The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 17, 1961 · Page 4
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 4

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1961
Page 4
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£un Tuesday, January 17, 1961 Industrial Index Drops Two Points WA5>mVGTON (AP) — Indus-; As recently as July, the mc'ex trial output dropped 2 per cent in [stood at 110 per cent. IV.-embrr with notable weakness Steel mill operations were cut :n sUY'l and auto output, the gov- Kick sharply in the final weeks cf ern"m--nf 7-eported today. jiftio, the board said, a.s Ti.<- Ki ••:!',--nil Resen'e Board said jturers curtailed inventories. It its iiy'uslrial production index l^id auto assemblirs wciv re i!:v;jr,,.,j !;'•>> points dtiilng ihf.'duced by 10 per cent ,.i.s; month. imnlh to i> '•.'; per cent of the 195"! Summarizing last month's bus:">,>:.".•. Tins was the lowest level-ness picture, the board said: !M more than a year find compared! "Industrial production cot nu -' •••'.'•'" ;• h;;;h nf 11 per cent last '<"> d.-'cline in December and th tVF. 8t'<rUCST fOt' OJUMUI PHOTO MURALS A Wonderful Gift Aayttim B.4VTOWN PHOTOS Hun Building Phnnp JT? i-*Stt in December and ~alae of (instruction t •hantrivi little. Reductions *> iployment were widespread i unf niployment increased. I sales declined slightly." II The first abolition nev^FJpu was the Philanthropist, which _p pea red in Ml. Pic.'.sant O., in TRADES DAY SPECIAL A SELECTED GROUP OF IMPORTED ORGANZA GREENS - GOLD - ROYAL BLUE , SLUE GRAY - PINK - TURQUOISE JAP SKIPPER REM KDITOR'S NOTE-ln a World | ar II Presid. m-dect i'.n i. Kenneu.v's torpedo bout. as rammed and sunk by a Jap-i sts,. <, trover. Kwmedy was 26, the time and his adversary, : Conulr. Kohei Hanami, was! . In thus story, as Hanami told | to i, one Kramer of The Asso-' ared Prvss. the ex-skipper iv- ; li.s the 11M.-1 ii-.eident and yives' ,s views of Kennedy today. | Suddenly We spotted an obje< -hurnins up white waves ab, < J.OOO meters to our starboard real i/ed it ua s a torpedo boat aa eriod out. "Ten decrees turn hil a ! .Such "crash strato^" was supposed to K> the best way to mi\ a torpedo boat attack." Our d,; stroyer moved headlong toward the smaller boat at MO knots \V O crashed rinht into it 1 saw A QUEEN IS CHOSEN—One or the New York Couture Group's new list of "World's Twelve Best Dressed Women" is beauteous Queen Sink-it of Thailand By KOHEl HANAMt ! : TOKYO lAPt—It stuns nu- to'names shot out" I think how close we came to dc-j The torpedo boat disappeared in jsir^jn-j Die i:ew president nf the;the dark, i knew that at least one | Lmied States, John K. Kennaiy. jhalf and probably both halves i«>!ie blaek ni.uht in the Pacific | sunk. The commander of that tor- • during World War II. | pe do bait happened to be John K. ! ^1 can ivmembfT that nisht very j Kennedy, but of course it was not ! d V iriy - ! until years later that I first heard , : It. was about 2 a.m. An;;. 1. 1943. j his name. j .'My ship, the Anwyin.' \\as re-j 1 thought probablv no one! I turning from a supply mission to | aboard the small boat survived I jour troops ir. Kololxincara. in the j The thing for us was to get out of j [Solomon Islands. [the enemy's theater of air superi- ; I It was a starless nk;h(. Run Iority as quickly as we could. AI- \ threatened and visibility uas poor, i though the collision smashed the 1 I stood on the bridge, straining to Amagiri's bow, damaged its screw j see as we moved northward up and caused some flooding, wej Blacket Strait. iwere able to run lor Rabaul at I had ordered tattle alert, since 24 knots. iW? were under constant harass- The next year I was relieved of ' rp.ent by U.S. planes in the day- command in March because of ill- time and by night raiders and j ness. I torpedo boats at night. i After the war, I settled down on I IKE'S BUDGET INCLUDES TEXAS ENGINEERING WORK LfMITED QUANTITY 69 YD. TRADES DAY ONLY PLEAT PRINTS & PLAINS IN. TRADES DAY ONLY 108 W. TEXAS JU 2-7426 WASHINGTON i AP)— Appropri ations totaling £58,309,800 for flood .control, navigation and reclama- jtion projects proposed by Presi- ' dent Eisenhower in his budget for tee 12 months beginning July 1 include tuese Army Engineer projects in Texas: Construction: Buffalo Bayou •and tributaries $3,500.000; Canyon i Resen-oir S3.000.000; Galveston Harbor jetties 5500,000: Gulf \Va- ?f-nvay Channel to Port Mansfield ; 52.639,000: Guadalupe River Chan- inel to Victoria 5900,000: Houston I Ship Channel S3,000.000; McGee ,jBend Dam Reservoir 59,600.000; [Navan-o Mills Reservoir 53,500.;COO: Port Aransas-Corpus Christi jWatenvay Sl.255,000; Proctor Res-, ' ervoir S4.500.000; Sabine-N'eches i ; Waterway 51,800,000; San Antonio iGviimel improvement 52.400.000; ! Stilihouse Hollow Reser\-oir $500.:000: Texas City project S400.CTO; iarsd Waco Reservoir 58,500,000. : Pirinnin-_-: Bardwell Resen-oir j 5115,000; Big Fossil Creek S50.000: Biii-deiv Creek Rescr.'oir Nc-w iBraunfels 550,000; and Mata-orda : Ship Cliannol 5405,000. i Sunvys: Bnizos Pav-er fabijve jWhit»ney Dami Sij.OOO; Calhoun| Victoria 525,000; Chololate Eayou iSR.OCO; Colorado Paver SISO.iXXJ: iDoubJi.* Eayou 511,700: Ed^arus ,'Underground Rcsen'oir S2."i.(XX); EJ Paso 540,000; PaJacios 51,900; Houston Ship Channel 53,600; Lak Houston Ship Channel 51,725.000: \ Lavon Resen-oir 592,000; Lewi Wichita Holiday Creek 522.0W; ^ ^am SmOffl; Matagortia!] Xeeh,,c Riv- P r .«nnm P,,H i«-"-iScSScffi'vv2teS??-'S 1 "' 1 000; Sabtne-Neches Waterway $2,'-'j 375,000; San Angelo Reservoir' S"2,000; Texarkana Reser-il River 530,000; Sabine-Neches Wa- tenvay 515,000; Sabine River $50,000; Sander-Bis Pine-Collier Creek 510,000; and Trinity River $250,000. Operation and maintenance: An- ahuae diannel $29.000; Belton Roservoir 590.000; Benbtxiok Res- lervoir 5223,000; Brazis Island Harbor $560.000: Buffalo Bayou Resen-oir SSS.IXfJ; Clear Creek and Clear Lake 575,000; Dam "E 1 ' Resen-oir SS1.000; Double Bayou 535.000; Feirells Bridge Resei-voir 5152,000: Freeport Har- voir 5199,000; Texas dry Channel S36o,000; Trinity River Channel to Liberty 520,000; and Whitney : Resenoir 5275,000. Reclamation Bureau projects,' construction and rehabilitation in: Texas: ! Canadian River 51,450,000: Low-; | er Rio Grande-La Feria 51,200-: 000; Mercedes 52.291,000; and San Ansjelo 58,034,000. Reclamation Bureau project rehabilitation and betterment in -.*v-.^4 .v.j t «iAUi.,v-jv, iic^yun ncii- jiauuiiauun ana Detiermeni in bor 5180,000; Galveston Harlior Texas: Rio Grande Water Im- , and Channel 51.320,000; Grapevine Resen-oir 532,000; Gulf Intracoast- provement District No. 1, 5550.000. Reclamation Bureau, operation ._-_.-„. ,r- — , vv w v _ u ..* ...i^t v««..v^.i»jfc- i ».*„ u to-i i j a u\_n i *_JUi Lciu WUt I uLlOI 1 ai Water f Galveston; 52,470,000; j and maintenance request in Tex- Hords Creek Reservoir 547.000:'as: Falcon Dam S10.000. WE NEED THE CASH Jeff Corey Returns To Acting After Ten Years HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Recently j "I appeared before the commit-!] Jeff Corey acted in an "Untouch-j tee on a Friday," he said. "On 1 ables" film, playing a druggist i Monday, I enrolled as a freshman with a knack for making bootleg ;at UC LA. I attended the ttniver- I I I I " " " " WE MUST FORGET THE COST AND RAISE DOUGH HURRY NOW « LIMITED QUANTITY AT THESE PRICES --.. a good role, though not '• a showy one. What made his per- i formance news was that it was I the first film acting he had done ;in exactly 10 years. It marked his return fnj/n the shadowy c.xile I;of film personages who refused to answer questions about Com- ||rr:unist connections ix-fore a eon- I' icressional committee. tlierapist. "How did I support my family? I worked as a manual laborer on a. construction project. Then I started coaching dramatic s*u- , dents. I was quite surprised by I Use results. Today I am conduct- ,ing 10 classes a week with as !many as 'M students in a class. lirw " HP acted in (V) other) He u! : movies and says he was the bus- of hls 's pnvat--ly. FJjnv include Acafieray bu CLOSE OUT PRICES WAY BELOW DEALERS COST...Come in Today GUNS-GUNS-GUNS • Duck Hunter's Special Model 58—Remington AUTO SHOT GUN 99 95 • Deer Hunter's Special WINCHESTER 94 - 30-30 Reg. 79.95 54 95 MANY OTHER BIG GUN BARGAINS NOW WE NEED THE CASH You Can Use The Savings! iest actor in 'Hollywood during th"e' Awar<1 u " inn ' TS ;ind nominees late 1940s. Then he was men-| nal ^ r ' s ln th " nlovi '- wor!fl - tioned in hearing testimony as! Con-y made no move k> '_'< t ! having attendtKl t:ertain meetings, j ' Jac ^ «' f " films until his a;4'-fi! Ille was callei.1 before the House j told him he was up for "The I'n- ''. Un-A))i"ricaji Activities Commit-! touchables.' 1 His retuni 1 ti-e in L<'is Angeles hearings. lie t t'xik the Fifth Amendment. i "To i-aovt of us who were call.-ii no tl! ,to appear, the questions were his- '. r ' p nee, ituricai," he says now. "If li ; t}iouy;ht security was involved. I i would have answered freeiy. But ; it wasn't. i "I knew what was required iflAi, lanan'c Plannmn 'I wanted to continue in my pro-i"" JU\lQll J riaillUllg j fession. All I had to do was drop] t . x . the two required names in the! TOKYO fAP) — Japan plans to : basket, and I would have been| inau '^»' ; "e H space program this 'permitted to work. I didn't choose \ y° ar vv ' tn the aim of buildinc; an I to. I thought it degrading, and a'°P erati " nal earth-circling satellite •man has to live with himself." b - v 39f>3, officials of the govern- j without incident. ;ir!(i now he hopes' other roles will follow. He shows about his expe- Space Program First Corey made his choice and drew the expected results. His agent told him it would have been use•1.--SS to apply for movie jobs. Corey has a wi/e and three children. ment's science and technology agency reported today. The satellite would be sent into orbit with American rockets from a launching pad in the United State?. T.G.&Y/S TRADES DAY SPECIALS E. J. BRACK'S DELICIOUS ORANGE SLICES REG. 20c LB. Lbs. CLOSING-OUT SHOTGUN SHELLS 1/r* MAG. ..2.59 per box IOUa»Hi. . Hi-Vd... 2.59 per box i.Vel. ..2.49 per box 20 Ga I MAG. ..2.45 per box LIMITED TIME ONLY . . . . Hi-Vt(. .. 2.2» per box Stock Up Now For Next Season DONT FORGET OUR BIG FREE 5 SILVER DOLLAR OFFER OK EYINRUDE! FILE-A-WAY IDEAL FOR THE HOME OR OFFICE INDEXED LOCK & KEY H KEEPS IMPORTANT J RECORDS SAFE AND HANDY REG. 2.49 REYNOLDS CO 1412 W. ftMi — f». JU 2*M»f f 10 W. T»x« — Ph. JU 3-1019 PVnt.V of OPEN «:*» STORES Jt.SH P Vf . RAMMING KENNEDY'S BOAT iy family faun at Shjikma |.!:ip..n Institute cf Koiviqii AffairsjTokyo in time (o met him, luitf After fhat I naturally folJowed .i'k of sleep (r:>:n constant hum-! n T. k\c. li .sai.l that the lorpcdojl wrote him a letter, eonuralula-1 Kennedy's successes with interest, •.irdniem and overutirk had l>i , :\.w, s nashed h\ the Ama.yiri had tinu him on his daring attack and|.My fortunes, too, improved. J be- -kippcievl by C.Mmr.'ssinanimiraeuloiis sum\al and wishingicame a HI»K! fanner. My wife and iy,' then visinm; ,Ia[>,,n. awi'hitn suci-ess in his campaign for) I have bou;-',ht radio and television '.'ft! to me"t me. f senator. In his r(-\>ly Kennedy! sets and a motor plow. We raise mili-h. 1 eai:v ilou In 1952. still en the i.irni. i \\asi 1 \v moved by ja-iv-ed with my vi'.Av that the;chiekeiis and beef cattle—one cow to a for-i United Stales and Japan sin'.iM I at a time—«ith the help of hired W. SE JEWELRY Does It Again... THEY OFFER TO YOU THE PEOPLE OF BAYTOWN THE BEST BUYS ON TOP QUALITY DIAMONDS AND WATCHES AT ALL TIMES. Small Down Payment Will Hold Your Selection DIAMOND BRIDAL DUO BOTH KMOS 50 DIAMONDS BRIDAl SET 6 DIAMOND 8RIDA1 SET Stiff Continuing... !sl§l On FINE QUALITY Costume Jewelry Entire Stock Included CULTURED PEARL RING *49 M 30c WMkrf Jewelry for all Purposes and all ages...Come In Now And Save... LIMITED TIME ON THIS VALUE! INITIAL ONYX RING S 14' s BRIDE-GROOM UK GOLD BANDS ~£t 6 DIAMOND 311 sst \ II Man's BULOVA 17 Jtwefs lady't BULOVA 17 Jewel* 17.JEWEL ROIN 'i M*di«il»rproo» at KJnq 01 <ai», cryitat and crown ars * Pllfot 301 West Texas Ph. JU 2-4458

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