Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on February 3, 1939 · Page 3
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 3

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1939
Page 3
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"f 1| ( 5 ' v • "« •- .<>" *' ' TH1 COR8ICANA.8BM1-WEEKLY LiOHT, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1989. Interesting News From Navarro County Towns Blooming Grove BLOOMING GROVE, Feb. 2.— (Spl.)—Mrs. M. D. Murphy of Leonard spent the past week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Reid. Mr. Murphy came down for tflb week end and they returned home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. U. Wilkinson jof Longvlew were here for the *woek end, visiting Mrs. Wlnkin- son's mother, Mrs. Mannle Grady, and sister, Mrs. Lee Love. Miss Tommlo Joe Phlppen, now a teacher In the Roane school, v spent Saturday and Sunday with > her sister, Mrs. J. M. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Carroll and family of Rlchland visited Mrs. , E. Y. Cunningham Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Seth McSpadden of Taylor Grove community were guests of relatives here Saturday and Sunday. Miss Adelaide Robinson and Miss Tucker Robinson of Dallas visited their mother, Mrs. E. B. Robinson Sunday. Helen McClanahan, teacher In Rice school, was at home from Friday until Sunday. Mr. and 'Mrs. Bill Corbln and little . daughter, Janle, were visiting here for a few hours Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Patterson • 4 Mrs. Ben Brooks and Miss Helen i %iBrooks were in • Dallas Monday '- Weight attending the Stamps Quar- 1 "tet program at Fair Park. Lawrence Smith made a business trip to Denton Monday. Mr. and Mrs. T. B. MfcCurdy > and Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cochran Bf Dallas were guests of the R. B. Highs Saturday night and Sunday. Miss-Leila Ruth George of Dal las, Miss Viala George and Ralph George, students at Teachers College, Denton, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. George Saturday and Sunday, Miss Beth Griffin spent the week end at home and went to Dafitbn Monday where she will en- «iW N - T - 3- T - c - *°r 'he second "isomeater. Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Kelsey via- ,».lted their daughter, Mrs. C. W. TVelse in Cameron Thursday and Friday. Mrs, E. L. Meador and son, Alva, visited Mrs Meador's mother In Waco Sunday. Navarro Mills NAVARRO MILLS, Feb. 2.— (Spl.)—Lots of rain has fallen here the past few days. Farmers are busy getting their crops started. Quite a few are sowing oats - end with the brighter weather everybody will be very busy, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hall spent Saturday night with relatives at Dresden. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Garner Spent Sunday 'at Union High. Rex. French was a Corslcana visitor Monday. We are glad to report Miss Esther Marlow 'able to be up after an operation of several days ago. This is good newa to her many friends. Louise and N. J. Goodman ent a part of last week with r. and Mrs. Ray'Goodman. '.'1'Rev. Geddle will'fill his-regular appointment at the Baptist church Saturday night and Sunday, Ev flryone IB Invited to attend. Angus ANGUS, Feb. 2.—(Spl.)—Miss Ruby Dell Caffy returned home after a three "weeks' visit with ler brother in Shreveport, Miss Lola Reed spent Saturday n Marlln, Mr. and Mrs. Rube Collins and family of Malakoff spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ballard. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bllssett of Corsicana spent the week end with her brothers, John and Tom Ware. > John Stewart has returned home utter a month's visit with his sister, Mrs. Jim Skinner, in Overton. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Parker of Corsicana visited their daughter and family Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. N. G. Dlllard and family of Trumbull visited her brother, Jesse Stewart recently. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rushing of Memphis visited Mr. and Mrs. Henry Prltchard Thursday. Mrs. Wolfe of Mexla Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. C. E. Glllen. Mr and Mrs. J. D. Youngblood of Cayuga visited her parents, Mr and Mrs. J. L. Caffy Thursday night. Miss Kathleen Reed spent the week end with her mother In Kerens. Mildred MILDRED, Feb. 2.—Sp CD- Clarence Wright, who has been in West Texas the past few months returned home last week. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Turner and Mrs. Pace of. Easterly, Texas, were Mildred visitors recently. Mrs. George Martin and son of Longvlew is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cogglns. Mr. and Mrs. Ewlng Lynch and son, Lewis Donald, of Dallas and Cecil Lynch of Corsicana visited Mrs R. L. Ellis and daughters Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Parker and family visited in Phillips Chapel Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Hall moved to East Texas Saturday where he will accept a position. Mr. Hall was the agriculture teacher of Mildred High school before moving away. A- farewell party was given for Mr. and Mrs. Hall by the teachers and students of Mildred schools Friday night at M. H. S. Vernon Boyd and Miss Margraett Sue Haley have been on the sick list the_past few days. Bryan BRYAN, Feb. 2.—(Spl.)—Mr. and Mrs. Truett Ledford of Hubbard spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Baker and family. J. A. Jones and Andrew Jones spent Sunday with G. F. Scruggs. Miss Reba Boatler of Thornton and Jlmmle Phillips of N. T. S. ff. C., visited Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Compton the past week-end. Mr. and Mrs. T, A. Denbow were visitors of a relative In Corsicana Tuesday night. Wo are sorry to report that Mrs. Ona Adams Is 111. Luther Ward of Jester was operated on last week, but is reported that he is doing nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Baggett visited the latter's mother of. Purdon. Richland RICHLAND, Feb. 2.—(Spl.)—A norther blew up Sunday afternoon and it was real cold Monday. Dr. and Mrs. F. R. Dunn and son, Ray of Palestine, were here Wednesday of last week visiting their brother, J. W. Garland and family before going to Dallas, Mrs. H. W. Stepp has been on the sick list the past week. Pat Hllburn was a Corslcana visitor one day last week, Mrs. R, R. Fleming was also on the side list last week. Mrs. Dlckson of Corslcana has been visiting homefolks. Miss Mary Harlln has been visiting in Corslcana. Dr. and Mrs. A. N. Brown and daughter, Miss Beryl were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Weldon in Mexla Sunday afternoon. Dr. and Mrs. F. R. Dunn and son, Ray, of Palestine, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Garland of Joegcne Mr. and Mrs. Walter Garland, of Rlchland and Foster Garland of Mineral Wells were spend the day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Garland, Sr., Fort Worth Sunday. All had a most enjoyable time Mr. and Mrs. Berryhlll were Cor- slcana visitors 'recently. Dr. J. H. Edgar was on the sick list several days last week. Mrs. Bertha Lansford, who was slcvk last week Is able to be up. Mrs. E. P. Jains had business In Corslcana recently. N. J. Mlddlebrook Is now the night clerk at the Commercial Hotel In Corslcana. Billy Ward has returned to Rlchland and Is working at the Red and White store. •» Barry BARRY, Feb. 2.—(Spl.)—Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Crousc and son, Forest, of Mart visited Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Burleson Saturday. Misses Lavoyce Boswell, Dot Blngham, Mary Marie Mitchell, Doris Watson, student of N. T. S. T. College, were home for the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Qulnn and Mrs. Georgia Brown of Trinidad visited Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Heaton Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson of Dallas were Sunday guests of the B, Freeman family. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Scogglns of Galveston visited his father, W. J. Scoggins, Thursday, J. A. Brlster and wife visited their son, Wendell, at Walnut Springs, Sunday. Miss Edna Ragan of Chatfield spent last week with her grandmother, Mrs. N. J. Grlmmett Robert Archer of Dacula, Ga., Is visiting his uncle, P. H. Archer. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Evans spent the week In Palmer. Miss Ruth Bingham of Dallas visited home folks over the weekend. R. W. Varncll and son, Richard R., made a business trip to Dallas Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Perkins of Dallas visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 3. B. Watson, Sunday. Use a Dally Sun Want Ad for aulck results. At Ideal Sunday Jean Carmen and Richard Adams In a scene from "Paroled From the Big House," an expose of the parole racket, at the^ Ideal, opening Sunday. Frost ' ">i. What Does the Future Hold for The Smaller Towns in Texas? What must Inevitably be the fate of the small .towns and communities In Texas? Thli qaestlon It being asked In literally hundred! of Interior plseie over the etete where today "For Rent" signs clutter the windows of numbtri of empty builntii buildings! It U • ojaestlon of Increasingly Btrloni Importance, not only to these •mill towni and communities, but to tht iUt» u • whole. ' These one* bnsy place! ef community Mf«, •round which hu largely (town tht progreeslve 'development of Texas, .ara being dried op by the operation of heavy traclu over oar highway!. Their local buslneu firm! and entorprluf, the dry goodi, hardware, drug and trail and vegetable atom,, rttall lumber yardi, wholeaale grocery housee, bottling plante, feed mills, oil mills, grain ileratora and cotton compreuee are unable to meet the competition of the larger builneu eenteri bo* canee of the almost unrestricted and promlieuoiie nee of Tens highway! In the delivery of goodi by trucks from the larger eltlee holding the «oantlty. pnrchaea advantage. The absorption and manipulation. In varying degree, of the cost'.of transportation by highway for competitive purposes, If not restricted, will Inevitably drive dealeri and wholenlere In the •mailer townB and communities oat of buelneei. They 'must euctumb to the Inequality of opportunity %llh which they are hardened and thai contribute farther to oar growing economic chaos. The plea now being made by eertaln Intereete ta Increue the lead Until on trucki operating tver Teiee highway! will haiten the end of local enter* prises In emaller Texas communities. If under the present statutes harm already has been done the •mall town merchant and property owner, what then must be the effect of any Increase In the allowable truck load limit? Certainly the larger the load limit the greater will be the dletanee over which goods can be hauled from the larger die* trlbutlng centers, and the greater will be the hermful effect! on dealere and enterprises In ths smaller towns! The burden of fetation borne by the bnslnsei Interests of the smaller towns and communities throughout Teiae will, u a natural result, be •hilled more and more to the shoulders of the remaining property ownere, Those who have Invested In homes and buslnees buildings must sacrifice their Investment! to what some might mlstak- Ingly call "the march of progress." The thousands of families, for » many yean dependent upon employment by theee business en- terprlsss as a means of livelihood, must be forced to the cities In quest of work, and falling In that add further to our burden of relief and unemployment I Inroads by long distance truck operations en the traffic of the railroads must necesssrlly result In the abandonment of more and more railroad : mileage, with consequent less of payrolls and tales to these communities and an Increue of tax bar* * den! ta their eltlxens. Texas Railroads, who seek no favors and advantages, but who willingly pay their own way to reHtr efficient, dependable and economical transportation service to Texai commanllles, have fell the III effects of unfair and subsidised competition In the same way and measure as the small town business men and. In the Interest of our mutual preservation, join with them In urging that existing legal truck load Hulls be not Increased I THE TEXAS RAILROADS Angelina 4 Met.... p'rHntles-Reca I OhUsi lilt Ft. Werth 4 Denver Olhr flelKlltin, Houitin 4 Hiniirm dull Oeatt UaM lull ctlwe.e 4 lists Fe Ksniu City (euthern literutleul 4 Srest Nertheri .Hl!«»»-.f\rt!M.¥ ( T«« Queneh, Ame 4 PMlfle It. L. 4 8. f, et Texu •euthern Peiltll Lines Texu 4 fulfil Tem »outheeittc« Wlihlie Fslli 4 Seitben WleMta Vslley FROST, Feb. 2.—(Spl.)—Will Jenkins was a Coralcana visitor MondaJ'. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Blake, and niece, Ann Couch, visited relatives In Dallas Sunday. Little Barbara Ann Beavers, returned with them tor a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Perclval and Mrs. Bl'.l DauRlitcry of Crandell, visited their sister, Mrs. M. 6. Blankenshlp and family last •week. Mr. and Mrs. Laffle Ellis and children of Dallas visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Ellis, over the' week-end. Mrs. Ethel Cole left Saturday to resume her work In Cuero. Mrs. John Slay spent the wqek- end with her daughter, Miss Frankle, at Baylor, Waco. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hendrlck visited relatives In McKinney over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Josh Bason and children of Mexico are visiting Frost relatives and friends. Mrs. Bessie Hewitt of Grand Prairie visited her mother, Mrs. Molllo Spencer last week. W. F. Sanders spent Monday night with his parents In Grand Prairie. Bob Emmorson left for Denton Monday to enter N. T. S. T. C. We are sorry Indeed to report tho death of the son of Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Smith In Waxahachie Monday night. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bennett and children, moved to Dallas Saturday. . ... Mrs. J. A. Merrill returned from the Navarro Clinic in Corslcana, where she spent several days for medical treatment. Mr. and Mrs. E, J. HIghtower, spent Sunday with Mrs. W. M- Johnson In Blooming Grove. Dr. Pepper and Oil City Teams Hold to Percentage Tops Tuesday night in the YMCA Independent league upper bracket games, the Dr. Popper and Oil City tennis maintained top positions. Oil City defeated Rural Shado 32-18 nnd Dr. Pepper de- featud K. Wolons 45-38. Dr. Pepper and Oil City teams will play Monday night to determine the team that will play a lower bracket team on Tuesday night. The K. Wolens team has announced Its participation In tho YMCA invitation basketball championships. Box scores for Tuesday nights games were as follows: Oil City- Player— fg ft pf tp Wright ,.-.• ..1 042 F. Doo'tln 1 0 2 2 Kennedy 3 0 0 6 Pollard 3 0 2 6 Allmon 2 0 1 4 Maxwell 1 0 0 2 W. Doolln 6 0 0 10 Totals «..,...16 0 9 32 Rural Shado— Phillip's Chapel PHILLIPS CHAPEL, Feb. 2.— (Spl.)—Mr. and Mrs. Claud Bailey and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jenkins of Navarro Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Martin and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mooney of Roane Sunday. Miss Wynelle Osborne of Kerens and Miss Maurlne Burns, Ernestine Osborne, and Mrs. Minnie Osborn, all of Phillips Chapel, Visited relatives in tho Emmett community Sunday. Mrs, H. A. Dodd has returned to her home hero after spending several weeks In the homo of Mrs. K. G. Slkes of Potty's chapel wro has been ill/George Rawson, Jr., of San Marcuse spent tho week-end here wltr homo folks. Dorothy and Curley York were Saturday night guests of Margie O'Nell. Frank Fraley of Dawson visited his father, L. W. Fraley last week. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Harrison and daughter. Bobble, of Corsicana spent Sunday In the homo of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Ruth. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Lowe and sons of Emhouse were Phillips Chapel visitors Wednesday. Mrs. Millie Fogleman of Kaufman is the guest of her sister, Mrs. H. G. Rhodes of this community. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Burnham of Pettys Chapel were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Eaton, ' Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Reid of Kllgore visited here Thursday with Mrs, Reid's sister, Miss Mau- rlne Burns. Miss Julia Belle Hutson spent tho week-end in tho home of A. B. Hutson of Zions Rest. Mr. and Mrs .B. R. Harrison and family spent Sunday in Avalon visiting relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Glllan of Angus visited in the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Hand Sunday. Mrs. J. W. Dial, Jr., spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. J. A. Worthy. Miss Mozello Osbome of Corsl cana was In the home of her aunt, Mrs. Minnie Osborne here Sunday afternoon. Emhouse Cemetery Association Met On Friday Afternoon The Erahouse Cemetery Association met In its regular business Friday afternoon, Jan. B, 1939 In the home of the president, Mrs. A.! C. Richard with six members i present. I Several business Items were' transacted. A rule waa passed to pay $5.00 down on lot and $1.00 per month until lots arc paid for In full; If fail to pay two months In succession the said lot becomes the property of the Emhouse Cemetery Association, Three paid dues for 1939. The association meets tlio first Friday in each month. Wo urge you to attend and also co-operate by paying your dues for 1939 as you know this is the way wo have keeping the cemetery. The association will meet Friday, Feb. Z at 2 o'clock with Mrs. A. C. Richard. REPORTER. Emhouse A. and M. Graduate Assistant To Cecil Heard EMHOUSE, Feb. 1.—(Spl.)—W. C. O'Neal, graduate of A. and M. College has been appointed assistant inspector to Cecil Heard, Texas chief Inspector of fowl brood, with offices located at the Texas experiment station, College Station. O'Neal Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T O'Neal of Emhouso and for the past four years has been majoring In vocational agriculture at A. and M. where he received his degree this past midterm. He left Monday morning to join Mr. Heard and on Feb. 1 they will leave for San Antonio and other points In the Rio Grande Valley. Corbet CORBET, Fob. 2.—(Spl..)—Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Roman accompanied their son, M. E., Jr., to Nacagdochcs the early part of last week where he will enter college. It will bo of Interest to friends of M. E., 'Jr., also Newton Roman, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Roman, also of this community, to learn they finished senior high school In Corslcana at midterm and while M. E., Jr., entered college In Nacogdochos, Newton entered ixt Waco. Mi-, and Mrs. A. L. Evans of Corslcana spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Osborne. Mrs, W. N. Slone, Mrs. O. K. Vlnson and Mrs. M. E. Roman attended the luncheon at the Navarro hotel Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Rogers spent Sunday in Corslcana with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. H. Tickle and son of Jester were Sunday afternoon visitors of Mr. and Mrs. E. Slater. Mrs. Harvey Beaman was visiting in this community Monday. Sunday Is - regular preaching day here. Everybody welcome. Dresden DRESDEN, Feb. 2.—(Spl.)— Clayton Richardson and* family of Dallas spent lust Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Flecman. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Cagle, -J. C. Cagle, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Herring and family were In Hillsboro last Monday to attend the funeral of John Cleveland, Jr., who was killed by a car loot Sunday night. He was a nephew of Mrs. E. B. Cagle. Mrs. Earl Fleeman, Mrs. J. L. Furra and Mrs. Earl Holllngs- worth were In Blooming Grove Sunday for the fifth Sunday sing ing convention. Mr. and Mrs. Nig Melton and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Z. E. Melton Sunday. The 42 club met with Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Garrison Friday night. Mrs. Hicks Mitchell of Frost visited Mrs. Earl Flecman last Friday. Miss Dora Cagle of Corsicana spent last Thursday night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Cagle. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Jamison have returned home oftor spending the past week with Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Smith. • Sun Want Ads Bring Results. Koane ROANE, Fob. 2.—(Spl.)—Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Hosch and family of Corslcana and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Kent and family of Powell spent Sunday with Mrs. T. J. Boone. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Curry and daughter visited Mrs. Jim Eatos who Is In Scott and White hospital In Temple. Mr. and Mrs, W. T. Holley and Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Holloy and daughter of Corslcana spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. U. R. Holley. Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Black and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Truman Graham Sunday. Miss Mao Dean Clarkston spent tho week-end with Mrs, R. V. Clarkston of Corsicana. Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Flowers spent thn week-end with their parents of Mabank and Kaufman. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Wolvcrton Jr., of Waco, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs J. G. Wolvcrton, Sr., over tho week end. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wheeler of Tupelo visited Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Gorman Sunday. The people of Roane were sorry over tho loss of one of their school teachers, Miss Griffin, but gladly welcomed Miss Fllppcn of Ferris to take her place. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bragg spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Davis of Corslcana. Pickett PICKETT. Feb. 2.—(Spl.)—Mr. and Mrs. Tim Anderson and children, Dorothy and Audrey, spent the week-end In Murchlson, visiting relatives. The girls basketball team played Union High last Friday night on the Y. M. C. A. floor. They were defeated, tho scores being 23-10. Mrs. D. C, Stanley, who has been 111 for the past few days, has improved nicely and Is able to be up, J. D. Inghram went to East Texas Monday on business. Leo Jones, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hunter and family has returned to his homo In Kemp. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Slone spent Sundav with Mrs. J. D. Inghram. H. W. Graves of Seymore is visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hunter and family this week. Miss Lucille Brltton of McCord visited Miss Dorothy Bennett this past week-end. Tupelo TUPELO, Texas Feb. 2.—(Spl.) —Joe Edmundson, and Mr. and Mrs. R, B. Burdlno and son, Richard; visited Burl Edmundson in Rico last Friday, It b6lng his ninety-seventh birthday. His health is good and he keep busy at some kind of work part of his time. Mr. and Mrs. Leo McNutt and son, Blllio of Corslcana, .were guests in tho home of Mr, and Mrs. John Bowclen ono evening last weclt. F. H. Hoberson and family of Corslcana spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. T. C. McMullan. Miss Martha Lockhart, a student of N. T, S. T. C., returned to Denton Monday for the second semester after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Lockhart. Mrs. Willie McMullan was a visitor of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Burdlne Friday night. Poles arc being distributed and houses wired for electricity that. is soon to com. _our way. Chatfield CHATFIELD, Feb. 2.—(Spl.)— The Chatfield peoplo are now rejoicing over tho near completion of tho power lino through here. A group of the Chatfield young peoplo attended the young peoples mooting In Rice Tuesday night. Mr, and Mrs. John Rose and family have moved to tho Roane community. Joe Hollls and some friends from Rusk visited Mr. and Mrs. Tom Weaver Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Morgan have moved to tho Chatfield community. J. T. Nash of Dallas visited his parents here over tho weekend. Miss Lanetto Jackson of Corsl- cana visited friends and relatives hero Sunday and Monday. Mrs. C. A. Griffith Is still confined to her bed. Mrs. W. F. Burkhalter, who has been on tho sick list Is now improving. Erwln Burkhalter of Louisiana who has been visiting his parents here has returned home. Mrs. Halite Reeves, who is attending school in Jacksonville, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Crockett, during the weekend. The Montfort boys defeated the Chatflold boys in a basketball game at the Chatfield school Friday afternoon. Cossey .1 0 0 Grlffis 0 0 0 Henderson 1 0 0 Phillips 0 1 4 Trent : ..2 3 0 Farris 1 2 2 Davis 1 0 0 Totals 8 6 13 18 Referee, Broughton. Dr. Pepper— Player— . tg ft pf tp Compton v .,-.....5 0 3 10 McDonald 7 3 0 17 Dosser 1 1 4 'A Sloan 2 1 3 6 Stokes 2 014 White 4 llfl Totals 21 6 12 48 K. Wolsns—' Jamison ...•'• 1 1 1 Armstrong ..1 2 1 Sessions 03 1 Frost 1 McClanahan 6 Hobbs ...3 1 1 .101 8 4 3 1 2 2 12 7 Gill Wheat 2 1 2 Totala 15 8 10 38 Annual Report of Richland-Currie Justice of Peace The office of justice of the peace, precinct 6, the Rlchland- Currle sector of Navarro county, earned $966 during 1938, according to the annual report of C. Healer, justice of the peace, filed In the office of R. Arthur Caldwell, district clerk: The fees earned were as follows: Habeas corpus $10. Misdemeanors $917,60. Inquests' $6. Vital statistics $28.60. Notary fees, $6. Total $9.66. ' Expenditures listed Included $18 for telephone 'and telegraph, and $10 for. postage. OUR AUTO REPAIRS Tour COP will operate dependable, fol-l lowing Auto Repair,) by ui. Because I every job we do IB featured I- median- j leal Accuracy; IB accomplished with! modern toolB, equipment ;i» checked) and rechecked by factory-standard Pro-1 cislon teats I Our Auto Repairs more than satisfy, Tucker Brothers Garage 821 N. Main Street Phone 1047, Cement • Sewed • Tacked Work Guaranteed 108 EAST FIFTH Shop With Large Eloo Shoe STEAKS First Cut Seven Ib. Roast Mix Sausage We Have rionty of Stokelys Tomato JUICE FLOUR 48 Ib. bag $1*25 Machine Sliced _ run • I AIRWAY Coffee 2 lta - 29c 3 Ibs - 42c Catsup Tomatoes Shortening Monitor Standard Bob White 3 4 8 U.oz. dots. No. 8 cans Ib. crt. 73C Macaroni SoW^^. 5c Salt Peaches Corn Kraut Spinach Jefferson Island Taste Tells Boyal Gem 25c 25c Texas Crawfords A No. 3 •* cans 2*bs. 25c 25c Cookies Ohoo • M'mallow CABBAGE Solid lb . Green Heads Oranges SUSS. A nn .la» Apples Grapefruit 210 size Wlnesnp 1C dx. 5 for SAFE WAY FRIENDLY GROCER

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