Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on February 3, 1939 · Page 4
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 4

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1939
Page 4
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T * * v, *T i ! * S i f .> * * * * -M -* r v* w p; J * l > A-"-HI*!-'?' -t* fr THE COBSTOANA SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT, FRIDAY, FEBRttAftY 8, 1989. BENGALS FORGED AHEAD IN FINAL SESS10NTUESDAY SECOND CLUB FINISHED WITH A TEN-POINT MARGIN OVER OPPONENTS ' Corsicaria Bengal loopers won a • twin-attraction from the Mexia Black Cats at Tehuacana Tuesday even- Ing. The games were played on the Westminster gymnasium court. The first club won, 28-14, after being held to a 14-12 margin at the end of the first half. Corslcana changed the defensive tactics for the last half and pulled away from tho Limestone county boys. The Corslcana B tquad won over tho Mexia second team, 21-11. Double Header Saturday, With these two contests played, 1 Coaches Jlmoilo Gardner and Bruce Jeffors Wednesday ''irn their attention to tho approaching double-header at the junior gymnasium court Saturday night. The Bengals meet Ennls at 7:15 o'clock Saturday night while the Highland Park Scot cagers will bo the locals' foe at 8:30 o'clock. These two games are being . 'iyed i.i connection with the annual Oldor Boys Conference here 'this weekend. •Corslcana recently took the measure 'Of the Ennls Lions .and absorbed a drubbing at the hands —e^-'the' Highlanders In Dallas. A good crowd Is antlclpat - •' .or the twin-attraction Saturday evening. ^ Townsend Meeting. There will be a Townsend meeting at the court house Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock, February 3rd. Come one, come all; there will be some very Important business to attend to. Since we have elected new officers we are going to build things up and try to interest the- public in what we stand for. Respectfully submitted by Secretary J. W. Gayle. Courthouse News District Court Lloyd Beaslcy, negro, entered pleas of guilty In district court Monday to five indictments for burglary and a jury assessed two year sentences In each case. District Judge Wayne R. Howell pronounced sentence on Beasley, allowing two of tho sentences to run concurrently while the other three are cumulative, making his total sentence amount to six years. The jury for the week was excused 'Monday until Wednesday morning. Warranty Deeds. Bon Carroll, et al, to E. L. Carroll, 50 acres of the John Florence survey, $10 and other considerations. E. L. Carroll, et ux, to L. Peve house, 60 acres of the John Florence survey, $1 and othre considerations; W. R. Magness, et al, to Joe Magness, 28.2857 acres of the J. E. Calder One-Third league, $75 and other considerations. W. R. Magness, ct al, to Quln- .on Magness, part of Blocks 407 and 408, Corslcana, $5 and other considerations. W. R. Magness, et aJ, to Charlo Magness, 26.2857 acres of the J. ' E. Calder One-Third League >25 and other considerations. W. R. Magness, et al, to Wallace Magness, 41 1-2 acres of the James Little and J. E. Calder surveys, $160 and other considerations. W. R. Magness, et al, to Annie ACID INDIGESTION? Auilln. Texai—Mn. A. N. Cooper, 806 W. Jewel St., layi: "I hid no 'appetite and would , have attaclci of acid In- I digestion alter eating. I " felt tired and weary and hardly cared to do anything. Dr. PI e r c e'l Golden Medical Diicov cry gave me a fine ap< petite and relieved me ol ll acid (ndlgettlon and aour itomadi. and 'hll monger." Bur it at druit ttorei. GEORGE BURNS IS . FINED $8,000 ON SMUGGLING CHARGE GIVEN SUSPENDED SENTENCE OF ONE YEAR AND PLACED ON PROBATION YEAR NEW YORK, Jam George Burns, radio 81.—(ff)— comedian, was fined $8,000 and given a suspended sentence of one year and one day and placed on probation for one year by Federal Judge William Bondy today on his plea of guilty to two Indictments charging tho smuggling of Jewelry Into this country. Assistant U. 8. Attorney Joseph W, Delancy had recommended a $12,000 fine and the suspended sentence. Burns pleaded guilty several weeks ago to the indictments In which ho was named with Albert N. Chaporau, self-styled Nl- caraguan consular officials, and Mrs. Elma N. Laucr, wife of State Supremo Court Justice Edgar J. Lauor. Both Chaperau and Mrs. Lauor have pleaded guilty, also. Other Indictments in the case named Jack Benny, radio comedian, who has pleaded Innocent. Benny's trial has been set for Feb. 14. Under the nine counts In the two indictments against him, Burns Wad faced a possiblo maximum sentence of 18 years Im- fines totalling 3'Daniel Grants First Clemency Attend Funeral AUSTIN, Jan. 31.—0P)—Gov. W. ee O'Danlcl has granted his first omoncy since taking office .two weeks ago. The first was a two-day reprieve o James O. Lynch of Caldwell ounty, convicted of murder in 938 and sentenced to 26 years, The eprleve was given to permit Lynch o attend the funeral of his wife. Tho second act was a 60-day ex- mston of parole Issued Ersklna a rose of DeWltt county. Prose wai ut at the tlmo on a 60-day parole ranted Dec. 1, 1938, by Gov. James !, Allrocl. Prose was convicted In 938 on charges of theft of cattle nd conspiracy to steal cattle. Ho •as assessed 4 years in the pen- tentiary. His parole was granted 0 permit him to settle his estate. A conditional pardon was grant- d Lawrence Skinner of Rusk ounty, sentenced to 10 years on 3ct. 29 1935, for murder. He was rcdlted with having served ap- roxlmately 4 years and 8 months f his sentence. A conditional pardon also was ranted Frank Kolosky of Falls ounty, credited with serving 2 ears and 8 months of a 5-year erm for burglary. The clemency lea pointed out Kolosky was only 1 years old at the time of his conviction. acres' o? the «n»«nt and J. E. Calder One-Third League, $5 and other considerations. W. R. Magness, et al, to Sallie Klelnschmldt, 22.42856 acres of the J. E. Calder One-Third League survey, $60 and other considerations. J. 3. Callicutt to Central Texas Grocery Company, 63 3-4 acres of the Samuel Everett survey, and other considerations. $10 W. R. Magness, et al, to Lottie Smith, 26.2857 acres of the J. E. Calder One-Third League survey, $25 and other considerations. Justice Court Two were fined for overloading and one for drunkenness In the court of Judge A. E. Foster. One was fined for overloading and one for drunkenness by Judge Pat Geraughty. Barry Cage Clubs Defeated Emhouse Barry High school boys and girls basketball teams administered decisive victories over the Emhouse clubs at Barry Monday even- Ing in contests for the benefit of the infantile paralysis campaign now under way. The Boys won, 22-8, while the girls turned in a score, of .34-8 against tho Emhouse sextette. ,. At the time Burns made his plea, Delaney aaked consideration because the comedian had cooperated with the government in a wide investigation of smuggling Specifically, Burns was indicted for smuggling two bracelets anc a ring valued by tho governmont at $4,885. Burns already has paid $9,770 in penalties to the customs author Itios. L , Burns was not accused of actual ly smuggling tho jewelry Into this country himself, but of attempting evasion of customs duties and of receiving, concealing and transporting the jewelry after it had been smuggled by others. His attorneys said he had bough the jewelry and had "no purpose or intent to offend against th laws." Mildred Cage Clubs To Oppose Emhouse Mildred boys and girls basket ball clubs will meet thu ~3mhous aggregations at the Emhouse gym naslum Wednesday night. Emhousp combinations were defeated at Barry Monday night 1 the Infantile paralysis campalg benefit contest, Barry £lrls /on 34-8, while tho Barry *>oys won 28-10. DIPLOMATS BELIEVE HOPES FOR PEACE IN HITLER ASSURANCES REFERENCE TO AID FOR ITALY NOT FULLY UNDERSTOOD, HOWEVER Kentucky Stars Baptist, Methodist Women's Activities Kerens This Week KERENS, Feb. 1.—(Spl.)—The Vilson and Westbrook circles of ho WMU of the Baptist church met together on Monday after- loon at the home of Mrs. Grant Westbrook to continue their study of tho book of Corinthians. Eleven members wore present to hear Mrs. E. K. Howell, teacher, explain the lesson. The other two circles, tho Bain and Cheek, met together In tho ionic of Mrs. W. L. Bain for their study of the 12th chapter of Corinthians. Mrs. A. R. Carroll Is the very efficient teacher for these. One of the WMU projects for the year Is the piecing and quilt- Ing of two quilts to be sent to Bucknor's Orphan home. The above named circles have begun theirs and neodles flew after the study period. SPECIALS 8 Winter Coats Reg. $16.95 to $29.50 Now $5.00 Sizes 14 to 20 9 DRESSES Reg. $6.95 to $16.95 You'will have, to be magloa if you beat Mary Lou to these bargains. 6 DRESSES Reg, $4.95 to $12.95 Dresses of magical charm for the earliest ones. Now $2.00 Hats 10 Hats in Wool and Fur Felts Colors: Wine Teal, Rust, Greens, Black Regular $2.95 to $4.95, now All wool flannel, Colom: Wine, Green, Navy Blue, and Black. Reg. $2.95, now Sweaters Twins arid Singles. Regular $1.95 and $2.85— Now $1.00 \ The Ladies Sh '"' "' At a eouncl Imeetlng of all the organizations of the BTU held at tho church Monday evening, a goodly crowd was present. Mrs. A. R. Carroll, president of the Senior Union, prdstded, and gave a number of worthwhile suggestions for the programs for February. After all business had been attended to a social hour was en- Joyed, during which tea and cookies were served. Methodist Missionary Society. KERENS, Feb. 1.—(Spl.)—The women of the Methodist Missionary society met in their regular monthly social session with Mrs. Tennyson Whorton, hostess, on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Perhaps the beautiful spring day inspired the large attendance. Mrs. Jack File, leader, Introduced tho following interesting and beneficial program: "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go." played by Mrs. Jack Reed, during tho quiet music period. "Call to Worship" scripture and meditation, leader. Song, "Give Of Your Best to The Master." Subject matter on "New horizons In personal service" was followed by biographies of prominent men and womon. "The poor ye have always with you," and dlscrlptlon of London's "Hull House." Mrs. Andrew Tal. "Whosoever shall save his life shall loso It, and whosoever shall lay down his life In my name, hall gain it, and life of Dr. Alert Schwlrtzer and his magnlfl- By I-OUIS P. LOCHNER BERLIN, Jan. 81. Diplomats saw hope today for peace in Europe in the assurance of Adolf Hitler there would be no cause for Avar in his pursuit of the great Nazi objective, return of war lost colonies. They are not sure, however, of the full meaning of tho chancellor's firm promise of aid to Italy if she were involved in an ideological war and his declaration: "National socialist Germany and fascist Italy are strong enough to safeguard peace against everyone; and to end resolutely and successfully any conflict which irresponsible elements lightly start." Charting the course of Nazidom for 1939 In a two hour and 17- minute speech before the relschsag last night, the chancellor daclared his own belief In a "long peace." He set increasing world trade, to Include Latin American countries, as a pressing need to bolster Gorman economy while the campaign for colonies is carried on, and advised the United States not to Interfere. Devoting much of tho address tartlng his seventh year in power to the economic need for Germany's 80,000,000 people, the chancellor hinted the colonial Issue would be handled by negotiation, Only Want Colonies "Germany has not ten- torlal demands against " England and France apart from that for tho return of our colonies," he said. "While tho solution of this question would contribute greatly to tho pacification of the world, it is in no sense a problem whlclt could cause a war." He did not mention the Italian agitation for colonial concesslonse from France. Hitler blamed Jews, bolahevists, and unfriendly political and financial Interests In other countries, Including the United States, for war propaganda, Ha criticized among others Secretary Ickes of tho United States. He pledged Germany to pursue with increasing energy a place in world trade to meet the "uttermost need a nation can meet, namely, the need for its dally bread." Emphasizing that business relations with South and Central America "concern nobody but therrt and ourselves" he charged that relations with the United States are "suffering from campaign of defamation" by unfriendly Interests on the "pretense that Germany threatens American Indo- pondenco and freedom." Belief Misplaced "We all believe, however," the Chancellor added, "that this does not reflect the will of millions of American citizens who, despite all that Is said to the contrary by a gigantic. Jewish-capitalistic propaganda through the press, tho radio and.the films, cannot fail to realize that there Is not one word of truth In all these assertions." The Jewish question, Hitler continued, should be solved and "the sooner the better," for Europe "cannot settle down until the Jewish question Is cleared up." Should "international Jewish, fl- POLL TAX PAYMENTS EXPECTED TO PASS SIX THOUSAND MARK County and city tax collection offices Wednesday reported a larger poll tax payment at the final date than they had anticipated seeral days ago. A total of 5,625 county poll tax receipts had been Issued Tuesday night about midnight, the deadline, and by the tlmo the mall has been worked, the total will be In excess of 8,000. The total for 1938, a political election year, on the corresponding date, was 7,854. T. A. Farmer, assessor and col- % lector of taxes for Navarro county, stated Wednesday morning that total figures were not available, but he believed the county and state tax collections were "about normal" pending a complete check and the working of the malls. A total of 1,631 poll tax receipts have been Issued at the office of J. M. Pugh, city assessor-collector, while a complete check was not available, as compared with 1,457 for 1938. Month of January Was Very Busy OnJ For Salvation Arrf The month of January wa# an' extremely busy one with the Salvation Army, the report of Major M. Van Sweden, officer In charge, shows. The Army furnished 381 meals '. for transients, lodging for 71, transportation for 30 and garments for three. In the local work seven families received groceries, three fuel orders wore Issued, 215 garments and 47 pair of shoes were distributed^-, and five received orders for mcd-- T icine. Richard Greene and Loretta Young in a scene from "Kentucky", the all technicolor production which opens at the Palace theatre Saturday night at 11:30. FUNERAL SERVICES PLANNED TDUHSDAY MRS. SALLIE BABB • Mrs, Sallie Babb, aged 61 years, native Texan, resident of the Rice community, died Wednesday morn- Ing at 5 o'clock, three miles east of Rico. Funeral rites are planned for Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock from tho Baptist church at Rice with Interment In the Rice cemetery. The services will be conducted by Rev. G, C. Henry, lastor of the church. Surviving are a brother, J. L. Davidson, Corslcanti, Route 3, and seven nelces and nephews. Corlcy Funeral Home Is charge of arrangements. Use i autck results. Sun Want Ad for Still Coughing? Even if other medicine has failed, don't be discouraged, try Creomul- sion. Your druggist is authorized to' refund your money if you are not thoroughly satisfied with the bene« ' fits obtained. Creomulsion is one word, ask for it plainly.see that the name on the bottle is Creomulsion, and you'll get the genuine produce and the relief you want. (Adv.) CREOMULSION For Coughs or Chest Colds ent work in the Congo, Robert Lowe. Mrs. The Investment of a trust' and dy of Edwin Markham the oet, who considers all blessings a trust to be passed on In bene- Its to others, Mrs. August Hill. "Looking from Lavender Moun- alns" and story of Martha BeN ry of Rome, Ga., Mrs. C. W. Glass. Directed prayer, leader. A delectable salad plate was erved during the social hour. COUNTY TREASURER HAS FILED ANNUAL REPORTF OFFICE nanciors," he prophesied, "succeed In plunging tho nations once more Into a world war, then the result will not bo the bolshevlza- tlon of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihlla- tion of the Jewish race in Europe. Nothing was said about the in Officials Report No Smallpox Here No cases of smallpox have been reported to city and county health officials in Navarro county, It was learned Wednesday. Numerous cases are reported in other counties In this section of the state. Health authorities, however, suggest those not Immunized to this malady be vaccinated. A program for vaccination is also being carried out In the local schools. Dr. Wm. T. Shell, Jr., city health officer, reported that no cases had been called to hla attention. Dr. S. H. Burnett, county health officer until Tuesday night stated Wednesday there had not been any smallpox cases reported to htm, but there are 10 or 15 cases of chicken pox over the county. Dr. O. C. Bowmer, new county health officer, said he had not heard of any cases. Dr. Gurloy H. Sanders, member of the Navarro county hospital board, of Kerens was in Corslcana Wednesday and stated he knew of no cases in the eastern section of the county. Mother's Standby in Treating CHILDREN'S COLDS The annual report of Hayden Pasohall, Navarro county treasurer for 1038 has been filed in, the Office of R. Arthur Caldwell; district clerk, as follows: Commissions orl the Navarro county general fund, $94.74. Commissions on tho Navarro county permanent fund. $13.08. improvement" Commission on the interest and sinking fund of the county road districts, $1,719.00. Commissions on the Interest and sinking fund of the county levee Improvements districts, $173,11. Authorized' expenditures inolud-' od 'Mrs. Nell Jones, salary aa assistant, $135. Premium on aurety bond, (76. • Station and office supplies, $57.75 Officers (Pasohall) salary, $1,200. Total expenditures, $1,167.75. Ukraine, Memel or Danzig—In al of which Nazis in the past have expressed interest. . If Germany had any concrete plans for Spain, he said nothing about them, avowing it was "anx iety for European culture" which compelled Germany to take sides in Spain aganst the bolshevlst destroyers. ... Special mention went to Japan as champion of the anti-comlntern pact: a nation which '"in the last two years has set us so many examples -of glorious heroism, is undoubtedly fighting in the service of civilization at thet other slde-of tho world," Did Not Mention Roosevelt Hitler did riot mention President Roosevelt, frequently criticized in the German press, but he attacked Secretary of the Interior Ickes and tho former British foreign secretary, -Anthony Eden, and Alfred Duff- Cooper, who quit a« first lord of the admiralty in protest against the Munich Czechoslovak pact. "Against such agitators," Hitler said, the German press will reply '"to bring home to the German people in good time the truth about these men." . Touching briefly on Nazi'-church policies, Hitler cited statistics he said showed that Nazllsm was doing more for the churches than democracies. The inter-governmental refugee committee got little. comfort 'from the speech. Hitler declared thai Germany was hardened against //of now f 1 ... thanks to Block. Draught. Of ten that droopy, tired, feeling is, caused by constipation, an everyday thief of. energy. Don't put up with It. 'Try the fine old .vegetable medicine that simply makes -the lazy colon go back to -worfc and brings prompt relief. Just 'ask for BLACK-DRADGHT.. "An « ny itli all sentimentality and did nol propose to let Jews take capita with them, v; . ;"We merely are paying this people what, it deserves," the fuehrer insisted. Friendship Reaffirmed. ROME, Jan. 81.—(ffO—Premier Mussolini and, Chancellor,' Hitler exchanged telegrams ; reaffirming Italian-German friendship today today while an authoritative fascist editor declared colonial demands of the two nations "will dominate a large part of European history In the near future." A statement from official quarters, meanwhile, said the "un shake-ability of. bonds between Italy and Germany" was con firmed by Hitler's Reichstag speech yesterday, when .t h e Relchsfuehrer promised supper If Italy were attacked. Italy appeared to have gained new support for colonial bargain Ing with 'France from the -' rossed, •••:•''. Vlrglno Gayda, an editor whose views often reflect those of Ital Ian officials....emphasized in his newspaper H Glornale P'ltalla the "similar substance'! of« Ital Ian. and German colonial claims, FOR RELICVINQ dlB- oomforta ol chest colds and night coughs, rub Vloks VapoBub on throat; cheat, and back at bedtime. Its poul-' tlce-vspor action relieves local congestion and helps the youngster relax Into restful sleep. FOR COUCHING and. Irritated throat due to colds, put VopoRub on the child's tongue. It melts, bathes the throat with comforting medication. Alao ruassago on throat and chest. FOR HEAD-COLD "snlfflas" and misery, melt a spoonful of VapoBub in a bowl of boiling water. Have the child breaths In the steaming vapors. This loosens phlegm, clears air- passages. WICKS W VAPoRu* —CORSICANA— One Big Day Only Wednesday, Feb. 8 ON THE STAGE A Movie Stir JACKIE *• AND COMPANY * {/VffffffffJ^ B I LLY TAFT FRANKIE COOK PIiUSi ON THE SCREEN DICK FOWEI4, OUvIa DeHavUlana in "HARD TO GET" —CORSICANA— Midnight Show Saturday Night 11:30 SUNDAY AND MONDAY It Rips the Lid Off the Parole Racket! A JAY VEE DEE PRODUCTION WITH AN Special Added Attractions "WHAT EVERY GIBL SHOULD KNOW"—LEW LEHR TRAVELOGUE - - - NEWS —CORSICANA— Midnight Show Saturday Night 11:30 Sunday, Monday and Tuesday i THE KENTUCKY OF GREAT TRADITION ... gr«of»r In th» splendor* of Technicolor! You'll stand Aup&Acheer It! Inlechnicolor A 20 »h Century -Fox Piclurtj BRENNAN —plus—- COtOB CABTOON • PARAMOUNT NEWS

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