The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 13, 1954 · Page 3
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 3

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1954
Page 3
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Virie BATIOWN iUN, WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 13, Your Home— HERE ARE 15 RESOLUTIONS FOR CARE OF YOUR HOME By LOWELL LAMMERS, AIA Each year we resolve anew, And so .each-year .I'll resolve with you: Resolution 1. Take care of the seasonable things promptly and now that winter is here and 1 I don't need the screens • I should take them down, clean them, repair the. little broken ; places in them, reinforce them with metal corners if necessary and even go so far as to give them a coat of paint. Resolution 2. At this time of the. year to work on the grounds; to cut a drainage ditch where it is needed 1 ; to build up some low WHERE TO BUT TVs & Appliances Kovar Appliance Co. "We R«ally Service What We Sell" WHY DIET TO TAKE OFF UGLY FAT? Why riot try tbe sensible way to reduce? Just ask your druggist for Jfour ounces of liquid Barcentrate— I now Just *1.69. Mix with grapefruit Juice as directed on label and take I according to directions. II the very i first bottle doesn't show you the sen- itdble vay to reduce, return the empty bottle for your, money bock. Nothing harmful in Barcentrate. No dieting -— no calorie counting. R. K. Mitchell, 6503 MInoU Street, 'Houston, Texas, wrote us as follows: -1 weighed 216 pounds when I com- Jnenced to take Barcentrate. After fcsiog two months, my weight wai 180.1 did not diet in any way. Before •sing Barcentrate, I was bothered with constipation and bad a bkatod Jeding ID my stomach." places with top soil; to remove the dead limbs and cut back the bushes and shrubs that have gotten out--of hand or assumed unpleasant shapes. Resolution 3. While it is cool and the foliage is sparse I will inspect the foundations carefully noting any cracks or signs of a • settling or termite activity so that I can call in the Architect or the termite man to adVise me on remedies. Resolution 4. That I crawl under the house and inspect it thoroughly while the spiders and other wildlife are dormant from the cold weather. Resolution 5. That when spring gets here and the weather-warms up and 1 the rains, come we check our caulking and weather seals around the windows and doors and that we inspect our roof, our valleys,'gutters, and clean leaves out of the downspouts. If I don't "have splash blocks, that I install them now. Resolution 6. That early in spring I plan any changes that I want to make around 1 in the house so that when the first'real good' building weather arrives' I can get at it and have everything ready. Resolution 7. That as the season nears when I shut off the heating system that I clean it thoroughly and change the filters so it may be ; used as a blower in summer. Resolution 8. That I , clean the house up well and check the floor finishes for wear in the doorways and see if I 'can't "spot-in a ' few places to prolong the life of the finish without spending the money for an enitrely new job. : . Resolution 9. That I get the fans out. of storage, clean the blades, oil them'and check the electrical cords so that they are in readiness when I really need them. Resolution 10. That I check all the windows to see that they operate properly and open fully. That, the locks are intact and in good working eondi'Sori. Resolution 11. That when hot weather does arrive I see..that the soil around'the house foundations is not allowed to dry- out causing the house to move and settle and the foundations to crack or sink. Resolution 12. For those of us who have air conditioning units, new filters installed and the unit test run, dusted out and oiled. For the rest of us that th§ soace heat- •ers.are disconnected and put away and that the floor furnaces are shut off.- cleaned out and a,heavy paper inserted under the grill . to keep dirt from falling in it all summer .long. .Resolution 13. Check the outside hose connections. See .it they need new washers and are, not dripping and running the .water bill up, and along with this probably a new section of garden hose to replace the old one that is taped in several places. , . Resolution 14. Don't forget m early summer, or should I have included it in late spring, the inspection, repair and painting of .the porch and yard furniture. Resolution 15. That: I read-The Baytown Sun every day and this column every week so that I might be kept abreast of the latest and best things that; tiie architect has to offer in, home .designing,. construction,, maintenance and repair. When, the planet Mercury passes between the earth and the sun, it is' invisible to the naked, eye. . . "•'•',;'•".•••.. . . Mr. Home-Owner NOW IS THE TIME TO CLAIM YOUR HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION It is a simple matter, but one which will cost you money if neglected. JUST VISIT THE COUNTY TAX OFFICE AT 302 W. DEFEE TELL THEM YOUR LOT NUMBER, BLOCK NUMBER, AND SUBDIVISION OR SURVEY NAME. IT WON'T TAKE YOU 5 MINUTES! THIS REMINDER PUBLISHED 'AS 'A PUBLIC SERVICE BY HARRIS COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS i LOAN ASSOCIATION Savings And Lean Building Dial 8355 Member FSLTC DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Makes 1. rough 86. StitchbinJ (Maori) 3. 9. A pigment 4. 10. Male adults 5. 11. Area under 6. a house_ 12. Cushions 14. Exclamation 7. 15. Male deer S. 17. Narrow inlet (geol.) 11. 18. River in 13. Asia 20 Native of 16. Sparta 22. City (Nev ) 24. Close tightly. 25. Rub out 27. Bitter 30 Brownish, red chalcedony 32. Biblical name 33. Tries again 36. Enemy scout 37. Biblical / name 38. A son .' r of Adam 40. Hebrew letter 41. Location of the "Leaning Tower" 43. One who moans 45. Transgress 46. Come in 47 Convert into leather 48. Feats DOWN Orator Man's nickham* Troubles Stinging insects .Thongs Mischief vous person Merciless Country in Asia Job River Earth goddess (Gr- Mvth.j 19 A daugh- ler of Nicholas II. Russian Tsar 21. Contest of speed 23. Eskerj Igeol.) 26. Goddess of discord (Gr ;Myth.) 28. Door knockers 29. Purchaser 31. Judged Yeitcftliy'l Answer 33. Knock 34,Live 35. Piece of rock 39. Detest 42. Girl's nam« 44. Man's nickname ^^ us 3V yi 41 3* 41 30 10 46 K4- 41 4f» yt 4* 40 1-13 Barclay On Bridge A Central Presi F«»tur« SHOWING SUIT LENGTHS WTTH a strong enough hand for the purpose, it is usually easy to tell your partner conventionally the lengths of two *uits. Bid. ding 1 the higher, next the lower and finally rebidding- the lower indicate* five cards each. Bidding the lower, then the higher and finally rebidding the higher, indicates six of the ttrst, five of the second. Bidding the lower, next the higher and then the lower shows five of the lower and four of the higher. Bidding the higher, next the lower and rebld. ding the higher shows five of the first, four of the second. Bidding one suit twice, then the other, shows only four of the second and at least six of the first There are exceptions, especially when the opponent* crowd you or when your holding is close to border' line in strength, V A KM) 3 J • 3 + AK764 K109J N W E S 4K1063 »QJ6 • Q864 Police Seek Crooked Doughnut Salesman MOLINB, HI., Jan. 13—(IP)—Police were on the lookout WeJncs- day for a confidence man who took prepaid orders for doughnuts and failed to deliver. Bilked housewives d'escribed the confidence man as about 12 years old. . Try Sun Classified Ads—Dial 8S02 Wonderful Help /"Child's Cough For coughs and scute bronchitis due to colds you can now get Crcomulsion specially prepared for Children in anew pink and blue package and be Mire: (1) Your child will like il, <2) It contain* only safe, proven Ingredients. (3) It contains no ntrcotics to do- Wrt> nature's processes. (4) U will aid ERfere to soothe mi) heal raw, tender, inflamed throat itnd bronchial membranes, thus relieving Ibe cough and promoting rest and »lccp. Ask for Crcomuhion for Children in the pink Mid blue package. CREOMULSION FOR CHILDREN MOORE'S SHOE STORE PRE SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY . SHOES FOR WOMEN FOR MEN We will soon begin a major face-lifting job on our store, and we are taking big price,.reductions on shoes for all the family in order to move them out of the. way. Come in now—these savings are for a limited time only! LADIES' SHOES FURTHER REDUCTIONS ON MANY SUEDES AND A FEW SMOOTH LEATHERS. COLORS—BLACK AND BROWN. VALUES TO ! 11.95 AND One Group WOMEN'S FLATS REGULARLY *A99 *^ L AND 0 5.95-7.95 * CHILDREN'S SHOES REGULARLY W9 1Q99. 4.95-6.50-6.95 L AND 0 BEADED OR MAC* MOCCASINS FOR TEENS REGULARLY 2.99 - ».« - S.BO $•199 $A9* I AND L CHILDJtEN'S SOCKS Beg. All Colors Except White 39c Prs. JI 1 MEN'S SOCKS Big Group —".. ,«0c-65c MEN'S SHOES MANY OF THESE HAVE ARRIVED SINCE CHRISTMAS! $1499 ENTIRE STOCK REGULARLY $16.95 14 ENTIRE STOCK REGULARLY $12.95 to $14.95 11 M O O R E S SHOE STORE 213 W. TEXAS " 4QJ8 ; V83 • AJ52 + Q10 8 S (Dealer: North. Nattvftouth vulnerable.) Nortto East South Weal 19 Pass 1 NT Pass 2 <|k Pass 2 NT Pass 3 V Pass 3 NT On his second bid, North was sound, but when ho r e b (d the hearts on his third turn, he was away off the beam. That call made South sure North had flve hearts and only four clubs, con- sequently four cards in the other two suits. In what "he rated u a close question, that.slight misleading caused South to make the wrong bid on his final turn. If North had rebid the clubs on his third turn, South said later, he would have bid 4-Clubs, which North would have taken to game In the suit, and it could have been made easily with the loss of nothing except two spade tricks. South bid the 3-No Trumps, as It was, for two reasons. First, the club situation did not look as good as it was. Second, the No Trump situation looked a little better than the fact. Against the No Trump game West led the diamond 10 to the Q and A. Seeing a chance if West held the heart Q and J, South finessed the 10. That made it easy for the defenders to get throe tricks in diamonds, one in hearts and two in spades to beat the contract two tricks. Tomorrow's Problem 4 J!04 VAQ4J Buy From Your Baytown Merchant MAKE A DATE FRIDAY, JAN. 15, TO SEE THE NEW 1954 PAC KARD America's New Choice In Fine Cars! • They're here for youc inspection—the greatest Knc of cars ever built by Packard. See—compare—these exciting lew features—brilliant new 212-horscpowcr engine . . . irend-setting contour styling . . . ultra-luxurious comfort interiors ... maximum afl-'rownd vfcfcShy • • . Lfltramaric, finest of all automatic drive*... Packard _ . Hrakcs . . . Packard Power Steering . . . Ptywt* Operated Windows . . . Electric Four-Way Sett Attjwoaead ...and The N W E S • KJ85 V 10 9 7 2 • A962 4.J84 (Dealer: West. tforth-S o * th vulnerable.) If West bid spades twice, the club 2 is led to the K and the heart 5 to the K and A, what should North try to thwart th« 4-Spades contract? Next It'll Be Letter To 'Government Issue' VIENNA, Jan. 13—(TPi-The U.S. Army received a letter addressed to "Mr. R. G. Coffee, U. S. Army," thanking him for the Christmas food 1 package he sent to an Austrian family. Army officials said that all Christmas gift food was distributed in quartermaster sacks stamped with the word "coffee" pre- coded by the initials "RG" which stand 1 for "roasted ground.'' Maid CLIPPER America's Newest Medium-Priced Car! • Here's the automobile that set a new standard of value in the medium-price field last year. For 1954 it's an even greater value package! With Packard quality from stem to stem juxl roa<l to rooC, h'» * true tarocy or ki but price. More cla.ts, more fine-car feature*, m more room, more size than aoy odxsc car in H» pcic* We Invite You To Come In...See And Drive These Newest Of Ca PACKARD BAYTOWN INC. 1001 N. MAIN ST. PH. 4494

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