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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
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Wednesday, January 13, 1954
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THE BAYTOWN SUN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1954 School fir.efs - S ' ock < ? uo * es * er$0n Ashbel Smith Fathers Plan Youth Building The Ashbel Smith Dad's Club is meeting Monday, night and that petitioning- the Baytown School ; Board for space on the Ashbel Smith elementary school grounds for a youth activities building- even thoug-h no action has been taken, the trustees are in favor of the idea. At a later meeting, the trustees The club states that the build- will study the legality of the plan. Chi Corp ing would be available for all youth •i activities, but that its primary use ;. would be for Boy and.Girl Scout .. activities. The club intends to raise suffi- • cient funds to build the.structure. Board President A. R. Stark said Wednesday that the'Board oE Education was impressed by the organization's plea at the board Sick List SAN JACINTO MEMORIAL Dewey G. Graves, Jr.—Dayton. •Miss Judy Lav-erne Swick—1301 Austin. "Miss Veola Byrd—1105 Carver. Miss Carol Rae Rushing — 117 East Sterling. Price D. Holloway, Jr.—1702 East Fayle. • Mrs.' Thurman J. Smith — 104 Gresham. Swedish Press Attache Skiis To His Off ice WASHINGTON, Jan. 13—<IPV— Sven Blacklund, press attache at the Swedish embassy, skiied 3 1 T 2 miles from his home in Silver. Spring, Md., to his office at the embassy Wednesday. It wasnt like back home, Back- liind said, but it was the next best thing. The club has been informed that Chrysler Corp any structure put up on school Cities Service property would have to comply with school district structural requirements. Approximately 40 members of the S2-member Dad's Club appeared before the board Monday, Stark Going East A. R. Stark will represent the Baytown School District at a national meeting of school board heads in Atlantic City, N. J. Feb. 11-13. Stark said Wednesday that he feels certain he will be able to attend the meeting s'.nce he is going to the East in February on a business trip-' Anniversary The 100th anniversary of public education in the state of Texas will be celebrated in this school district Jan. 31. Bids Are Ready Bids for the construction of a band and Brigadiers building at the high school will be opened by the School Board Friday. Not To Chest A request by the Community Chest to move its buildings from city property to. school property was denied by the:School Board this week. : ' Board To Meet The Baytown area School Board •will: meet Jan. IS-and Jan. 25 to clear up pending business matters. > GENUINE SCHICK "20" SHAVERS REGULAR $1O95 $26.50 IT THIS WEEK ONLY.' AT MAYFAIR JEWELERS The House of Diamonds Special To The Baytown Sun AI!e K Lucflum ...........'.... SO'A Allls-Chalniers *6.h Amer Cyan • • • 4 8'/s American Repub 50% A T and T 157W Amer Woolens l 5 ^ Anaconda Copper W& Beth Steel 51 ™ Calvan Oil 5 Canada So Oil 9 Celanese • 1!> ;; Cclotex 2£ 59% 81V, Coastal Cerib • 2H Columb Gas • ^f' Creole Pet 8<W Dow Chem 36 a Du Pont Chem SH Eastman Kodak 47% El Paso Nat'l Gas 38% Fairchild Eng • 9% Freeport Sulph 47 Vi Gen Electric 83 Gen Motors .....60V! Gen Tire and Rub 29 V- Gillette Saf 40% Goodyear Tire ..... ..-•'• 53% Greyhound' Bus .. : ... »» 13% Gulf Oil 46M Gulf Stat Util 26% Houston Oil 66V, H L and P Co 28Vt Humble Oil .58.4 Jones and Laugh ..: 20 M> Imperial Oil 30V. Int'l Nickel 36% Kirby Pet ...........No Sale Libby. McN 9VI Liggetf'and; Myers 64 Loew's Inc La Land 6% 40V* Mack Trucks • • • • • 14% Mid Cont Pet 67V4 Monsanto Chem 83 Mont-Dakota Util 20H Nat Distillers .." 18V4. Nat Dairy Prod •• 8*% Ohio Oil ..•• 55% Packard Motors ••• 3% Pac West Oil Pancoastal Oil Penney's Inc -. Phillips Pet ..;.• »«•» Pure Oil • 50H Richfield Oil ............... 50M Rem Rand •!*». Repub Steel •• 48M. St. Regis Paper ............ 20% Sinclair Oil • '35.4 Socony-Vac >••> 35 % Sou Pacific ^Vi Stan Oil Calif .....54% Stan Oil Ind • 70.. Stan Oil Ohio 35., Stan Oil N. J. .73% Sun Oil .................No Sale Sunray Oil. . ............ 17 Texas Co 58V4 Texas Gulf Prod ........... 40T4 Tex'Gulf Sulph ..,,87 Tidewater Corp (Continued from tafe One) court by his wife, but the mained'outside;. Highlight of.the trial came Tues- It was not a gambling raid on the famous House of Blue Lights on -Market Street road, but a gambling debt' that .actually brought about the slaying. mony himself late Tuesday in-,- a tensely quiet courtroom :after Defense Attorney C. D. (Dick) Little Admitted Ex-Red Called To Stand In Jencks'Trial EL PASO, Tex., Jan. 13 —TJP- An admitted ex-Communist was _ ., ,. . , ., called back to the stand Wednes_ ...^^.v^v^., .„„„. ,„ -UP- Troubles continued to pile up d as thc gove rnment continued Burial has been tentatively set for ~ q - nate Wrrinesdav tnok nn the for President Eisenhower s propos- it ffort to prove labor l ea der Elderly Man Dies On Capitol Hill -At Happy Harbor St. Lawrence Seaway Bill Before Senators Arthur Y. Peckham, 73, died, at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Happy Harbor in La Porte. The body will be shipped to Minneapolis, Minn., by the Art Simpson Funeral home of La Porte. By UNITED PRESS WASHINGTON, Jan. 13 TAFT-HARTLEY cemetery. Pcckham had been bill and a Republican leader leaders critical of the plan were Happy cautiously' predicted the measure J° ined by a key Republican, Sen. had failed in an'attempt to bring Harbor only about 30 days. He had would at long last'be approved. testimony of previously lived at the home of his Senate Republican Leader Wilson, Wilfred A. Peckham of Hous- ij am F. Knowland called up the Irving M. Ives of New York. it out through the another witness. It was the first time- anyone except his attorney had heard Pierson's side of the story. Aside : from the brief oral statement, "I shot George Hoppe," given to the police immediately 'after the shooting, Pierson had kept silent about the affair until he was sent to the witness stand by Attorney Little to testify in his own-behalf. After Pierson's surprising testi- wasn't a Communist. Jencks, 35, an' international ^representative of the Mine, Mill and FARM Smelter Workers Union (Ind.). Farm state Republicans appear- was charged with 'false swearing 'I "would . £ ^ .be worried about.the npssi- i n the Taft-Hartley affidavit he Survivors, in addition to the son. think-it will have enough votes to ble political affect of Mr. tisen- fii e( j while he was president .-of are three grandchildren and one . pass." 'He - oredicted Senate de- kower:s ; proposal_ to_junkngid ( hi£h the _, Mine-Mill local at Bayard, ton. bill for debate and said sister, Mrs- Byron B. Hitchcock of bate- would last "five days to a Scipio Center, N. Y. week" but said. this was only guess. price supports in favor of a "flex- .. ible" plan. They were cautiously The former Red was Edward trying to guage farm belt reaction James Currie, a Denver. ;Colo., Ike The measure is designed to open •**> the ^/proposal. .Should flexible printer, He testified Tuesday ".that ; Great Lakes ports to ocean-going supports'turn out to,be .unpopular Jencks • WB ^ a member : of1iie Corn- vessels at an estimated cost of with farmers, they.fear.passage-of . munist party with him m 1946. Cur- ; ' $105;- million. The measure is opposed by..east.and gulf port spokesmen; coal groups and railroads. .he way was cleared for consid- shaky control of Congress. AUSTIN, •, Jan. 13 —UP—A re- of the when t wnen seaway bill ^ j ate hearing of an appeal by Mary chairman for. Colorado. - Jean Parsons, .'convicted of , niur- (Continued from Page One) 2. The administration plan for mony, given in a choked, almost channeling .-parts of defense orders ?° bb j"S 'rr, voi ° e> P^j. 0 -* Atutorne y into unemployment areas. He said era tion W. .H: Tenison led him through -this had been misunderstood and ti Qr8m8tic r6~cn3ctmsnt ot IIIG . used to crfists rnisriotDrslisrisioiii actual'shooting. , . Actually, he said, nothing in the "He had hold of me. He caught plan would operate to shift an en- ^"million" aTr^ThTcWon "mea- me by my .right arm with his tire defense order into an unem- sure which goes tn a House-Sen- -- , - , I 6 " ._ h l" d : and . h , ad " s _ ri !f* a . r . m F. 10 ™ 1 •?«• ^A?'^ a relat i ve - ate conferericf committee,, was'the Wednesday The delay^ was asked ^proposal might threaten their r j e said they ; attended 'several Communist party meetings that year in the home of Arthur Barry ; who he identified as Communist hv about nearly two years ago, was to be udon mea heard by ,th e . Court of Criminal CseTen- &£*:?> ^-'E' ."^i ° f ] >', 3 S S? U Percentage of an order. fi rst major bill to clear either _ J. His plan to take away the cit- House during-the new session/ izenslup of. persons: convicted of other congressional developincluded: • : • around rny neck. The gun was shooting. I don't know whether -1 pulled the trigger or he did," Pierson said. , .conspiracy to advocate pverthrow Describing 'the -events leading to : o£ the nation. He said- his proposal the shooting, Pierson said'he had a j outlined m the State of the been told by several friends .that Union message was merely an ef- Hoppe had threatened to kill him f° r t to impose the same penalty committee went to work on a tax because lie believed -Pierson down on a man convicted of such revision bill which Chairman Dan- teem.!!! about the raid on Hoppe's a conspiracy that is now provided iel A. Reed (R-N.Y.) said would •»_ - _-. tf 4 i . • . Tf"lT* a m£lr» "Uft-u-i Y"nlllre»r« *1 rv Hot-nol A! . wii ISA 4.^ * 'iMrtrtni+l An ^ «H t.ntlaf*aC_ defen se attorneys. The • • . TAXES, " House Ways and Means NIW—DIFFtRINT MystikTapc FOR REPAIRING FURNITURE Farm Plan Hearing Set WACO, Jan. 13 —UP—The touring Housed ACTiculture committee moved to Waco Wednesday for a one-day-hearing after a similar __.,. .. session in Oklahoma produced de- Union Oil of Calif 39 Vi mands f° r continued fixed price U. S. Steel 3S% supports and no backing for Pres- wibon and Co No Sale ident Eisenhower's flexible support Woodley Pet 33 -plan. •>---The heaHng was to be hold in Waco Hall on the Baylor XJniver-. sity campus. The committee was to arrive by air from Enid, Okla., an hour earlier. Spokesmen for Oklahoma's three leading farm organizations. — the March N. O. Cotton up ... 4 pts. Sun Spots . (Continued from Faffe One) porarily heading the organization Grange-testified Tuesday at Enid group are Jack Strickler Bruce they thought the price props for' R«nwey. Dougla. Stewart and. Al ^arm commodities should be con- Melmger. : tinued at 90 per cent of parity. _ . - -V- •-• -•. ; -,/ -• - - - Reunion - , . ; •:- .- : - --•--. HORtECOMING will he held Saturday night for ex-dtudent* of the Old Barn or YMCA In New Town in classes prior to 1924. The reunion will be held at 7:30 p,m. in the Community house, Bill Dlllenbnck, president of the House of Blue Lights. The House of Blue Lights had . previously been described by an- roeiit_ by force pr^violence. other witness, Robert L.. Dishman. as a place which "had drinks and gambling." Hoppe operated the place, Dishman said. The place was raided on Oct. 12 by Lt. Sam Warfield of th e sheriff's department and as result Hoppe was charged with felony gambling, an offense which carries a possible prison term. Hoppe also had threatened him personally,, had backed him up against a wall and called him "every kind of a .— on earth," Pierson said. He narnsd Dan Niemeyer, a carnival em- ploye, O. G. .Collins; a seaman, N. J. Slade, a Galveston gambler, and -.Mrs. Evelyn Richardson, as persons who had warned him of Hoppe's threats, .Each of those he named had previously testified that Hoppe had been threatening from Oct. 12 to Nov. 25 to "get Clyde" because he believed Pierson had caused his place to be raided, Pierson, a frail said he had been tuberculosis for 15 years, said he had been afraid for his life after Hoppe's threats, and began carrying a gun to protect himself. "I saw George Hoppe in the afternoon of Nov. 25, and he told me to be in Club 25 by 10 p.m. with some money I owed him, or for a man who makes an actual eliminate, "inequities and unneces- attempt to overthrow the govern- sary hardships" for all classes of ient by force or violence. taxpayers. The measure would 4. In another reference -to ', his la- provide $1.5 billion in tax relief. bor message and the proposal for greater control of union welfare funds, : he said he preferred- that this power be vested in the states if 'possible. • - - . i Weather-. (Continued from Page One) Minimum Tue.sday 'night was 37, and the temperature., was . 42 at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. The; weather caused numerous multi-car accidents in Fort Worth as motorists found the drizzle froze. as quickly as-, it hit streets and windshields. By 8 a.m., Fort Worth police estimated- more than 100 cars %yere involved in accidents- Hospitals had ,o many victims.of traffic accidents they could not estimate the LISTENING GUIDE 1360 ON YOUR DIAL WEDNESDAY EVKNINO 4:58—News Headlines 6:00—1350 ClUb 5:30—school Reporter—Cedar Bayou High School > 1:00—Sports Rtrlcw 6:05—Local News 6:15—Sports Dliry 8:30—Sportsman Ca-ltndnt B;_o—Altar ./Fires 6:85—News 'Summary 7:00—Harlem at 7 7:98—News Headline* 8:00—Party Lino . 9:00—It's Dance Time -8:30—Dick H»5-mes Dance. Time U Brownwood, all bridges were „ UV ,_ OIRU , quiet man who covered with ice and hgihway con- eloo—The i suffering from ditions were expected to get worse l !: $~$nt MORKIKO BAY Ends tonight "Tr«nf'$ Last Ccse" 'MR. SCOUTMASTER" 3 Big Days — Starting THURSDAY, JAN. 14th MIAT Hill fr»m HALlof FAME! TRADER HORN WHITE GODDESS of the jungle... savage as the tribe she ruled! ***** * "SEQUOIA" —witli— JEAN PARKER •' •• LAST. .. , ABBOTT & COSTELLO 1HEET "DR. JEKYLL and »Cft HTDE" THURSDAY and FRIDAY ••'.-. RANDOLPH ; SCOTT ••;, .v; .-'- '-.. in -.-' •••• - •' "THE STRANGER WORE A GUN" —TONIGHT— "TORCH SONS" "THE JUGGLER" DECKER Thursday Only NO. 1— II IRENE DUNNE MUDLARK" NO. 2— RICHARD DENNING "DOUBLE DEAL" S:00—Slsn .On " " Great Scott Wednesday night. Skies were clear in the Panhandle, but the area was covered with two inches of snow. fi:28—News Headlines 8:30—Thc Great Scott 8:00—Church of Christ 9:15—Latin Hour' 11:1C—The Band.Box 11:40—Local News 11:*5—Society Pagi TKURSDAl AtTXRNOON Oilmen find Meeting MIDLAND, Tex., Jan. 13—UP ? 2itlo ~Jf.!"? Hjadiines A committee of the Independent .— •••--...-. o 0 u n he would be looking for me and .Petroleum Association of America iz-is—Tiie Baiics Brother* .,. wou]( j bc too ba d for me when LIVESTOCK Mytttk S«lf-Slik Tap* it wattr- proof, wathablc, cvjjed. ld«ol for rtpairmg worn leatherette upholstery on chairs, stoolt, cor seats, theater scats; luggage and toother goods. Comes in twelve eoior*. Priced atlSc— 25c — 50c matherne's in Baytown Sun Bldg. FORT WORTH, Jan. 13 —UP— Livestock: Cattle 2,400. Steady to strong; good and choice slaughter steers and yearlings. 18-22; utility ^and commercial, 12-17; canners and cutters, 6-10; utility cows, 10-12; bulls, 9-14; medium and. good stock- HOBART ENOCH, Baytown poet, Ex-student* club, announced. All ex-ntudents ate Invited to attend- Poems Publishtd owed him a $1,200 gambling debt," he added. Pierson said he had 1 only $600, i but he borrowed $400' from Wyle Ferguson, owner of .the Bayshore Lounge, and soon after 9 p.m., went to Club 25 end waited for Hoppe. After Hoppe came In, Pierson said he went to him as he stood at the front door talking to Dishman. "I touched" him on the arm and started to tell him that I had $1,000 of the $1,200 for him, but I never got to finish what I was saying. W,hen-. I touched him, he wheeled toward me. I jerked my out of my pocket and he er and feeder yearlings, 14-19; signed «. contract with Banner gun ______ stocker cows, 9-12; a few over 12. Press Tuesday to have his book grabbed me," he said. Calves 500. Active, strong; good of poems, "Dark Clouds and After Hoppe released him, and choice slaughter calves. 16-19; Bronze Star*," published. The book S0 n backed off and Hoppe stag- few head over 19; utility and com- W 1H be out approximately In May,- gered away «.nd-fell on the floor, mercial, 12-16; culls, 10-11; medium and good stocker .steer calves, 14- 19. ;.. : . . '... Hogs 200. Butchers and sows fully steady;' choice 190-250 Ibs., 2626.50; few choice 305-Ibs., butchers and garbage - fed hogs, 25.75; around 155-lbs., weights 23; sows, 21-23., .- . Enoch said, and will be sold In Baytown stores. ' • Bond Parents Meet CEDAR BAYOU BAND PAR- Picrson said. Two witnesses besides Dishman testified 1 concerning the actual shooting. F. G. (Cadillac) Franklin, bartender at Club 25 at the time, said he heard a shot and Available at S BIG DRUG STORES I.'O SERVE YOU No. 1—11« N. M»ln _.Phone *»65 No. 2—126 W. Tex»i___J.hon« 29S» No. »~S41» Market— Phon» 40S4 ENTS club has a special meeting ] ook g,j RrO und to see Hoppe and called for 6:30 p.m. Thursday in plcrson struggling. Hoppe fell to the band .hall. Plans for the foot- ., Hgot and 1 Pierson made no .ball banquet will be completed • • •-• - ™—-i- Mathias Scarborough Dies In Mont BeMeu The body of Mathias Scarborough, 86, resident of Mont Belvieu for 20 years, was buried in Central Hoppe stagger cemetery, Natohltoches parish, La. the room ana .Scarborough died Saturday in Dayton Memorial hospital. Survivors include .the widow, pj c 7son's'wif e who operates Roxie's four son% Hewitt Scarborough of Bar on " old Ma i n , Alvln, Harvey Scarborough of pierson's testimony concerning Lake Charles, La., and Harry and the gambling debt apparently jolt Stblcy Scarborough of Mont Bol- ed thc prosecuting attorneys who viou; and one daughter, Mrs. Wil- had bccn succc ssful in preventing further effort to shoot him, Franklin said. Pierson then told Franklin to close the doors and lock them and call police, Franklin Mrs. Gerald C. Griffin said she was a customer at the bar. She heard 1 the commotion and looked around in'-"*« * ^er to 11 almost under «. D-shman both said that they are now employed by ' ma Dyer of Mont Belvieu. Wyle Ferguson, :a defense witness QTADP Ol AKK SCHOOL OF DANCE ANNOUNCES REGISTRATION c WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, FOR SPRING TERM Phone 5755 For Information Registration 6:30 P.M. — W.O.W, Hall Also surviving are a sister, Mrs- ( T0m telling the subject of his con Maude Latham of Deming, N. M., a vcrsa tlon with Piorson at the tvmi brother, Claude Scarborough of pic rson sa id he borrowed the $40< Lake Charles,, nine grandchildren f rom him. Ferguson later returned and two great grandchildren. to y^ stand and verified Pierson's statement on that point. All previous defense testimony had been to thc effect that for five weeks Hoppe had gone up end down thc streets, and had even gone to Galveston. saying that he was going to "get Clyde" for having the House of Blue Lights raided. But no one had mentioned that Hoppe and Pierson, generally known to be gamblers, had been gambling with each other. The assistant district attorneys had trouble establishing the fact that ttoxlc .Pierson Is Clyde Pierson's wife. No witness would admit knowing that they were married or related, although Ed Platt said he delivered Pierson's suits to Roxle'a Bar, and, that Roxie Pierson "calls herself Mrs. Pierson." After Pierson took the stand, he readily testified that she is his wife and that both Dishman anc Franklin, former employes of Hoppe, are now working for her in Roxie's Bar.. Hoppe's widow, Mrs. Clara Hoppe, appeared briefly-in the courtroom and was sworn as a witness, but it was not clear whether the state or the defense had h«r sworn. She was not called by either side, and spent the day outside the courtroom In the hall with other -witnesses.' : wound up a two-day meeting Tuesday with a statement that it hoped the problem of oil Imports, blamed for curtailed demand for domestic cnsr 7 ?, might b e solved without leg- o»l»tion. : . „ . ; In The Morgan 1:00—Melody corner 2:00—New* Headline! 2:03—Doc Rhythm' 2:( BRUNSON LAST SHOWING TODA"f "A LION IS IN THE STREET" THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY (JOaHcCREA-YVDNNEDECARU) PEDRO ARMENDARIZ CARTOONI * "DOS CRIED WOLF" + LATE NEWS. The n«w 1954 » Air 4-Ooot Sedan. It itands fo r«aton that you'll get th« firm* Vorvt-fn-Hwd tn«frm in ff» fow-pric* from th« world'i Iar9«»t builder with 40 y«an of «xptri«ne« in developing and improving this type of engine. And now for '54... New power! Ntw *conomy of operation! Smoother, quieter, finer performance! CHEVROLET For 1954, Chevrolet brings you your choice of two great high-compression Valve-in-Head engines. One, the advanced "Bine-Flame 125" engine, delivering 125-h.p. and tenrned with thc highly perfected Powcrglidc Automatic Transmission, now available on all models at extra cost. And thc other, thc advanced "Blue-Flame 115" engine, deliver- ing 115-h.p. and teamed with the highly improved Synchro-Mesh Transmission, providing smooth, quiet gear engagement. Both of these engines bring you sensational new power and performance as well as new and improved gasoline economy. Come in; see and drive this smarter, livelier, thriftier Chevrolet and place your order now! Builder of more than twice as many VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINES at all other makers combined 115 N. MAIN

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