The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 29, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1962
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Bryan Canal-Lake Resort Development To Begin A plush resort dovrlopirmnt on Bryan Bnnoh nrw Freopnrt wni announced Tticwrtny hy H«y Storkmnn Jr. of Fn»»porl, ownor of Stockman Kn- J(M-prlsM. A first phfln* nf Ihn development program will lwRin immrdtnlrly. It will rx> locnted directly »crn«* Ibc inltHcoHslal rmwl from lh« nffw Frw- poH Yncht Basin. Thin will hi» llw beginning Slockman said, of t multi-million dollar complex of lot* faring on pilhpr cnnnlfi or Inkrs locnted on Ihff is'nnd. Signing of purchase and option contracts with Ihr Bryan heirs WHS acknowledged lodny hy J. I P. Bi-ynn, who negotiated HIP deil with Stockman. The initial development will include canal* ,«inrl streets hy which each lot owner will have ac- res* by host to th* inlracoairtfil canal and (Inlf, and accem hy anlo to the Bryan Bench HOBO* to fc'roeport. The phn** will wclend from th« canal In the fJtilf n«»<!h lin«. Mf/nn with Hu» first eanal network. Workman will hulld lh« Mariner's Cluh. This \vtll h* th« "most luxurious private club on the coast," he said. It will he located on Ihc shorf of one of Ihrpp large lake* included in 111" Stockman proj- •ol Th« InrRPSt of the lakes, Rtwkman said, v/onld he developed with t|i» inlenl of making it "the water skiing spa of Texiis." Club membership would he oprn to the local communlly, as well a* to the rest of Ihe stale mid sportsmen from out of , he said. "W« h»v« mad* an *xt*n*rv« study of canal and lake complexes In many p»rl« of thp country and Bryan Beach was our final selection after mreful rr.rem'mg of other ares* for similar development," Stockman said. "The proximity of Bryan Beach to Houston and Ihe extreme popularity of the beach in other nia.ior cities of Texas as a. recreational base more than made th* Freeport area the loeinal final choice." The developer mid that feasibility studies have been in progress for several months on traditional winds, tides, fishinj? grounds, historical background of Brazoria County, and many rther elements which he said must be ideally suited to lh« program he proposed, if it were to sustain the development over ft period of years. The favorable economics of Ihe local community, he said, was another major factor in persuading the developers to select Bryan Beach and the Freeport area for its long-term program. Several resort residence builders and niarin* architects have already inspected the property nnd negotiations for early residential development »r» in progress, he said. "fjflnd and water access to Freeporl, plus its abundance in fish, walerfoul and all types of wa- tersports were added reasons lor selecting Bryan Beach for our project," Sieve WilhPini, executive vice president of Stockman Enterprises, said of Ihe plan. "The low frequency of storms the. sea as compared to locations in Mher stales marie this risk a minimum considering Ihe Brysn Be^-r'h area's history in that respect." Stockman said he considered it fortunate that "local facilities and manpower are available to develop uur project at Bryan Beach. "It is our sincere desire and objective to make F'reeporf a leading national haven for w.'i- tersport recreation. "It will be more than comparable to similar installations in Florida and other areas alone the Eastern Seaboard, and we are certain we shall have the wholehearted SMpnorl of this very friendly community." Other than ths newly-acquired Bryan prop- erties, Stockman Enterprises include three major [•''-irlentiRl subdivisions in Il'iusJon ->lr»'tdv acti- v.iterj. -and a fourth In he annoum rd, together with major residential developments in AlHtf and I,aw I on, Okla. Other projects owned hy Ray Slocltman include commercial and ranch properties in "i'esas and Oklahoma and a Ford agency in Oklahoma. Stockman Enterprises entered Tr-xrf a lew months ago when Stockman purchased the residential developments of Robert V. King, Houston drve-loper, for X).850.000. Since lhat acquisition the Stockman companies have expanded to include !?,(X10 additional h'imi« and throe shopping and commercial com * * * * * * * * * THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANGLETON, WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SWEENY,, OLD OCEAN, DANBURY and DAMON Facto Claislfled: BE 3-2*11— AH Other Offices: BE 3-3511 VOL75(fNb. 155 Associated Press Member WEDNE^DAY,~~AUGiJST~297l96i Freeport, Texas Weekdays 5 Cents Sunday 15'Cents SKTkree Indicted Auditorium • •%• B*fe I In Rice Probe NKW SWKKNY srnnoi, AiiniTORtr.M WIM. SKAT i.«w PEKSONS Illch Rrhool HnmomalilnK nep«. RulldlnE l« rxw-ntetl At Ix-tt Ol Aiiilllnrlnm Sit* fOR CHARTER City Group . Asks Ideas Individual citizens of Freeport;ITie July M meeting was for or-; Mill have the floor Thursday nightjRanix.ation, laying out Ihe sche-; In the last scheduled hearing of dule of work: an Aug. 'I meeting fhs itity'g Charter Review Com-i was lo consult ihe city's adminls- mission. trative offices: and the Aug. 16. . Anyone with a suggestion for re- meeting was to hear Iwo city! Viiing, adding to or rutting mit! hoards - ' provisions of th« city's home rule; Thursday'i public hearing is thej Charter will be given an audience, i final on». i Every suggestion will be given' Tiii-t J B the first review of the! 4k>nsideration by the five-member ; n e w home", rule charter adopted Dommlssion befor* th« final re-:hy ihe city's voters in I960. Si«te; fort to th« Dry Council is made. |i, v provides that the charter may -' Th» mueting will begin al 7:30|be amended no oftener than once p.m. Aug. 30 in, th« counc-il eham-ipach two years, and Ihe charter bow of the Freeport City Hall. j iuself sets up the machinery ' or TTir»« previous hearings havejdoing so. been held by the Commission. I Earlier this year, the Freeport By THE ASSOCfATED PRESS AI.GIKRS — Four of Algeria's six guerrilla command? and Ihe •my's general staff were lined up today in support of I">c- puty Premier Ahmed Bon Bella's bid for control if the ne-c nation. WHITE S\M)S MISttll.K KAXliK, N.M. — A \ilu-.y.eii« anil- •wlle-miinlle WM teM fired by the Army Tiicvlay nluht. Olfleials d the llrlnj met nil le«t nbjr-ctluw. NKW YOIIK — Atloiney James B. Donovan, who negotiated exchange of Soviet spy Rudr/lf Abel for U'2 plane pilot r rands Cary Powers, is to leave for Havana today lo seek th" release o( 1,113 captives taken in the abortive invasion of Ctiha last year. ALBANY. Oa. — Seiresntrrt ja.ll cells in three smith Georgia e|tl«s were filled ti.-lay "ith 75 rlerg.vmen and church member* h*rnf In WASHINGTON — The Senate turned today :o -i figlu over rx- victor}- in i» lust vote on the tax rwisisn bill. Ten Bandits Slain 4 BOGOTA, Colombia (API—Tlie Council appointed the five members. They are H. E. Am-, nions. chairman: G. C. Hardman; Jr., vice chairman; Mrs. A. A. •• . .. Miller, secretary; E. 1.. Haynes •rmy said Sunday 10 bandits were. and Mrs D u „ , „ „ killed and three wounded ;n a: clash at Geneva, about 70 miles north of Call. Col. Bernardo Legm/amo, com- s)a(f (h(%re mander of the army battalion in ma j(> f or the area, said 31 of Ihe bandits were captured. He said one soldier was wounded. An outbreak of terrorist activity that has taken more than 8(1(1 (lives prompted Ihe government lo DALLAS ' API — A «itnr»s detnllnd today how a via it • Job Inolmlrri (crrr-tlns nut Illegally slanted nil »ell able In deposit SLS.SV) hevnmt bin talnry In f(»nr year*. employe I.ONDON — Prime Minister Harold Macrnillan ruealcrf ludny previous assurances lo Chancellor Konrad Adenauer of Britain's wholehearted interest in working for European political unity alter "^ on ° u _.°f) e ' Ihr* West Ciemvm leader bad expressed K>me doubts. Pence Construction Corp. o ( Houston was low bidder among 10 firms submitting bids on a building program for th° Sweeny School District Tuesday nishl. J Their bate proposal of $42n.!Wi' ,,..,.,,,..,..,.,,.. ,,„ .... , was $1R.07_> lower than the nearest w AMIINMO.N (APl-lh. Jus- bidder. All bids came well within^'''" tVpartm-nt anno'incnd Ihe in- the archileclursl estimates o f'dictnient today of thru" men, in- the COR! of the program. eluding two former Agriculture T !!/., .'•° r f n i' :tir ' n :' nhu -f'.Deparmir-nt emplove-r. on brib. ry awarded to Ihe Pence firm hv the ' ' school.board, subject to tlie' ciis., ;m ' f Conspiracy chaises involving tomary approval of Ihe arehitec- fraudulent transfer of federal rice rural firm. Wyatt Hedrick of Hou- acreage allotments. stnn - Ally. (Jen. Robert F. Kennedy The contract calls for 300 calen- . , " , . . ., HI f3 indictments were re- 1 an alternate ""'""I '>>' a federal grand j'n-y in stage and in Houston. Tex., as a result of an ; item ranged investigation started hy the Agri- from bids of S1.200 to $19.1)00 by ,. ll]t ,, rp Department and pursued those firms that did submit . ,. ,-,,, figures on the alternate. hv lhe ™'' Six equipment firms presented Kennedy said ihc separate base, proposal?, on science lal«ira ( '' ( lory equipment, with Joseph D. an ting the low bid of 59,399. Follow- lie ing the tabulation of the equipment firm bids Ihe trustees tabled this item pending further study of th? proposal because the low bidder did da*specify name brands on some of the equipment. Tlie overall base bid on con - sinietion includes four building j a ~ckson Tex. units, the largest of which will be an TSO seat air conditioned auditorium. Olher units in the project are a science wing for the junior h'u;h school, a six - classroom ;wing addition to ihe hiqh school which will also include two science lei lure rooms, and an adminis- named these drfend- Stabilization and : Sm -K-O» - ASCS COUI " y ' "^ .„ ' Ta "'" S L '' Thornhl ": ASCS office manacer in County, Te\. Ulnen ,. P G . Newman of Kennedy said Stephens was fired hy Ihc Agriculture Department. June 32 and Thornhil'. July. in. i The government accused the de- of the Pence ment' were available for transfer and that a transfer would be , AUR 2 TOns ,,|| H ,i ons with all members of the city executive worp no SURRrs tions' t .| mnRl ,. A u (o i t n, e "« I "P n| R |1 the ,as it was written. There were no proposals made 'by Ihe Board of Equalization, eilber, at Ihe Aug. 16 meetuiK- Tuo tentative proposals from No Favoritism, Murphy Asserts* Planning Commission , lnd(11 . rt , ns ,deralion. are _ _ „ TO ROValtV ' ' RABAT. Morocco (AP> — 'Hie royal palace unnounced thai a hahy girl was horn Sunday night lo King Hassan II of Morocco nnd f 'Hie Hiiiinuni'eincnl said the baby was horn in Uomc. Ituls, where Ihe royal couple <s vaca- lionlng. and that lumber and daughter are riding well. In M«>r- occo, thousands nt people thronged publir lh« streets in eelcbialiun. j now ' One is for Ihe review group In j^~ •determine whether Ihe provisions. ( . ai 'fur eitieiijenry operation of the a)1 ril>- are spelled inn adeqiiHtely; the other is lo determine whether the provisions lor dismissal o I absentee planners is too severe. When Ihc review group determines iis recommendations, a report will In- turned mn in Ilie Cily fniincil, which will then dp eidf when Ihe new provisions, any, are lo Ix- proposed to tcir a vote. WASHINGTON lAPi-Umiersee- reiary of Agri<-ulHire diaries S. Murphy said today Ihe decisions e in the Billie Sol Kstes case were Iwised on a belief that "strenglhened policy" against ac- all rituens—including Ihe Texas i-eplance of gifts by government promoter—should gel what they officials. are legallj entilleti lo—no more and no less. presents tiv .firm present at the bid opening iwere called in for a brief conference with the board, following 'Hie men accepted payments the public tabulation of the bids, from buyers, the government (The purpose of the conference charged, and told them an allot!was to discuss the possibility of ment.had been transferred when • i,-. rting the auditorium by there really was no legal transier. iiiay. 19K;. The . representative told Ihe board that this was not be\and the after he received tlie melons, he hut quite a wrote Ksies thanking him hut j n io the completion date, such as wiih receiving asked that he send no more be- prompt delivery' of materials and Stephens was also charged svith cause ol Ihe administration's the weather. " i.-onspirmg lo defraud the govcm- The\ projected lhat Ihe boatd mc:ii and making a false state- mild'be reasonably hopeful of mem in a government report. made when one of the three re- Stephens, 46, was charged in six i-ouirs of offering $11,800 in bnb»s realm of possibilitv to other employes of the service. few "ifs" would enlo; and was chared in M wunts S.M.905 in brit^s. CLOWN IS RODEO FEATURE RiKleu Clown Bo lilund of HilnKcrfurd will IK- among the special features ol the West Columbia American l-esion Kndeo which will he presented Sept. 11 and .IS. Bland nnd his Bucking Fnrd have marie appearances in many Te\a«. rodeos. Anyone wishing In take part in the rodeo or western parade may call Frank Harris at l)i 5-:!SSt or H. O. l>e«l at III rj-;M3« for more Information. Howler Hits 2 Fatalities tins (act and that ihe firm in Labor Day BarBQ Program Changed The grand jury charged Thorn- pasi had delivered finished build- hill. H6. on nine counts of accepts iwo months ahead of sche- ing bribes totaling -S..^ and on Ixit for ins MISS i.mnv Riiihiini, H lender of the Starlet. Ics at Wharlnn Cr.uiit.N 1 Junior Col* Icgc uhcic she's a fu-shiiiiin . Traffic Flow Being Eased In Freeoort paitmenl's No. '2 man said. Kstes was able lo "gain nothing In al! his twisting and turning with Itu j| LVpailnienl of Agi icuitnr- ' (he "In our dealings with Ksies, we .exhibited no favoritism-only the Political speeches, previously Pjeted by Mars.iali :f.-nrness and justice ever>- Anier-.scheduled for a Ijbor Day pro- <-° ™ Victorm. -lean has a lighl In cvpccl in deal f.'1'ani s|mnsore<i by organized la- HH- in Bra/nria Counl>. have l>een cancellnt. All other events of the cia>. including a barbecue and dame, will hi- held as announced, in; (idle Ixit for practical purposes tlie.N would have to stay with lh> dale in Ihe bids. ATIII.KTIC IM.A.VT In other action the board ae ••epud Ihe aililelic planl jusl com hv Marshall Construction but an individual who posed as a CAMERON, \it. (APi— A howl- building in C;ur.eran. Many "," omado ' s truck this Louisiana 1 minor injuries. Civil I3ci«nse and ,3, , mvn ltue Tuesday night.. R«i Cross units sent cots and blankets for the refugees. A sleepy 9-year-old boy was curled up in the judge's chair in mp Courtroom at daybreak. Worn- Suggest 63 Ban GENEVA (API—The Soviet Union today proposed that all three nuclear powers end atomic weapons testing at the beginning of next year. Vasily V. Ku/iiifitsov. Soviet first deputy foreign minister, suggested the test cut-oii to the 76th ses- 'Mon of ihe U-narion disarmament talks. U.S. Ambassador" Charles C. z >*•• a-:'!' Bntisfi 'imisler -f Stale Joseph B. (Jodher categorically turned do\vn the idea immediately. Western snurces said Kmnct- «ov's remarks made it clear he was proposing an ttnpoliced moratorium which is completely unacceptable to the West. ' Conference sources said he 'made the proposal in an informal ^manner during a Ions speech in Which he again catesorically rejected parallel Western proposals for ending tests in the atmosphere, under water and in space, or in all possible environments including underground. ! Kuznelsov told the delegates the .Soviet Union was in support of a cut-off date for all nuclear testing. That date should be the beginning of r.ext January, and he indicated his government will raise Ihe mat- jter formally later. Earlier, several Western sources i said Kuznetsov- had proposed ihc ' lest cutoff for early in November, and said this date came over the . : English simultaneous translation ( . ausjng at Ic , sl uvo fatalities. Au tho| . jtips sny lhp ^,,3,], ta n may go higher. • sheriffs deputies formed search ing with his government." he .said. Murphy made these eonlenlions in a '_ M .Vr»age slalenieiu prepared fni the Stiiiitc Investigations sulv o,mm,lloe which is seeking t» de- »'' M "'» l «> • ^'- •<• '« ""' Rra 'Iriimnc whi'lher Ksies gol liuon iicalment through political iiiliu- "''" dice in connection with big eotinu plaining allolmenls un-l-r H de Data count ot conspiracy to defraud ihe government. Kennedy said Newman, 35, was accused of conspiring lo demand jes , Q mam , hroa;rl debris, al- e n sal in Hie jury box, clutching ^ mlfA Ihe government. He was identified h { rains nampere d ,-es- not a governm-Pi employe. ^ operat , 0 -, ls At leas;t 50 persons were repotted injured. Sirecis in Cameron—whcie near- j^faypne. --.Xo warning. AU of a ly SOO pi-rsons died in a 13S7 hurri- suc ]cien lhai tremendous howling cane—were flooded. The water ,, nj<( , •• willing to sell his allot- ' t , . '•" S I 1< "'1 r™ternal Order of Kagles . Sets Today 6:IS p.m. Rises Thursday 5:57 a.m. Sets Thursday H:4(i p.m. fanner nunts. ' Newman. :!•'', i» an assistant ichemi'i :n the lV>w Chemical Co. iu-seareh dep-titmeni. He has been system. Kuznetsov was speaking in Russian, and the November date apparently came from a mistranslation. A moratorium covering all tests, including underground explosions, is completely unacceptable to Ihe States and Britain. •hildren. They are willing tn sign an un"This was worse Uian Audrey," policed agreement lo stop tests in one refugee lold John Scott, news the atmosphere, under and in out- direelor of radio station KPKL. space, hut refuse lo accept as as , u , ( as , h( , tKx , rboar d O f a ; ,,.„.. ' . vir Folve , sent six Ba , ( , ,„:,,, physicians ban on underground testing which cannot he efficiently controlled. In an effort lo overcome Ihe Kast-Wcst deadlock llw two West- KATIIY CltKKNUKlU! Plans to prn (low of traUir in a smoother itiiwlilown Clellau. l)A,k. IMS Hint Karlxvue will be served Ironi mum until B p.m. and will be priced al SI.'-*;) for adults and 7ii Me- ceuis fnr children. Tlie dance is (I from S p.m. In midnight. Hoover Observed After Operation eight inches of rain fell six-lour pe- ~ ; on I-J. l''n-ep<in sector HIC mil. due hnnic nnw Irnui Hniistnn where she had n lonsilli Mnnday. .. ft Mil. and MILS. I.VI.K KHOK MKl.INi; nl College Station, dm tn leave ttxlay after visiling 11 said left turns' i-ff V\ few days with her parents. War nnln Cherry hy l«>lh being earned snuieoiie of lugii dc|viilmcnt rank wiih music by Ihe Melody Plii.v ne\v li'iiflie lights in - •tnmy siallcd al West Second and tlier iv and nther inipnivemenls «i. I'lty Manager Bill Hlackwell ,1 Sreon.l east and S,-eielai.v <••( Agnciilim Orville I. Kiciinan nr Murphv — iiiu.-l have hec-ii behind Ihe »IIS|XMI- slnu l.isl Jilli li nl nrdcrs eaneel ling Ksies' I%1 uillnn allolinelits Mtll|>h> s<ihl hi hail appi cancellation nf Illr-e .lllnllliellls ll.lflu obtained in liansfer ileals frnm '|-|ie oilier faiineis-<iii i\-> /.'. 19til. Hut. he Niiid. lie nnleiiHi a "sei • oiid link" al ihc cHiueluiliou ni'dci in January at the ut|uesl of .Sen. Ralph YailK'roiiRh, U-Te.v.. and Hep ,1 T Kuiheiloid. U-Tc.v. as Adequate fumls ha\ well as »t Ihe if|ucsi of Ksies and ceived In aid a Jfrerporl l, js |i, wvlM . ill tier effort lo rti-nver Ixn 'Hie piMKi'uni is liemg planned, iciiiiiiing to Hie group, to en - •ouruse |x\iple lo slay olf of the •m.'-d highways and In help eul down oil accidents puhli led lo altend. the Ihe the Ixvn den and Mrs. I., i;. H(U;NI>S rj west - bound truftlc will I* Clemens Kami. . . Inliiled when work is eninpl JANK'ITK AMHlilll.. i.h.mii.i- ,nn tile new signal lights nl friends l.'.lc Tuesday In tell ahntit itilciscclinii Signs tuiiiiiing her new bal>> hrnlher. . . Jell tin us will l»- pusleil nil Mil. and MRS. ,1. MAHCtIS sifinal IJRhl |nisls, he said. STUART of I.I, pleased with The center stripe un West Sec- their new pel. H kiln skunk whii h und. frnm Oak tn I'inc, is In lie ^hey ri'iKirl is as playful as a kit moved north nf its |ircsenl locu ten. , , itinn. Curb* nn the noilh side nf IVnv Cheimcars J. T. KAUB1 Wcsl Second art- ixiinuxt yellow ON, a rnundlahlc ehaiinian fni with no parking ullnwnl Die liKv" TeMis A&M Sluilrnl Coil Bluekwell said this will pui- On-net- nn NaUonrtl Atlnii-s lo IK- mule belter vehicular nmvciiiciil ;wuy did il ... held in December . . as il will move west-hound Iratlic im-nt's basic (wsiiion lhat Kslt's whidt {101.70 lias been TOM HKNDIUX, In mark » closer lo the iHirlh curb, 'llus will ; was not enlitletl to the allotments, tor d transcript ol slau'iusnt of hinhday 'lliurMliiy. while UK. allow Ihe east-bound tiultu- lane The undersecretary s«id lhal ex- fads. The fund is deposited in •ml MILS, 11. I.. 'silAW will he Ui be moved uul frnni the rears'ropl for Iwo crates of cantaloupes, iVeenorl Natiou«l Bank wiih Mi's. Mlchraiitii, an iiiiiivii.,,av that ! of angle-naHatl vehii !es on the he had re, eived no gifts.01- other Nornui Sohllllnger ol tVeeport day. . Mitith kiriit ui the siieut. ilien^iui trum Ksle*. H« »;ud «h»t «nd Harmon Ho*t * Bi»iaf»« as sa.vmg Ilixiver was 'peife lucid." "All his \iial siahle—pulse 7J, and temperature also givid." Hie spokesman s-iiii from The dot lor was quoted as sa\- Parish mi the perux! uiiinedialelv alter fied w was sih'h an (!iieralion is ijuoled by a spokesman at Colum- u-al ami tluii IKun bia Presbylenan MedU-al Cenu-r w.uched earelully. NKW YORK IAP> — Former . Pivsidenl Herhert Hoover. ,*S, leporUni in ^*tis{acloi->' condition loday after undergoing a three- hour operation Tuesday for removal of an mtesiinal growth. Dr. Rudolph N. St-hullinger, who perfornntl ihe o|H-ration. seriouslv' ir.ju ainbuiann? lo \ere suffering Many pvrsnr Mother Gets Funds For Court Battle county Demoerauc chairman, as ilnnaikiii In Ihe (und" Mrs. Sehil co-trustees. Both must sign linger said. tlie fund. She said 'IMescla> sislm bo.«i had been l«v'"K among local peopl Mrs. C.riggs «' Kree|»rt a deaf-nmle. Jamm ,-d in ihe wuh an aunt ....... ....... me lu oblum her IS-montli - old her child cheeks drawn on Muiphy sail) this second l.wk thrmujli a case Wed in the Court; Mrs. Si-WHinger slrenslheiirti Uie nVpartini-nfu uo-.ol Civil Ap|K-als in Beaumont. ihat a pmperly - siiUin lor » pOMibJc ™mi lighl Dt-|iosilcd in the Kmma J o signed in the office nf Son Bass a»u "»^ L> . . ncr Ihe allotmenls Hixi thai in nn:(Jiiggs Kund with Ihe Wipulauon jr.. Kreepui-l attorney who is " ' " - .-- . . . ^ei"vlee.s IO (lailglltei \\IIO \\ns anoudAi u,* in, lushaiul s luronts in llouslon. .. )1 Mrs. liriggs niainiiuns she sig.i- otl Ihe adopuon agreenieiil under : " ihe unpiission it gave violation s* nglils lo ihe child's ion Cameron within Iriod. Cameron, which has a popula- ;i(.« of about '-'."itV). is on Ihe I'y marshy Gulf Coast in exiieme southwest l^ouisiana. si-n-s remain A man identified as Harold "";••>'""• '" "''^' ,M,,,h is good. Siewart suffered a falal heart at- *"* , „," Alher iW.ti. which is tack shortly after twins evacuated <•/""'• "^ lalll< his home to Ihe Cameron juuil. Courlhouse. An unidemi- oiuan was killed and depu- deemed ent ties s-iid a child may hase been ^r would Iv killed when Ihe whirling SO-mile winds flipped over a house. .-- Some low-l>iug seclions of I.ake Charles—It! miles north of here— uero under water. A tornado alert lor the enure southwestern Umisiana area ».v red al ") a.m. wiih no additional -polls of twisters. An estimated l.'JOO peison.- od \M-re laken Lake Charles. hy many persons ;evert- shock. ; wetv repnrled nol he shghi'y lo- sive lesl Ivoi providing for strict controls over underground testing, and a ban on lesis in Ihe fhren olher environments with no control whatsoever. Ku/neisnv ealegoiii'.iily rejected the iwo propcsals In:- Ihe third day in a row. Cmifeieiico sources said The s-.orm struck two adjoining trailer paiks three miles easi oi Cameron and then skipped toward ihe tow n itself, dam.ig'iii; hausvs and bowling over utiliiy jioies and irees. The entire c.-asiai area «as pluilgeti II1M> <[H-s> .iS It Klloekeii 0111 power Illle.-. was no reiilar tele.ihone MM', ice lo Ihe area. All miiiuiiimcations were ehaniuleii ihrough nliorlwav.' he used the sam expressc forceful arguments, hut ,i inmelf in even more lerms ill in before. Greece Buys UN Bonds fNITKO NATIONS. N.Y. i-\P> .-ilive, e turned over a it.eck foi Slil.nnii Thiirsda> and became lh« Ktth eoimir\ in purchase L'.X. Bonds. H brought payments lo S-7.7;'> niiUion. Another 19 enunlries have cniirlliouse-iallesi , _ » l ( . _, Siiim million i^sue. the deparl-;"Ior return uf duld" was JS1, oJ.i, m irilHitin8 his iegal paid WMMre. Uriggs. "1 (eel the will take cart remaining of Hie $5 High 'J:10 p.m. Low $:4S p.m. I deputy who le •Lake I''s Ir. askin.; Un •amhulHm i n ;i I'.imeron y radioed to his automobile' r,an\ doeini's and ic.iild tie sem. sd'i . , und i •very- Hunic.nie Ainiie.v loie through Tin this .11 ea :n 1:1 V., leaving nearly tii.iiniersiin- 5ft). dead. The lowo b*i meet b«en and soi;;he rebuilt 1^. k^ 1 ' n ,,i simwurs and n-nleraie east Low to£i«lit M.

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