The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 23, 1960 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1960
Page 1
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.',* ,.'(' REPORTER INVESTIGATES LlfE AS A SIDEWALK SANTA-SEE STORY ON PAGE 6 TODAY Tide Schedule Today: High S;R3 p.m. Low 10:55 p.m. Saturday: High 4:44 a.m., 7:02 p.m. Low 11:12 a.m., 11:41 p.m. PORT FACTS Weather Cast Partly cloudy to cloudy with little change in temperttur* through Saturday, Low tonight 45, High Saturday 57. VOL. 48 NO. 259 Classified! BE 9-2611—AH Oihar Offices: BE 3-3411—Except AngleJon: TI 9-5248 SERVING URAZOSPOR'f, ANGLETON, WEST COLuMMA, BRAZORIA, SWEENY. OLD OCEAN, tANBVK? and DAMON 23, I960 Preeport, Texas IN BRAZQSPO&J Food, Toys, Go To 115 Families There should be no hungry families or children without toys in Brazosport on Christmas due to the coordinated efforts of organizations nnd through tha Committee. Most of the 115 needy families nnd elderly people who live alone on old-age assistance money have been assigned to various churches, clubs, organizations and individuals of the area who wish to help someone. The remainder of the needy will be given money, food, toys and other articles donated to the welfare commit tee by organi-1 have been taken over by the various churches and organizations. rations nnd individuals. These contributions were stored In the old Piggly Wlggly building Indlvifllill* ivnrktni* ™KK'* ">»KW UUIIUIIIB individuals woiking o n West Broad where a number Brazosport Welfare of volllnloers Ka(nprcd , oday , 0 pack baskets. The food, toys and other items were to be delivered later today by trucks, also donated for the task by their owners. Mrs. F. C. Sanders has been manning the welfare committee telephone at the Freeport First Christian Church office, donated as a headquarters. The Rev. O. C. Harper, pastor, is president af the Brazosport Ministerial Alliance, on of the organizations aid- Ing in the welfare project. John A. Smith Is chairman ol the. 10-member welfare committee whoso members come from Brazosport cities and communities. Mrs. Sanders says the coordinated aid to the needy prevents duplications as organizations nnd individuals seek to help others at Christmas. By centralizing the aid, the welfare committee hopes to reach every person who needs extra help to make the Yulctlde a happy one. Mrs. Sanders says that almost three-fourths of the families BULLETIN AUSTIN m — Governor Pile* Daniel ha« appointed Secretary of State Zollia Sleaklay to tha Texai Supreme Court. Sleakloy will succeed Ai- sociate Juitice Robert Calvert on Jan. 3 when Judge Calveri takes hii oath of office ai chief justice. Sieakley hat bean secretary of date ilnca 1957 when Daniel first became governor. .Smaller diuretics have taken one or two families while some larger churches are aiding a number of families through Sunday School classes nnd otlier groups. Several groups employed ny Dow Chemical C c m p a ny have secured names of families, with various clubs and groups providing help for others reported to ths welfare committee. Contributions to the committee include the toys and food gathered by the Freeport Lions Club. The welfare committee work is headed up by the Salvation Army working through the Ministerial Alliance and other organizations and persons who donate their tune in investigating needs and handling them. Monday Will Be Holiday For Most BP Businesses Most business firms in Braz- osport will be on holiday until Tuesday when they close their doors Saturday evening. Monday is a scheduled business holiday. Hours of closing Saturday, Dec. 24, -will vary- But almost all will remain closed Sunday nnd Monday. Area banks will observe regular hoars Saturday, closing at noon; and will remain closed until Tuesday. Post offices will follow the same schedule. All will close at noon Saturday, and will reopen Decor Judging Tonight The Brazoria annual Christmas homa decoration contest judging will be from 6 to 9 tonight. Residents with Christmas decorations are asked to leave their lights on during these hours. The judges' tour will include all homes in Brazoria proper and Old Town. Marine News S/s Hellenic Splendor Due Dec. 24 Brazos Harbor C.'a JilSrt.-V y lt-r.<«- Due Dec. 27 Phillips Dock LARUY CHEVALIER of FP, leaving on a deer hunt Thursday und due back Christinas Day. . . F. M. SANDERS, explaining tlmt he was not forgetful when lie wore one house shoe and one regular shoe to H Clute Council mooting Thursday night, but a blister on Ms foot was infected. . MARGARET SWEAT, missing from her job ;.s FP police dispatcher Wednesday and Thursday nights because of illiu^s. . . MR. and MRS. B. G. FERGUSON, marking their Hth wedding anniversary today. And, MR, and MRS. 0. li. KING, due lo murk a similar occasion on Saturday. . MRS. HOMER FUQUA, missing from her new Child Welfare job recently because of the dcalh of her father. . . C. E. AFFORD, receiving condolences on the de;ith of His mother, . . Gulf Photo engraver G. W. "RED" JOHNSON and wife-. HELEN, being congratulated >>n the blvlli of a now daughter, j LAURA DEE, at BP Memorial Hospital T h u r s day afternoon. She welshed seven pounds. . , 2 Shopping Days'Til Tuosday. But on Sunday and Monday, mail will be boxed by 12 noon. Outgoing mall will be picked up as late as 4 p.m. on the two days. All city halls of the area will take a three-day holiday. Lake Jackson, Clute and Freeport will close at the regular hour Friday, and open again at "the regular time Tuesday. Sunday, Dec. 25,'and Monday, Dec. 26 are holidays for Dow shift workers. Monday, Dec. 20 and Monday, Jan. 2 are holidays for salaried workers and hourly workers not on a shift basis. The Brazosport Facts advertising offices are open until noon Sjturday; editorial offices are closed Saturday nnd Sunday; Monday is a regular work day. Maverick In Race For U.S. Senate Seat By Associated Press Former State Representative Maury Maverick has announced his candidacy for the US Senate seat to be vacated soon by Vice President - Elect Lyndon B. Johnson. Maverick says he will an- nounrc the platform on which he expects to run soon after the Christmas-New Year's holidays. Maverick's entrance into the race brings the total of announced candidates to six. Associated Press Member Pricfe 5 Cent* CHRISTMAS FOOD, TOYS FOR NEEDY BP FAMILIES Rev. Harper, Mrs. Sanders View Items For Some Of 115 Families Aided AT CLUTC Elected Chief Asked; luest Deni .,_._._.,.,,, , . the additional The Clute City Council received , the three-road system of Highways that the northern route would be wollld also ^ a petition from an ex-city police 1 should be supported and promoted For Counfy Job Sanders Resigns Clute Position Clutc City Secretary F. M. San- |it and decided to wait until all.himself he can't hold himself ders submitted his resignation to | Councilman were present. Let's Mayor L. V. Conover midway through a Council meeting Thursday night, an action that apparently took the Council by surprise. Sanders' letter stated that he had been offered a position with the county, and was resigning effective Jan. 15 to take the better position. He declined to say at this time what the county post will be. Sanders recommended that the Council fill his position prior to Jan. 15 so he can help in acquainting the new city secretary with the job. There was speculation that Sanders would receive the appointment as Commissioner-elect Dixie Brown's superintendent of the Precinct 1 Road Department, but neither Brown nor Sanders would confirm this report. Earlier in the meeting, when old business was being transacted, Sanders reported on prices of cars. The purchase of another cily car has been pending for several weeks, with Councilmen not in agreement about taking Sanders' entire car allowance in paying for (lie car which Sanders would use in his work. Councilman J. E. Robinson had skip it." Sanders then told the Council that he would bring up something later that might resolve the situation. When the Council took up new business, Sanders handed his letter to Mayor Conover, saying it would "make a lot of changes". Alter reading the resignation to the Council, Conover said he received the letter with personal regret. Cantrell said, "I say if you keep a good man, you have to pay him." Sanders said, "It breaks my heart but a man has to look out for himself.' He said he had enjoyed his work and that nothing any of the Council had said or done had caused his resignation, and he would still be around to help out. Robinson said Sanders was getting a better job and advancing himself, and no pressure had been put on him. "If a man can better down for the betterment of tha city," he said. The Council then passed a motion accepting the resignation. Not present were Councilmen M. S. Johnson and W. W. McKinney. McKinney has been in a Galveston hospital for about 10 weeks and Sanders said he was informed of the resignation Thursday night oy visitors. Sanders then said the resignation was the reason he had asked the Council earlier to hold off on the car deal. Robinson said he thought the Council should wait in acting on the car purchase, and the matter was dropped. Sanders was the first mayor of Clute when the city incorporated and he was elected in 1952. He went into the office in May and served until the following April when a city election was held. He took the post of city secretary on Sept. 2, 1958, on the death of J. T. York \*io had held the position. Fugifsve McHargue Given Fu!8 Pardon By Governor HOUSTON (AP) — No matter suggested taking Sanders' S60 a where you looked it would oe month car allowance and $50 car I hard to find a family happier allowance which goes to Police [than that in Houston of John Mc- Chief Bill Partcn, in paying iorHargue who has been living a built one way or another eventual- patrolman Thursday night, advo-jby all cities municipalities and!ly. Councilmen M. S. Johnson and V. M. (Ray) Cantrell were j noon io visit a brother and then planned to fly to Houston last night or this morning, to spend Christmas with "My kids." Actually, the kids are stepchildren who love their stepfather very muzh. One of them — 14- A week ago tonight he was year-old Kay — answered the car which police model life the past eight years jn emergenc 4 las James Paul Connor. arrested in Houston for speeding eating that the Clutc- chief of po-;communities in Brazosport as a! He also reported on Galveston'si aKains! tak i"S Sanders' entire.S60 iWhen a fingerprint check reveal- uuueu i:«uiuiuuLt;a iu &JA. , They include State Senator P° !nled - jlice be elected instead of ap- 'Henry Gorizafes of San Antonio, Congressman Jim Wright of Fort Worth', William 'A. Blakley of Dallas, all of whom profess Councilmen also heard quest for their endorsement on the three-road, proposal recommended by the-Brazraport Plan________ > __ __ ..... ____ i _______ to be"" Democrats,' "a"nd "j oTn | "j^ Commission. to be presented - single plan at the Austin meetirg. j plans for the southern, or beach ° Tl'rnrVlinr CltrrrToMrw^ thn tl*-n /"Vjtn. ! ' " cils of Brazosport have meeting before ing and try ^ agreement. the five Coui,-, d R a pint I. becn <• -c- Pas '"<•': ,as they said S25 of that amount Jed his true identity, he lamented: was in lieu of a pay raise granted j "I don't guess I'll be able to i recent legation Sanders by a previous Council. '< enjc^Vj^hristnias jvith, my kids »d to .iljnw _Galvos-! / "Then no sigreTrieirt wa* roar?)-;7io'/"*fe, .... -* . . . OVP- '•/•-: j. .'VK.H-:.-. 1"'$ 'k° rfl3t'.-:z,.': H>i .u.:,-f••! lintii! ',2^mfii^se, you see, had been He Tower, a Wichita Falls Republican who ran against Johnson for the Senate in November's General Election. Still another announosd candidate is Hugh O. Lea, Attorney of Orange. Maverick says he would welcome some sort of television debates if all candidates are present. Facts Weekend Edition Will Be Delivered Early Saturday The Brazosport Facts Weekend Edition will be ihero at a Highway Commission meet- in.? in Austin in January. PETITION Milton Goodrum, a former«-city patrolman presented a petition signed by about 200 persons. .'County in constnicdfig '•'££, said the Highway Dcjstt't-1tt San Luis Pass. •.'•> had proposed the uarthem[ Kramig said tlie briiig route and incon\.iig County Commissioner Dixio Brown had • hririop' •'" ^ounciliiicn "Kw* • present io senV'to prison for robbing a cab ul tUf,e... . . . ;,i_;..-,, i_ VrtMV. Pn.-rtliM., Un would | thresh it out. . [driver In North Carolina. He A(t " Sabers' car report Thurs- ; served more than half of a 10, he toid Counutaen!to-12 y r prison term, and then until bonds for its cbnstnu'finn!" that $1,050 had come . ready committed himself to thajwere paid olf. He added tiist .he .;.} s !t the bridge might be <S;-iistruct- j Emerald Forest which in from I escaped. ' had rat f He waived extradition back The petition asked for a vote inl priorUy on tne the April city election on a chat •wairicy when you begin observing this holiday period. News staff members will work until ihe page one dead- linr at 7 p.m. Friday. The paper will go to press at 3 p.m. and will be delivered before most of you are awake Saturday. That means you'll have the Weekend Edition tor amendment making the police chief's office elective rather instead of appointive. The petition was passed around among Councilmen and Mayor L. V. Conover told Goodrum the Council would talk about the matter later. Goodrum then left the meeting. In later discussion Mayor Conover said that most cities had central route. _ _^ When Mayor Conover askcdied by the state instead o/Calve: Kramig to designate a "1—2—3" j ton County, if enough pressure is „,.!.,,;.„ .,» .u~ „..!„ ,.- 1 _ .1- ! _... „. . senior £_ j> Swartz land other officials.. •... j county I Councilman J. E. Robinson told dined to do so. Kramig said that the already liad ritfit of way on tiic- j Kramig that the Council had corn- central route.while right of way milled the central route, teen included in the c-urrent bud-! North Carolina and y e s t e rday i get. He suggested that his entire; Governor Luther Hodges, who 1 car allowance and Patten's aa i soon joins the Kennedy Cabinet used \\ith the Emerald Forest:in Washington, pardoned him lul- ges commuted his sentence money to bay the car in 10 month- ! !y. would have to be. purchased for the northern i*vate. He said he felt able to take advantage of lasi-rninuie bargains. of The Facts stuff will hare a two-day rest at home. A switchboard operator will be on duty until It done away with elective chiefs ol police as the system was not satisfactory. The petition stated that 25 per-| >ven if j cent of the residents voting in the) Dr. Charles M. Kelso has ac- And most | the city's eligible voters had sign- special services for the Victoria along Hoskins Mound P.oad 'o FM 523. He said he felt the dute Council should get with the Freeport Council before doing anything about the three-road single plan. He said he would agree to a five-council meeting only because it might eliminate the expenses involved if the cities each sent representatives to the Austin meeting. ly payments. Robinson said the car ance matter would have i to the time he already bad served allow-!and sent him home, to be; The 35-yca.r-old man went by settled and "we \vrangied about!bus to Statesville yesterday after- telephone yesterday when a newsman called. And said Kay; "I think it's the most wonderful thing that ever happened. He's just like, my real daddy. He s been wonderful to me." . Kay said her mother left for a benuty parlor to have her hair set as soon as she heard her husband had been made a free man. The warden let him telephona from the prison. Said Mrs. Connor: "I just didn't realize people could be so wonderful. I'm so happy, but I want to take time to thank everyone who helped us so much when we needed it the most. "They have helped make this the happiest Christmas we'll ever have." Groitiyko Says Better US Relations Wanted MOSCOW (API — Foreign Minister Gromyko declared formally Kramig then suggested that the | : today that the Soviet Union is Council adopt the all-over plan j readv to i m p r o ve its relations the New United States President ment believes that disarmament j ed the instrument. This would ful- charger requirements for pro- SaJurlay t-j take calls about late papers. Also, members of (posing an amendment. Ihe advertising staff will be on hand until noon lo handle """ " ' ™ advertising for ihe Tuesday paper. Independent School District. He have priority. niUca'l iOulc Mil Conover said he not vc(e on (he ma(ter (he will begin the new duties at mid- only votes tj break a CouncU tie _ Secretary F. M. Sanders i said some of tile names on the petition svcre not those of eligible voters. He said he thought that about 743 residents voted in the last city election. ROAD PLAN George Kramig, Clute representative on the Bruzosport Area planning Commission, presented tlie three-road plan which the planning group feels should be approved by Brazosport cities and presented at a Highway Commission meeting in Austin next month. He said all three roads were needed by Brazosport. He read the UP Planning Commission resolution which recommends that | term. HMD WC WELFARE PROJECT Mrs. Jimmy Phillips and Mrs. Clifton Baker are heading Iho weUaro basket project underway for the Wait Columbia urea by the women of the Progressive Junior Club. Mti. Phillips was chairman of Ihe doll project which bena- iittod the welfare work. Toys, fruit and candy will be distributed this weekend io 19 needy families, including: 56 chi-'dtcn, whose names were provided by the Welfare DP- p'jrl.iK-nt, the West Columbia Elementary School, and the CluiilU Brown School. vote! but be could not go lor the with the United States following the inaugural Ion of President- Elect Kennedy. taking up his job." Gromyko said that the Soviet government regretted that re- ihe Uiu'itU Stall's iuui y la j been strained lately, and he added that he hoped after the inaugu- | ration of Kennedy that they would Making a foreign policy speech revert to the state they were in to the Supreme Soviet, in th™' presence of Premier Khrushchev, Gromyko drew thunderous of Dr. Kelso, who was formerly \ northern route . and did not want superintendent of the schools in to put his 0 . K _ on j( Ana cton and \\est Columbia, re-1 Robinson reminded Kramig that ,„>, ». ccntly returned to this area^after U c au , e Counci , , Bd a j ready | applause wllen he ^ ± Wo and a half yeare in. yua,e-1 adopted a resolution supporting | "I am entitled to state from The Foreign Minister also call- maia. lie was deputy cruet «iu-; the centrn} ^,1,, nnr] thnt hp i laf n,h P rnstrnm nf the Supreme So-Jed for a special summit session of the UN General Assembly to during the administration Franklin Roosevelt. This \vas the period of the World War n alliance. m . "f . was ue P ul y cme: cau- jthe central route and that he had I the rostrum of cation advisor wtth the Ministry j !lot changed his mind _ vie( , hat we - a of Education there. Dr. Kdso is taking leave from foreign service to accept the Victoria post. He was recently notified of a promotion and transferred to East Ethiopia. In his new position, Dr. Kelso will assist the superintendent. The Victoria school district has an enrollment ol 1500 in the top tlu'ee grades; at its new school. Kramig said, "I am not going to ry. Let's drop this, then." prove are ready to im- our r e 1 a t i ons with the United States on the occasion of 2 Houston Duck Hunters Stranded For Full'Day Four Houston men, who traveled to the Gulf Coast for a duck hunting trip Thursday morning, were hunting much longer than they had anticipated. tow into the lutracoastal Canal at Freeport, where the U. S. Coast Guard took over. The Coast Guard towed the outboard into the Freeport Coast Guard Station but were Bill Womack, Terry Timmins, uimbte to take the Coast Guard Roy Dailey and Greg Walden arrived at Bastrop Bayou, nhimt 25 miles east of Froeport Thursday morning, traveling from Freeport by outboard motor boat. Two of the men dropped off the other two at duck blinds and moved the boat out to other locations for their own hunting. Thursday afternoon, the two men with the boat found the motor would not start. Finally, the men with the boat were able to attract the attention of a tug passing nearby in the Gulf and were abii to gel u 40-foot boat into the shallow water in Bastrop Bayou tn pick up the other two hunters, left stranded in their duck blinds. The Coast Guard took the outboard, with a new motor, by truck to Bustroy Bayou, a 40- mile trip by highway, to pick up the twiV,hunters. The two men rtimainiij;; at tha hunting scene were finally picked up at 4 a.m. today. The hunters had dressad in heavy clothing for the cold weather never realizing whan they left Thursday morning they would be hunting until Friday morning. consider disarmament. Gromyko said the Soviet eovern- snould be discussed by a special UN Assembly with heads of state or government taking part. ' Miv^t^r neutral states now support the Soviet stand for complete disarmament. He added that the neutral states are united with Russia making up a common front of champions of disarmament. Said Gromyko: "The western powers nave lost all moral right to call themselves supporters ol control. He termed the western powers opponents not only of disarmament but also of control over disarmament. LAST NIGHT FOR NATIVITY SCJNE The final performance of ihe Nativity by members of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in Lake Jackson will take place ioniqht from 7 until 8:30 p.m. The live Nativity sqene. as pictured, is located on the front lawn ol tha church, lacing Oyster Cieek Drive. Despite cold weather the scene has continued lo draw large numbers of onlookers each night. In Freeport. this is also the final night for ihe live Nativity presentations on ihe Pa vk Avenue esplanade beginning ct 7 and 8 p.m. Fire Call The Laii-s Jackson Fire Department was summoned to tha home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Carter at 213 Jasmine about 4 p.m. Thursday. The dispatcher said Mrs. Carter reported that a mattress was on fire. Sun Data Sets Today 5:28 pm. Rises Saturday 7:14 a.m. Sets Saturday 5:28 p.m. RESULTS RESULTS Mr. John E. Payne 781 Arbor St. Clute, Texas Ran the following: adv. SHETLAND PONY—Coming 3 yeur . old. Jdoul Christmas present for child. An 5-2frr2 or see at 781 Arbor SI., rinti?. pony on the first Sold the Issue. Your ad In ihe Brazosport Facts Want ads will brine fast results too. Tn place your ad Just dial BE 3-3611 or BE 3-3511 or TI 9-5210 from Angleton

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