinary acMpel 5. Y o M can jwart pain. And ours at 'same tune! Ftowwr Wither* Novaealn*R squeeze* that (inglt vital artery and tha think your flower withers on its stem, war^ts away.| 5. True. Rub warU with po- ~ " tato pe«ls, gulp down more vita 1. True. WarU are caused by m i ns or take fewer vitamins — any wart cure works when you Dr.Fer. choking warU to tiny v i ruses, i believe m it strongly enough. Each wart re- ( Som6 how, your m'.nd controls sembles a ttow- automatic nerves that ^^ . , . «r dangling at u vessels, ch the end of a long stem -a single ; artcr}-. Without it. the wart j shrivels up and dies. ' Power Of Sii|f|[c»tUm • 2. True. Plantar warts on the j To prove that the-*irain is soles of your feet are squashed : mightier than the wart, English flat with every step, so they doctors hypnotized 13 patients. mve to spread sideways, squeer.- 'They then suggested to each ng raw nerve endings. I that all warts on one side of They look like calluses. When his body would go away. :he doctor pares away the stir- ace, brownish circles and dots reveal their true colors. Calu»e» are homogenized Into solid shade*. The suggestion worked on 12 patients. They MeR Away The 13th? H« believed too strongly and all his warts dia- i appeared! I Dr. Fern's mailbo.r U leide 3. True. Tou may hav« to j open for letters from render*. wait, years for wartu to go | While his cannot undertake to .way by thems«lve», while high- '• oii.wer wdiuldual letters, he will •olUge X-rays can melt them i iiae reailer.i' questions in his •way. j column whenever possible and Chemical caustic: and electric '. when they are of general inter* inlves can burn them out.; rst. Address your letters to Dr. Nerve- numbing: Novacaui'R • Fern in care ot (Ab neu-spaper. O ISO, Kmc ruturee Syndicate, Inc. NO MONEY DOWN on Anything You Buy on Credit at Sears OUR BEST SELLING KENMORE AUTOMATIC WASHER Priced Lower Than Evtr Before Was $209.95 SAVE $25.95 $ 1 • No maltti whof you w.ik, th.r.'i . cycle I. Kandl* tin |ob. 1 cycl.i lor cotton,, I for waih surf wtor, 1 Itr eold-watsr walk, ont for dtllcolrl. • No queuwort, M eharti to fiqur. out. Juit vtl.c* os* key l.rfer on woih.r panel ass! s*t diol . . lta«th ot cycle, spin and Ofilarios ipeedi. wath and rime temperaturx are choien for you. *ota-S»!rl oqitaro, lift, itubbor. dirt riqht out. «eti clothe, completely clean, luill-ln filler. Set water level for Kiqh. low ar oaywKer. in between. 10-lb capacity. Woih.r Hop, and tignali If load us•.lance,. Spi, action ttopi if lid I, lifted.! whit* porcelain finUh top, tub, lid. While acrylic fi.i,. .«.rior. 2ti2$'/»li In Siqh to worktop. UL lined. 110-IJO... .0-c AC. >/ 3 .Hr» motor. SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE! W2« W M7IN-$hlppi Bg weigh, 255 p«u n *j. $184.00 W26 W 447.N-AII porcelain finUh Wt. 270 Ibs. If4.00 Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back SEARS CATALOG SALES OFFICE 320 Tarpon Inn Village BE 3-3577 Pearson Remains TADA Director Earle Pearson, Fret-port auto dealer has been re-appoint cd an associate director of the Texas Automobile Dealers Association. Announcement of the appointment has been made by TADA President Joe B. Kinsel of Beaumont. TADA is a statewide organization with a membership of over 1,300 franchised new-car and truck dealers. Headquarter* are located in Austin with H. C. Pittman as executive vice president. Pearson screed as an Associate Director during the association's past fiscal year. His present term ! will expire at TADA'« next annual ] convention 10 he held in Austin next May. "Principal purpose uf our organization is to maintain a high plane of commercial integrity I among those engaged in the new-' car and truck business," Kinsel' explained. ' Our associate direo; tors work closely with our execu-: live committee and board of directors to provide maximum xerv- j ce and protection for the motor-J ng public." Triplets For Jobless MIUVAUKKK. Wis. lAPl- The M-> car-old wife ot an iuifmplo> nl mun gave birth Monday to tri|i- lets—their 9th, 10th and llth rhil- dren. A buy and two guls were t«jj-n to Irnia Waihinglon, whoso hue- band, Ht'nry, 30. is an i-eliel Their uiher rhildrni aie Uianc, 9; Thomas. 8; 5-yi-ar-old Iwins Ernttt ami Ernestine; Curtis, 4; Sherman, 3; Hrrniaji, :', arid I'hil- ip. 1- A AulyliiiT wiio wiHli.1 t». 6 linw QKH! in ISlrt. HELSINKI, Finland (AP) - A Soviet-Finnish agreement on future use of the Saiinan Cnnal was initiated here Monday, The 30-mile long canal nins from Uike Salman to the former Finnish tmvn of Vigorg on the Finnish Gulf. Ahoul half of the distance is through Soviet territory. Hie agreement is for a lease on the Soviet part of the canal for JSO years. Until the end of the Rnsso-Klimish war in 19M the entire canal belonged to Finland. I TOY & MODEL Wacky Wheels29 FREE 10 ° Lbs ' PLASTER WITH $10.00 PURCHASE MOLD HOBBY HOUSE 101 WEST BROAD SWIFTS MELLORINE 3' 2 Gallons $100 1 COLGATE TOOTHPASTE Giant Size 39 U.S. GOOD BABY BEEF SEVEN STEAK - 49 BANQUET FRUIT PIES Each FRESH BAR-B-QUE SPARE RIBS Lb. 39 BIG CHIEF 1 ABLETS Reg. 39e 2-HOLE FILLER PAPER Reg. 59c SCHOOL CRAYOLAS Reg 25= 2-HOLE COMPOSITION BOOK Reg. 50c kl^"\TCOf\/"^l/ NOTEBOOK X AJrElJTl Reg. 98c Size ALL MEAT BOLOGNA U.S. GOOD SHOULDER ROAST NEW CROP APPLES 4 l = b ., AMERICAN SLICED /^tJT?I?C'C i Orl£i£iO£i Lb. MORREL PALACE BACON BELL PEPPER 2 u, JUICY PLUMS 2 Lt . 27 C 39 C 19 C 35 C 49 C 35° 59 C 39° Af\C 49 49 C 29° 29 C LIBBY'S LEMONADE AMERICAN BEAUTY SPAGHETTI or MACARONI BEST BLEACH STAR KISTS TUNA BAMA PEANUT BUTTER il BEST MAID PICKLES „ KOBEY SHOESTRING POTATOES sm., C4n TOP KICK DOG FOOD UNCLE WILLIAMS PORK .nd BEANS ROSEDALE PEACHES No 2'/, C.n KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP „ 0 , EASY FRYING PRTCir''^ IVVilh * 2 ' 50 ur Mo '» V .>! 1 1 *11 jl. J D.. 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