The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 17, 1961 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1961
Page 5
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President's Responsibilities Awe Mother Of JFK Tuesday, January 17, 1961 fft|t «.v JOY . A I* Women's Editor But Joseph Jr.. a Navy lieu- M,,^^'^" >• f-f^^i^ffi£; r ,y Anu^r^rpjL? S* P '^ UP In WMld W ~ .'rmv!m ( /n C> lTn tll; '-, hor S0!1 wi " ' '^° ilttrncl 'Ve Mrs. Kennedy I™ KT ° r , 9 rhiidrcn and grand- Daily four-mile walks have kept I you have a choice of schools, or t cade or so ago. Her mother is tl* •±Cl\}e\ Cli,-. r-lill nlntift fr^f n »»^1 ' . . - . .. _i:ll IJ.^i her agile. She still plays golf ice skates when she has a chance, and "lor years they couldn't beat me in tennis." She draws the line abroad at a certain age> at participating in the family's Rose Kennedy has always been I tunity to feel sorry for me — or thought would she a quioier one." "T.,,,1 i V into politics, Kennedy herself hit mv children " -> campaign trail last fall for her * cmiaren - toeison. "Of course I didn't discuss poli- 'I leave that for At 70, she's trim-figured and She loves babies— "When you look at your baby — what an awe-inspiring moment that is. You can form his character, his way of life. "And when you have more ad- i vantage, it's more difficult. When 100 FREE TV STAMPS (FREE WITH COUPON AND ANY PURCHASE) O'CEDAR MOPS 9. $2.95 BATH SCALES Reg. $5.35 20-GaL Galvanized GARBAGE CANS J 59 Now Only 2 Enjoy Big Savings Daring Oar Week Long SALE1 Rubber Maid DISH PAN Reg. $2.49. Universal 3 to 8 Cup PERCOLATORS ,,«, ? 10 39 Denman Hardware & Paint 116 East Texas Phone JU 2-5711 . . tov e to j many more decisions about what's best for him." And she loves large families — "You might as well sit in a nursery with two children as one, and if you're taking two to see "Hansel and Gretel' it's just as easy to take three. It's much more fun, and they're companions for each other, too. "Of course, you can't have nine children without some crises. That's why parents should inspire confidence. They should explain why they take a certain stand. Then when the children are older, they will come to you with their problems. Some boys of 17 or 18 can't talk to their parents. But my boys could talk to their father. He always said to them: 'Come clean, tell me all of it. If you don't I won't know how to help.' And they told him." Rose Kennedy was the debu- j tante eldest daughter of John Fitzgerald, former U.S. Congressman and mayor of Boston, for whom the President-elect was named. As a girl, she traveled widely with her father, who died a de- still living. When she looks back on her childhood and marriage to Joseph P. Kennedy in 1914, she says: "I've had such a thrilling life. And being a Catholic has been a tremendous help. A strong belief is the most wonderful thing that can happen to you. The fact that I've had one has given me a certain stability. But don't say I have fortitude. That makes me sound so sanctimonious. "Life seems more involved than when I was a girl. Children have so much more freedom now. That's why children who have had religious training and had their characters formed when they're young are pretty levelheaded when they're grown up and on their own." She doesn't think being mother t>f the President is going to make much difference in her life. She still works hard for charity. Right now this is taking the form of making speeches for women's clubs trying to raise money for their favorite charities. "I talk about life in England 1 when I was there in the '30s with my husband, the ambassador. It's fun and I enjoy it." Sinatra Says He Plans To Wear His New Outfit HOLLYWOOD (AP)—Frank Si- final—words about that publicized inauguration wardrobe designed by Don Ij/iper, Frank: says hf> likes the clothes and will wear them. "This is the story of my life," Sinatra said in a phone call from Washington to this reporter. "I buy some new clothes and it becomes a big crisis. I never once opened my mouth to anyone. "I like the clothes and I will wear them to whatever affair formal attire is called for." Some published reports quoted a spokesman for Sinatra as saying he was miffed at Loper for giving out details of the wardrobe. These reports also said Sinatra would not wear the clothes because he was angry. Not so, said Frank. "If I hadn't liked the clothes, I would have told Don so when I picked them up. They are just what I ordered." Loper is noted as one of the top designers of women's fashions. Col. Charles Northrup. Loper's longtime business partner, com- OF I960 MODEL APPLIANCES- FIHAL CLOSE-OUT Of ALL I960 MODELS HURRY, HURRY! YOU CAN'T BEAT THESE PRICES! GE WASHER AND DRYER Model WA-350 GE's most fabulous offer ever made by any appliance dealer in Baytown . . . The washer model WA 350 with flexible automatic control ... activator washing ... 5 year written warranty . . . 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"S^rrie* Is Our Most Important Product" Phont Jtt 2-8447 mented, however; ' 'Don designs A'*"-.It-t.«^ !*«..,»,**. —,«:_»„ U~l~«.~ ^xuait VMAI.^ 14\sv*Ox.£>, 11JV1J •£ .liClk/tM." dashery—anything. He's a designer, period, and an old friend of Frajik'S; Frsuk's wardrobe is classic, correct and legitimate in every detail." Included in the vardrobe is an Inverness cape for wear with whiJe tie and tails. Nightclub comics may have triggered the report that Frank was displeased with his clothes. Joe E. Lewis wired the thin singer: "Have heard about your new Don Loper wardrobe. Save the first dance for me." Phil Silvers ad libbed a similar joke from the stage of his Broadway hit, "Do Re Mi" while Frank was in the audience. "And nobody laughed harder than I," said Frank. The other night, af the Gary Copper testimonial, Milton Berle quipped: ''Sinatra would have been here tonight bat he was trying on his new Don Loper wardrobe and the zipper got caught in the sequins." Northrup said he was amazed when a Hollywood reporter for a New York newspaper called and "seriously askrd mo which om? o'i the suits had the sequins." THE HARD WAY SPENCER, Ind. (AP) ~ Russell Farris was out walking in the woods when he saw a rattlesnake. K-.'vis threw up his left hand in protection and fired his .22 caliber pistol with his right. The bullet passed through his left hand and killed the snake. TRY SUN CLASSIFIED ADS! Moving From White House Is Underway WASHINGTON (AP) - Any American citizen who has plodded through the topsy-turvy turmoil of moving knows what's been going on at the White House. Trucks have l>ern coming and going for more than a week carrying away boxes, crates, morej boxes, more crates. It's been a gradual process. But by this afternoon, the personal belongings, except for clothes, of President and Mrs. Eisenhower] were expected to be gone from their home of the past eight years. Moving is difficult for any American. For an American president, it is a gigantic task, almost like moving history. Lt. Coi. John Eisenhower has! been supervising the exodus for his parents. The General Sen-ices Administration is doing the moving. j There are papers to be sorted} and boxed—this for the Kisenhow-i ( er Museum at Abilene, Kan., thisj |for the now office to be. opened; j at Gettysburg, PH.. that for the! 'national rei-ord;:. i There are gifts—things like a! golf bag shaped like the'Washing- ton Monument, a silver punch; bowl from Burma, a stone Buddha i from Cambodia, Oriental rugs, a i j 100-year-old cwlwll. " j i Eisenhower has said thorp are i IS.OOO gifts he has received in I eight years of being president; I which are being sent to the Abi-j lone museum. Other items hnvo] been sent to the Smithsonian In- j stitution. j Some gifts wore personal ones i meant just for the Gettysburg 1 t , country home awaiting the Kisen-' jhowers. These include cattle.:' j horses, a flagpole, a fancy $-1,000; | tractor-cultivator and even a putt-j 'ing green. i Fortunately, Mrs. Eisenhower [doesn't have to worry about, pack- jing pots and pnns at the White. [House, dishes or a lot of furni-j turc. I What to bring to those personal I living quarters now is the prob-l letn of young Jncqueline Kennedy, i S'ho. has a date with the moving j men at the Kennedy hi>mo in the! Georgetown section of Washington) ithr first thing Monday after tho^ inaugural weekend. ' Four Children Arrive \ In Just Eleven Months KRAMINGHAM, Mass. (AP) — [ Framinejiam Union Hospital to-1 day disclo.sod Mrs. Warren E.! Garron gave birth to four children in 11 months. : Mrs. Garron gave birth to twin boys on Feb. 12. I-ast Wednesday j she gave birth to twin girls. ' ' Tlie Garrons also have another! daughier, agrd 3. '. Garron is the manager of a i Framingham taxi company. ! ! orr TO HUXT i ATOKA, Okla. (AP) -- An ad in the .Teffersonian read: "Wallace Hetts serves fair warn- ! ing That Ins harlvr shop will Ix^ rinsed every Tises.toy until no»n; during (fliail sr tson. ' j TRADES DAY SPECIALS! Full quality in every detail—and specially priced in Penney'$ coast- to-coast White Goods! Deep pinch pleats, deep hems! No-iron 100% iglass Fiberglas—hand wash and hang in 7 minutes! White, light sand, milk chocolate. 5 50 by 84 Inches White, milk chocolate, baby pink, aqua, buff, light periwinkle! All these colors, full width pinch-pleat styling, easy-care—and Pen- ^ mire ^E__ Udli o ney's low White Goods price! Fiberglas 100% glass—hand wash, Jfci hang in 7 minutes. Valance, 1.50 46 by 36 inches '•« kWWsMjy r iip If IpeK '/ivT'.wxv*. su :; /';.->*•. xl>x They're a special value, a special buy in Penney's coast-to-coast White Goods event! Fine quality Trulon R rayon hand washes quickly with negligible 2% shrinkage—needs no stretching, little ironing! A beautiful bargain! 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