The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 17, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, September 17, 1897
Page 3
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FRESH CAUGHT but pmrly paid, f T.hough very w^ll he talksi are But in few the rocs, • Mr. ami $trs. Alenao Rowley will soon remove,to Chicago. / », Miss Dell Mumaw'will Imve chores of John Wiseman's cjbina store, Brnoat Sawdy has bought the Johnson properly on north Eoglo street. -' Wo today received a copy of the 1 directory of tvomui's clubs in Michigan. A numlwr*ftf Indies had a picnic ou Mrs, Aliw 1>. Hubbardt* lawn noon. Mrs. .tohnson of the,Park hotel ia verj itl itt Vermont where she has been visiting friends, N . Do not forgot the eolonml h-a at the f'wabytcrian church »ext Wednesday »H>. Tt. Stjtithworth is in Detroit. Or, L, 0. Smith will remove Wa family to Mr.8. fltewat i's hotiaft on west State B.A.'<&ttfe,<>t Albkwwas ilUbj? city today. . "" wefcHft sottte tlmo. positfon ot^Jaw dfhep, Boifa Vn'Tffc. AatT Mrs. i^ C*f tie gnycten t&r, r^ftrse Ret In H.JK. Win ftttteral irf ?«trs. Oeiorgo from he* vujwmtku wwi «pfpti at* hie c!iin& evening. The public js flotdiatly in- S. Lathrop find son Ifft * LEE AND WARENGO- Jason Newton died last Thursday, the was held last Sabbath t M. the school house with A IftrK* 1 Iftrg o € 00 YOU WANT the fanei^l of Mi* was hfcld Monday ftt 10 o'clock. Rothdck, SAim Vena Rowneranfas at the Porter as Miss. Jgirabfook Is still very ill with Mm/Lowis SWrftJa, tef fe vicinity and. Marshall. It Will -^--••-•ij j 8 otieof the f itflc sifters bUck fifty the ~ in gfcithfc Alfeion dOi-jRj., in o!$5orfl8ibi tout flour iu& tlryit, TJtioy were accompanied by Mies M. Lathrop, Persons taking advantage of the- J). & M. 6xeursion Sunday wi'tl be. able to remain in Detroit, until 4:50 Monday af ternoon, arriving in MarefialUit 0:02. Battle- .pr<?ek traveling men and business men played ball for aweet charity's sake the other day, and as Jj result 8260 hav» been added to Nichol*s memorial homo treasury. " ^. ' The Michigan M. E. conference, alKa- latna-zoo, yeslerdfty had a livel j discussion over the question ot s making Kev. James Webster, of Mnrem/5, a superannuated A joilng non of IfiiK'h Bramrr, <jf Lee, was buried from Ht M.trj'B diurcli this morning. Commencing with Monday there will hereafter be two dailj sew-ions of the high school. Mrs. C. .Herbert Thomppon who lias " bwm seriously ill for thu pawtwook is much belter todau, 'And now romes the report that instrtid of having a shortages India's wheat crop Will -be abovo the 'average. . ' ilorkcback riders ^sMm^Ur forget that •there.'is an ortliuanc^ against running horses within the city limits. A burning gas. jet is .unhealthy in .a " bedroom," because one gaslight gives out a^'much carbonic acid• .-as l\vo felfieperp.. • • -. , . . ' . . <•'- ; IU' ' The prospects are that the 1>. T. & M-; to DjCtroit tnv Sunday will bo patronizi'd by Marshall peo- minister The .matter th.obot.ird oJ stewards. ej>t to of the conference. .Lansing Kepdblican: was ref 3tred to It was the first The popularily tt Oordette. B. E. Cnosm. Wood Keasons Whf Woolens Sltwt The receipts- of the eutcrtaiununit to bo given by the Prancoa 11 ughew Concert Co. well bo dovofed txr.thenew, bicvule path. V The Chicago Record intimatei-* that the rod. netting ordinance will be strictly en forced as BOOU as the peach Reason is lior/'foft* . . -• Dr. Mary .Wood-Allon^ieeturos nt the .Preeb.yterian church Jiext w«'<'k arc- b'ouud to Uo intor&tlm* them your patronagtt. Thanksaro du« President Andrew* and the trust'ws of Brown untv^rwij. for giving the newspaper* sonit-thint; to fill np with during the dull "jutiunor niuntlra. Mrn.I.W.JFIouctoii, Mrn, ('» H.Wrotme, Mra, J. B. Folt-y, and Mi^s ^Hni have 1,4- B«ed invitation? for uo at home tw at J(K) O«i«n fitrws^, on l-Vtduj *\ 24. after. of Maj.*N.,,I. Kdaey, <nf this city, formerly of Marshall, UH a member of thw board yl clirectora of the state agricultural so- ciely is \vell att«sU-d by the fact that at the recent election of officers ho was the nominee of both factions and recehed ever) vote that "was cast. His fair treatment of all parties was very marked dicing his term which recently expired, and his unanimous election in tt compliment of which he may justly be'proud. The Ladies' Cv'eting club has secured the-Frances Hughes Concert Co. which will-give an entertainment in this, vity Tuesday evening, the M8th inst. -Mist, Appy, a young Holland lady who is making her flrst concert tour in this country is'« 'collo soloist of rare ability, llei immbfrrs alonewill be worth the price, of luluiission. Miss Hugheahas an enviable reputation as a harpist and ; always'her amUances. : ."Miss Lester and G- Ilaw8t>u-Wado. afp'. .;n'oted CJiicago A .jiiost enjoyable prngrum 'it i The prjeo of ltd mission .'.has 'placed at .50 cents" without -extra for res;ervod seats. The board yrill Open lit Oreon's Wedncflday. evetoing at 7 <i clock;: To-'read the following- which we clip fr»»m the Detroit Journal, one would conclude that j,ho. wrik«r has token it f«»r. granted .that the rea'dors of that. papi ! !r are'not p<i88e«aeKlof common intelligence: "If it prove true that India's wheat crop will turn Ont to be ftbi^ndant, the iimrkct price of whoat in this country will be af- fwrtod by the law of supply and demand just ft» it waa when n- threatened soar- city in India sent thft prict!"bounding upward. The sjlvor bugalk^jj will cat no ligurfl,.although it may Iw introduced strike a new i-hord in the chorus of- t*rftT rtV^fBRKHi"' it uijiy l>e that thf Journal did »ot enlara» to any great extent upon ^he "law/ul eupply and:. deiwind' r ^urtnfe? From Aloxandor Hamilton's Jow tariff bill 'to relieve the straitened circum sttmces of ttif tresisury in 178fl to 1861 The tariff was a nominal affair, 1804 was. raised by su«0essivo acts to an txtfor age of -17-W per cent. The McKinle) tariff was 50 per Cf-nti ad valorenf and 44 a jwund weight on woolens. The Wil son tariff wns<>0 per cent'ad valorem only. The present or Dingley bill >r('m and 41 cents a pound. SGI had fie a pound on New Fall Hat -!*-' ££ *** '\ V. tjfimbomm is ht»re in Starstar» with iiis fold' .blaat leather Renovator He will'ctnna right to yowrfkmse your feather bods and pillows. .guaranteed. your ' Wor.v Miss Western's Who wffl gtnr>ptf a StyflSH Trimmed Hat from Si.OO up to si.rjo-rrevet sold befdre for less than 83.OO. . will laSt until Sept. 28- ' Children's Tarns \ In all cojors at fil6c and |K»O» Wiftlkjng Bftls, bftilof—latest ferds, FtTrtherS nt }%«r own prjce. C«V1 storfr is open fof business. - trimmed at MisT jf. fit, BiBbw; has leased Grinding, epair and fe doing of in worfe, AU* GEORGE INCERSOLL, per ceu Tariff act- of wooh the MuKtnley bill lie, the Wilson WH moBtlv free. The Duttfly bill has U ruise llTe~TlTiec" of or lac. woolens. Tariff is simply a form of Indirect taxation.' The importer pa>s the duty «t the frontier ad<ls the amount to former cost then adds a prblit on his investment for tlio retailer who adds a profit, for the consumer. Our underwear wivs all purchased in April• now in stock- 'y Tho best 2Tx- arid ode naeh shir|/and j drawers ever solid. Our suits'and over eeate are also in stock at prices > worth' a good advance today.. . . Our merchant tailoring dttyartmeui-i* better stocked than e>'tr and uu'r pticea will prevail until ou.r prest?nt stuck ia ex- HATCH BLOCK Over Statesman Office Our Trade Mark ta the porferyy fitting And distingue suits worn^-by 'thejbest dressei1Jna,on in town- Our nnrao on n suit of (-Jlothing'means good ' Kitvin« had eJjrhtei-ii ycnta Jtict|»t>f FrobatewjH give special attnftHoo l in Probrttfi ConrW. Duality in materi combination that yo town in tailor-made al, style, fi yoU. can't finish and flt:—A find elsewhere and bur prices nro reas<)nablc at that. . ' \ J. J. DE SHANE, MKHCHAIfT haunted. T, An elegant lino of belts, latest styles and lowest prices, at ' U. S. CIGAR With a IT. S- Flag: for. a Label, Made on honor, sold on merit. A Great 8 <,Jcnt<»r. -'Ask for them and show your dealer .that you know when you get a good smoke. They are made by Ei>, T. CH AP. of tb»i city Qlivet iJollisge «.ii«?ti«d. vlth a tt»f att^ndftnt^, th<* c HtudeytR, to f\ct>( d that of the last thrue ywaw by a generous iaar- -gitt. - • • . It will t>0 diiiadwi at C- meeting Sajitrdty wtjutiu^, the 18th a chawge will i*v^ niog dowj uot to ' tth(< : Ihku rfej|i6n» of Wiscousln,No'rth "Mibhi(f»ni Minnesota, Iowa ftnd S Mm HiH-tt of the Cliicngo, I'aul Railway, lire huaifrods of chartning lacalitifH prtjciniqicntly flttod for summer hu'iiie*, nearly all of located ou or uear lakes t wln<!h hove oot been ftobo'l 'out. These rcsorfe range in- va- rioty from the "full 'drc^r for dinner'.' to the Hantiftl whirl cofitumfe tor every meal. Auioiia the list pro aimiS* laminar to ot^our remlers B» northera wimcr resorts, yK\ ftorly nil of the Wi8con«in pouttH of i arrest are wUhut a short d»«- tance frotti<ChicaKo or Milwaukee-, and noue of tboin /are : «i> far away fro-oj the' "busy uiRri«Xif civiji?atiun" that they canaot be reapnetl in rt few.hourspf trnyel,by frequent Uwii«,o»erthetii>e8t road in the northwest—i {he C'hicawo, Milwaukee A St.i'aul Kailway. Send a two otmt »f amp for a copy of "Va- eatioci I) y»*' BIVIUB a tljjscntiiion of the l.mueipat reaortu, and in Iwc of summer hotels a cut boardititf housiew. aad rates 'tor board tiT&eo.-H, Heatfard, Qeoetal Pawwftger Do x you want a good Gallon GiHirgiv Aley. I a.uriod walk. cement walk? will guarantee dalS* . T. R. SHEPHERD . " Keeps none but the BEST MEATS To be, hnd.. Goods delivered . ^to ajl parts ..of the city but • '.-• no peddling done. • Everything neat .and clean. You cap always get a clean cut at Bnd It to their fiitereat to ooncnlt hlra. WILLS, Deeds, Mortgages and \Other Legal Paper,' darefully Drawn. . to F.x;»iuin<Ml. Will to ih<'imtcha*fl| n,n<\ of I rnnt pnyrnant <>l raten, ou>, LOIHIP on rcm wtate ne^ilidtcil. A Kent for a aood line of Life mul r,iu- olntdii- nice, companfes. Corner Miin-tioo ftnd Why IVTot Educate AND School of Shorthand and Typewrtiug, • . . . • - . Wljert- JmtidriHlii uf-yontijt men antf-wqnipn have secured a uuefu! and i»rotltubl« pdiirilti of th • b««t <?giilp[H'(l ImniilHSs colli-Kt i:i>(iiitry. Cttllon 9r writ* for p»rti<:ul,'n> . "'•' -•"' ....... Established 1882. Incorporated 1896 . . «xoitemont 4 of a couple of/wotiku aga V . . . / •.. * .^ A teacher's meeting will l«> held at the Wat* WELL WORTH YOUR WHILE INSPECT OUR ELEGANT is the beat IHJCHUHO it in only ooo-hal| the etwt ttut or utaep mofe. of Mis« Hasbrouck, ena Rocoocraufct th.ev.apeakera waaexfciov^ tor 14. j»g i ro»n • Miss Hp^lio* MM* Juo4«ut ilia. tfeebowaU. . j ,t| Ii«al6d, without leaving a womwis, spraiijs, huow of «o m&ae or it a fnli& usual Line of New Goods •* . • . ^' 1 * / v \. We' have never displayed a viore attractive ',, ^j A * «t 1 ~ assortment of " - . ' V Utia - city tj> Kalaun^soo will be Street to tik letter city. The lake will ruu from Aa- ftltlafi 1 tto dist»uc« from Kaiama- our spqq to the lake linger thau from Ctjaefe.. It wiit be a SO ojJoute thJui \aty aod 40 i»inatwa from K Tttft ruuod ( trip from this city will U 25 eeoto aoiV'to Kalautazpo and return 50 YE7A*T£D-A. My or ffn+ttettaq. tt tfoUolt ¥V M»« coll«ct Ltt«- Im>Q»itce ia ' ' ' A, J. W«w*»S, - R. & 0. Cornets IK UNDERWEAR AXD HOSIERY W« «<u) su»Vf j aud price leave each cifcy every will pl«tcsd PLUMS are rip«al«g rapidly owiug to w»riu w«u,tli4jr, mid ae«eott iwJay be sliori. Preserve yc^j£ piuo*s titis* wt?ek- ' « Price Vow •O* Nazareth Academy. 4 BuanJjn^ ^5chot»l for Youog; Term*, 9 i OO per V««ur, For partioulare apply tu OF ST. IvALAMAZOO, MIC I*. uod «tflfrk« faa- KID GLOVES •T* Graham! C3oJ«r. CRASHES 4c yd. and upwards Bargains. "A Complete Lin* of - - - . Children's jUnderwear CARPETS AND li* ATTINGS ' In thk department we h^tve>a» extra Urge and fine 8 t tack this dealer is making a lower prise on warraatable goods tfeaa we are. and Plate Glass Call afed look us ' ' LINOLEUM IN AM* TN^ before .the asrortmemt is broken. ' - — • PERRETT & SONS. ,i Jitf-f- ^^^^T..-^^.^

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