Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 11, 1971 · Page 18
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 18

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 11, 1971
Page 18
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SB-DEL RiO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Sunday, April 11, 1971 Mrs Worley Speaks At New Century Meet Mrs. Ernest L. Worley Jr. spoke on "Over Population" at the regular meeting of the New Century Club Wednesday afternoon in the • San Felipe Country Club. Mrs. Wayne Love and Mrs. James Simmonds were responsible for the program on "Our Crowded World" and Mrs. Simmonds presented Mrs. Worley. She said "birth control is not new. It was mentioned in an ancient Egyptian scroll written 4,000 years ago and it was a topic of lively discussion among Greek philosophers 2,400 years ago. Aristotle argued that civilization could best be served by a stationary population and argued for laws limiting the number ofchildren any family could have," the speaker said. She called over population a world-wide problem with hunger, inadequate housing, crowded classrooms, transportation, traffic problems, air and water pollution, more people using more, all being contributing causes to a less meaningful life. Planned parenthood was cited as the answer to the problem. Mrs. Worley also stated "No place in the United States was more badly in need of family planning that Del Rio. We have patients ranging from 15 to 47. We currently have nearly 300 names on our list of patients and participants. They range from newlyweds who want to postpone their families until they are better able to afford them to women with as many as 17 children. Many of our patients see a doctor for the first time in our clinics, which are held twice weekly with doctors volunteering their services." Mrs. Worley is director of Planned Parenthood here. She explained the program in detail and concluded her talk with the remark, "Our population is our problem. It is to our great advantage to give, others the opportunities we possess the chance to plan responsibly their families and to bring about the ideal." Hostesses for the afternoon were Mrs. Earl Bowers, Mrs. Ray Hill and Mrs. J.B. Phillips. During the business session, Mrs. Jerry Richter and Mrs. Silas Byrd were welcomed as new members. , The tables were arranged in U-shape and covered with gold cloths and decorated with potted plants in pastel Easter hats. Later they were given as door prizes to Mrs. Fred Rose, Mrs. Edward Hollingsworth, Mrs. Beverly Tabor and Mrs. Darrell Brawley. A miniature Easter tree on a copper base encircled with orchid chrysanthemums formed the Music Club To Hear Cantata An Easter cantata, "No Greater Love" - by John Petersen, will be presented for the Del Rio Musk Club at 7:30 o'clock in the evening Monday in the sanctuary of the First United Methodist Church. center-piece for the head table. Guests included Mesdames Elvis Stewart, Vernon Call, Hilary B. Doran ST., Beverly Tabor, W.M. Stool and Darrell Brawley. Members attending includes Mesdames F.A. Arledge, Phillip Arledge, James Beavan, Earl Bowers, Marvin Ellis, Michael Hayes, Ray Hill, Edward Hollingswoifth, Henry Horn, Wayne Love; Byron Newby. Hi E. Newby, W.S. Nixon, J.B. Phillips, James M. Simmonds, Jerral Taylor, Herbert Walker, Hamilton White, Ernest Worley, Hugh VI Atkinson, R.M. Crosby, Charles N. Daniel, C.G. Dinsmoor, A.F, Fitzpatrick, Ray Ross, Aubrey Rowland, Drury Wood and Fred Rose. DR School Cafeteria Menus Monday is a holiday for DEAR ABBY Teen Girl Defends Long-Haired Youths Rio schools in the Del Independent School Districts, For the four-day week starting with Tuesday, menus for elementary schools and the junior high school in the district include the following: TUESDAY, beanie weenies, buttered new potatoes, Cole slaw, krinkle beets, bell pepper, cabbage, prune spice cake, buttered rolls and milk; WEDNESDAY, hamburger on buttered bun, lettuce, tomato, S ickle and onions, pinto beans, resh orange and milk; THURSDAY, meat loaf with catsup, seasoned spinach, carrot and raisin salad, chocolate pudding with topping, hot buttered rolls and milk; FRIDAY, fish sticks with catsup, French fried potatoes, buttered June peas, congealed salad, grapefruit, pineapple and oranges, hot buttered rolls and milk. A la carte orders for assorted sandwiches, salads, corn dogs, milk shakes, ice cream and iced tea are available at Del Rio High School Cafeteria, which also offers two different lunches. Menus for Lunch One include the following: TUESDAY, breaded steakette with gravy, mashed potatoes, buttered sweet peas and carrots, chilled fruit cup, sliced bread and milk; WEDNESDAY, beef stew, great northern beans, congealed fruit salad, buttered corn bread, applesauce cake and milk; THURSDAY, hamburger on bun, lettuce, tomato and pickles, potato salad, fruit cobbler, orange juice and milk; FRIDAY, barbecue sausage, savory rice, buttered spinach, hot buttered rolls, pumpkin pie with whipped topping and milk. Lunch Two menus include the following: TUESDAY, tacos, pinto beans, tossed green salad, chilled fruit cup, sliced bread and milk; WEDNESDAY, enchiladas, Spanish rice, Cole slaw, green peppers, hot buttered rolls, applesauce cake and milk; THURSDAY, same as Lunch One; FRIDAY, barbecue on bun, baked beans, tossed green salad, pumpkin I * ANNOUNCE ENGAGEMENT--The engagement of Miss Mar\r Moriama Morales, daughter of Pete Morales of Hondo and Mrs. Frank Palacios Jr. of Kerrville to Armando Robert Vitlarreal has been announced. She is a graduate of Hondo High School and of Texas A&l University at Kingsville. She is employed as a welfare worker at Kerrville State Mental Hospital..Her fiance is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Raul R. Villarreal of Del Rio. He is a graduate of San Felipe High School and Texas A&l University. He teaches at Sam Houston Elementary School. The ceremony is planned for July 24 in St. John's Catholic Church in Hondo. Hints From Heloise DEAR HELOISE: We made a headboard for our king-sized bed out of plywood. The bottom part was bolted to the bed frame and the top part was cut so that two vinyl-covered piano bench cushions would fit side by side with no plywood showing. We used decorative upholstery tacks around the edge to hold the cushions to the plywood. These cushions come in assorted colors in vinyl, corduroy and even velvet. One cushion could be used for a. twin bed. Mrs. David Wells * * * That's 11 khiK-Hizrd hint, I'd say, and you deserve u crown for sharing; your idea \vlth us, Mrs. Wells. Heloise * * * LETTER OF LAUGHTER DEAR HELOISE: Have you ever poured out breakfast food over the kitchen sink and later discovered one of those little cereal faces smiling up at you from the wet drain ? Makes your whole day The Chancel Choir of the p ( e w jt n " whipped topping and church, directed by Mrs.- Beverly Tabor, will offer the cantata with Mrs. ' Leon Mayfield as the organist. Sopranos are Bee Paisley, Evelyn Platt, Joanne Hatch, Olive Lamb, Ginny Wagner, Joanne Steele and Danice Lloyd; altos are Betty Adams, Martha Howard, Joanne Cochonour, Norma York, Joanie Taylor, Gail Bonnet, Charlotte Bishop, Jan Quigg and Candy Douglas. Singing bass are Ernest Boehme, Paul Wagner and Don Cochonour; the tenors are Jim Johnson, Alan Arthur and W.B. Robb. The Rev. John W. Platt, pastor of the church, will be the narrator. Hostesses for the Music Club's social following presentation of the canta wifl be Mesdames Sam Draper, A. Madison, Balfour Davies, W.P. Meredith Jr., Douglas A. Newton and John Almond Jr. The social will be held in the House of Friendship of the church. Fashion Tips Canvas is coming along as a male fashion fabric. White, off-white, beige and tan are among the popular colors in smart jackets and slacks. Tops come in a wide assortment of lengths and models. Some are belted and some are plain. And there is a great variety of pocket treatments. it * 4 With the advent of the longer hemline, hats are back with a vengeance. The Mrs. Robert Knipple * * * DEAR HELOISE: When using the electric mixer for something- apt to be splattered, I take the largest plastic lid I have, cut holes at the proper places and insert the beaters through these. This saves a lot of splashing around and even keeps my mixer cleaner. Mrs. L. B. M. DEAR HELOISE: I always got confused as to V whether clocks should be turned forward or backward when we change over to our new time until someone told me . . . "If you just think 'spring up and fall back,' it will answer your problem!" Miss Hattte * * * f DEAR HELOISE: If morning juices are getting uninteresting for the family breakfast, try adding .a • half glass of club soda jvist before serving. They will b.e back for seconds! Jack Boyle * * * DEAR HELOISE: May I write a few words to come to the rescue of left- handers who are trying to learn to sew? I am a former Home Economics teacher and a left- handed person myself, so 1 have met the problem many times, only in reverse! My solution was to place the material in front of the beginner in the best position for her to sew. Then I would face her and by starting to sew with my left hand, I could demonstrate a few stitches, and since she was facing me, her right hand was in position to pick up where I left off and she could continue sewing. \ BETROTHED-Miss Maria Teresa Hernandez, daughter of Mr. and , - Mrs. David Hernandez of 501 Rubio St., is engaged to be married' big hat, from garden-party tQ Mjchae) Ficnret . ( whose parents are Robert Fiehrer of type to rancher, is a special pjttsfie|d> Mass and Mrs , rene RodgerS( a iso of Pittsfield. The fa H charmingly tops the wedding is planned for April 24 in Our Lady ftf 'Guadalupe Sew hemline. ( Catholic Church here. , Instead of sitting beside the j person I was trying to help, \ we sat facing each other so that our sewing hands Were both working in the same direction on the material. Mrs. John H * * » DEAR HELOISE: The other night, baby and I went along for the ride when taking my sister home across town. I took his pajamas to get him ready for bed as It would be late when we returned. However, it dawned on me that I had forgotten a plastic sheet to put under him, and as he doesn't wear rubber pants at night, he would have to sleep on a lap or on the seat as is. Then' I got the idea of put- i ting on the rubber pants (he i had worn) over his pajamas. No wet seat, and they w,ere easy to remove at home without waking him up. Linda Butler * * * DEAR HELOISE: To renew that leftover meat loaf, just return It to the pan in which it was baked, place a small container of water In the space left by what yovi have used, cover tightly with foil and heat in a moderate oven. Tastes just like new! Mrs. C. A. S. DEAR HELOISE: An easy way to thread a needle is to take your thread end and wet it slightly, then stroke it across a bar of soap. Your thread will -then elide through the smallest eye of a needle. Marjorie • * • • DEAR HELOISE: > My mother-in-law keeps a block under the far end of her dish drainer tray. The water runs off the tray beautifully instead of collecting in .a puddle under the dishes, . Mrs. M. Wachs By Abigail Van Buren Cfi> Ifll by Ckiato Trlhmt-N. Y. NIWI Smd., Inc.] DEAR ABBY: You recently wrote that there is more fighting going on in the average American home because of hair than anything else. ; I am a girl,, 19, and I want to know why adults are so quick to judge a person by his outward appearance? If a boy has long hair he is taken for a hippie, radical, pot smoker, homosexual or freak. Why? It makes me sad that outward appearances .mean everything to adults. They don't bother to look at a person and see beyond his hair or his dress. They don't care what's on the inside. Why can't adults forget what a person looks like, Abby, and judge him for what he is? They'd get to know a lot more beautiful people they now pass up because they look like trash. SPEAKING FOR MANY DEAR SPEAKING: I agree, It's what a person Is on the inside that's important. But we can't go around with X-ray eyes, bypassing appearances in order to look into a person's heart, soul and motivations. So, I ask you, why would a respectable girl want to get herself dressed up to look like a streetwalker? And why would a decent productive young man want to look like a shiftless, unwashed, bushy-headed bum? ^ Long hair, if It's clean and cared for, doesn't offend me, But long, greasy, neglected hair on men or women—young or old—does. A person may be immaculately clean, but if he looks dirty, I don't want him serving me in a restaurant. And I haven't the time to give him a physical. True, perhaps we are missing out on meeting a lot of beautiful people because they look like trash. But who wants to pick thru what looks like trash in order to meet beautiful people? Somewhere there should be a happy medium. And tho I respect a person's right to comb his hair and dress the way' he wishes, if he gets himself dressed up to look like he's going to a costume party, he shouldn't feel that society is picking on him if somebody laughs. DEAR 4BBY: Many pregnant, unmarried girls have never heard of Florence Crittenton Services. We offer girls a place to live with other girls who share the same problems. We give them good medical care, an opportunity to continue their education, plus other .services the expectant mother may need. We charge acc6rding to how much the girl and her family can pay. The girl may either live in one of our 48 homes around the country, or she may decide to live in her own home, but accept some of the services we offer. She may keep her baby or give it up. The decision is hers and there is no pressure. Please, Abby, tell girls who need our help to look for Florence Crittenton Services in the white pages of their phone books, or write to our home office at 608 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 60605. .MARY W. PALMER DEAR MARY: I have long been acquainted' with your fine services and have recommended Florence Crittenton to hundreds of girls without hesitation, but another boost won't hurt. DEAR ABBY: The letter from the woman who said her husband never gives her children compliments, only criticism, prompts this letter. My father is the same way. But we know he loves us. His idea of a compliment is, "Well, it's about time you did something uEightj^ummy!'' ,,A father shows his love just by feeding and clothing his family and working Hard to give them the best. My father Jaihe from a strict European family who never said much Fand never showed much Affection. I know it's hard for dad to say, "I love you." He has only said it twice to me. Once when 1 he whipped me for. something and found out later I didn't do it. And the other time was on the telephone when I was 2,000 miles away, and homesick, and I said, "I love you," first. I \ No matter what my father says, or doesn't say, I know n> loves me. " CAROLE What's your problem? You'll feel better if you get it off your chest. Write to ABBY, Box 69700. Los Angelei, Cal. 90069. For a personal reply enclose stamped, addressed envelope. ENGAGED--Miss Natividad G. Cast a no, daughter of Mrs. Amelia D. Gastano, 4s engaged to be married to Jose Garcia, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Garcia of Del Rio with a June wedding planned in Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church here. Miss Castano is a senior student in San Felipe High School. Her fiance, a graduate of San Felipe High School, is employed in Hereford, Tex., where they will reside. The bride-elect will be honored at a miscellaneous gift shower April 15 in the Boots and Bows Hall. Wilma Price Wed To William Charles Bates Miss Wilma Elizabeth Price, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Price of Del Rio, and William Charles Bates exchanged 'wedding vows April 3 in St. Patrick's Cathedral in El Paso at 12 o'clock noon. The bridegroom is the son of Mrs. Wesley Irvin of El Paso and Charles Bates of Rosemead, Calif. For her wedding the bride wore a white frock of street length with beaded collar. Her parents were in El Paso to attend the ceremony. A reception was held in Sheridan Motor Inn following the wedding. After a wedding trip to Cloudcroft, N.M., the couple is at home at 1201 West Brook, Apartment D, Santa Ana, Calif. The bride was reared in Del Rio and graduated 'from Del Rio High School in 1969. The bridegroom was reared in El Paso and graduated from Ysleta High School. He is serving a tour of duty with the United States Marine Corps, stationed in Santa Ana, Calif. New-Books Available At County Library The following books are available now in Val Verde County Library: ADULT NON-FICTION Silberman, Crisis in the Classroom MacLaine, Don't Fall off the Mountain Sasse, The Dan Patch Story Spraggett, Kathryn Kuhlman Rubel, Across the Tracks Paredes, Folk Tales of Mexico Erlandger, The Age of Courts and Kings Cross, The Supermarket Trap Henissart, Wolves in the city •Masur, Imperial Berlin Humor The Westerns, Great Western Indian Fights ADULT FICTION Cassill, Doctor Cobb's Game JUVENILE Yoda, The Rolling Rice Ball Robinson, Citizen Pablo FILMED IN CYPRUS NEW YORK (AP) — "The Beloved," starring Raquel Welch, Richard Johnson, Dame Flora Robson, Jack Hawkins and Frank Wolff, will be released by MGM throughout the world, it was recently announced. Currently Walter's, How to Talk with shooting in Nicosia, Cyprus, "The Practically Anybody about Practically Anything Ben ton, The Beverly Hillbillies Book of Country Beloved" marks the first Cypriot — financed motion picture and the first to be filmed entirely on the Meditterancan 'island. WIN AT BRIDGE Players with No Finesse NORTH (D) AQ95 VK652 • AQ2 10 WEST A872 VQJ9 EAST *3 VA1084 *Q952 *10843 SOUTH A AKJ10G4 V73 • 754 *A6 Both vulnerable North East South 1* Pass 1* 1 N.T. Pass 4 A Pass Pass West Pass Pass Opening lead—V Q ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED-The , engagement and 'approaching marriage of Miss Rebecca-Ramirez of Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, to Jesus Perez Gutierrez of Del Rio, son of Albert Perez, haVbeen announced by her parents. The wedding is planned for Aoril 24 in Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Acuna, had lost and the ace of hearts where she was reared and! is employed. Her fiance was reared here liM^lso been in the wrong and is employed in Del Rio. \ By Oswald & James Jacoby A plaintive letter from a Washington reader asks, "Why dozinesses always work for experts in your column and never work for us ordinary rubber bridge players?" Then he shows today's hand and explains that West opened the queen of. hearts and continued the suit while he ducked,in the hope that East's ace would drop. Any- y/ay, he r u f f e d, the third heart, drew trumps and tried the club finesse. East led back the "fourth heart and now South tried the diamond finesse. He was down one because two out of two finesses We are sorry for our reader. He would have made his contract if any one of three cards had been right for him, but we aren't too sorry because he should have made his contract in spite of all the bad breaks. Remember that he ruffed the third heart and that East was left with the ace. South was correct to play three rounds.of trumps, but he should have won the third trump in dummy and led out dummy's king of hearts. East would cover with the ace and South should simply discard a low diamond and show East his hand. It wouldn't matter a bit where the king of diamonds and queen of clubs were located. East .would have to lead one of those suits and make South's finesse for him. • (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) The bidding has been: West North East South IV Pass 2* Pass 3* Pass 3 * Pass '3 N.T. Pass 5 + Pass . 5 • Pass ? You, South, hold: *A2 VAJ4 463 *KQJ753 What do. you do now? • A—Bid six clubs only; Your partner is showing first' round diamond control but there must be a weakness in his'hand. : TODAY'S QUESTION ^J ©What do you bid as dealer with: AAKQJS4 .VKJ32 +65 *2 Answer Monday /

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