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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Wednesday, January 13, 1954
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Cfontfy And Warmer BAYSHORE \\EATHER-Cloudy with occasional win Wednesday iiljrht, low 'of 44. Thursday partly cloudy and slijrhtly , wanner. Moderate to fresh easterly wind*, becoming southeast Thursday. OU1U P.O. BOX- .Op66 -, . mas GIVES''FULL'C6VERAGE'6F^ ' ;" HOMETOWN NEWS ' ~WITH,SPECIAL TREATMENT TO - STATE, NATIONAL AND , », '' LOCAL NEWS ' >' ' VOL. 34, NO. 189 BAYTOWN, TEXAS JURY HOLDS FATE Wednesday, January )3 0 1954 TODAY'S NEWS TODAY TELEPHONE: 8302. Fiv« Cent* Per Copy > • i 1 , / •• • i ~' ? CLYDE A-Bombs Aimed At Moscow- Dulles Gets Tough With Reds r NEW YORK, Jan. 13 -HP-Russia and Red China were under solemn notice Wednesday that if they start any new wars American atomic bombers might strike directly at Moscow or Peipmg In a major foreign policy address Tuesday night, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles formally buned the old containment policy of the Truman administration. ^ He declared that U S. global strategy now is aimed at building ^'massive retaliatory power" to strike against aggression "by means and at places of our own choosing " He made it Plain without saying so that the means could be atomic bombs and the places Russia or Red China. With an eye on the forthcoming Big Four foreign ministers meet- 'ng in Berlin, Dulles als 0 warned that the United States never wiL make a "deal" to seal the fate of captive peoples or to formally divide the world into East and West spheres of influence Observers in Washington called Dulles' speech th P fullest presenta- t'on yet of the administration's new look strategy. Two influential Democrats, Sens Richard B Russell of Georgia and W Stuart Symington of Missouri applauded the retaliatory power idea. "Many of us have felt for a long time," said Symington, foimer Air Foice secietaiy, "that the position just taken by Dulles regarding in- stanc capacity for devastating rc- taliatoiy attack is the greatest single deterient to future aggies- sion." Republicans generally praised the address but Rep John W. McCormack of Massachusetts, Democratic whip m the House, said con- gressional committees should take a careAil look at the new concept to make sure it's right "Only six months ago President Eisenhower and the Republicans were wrong about cutting the An Foice," he said. "We better be very careful the> are not wrong again." In his address before the New Yoik Council on Foreign Relations, Dulles said the old idea of containing communism country-by-countiy is no longer enough for today's world Now, he said, the West must sion and less on local defensive power. Flaming Jet Rips 4 Houses 6 Die TTP A *,«,« ^-y, J , a " 13 - seasons hist heavv stoirn huns? Roberts, 21; her son, Douglas, 18 UP—A father and his infant son low over the aiea when the plane months, Stephen Louis Shoup, 11 lay near death Wednesday with dropped out of the sky and and Mrs Grace Miller 72 critical burns suffered when a F- sheered off a tree top Air Force official" sad the two 86 Sabrejet screamed out of lead The 3 et then Knifed through a jet, had 1U st completed a flteht en skies, smashed through fom one-stoiy frame house and dism- from WjlllamsZ'Force B*e nouses and killed six persons tegratcd in a 200-foot flaming Ariz and weic aiopme throueh .Two of,the dead were children . skid. Three more houses were hit. overcast .for a landine at mun A seventh person 72-year-old Err.- The plane knocked-, down tele-. icipal airport,,: which i s not equip- estG.. Bailey, died of'a heart at-'-phone . lines -broke several gas pcd with radar landing devices tack a s he witnessed the flaming: mains, and touched off the fire Mrs. - lol a McConnell who lives Hoppe Slaying Self-Defense, Says Attorney : ANTI-RED ROLE—A group is to b* organized soon to fight Communism in Hollywood, according to comedian Lou Costello (above), who said, "Hollywood is . loaded with' Reds front' top executives down to the lowest- hireling-. They've: got no .right in this business and we want'to sec to it that they get/kicked out" Costello said the Rjed- t ightingr;.(rr6up, when, organized, .\ will ask;the Screen Actqr^s Guild;to screen each member. (International) ''"'.'. Sun Spots New Invention 0, L. CLEVENGER and W. A. Mc- EJhannon of Bumble's engineering division are co-inventors with W. W. Jones of a U. S. patent just granted. Entitled- "Flare Stack Pilot Burner and Pilot Igniter," this invention describes an igniter for pilot lights on waste gas flares used in areas close to refinery operating equipment. This igniter may also be .used as a pilot light after the flare has been ignited by turning off the electric heating element. It. has been used successfully in plant operation for five years. Enters Stock Show JOE ALLEN of 22B Arbor Street is an exhibitor in the Junior Da<ry Show of the 195-1 Houston Fat Stock .show, Feb. 3 through 1.4. He will show two heifers. One is a, heifer he won in thq Dairy Scramble Contest in last year's show. His calf was sponsored by Jesses H. Jones of the Houston Chronicle. Exes To Gather ALL INTERESTED University of Texas ex-students have been invited to attend an organizational meeting at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in the director's room of the Harris County Federal Building and Loan Association- Major purpose of the meeting- is to plan a March 2 banquet, traditional Independence Da- celebration for Texas Exes. Tern (Continued On Page Two) Around Town MRS., CLYDE STEVENS learns the hard way that it just doesn't pay to go back for the second helping . . . Mrs. Bill Jones about half-way expecting company so she'll have a good excuse for dhanging a meeting place . . . Dolores Rogers gets the "surprise c her life" when she turns up at • Sunday school class meeting. Dr. T. T. Peck and family taJ ing a vacation cruise down sout . . . Jimmy Kimmey guarantee: that this time there'll be no bruis . . Neva Carlton calls to say shi :an't go ... Willadene Hines "eeling better after a seige with ; lasty cold . . . Niwassa Box ge: :ickled over "a little dish." Helen Jackson calls in for new. )f Cedar Bayou Methodists . . fanet Kimball looking forward u. 5"riday—pay day . . . Joyce Lannou icarching the house for a lost item . . Harold Matthews doesn't keep i promise. Nancy Hatcher trying to find mt why . . . Betty Heard and Bar- >ara Holiaway give a nifty rendi- ion of "The Three Bears" . . . ihirley Trchalek gets her tongue ust a little twisted, but not for ong , . . Mrs. C. W. K'rkland naklng a phone call "real early" n the morning. in the -The other dead were: ...The'pilot ;'ignited.. Maj. Robert .A. Blair, .of .Omaha . _ - - .. . -tims ran and San Antonio;, Mrs. Shirley into the street "burned black", :.-''. their clothes and hair 'in flames, witnesses said. Edward Ledbetter,: 24, and his four-month-old, son..; Edward Lynn, both severely burned in the crash, were .not expected- to live, according to attendants : at - Long - Beach FOItTY-ONE TO GO—Paul Oitdnnn (far left) is slmuii l«Tc picsenliiiK (our IIOIM-S to Hnj Sciuil officials for the new K-vplnier camp, JCunulio Fl Cnrm. near San Marcos. Oriirinls shown RIO (loll to right): BPII rove, East Iliuiis disliicl camping chairman; W C. Jackson, liiisl JIanis I'istrict chairman and II. F. Goss, Sam Houston mea council camping clmiuu.m. Voters Are Scarce Ike Says Strike Vote In Three Water Rule Up To Congress Gradual Warm-Up Forecast A handful ot voters In each of , Community hospital. The child's mother, Mrs. .Shirley Ledbetter, 25, was-among the six persons killed instantly when the ' Air Force fighter plowed -into- the residential area. ,.-•- -'"":'-. •' . • : The plane—one 'of ;a-"flight of ; two—was making a 'landing .'approach at LbngyBeach--municipal-- airport. Somber rain 'clouds of the Bnytoninns shivered in n> cold oast wind Wednesday, but they were thankful that freezing rains hud not extended as far south us the coast. Weathermen sioid that a <rra- iluul vrarhiinjr-uii will start Wednesday afternoon and continue for at least Hie next two days. Clouds were overcast, but pre:.dieted rain-hud f(i<i?.ed : -'to fall in this r arc» Wednesday morning. Weathermen said the rain or frcey.injf nun over the Jiorthern and .central' part of the state , . . , should cnii by Wednesday i\ifjbl. r George Mills and A. G. Blythc, ' ' Thermometers ranched a nirtv- iniiiiri or 57 degrees here Tuesday, actually warmer, than the sunny day before, but seemed colder because the wind hnd shifted from the norlh to 0>r. cast'. ,. ' (See Weal her—Pago Two) WASHINGTON. ; Jan. 13 —UP— of his '195-1 legislative' program. .. ...... ..... _ ,_.o ... „>... „. President Eisenhower Wednesday Generally : speaking, h e v S aid, his three water control and improve- "cwmded his farm program agnmsl messages to; Congress tried to sot ment districts in tho Baytown area charges • that it . i s not politically forth. principles rather thnn to di- clccted new supervisors Tuesday;- • fua s' b lfl a "d 'eft U to Congress to ,'igivirn the exact 'mnnncr in vvliich A total .of 341 voters cast ballots 'decide .whether government -.con- Congress should go iibout achiev- in the three elections. ducted secret strike votes should ing UIL-KL' goals. -The Incumbents, J. A. McDanicl, before or 'durine n strike. Reporters- told" him- that some Mr. Eisenhower devoted much of m timbers of lii s own''p;irly in Con. . , were re-clcctcd at Mont ' Bclvicu! a ncws conference to a discussion gross said his .new , farm program ' They- hud no announced opposition, but there wcrc^a few write in .votes. . Successful at Highlands wore A. La Porte C-C J. .Lostalc.-'Oliver Harmon and \V. CI • J. A E/^unksr-,-••....-.. ..-•-•..,. -, c/ecfs /\gee Onlv 13.1 n^pMnni vntorl nl A-lrmh ' *~ City Council Gets Request For Oil Permit Bids On Three Purchases Also Will Be Considered Where Did Money Go? ...... on the Harper three-acre tract on Of the -other four, two have nignt with a full agenda the south side ef Highway 146, been producers, one a dry hole first session of 1954. across from Scott Drive. and one temporarily abandoned nm f*p> «M gm at ?:3 ° The Wc "' to be drillcd b - v C ' J - with P lans for d <*P" drilli »S 'and vv ' J - Bartcl{ p.m. at Uty Hall. Brown, will be the fifth to be put later. » Mrs. H. M. Sln B loton, cloution incy win probably grant a per- down in that area within the past The ' councilmen will ponqiHnr Judg" ^ Cedar Bayou said tin: ^tforanewoilweHtobccrrillcd few months. bl^ on three cTty co" trac™ as '"fe went: Lawless, S2; Hanson, follows: *' 8 i' Bartck, 07; D. D. Sherfy, 1!>; (1) Throe new police patrol cars and a car for Public Works Director C. W. Grantham. (2) A hydraulic lift and grease rack for the city's automotive maintenance shop. FORT WORTH. Jan. -13 -UP- NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 13 -UP- 3. A prefabricated metal build- Gunman Floyd Hill started a 20- A fifth suspect in the $57,000 rob- ] " s to boils ' : fire-fighting- cquip- year prison sentence Wednesday bcry of the Houston National Bank "^"f ™ d ^ llc Em "gcncy- Corps for his part in the 5248,000 robbery was under arrest here Wednesday b'eT'crccte'i aT*™ V^'f^'trf W M gun runners in Fort but authorities still have found no city'barn at South Mnin°and Gulf, can for W. W. Spivcy Only 133 persons voted at Mont Belvieu and 105 at Highlands.- All of the new supervisors take office this month. -...-. At Cedar Bayou, write-in voles almost elected Boytf Hill, who was Druggist Clyde Agoe has been instrumental in forming the water eloctod president of tin; La Porte- district, lo one of the supervisory Bayshort: Chamber.of Commerce, posts. Hill was fifth in the mtm- And Mrs, Lucille Robertson has her of votes. The three leaders I)cp " named new .secretary of UK; were L. L. Lawless, H. L. Hanson clvio group. Hill Gets 20 Years Eh.'dion of officers and the new secret/icy was held Wednesday morning at a hoard of directors mooting tit the Chamber of Commerce of fine. A gee, a resident, of La Porte for :~c;illinK for'flexible price.supports ;—w.ns not "politically feasible in ••'this election year." The chief executive- snitl hp. still believed .his /plan-is" right. ; '< He ;,suid ,'lie .'doc&;.nqu ; lhink that,, he is .-too smart'politically him-' self, but he does not believe,anyone studied the farm problem ns long and as "closely as his •uclniin- istruticm could arrive at any coi\- clusion tliiit the current system iSv > workable or would help the farmers. Hi: said that'in his presentation to Congress, hu attempted lo .show the w:iv to n slnblo. ))rosperioi:s uKricuHi.ire, Ho siijd if his. ck'.n is not polilicully foasililo, he would surely find out. but tluil in the meantime he believes firmly that it Is n'chl. Reporters sought t o clear up confusion about his labor mes- BV An emotionless Clyde Fierson. began awaiting his fate at 10-55 Wednesday a* the jury began deliberating his guilt oc innocence in tho murder of gambler George Hoppe. In the closing niguments of the two-day tnal, W H Tenison. of thp district attoiney'i office blast- , eel the rjeison defense as, being "a double-shot one that Pjerson killed Hoppp r boUi In. self defense and accidentally." "I fail to see how anyone could accidentally kill in self defense," Tenison said. v In turn, Defense Attorney C D. (Dick) Little charged that the defendant should novei have been indicted in the first place Little accused the district attorney's office of not properly investigat- ' ing the Cftse. "If it had been. 1 ' hp said 1 , "my man would never have been brought to trial." Little questioned the prosecution on its fictions of calling witnesses before the grand juiy l«st Friday in older to get their testimony on record. - . Tfimon replied that "when we hear of .something: going, .wrong: with our witnesses, we always bring them in bciore tho giancf ]uiy to get their testimony on i ecoi d " (Testimony given by some dc- 1 * fense witnesses during the 'trial did not agree with that given. earlier before the grand jury.) Tenison also pointed out that the only two eyewitnesses to the shooting now work for Roxfe H Pierson. wife. of the 'defendant. The assistant district attorney said that In view of the fact that Plei'son is so trull a man, If the 200-pound Hoppe had has hands on I he gun ho would never have been .shot, that he could hni'e taken It'away from rifraon before he could /pull t hi; trigger. Piurson Is being tried in Judge Langstrm King's .district court in Houston on charges- that^hc shot and killed 'Hoppe on the night of Nov. 2C,'1»52 In'Hoppe's own tavern, the Club 25, oa Old Main. Pierson was? "(teepmpanicd to (Sou J'l*r.soii-iJ|'nBe,''JHvo)-' " -• '-'<:> Boney Is Jailed To Await Trial WU At Mont Bclvleu. M'cDaniel sot 137 votes; Mills. 128: Blytho, 12*. Kight write-in ballots were cast for Fred Chitty, one ballot for 3cn Grumpier and one ballot for P. O Wuod. D;jnks received !)7 votes at Lostnk, 81; Harmoii, many yen is, has long been prom- sjifje. inent In civic work. Ho formerly They wanted to know whether he .served on the Lu Porle city corn- preferred .govcniirieiit-beld secret prove appropriation ordinances for equipment repair in the police de- Hill pleaded guilty Tuesday to Nick J ' - Mitchc11 . 4 3, one of four the robbery and to breaking out of ifT"*, '"JP^^d in thr robbcr.v ..,...^..,.,, t ._,„.,. , c , IU1IW UL .. jail last Feb. 18. In return, author- ? y bank clcrk Donal d Allen's con- partmcnt and for replacing broken Hies dropped a charge of being S, SS1 ?«' ?l s D1 ? ke ?, Up by Crimlna) and missing street signs all over an habitual criminal which would ^."f 1 " 1 " Johl ? J - Grosch and two town. have led to a life sentence if he'd Ur te? n K wrixh_ prison wardens. This will bo the first council been convicted. .../ V " t 5," el L^ nlc °, any connection meeting since Dec. 11. The/other regular monthly meeting, which would have fallen on Christmas porters of lormer Cuban President beginning Carlos Pno Socarras, but h e re- j ames , Mitchell, 22. reportedK •ell fvhlVr" ^ IS 'n aCC ,° 1I ?n P nnn eS " the cldcr Mitchell's nephew, and .ell where the missing 5120,000 por- hi$ i8-y ea r-old wife were arrested tion of the loot was. b v FBI agents in New Orleans a He was arrested several weeks few days after the New Year's after the robbery at the swank Eve rpbbery. Western Hills Hotel, when h e ap- The elder Mitchell said he hac poarcd in a wooded section accompanied the young couple Azle, northwest of Fort Worth, with from Houston t o New Orleans be a hoe in his hand. ~)ay. was canceled. Reuther Shooting Suspect Nabbed Reds Agree To Parley PANMUNJOM. Jan. 13 —UP— The Communists agreed Wednesday to put the stalled Korenn peace conference machinery in again but accused t h e mission. Other new officers are Prank Baker, first viw-pmsideiH: Hay Van Deventcr, .second vice-president; Mrs. Bertha Cook, treasurer. Mrs. Cook hn.s turned in her resignation as Chamber of Commerce .seiiretary, effective Feb. 1. New directors announced at the meeting nre Mrs. June Kirchncr, Bcvo Gafford, Frank Bakor, Al Wadsworth, .John Eckhardt, A. J. Alban Jr. and Mrs. Coo'k. They will serve throo-yoar terms. Mrs. Robertson will take over her duties 'on Feb. 1. In addition lo being secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, she will , .-verve as manager of tin: La Porto credit bureau. L. E. Posey Sr. was re-elected by unanimous vote as Chamber of Commerce manager. Posny received :\ standing ovation from the directors for his b ;i 11 o t s to be e o n d u e t 0 d nmoiif! worker.; prior to p -:i strike, or ;ifter a strike started, as his massagi- Monday implied. Mr. Eisenhower explained that ho h;icl carefully nvoidcd spelliiiR out the exact tlel.-iils; that deler- inination of Ihe details Is the province of Congress and its committees. Hi's .function, he said, wa fi to lay down principles and in this lifiht.' he would accept anything that seemed to be the most practicable, the most workable. X 0lher news conference highlights: .1. The controversial R r i c k c r iimcndmcnt to limit the ,treaty- rnnkinK powers of the chief executive. The Preside; 1 ' snid he would be happy to accept the changes in the ori):ii);ii plan /is he outlined them lost July, but he never would agree, to the adoption of a system AIT ~r «,K» A 4 ;.,.. 4U ««,. •• —•'" ''""• ""<-. ""'- 1->•'."••* i\fi 'K.i «.fKM.''/ to ine -iCi^/fjtujn en a .sv.itetii Allies of threatening the peace. work> whlch h( . dn ,, s u . iUlmll pay lhal wou , d ^^ ' (his C()imtrv bac| . Hed aulhoritics accepted an Outgoing President E. .7. Cado Allied invitation to bring liaison thanked board members for thrir officers of both sides together at co-operation during the last year. DETROIT. Jan.' 13 —UP—Donald H a.m. Thursday (8 p.m. cst cause they had offered him a ride Kilcn . ic - key witness in the ambush Wednesday) to arrange a rconen- ' shooting of union leader Walter ing of negotiations. Reuther six years ago. agreed U. S. Slate Department Far East Wednesday to return (o the United expert Kenneth Young said the i / . n , , States shortly after surrendering to Reds informed him they wanted to MdlOP RoSnot '-anacian police. Police Inspector meet Thursday to "agree to ;i I i*.vjiivn Paul Slack announced Wednesday, date" for resuming the talks which Ritchie, who fled "protective UN negotiator Arthur H. Dean custody'' in Detroit last Friday ;ave himself up at an all-night barbecue on the main street of Preston, Ontario, shortly after Canadian authorities arrested his common-law wife, Betty, apparently foiling the couple's "getaway" rendezvous. Slack said Ritchie i.q now en route back to Detroit. The 33-year-old Canadian on whom Detroit authorities depended to solve the murder aUcmo!. on Reuther. had been the object of nn international manhunt since his disappearance. ID the cr.-i of the pre-Constitulloi) Articles of Confederation. (Soc Ike—I'aRc Two) Veterciii Newsman T© Speak Visitor broke off on Dec. 12. Lakewood Civic Elects McMahon Baytown Knife and Fork Club members Saturday night will bcai- a talk by Major Malcolm Rosbolt, a newspaperman for more than H decade in the Far East. Rosholt will speak at n meeting CHILD SURVIVES RARE OPERATION—Ellen Hemp. y/<, is cemforted by » nnrse. Mrs. Charks Sctiultz, in Milvrankcc Childen's hospital after unfTcrjroinc a cholecyslcc'tomy (gall bladder removal) an operation rare among children of that asrc. (International) Church Conference CEDAR BAYOU Methodist church will have, an all-church conference at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the tdiicAtional building of the church. Main if«>m of business will lie to discuss plans Tor tho payment of the debt, ronnrrtcd with the new i>nnf.liKay, Frr^fnt plans include, the payment by June 1, 19541 rathpr than to carry a 15 year mortgage on the. building while the indebtedness i* being payed over a long period of time. . W... F. .\fcMahon was named president of the Lakewood Civic association Tuesday night at a meeting in the elubho'jsa. Other now officers are M. E. Schiller, vice-president; Flalph Schwcndcman, secretary; Paul Edwards, treasurer. Knur new directors are Raymond Tindall, .A. L. "Dutch" Roberts, James Stone and W. C. Lawler. Albert Franta, out-going president, will also serve on the board of directors. A meeting is to be called sometime next week to plan a membership drive. Discussion was held on the pos-. sibility of building a grade school in the Lakcwood area. Ab'.'t 28 attended tho meeting. Schwonde- man was awarc'/.-J a door prize of free membership. MALCOLM ROSHOIxT to he held .-if 7:.W p.m. in Grace Methodist church Max Alun.'in, secretary of llio flub, said that reservations for the dinner should be made-by Friday noon. The dinner Is limited to 10^ poraons. Rosholt will bo the second Knife ami Fork spoakf-r this season. Hi:-, topic is "America's Position in the Far East." He was a newspaperman in the Far East prior to entering the armed forces, serving nearly four years in World War II with the U .S. 34th Air Force in Chitia- Burrna-India theater and with the Office of Strategic Services. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Legion of Merit and three foreign dccoration.s for outstanding achievement. He speaks Chinese and Russian. His close relationship with the peopU- in the l«',tr East and hi.s understanding of Ibrir language and their philosophies have given him <in insight to the problems vital to the United States and its actions in the East. The truce in Korea did not settle America's problem, he says. Since 1930, Rosholt has revisited the Far East three times. Elmor Jack (Billy) Boney, 18- yeur-nld Baylown' youth, was in the Harris county jail Wednesday nwiiititig a hearing on chargri that ho robbed the Baytown Western Union office of $103. Boney, along with throe other young men and two runaway juvenile girls from Houston, was brought in Tuesday night from Bl Paso, where police Sunday nabbed all .six, Deputy Sheriff K. AT. Brown of Baytown and George Nichols, juvenile officer for-.the sheriff's department, .drove to El Paso, to bring them back to Houston. • Boney was identified by Mrs. Lavcrta Bradley; Western Union operator, ns the yaath-who'threat- ened her with a knife and took $103 from the Western Union till last Tuesday night. Ho has been charged with robbery by assault in conrieclion with tho Western Union robbery. Boney also faco.i two charges of forgery and passing a forged in- - Ktruniont. Two checks totaling $73.50, carrying the forged signature of A. J. Grebt-y of Acme Typewriter Co., were passed Dec. •I at tho Big Chief supermarket. Tlx.' charges' were filed 1 by H. R. Via. manager of the store. Justice of the Peace Roscoe Zicrloin .said preliminary hearings on all three charges probably will be held in his court next Wednesday. Brought hack with Boney were Gerald'Stripling. 20, of Baytown: Emmott Stewart Jr.. 23, of Houston: Ronnie Elliott. 21. o'f Houston; and the two Houston teenage girls. All had been picked up Sirmi'ayby the E\ Paso .police. Tin? three men were being held for investigation, the sheriff's department said. A fourth youth, Ronnie Stewart, is being held in the Juarez, Mexico, jail on n. chargo of fighting, and was not brought back with the others. Ql'ICKIES . . »y K.-n Reynolds ". . . near ns T. can fiRiirc out thnsp Sun Want Ads arc sonio kind of a get - rich - quick scheme f

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