The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 28, 1962 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 28, 1962
Page 3
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ilnr ml rt- »nrl tup try nd '»rl •it nn JRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TIXAS, TUESDAY, AUGUST 28,1942 THB BRA20SPORT PACTS Editorial—Adv.—BE 3-3511—Classified—BE 3-2611 PAGE 3 Woman Paraplegic Surgeon Qperates From Wheelchair By JOV MIM.KR Ar Women's Hdltor ' : NEW YORK (AP)-'Tm. completely Independent now," said fiDr. Mary Verghese with a nhyj reconstructing nHnf1s paralyzed or India. She is especially happy to mrnll*. "1 feel equal (o anything "Reformed by leprosy. Dr. Paul he associated with the hospital at for physical rehabilitation. , A devout Christian, Dr. Ver- Dr. Verghese had to give lip ob- ghcsc wan horn in the state of stetrlcs after the accident, but she Kerala, which contains morcj became proficient In surgically ;Chrlstians than any other area in She was Killing In a wheelchair Brand, pioneer In leper rehahlllta- Vellore because II was founded by *1ke. Bale "ttml she had just maneuvered I " on wllh whnm shr work<v ' ln Vel- a woman. Dr. Ida S. Scudder, Skillfully down the hall at New'' 011 *' nn * ''"""d her "one of Iheldaughler of American missionar- York University's Institute ofi mos ' "Wilful hand surgeons In thejie«, started with ime room In liysical Medicine and Rehahilila- Knsl '" 1900; nnw H '« an WW-hPd hospital, tlon. With long, supple fingers she smoothed the white medical Jacket •he wears over her sari and sel- 'tied hack to discuss her work. Dark-haired Dr. Verghese Is a Jxiraplegic surgeon from India, Who does operations from her &.\vheelchair. Now 37, she Is finish- Ing up resident training at the in- ititute on « World Rehabilitation |nd fellowship, working with re-j David Till of Lake Jackson, lilitatlon patients who always!name Is David Kevin and look up and smile as the gentle, I m ade his first appearance From The Maternity Wardi It's a hoy! for Mr. and Mrs. i scales at eight pounds, 10V4 oun- His Ices. he; »•• a !• James Malone Is a new .junior , »oft-spoken doctor wheels up'community Hospital on July .10, j citizen of Clute. The son of Mr. alongside. i weighing in at seven pounds, 12 "I can understand their prob- j ounces. 'lems belter than the person who .Mhasn't had to undergo physical re-1 Ronnie Lee Is the new member animation," she explained. Actually Dr. Verghese is head and arms. Below that an neither feel nor move. ('Immediately nfler the accident of (he William F. Smith family of Just i, a ke Jackson. He arrived Aug. she 19 at Community Hospital and ! weighed seven pounds and and Mrs. Iveonard Carroll Davis, he was bom on Aug. 20 In Com munlly Hospital where his birth Is recorded as seven pounds and one fourth ounce. *** Area Rebekahs Hold District Initiation Members of Rebekah Lodges of|Clute, chaplain; Mary Cheatham, District 65, composed of Anpleton, IBay City, Braroria, Clute, F"ree- Bay City, past noble grand: Alline Evans, Clntp, conductor; port, Lake Jackson, and WestjPeggy Frisbie, Bay City, warden; Columbia hpld a district Initia- Ada Bridges, Bay City, guardian ition, recently, in the IOOF Hall.Other members also assisted in ,in Bay City, the degree. ; Mattie Conroy, noble grand off Mildred Biackwell, Mary K 'Bay City, presided over the busi- ; Babb, and Beulah Habermacher, - _, ,. _ ness session. were admitted to the Bay City St. 1(1011138 Men 10 1X1661 Members from each lodge were j lodge, and Dianna Iglensky, Vel- introduced and welcomed. A spe-jma Smith, and Myrtle Hargroves The men of St. Thomas Meth- WOMEN Edited By LeROY BYRD cial guest was LaNelle Mohler of Freeport, vice president of the Department Association Ladies Auxiliary Patriarch Millitant IO- OF of Texas. were admitted to the Angleton;odist Church in Jones Creek will lodge, 'meel tonight at the church. All Money collected in the silver!men of the church are invited to drill was sent to the Odd Fellow;attend, and Rebekah Pilgrimage fund, i ~ i committee was hostess, The degree team, under the dl-.This event is to he held Sunday . . rection of Thelma Spiller of Free-!at the homes in Ennis and Corsi-! 1 *" 1011 ' aborted cookies, nuts and port, included members of eachjcana. j mints to tne la ™<"bers and lodge in the district. They were IxxJges were instructed to drape j Jessie Harris, Angleton, noble tbeir charters in appropriate cere- grand; Elite Mae Rush, Freeport, \ monies in memory of the late vice grand; Esther Livesay of Jane Esther has arrived t o six;grace the home of Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Rlos Garza of Anglelon. 1 didn't believ* I could do any ••* She made her first appearance on Useful work at all. Now I'm en- Donna Jean is the name Mr. j Aug. 20 at Community Hospital couraged," she said. ! an ,j Mrs. Henry 0. Gerkin oil and she weighed nine pounds, 10 * The car accident occurred injciut* have chosen for their new jounces. ^19^1 when she was just two yearsirfaugiiter who was bom on Aug. i *** tout of medical school and spocial-:;>o at Community Hospital where: Mr. and Mrs. Hurslon Eugenej ^Izlrg In obstetrics at the Christianlher weight is recorded as six;Chrisler of Lake Jackson are an ^Medical College and Hospital atjpounds, IS ounces. mouncing the birth of Marvin * Vellore, South Tndia. The hospital ..staff was on its way to a picnic. NEWKST FOB S( ...)<(i^-!hf cla-^ic rnmcl \\ool and <'a«hmern fiklrl now flinped In flnrc, snmnlh over the. hljw. Saddle <rtl|chlng defines tno «t;i*»h pr,ckel«i. Alnn In black, Ih'- skirt li under JtS. The cntlnn print t-hlrt l« n «rt>H7e<l paisley in f lark enrth re*l ulth n touch of camel itnd v>hllc. llfls Itcrniutln r>f<llnr, roll up ftlcevra. I'mler M. Both slilrl nrnl skirt In *l7.e« 7 to II. Freeman Has Program For Sweeny Garden Club 'Hie Sweeny Garden Club re- designer hr the November meet- Mrs. D. Melass Honored With Stork Shower j Mrs. David A. Melass wa ! honored recently with a haby; anrf centered with shower at the Freeport home of !mer)f „[ wn | te Mrs. S. T. McKnight. Hostesses were Mrs. Jean Goodson and Mrs. E. W. Leshikar Jr. The table was centered with a doll baby standing in front of a large pink umbrella decorated with butterflys. The centerpiece was surrounded by a cloud o f Jennie Baines, assembly past pre-i sident. ' Annie Stutes of Clute, district deputy president, expressed her; appreciation to "a district whose! members could cooperate and putj on a degree without practice to-! gether." i The refreshment table was cov-' wa5| prpd w1(n f(rt;fn np( over faffp(a 1)3 W and centered with an arrange- The Bay City! Watch for the GRAND OPENING of BRAZOSPORT FLOOR & CARPET CO. Formerly (Topp Fleer Co.) 317 Se. D BE 3-5258 FREEPORT E. C. PHILLIPS, Owner IF A HEAT PUMP @@ DOES A COOL PUMP HEAT? Seems like a silly question, but it isn't. ActuaHy, the all-electric Heat Pump does both. It heats in cold weather—cools in hot... automatically. It's tomorrow's method of comfort conditioning available today. Call Houston Lighting & Power Company for a Free Gift Check worth up to $125 to help put a central Heat Pumn in your home. V it ' b« H 4 i * * a **» » MH "Brae After three operations the verte- In her fractured spine were t used into a solid column of hone nn d Mrs. Thomas E. Cox of Bra- 1 [from , ".*,.,. -i i' 3ul(;fi meeting recently in the "", u, « !»""•? ,"" Vt Commu "l' y !home of Mrs. Doris Cunningham, Roger Glenn made his first ap- Hospital, weighing seven pounds, pearance on Aug. 20 at Communi-lnine and a half ounces, ty Hospital. He is the son of Mr. | 1, 22 at Community Hospital. Tills meant z o r i a and he weighed seven,of Freeport are the proud topple over pounds, five and one fourth when she was placed in a silting ces on arrival, position. i ••« "Months after the accident gtarted to do part-time work. Mrs. C. S. Duran of Houston pink angel hair, ill present the program at the Refreshments included punch, inew vice president of the organi- Nov. 14th meeting which will be mints, nuts, and cakes decorated .zallon. npen to thr-- public. "Holiday Ar- with storks and booties. . „ „ IS. D. Kreeman Jr. of West Co- rnneem"nt>;" will be the topic of Games of Mr. and Mrs. James Ray Orren| |l|mhj;| ,,,,„„.„, , j!m sMcs „, ,,,„ diKnl «i nnt , nf! MrSi n ,, r!in v .j|j tne winner;: presenting the prizes j;South Pacific Islands, Rome and cicninnstralr easy ways to make to the honoree, provided taken during thr-ir tra- manv deviations to be u«od for taipment. "stork" bingo, with ivels when he ami his family were.the upcomiig holiday.*. the i . , , . . j nine ;vfr '^ Vl1 "'" "'" " 1|IJ lu * ^iiuij- upcomi r^ nonnay?;. The hostesses presented the : I*"""'"' * ,"*. "Li. Un0 " j residents of Sumatra several An admi^ion charge will be honoree with an InfanLseat and ; Pamela Diane made her debut|and one fourth ounces. , ^ ^ ^^ ,„ d , lh n!!M ^', m!tse o f pln k gladioli decorat- ™^i<t£^™^ bv myself. I can travel anywhere ders of I,nke Jackson are her'Ray, son of Mr. and Mrs. n-iy-; Mn( •>ne. The wheelchair folds into proud parents. jnmnd Smith, on Aug. 2?. i n i' Mr ' s cahs, you see." ; ••* ICommunity Hospital weighing ' r/ At the end of August she'll goj Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Yoakum of | fight pninfls and 14'4 ounces. to London for a month's study of ; Freeport have added Sr. to their j *** rehabilitation centers, returninginame since the arrival of FJonald! M r - ""^ ^' ra ' Kline ; F'>;he fo Vellore In October to establish CarMon Jr. on Aug. 21 at Com-' R 'hson of f'reeport are tellinc re- Dclla W:ird. secretary; and Mickey Kumma. treasurer. rnmittf*c chairmen named | were Mrs. Betty Cahonn, Mrs. I,aVerne i B ' " v e A?t!hrook . Mrs - Vivian WEST COLUMBIA NEWS Jleave, visiting, friends ..and rcla- the latives and friends about the ad=s vent of John Dan on Aug. 23 at Community Hospital, tipping the Mrs. Ida l,ee Paxton. Program plans approved in eluded a luncheon meeting to IK* held in the hnme of Mrs. Rill mhor, and a gucet scales at six pounds, six and a ' ' ao>p - v m half ounces. By NANCri' PAKRARK »% new citizen in WC Is Alan,'^'™- M P rMt ' nl n * Is stationed j ro y ij* i, the center Ransom, son of Mr. and Mrs.i in Kilo<>n - tention at the home of Mr. and; The Commission on Education Dixie Beal. Baby Alan was borni Thf Rainbow Girls celebratediMr*. David Lee Tanner of I.ike;of Kirst Methodist Church of Aug. IS, in a Wharlon hospital, i phplr lfllh anniversary in honor!J a ,-kson. He was bom on Aug. Lake Jackson is sponsoring or a( j'King Fling' Wednesday i their 10th anniversary : He weighed in at seven pounds, ; of Dorothy Klinknvsky who is;23 at Community Hospital, with "king fline" at the Lak Jp one ounce. Alan wns welcomed ;fil ' anf| Reli z ir >n. They also initia-i a birthweight of seven pounds, one on Wednesday, beginning H horna by big sisters, Linese Kay; 1 " 1 Caml Ann Beriram and Sheril! arK i one fourth ounces. jp.m. ai at 6 and Carol Lou. i Bennett. p Mrs. Mollie Stokes returned Mr. and Mrs. Bob White had asj JUpjU., T r j n ^S home after surgery in a Wharton! tnelr ^ Ps(s Br(lnda Jran - Jan - ; ' ospital and Mrs. B. iStered for surgery. The Rev. J. J. Slone and family vacationed at Sam Houston State Park. Recent houscguosts of the Bob-i_^, by Grays were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bunch and children of Hurst, R.," .Jijand Donna Gall Woodall of Hous-i To get more ' ton. and Mr. and Mrs. W. G.: lBnkful of K fls ' warm "P lh " pn White and Mrs. Kenneth Bond of!^ np hv idlir K '' (or R '""'^, seronds \ Sni() p r and then driving it gently for ai ..... _ . _ . . I few miles; adopt slow and easy; Mr and Mrs. E. J. Christian! accelera , ion anri steady nrivinR i visited in the home el the H. O.' spo<lds . avoid s , artinK , h( , engine! only to nin the car a few minutes.' Mrs. Reed and Diana motored Martin J. Tustin. a desicner of Persons are asked to bring enough salr.d or desert for their 'family. Bread, drinks, fish, paper' ™' nf Pa( ' h cups ami plates will be furnished i CHILDRENS EYES NEED PROTECTION Ha»« your child fitted with <jl«««i tint «r» MADE TO TAKE ABUSE. Our heat toughened lentes will bs REPLACED WITHOUT CHARGE if brol«n wJlhm ONE YEA.R OF PURCHASE. For Profetlionfll Eyecare viiit an Eye Specialist of your choice for vour next examination. Afterward brinq your prescription to L M. JOHNS DISPENSING OPTICIAN 326 W. BROAD FREEPORT BE 3-1722 "BRAZOSPORT'S OLDEST OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT" Mr. and Mrs. Gordon DoSpan and. l ° IIu . nts >? 1|p fw th * graduation economy cars and president of a son of Pasadena, Mr. and MraJji lh "! r nlece and rousln ' Shirlpy ^ n ' or t-o . said the woman who j ""•""" " ! follows these tips will save the cost j FREE SHETLAND PONY & 6 BICYCLES Given Away By Merchants of Hie BEACHWAY SHOPPING CENTER SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th. Register in Our Stor~' Fred Sanders and sons of Temple, j Christian. and Mrs. Frank Messamore andj I A coffee in , maln- FHA, SPONSORS ENTERTAIN SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS WITH LUNCHEON , "" >chers of '|; e l o( sev «» I ""*""« of j elementar>' school \vns given by ymr and keep her cars IMPS. H. O. Reed, with 19 present. 'tainence hills down. A. M. Simmers suffered a hro-j-- --------- ................ hen rib and cut chin in « boat ac- i cident. ! Mrs. J. Q. Jones visited in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ron-] Hie Chastam and family of Me- Allen - i The Bra/i»|)ort High School inttendinR \\«re Dr. L. S Richard The Bill Casoyt arc back from {Future llomemaker's of America!son, superintendent: Dr. J. R * fishing vscatlon in Port O'Con- executive council and their spon- Jnckson, assistant supcrintm n ' r sors, the thi^e hcmemaking dent; 0. B. King, director nt Sec xirl'ercsa Jones Riicstixl in the teachers at the high school, en- ondar)' Kdmation; Keniic-th \Vil ! home of her grandmother in Hou- tcrlained school mlministrnme son, high school princi|wl; Ciene; iiton. personnel with a luncheon recent- Marcum and James Slade, assis-i Former residents, Mr*. Pal '>'• ln th* homemaking depart -jtant principals. i Lnwerence and children. Mike. mt ' nl - A menu of charcoal iMiiiledj Judy, and Ricky, visited friends f "" A Rir'" entertaining were steak, baked potato with dressing. ! In WC and spent the night with,*''' 1 Ann Richanlson, president; ]t(xs«ed snlad, apple pie with ice! Mrs. Jackie l-ealheniood. ^" ss Judy .Incksnn. vice presi - cream and iced tea was served, i Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Bflker are dpnl; Miss nilin ' > ""w^and. his- The FHA exmitive wuncil and! happy over the arrival r< their '""""• ""^ ^" ss ' 1 '" ne Pearson, their sponsors have worked dur-| nlxth son Richard Iff social chairman. Assisting the ing the cummer months in plan- llfloe Ralph Canfield was a recent Klrl * were tMr snonsori. Mrs. ning for the coming year, and Beverly NLvon, Mrs. Becky Jen- look this means to present guest of hll mother, Mrs. Helen Canficld. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hart re- '' turned from a vacation In Mexico Oty and Acapulco. Uinuer Jones «nd Gary flraliam went aa their , guests. Mason Wccrns Jr. In stationed , •( Kllington Meld wilh the Air Corps. ' i*}Mr. and Mrs. Burl Woodard had •is their guest, his mother, Mi's. Woodarri of Palestine. Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Oshnrnt of Dtllas visited In the home of her, S. J. Kailc and family. June* Weathers is home o n kins and Miss Joells Gartner. Iplans ami organization School administrative offici a 1 s school administration. their to the Our BEACHES CLEAN! Sal* Prices qaad now through September 8th. or until tuppllet are exhausted! Pro Double Duty TOOTH BRUSHES 2 fo , '1.19 Ktg. tie *\ REGULAR 35c KLEENEX TISSUES 4 Boxes For 98c While They 'Ml! SUNGLASSES 20% OFF BRECK SHAMPOO 20% OFF KAY-O-VAC BATTERIES & FLASHLIGHTS Come & Se« Our Many Other Specials & Gift Merchandise GARRETTS PRESCRIPTION SERVICE BEACHWAY PHONE SHOPPING CENTER Tl 9-6487 ANGLETON PENNEY'S ON SALE WEDNESDAY 9:30 A.M. ENTIRE STOCK OF GIRLS BETTER BACK TO SCHOOL DRESSES REDUCE PLAIDS SOLIDS STRIPES FASHION TWINS COTTONS COTTON BLENDS -•'•^Mr THIS CARD MAKES IT EASY TO BUY ALL YOUR BACK TO SCHOOL NEEDS CHARGE IT!

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