The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 22, 1960 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1960
Page 10
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and Bmofia county, texan, Thurs., Dec. 22,1980 'By Walt Disney Pan's Christmas Story BELL! RS WE? I CAN i SEE AM6A.01 cwimjxus .X Eve cvs oV*.i i T'S NOT WHAT/ YOU SPEND — BUT THINK J"'f ITS WMAT OF ALL THE ) S* VOU SAVE MONGV r -S S- THATC y ou .J -*. , WAKES 1 SAVED YOU $5 ON HAT--1 SAVED YOUitHO ON MY OR E SS $3 ON MY HOES~$6 ON ) .^i •'•>» ' I RUN INTO ANY BARGAINS LIKE THIS VEP-TH' RDJENOOERS ORDERED ft GROSS OF 'EM PER TARGET PRACTICE ,1 WHPiT'S THIS I HEflR, SflMSON, ABOUT VE CMnFFy .„./,.,',-rr-i-i e-\\T.f\\\ta I isNUrry TffF, BRA70SPOST PACTS Pagell ACCIDENT REPORT FHEEPORT Abmit 2 p.m. Tuesday officers went to the 200 Block of West Second. They said drivers in the collision were Emma Jane Martin of 1415 West Seventh, in a 1958 Ford, and Virginia D«WHt Coots of Route I, Freeport, in a I960 Ford. Drivers in an accident at East econd and Terminal aboul oon were Petar Smirclc oi 715 West Fourth, in a 1957 ash Rambler, and Edgar V mith of 533 East Broad, in a 951 Mercury. In a collision at Locust and Vest Fifth about 10 a.m. Tucs- ay, drivers were Robert Allen Jrown of 1311 West Broad, in 1961 Willys Jeep, and Linda ^ee Heck of 51 Pin Oak, Lakf ackson. in a 1900 Ford Falcon olice said. HIGHWAY 288 A three-car accident, on High vay 288 at Dow Chemical Com )any about 7:30 a.m. Wednes ,ay resulted in about S675 i .amages to the vehicles but n njurics to tho drivers. Deputy Sheriff R. W. Hi said the three vehicles v/er raveling north on the highwa naar the waste water cana when James N. Rankin of 712 Avenue B, Houston, brought hlsj 1953 Buick to a stop. ' Hill "id the Buick was struck In the rear by a 1957 Ford driven by Geiiu A. Eds of 207 North Avenue A, Freeport, and the Eds auto ivas hit m the rear by a 1958 Ford driven by Gerald G. Davenport of Box 974, Freeport. , Hill estimated $75 in damages to the Buick, $400 to the 1957 Ford, and S200 to the 1950 Ford. He said charges of following too closely wore filed against the drivers of tha two Fords. I r SON. r . r -AH IS GONNA PUT YD' \_J f i THROUGH MY WORLD-FAMOUS ™A i l*STREM'TH-THROU«H-POfKOWPS") 1 TRAININ' COURSE. 8 COURSES , STRATEGY IS D/1SED OKJ SCIENTIFIC RACKS" » PUNCH A^OKUM IN TH • HAID AM' VO'LL-cwwrw K!- MEREW BREAK ^ORE H-lt KICK HIM IMTH'SHIMS,AM'HE GRINS/.' A-/OKUM'S STUMMICK IS HIS ACHILLES HEEL//— WE GOTTA STREN'THEM THAT, SON, AFORE VO'TANGUES V/IF EOOMCHIK. r . r Trees growing along the borders of woods or on streets are struck ! hy lightning with more frequency than those growing in a thick 'siand of trees. SYNOPSIS: Michael has found the black pearl aboard the lunlten ARADOON and has escaped the Monster of the Deep, who attacked him disguised as B giant squid. The boy slips the precious peart Into his diving maik and prepare* lo go to the surface «hen he It confronted by a vldom vlpu Bsh. CHAPTER SIXTEEN THE MAN OF WAR T HE 3-EYED vlperflsh was long and snake-like. It opened and closed its powerful Jaws and snapped together Its needle-like teeth. At it drew nearer, Michael saw that one of Its three eyes was missing and he knew It was the Monster of the Deep who, destroyed three times, still had wo lives left. For a moment Michael ww too frightened to move. The vlperflsh swam up la his made a» though It knew die Hack pearl wai Inside. » opened Its jaws to bite through the tube that led to Michael's lung. Michael struck out wlthblshands and, catching the creature by the tall, yanked It from his face. The big fish was enraged. If Winked Ili yellow eyes and tried to shake off the hoy. Michael hung Jtub- bornly on. There was a furious fight on the deck of the sunken ship. The vlperflsh twisted and looped and snapped Its tall but could not shake Michael off. Cloudi of sand and debris rose from the deck. Michael could no longer see the creature bat he could sense ilspanlc and he knew that if he held on long enough he would win the battle. S UDDENLY the fish slopped .struggling and look oft" for the captain's bridge towing Michael behind. The remains of an old rusty cannon were on the bridge and, In desperation, the fish lunged Into the cannon's mouth. Instantly Michael released IIS tail : Aggie Party The Brazovia County Texas j A & M Clut> wffl hold its annual i Christmas party at 7:30 p.m. [Friday at me Old Ocean Country I Club. All Aggies and Aggie-exes are vtted to attend. Admission is .50 and refreshments will be ild. Officers ot the club are Joe runt of West Columbia, presi- ent; Doyle Krumrey of Lake ackson, vice president; Robert ryant of Lake Jackson, sec- etary-treasurer; Roly Rice of ngleton, reporter; and Jimmy cGregor of Freeport, social lairman. ,t.Ali.E_.OACK'.'ON Weil., Thnn. "The last Days Of Pompeii' "Ma«um1>a lout" UK teotewh fatfcntd Mound hl§ waist mid, snatching up a canaonballftom the shaAw of a fcsfloon passed — the deck, rammed it Into the cannon head and, looking up in surprise, he mouth squashing the Imprisoned fish. ~ " ABNER Michael trembled with relief. He leaned for a moment to rest against the tilted bridge. All the fish who had sped away during the battle now returned eager to see the strange Boy- Bsh who had bested both squid and Vlpcrflsh In one short hour. It was clear they wanted Michael to stay and be their leader. But Michael had had enough of the ghostly ARADOON. 'I hope I never see It again-gold and alll" he thoughtfervently. Then, waving to the friendly fish, he kicked, off and swam away In the dark blue wa. A S HE glided back (award the Turtle Guy be could feel the black pearl rolling around inside fats face mask. He thought to himself that aB was now well for surely the Monster of the Deep, with only one life left' would bother him no more. Hut he was wrong for, even thai, , , saw a Portuguese Man-of-Warhover ing above him. The bright blue jelly Dsh was float- fng on the surface of the water on Its balloon-like, air-filled bladder. A stinging tentacle, fifty feet long, dangled from the bladder. Michael knew that the Man-of-War has numerous tentacles and when he saw that this one had only one he knew that the Monster of the Deep had changed his shape again and come to do battle once more. Michael rushed faster and faste through the water but no matter how fast he swan the balloon above him sailed just ai fast until finally the exhausted Boyfish could swim nomore. As soon as be flopped, the ever present tentacle fastened around his waist and slowlj, drew him out of me sea. (TamomtK A Mery C*rfs*it« f» All) Newsfeafures -""" l/ELflSCO I •• • r nHV7 r ^*TTTTF¥ CTmiH Showing Wed. Thru Tnes. JOHN WAYNE STEWART GRANBEJ ERRIEKOVACS FABIAN SHOW STARTS 8:30 PM THUKS.-FKI.-SAT. GUNS OF THE TIMBERLAND ALAN LADD v JEANNE CRAIN AND • UP PERISCOPE JAMES GARNER ESMOND O'BRIAN ALWAYS TWO CARTOONS IP I CANT SEE TH' KIPS PLAY J WHAT'S ,1 V WRONO/ J Oo ,** rtl Ofd Pros Bing, Maurice Ignore Those Cue Cards By BOB THOMAS .York in 1929, when I was starring) AP Movie-TV Writer jj n the show and. he svas singing, HOLLYWOOD' (AP)—When ftie'j'with the Khythym Boyg. I used (two great troubadours of Amer-. (0 watph them perform from the : , ^rfoTm tetTnew' tOSCth ° r "^""^ as ' ' raHa> 3 S ° °"' j i PC Kng m Cros^y S anT Maurice Chov-; "I must say, he did not impress! ialier were having their summit;me with his talent at that time, (meeting in Satellite 2, which is',g u t j us j one year later, Bing-; jnot in outer space but a rehearsal [ Kn - Bln ~ was „„ everyone's lips ; hall at NBC's Burbank studios.: = " 'stag's TV^.'pedaMor March 'l3! "Then we were at Paramount : on ABC. Lit the same time and I have seen Chevalier arrived first, trim.,^ many times s j nce . y e t we ; and erect in a glen plaid ^sujt, ^^ ^^ .^^ whftt you wou ) d |year-cJd\ tCb he S ^'renectt^ ! 'and 1 ;can friendr,. It is often that way j philosophiral. ; in our business, unfortunately; you j "I have known Bing lor n3any; know someone, t>ut you never vears," he said in his familiar' , I ott-accented English. "I first saw ' . tj me to rea lly become IGRANDMA FURNACE TROUBLE? FOB FACTORY TRAINED EXPERTS TO DO YOUR SERVICING CALL US 'il tf-iiT'^w CLIMATE ENGINEERING Co. South Hwy 288 Angleton v-*~. IVl , ambled in. , _ peacefully on a pipe and wearing a ripe combination of slacks, ifd sport shirt, yellow sweater and red golf cap. He was equally persuasive in his praise of Chevalier. "Quite a guy," Bing observed. "We first got to know each other back at Paramount when he came uui 10 uU .i ?....•!>••!-.•!•. ^;T' SI >- "^ Smiling Lieutenant' or somotluns 'like that. We've done some ber.e-i ifits together and we did a radio Ishow once, but this is our first j time on TV." SPECIAL CHRISTSIAS MATINEE EVERY DAY THRU TUB HOLIDAYS BOX OFFICE OPEN 1:15 PM CHARLES U6HTON Sensationa 665- d«y pursuit of the klller- ship Atlantis torpedoes across tha ter«*nl STARTS FBI. «:0fl PM WALTDISNEYS ueT'5 6EE-FOR US THAT WOULD Be zoo BS09 NEW BETTLB BAILS? S SOME Kl^D Of- MAG C AND--I 1HE CAUSE OF ITf SNORED RIGHT AIOM6SIDE LAST TV Fr ° m Santa claus Sonny Compare These Prices NOW! WHY PAY MORE AND GET LESS? ^ ,p lug A Full year Warrant y on All Parts. _. _ __ ^rf NEW 17" SPANETTE With | • Power Tuner | • Light ScoPe S Adjusts to Light of Your Room. ALL TV 7 s SLASHED g iN PRICE 'TIL CHRSSTWIASS SONNY'S "Open Every Nite 'Til 9 P^J^JiSi'l-- With Trade of Your Old Radio or TV TV SERVICE . 907W.2ndStreeJ;J?j^^^

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