The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 28, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 28, 1962
Page 2
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Editorial STATE NEEDS MONEY, RESISTS ECONOMIES Political repercussions from Hie year-old stale sales tax are by no means spent, and slill the slain financial problems are not solved. New money Is bringing new increases in proposed departmental budgets. Yet observers feel that one o( Ihe biggest bailies in the coming session of the Legislature will lie over attempts to cut costs by end- Ing the overlapping functions of a number of state departments. There will he another huge increase in public school and college coMs for the two-year period starling Sept. I, 1%,'i. although laws already on the hooks will divert about Sfifi million a year more fixim the slate treasury to them, without any new legislative action. College and university administrators, expecting a new flood ol high school graduates, say they need $'!0 million a year more to take care of them. This includes $10 million a year for (he University of Houston, which will be the state's second largest university when it joins the stale system in T.%.'i. So budget-makers are thinking in terms of another tax law of some kind. Only a fast upturn in business conditions, bringing new cash into the treasury from existing taxes, can relieve the situation, Legislators, campaigning this fall against the increasingly competitive Republican nominees, will have a chance to test public reaction for ways of raising the cash. Many feel the exemption on groceries, medicine and low-cost clothing should be taken out of the new sales tax law. Despite the financial needs, there is an indication from hearings before several state agencies and legislative committees of pitched battles over the proposed consolidation, tinder a separate agency, of overlapping services now being rendered by numerous departments. For example, the Texas Highway Department carries on the tourism effort. The Slnte Parks Board attracts tourists by providnig recreational facilities for them. And the Game and Fish Commission lures visitors to fields and streams. The Highway Department supervises pleasure-boating activities of a million people, while the Game and Fish Commission regulates and taxes shell used as road building material. At least six agencies lease state oil and gas rights, yet the Railroad Commission deals with oil production. Suggested as possible solutions: Expand and consolidate the Game and Fish Commission and the State Parks Board; or make it all a division of the Highway Department. Political repercussions may surpass all previous legislative battles. But economies and efficiencies, in the opinion of some legiali tive committee members, would justify the effort. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE PAGE 2 BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY. TEXAS. TUESDAY. AUOIIST NEW CHALLENGE. OLD BATTLEFIELD Paul Harvey News By PAUL HARVEY THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS FVTABLISHtD 1V1X Publlsned dally ami Sunday ucept Saturday by Review Piibllsfon lie., 307 I. Park Av*.. Fr»aport. Texas.'Jama* S. Nabors, /residtnt. JAMES S. NABORS PUBLISHER «LENN HEATH _ EDITOR OEOROE L. BEACOH B ~ ""ADVT DIRECTOI ERNIE E. ZIESCHANtt Advertising Manager MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Superintendent E. E. HENDRIX Circulation Manager PEARL GLOVER Clanlfied Manager ROBERTA DANSBY Managing Editor LEROY BYRD Women's Editor ftEORGE FERGUSON SporM Editor NANELLE H. MALLORY Office Manager T -. rii u ** """"«• b» Th. Auoelahtd Press. M«nb*f el T*xos Dally N*wspap*r Asseclotion. Texos Press Atsoclottaa. SUBSCRIPTION RATES * -""itf* ,', ly y ? UII<l0 * $1 - so I"" «•»*• Mo" rat*s npaa n- qutit. All moll subscription poyoble in advance. Will freedom Be Used To End It? While the Soviets had satellites built for two orbiting overhead electricians at our space station n Huntsville, Ala., were on strike and then the i-ond to socialism is assured." TUESDAY ON TV tmumm, A jinnr-TV 0 KHOH-TV | * 14 :Sfl 0 Onptnl" Hob Sim"' m KdRO of NlRhl TIII Those disciples of have been Keynosimi! subtly hut i ster is "free" to cross the street nified all out of proportion to their numbers. The World Today ONE WHIZZES BY, OTHER WAITS By JAAIES (Byron O. White when) The Mat-shall agaii segregation e supreme Court, he! ----- to survival. ,_. ., Some Americans confuse free- ™' 'l,?^ ™T' *$ T dom with license. You are not free ij.Iu -n ••/' . ° r k tr, ss ,1 vss ^<«f '**" '" d •-- ' your fir* hvrtr=n. vJ"l ^ ' al1 to noti '- <> or «"«rh ends against the, George the name of |,v front, public safety, in freedom. Inside t h e Pentagon, others drag their feet for similarly sel-! fish reasons. ieorge Sotile; : is reviewed Norman Angell. Another Harris book is reviewed by John so on. It is not by accident, but bv de- I Who I vi Ynn Y:00 O Illrk Trnry: COl/lH m Mnhdlin .liu-k^n Slnss (fj Amrrinm Mnndslnnd- YiM 0 MCM Tlii-ntre — "lin- jwilw," Arthur Kennedy. romtanre Sinllh, .l«.v Bhfllon, .Inck Allen {D Knrly Show "Make Your Own Mod." .lark Orson, Irene Munnlnit. I0:<"l ,tnn» \Vymnn, Alnn llnlo. George Tohifli/ "4:.1fl IB Rorky and His Friends "<!« fflJKillrlk's«m«e_ """ 0> |jt " ~ft:*n~O"Alr FOITI- Story (D'Whirlyhlul* Q} Quirk draw Mcflrim- 8:40 O Almanac Nmnri-fl "(SMS 0 Hunllry Mrlnklrv O Amerlrnns nl Work TIIESIIAV"EVENIN« *:(H) fj) New*, SpArl* O Whnt's New?. ID News, Wmlhcr Q) News, Sports. «:Mf| >•>«», Wenllier Allen and Rn«»l. ,lnr-k F. Lrdnnrd, .loan Knnlnlne ff) A Icon Premiere ... "Rules «f lhe i;«m»," lliich O'fliian, WethH l.f». lir; n nrwupnpfr Mlilnr ilisrrrtcrs lllnt on Innocenl iiinn may have be^n exe- riited; repeal :,10 O Inffl'l -• "Man's responsibility to Man unrl Kinnliem of Trade" Q Ten O'clock RMiiMlnp —,Ne««, Weather, ftporU (D News, Weather IB News, Weather, SporiN Show- -"Mlnlsrry of Kent-," Ray Mlllsnrl, Mnrjotle Reynold*, Carl Krtmonds; story of NMI spies In wsrtlme I/nxlnn 10:20 IB ABC Final Report I(1:SO O Tnnlsjht — Hal MMrk. Alsn <(«f», ftiiKar R»y Keh. ln«nn. M»m(» Van Dnr>n, Dirk llaymn Jr; OOIX)R | IB Wire Service lli.lfl Q) Follow That Man lt:00 O OnKUlt Or Bnthcn O NewK Final Q) Walter Cronkile, News ,,.,„ g | MnM> Drakn ffl ABC KvrniiiK Report water blames "civilian whiz kids in the Pentagon" isign, that these dedicated men (they are not phonies; they be I<aramtr>'— '"Trial By WEDNKSDAY MORNING effort. Indiana's former Governor Har- President. our people direct our P ,. .. Presl<1ent ' or in the space race. names some who for thirty years have been brainwashing our pub- lie. Some of whom now have a itrfiltrated or Influenced by He persons who are totally impatient i?° U ?J M with such mundane considerations as national boundaries. From cloud nine they recognize John;no separations among nations. Lasky.j Such persons end up in posi- Harris, tions of Influence in the United Slates with only a sort of hybrid States. Tnh Wa ?iK Cha l e> N0 ™ an Ange "' -"'" """ »",v a son o John GalbraUh, Arthur Schlesing- allodance to the United iln lhe name of "freedom" they "So-|espotise a philosophy totally alien „ ,1. . • ab °utM° »« basic American ism. Thus P. the transition must | however inadvertently, they yield Another wrote, "The trick is to the Government, Business Mirror the advantage to an enemy who intends to abolish freedom lor us all. riorl»I.eiirlmian; «'Time, Channel, Fragrant/ dunce hull- girl •«nime« f.M ret Operation LJrt^ Mentlty ' Industry Argues Case For Increased Profits terials making inroads on steel's By SAM I) AH SON waiting..He,needed it. Almost; a year-^-ago President 1 The responsibility in both cases ing T« ». i - ' « ™ "«P Texas, Post Office, under the Act of Congress of March ( 1870 DAILY CROSSWORD AOBOSS iUnpresssd, aa trousera 6. Sort wharf & Beaded lizard 4. Spanish noblemen &Affinnattva reply of Bptoil J4.1nq>ortflJJt ooearrenr* 1C. Biblical 7. Impose, as taxes & Ham 6. Japanese coin SO. Place 16, Proceed] barrier IS.Aiead a&Danoo step 19.Wharf 32. Matar* 30. Measure S&Otfer, as of land sm * ac * 21.Klndof 27. Unoccupied S&GboeUOca terrier 22. Capital of Latvia 33. Heathen Imago 3*. Drop flat on water 28. Like a hare 30. Property 31. Thus 34. Exclania* Uon SS.To blue- pencll 37. Incites 38. Roll of cloth . »<>rd, the! Part " of the controversy ° the Mentlty of a ilrurt Monmn: reflnkl; (X)I.OK Q Seirnra ; «nd Scientists 0 Window on Mnin .Street A 12-yeniM)ld girl says she writes poetry bemuse of. the voiren »he hears \viille sitting in a tree; repent Q) Bugs Bunny 7:00 O Meet the Organ"" 0) Password -K. G. Marshall, Carol iHnney (B Bachelor Father — "Summer Romance," Kelly gets her first kiss'dur- ing a romance in Yellow- slone Park; repeat 1:30 Q Alfred Hitchcock Fre *ent«—"Ten O'Olnrk Tl> ffr," • hoxlnic manager mes a liquid fnnmilft to transform * hii*-he*n Into a rltnmplnn; repeat O The Way ID Dobie Glllls-Dohie becomes a jazzy folk singer- in order to win an election; repeat B0 New Breed — "The Man with the Other Fare." Set Cavelli's childhood friend tells him her husband intends to kill her; repeat 8:00 O Dirk Clocli»." «:JO ffl Cadet Don 7:00 O Today" ~~ (D News, Farrn_Report 7:15 ID Mr Caboose, Engineer 7 :.10- (0 Morning; EdTtJori N«wi, Sports 8:00 Q) Capt Kangaroo Q) Cadet Don «:SO (0 People Funny 9 :o6"o" Say When Q) Calendar _ CD Jack LaLanne Show 9:,10 O "'l»y Your H ll n o h : ID I I/ive (B Morning Movie—"The Kalcon in Danger," Tom Conway, Jean Brooks tOiOOQl'rloa Is Rlfht; COLOR Q) Verdict Is Yours 10:SO Q Concentration (D Brighter Day IO:iwT|D CBS News 11:00 O YourVfrat Imprei- »lon; COT.OR Q) I-ove of Life (B Tennessee Ernie Ford 11:30 B Truth or Consequences ID Search for Tomorrow __ (B Yours for a Song r^rr-^The »j»m Guiding Ught aiwn Fontaine, I 1 :M O NBC_Ne\vs_R«port WBDNKSDAY AFTERNOOff siasai 030 QBDD3 assna 89. God 40. Definite article 4LNoai'a second BOD 42. Oll-yleld- Washington Scene By 6EOR6E DIXON ^ A Kennedy S/c/ps ""* In Borrowed Cap As usual the nomination was referred to Eastland's committee where the procedure is to hold public hearings on the man's merits. After the hearings the WASHINGTON — A bevy of torial. and business office opinion committee votes for or against. Maryland hunt club society ma-however, that the advertiser got " "" ' ' " ' ' 1 amuse and beguile them - more than $15.% worth of self- >r tends to regard any profit clouded by the fact that with » nse as an mdication that workers few exceptions, each year since New York and sent his name to ?£"' """I* ' hcir fair share o( the war ha, seen the total of prof' the Senate. Congress quit before, C* '^i, ri • '" , U f7' , Lab °J. dles i »s by all industries and sen-ices any action was taken. So on Oct.'.i! • Profits as;rise. And even in times of reces- 23, 1961 Kennedy gave him a re- *™"f n r " fln f* cmem can pay sions some companies will set cess appointment , - wages. ;record profits. | When Congress returned this ^^wir"-, r<>ga ! Profit as a Patt ol »e dollar rise in thei year, Kennedy sent his name to'^, c , g ~" , p f <A '' d * s . tax re -; total of profits since the war is the Senate again, this time on' Cr|e ' Pt f' f ° r ,°" e thlng -^"' ™>t if a,d ue to monetaiy inflation. The dol- Jan. 15. " s f. '" prof !' s c . omes from an in-;i ar totals are higher but they buy llauonary nse in prices or from!less in the marketplace whether ^5S£T^—-•>-. tries just things; the last recession ratner than »j paying out more for them. rl*« Drake, I>uvld Far. rar, Wnyne Rogjern; a widow feels that she In he- U:M *3 Su »'e Ing haunted by her late hunhand'H ghost; repeat O Crisis 0) Comedy Spot — "Char- 1S:30 lie Angelo," James Komack; a misfit angel is forced to do battle with the devil _ M...J, at Noon CB_Jane_ Wyman Presents lS:15JDi_Lee_S_hepherd ShoW~ Highway Patrol CD A* the World Turna CD Camouflage « 85. Greek letter M.BOjlla* «. Vitality 44.Custon» 46. Corner oneself theatrteaQf ifcCqay tetreats DOWN nurse At* dUtanee II a ^ aa 27 19 '//< 40 4* # ?•» fa 4« ^ 14 0 43. 4 n ^ J5- * % ia % ?0 33 ^ ^ ^ Ib ^ ^ ^ 34 ^ V. '//. b IX 11- If % 31 ^ 41 45 47 7 ^ It, 28 Sb 8 ^ i» fa »7 S ^ 2.0 % 38 to %) 11 % 3» selves — and titillate subscribers entertainment out vote is against, that ends it. If the corn- now depends on twoj, he total of sales. More'peopTe'are rv from I u.-.j.- more , nings ^^ grc 73~| of the aristocratic horsey set — fore escaping from this part I by getting out a weekly publica-;the country. lion called tbe Potomac Almanac. I The last half dozen issues has! T . .... I have additional evidence earned this classified ad "Wanted: Information leading to recovery of child's hunting cap , . , borrowed by governess to E. Ken- n ° led lelevlslon newscaster, confusion in the nearby Joseph jproval or the opposite. i But Eastland turned Marshall's : case over to Johnston for his sub°' committee to hold hearings. .another one; and the next! But many companies complain with!that while their sales totals have for a C |i m bed their profits either have , .. , '"nwnot risen in the last year or two •y as for the present 40 hours. or have done so at . ^ 1( . h s , mver The steel industry, for example, i pace than sales. complaining of tbe profit' This is the profit squeeze. It hunt i-h e procedure here, afier the squceze ' This was bom ' ronl rig- means a lower margin of profit »:SO O Compass—"South African Encounter, Part H" CD Ichabod and Me—Bob hires an unemployed nightclub entertainer to replace his maid; repeat _ "P X?l' r! _' or a _ Son f • :00 O Cain'«^l(Kr^"A\'mr- ture I^irltH In Ambunh," Kclr Dullea, Rlcardo Mnn- talban; Cain InveHtlKUteti the actlvltlen of a icarnhler ftiicpeft«] of hanketball point thuvlnic; repent O Ideas in Focus CD Talent Scoutu—Robert Goulet, Gwen V e r n o n, It : 1:N S __ JM Murray) COLOK Password Home Edition Newi Report ^ 1:30 B Lorelta Young- S House Party _ Dragnet »:10 O Young Dr Malon* 8 Th» MHliontir* "Day In Court O Our Flv» Daughtera CD To Tell the Truth CD Seven_ Keya '~ _ l:MJD'CBS~Newt S:00 B M»k« Room for S Secret Storm Queen for a Day subcommittee hearings, is lor thei granted last spring and lion, ;wrs. Liarence w. Uosnetl of Beth- f „,„ "7" ,., " = "' r - """ e; treatment UTiite got „„ , . e-sda, Md. Carolyn Xorte Gosnell• f, '"?.'" a little restaurant neari nornjna(ed , lim March 3,, while!"™'- and later ^suse ol in-imenf. lap. Placed the ad, with instructions ;T,..™\i™ ..°.'_ Vlrgmia I .tuned at the ^g was depuly altol . ne yi'-' rea -'»^ competition from foreign j But it profits don't justify It, general. Before that he had been !U "' ted Stales - -industry won't expand. If pro/it practicing attorney. '" e sleel laDor contract can be j prospects are poor, new ventures that it be run until further notice '" from lm ' e lo H™ ™ t It threw the hounds V fox bunch at . an a(1 J° inin e 'able, into spasms of mirth but <«<••> » l "l <1 < ? nly on» of them Mrs. Gosnell cause to regret hav- „ •!', , ing included her phone number. ^ 0 ™f feller 'Well, I don't think Governor this said: i In 1360 White, whose home ii,'? 008 " 6 * 1 . next >' ear °" 'he ques-jwill be shelved. oor^o had organized a nedy-for-President group and ini 1961, during the presidential cam- nlore . K en-' u , on of n 'K ner Wa 8 cs - By that time' The result is a squeeze on com" 16 mllls should >* producing , panics and their stockholders. It'i °' tne "locks I also a squeeze on job«. Tliey mllls should "* lne last headed the National Volun- """"mwa built up as a hedge: don't increase as Ihe population ig included her phone number "• u ™f" ! " er >« handling all The response was so enormous ?iT c m Mtx> ny so well.' she finally quit the pleasant Mary-' , re . was siler ""e. Then Ludy _ _ _ land hunt country and is now, ac- ! °. 2 .*,„. : ™ e ™?' ntne tr ° uble rrors"jor "Kennedy." "' [against a pr.ssible strike this year 1 jump requires. Some" jobs'"disap-' cording to a faithful servitor. * \.' „ ^ „ .™~ not : While's nomination didi't go toi 8 ": U8ed U P- >«r because unprofitable compa- "Away 'way from Washington" F ,v V OR?' $ AUJAN ^' a subcommittee. Although the full! Bul '' wa ss» go up and prices jnies fold. somewhere." ' ' Yu « K - committee probably knew far less! can ' 1 - lhf T e '" be even more ol a I Thus manaKement argues when The story behind tbe want aci _...^ r !°'. 1 dlg ? ted ..! nls tor a about White than it d,d aboutlP™'" »1"««e. Competition from|it tries to restor. status CONTRACT BRIDGE By B. Jay Becker (Top RacorJ-KolcUf tn Moslira' Individual ChamplwtMp Hay» South dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH 40 VKJ6 • KJ9852 4082 EAHT 4KQJ7842 Try and Stop Me •By BENNETT CERF- is this: moment, then said: 1 Carolyn Gosnell took her 8-year- P roves wnat I was old daughter, Gerrin, to the Stone lnt(> S ratio n is so 1 Ridge Pony and Horse Show, one ° ne can undersla nd «• , of (lie big events of Maryland • ! bangtail society. The children of Washington notables have airn- •Well, that Mai-shall, a brief hearing was i forei sn mills and from other ma- word profit. 'u finer TUJe. . . _ B — - - - _. to Tm hHd April 11 and White go unan- ""' ""ilmoui approval. That > day (he ju,,^,,,^ proved. Some of the Judiciary Commit WEST 483 V 10948 the; • A Q 3 + KJ54 YOU'RE TELLING ME! A USED-CAR dealer's face fell when he *» upon whom he had unloaded a disr^r the previous day come the matter?" asked the dealer. "Surely there is nothing wrong with this magnificent car?" "Not yet," admitted tha purchaser grimly, "but I just wanted to return a few articles for the dear old lady you •aid had driven it only two hundred miles before I bought it. She left tills plug of tobacco and bottle of gin in the glove compartment and this •awed-off shotgun under saw a customer unloaded a disreputable old heap yard. "What's Attorney General Robert K. Ken- ed blows at the swimming pool, tee members who arc not on! nedy were taken by their gover- The other day a swimming pool!Johnston's subcommittee — like! ness, assisted by the Kennedy struck back at VIP's. Democrats Philip A. Hart of' -ky WILLIAM UTT- Central frcti Writer boy. A bunch of BIG names from our j Michigan and John A. Carroll of! to historic York- Colorado and Republican Kenneth A PARIS fashion designer now cornea out with what he calU the "Cuban Look"—coats , - 1 * •- J —• •" »«-jn'»j\. *u»n- —~..*.uuw UIIL. itt^ijuudiaii rveiiiietii \ _,,j „,.(,- ,. i.u 11 were there to compete in the var- town. Va., for a trial run of ihe a Keating of New York - have ?£* * U ' tS W '" > ™ Ila ™ "° hlgh wus events, but one of them was new 22,000-ton, JXi million Savan- been publicly putting th« heat on' * C °'* r - the *"* up to the minus a hunt cap which is essen- nab, the world's first atomic -. Johnston to get through with Ihe tial gear for entrants. The class powered merchant ship. The nu- Marshall case, in winch he was entered was clear vessel is equipped wilb Johnston decided Friday he had doout to go to the post, and it stabilizers, which theoretical 1 y had enough hearings But he looked as J he'd be capped out,: keep it on a dead even keel. hasn't decided when he'd call his when ihe Kennedy governess spot- The Savannah's trial run. natur- subcommittee together to consider tect berrin Oosncll ally, Wi)S lo Savannah, and, of'Marshall's worthiness before re- lhe little girl was standing course, Gov. Ernest Vandiver of.porting to the full Judiciary com- ca s a n g °" e ' he tWe ' ed ' CJeorK ' a and his l '^ wei ' e al >«ird. , mittee. that class. The huge collapsible swimming pool i quit and were an entra Kennedy nanny asked U might borrow the headgear the event. she was set up on deck, for The VIP's plunged into Ihe pool. The stabilizers went I unless the U'rserk and flipped the Savannah go in home, there's to nosa tip. Worn a gal could go into complete i hiding. i The Oatbah Look, if it be; comes very popular, could el- i feet a tremendous saving in lipstick. ! ! I I Th* hug* stnndup Cctiboh collars can b* pulled down to lit i chance the lull Senate won't be gratefully j able to vote on Marshall this year t action by ] 1 if he's not there's , and flat and wld*-so a fashlenobli mis* can still aatpt invitations for dlnntr. ! ! I Ajiother virtue of the huge Casbah collar Is that it can be removed entirely and utilized, polnta out. This, naturally, makes It a most handy littla gadget. ! I I A 13-year-old Cleveland gtrl golfer has just scored a holt in one. tiow, let's see the ol/tce duller* laugh that o// M "kid slu//'7 I I I A St. louls pollc* doffi oN tochtd to th» norcolles tquad, uncovered a sloth of marijuana hlddtn undtr 10 paundt of wiintrs. B*t this Is on* tint* th* pooch at* an th* job! ! I ! Some 312,000 cubic feet of water pour over Niagara Kails every second, according to Kac- tographs. Which reminds us— we'd better get that kitchen atelc SOUTH 4 A 10 5 lead — right of • 1064 4AQ107S Tha blddlngi South West North East 14 Pass 14 34 8 NT * Opening spados. Thla hand occurred tn a pair championship In I/ondon In 1038 and foatured extraordinary defensive play. Star of the deal WUH H. Harrison-Gray, well- known Hrlllsh expert, who held the Wu«t cards. ' Gray led B spade and declarer ducked two rounds of the suit. Kast continued with a spade, even though ho had no entry, anil South was forced to win It with the ace. On tha spade West discarded the aca of diamonds! Declarer naturally thought Gray was discarding from the A-x of diamonds ui order to •aUblialt an entry card for •Sift* FAMOUS HANDS East's presumed, Q-x of diamonds, and, In fact, th* unumial discard would hav* bean n«c«*. sary If that hAd been th* ota*. Declarer, sold on UM Id** that East had th* quatn at dla* mondu, decided to attack club* as his only hope. Accordingly. ha cashed th* ac* of h«*rta and then overtook tho queen with tha hint: In order to lead tn* nlna of cluba and double-On****. The nlna last to th* Jack and back came the three of diamonds. Declarer ran up wlttl the king, cashed th* jcok ol hearU, and next ted UM *igM of clubs, hoping to And Eaat With lha king. But East showed out and South'a hope* went a-f}Umro*iv • Ing. He won tha ace of club* and returned tha quean tmt took over from thev* on. Gray took tha king of oM* cashed the quoen of diamond* and then exited with UM fou» of haurU to £^ut'« eljrht (U* had previously unblocked th* hearts by dropping 1 UM 10-0.) Tho result waa that South want down three In a hand, whan h* could have mad* four notrump If he had known how UM a<V versa cards wer* distributed. It t« hard to blam* South fon playing aa ha did. fwpto don't usually run around tooting ace* when they hold tha A-q-x In front of a long 1 suit hoadod by lha K-J-9. It was difficult tor .South to read the actual situ- alion.

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