The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 23, 1959 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1959
Page 4
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS ffiflOMALPAGE _ SSzosportand 6tttzoria. County. Wednesday, September 23,1959 BANNER YEAR ffM flflWDPi RHURltK Clerics Take Easy Route * oat be difficult for mini' jeers and priests to bear in mind that they love cue fort At i*at point (fees &e eon- Mcratcd heart *> to sleep, md the earthly one come alive •Midi its normal veataesses? Tbe cleric roust fight nnremit- tagJy against the sins of the flesh. . . . When he toses, Gbdmayfcr- t&to him hot man vHl nou Most of us achieve a shocked delight vben a man of the cloth is ia public disgrace. It brings him down to oar level and ve shake oar heads sadly and pionsly and tell everybody about it. This is because ve feel sspiri- tnaEy inferior and sin is still a great levtler. Whether he steals from the runs off vfth a path of CferistJaulty* They aic in a complex field caHed politics. These are the roea-who shout the loudest that meir.churches are sacrosanct aad cannot be measured in each purely political aspects as, to us sty. taxes. The President extended a personal invitation to Mr. Khrushchev to Visit mis country, ft has bean obvious that be does not admire Mr. Khrushchev. For ft Jong time, Mr. Khrasb- ciev avoided meeting this man at the MHiihifr. It vas, I am certain, aa act ofQuistly humility on ib» President's panto say: "Cbrae oa over. Ictus , njantaarist. driaks too tnoch, or dabbles in politics—he's a propei target for die good htgy people of Ins ctxnnrantiy. A- veefc before NfldtaKhrcsh- chec arrived, I found myself foiling JKO lie same critical bole. la many paits'of America, a few preacher* used the 50!^, and God's tame, w de- aomce the Soviet Premier. It IMS a popular. and therefore, easy thing » do. Mr. Khrushchev *as caBedaimr- dexer, a monarch of slavery, a merchant of dead), * liar. Tor crtticiEed the ministers and priests for this. Permit me TO sund up aad be counted as one who thinks that these are viaderiaa off the . was booed to be a controversial matter. AH of us expected the raUrirfamg to gnaw en tbe bone of contention. The sight of thit august body, the United Sates Senate, trying frantically to finish its business and Jock 19 shop before Khrushchev arrived should have nadeamnstagnewintheSerriet Orion. Tl*JaittJmetbje Congress ran for oorer m» JB 3SM, v&en BrM* force* moved into No COB can object to the rainl- iftB told their flocks; « is a time to pray for peace." lb» power of prayer has teat proved many times and inpct of as. la^aaomeng' g^ ^Bfl0er, drop to cor »rtBKt to monnor abject pleas to God. This v»s a good time for the potp its <0 ednrt the people tc special praye,, Use few -who stood in the pulpits aaddenoaacedthe'risit, TrtK asked the people » vrfteto she Presided! and hirass him *Sh criticism. •«ho urged everyone to stay away from places -where Mr. Khrushchev ^oold -visit, -who called him a innrderer before fee bc3y altar, areaste* 'away from being goaty of in- dSngto riot. .•_• There vexen't many who ffios. A lot cf tetters come t^thos desk from many parts of fte country, and soroe asked, as I do, vfcen did God begin to tnra Hs lack to murderers? At what point did He set Kmself against those who fight for an honorable peace? -"'I am in Ae nnseraHeposidco of having to agree vith we. charges filed against Nftita Khrushchev bat denouncing the soarce of tbe indictments. There is an old-fashioned feeling inside of ine that all ministers, all priests, all rabhis are better men than I becaase liey devote their Hves to "GoS, vhfle I devote mine to personal aggrandizement. Let them remain on fl« pedestal. 'When the coaSdeace maiof jadea tried to get Jesns to eommfnt on politics, he turned tbeHoman coia over and orer and asked whose image was oa it. The people *ri&-. "Caesar*«." Htisaid, ssIrecaD, "Beater TSSD Caesar the things liar are Caesar's aad unto God thethings that are God's." KPHO-1CV 2 sss?«sassg. 11 M ' \ m Early Show— N»ncy S?ew. De1ec«v«." Benita Granvnie, John Utel • • Eandrtana_ Hours Befof* Daw«i,'V*». re« WrWit, man, Colleen "irtft g) Kitirm's nns* raa coupler thete Want fMiV ttrV,*o ri^Wi a rnyfterkxur*etooitttel». er-roo , ^ _.^^ IB Ta B* AalMmeaa .. fO News, Sport* (B M & Hn»lier«Hn«ey ' O Uncle Wonder'* Worfc- shop |p Doug Edwards. WEDNESDAY Btke," »— —— .„... „ O Heritage - Henry ML IB Walter Wtoehtfl >»L • Biology 161 Life of Rile; Newt. WeaOier _ «:« 8 Newt, Weather IB John Daly, Newt toe O Wap» Train -- "The Jony Tanaen Story," AM Btyth In • 4m 1 *°Te> a« m d»ofbt« looktoc- for her raotter «B« the »oth- et wlw «fan».« to •*• her daughter; wpe»t ffl Danger J« My Budne« — "Barnstorming Pi- tot" (Q Big Picture — "Salut* ta the Canadian Army" _ • t-M B JJatheroatiO 132 _ T^» Q| Eyewitnesi to History —Report on KhrushcheVi visit IB Court o£ Last Resort- A pictare of a dead roan's -eyes holds a clue to a murderer, with Charles Bronsoo, Korma Moore; . repeat . Thornton; . Mr Jdhn ^ 11:3*0 New*, 1 'The Magnfflctot torn," Annt B Joseph CoteO, Tte Agn«» M0r*be«4t *«•• graphical ««ount «• wealttiy Midwestern ' ' •U U MOH netfr* Oce» Home Cnajft comwSr »*••* » -who dcWt who wri1«l hoofc UM O -La jar OTtora," Ant Qulnn, Joan ftrtf ca Janet Dean ~ Hypnotif • State Normal WASHINGTON SCENE.. Security Force Needled By GEORGE DRQBJ - SAN FRANCISCO — Iami»:rr., surrectjng. a line of tiie J»- Slr WEQmoC Lewis, me famous old Washtagan correspondeat of tie Times of Londoa becaase I can*t •TfrfaV of anything, ihst •; mere profoundly epftoraizesthe humor of the incredible comic vim vhom I am touring, Khrushchev's jokes arenolan- ghing matter. Thehaegypants *r*r of *M« traveling „ slayjagme — bV vhichlmean • be is so ViTimtTyfanny>yTf>iVfj> me feel moribund. If he keeps up this pacea fev 'Here days he is going to transmogrify me fritn a scripts xrier. It's hard to be light vhea his humor is so heavy. Bsferclkfc* jua.-a.--i as iimiaticn tothebSg ^iisafWPd iaeieoa by,&ehos, • Erie Jcteoon. president of me Motion Picare Association of America. : *' Bat even the fact That I vas . sear*! a* fte same laHe..,a5.*» : coDpler*CT inspirational nevty- weds tsamed K^TJ^ Fisher SL& r^i-ratgrh Taylor f»' i1 " 1 to lea- Ten my despondence when the f 20th. Century Fox, "The battle tfvits vas uneven because' Skooras doesnt have the vji 1 . * vatatne to compete wtn Khmshchev. Bcirg as •droU as apQe-driver. theSoviet Premier pounded oa taant after Disnejiaad. -Is Jhere same Had of cholera or Izunching pad out there!'... Hive gangsters, takea over the place?. . . .Too come to my country—^10 foreiga visitor viH see' anything but respect." I got fiie straight of this ffis- •yaflynri iMSV^^^T ftosnc C&ef of Protocol Vffley T. "Buchanan, vio vas wsi KSirashcheT vhea the matter came isp. The 707 jet at vhica fee Hessian dictator and his ktnfolk Khrush has called the 707 nn- airwonby) vas less thanaahoar ait of Los **grt>* vhen'MT. K aoaired why Dasneyland 3y DHLCS aOTH ' ; DPI Foreign Editor NEWTtSK (UPI) -Cfaflaa3fli3T%,of apro- ;essor of psycaolog?. 5™ and everyone else now and then behave justasthoughyoa-werehypaceized, y^r>r.-B^ yon are not. Toa have iEHacinanons. The vay yoa act is • jjjore appropriate tayoor earBest'jearsthaayoar present age and so you display •"age-regression.' Tour miad is a vi*r*t as *egtrds iJ* jast ana 5aa*rc even insensitive to pain. ,-\: v" ' v! ' Dr. WSliara T. aron, vio is ssofessar of psychology at fls tfcrversiqr of Mtoega. vas arguing imt ^e.SehavSoat't«'j!yg^«|«i peopie is ia no way'"ahacniial ba|(;ja;- : KaJ9B part and parcel of cocarooabehavior. ' .',;:-. -.- *•<•" ~AH of ss uaaer certain coadMons K31 go aso a maod cS iincrincatoess and estacitaJEglirecep- nviry to certain irer 1 *""' ot..oBT-emjMMi > 'git. and -li—i^, j^jgj. aspects," *••- '«^*- "'•••'• Academy of C3eaeral Practice oaitsmedicalnses. "£ is -an uncritical aad aaanalptic mooa, B» an attiiuae of high receptivity to the. vords ft the hypnotist aad consequently to Ms ideas. "As the patient goes into the hypnotic trance he proaressirety becomes more aad morefpccn- ceraed only virh &e vords rft ephysiciaaand wita those aspects of his selfandins surroundings to vhii tf« physician specificalSt directs' Wsihe patieaf s attention; & ready aad vflling to carry oat the instructions cf the physician, and (3) re- 'beptive. to the belief That vhat me physician says ' is literal^ trae, or receptire to tinnk asthephy efrian vai4sIrsn IB mrnk." : ~ - - ' - .> "••'• MARCH OF EVENTS== Capitad Ceooinwd Ovar fear ft Mby Go To H»oc Of said he vas sure Khrushchev vas joes, trying to be provocanve aad had no ^inrigHf of -visiting rheamase- meat rari. bat thr.most improb- acle mag happened. Deadpan GratnTkn, vio is. t^irir an unlikejy a Edsneyland i Vft* y< TOm •jp nat he mmBoi . . Heron was eadezvoriag tD aeoaat sae paaases and the half-hiked among vprifessioaal and amateur DypaofisB who areloiiaing««?aHictaat rbe hypnotized yjtr is noi <miy ainc-irnal hm scperhnman. rfc is recog^aei infijescsentinc ' ^ *flafcaccepts affiaea lacjTncaiff.-jnu »«^ra"?«v idea if the idea 'iTi* for action,' 'awoB codfinaed. Hiwever, mebeiav3oarhas"!o3)e"vleiinfi«cap- of fte person. People are incapable.of in ways of which 'Sky stroajth; ais- rove. Hypnotism doesn't change flat.: "We get action -when we give OTTselres asqg- in v-rjich is not cooateredJjy.ather sugges- Try; and cirarnstances," he said, "fa ether words, we prodnce -wiSantary bebkrior by ana>- '- ~ CDIX>B Q Western World Litera- ture—"Tbe Greek Drama" OTr aekdown—Aa escaped convict stalks a KGrd boy ; m Czzie and Harriet— ."Rkky, fee BuBfi^Ber," repeat _ •40 B Dave King; COLOB Q) T h e Millionaire — A couple's domestic difficulties are complicated when the husband receives the million E Boxing—Rudy Ellis vs Rcry Calboun, middle- •K-eigfatc • __ «;Ut Q Itferlude - . »:S9 B Bit Mastenoa— "A Matter, of Honor,^ * dan- Cerons Uiangte invorres *, pimbler, a Ctrl and s> lor- mer Austria* nobleman ^ repeat O Secret of TBsbt-"The . . Induced Drag" " ID rve Got s Secret—Ben Gaztara. a^tlfpatonis Frank - t <kpra; repeat" O Tbe 'Arts in HousiorP- Bcturning; T>r TiTillianl Lee Pryor 'is host lor a series cf ffiscossions on to- *eal cultural activities ID U.S. Steel Hour—"The KJ»ru«licli«v*« CarapuetU, Jlmny note, Josh White ffl 'Ginny Pace Show ^ 1:SO O Biology 181 g Romper Room Morning EditioB rfcn* »:0« Q) Moraine Men* • . qp Cartoons'- < ' Sd£ Q Mathematics 132 . ffl Capt Kangaroc »d» B:Howard Finch >:M O 'O Effective Readioc ant Studtjr'. Great Ufe . «:» O Ire«««rsj Has* ^T* . <B jSam LevensoB LJ __i_ lr »»W*|.^, i5.;^' "Q ODBcentrathsi- ffl Top Dollar C-Onr Miss Brooks' HeTtcDoock ' 'life •world as aa aamority. . , - _ From ae psychological vietspoDt. tae a>72Wic SXS&^SfflK 1 !^^ ssass ^pffjefm _ ,'-j ~- ,. "1 suhmil that hypnosis is noflringinoreorless m this same process, wira fee tx. verbzl a^toanSS^T g J^ V1 1"?^, !| U.S. Steel Hour-'Tfae _fB_TnmhleweedTtel<> Try and Stop Me | k.. KCMMCTT rBBE_^^i_»i^J -By BENNETT CERF FOREiGN NEWS i DIKES in a hrassy restaurant just off fee beach at Coney A. Island flagged a •waiter and declared angrily, "Bun?* • twig in my soup." "It's like the ads tell you," beamed fl» . -waiter. "We got branches . '• A« be voald too. So did Mme, iarashchev and By HESBT O Central Press isnociaSom WasHisjrtoii HDfGTOS^-'ae TBirremflmtfifl pnbnciry acnmrWI Soro W ' Premier K3iia ShrasichCT's rail to ihe TJntWI States i* ocf <Mi'^^»r^ to Shrodichev a, distorted TOST bi 5ns own ltit|inrlimne to the Aasaacan peojae, - __ n« merafions rf z free pses» ase JseysBtf the Snowteflze mi ^ crnerieaca cT fi» Soviet lender. He nas fipesi iis -wiiolt £fe in *" timosfiier* news, censtnfian, fiiftortinn «afi . j r^grt vives y'?«^^ her. The fancy jnstsaowbaBei aa •I^B was f ?g to ana it down? J3z3Socbev"s own seccriy •tprf Mr. K. agreed vai ^s top bodvKZtcher — ana the 13 be Rebels Study Bold * • • r George GoW its posted tins KJB outsidt iJ» 5o:al postjoCJee: -"3e ca the lootost lor P PHIL 3JEWSCM Edttor and Treach Presidere Qiarles o* Gadle bas intde ' asove to restore peace to revoE-iora at the star- OJT secariry mm are coa- ig- of a free press is, pernaps, «» of the jnajnr sreai of -™*«tTnai'T»'-imf>inp in tie v^iole rsiige of' ^" g ^it^znjcessioBB fl£ t^ ftTnfiTi'n way of life. TT>^nCTf-H»w has been drr-i'^f* msny ttmffl »'^ ^ £2pe2>«£Ot3S^ & TTV^B^*'U*'^fr icbo tt^nioi lad asta like «. zam'icte WtouM iim- tbe . "They pretend feeycajftsakE esaai . . re is general agreement that aeGesgle as £Ely man ia Fraa=e who conia hzveoaerec fjy^a^s self-dagnrminnnn. tpeaaiag com- jnaepeadeasft jf ibey so desire, and soaen 10 due it to another, "smaned one of &e D. £. shejteas. "I5jej*re took away i«*B ^» <jaarrellmg Frsaca rj^s 10 topple BDvenEneas at wifl simply by 23S persoas per year wti* k31fld Ja anrihn«ihMt ami attacks. - . De GaaQe saw riree possihffities fer ibeAleerians: onrrigg serfssirri; rornriTfrfi < 'Freacfei- fjr^rtnn" «s i pan of motropoBtaa France or a government vi *\p?nxnx uifion the Samework of tie French comnumity to wWcb criei areas of former French-held Africa aw ieJong. I5je ti^riar rewot has "beeii rhe warce qf steadily increasing irritations between Fiance sad her NATO aBitE. The rewoS forced France to go back «D her rrrrrr trm>m< o X\TO and to place die cream ti her anny in Africa. Cfc her siae. France accused the VesHstnalUec n f»-r»ing »« and»re"tiil Fr«A pnoMems- Ee GaisJle y" 11 is faf &on being ont ce tie 32 years Dl4 6 Itet taU. He iai ^"T-if vary ilir, is totd- -vrta-iSresiei, his ^ stufed «i _ litest raaM at-Jace convtrtl. Ue. Itls man, Is wznlel by ay s^JtET-sa-lasr, who is sia* ' abo tdfers this tim o! a sf.'rKTjin: *A i££a vriii a smile on his tact, a aUtt at* iii siisa, isd a laaty temtory." Traacet Troc»iae's nfjmitieji o{ Utc word tilkios": t&t ttelisg ;-o- get whc- yic opta your mail the first cf th« numttu DAILY CROSSWORD ACBQS5 i. \Vavy f tntu-.s ta 0 y -> •world. As be towels ocaund a* ISdtea States, ei-ery iterance, rhfrrSgg Jus ^ rr-rmnt ti«Jj tout ffVS >"" tilt that he i^ K> -jtewed cy lie Amencen T»ri« Vtn^ Of JB^teitJ « JM**f Btng- E iES . aaDywood has a rigid case cased largely on BSE * yr ^ Toe French already have said they viEiiofcoa ^^^•^rs rto-i-dfe*. g-pS^Sy^^KtSl, - Tlitj* ll a atii'innt i1nnj,rr In fUr Vinil nf tllnr •'Trr-r-' 1 "- 2 Qanaheber steroifl ever get aw fBtifog tise be ts loalmfi i$ -^v-y . -innlili in^-mi lit ri'TTii fmrrifm Trfrrrir Tt~~ -"-— 5 -~- 3y affget tiae «oorae oE -wane events. helieaes **«* tie •Amasses" in unner tia cajfralist agateg. tos ptibSci^ *•* Mn*jr»nii!Hmi of **"« TsesT, ttt very esuiy <"" si j£iir. I Tom Turfi. rae lie liegro sar. EweU jsaid he hannever beheld HcCywaod so soa&eriy Byff)Bd, i ior ivy T"g» aeGanBesai4 WD_liconie r iJ«. Freari IKJW feel they nave the they are >»i».^-» «* -r.'——j—z:— A, .•«__ »_ •%»—«•««-» J ^^i;a?SLa. I S££K * «s «Stt»*<( a« WJD«a* ^^«^**»« i ^fSf 1 SS D ^^» » WB «u ajrr-r;--^ ^ Aj ,,,, > ^.jjj jjjjjy pjoyojs 1MSB dttffi^l A«peW P»St^l» ifi-Eyei ii. ?avtr!y- itrsciea peace a !"="> In «5ar5i na raare nan QUOTE, . proclaJming "Algeria fcawer FreacK" TW FACTS 01 beverage* 15.C*rrier o£ fi. B.f ervess* , ti tary jarparaiians. JO6E. ress e tin ccier t^ttt «43sn=un*El Kas beia aj> tor Bore Qam two hosjri iy & ctinpTt cf «rna.T<8» wns wes tm«m sai «JWBB£tiican- bSH aiey sjrppasad. S vere c^aort- y^t* sen&iorv vxce **y??f* a of is me fliey ieit aaBr*s»* mat a Ve 3B »»3«rTil^ jjje IlJra- f "ICBE Can" for xbe <C£rn -TT" t ^" t jany. Qay, KjjrBs a a saring il. 'Perci.ts J5.TVEX B«d THE BRAIOSPORT FACTS 21- G iucrvens 2i. Hew 4,rccs.) 2i. Mr. Bar S7. Large wona 2S. Oner. Ul 36. arj ou ». Street ^- (abbr.) 21. Metallic rock 22. Bade (rare) 21 Hay fever noise* 58. Indefinite article .„•:_. SS.Xotfcer* *«*«**»•• SO. Taio-y«*r» . c>M salmon Si. Celebes ox Maodarin 35-Witber«d, tea (rar.) :i ^5. Wood. 36. Sinjie «TOU» support for J8. JtMyUk* plaster . * mattrUl verc tare BtyribhraTH. 3tcos E. Javi* sod EennEi B. cf M«r TotiE- T*^ were drfJnrtTTig a Tfimnrpy VFW TDKK fur's - AdlaiStweosaa coarnmrmg afJZvas&k «suts of Pimaw Ktashd^v's sttmd«ae tales; . "Tbe coli war isrt gaang ® «W* •wnagnt. i.- ' Mrrt-inirj'. auaKUCnama Z X. ItrrJ Bofttto SLTetturiair. Isya:-) 2£. ficUUr^ devices sv cJly tor file US* wontf* iair. '.-3B»4 «te bd been passed, thty foared. «ame at&er tJ»n New Todt vooU inave fafcem * LutMiwm so leaner low aTadjiiej " fsrgtt— -those 3us- «iaT..i tr- prutto," . as».r- na B Mlrihaf«'ffi8*nnairMC pip yon there- is goiag 10 i* no *aca « Aiaeiici. paBei ioaotfins Jhelsst var.'^ ^ ^ ^AI 3wC« JBI Sv •~* — ,^-r; .• t. Xfun. Tnnnmf amari ji awe » ajt - —-• to Hue, CM Sooth PC nu t*ez rtn^n^f'irj. aa reoenCy «s doe be t&tiTiin&i ie\ OIKL i» r rf^'nar\, liti lit rule* be ctna«*4 to btr iht ff-irmrrr. » fTTtr"-*" *°" 1 ' 1 ^*' c^^jvU'CT'^J ^>r<£ aad hfcrs i£; year oo e »M«ranaB issue «ai swors tiaal * voi* ior Jaia •would be a. voU s^ajait fee scatters s«gi t FACTS - Premier lit HM flam u acqainance by taiaag me 10 Toafcameveryvaai. Ma C«BS SOVRf 5T

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