The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 26, 1952 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
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Monday, May 26, 1952
Page 9
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s ' d breaking field of 90 golfers were ready today L: " round of match play in the Annual Men's club of the Baytown Country Club. Ben Hocjati Figures Open Won't Be As Easy As Colonial CURLEY KAYOE by Sam Lcff FORT By ED FITE WORTH, May 26 <ifj— pnded yesterday with Ralph Sharpless taking B , a Pj am Bcn Hogan eyed defense Ci .,, _ en to of "is National Open golf title Monday, but didn't think his task way - 'fipld has been divided into six flights. All first would come " i^flfi 1* •• -- -*-~ Vv/-v /^/-»TV\r\ldfo/^ r\/-\f }o4-A». 4-Vin« ~. „..*. HA -umn *t>/» f & with a 69. . «•"> field has been divi _ _ Tfl fdips have to be completed not later than next het -y° n the Colonial National in^ matcnes u* vitauon tournament crown. ^y-. 3500 in prizes, donated by Baytown busi- ' \\ be split up among the six flights. lire the first round [ings: iO'S' jimmy Moon, Bob Barf ield, s M W- Morgan, vs Bruce Wood, vs Lawrence Reil- v, Allan C, Blair, vs. Fred Wila Kellcy Sr. vs. O. E. FLIGHT \-. Schnieder vs.^ J. Choatc Hirmon vs7s. H. Lee, A. - H "vs Ernest Mauser, IBS 5 « a O. Horton, Gordon \s. ^ Banders Putter vs. L- G. banaers, - J vs L° we11 La* 1 ™ 6 "' Sv vs. Jake Kannarr, B. vs. Allen Rice Jr. Buffs Hip Roughs in 17 innings But Lose Second Game By UNITED PRESS - Beaumont and Houston wrangled for four hours and 13 minutes in a 17-iiining game Sunday before the Buffs managed a 9 to 8 victory over the league-leading Roughnecks. Beaumont bounced back in the second game to win 4 to 1, In other games Sunday, Shreve- the first game 8 to ment trail, clipped one stroke off par for the 72 holes to win Colonials fat $4,000 top prize with a 279, four strokes ahead of Lloyd Mangrum of Chicago. But the real story of Kogan's victory, the three-time winner admitted, lay in the complete collapse of the fine game pacesetter Ray Gafford had tossed at the select field. As the field teed off for the 36- hole session Sunday, Hogan trailed Gafford by four strokes. At the 54-bole mark, he was six back. Honey- vs. Paul Alle- JIuTchvs.G.A.Tracht, Johnson vs. Ru£"S vs.'J. B. Stewart, vs, Fred O'Hagan. scored a double win over Tulsa Then, stroking a steady 67 in the of Gafford's scrambling, the uugnty mite of the links picked up an even dozen strokes and finished m front, while Gafford slipped to an ignominious 80 and a tie fo*- 5 fourth with Doug Ford of Harrison, Durham, N.C. I HEAR SHE'S GONE ON CURLY! HELLO,-CURLY! I'VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU... ASKEP.' TO COME AROUND - sILY BWNG TROUBLE IMPOSSIBLE; ~ THIS STUDIO CAN'T AFFORD SHELLEY'S WHIM- : CURLY ISN'T AN ACTOR- YOU'VE GOT TO BREAK THEM UP, OTTO/ NOT A CHANCE .' SHELLEY REALLY 60T IT BAD THIS * , HONEY- I'VE ARRANGED FOR YOU TO CO-STAR Should We Protect' Dallas downed Fort Worth 1 to 0. Ray just gave it away w 1 n^J? 1 " * zi one ' Hogan Expert Says They Are Beneficial Id Gafford s tear-choked wife. * . ' ' Alma Morgan has finally been dethroned from her position as queen of the Baytown Country Club's women golfers, but it took •seven extra holes for the new champion—Opal Turner—to turn the trick. Mrs. Morgan had won ihc club championship every year the tourney was staged since 1940— eight times. Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Morgan were all square, at the end of Saturday's,scheduled .1.8 holes of play. Then the "sudden death" extra hole playoff started, and on_ the 25th hole Mrs. Turner won out. It is the first time Mrs. Turner ha^ won the tournament, Perfect: Gift BUFFALO, X.Y., May 26 UP) —Mr. and Mrs! Francis J. Mulvey said Monday the 100- pound sack of potatoes the Edward R. Bradys gave them for a wedding present was "just what we wanted." THE BAYTOWN SUN, KjOl SPECIAL DURING COOK'S SPRING * Famous, 9x9-Iff eft FULL Vs-IN. THICK Y CANt COLORS ARE TILE-THICK . SCUFF-OrT OR WEAR AWAY! EASY-TO-lAY . . . TILE-BY-lUEf TILES ARE PRE-WAXED »-, . READY TO WALK ON - EASY TO CLEAN! , YOUR CHOICE; OF 7 •*, DEEP, MARBUEIZED COLORS FLOOR TILE- LAYING KIT With ROOM ORDER OF FLOOR TILL THIS WEEK ONLY* Use Your Credit at Cook's 512 W. TEXAS DIAL 5085 The extra-inning loss to Houston _ was charged to Rough hurler John Saturday a 1 to 0 game Later, the tournament- wise Hogan blamed Gafford's tumble from thpuacle on lack GaSord is I club nrn C?ub ir ^ DalJa" site of By O. B. LLOYD JR. Austin, May 26 fliV-Some Texas sportsmen are of the opinion down the population of these sometimes troublesome fish. Alligator young'uns start out * ___.„_ ___..„ ________ S tUne SebO( Ce nV3 about nine ™ ches lQn S- The males, a good word about the alii- to Houston. He tossed a total of the Open "June ~12~to~14TTnd' J never they're lucky enough to survive might grow to as long as 19 feet. Dangerous as these fellows look, experts say they are relatively ' pi?ftoeIwMd" vs." Bert Dallas, Tulsa at Oklahoma City, finale, couldn't stand up under THarrv Bonds vs. Fran- Shreveport at San Antonio and the easy ones as he played the Jill, *»&* j __,- u..-* Roa iimrmt o f TTrmcrf nn ti ^.^1 l*,._ _... a _ r^i -w^ ^r'T B Hollaway bye. Beaumont at Houston. a FLIGHT- ^ . j i Kannarr vs. Perry Bnt- (-7 /-/ CU/Q / H 'D Hebert vs. Dr. L, A. VX f I O TT W I V-f A Bill Hardy vs. Dr. W. T. larrv Stefani bye, Tasker .'Bill Beckman, Kyle vs. G. W. Robinson. Doug Stewart, final two rounds with Hogan. " ' . PF es ? nt circumstances, public is free to potshot ver- ' 3aliy r wim a ^^ a * ^ e critters harmless. Dodgen said he had never heard of a person being attacked by one. Some are hunt ed for their hide. "T* f^ I j \yQ /\0COrCfS A I A ' ! I ii •*• AA /"/*OW/?GCfO v rr fi<w>-M^r [PUGHT — Colburn vs. Tommy Jerrv Jack Jacoos s. * Bill; Griewald set two fast a, pace for the rest of the field at the However, there's a growing ______ feeling that the alligaotrs should a fine i eat her for luggage and Things won't come that easy at ** Protected m some manner shoes. Others are shot by sports- Northwood in June," Hogan said against slaughter—perhaps on the men w h o shoofc just to be shoot- as he revealed that he planned to basis of size. ^g play the Open course every other Game authorities generally In addition, marshes—the favor- day in an effort to get his game agree that the alligator does more ite retreat of the 'gator — are bc- fashioned to that difficult course, good than bad. VI never had an inkling I'd be Howard Dodgen, executive sec- able to pick up 12 strokes on a retary of the Texas Game and Fish man who is capable of playing the Commission, said the reptiles "by time there appears little danger type of game Gafford can dish and large are beneficial." of the alligator becoming extinct ably^never happen again." However, he frankly admits in the Southwest. However, some out,' Hogan said. "I'll prob- that he's not an alligator lover, sportsmen believe that years down Mangrum, a surprising second- He once had a bass plug that the line, the alligator could easily ng drained, gradually boxing him in a slow fight for survival. Dodgen said that at the present 3eri Love errv . , . • * Arrowhead Park stock car races place finisher, won $2,700 for his proved more alluring to a 'gator join the ranks of the whooping " S JL Sunday, setting two track records penormance, while Bolt won S1.875 than to a fish. The alligator, about crane — a species of wildlife that ._ S , , . n o a s. e agaor, aou crane — a speces J& Bmce^ Ramsey eye, „ j n winning the 15-lap consolation and Gafford and Ford split $2,400 three feet long, hung the plug in almost isn't here. ii s \v G Wilson. Kirby , „ A. Drouilhet, Charles ^C. F.Kelly, C. R. SeHg- and 35-lap feature. Some 2000 fans were on hand for the show. Griswald's time in the consolation was 4:39.07, and in the feature 10:39.07. Other winners were Buddy Rack^ _ _ ley, Sonny ItcDeniel, and Boots shortage, the Labor Tern- Hansen. Rackley was a double win- .oubgt a mule to keep ner, taking the first heat and trophy dash. The results : FirstTieat" (10 laps)—1) Buddy Rackley, 2} Cecil Elliott, 3) Tommy Mangum, 4) Eddie Harrow. Time 3:07.95. Second heat (10 laps)—1) Sonny McDan.eld, 2) Bill Childers. 3) Dick Valentine, 4> Willie Williams. Time 3:02.50. Third heat (10 laps)—) Boots Hansen T 2) Lannie Carpenter, 3) between them, his teeth. All ended well when the Defending champion Gary Mid- critter shook it free. •DRAFTED Tenn. —OLE)—During oa their lawn eaten watch was invented :1XO by Peter Henle, who 1 fc Kurnbcrp. Germanay. But Dodgen added that it is a _ „ mistake for sportsmen to attempt Campbell, the Walker to clear their ponds of alligators. said - more dlecoff finished with a 287 and won SSOO. William irom Huntington, W. Va., amateurs with a 291 total, they hurt." When the alligators go, snakes and turtles move in. They might harry an occasional bass, but gar, snakes and turtles are more; their favorite food. ~ .Dodgen said the 'gators are also bream, an important fac- There are more persons in Europe than in North and South America combined. [Complete Brake Job C IABOK A MAY SP£CL\L AT uson Motors ;oo w. TEXAS By Oscar Fraiey -NEW YORK, May 26 (IP!—You may get an argument on it from some of the good citizens of Pittsburgh but it t may be stated un- equivocably now that the Pittsburgh Pirates are not the worst team in baseball. If you happened to look at the Neil Lang, 4) Bill Blumerick. Time National League standings of late 3:03.28. Trophy dash (8 laps)—1) Rackley, 2) Childers. 3j Mar.gum, *) El- Hott. Time- 2:22.04. Consolation <15 laps>—1)_ Bill Griswald, 2) Eddie Harrow, 3) W. Williams. -4) George Nash, 5) Johnny Rowe. 6) Sandy Harris, 7) Joy Welk, 8) Blumerick. Time 4:44.15. Record, old time 4:33.07, Feature (35-laps)—1* Griswald, 2) Harrow, 3) Elliott, +) Rackley, 5). McDaniel, 6) Childers. 7) Man- Kum.'S) Welk. Time 10:35.34. Record, old record 11:10.78. Standings-- AT CO-OP TEXAS LEAGUE Milk 1 QT. Team Beaumont Houston Oklahoma City Dallas Fort Worth Shreveport San Antonio Tulsa W 26 26 23 24 21 22 20 17 L 19 22 21 22 22 24 24 25 Pet GB .578 ... .542 1& .523 3 .522 3Vi .488 4 .478 4& .455 5& .405 7% C at small Sunday's Results Dallas 1. Fort Worth 0. Shreveport 8-1, San Antonio'5-2. Oklahoma City 3-3, Tulsa 1-2. Houston 3-1, Beaumont 8-4. Monday's Schedule Fort Worth at Dallas. Tulsa at Oklahoma City. Beaumont at Houston. Shreveport at San Antonio.- AMERICAN LEAGUE Team Cleveland 24 13 Washington Boston New York St. Louis Chicago Philadelphia Detroit 1.9 19 16 13 16 12 9 14 14 14 20 18 17 23 you may have noted that the tattered and battered Buccaneers apparently are in a league by themselves. After their first 33 games they were 18 and a half lengths back of the leader. Such a situation in a horse race would evolve the mystery of whether they were last in. one race or first in the next. As Pirates, they undoubtedly deserve the ancient title of "freebooters." But never let it be said they are the worst in baseball. They, are the seventh worst among the teams which. compose organized baseball and — hold tight to your chairs — would be comfortably in first place in a circuit composed of Grand Forks, N.D.; Mayfield, Ky.; Mattoon, EL; Ardmore. Okla.; Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Williamsport, Pa. By comparable figures, Pittsburgh's .152 percentage would ha\-e it out in front of Fort Lauderdale, followed by Ardmore and with Grand Forks, Ma toon and Mayfield in a dead heaL Williamsport's .111 percentage would bring up the rear. Fort Lauderdale, for instance, is in the same shape as the Pirates, being 18 1-2 games back of the leading Miami Beach team in the Florida International League. Things got so tough that Fort Lauderdale shortstop Woodrow Meeks skipped the club. Pittsburgh, going into weekend play, had won only five games while losing 28. But all is not lost. The freebooters aren't the best booters in baseball. Grand Forks, Mayfield and Mai- toon each had posted only one victory at that comparable date. tor to any sportsmen in keeping The Tricycle Hospital Knows How io Repair Your Child's Toy 2415 W. MAIN T/u's announceznerj^ fs neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any of these securities. The offering is made only by the Prospectus. JVew Issue 75,000 SHARES Southwestern Associated Telephone Company Cumulative Preferred Stock $20 Par Vaiue, 5'/ 2 % : Copies of the Prospectus may be obtained by calling Dallas — ER-4103 or PR-4881, or by writing to Southwestern Associated Telephone Company, 809 Reserve Loan Life Bldg., 505 North Ervay, Dallas 1, Texas. *- - : >." - - MARCH'4^1952 THE CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 1N~EWPORT Pet. GB .649 ... .576 3 .576 3 .533 4% Winiamsport had copped only two .474 .471 .414 .281 W 23 23 19 17 14 16 12 6 Sunday's Results New York at Boston,, ppd., rain. Philadelphia 2-C, Washington 1-1. St Louis 7-2, Cleveland 5-6, Chicago 3-1, Detroit 0-0. • NATIONAL Team Brooklyn New York Chicago .Cincinnati Philadelphia St. Louis Boston Pittsburgh 19 18 30 Sonday's Resets ram. r, Cincinnati game, ppd., rain. At one time, a. "Icsral sport" pean con tincnt. 6% out of 18. Ardmore had won three 6 V4 against 19 losses and Fort Lauder- 8 dale had matched Pittsburgh's five victories — but lost 31. Don't ret the idea, either, that the hot pennant races hi the major leagues compose all the good baseball beta? play- United States. There's a lot of it. Take, for instance, the Pioneer League, While many clubs were having trouble putting out the cat, the Pioneer League was playing "knock down the favorite." Only thre£ games separated first place Boise from last place Twin Falls, which is lighter than a credit manager's heart. One oJ the by-products of that Pioneer League race was the resignation of umpire Matt Xavier. rain. • "The lights used in ^our night official reason. On an umpire, such an admis: 2nd .742 .457 9% A67 20 Title of the King: of Si*m Is Tx>ni of Life end Possessor of thft Twenty-four Golden Umbrellas." This-Invitation could result in the most important day of your motoring life. We'd like you to take, the wheel and really drive a Chrysler New Yorker car. Everything good you've heard about this great car is true . . . and then some. Its new V-8 engine its power steering .. ..its power brakes its astonishing comfort ... each' is an *»xperience you will thrill to, and remember. So ... tomorrow ... or any time that is convenient ... come discover real power steering! Hydraulic power does 4/5 the work as you turn the wheel . . - and also gives you 5 times the usual control on bad roads. Turn the wheels with one finger when standing still . : ". or drive all day with no shoulder strain at all! You get the same ifondsrful "wheel feel" every mile! Drive America's finest engine! 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