Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 4, 1969 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1969
Page 9
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Gibson q»h $1! Cardinals sign 10 players at high cost of $424,000 mm MhtA Oofy Fodt Tuesday; Uank 4 Ifai - » Br UnIM P «M» li The SI. Lt)tti« 9«i!i««d bannoQ)' l.U cwrntai rua atvnvc. acrMditis J .in-fitw* ccMncl «« he CinliBtli 10 a c»ab Nmnt SmjUt. GilMMoat ia il« chuk al Uw^pUw in Ifacir Cfanc ttipped iUU «t FW MT SUn U«t mfM. ilortoa. «to hit ai «t «te iiUtect «i»tf*y prioe ia taw- twB hUaiy-a oooi SUUWD. The prioe. sive or lake d «B «n« n try, ceaUed the CanUaals ta sica pitcbm; Bob Gibson. NcJm Brilec sad Rar Wadibttm. outfieMen Curt nood and L M Brack and OMWaMmm. sm ntuMn U be banemaa »&e Sbanooo and Ml $igatA an Javier and Man^L D J J Ma»«] and inlian Javier Ibe former bdiewd adciag an Xbe <ml>- uai^saod iBe«bert|f(ir S»;DOO and Ibe UUcr llMciii Ibe naa ««b wton he Mgotiaiel at the Uttect-iaid Cardinal ia hfatny. The rmaintac OMjON peace padcBce ««s divided a* fallow*: IMjNt for Floed. »*» fori Brack. SSZ.4N far and balled m it BcjMiuiBS OnaOt m aUornry aad Gceeral llanascr Jin CSiniMI laid MoBdar be vm Rocfte. Gonzo/es bumped from LA. tennis tourney Iddowv." «as doe far a d-MCiM Anrinliaa' Xaliooal Uaraie dun-lsss^ Ibe woM riumpiio Detroit of Ibe I^K. CibMHt. Ibe XL's Most Vahu fale Platw fa) IMS «1ieo be bad nam. linaiBC neatrntae. to that Wttie a 224 reoonS, U tbutottls and ailioitoa ic at liM«h at aefioliat' Rupp of Kentucky wins 24fft conference fitfe of Ibe fiaiu of Ihe late." The li»f Anficle* Oadeers aba canliiHMd to batv coMrxt praMeau despite ibe (art Ibal Ted Savase nipied and Bin Sinser asraed to lermt lloodatr. Still nadtned are Dsn Drrxlile, CUude OttMO. Paul Popovicb. Ken Btvcr. Boa Faiftr and Lea Cabridcoa. Oa olber ftvoU: Manaiw Ted WiOUnf said be it «aiit«Ml %Hh Ibe attitude tt the WafUtttsioa Seutoni aitd COIR' ii>mt<d. "I Kwild rKpeet that lwani>« tho" lann. ibrj're INCLEWOOD rUPil —Icmn on hit ptocencol abola.| -!•»» bees plajiBC very wO far Imo •oolbt.'' tm Roetae RicMca bnlte Bocfae's tenfee is Ibe noldi'c ahMb same to laiceaS4leadandlbea««iU* era aerrice in ibe neat game to take Ibe first seL He ramped to ^,a 4-lleed failbe aenod let and ended bom Ibe »jm U M >>>* •"^ fai Ibe nest faur SSL tedSlail lU£»«»» to lake Ihe «l - TMaraamcot by ooe of Aineri-:«»«ieh. ca's IcaMr knowv pro*. Marty RieHen.«4. M. "Slaitjr plared briniaat too- Bi*.*'Bocbe caid. But Bocbe probably beat UmadC lie made Br UnMed fnn IwHraatiwei WaDi tai:<«i is IS pmnu in (be betas haadM meo.*' MaHph nurm «<"« bis Sllb teoond balf as ibr Caian; roUod Pour-lime ^'L haiiiss riiampKn canfctwJoc Yueaipa high golf focnii to open seoson Dcfendiitf cbampitMi PaiKho Coualet abe was eiimfaialcd. faUiae M to Bv Moore, the hippie fram Soolh Africa. The «>Tear^ Coatalet. from U» Aseeiei. aped AoHn- Ua'a Rod Uvcr is lul yc«-'s finale at Ibe Florani. Lever is Kcded first Ifab year. Ihiid^ceded Johs Newcomb Yiicjipa lUidi let Auitralia bad to teo aU out to bral 47-year-oU Pancbo Sccnra la other matches. Australian Kicd Sutic «w« over Tom ThatwwwM okker of the NMberUods 7-S. «• *• •** twM. BM.^ U'^MI tnm^ it» WuilwrSh Pi«l« foT ,„cm»: wtten ihe>- hoA Aquinas tb,MwU of Si tcMtm tournasusM. Florida tconas «ith 31 pomts j|,uy Aloo. Ihe only Pirate not Bupp. «1w first caplurad liie' Hike Ctmm seorad 31 poiBtS|in camp, it echeduled to arrive SMtbeadera Oootecnee lUe'and BuUb Beaid netted 2} as tiacfc in im. saw Us BratncfcylliOidtvilia raOed w iu Uib WOdeatc atorm from bcUad to tfaa doAc ntaniM to tea back Anbom Ml. Ktetncky. ranked temth ta Ibe fioaatiy. wjU aoi« en to play fa Ibe Mideast Bc^onab «I Ibe NCAA cbam- tdoodiipt Match U at Madison. Wis. The Wfldeais. who rained liOidtvilie railed iv ils vicloiy et the seafM. a triampb over Bdiarmioe. QUIChtoa kept its .NTT bspet dive with a It-U mis over NCAA bDuad Notra Dame.' VtHf Aademmat soared S points for CRiCbton while Bob WbibiMK led Ihe Iridi with U ponis. at BmtaUB, Fla. da>-*- whUsafaw Stars oivner says Ibqr won't give it up lOS ANGELCS *UPI»-TV Oub. Ihureda}'. Ihe win meet San Jacinto at cm- man llot Sprinp. Both are prac> lice matches. YucaitM has five kilermen ' wont be any leonis at Thnnderbifds iiie Forum leoisht because of a pra batkelfaall came' feahuing Ihe Las Anedes Lakers. But pby resumes Wednesday nishl with Laver set to meet owaer of the U. ASP*. Stora g^:.^ *^ bock, indndint: senlore Lahn;Denait Babtoo. Other men's Ban- and Paul Saon. The oih-;sinsles matches pit XewcooAe cr three Mtermes are soph-* aeaintt Moore. Rosewall as^nst eaiORS Jim Mans. Pat Cal-jRoy Emctson and Riesicn lasher and Randy ScharitL asainst Stolle. Other pivspecls far the learn ara Jeff Calheait. llanild PitlL IJ-^ ^luh -nmy Brawn. Rick Simon and nCW CIUB Ibdr reooid to 314. ««ra iipiiet by VandoUlt laA Satuiday aadi Cnec Came}- tcorad 31 of hit had to win one flf Ibeir twviciaie bifib 37 poitiis ia ibe raoatabis suies for Ibe teooad half at Wk*iia ant diaapionlUp. Ihw behind to ddoat Ttfta Ki*»« ••'^ •» «** ""L , , , CS fa oiwitime. Ci«c Raui st« «P «a the Americanauric Paba Sprinct. thoj soorad » «r Ui S pofaif fa the BatkMban Atraciatioa dab. f D\X dnmpiea. W C3lpce^ «4n «e «40B to ipatk «'idiiiaj «r« a stiMwra Bay." «M i,to meiT. ^ ^ 8moelh-«b»olini! Dess Mes-i Tedc named to succeed BroylRrsch Third fime for Lew TeoBeMee look eeoond place fa Ibe SBC wtih a »«0 \itlm em ViBBteMt. at Don MmsoB and Jim England each mrad U points for Ibe Vofastoers. TeoDessee fa beisc oonddcrad far Ibe NaUooal Imitaliooal TournstncflL fa New Yoik. norida'a U« Karihe u«n ported «, j^j,,, SRTS? ."iS^wr of AlUdcaa. C«if. Tm fa Utit the Air Fbroe. Marquette bat to lUy. Alcindor named to Ail-American _ NEW YORK (UPI»—Lew sophomore, was virtually na* iiam'cd Akindor. who has kiMnrn defeat itconji on a naUonal levd nnta to Ihe, only one time dnrins bi» be led the United States team to in tiie Mexico City IMRodgnup beieves tregedjif may iie|p sport LOS ANGELES (LTf>-The „ .^alraady aeoepud an imtatioB ^ to pUy fa Ibe NCAA. PUe Maratteb's SS was pointt prafcttiosal tutitrtboll season, bdped tSU braak a «ct«n«ime "It i«t the financial loc«.~ Kings lose mwtr. KJrst admitted he i,^!*- ^'MJU ditappeitMd about bit fint! inQIIS WIHI chest in|Hry LOS A.\CELES (UPI>-Elroy' llindi-s dd job with i*e U» Aac^ Rams win be OOcd by .the cWb's puhlfc rdatioot ^ . , Rcdlands Swim and Tnsis^ director far Ihe post nine years, fd to be siraae with ^uralpa.!,^!^ bdd it* tknt imer^qoadj Jack Tede. 38. was Ifldfa aad HeoMt baillias it out ^^nisg meet recently nader Monday at astiiUnt . , . . . for second pbce. rtTdlrertoo of coidi Lany.pmidit. Hirsdi. who «U«^«« oi^ri J iuuntTbemeeiw-atorsanittdSe post sface W6J. reripjedOlympkr hero Spencer ra>-wood OI>mp.cs. wTvete ^««inw««-itaS *eek to become •"fcT.ISf'.^^ J ^i 'H!* J^^LJ" M«£BM >^ an opoortnnity to diicctar at Wlseoosfa. the United Press Internationa!,completed by a tno of juniors— j '''5 ^5oadFootbanLea|B«:All.\meriM baskets Mararich of . ^»«rJZrf«m d^aUo aaaomjced Ihe cfta-j For Aldndor. the Wool. I's- sutc. Ride Mount of Purdue u ^ SSil^to^rf? S *IU«i of a new Jd>. assbtant'fadi senior, the near-unanimous and CaUin Murphy of Niagara. ^SrllT^d b«S.'fi»eral manager, iad appdnted tdectloo marked him as only Both Maravich and Murphy aw J2ii .^S^*J«taSaSe «to fin it tlx fourth p«a>cr ever to gain repeaters on the honor team IN-CLEWOOD. CaliL fLTlw J?^«, JSS* M^ Sanders. 4S. will conttaue to first team n*oculJoojhr.c ,*ile Mount was a secood^ean - • — •• -•-•— *—' - Ilfather,director. Re Joined nejums as facing streak as Ibe Tuxrs be declared. "We aU expected downed Missiiitippi Siato •»«, that The main dioppofatiMat Jefam}- AilbaK scored 31 poials is thai the poMic baial seemed to set a career swrtig reosid to ooiiec ihe strides we"i« b^' Swindicld of the Ameri- c it v^^LSfASS^aS vS St^i ^ «^ taiuty,^!l=l-i too. CWif. while Sander, win ew««d its daacet far an MT l^Angd« c^^^ct negotiatfans ««v« cot Ibe toutbest IhTroiaddphia' AII -SfOT €000 *itb vderas pUyen. ~ ' ' * ! The Rams said Ttdc. a T-Rnisplay OF game at RHStonkiht Ibe new league wtwld wfad up:' 1^ Canfaittt 90-7*. ATA^J^JS:^^ St-e beat Mistouri Eieven perMOs were killed «Bd neari}- SO iaiurad wbca a radns car w«nt out of conlrd and slamnwd thrao^ a wire fence into Ibe croHd. Walty Paiks. bead «( the nation's major tanctioning body (01 drag radag. said be didnt ~lhihk this will permanently bjure Ihe imase" of Ibe sport. "This iraged.v may pnapt states torequire that rtrips „ „ ^„ „ ^..^^l'?** *«w»«»oe- bea vietocj- oi-er Bdl Gardens ««««> tMats left dodared. -Inconnoe coopaides tonight at C pm. in ibeito^ the ABA pla>tifls. thenwwiM initUte a screeafag BeSaadsifigh school g»m. ^~ ' procedttfo to find out if strips " • — tume n>«rs at the Fonun maricet of aU right here.' lOrtl. who pordiated Ibe gM«. Asdidm Amiim ABA franchise] te»UaIii(d and moi*d ii here, said K hdrfinSdyT^^^ OMch Red EeOy here Cup player dies at 88 sod out saU Ihe! tourney set in Hawaii farmer I Beach, 'cxectitive CharUe Scott of North CUoIi* na ami Jo Jo White of Kansas. ; ivo of Haywood's teammates on jthc victorious Olympic team. ' were named to the second UPI , team along with Bob Idm'cr of ' St. Bonai-enture. Mike Maloy of i Davidson and Bud Ogden of beUnd president and HONOUXO (UPl)-The first bidding with the National BaAdbdl Asiociiiwi ^ playcn. ••It would be the -Ua,^ limit mbcn Inglis was coliece aadlhebe.lf*«.«dlU,i2kJ^»»''«'«- I^SS. of the country. wiU be. the owner of the , four-same .uced here April 9. 11 and 12. I^Tk. ci.#< mrr» rnrrfas ...n,! Ainiu RaikrthaU das- ^ succeMOT «» Te«e as j, doubles pla>-cr. teaming with Beard of LouisviOc and isince the Kings were carrying annual AWu Ba.kc««U OM -^^bUc ttialxm director wa*,,.^ ,t,rtett to capture thciMcMiOian of Columbia. sportswriter at L OUR IQS A.\GELES (Xn*I)-Frcd'Santa Clara. CUiL. was Ihe N O. :,B . Alexander, a tennis cham.[ Selected to the third team oeg»»*M***lpion at the tura of the century.iwcre Dan Issel of Kentucky. - general died Uooday. He wasSS. .Veal Walk of Ftorida. Howard Alexander was best known as Porter of VDIanova. Buldt succcnor to Tede as ^ A>uhie% nlaver. teamins with BpanI of Louisville and Jim to Ihe Ihe rie. fealnrins aBstar teams « senion from of four ' Yoca^ta Hi;* Ttaaderijiidt _ , . eaa^wW fato the semifinalt ^^ZT^'^iJTL^?^.^ of Ibe CIFAA cage pUjtdls with Division, hat 17 regular fa hs bid to ABAs Loten of three fa a raw. Ihe /v^K^itei^-c'Tiiids'Stars host Minnesota at the sports Arena Wednesday night El Centra 66^ fa the openingj two remrft .* Ihe OF while ^^fhltO bOCOmOS CFL coach MUml Mimesola Kentucky Indiana New Yoik were safe or unsafe. TUs would weed cot unsafe tracks and there are nuny of them.' The Ooiinstoo snip is not an BeU Gaidcas lurecd back NllRA member. Paries pointed Aguora R-SI and Worimun. dte out although it applied for Hadeoda league champions. 7S- n.enbersbip. It wns turned 63. down, be said. ' The Tbundcriiifds bad four "We recommend that Ihe plajcrs in double figures «oe't bare to tra«^ far when Deotw' Ibe sgaintl El Centra with Stct« he nports to his new job as xew Orieans East W. 34 32 , 3J 31 IS SEATTLE <UPI»-Daa White Oakland MiRA Ld «W •• TS «.k « ^STbitSut Hunru: c«eh the Seattle Ra««rsol .^Uas- S^fagtT ^w^ oS^» l ^a^t «i«««. «,Ridt}^ continental Football LO . A. „iae." Waller each 12 while Scot! Hum- Paiks said the "SMtt aeoesM' West W. 17 » 3! 2> Aagdes 2S Uousuo 19 Junior college cage tourney to be held learns representing South. Midwest and West." Ralph Yempuku. promoter of the event, said Monday. He said outstanding rollege; Pet CB r**X*"rf]!^ «>««~aty College and City pet for uie dassic beotise »«,ooUcje of San Francisco are the co-favorites in the Califoniia FRESNO. Calif. |U.S. doubles titles in 1907 through 1910. In that period, the uiii i uAniarc pair won 89 straight tournament "WAet . matches. 0<VKLAND. CaUf. fUPI)-Roy vMcxander was a member ofSicvcrs. who hit 293 homers ; the 1908 U.S. Dam Cup team, durins a 15-ycar major league He «x>n the national intercoUe- career, will manage the Bur- giate singles championship in liniaon (Iowa) farm club of the ! 1901 as a member of thcOakland A's in the Class A tUPIi—Fasa-;Princeton team. iMidwest League this year. tournament is scheduled J57 SB Vi _ _ •5^ il 'bali ^iidi'Red Roeba wiU ^ " 'the director of the tourney. Easier recess. Univeriity of HawaU rv safaly devire that the NHBA can reoommeod it a good suri rail ta a close proximity with the drag rtrip." The NtIRA headquarters are here. nhrev mesfaed eidit fa Deserti The Rangert made a cross' Monday's Resuils ^«^|£yWaner aver-'town caU to Ihe UnirenJIy of Kentudor 127 Houston 118 awdlsT^wt li; Humphrey UWashfagtoo Saturday to hire (Only game sdieduledl S^Hm* iT """"^ JKMe. The Santa Oara prad-< Tuesday's 6amM Yocaiia was rannenip ta the uate serred as an atsittani MDallas at New Yoric DVLUHeinet with a 7J marie,Husky Ooadi iim Owens for the Mi»«oU at Dravw wtiie the champs wtre 8-2. !p«*t nine years^ tOnly games scneouieoi Pet. CB .797 ... Ml 12'a JOS 17 .40 ISMi .410 21 J17 28>a North Shrine coaches named K,^. Sute Junior CbUege Basketball | V. TournameM which geU underj ".way Thursday at the Sdland, _ Arena. | Pasadena has a season mark of 234 add CCSF 27-7. Other; teams to the stogie elimination tournament 'faichide Imperial •VaUey t2M). CMlege of the: 'Siski)-ous U6-U). Los Angeles n^^'f^^^ w^'aiyCdlege (2^8). Mereed .25- Burt of Los AHos Wgh SAod ^, puperton Juntor College •29-i and Don Brown of j^fej** j) and Frtsno Qty Cdlege (24-1 Mira Loma High Schod bare been named e^coadies for the .North team for the IStb annual Shrine North-South foothaU! game at the Memorial Coliseum July 33. C/o$/ffg clubhouse fo newsmen for 15 minufes not good for baseball Has Ted Williams already made first mistake? 81. Tonffora wins 'scrum oxe' Br MILTON RICHMAN UPI Sparte Writer NEW YORK (UP{)-Tad Williams said be'd make mislakesi managtog and it's always good to Set that first one out of Ibe way. He already has. Ma}he he didnT realiae it but that was mistake No. 1 when be announoed nobodyll be aOowed in the Waditogtoa clifthouse until IS mmues after a b game Good old Ted. He can be away tight yean but be has a mind lOce a sled trap. He never: foigets. Keeping fiiote did>-, house dooR dosed it aa oU story with him. He was totlramental ta keeping newsmen out e( Ibe chdibouse for pnilncfed periods not only aSer Ibe bdl fuaet! but also before Ihem wUle «itb: Boston. In his ddeme it dmild be said a number of Bed Sox players fa his day ftlt Ihe sai be did aboot the nda wkkb kept reporten eoeliag tbdr beds but WiOiaBM was tfeeeabr one to speak oat to Ca««r of it That lent the sitaatkm its share of tatator beeanae wb ever the iMWsiwa fiaally mwldl be altowed fa aid tkesTd prateitl Ibe dday to some other Boston any newspaperman is to fcl him and ajj "?^^f!j?Si*^'T!i?^ ^j^ih.. Bkwr B»er>ttv — i- «nv. >(!«• » soon that What he fircquently doesn t| And when Didt Young. wwdd fa««r Ut voke «« as potrfWe. When he grit it he:^^^^, ^^j^d a dosed Writen Assodalion. BasehaU mMUmtMlv tav- i"* »"•"— -—. inrcea » WWl oeomo a Ciosra niHa* n»—WTOte a ^iSSfwimf ^e You know 8«««My coo*-"'««"»»'««*"««oor while his TV comitefpart Idler protesting the IS-mmute who k is. ItrNris SeTlSihang ait>und because be has a will be bUlhdy gdting all Uiejduhbouse wait Williams saU , STANTORD. Calif. (UPI)The coveted "Scram Axe*' is' back on the Stanfoid campus. : today. ' Califoraia posted a high; scoring 13-12 raghy victory wer the Indians Sittiuday but on the; • basis of the two-game series. I Stanford was awarded the the < trophy. In an earlier match. mtae.' That was then and now is Mara Ham Than Goad There's no quetiioo who's mairing Ibe ruk now regarding Ihe Senators' duUiouse but there is some question about Ibe Ihinkmg hehinri such a rule, esprcially fa these Irytog times when baseball desperately needs fines of oomfflimieatioii, not less. If Ted Williams or any other managrr thinks out the entire mailer deariy, be must come to the ineteapahte conchision that more barm than good Is by preventing any legiti- uewipipermas from en- tadng bis dnthonte for any Vedfied leaglh of time. there fa ao posdhte way any niiiiaiii. erca Ted WlUaais,; caa aeal off Ui pli9«s &on> Ifca ae«s aedia. Leo Dnncheri made a half attempt at tt ooei light iMt year and the wtok readtod to a bddied-| dispatch to file. But keep him waiting and he starts to fret and w1ien be starts to Cret he usually geU angiy and when he geto angry taterviews he wanU faside. A perfiect case ta potat was the Worid Series fast FaU. wait Williams perhaps he'd compromise. "If we win. maybe there'll be no hon." he saM. "U we lose' Stanford noted the Bears. 184. Both teams finished Ihe season with M records. When rata deUyed one of thejfu be IS mmutes.' games newsmen were prohibit- j ^ed Williams should thfak on He's ta no mood to o> out of Used from speaking with , more. He shouM bear Jbt vddiHt wny fa set rid of j to hdp the manager or the baUdub. So who suffers ta the fang run? The manager. Flre- quesUy Ibe piddic, loo. because no man is at bis best when he's angry. TyadHiwially. Ihe reason gives by basdaD managers, and hall coadies, loo. fori making reporten wait X number of minutes outside the dretttog room it that "we'd like Ihe pfayen to cod off a UtUe." O M I oft, my notepad! Ntoe out of 10 Umes if a pia>'er is of a mind to say «btag to a newsman. heTl say it wbeltaer he's asked 10 seconds after the game, 10 istautes or lO houn. As a matter of fact, file longer piayen wait, the more efaqneat Ibey beetMae. A naaafcr bas evciy right to privacy fa hit * " ta the chihhoinr although theijg ^tad things are difierenti TV people had_ no IrouNc at aU;,i„n he was with Boston. gelling the playera to talk to litem ta front of their cameras. Ted Traah 'Em Aa *»• You never heaid such boUcr^ ing ta your life. Joe RdcUer d the Oommlsstoaer's oQice put a stop to it He figured, tighUy. what wasn't fab- for one wasn't fair for Ihe other and suddenly there wasn't any farther pnbfaffl. Agata. fa perfect fairaess to gjiibmc, lie never lias differen- ifaled bdween representatives of the various news media. He Ireato Uiem all aUke. Then are some iadieatkns, however, he isn't nearly as faHexihte as be was once. When a*ed ncenUy why he hadn't! bit to left Odd agatast Ibe WiOfaffls MO, be "I was wrang. I Wasbtagton maybe no- bother waiting IS mta- With bodyll utes. That wooktat be 0)od for Us baU chib. for basdiaU or fori anyixxly. Klaus named Lodi manager OAKLAND. Calif. (UPI)-The Oakland AthleUes have appointed former major league taOdd- er Billy Kbits as manager of thehr Lodi farm team ta the CUss A Californta League. lOaus. 40. managed Salisbury |of Ihe Western Carolina League last season. PRO SHOP OPEN NIGHTS 7 to 9:30 OpM WMkBids by AppoMMMt EMPIRE BOWL MO W. 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