The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 26, 1952 · Page 3
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 3

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 26, 1952
Page 3
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Id-Famous Canadian Five Celebrate 18th Birthd Age' Shepard Barclay On Bridge ~v "7HE BAYTOWN.'SUN;MONDAY, M A^ 26, 7952" /- —* ay follow, hitched Wednesday no mat- can to see that ^ e famous fiv « e Wfllle waiting for the L h' <,,t D3P*' says - *xu ' -j^." 01 ^ 1 famil y l»fe, but it's couple, the quints retired to the F u i there's any sign of them as difficult for them as it is for *adies rest room. A woman report- hot * at ! nt that they would the royal f ~™ :| - ""-- --• • — : - iL ic^un DONT PLAY SOLJTAJRB POSSESSION of a part-score does not justify your becoming a A Central Press Feature game bid." "I couldn't count on that, as with our part-score you would solitaire player during the bid- have bid a No Trump on almost dmg, just because you see some nothing and might have dropped way whereby you can make a sound bid which is high enough . and not that they wou e roya family. The girls ghun er in the press party spotted them , „.<, ..... „-<,.. ** -about what Papa Diocae the limelight and their parents try and went in to talk to them, leaving to produce a game for your side a**?, fact, Oliva Dionne is a to keep them away from the public her male colleagues outside in the if you succeed with the contract. ^• Sther and his famous eye cold The questionable factor in that ther pay close attentlon = ' Wednesday, Marie, &sft.»a£ act of On.,., in the eyes to get married questionable There was, for instance, the in- But Fa Pa Dionne also saw her series of hypotheses is the mak- g °' " dent la faU when ""* held an ccnference fa & ^te will still be regarded V* They won't be able to • ' fortune, esti- Sl million, be strictly a :9e , TfSTat''their Villa Notre ri«te affair a^ ^ on}y the ^ family and the Ictoolmates attending. SwwtalTlarm That happened during the royal went m lo cnase U?e girl reporter tour; when the quintuplets were u Ut ' ^ he in turn didn't know who he was and threw the strange man out of the ladies room. Finally, the quintuplets came out to. meet the press before they met the princess. They're no easier to see when they're at home. The family txirns down most requests for interviews or photographs. And their : public appearances are few and far between, except for the odd shopping trip or an evening at the movies - farm May Come Out Next Month of the contract you may bid. Maybe it can't be made. However, maybe some other game- size contract can be, if you bid with proper consideration of the partner opposite you. in North Bay. It ] they'l seen whether retiring after their V for more than a week. coincide with gradua- L-ceremonies at the private papa next fall, and a of their fu- will be made party-. He has family life. And there is certainly no sign that any of them have plans to get married, even though there'll be nothing to stop them come Wednesday. rfauver, Russell o Resume Florida Tuesday By FRANK EIDGE JR. Questioned about the review, a department spokesman said a 16- jndicated that man task f ° r ce which, for five J nf his daughters will months, has ' been preparing a - •• " summary, of suggestions from the population, hopes to corn- its work soon. He said the results will then be fin "a policy of letting them turned over to an advisory group ~ made up of farm organizations, church and labor groups and the association of land grant colleges which later will present recommendations to Secretary of Agriculture Charles F. Brannan. Brannan ordered the policy review last summer after Congress rode roughshod over the so-called Brannan Plan for farm price subsidy. Through state committees, he presented the farmers a thick book, -~, 24 UP>—Sens. Estes let on administration farm policy •'and Richard B. Russell and asked them for comment and ~ie~their Florida battle Tue's- —or suggestions. ,T&r the state's 24 delegates to President Allan B. Kline of the "^Democratic presidential nomi- powerful American Farm Bureau ; convention in a payoff pri- Federation, an original member of election. the advisory group, stalked out _sdi's 82,000-vote majority with the charge that Brannan's 2 Kefauver in the popularity motive was political- that he was iarr May 6 makes him a solid trying to usurp the powers of ,-site to take most of Florida's Congress in drafting farm legis- ""ates "with him to the con- lation. oa. Toe bald-pated Georgia Brannan, now under fire in Con- BT has a strong organization gress for alleged laxity in con•£n| for him state wise. nection with grain storage scan- aese odds, Kefauver has dais, denied this. He said his aim chance to fill half the was merely to give the farmers a posts with his men be- chance to express their sentiments •se. Russell has too many can- on all segments of farm ' policy supporting him. With only —to say which parts they like or sits open, 41 candidates sup- don't like, and why. A Russell. He said the answers would bet- Efsuver has only 25 candidates ter enable the department to ad- Robert Baker, candidate for the 24.seats and some of his minister its many crop programs, state representative, position No. 3 may slip in if the Russell vote The thousands upon thousands of 4, Harris county, opened his cam- jpSt among Russell's sup- responses have been kept under paign by requesting the voters of lock and key. Department aides Harris county to familiarize them- Jcced with the possibility of Ke- have admitted some are derpga- selves with the different candiITTE: men slipping in because 'of tory. - They said others contained dates and' especially in this crucial LjS vxrte,~-the Russell forces sue- • nothing, but praise. But efforts of time, know their qualifications and fed in having a preferred" list' reporters to get a sound cross-sec- political beliefs. 154 candidates printed on the tioh .sample have been rebuffed. Baker made the following px wita the distinguishing "de- However, a spokesman said Sat- me nt-' " .* \^ ^V'fi-^!, 3 ^5! 1 " did ? t( !-'' U JW that " no comprehensive "I "anv a. life-long resident of ftewffl be, listed pledged for changes 'in-farm programs" are Harris county/a practicing ettor- likely to result although "there ney en d i, rc side at 5327-Dewberry, -,- , B «?' l6r i, a fi? °* am " P robabl J -*? 1 kf enough to merit Houston, Texas. I am 31 years of snug through the state, renewed interest in the policy re- ts! he didn't think he would view." pa? with less than 20 delegates At the moment it is conjectural -a^ certainly don't expect to whether the report will play a part 18." Kefauver, busy in the • election campaign. Presi- California, dent Truman captured enough farm votes in 1948 to win. The Republicans are currently charging that both he and Brannan misled the farmers in 194S on the ... . _. ... for the fact a hot gov- adequacy of grain storage space Wlth the El S nth of s race _wili be runoff. State and cost them a billion dollars in Germany. •^ °^ als predicted a turn- depressed prices. , • e 6*,OW Democrats to decide Some quarters think they will _ , . . p «ill become Florida's next carefully pursue the policy review ernment and I do not hesitate to ffi*~ Dan McCart y or J. Brai- summary for possibly more am- te » the people of Harris county pa of them will win the Derno|^ aKnination Tuesdav. prac- fc - T assuring him of the post opposition offered by A J 4> A J 75 A (Dealer* South. North-South vulnerable and part-score of 40.) South West North East 1 4> Pass 1 NT Pass 2 4> Obi. "Why in blazes didn't you bid 2-Clubs over my No Trump?" asked North after South took a terrific licking of 800 points through repeated heart leads by the defense which denuded him of trumps. "For the very simple reason that 2-Spades was enough for game with our part-score and 2- 'Clubs''-would not be," answered South. "Yes, but I wouldn't have left you in two," said North. "I would have raised . you to 3-CIubs, a me, as near as I could tell." "If I had to, wouldn't that have been better- than going- down 800?" North asked in a hope of ending- the argument. It's a funny thing how a player with usually sound ideas will argue for a completely haywire policy, once he gets off on the wrong foot. South's mood was such for the moment that he practically thought of himself as a solitaire player. Several other observations regarding that deal are of some interest. Maybe it might have been smart for South to start with 1- Club instead of 1-Spade. Also note that East and : West could have made 4-Hearts without too much trouble if they ever got to bidding on their own. But then that wouldn't have produced any 800 points. * * * Tomorrow's Problem COP HAS EAGLE EYE " ~ GIBSON CITY, III.—OLE)—D. C. Jacobus of Milwaukee, -Wis.,.wrote to local police asking that" they search for a trinket ,his wife had lost while on a picnic in a Gibson City park. The trinket was a gold pin. Police Officer Elmer Sawyer found the pin and mailed, it to Jacobus. TURNIP COMES BIG JACKSON, Miss.—(LIP.)—Sam * Me- Rae, Jr., grew a 10-pound purple top turnip on his farm at nearby Raymond. LAWN CAXNOK HIJACKED JACKSONILLE, Fla. — <UE>— Police were called into an unusual case. Someone had stolen an ornamental cannon from the lawn of an irate resident. Scout Troop Prejjares For Summer Camping, The 20 members of Boy Scout Troop 326 are already getting ready for a June 4 trip to Camp Strake, Scoutmaster Charles Zerwick said today, ' „' " < He added that members of the Elks Lodge 1649 or others willing to help transport the boys should get in touch with him or Carl Mann, Elks' secretary, . " One of the activities 'of the Elks' lodge is sponsorship of the Boy Scout troop, which meets in the scout house on East Texas. Scoutmaster Zerwick is assisted by P, D. Hodge and Leon Legler, Try Sun Classified Ads—Dial 8S02 Modernistic ^paintings, say* 2a- dok Dumkopf, look to him. just like jig-saw puzzles:that haven't been, solved, '~ , ' ' • NOTICE UNDER'S PRESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT *' IN - -'-•.'•BAYTOWN DRlfe STORE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS" AS USUAL :\ ROBERT BAKER Robert Baker Asks Voters To Study 1 state- supporters n |s not returned to Florida since Mst primary. , complicated ballot was 23 to turn voters from the age, am married and have two small sons. I received my education in public schools and am a graduate ,of Robert E. I-ee high schooMn-Baytown. I am a graduate of Texas A and M college and of the University of Texas, School of Law, and ami an Air Force combat veteran of 30 missions Air Force over "I favor a sound and economical administration of our state • goy- munition tha.t T am opposed to new taxes and th&t I - Believe the budget of our state 'can be balanced by the VTSTS FORGIVE TAXES practice of thrift and economy in PLAINVILLE, Conn. —(ILEs — The our stats departments and institu- in this solid Dem- local VFW post doesn't bear tions and I pledge myself, if elect- te in the November gen- grudges. As "Plainville Man of the ed, to do all in my power to hold tection. Harr,- - Swann of Year" it named George W. Bart- the tax line and thus prevent ad_in the runoff for the lett, for 20 years the town's tax ditional financial burdens to -the £ awanadon. - - collector people of this state." OF GRADUATION... THE HARD-WON DIPLOMA . ,-.-. THE LONG-WANTED AY 17 J Matching expansion band $47.50 I 7 jcw-els. Matching expansion band. $42.50 WAY Tc TELL TIME Designs of modern elegance with ^ famous' 17 jewel 5 accuracy. Your top choice for quality and value! •CSSSJ • ISW^W^ .s>cr^v.*..',*^C|i3 «»-i.' • -f m JrZ r. J----H -•.<•> ..'i^ OPEN A BUDGET ACCOUNT NEVER ANT: CHARGE FOR CREDIT - TH5 WATCH WITH (Dealer: North. East-West vulnerable.) Can you imagine any way whereby very poor players could produce a successful 3-No Trumps contract by South on this duplicate deal? _^ Regular $24 Value Bifocals years of protecting the vision »"T^ and during that time* more '1 ^00,000 ^Texans have had their examined and glasses fitted by Texas State Optical. This outstanding record of service is yonr guarantee of finest, quality glasses at lowest prices,/ . AS LOW AS....... INCLUDING EXAMINATION 305 W. Texas Ave. Dial 7008 Drive in THIS IS HUMBLE DrrVe in end acquainted with Humble Esso Extra Gasoline ' Drive in and et acquainted with Humbfe EJSO Extra J Motor Oil The Humble dealer in your neighborhood has a hearty Texas welcome waiting for you today. He wants to thank old friends and' customers for their business, to shake hands and become acquainted with as many - new- neighbors as he can. , „ He's staging a real Texas fi^g&.&orhood get-together. Drive in— This is Welcome "week under the Humble sign* HUMBLE OIL & REFINING CO. Drive in and - gef ocqucmfecf wrff» Humble Charted Lubrfcafjon Drive in and acquainted wJfh f Humbfe Service IW" 1 ^rv Drive in and gel acquarnfec? Hurnbfe Atlas Tires & Batteries Ther&'s a hearty Texas we!come,waWnQ for you »*.from your nefghbor underihe,

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