Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 16, 1937 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1937
Page 11
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fft&FAMPA t> AIL? NEWS, Pampl, FRIDA? EVENING, AMlL 16, 19S1- TMFINANC1AL WHIRLIGIG By tOtrtfi 8CHNEIDEB fto WAtt. The average purchaser of securities,arid commodities attributed the dip Ifi .world prices to the anticipated reduction in the price of gold, de- spiti President Roosevelt's denials. The true reason for the liquidation of share and commodity hold- Ings was the turn of events in the Spanish' civil war. Informed in- Western Union has a portfolio fol- London school catastrophe In which hundreds nf children lost their lives One of the most recent was from the faculty and pupils of Ecole de la Rue Prairie D'Aval of Nantes, France. It read: .. It is wlth re gret that I - .. It s wt eep re gre a lowing . . . Life Savers bought for undertake the sad duty of express- liberal not speculative poteliallties ing the unlversial regret with which Bendix Aviation operating at we have ]earned your children's an all time peak—president said soj tlpatn _ : am desired' to express to . . . Brunswick-Balke-Collander operated in the black for first three months . . . Congress Cigar's 1937 dividend payments will equal $2 a share paid last year ... In view of tereste who carry large positions I nearby earnings Pullman is amply know this. priced . . . Technicolor's first quar- know Hlr;e's the reason for their selling. War! fears accounted for large armament, buying of foreign countries and a bidding-up of raw material prices. This helped inventory positions of corporations. But if war fears diminish such buying will stop. Newspaper reports confirm that the r Spanish loyalists are pushing back insurgents on all fronts. This gives Italy and Germany something to think about—especially the well- trained and equipped Soviet troops. . . .„ .„ The: dictators won't be so anxious I n^ about $3.50 a share . . . St. to march to battle. i Jose P h Lead di PP ed sharply due to ter shipments were 4' per cent ahead of last year . . . Despite uncertainty and wide price fluctuations United Fruit has long-pull friends . . . Link Belt's first quarter net was 100 per cent ahead of last year's like period. United Gas Improvement weathered the depression without removing dividend payments to common you the general sorrow of our pupils and their sincere sympathy with you. "Be assured that our pupils, my colleagues and myself are only too willing to do anything in our power to lighten your present heavy bur- The letter was signed by Therese Clouet, Madame A. Charles. Madame Briand, Mademoiselle I. Birgand, Madame Vve Briand and Cyp. San- sot-LaFargue. stockholders Otis Elevator to | make upward revision in dividend rate . . . Long-range 1937 earnings estimate: International Nickel will No war, no war buying rush. That Is why the big boys sold their commodity and security positions. ANOTHER. Thus far this year there have been two ,tire price advances. Trade insiders inform your correspandent that a third increase is more than probable. The announcement is due any day. The only doubtful feature about the Inevibility of the increase is the maintenance of the present high price of rubber. If this and other essential commodities remain high a third tire price is certain. decline in lead quotations Dutch RAILS. - Railroad shares are being taken by long-term speculative interests because the Interstate Commerce Commission has decided to rule promptly and separately on requests for higher rates on heavy basic commodities. If all demands are allowed it will gross $60.000.000 a year in increased revenues. This will cut in half the $120,000.000 lost when the emergency freight rate surcharges were allowed to expire last Dec. 31. The basic commodities on which the commission will rule first are iron ore. steel, lime, cement, coal and coke, plaster, iron, petroleum and its related products. If the rate increases should be granted they will become effective some time during the third quarter of this year. UNCONFIRMED. Recent liquidation of Montgomery Ward and Sears Roebuck is attributed to Chicago reports that profit margins have been narrowing. The bearish sentiment continues despite the fact that sales of these organizations are running at record levels. Another grapevine story is that both organizations may be hit by labor difficulties. These unconfirmed reports account for the lack of new buying in the shares despite the fact that both issues arc off substantially from their highs of the year. INACTIVE. Commission house broker. 1 - are of the ,'oplnion that recovery of the stock market from its recent price decline will be slow. This because margin accounts are in a frozen condition. Selling of shares was traced to informed large interests and 'to foreign holders and not to general public liquidation. Since marginal requirements are high and since the trading public is "filled to the marginal hill" new buying power is limited. Therefore, priori to the next advancing stage an inactive sidewise movement is anticipated. This will be construed as a digestive accumulation period. NEW BOARD. The new Nash-Kelvinator Corporation board of directors will soon meet, for dividend action. The board is Kelvinator controlled. Only a small dividend payment Is expected by interests close to the management. Here's the reason: The Nash directors were always liberal payers. They even dug into surplus to pay when earnings were lacking. The Kelvinator directors were more conservative. The new board consists of five former Kelvinator members while only two were previously with Nash'. INVOLVED. Speculative interests are closely watching the price action of Lehigh Coal & Navigation. This because Mayor Wilson of Philadelphia plans to bring Water into that city from the Pocono mountains. The Lehigh Coal & Navigation has large interests in watershed properties in that region. The company is expected to lake part in the plan, REPORTS ARE THAT: Despite market rallies from time to time smart buying isn't evident . . . Based on potential earnings [AMBULANCE Phone interests lik? American Smelting— for dividend return . . . Northern Pacific common dividend not in sight this year—outlays will be heavy . . . And. that in spite of official Washington denials European reports of a pending United States price gold cut persist. (Copyright, McClure Newspaper Syndicate.) CAPITOL JIGSAW By HOWARD C. MARSHALL AUSTIN, April 16 f/I'p—The birth of Sam Houston Allred on St. Patrick's day led his proud father to remark: "Sam Houston will probably find plenty of snakes to chase if we keep on living in Austin." It is not unusual for rattle snakes to be killed in the hills about the capital. With the advent of warm weather, the rattlers are reported coming out of their winter hiding. Sam Houston is Governor James V. Allred's third son. Members or the state board of control were nol happy when a rumpus arose over the names to be placed on the monument at San Jacinto battlefield, but they also were not surprised. They recalled the stir when a nude statue was chosen by an art committee to represent the pioneer Texas woman for memorial on the campus of the State College for Women at Dc-nton. and again when it was suggested names of certain heroes be placed in the new capital floor. Then, there was the uproar over omission of the Republic of Texas from the design of the floor centerpiece. "No matter what is decided on." said John Wallace, board member, "someone always is willing to and does take another view. Brother, the board caught it plenty all during centennial year, and it isn't over yet." Old age assitance headquarters says more than 100,000 family Bibles have been shown its investigators. The law requires that to receive pensions applicants must be 65 years of age or more, and entries in Bibles have been among the chief means of proof. Some of the Bibles were brought to Texas in covered wagons and still are In- use. Gov. Allred still is receiving messages of condolence for the New COURT RECORD Instruments filed for record April 14. 1937: Warranty deed—S. A. Cobb et ux, to J H. Brumley. a tract of land in section 66" in block 23 H'&GN. Assignment of lien—John E. Hill to T. J. Bettie, lot 3 in block 4 of the Tulsa addition. Release of lien—David Jones to R. S. McConnell. a part of survey 180 in block 3 I&GN. Deed of trust—R. F. Randall et ux, to Panhandle Building and Loan association, lot 2 in block 23 of the Talley addition. Transfer of lien and subordination agreement—A. R. Randolph to Panhandle Building and Loan association, lot 2 in block 23 of the Tnlley addition. Release of deed of trust—Home Owners Loan corporation, to A. R. Randolph et ux. lot 2 in block 23 of the Talley addition. Assignment of oil and gas lease— Lee Cady et al to F. W. Dye, N % of the NE 'x, of section 106 in block 3 I&GN. General warranty deed with vendor's lien—John E. Hill Lumber company, a corporation to J. L. Cook, et ux, lot 10 in block 1 of the County Club addition. Transfer—R. F. Randolph et ux, to Panhandle Building and Loan, lot 2 in block 23 of the Talley addition. Pertile soils produce a stronger and more uniform cotton fiber than do badly eroded soils. Heating Engineer Glen Ungsclale, healing engineer anil contractor, will furnish plans, specifications and estimated cost for a modern steam heating plant free. Let us solve your heating problems, Glen Ragsdale Plumbing and Heating Co. 929 West Foster, Pampa, Texas I". O. Box 1203 BOARfrlNG HOUSE ..... . with . Mft Jot- Hoople HAW, WOULD YOU LIKE TO ATTEWD A PERFORMANCE OF MY CIRCUS?" MAYHAP YOU'D LIKE TOBRISJO YOUP, BRTOaE. CLUB EM- MASSE, AMD MAKE A (3ALA K1K3HT OF YOU WILL B£ AMAZED AT THE VERSATILITY OF MY STAF> PEP, FORMERS —-~ . WHAT , : ' SAY YOU -2 HOUSE PULL OF FLEAS WHO CAM BEAT THE WORU?<5 RECORD OUMPIKIS IMTO APIIOIWa 'ROOM CHAIR/AMP EAT TEW TIMES THEIR CW/M WEIGHT AT EVEP.Y -THAMKS FOR TH' MEW MATTRESS "YOU PUT OM AAY BEE?/ IF YOU CAW RECALL, IT? LIKE TO HAVE TH 1 APDRESS PF TH' BRICK YARD THAT TH' OUT OUft WAY By Williarn* GUVS TO SRA& WHUT HE'D OFFER. US PER THEM COUWTEEFEIT BILL"?, SO WHUTRE VOU SICK ABOUT? OH, I'LL HAVE THESE SPELLS REG'LAR., NOW, ALL. MV LIFE ~ EVEP-V 7IM6 1 THIMI6 OF THIS.' TAKIN' TWO AM' A HAFF BUCKS./WHEW HIS FIRST OFFER POUR. BUCKS.' OoOooo-, 'OH, WE.LL, |F WE'P WAITED ANOTHER. PAV, HE'P OF SPEM-t ANOTHER. COLLAR ~ HA-HA- BUT,THEM IF WE'D TOOK. IT TH BEFORE -OOOM- GROAM, THIMBLE THEATRE Starring POPEYE Cafeteria Service By E. C. SEGAK VPs WON'T SERVED 06 NO FOOD ON M fXCCOONT OF THIS 16 fX HIGH THERE'S fS UUNCHAOFMbON DOWN THE STREET FOR VDUR WNO-TH\=> !•& AN tl EXCV,OS\\JE RESTftURmTj ' t. WOULDN'T COME HERE, BUT THIS POOR GM. \<b STNWN' TO DEfsTH W' TWS UJfVS THE FIRST PLACE. I SEEN- Sr\V, I THINK VfS NEEDS ^ SOCK AH THE MOSH UTTLE FOR SU^frU'S SfsKE! A ' SHE'Ll EhT,TOOiy (^TP\KEVeR.TlME, THE MNAfVaERt' OUT ftN' TWE ARE A.VRRO TO DO - I'LL GET SOME ^PlNrXCH VOR ALLEY OOP Happy Landings By HAML1N GRAND WEEC HATE TC WAKE LOOKIT THIS! MUST TBVIW GOIM, BC GOOD LUCK DOU'T WORRV ABOUT Ml OKAY READV TO THAT YET Lulu Belle Can Stand So Much WASH TUBBS LULU \ X'VE STOOD ENOUGH INSULTS FRONV BELLE, 1 THEM OUP GUNNY SACKS! IT AlNT MV __, PLEASE / FAULT THAT I'M PRESSEP LIKE "™ IS J ACTRESS! I'WUZ IN A..PRIZE FI&HT AT ««, SHE OUGHT I CAN'T BETCHER PINK PANTIES X GOT MOPESTY: T'LL HA.VE WE KNOW I'M A LAD y» SHH! JUST \ SURE,WOTTA) A IGNORE THEM.J VOU CARE?/OF VOU AINT SINFUL CREATOR GOIN' TD SHAVE YOU NO SEE, EITHERV^OOESTY?^ MYRA NORTH. SPECIAL NURSE Exclusive dealers for Royal Typewriters. Expert repair service on all office machines. Service on all makes of safes—combination changes, etc. Pampa Office Supply Phone 288 Pioneer Navigator Duenkel- Carmichael Funeral Home 321 N. Frost IUTOIOANS See 0s for Ready Cash to r Refinance. rljiiy » new CM. r Reduce payment*. r Raise monej to meet bills. opt and Courteous Atten- [ to Ml wpllpaUons. PANHANDLE AGENCY BWK Pit- HORIZONTAI 1. 5 An early English explorer 10 Region. 11 Edge of roof 12 Monstrous person. 14 Bay 15 Court. 16 Paid publicity 17 Half an em. 18 Go on (music) 19 Father 20 To skip. 22 South America 24 To be sick. 25 Ready. 28 To drink dog- fashion 30 To scream. 31 Prying sneak. 32 Needy 33 Tennis stroke 35 Snake 36 To obtain, 37 Grain. 39 Thick shrub. 41 Rowing tool. 42 Preposition. 43 To devour Answer to Previous Puzzle SIEILIMIAIL. A G EIRIUOIr- UODEMQQBALJBAlRn ISIW1EIDII ISIHrlSIUICICIEISIS 45 Authors. 48 Flying mammal. 49 Pulls. 51 To free. 52 Bard. 54 5280 feet. 55 He discovered the Hudson 56 Ale.' 58 He sought a northern to India, 59 Measure 1 . 60 Like tin. VERTICAL lUgly old woman. 2 Genus of evergreen shrubs. 3 Tidy. 4 Hastened. 5 Laughter sound 6 Lion's home. 7 Auction. 8 Kilns. 9 Mesh of lace. 13 Wild duck. 14 Heathen, god. 16 Sound of pleasure. 18 Trip. 19 Helmsman. 21 Document. 23 He was set by his sailors. 24 Every. "25 Data. 26 Sure. 27 Peak. 29 Kettle. 34 Nods. 36 To pant. 38 Proportion. 40 Doctor. 41 Either. 42 Made of oatmeal. 44 Balsam. 46 Part of eye. 47 Paradise. 48 Subsisted. 50 Moist. 53 Kimono sash. 54 Mister. 57 Railway. The Corporal Is Convinced AT THE SOUNP OF HVSTEE'S ACCUSIM6 A VOICE, 1ME PUZ.1LED OEDERLV STEPS TOWARD THE SHACKLED PRISONEC.. PITV, ISN'T IT. CORPORAL THE WAV TORTLIRE SOMETIMES SNAPS A MAM'S AH. MV POOR BRO1HER. AMTON.' JACK TAKES A FIRMER (3BIP OM HIS BUT BHE.ESE QUIETLY HESTRAIN5. HIM RELEASE ME, 1 TELL VOU.' I'VE BEEW THE VICTIM OF A PLOT... , ,. Z AM'THE / /Z U LV WINCES UNDEE THE PRESSURE OF THE STEEL GAUNTLET. THEN HIS UMCEETAIMTV VANISHES AMP A LOOK. OF MUCH SVMPATHV CROSSES HIS FACE. By THOMPSON AND COLIi , /A PITV, INPEER ( YOUR I ~ ~ l\ POOR. CHAP.'-, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Nutty Has An Idea By BLOSSER NUTTY HAS AM EXCELLENT IDEA? HE SWSTHAT FRECKLES' FEELS INFERIOR TO TOWI PEYTON BECAUSE SHE HAPPENS TO BE A SUCCESSFUL, YOUNG AUTHOR .' A MAN UkES^O FEEL. HE'S THE BREACH/INNER IN HIS FAMILY, ANB EVEN IN PUPPY LOVE_, A BOY LIKES TO FEEL, I BELIEVE NUTTY IS RIGHT II SURE? IF FP.ECK CAN CONVINCE HIMSELF THAT HE CAN DO WHAT SHE& DOIW3,ONLY DO LITTLE BETTER , HE'LL BE PULLINS HIMSELF UP BY THE BOOT STRAPS.' WH/ |JOT? WORPS- ARE PUT TOGETHER WITH LETTERS., AND THE ALPHABET SHE USES IS THE SAME ONE FRECK LEARNED IN GRADE SCHOOL. / BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Professor Is Suspicious By MARTIN VJERV WtU.'. 6HE HMD A TO TAVVt OVER WVTU VdU- «>V5V .COWOOVip \f ...-I WWW ME II €>tt VOVVV COMlKiG. OP RE\lRt -bOOhi!XOU 60 CACV WW XOOU 9\CCOLO ftWO Shorty says: Buy on the Budget Plan! FIRESTONE Tires, Home Radios, Car Radios, Batteries, Garden and, Lawn Hose, Tractor Tires, Seat Cpvers, Spark Plugs, Faq Be]U, and all Ayt» Ac?.e8?pr*es 8 F, E, HQPFM^I* 31RYICE STATION Phone UKL,?%

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