Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on November 29, 1967 · Page 8
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 8

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1967
Page 8
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BUUttfiW W«toi«tey. Mov. 99, Sparkling Shirt Create a dazzling legend !(*• gelher wifh ytnir day and evening costumes with a sleek fitting French-inspired shirt that sparkles with buttons, bows and rows of dashing ruffles Have me in satin, batiste or French tuool. Also great with culottes 6nd at home pahts. ^ __ ___ DAILY TV SCHEDULE Wednesday (Otatinfl 12) }:35 Edae nl N'siM 3.- 00 Sfcrel Storm 3:30 Dark Shadow J:06 The Fugitive 5-00 Mewlywed Game i:30 Walter Kfonsrlt Until «:CO News t:in Soorls Hiiighf, 6-30 Hogan's Heroes 7-00 Bewitched 7:30 Beverly Hillbillies 8'30 Green Acres 8:30 2nd Hundred r»»r» 9:00 Carol Channing 9:30 Bewitched 10:t: News i Weather 10:30 Movie 1J.-30 Sign OH KKBC-TV (Channel 9) J:00 }'30 You Don't Say S:fr! fh- Match Gam« S:J' NBf New y-30 Family Game 4:00 Everybody! Talking ^:30 Newly Wed Game 5:00 Dating Geme 5:30 The M u rUiev-9fir.KleY t.OO Local News «:30 The Virginian 8:00 Bob Hope 9:00 Run lor Your Utl (0. 10 Weatfisr tO:20 National Nevri 10:30 (onion* KRLD-TV (Channel 4) J:00 To tell Tne Trum J.15 News J:jo Eofle ot Nlohs 3:H, Secrfi Storm 3:30 Password 4:00 Mr. Ed 4:3Q Gllflgan's Island ,S:00 McHale's Navy J-JO Walter Cronklle News 4:00 Evening Edition News, WeaHier (i:30 Lost in Space 7:30 Beverly Hillbillies 8:00 Green Acres 8:30 He and She 9:00 Dundee and the Cultiane 10:00 News and weather 10:15 News 8, Weather 10:30 Pete Gent Show 10:35 Merv Griflin 10:45 Merv Grlftin 1!:*5 Star Playhouse 12:35 Vespers and Sign off KTVT-TV (Channel 111 3:00 Captain lero 3:30 Popeve X-.OO Mighty Mousa 4:30 Fllntslones i:00 The Monsters 5:30 Twilight tons 6:00 Rifleman 4:30 Cheyeene • 7:30 Perry Mason 8:30 Honev West 9:00 Movie 10 CO News ana weathtr W; 1i Movie. Conf'd. 11:00 Movie 12:30 Outdoor World 12:40 Meditations 12:45 Sign Off WFAA-TV (Channel 8) 1:55 News 3:00 General Hospital 3:00 Dark Shadows 3;00 Dating Game 3:30 Honeymoon R*c* 4:00 Dateline Hollywood .4:25 News 4;30 Sumpn Clse 5:30 Mews S:45 Nayn 4:30 Custer 7:30 Second Hundred Yeart 8:00 Wednesday Night Movie 10.-30 NFL West 11:00 Joey Bishop Show 12 00 News 12:10 Laurel and Hardy Thealr* 12.40 FBI 12:44 Living Prayer 13:45 Sign OH Thursday MORNING' KTiXS-TV 'Channel 12) <S:Ofl Summer Semester «:30 Farm 1 Ranch News 7; 00 Weather 7:05 Morning News 7;30 Cartoon Circus 6:00 Captain Kangaroo S;00 Thansglving Day Parade 9:30 Beverly Hillbllllw 10:00 Andy ot Maybarrv • > f;?o CtcK Van Dyke '11 tOO NFL Football Co? Angeles at Detroit 1;45 Oklahoma at Nebraska KRBC-TV iCfcannel 9J ftoo Tooav 7:J5 Harry Holt »:2S Devotions fiOP to 11:00 Mac«y'» Thanksgiving Parade ?!30 Concenrrarlon 10:00 Personality . 10:30 Hpllywooct SquarM 11:09 Jeopardy 11;30 Ey* eyess !]!# TV New» Report ,}? v, NBC N»W| 1Z:15 Wornan to Woman ];00 AFL Football 4) 4:2$ Sign on 4:30 Summer Semester 7:00 News and Westfwr T,<» News j:3Q Timetable »!OQ Candid, Camera ^i39 peverly Hillbillies 40,:M Andy of Mayberrx <• WsM PWi Vandyke 11;QO Lpve pf LUe 60TH ANNIVERSARY - Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Martin of Route 1, Bangs, will be honored with open house Sunday from 1:30-4:30 p.m. in observance of their 60lh wedding anniversary. The couple's children will be hosts for the celebration which will be open to friends and relatives of the couple. They are Mrs. Ora Stacy, J. S. Martin, Herman Martin, Mrs. Mamie Stephens and Mrs. Oma Lee Dockcry. Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Martin were married Dec. 1, 1907, in the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McClalchy, two miles cast of Trickham where the couple now lives on Farm Road 1176. They have 10 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. The couple requests no gifts. This Teacher Has Much to Learn By ABIGAIL VAN BUKEN DEAR ABBY: At the end of the school year, a teacher in our i school retired. Another teacher and i collected $15 from each member of the faculty to give the retiring teacher a farewell dinner at an expensive restaurant. We also presented her with a set of matched luggage, and a generous check for the trip we understood she. was to take. At the beginning of the new school year, this "retired" teacher returned, explaining thai she had decided not to retire after ail. This puts rnc in a very awkward position. Shouldn't the I teacher return the money and luggage so J can refund it to the contributors? Any suggestions? FEELS AWKWARD DEAR FEELS: Jf anyone 3s in an awkward position, it's the teacher, not you. Of course she should return (he luggage and the money (or throw a party for all of you). But unless she volunteers to do so, you are out of luck. Since she was sufficiently brazen to return to her job and keep the retirement gifts, I doubt if even an outright suggestion frfltn the group would jolt her, DEAR ABBY: In reply to "Sunk," who told her husband that aHer 18 years of marriage, his lovemaking did nothing for her, and she'd been putting on an act all along. Then she wrote "It wasn't exactly the truth. I only gald it to hurt him." I am willing to bet it WAS the truth. Or very close to it, The husband's reaction - Search fw Tonwew : Victorian era, when no "de: cent" woman was supposed to enjoy sex. Only men were al- j lowed to have sexual appetites, j and women were around for (he i purpose of satisfying them. Now i we know that the physical needs' of women are the same as men, and they are equally entitled to fulfillment. A husband who really loves his wife will move heaven and earth to find out why his love- * making docs nothing for her.. There are doctors to consult and , books to read to correct the i problem. Married couples who keop sudi iocrcti from each, other grow apart and become I strangers. Can you gues, Abby, how, many women are in tjie same] boat with "Sunk" but go on in! i silence, pretending because they; j hesitate to rock the boat of se- i icurtty! j MARRIED AND SATISFIED DEAR MARRIED: 1 have yet to s,ec stalibties (hat I would accept, knowing that people are more apt to lie about their personal sex lives than tell the truth. But judging trom my mail, 1 Mould say there are more women in "Sunk's" brat than in yours, ! DEAR ABBY: The letter slgn- 1 ed "Flower Lover" compels me | to express my own feelings By Dear Folks: Some of us hesitate to fnak6 potato salad very often because we have to drag out so many bottles and spices to season it with, that's it just ton much trouble. Here's an easy way for you. I use a large bowl and always make four times the .amount, of the salad dressing mixture I need at one particu- liar time. This includes the i mayonnaise, chopped pickles, pimicntoes, vinegar, onions, mustard, savor salt, celery salt, salt, pepper and always a few (drops of yellow food coloring. The yellow coloring makes it Hook like you've got. lots of i boiled eggs. I use what f need to make my potato salad thai day. pour the rest in a pint jar and keep in my refrigerator. This will keep for months. | If you follow this idea, . . . the ! next lime you make potato sal-1 •ad. all you have to do is boil j your potatoes, dump some of! your favorite mixture in and j add that hard-boiled egg. ! Any time I boil my potatoes j for a .salad, I always drop an j egg or two in the same pan of boiling water. Saves washing! an extra pan. I ! So make up some potato sal-! • ad dressing, gals. Keep it in UJial refrigerator door. i Heloise P.S. The same mixture can also be used in deviled eggs. Dear Heloise: | Adhesive tape often leaves a 1 sticky residue on the skin when : removed. A painless and easy , method of removing it is to rub j ;it with cotton moistened with (lighter fluid. 1 No painful scrubbing necessa- iry. Just don't get the lighter i fluid on the sore or cut. I Crystal Stone Dear Heloise: My coffee mugs are decorative as well as useful. ! I hang them on one. of those I expandable hal racks which 1j have fastened firmly to the wall j in my kitchen. These racks are j inexpensive and hold about ten cups. It looks very attractive. Mary CHRISTMAS BAZAAR—Members of. Woman's Society of Christian Service will sponsor a Christmas Bazaar Friday and Saturday in fellowship ball of First Methodist Church. Here Mrs. Mike Wright, left, and Mrs. J. Claude Smith complete homemade articles for the sale which will also feature foods, hand knits, a pink elephant table, toys, kitchen aids and various other Christmas gift items. Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Bill Camp are co- hostesses for the event. Sale will be open to the public from 9:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. both days. a \ True, flowers may not help \ \ the deceased, but I think they give much comfort to those remaining, I can imagine nothing more depressing than the sight wherein rests a loved one. sorry to learn that his wife had been getting no sexual satisfaction from their marriage, and seeking ways to correct it, what did he do? lie punished her by being cool, distant, and silent. Why can't a man realize that this is a legitimate complaint —a cry of a faithful wife who wants her marriage to last? Frigidity is the result of the ers at a funeral softens effect and makes it easier to bear. And of course the nun> ber of floral pieces is an indication of the number of friends who wished to pay their final respects Personally, I jam very much opposed to the family asking th,at contributions be sent to such and such a ehaj-jty< in lieu «f 'flowers, Let them/-give to their charities, 31$,-J fQ wine. Dear Heloise: For those who find drafts coming through vents of window air-conditioners, here's what I did: Covered the entire air-conditioner part extending into my room with aluminum foil wrap. Heavy-duty foil works best but regular will do. There will be seams but try to avoid too many as' the cold air may eventually find its way through. Seal entire seam with adhesive-backed tape. I find a great improvement, and it doesn't look loo bad, either. B. D. A plastic bag works, too. Heloise | Dear Heloise: i Here's a hint for teen-age [readers who wear their hair 1 behind their ears: I ]f you always end up with I sticky ears Irom spraying hair i spray, use the big cap from the ' spray can to cover your ear, then spray! No sticky ears! And this saves your hairdo since you don't have to wash the spray off those ears. You can wash the cap easily, Teen-ager Dear Heloise: .instead of immediately chucking unwanted reply cards into the wastebasket, I us? two to take up dust, crumbs, etc., from the kitchen floor. I don't even own, a dustpan anymore, ' B.Chillson The cardboards that come in laundered shirts are also good to brush dirt onto. Use 'em, about a week, discard,'#nd use another free one, Heloise Pear Heloise: If you forget and leave your plastic gardeu hose outside yn- tJJ it gefe cold an4 too stiff to wgprj foj ftOWg, try tW§; Jwt water fsuc§t your SAYlfiSrj^ DIVIDENDS TOM PfCEMgEH 1st- $1.49Cardui 98c Bayer Aspirin • . 69c "~ ,","•'? "> J V',* rf '•'•*./'"', "'•"*.;,;•' H By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. (Last of three related articles) Q—I am always hot, even in winter, and am miserable in summer. What could cause this? A—An overactive thyroid or the menopause. Q—In 1966, part of my thyroid was removed, I am lak- ing a new drug called Letter. Is it superior to Synlhyroid or Proloid? Are (here any bad side effects from these lab- lets? A—Letter and Syntbyroid are synthetic crystalline thyroid hormones of high potency and Pro- loid is a highly purified thyroid extract. They all have the advantage that an adequate dose is contained in a small tablet. The only side effects would be that too large a dose would cause the symptoms of toxic goiter. Q—My son, 19, has a low basal metabolic rate. He is taking Proloid. His last I5MR was 22. This week hn had a T-8 test which the doctor says is normal. What is the T-3 test and what is the normal range? Will the Proloid tablets keep him underweight ? A—The T-3 test is another thyroid function test based on the uptake of radioactive iodine by the thyroid gland. It is considered to be a little more accurate lhan the chemical determination of (he PB1 (protein- bound iodine) level. For meaningful results of either test however the patient must have abstained from taking iodized salt or drugs containing iodine for six months or more, The test may also be influenced by taking thyroid extract. The normal range of the T-3 test is 0,78 to 1.07. If the dosage of Proloid tablets is too large, it could cause your son to lose weight, become jittery and have a rapid resting pulse, Q—What would happen if a person who has had part of her thyroid removed didn't lake the thyroid extract pre« scribed by her doctor? A—She might develop signs of thyroid deficiency. Q—'I have been plaqued with milia for several years. Some skin specialists say it could be caused by diet and others say not. Since none of them have helped me, do you think I should see an anclocrinolo- gist? A—Milia are hard, noninflam- | matory white heads that may j • be found on any part of the: body but chiefly on the face, j i They are small sebacious cysts j I caused by obstruction of oil | i ducts in the skin. There is no • evidence that they are influ-j enced by diet or by-the endoc- trine glands. Since they do not affect your health and are of j cosmetic importance only, they can hardly be classified as a ! plague. It is best to leave them alone unless they are too unsightly, in which case your family doctor can remove them, using sterile technique, in his office. Program Slated Thursday For County HD Members EARLY (BBC)—Brown Coun-, ty Home Demonstration Club '. women vvill hold their annual, fall event Thursday at Adams; Street Community Center with; the Early HD Club as hostess, j Local garden club members will,' be speciaJ guests. j The program will begin at 101 a.m. with a program by Mrs.; Ailcen Moore, home economist: for the Lone Star Gas Co, She: will show a variety of baked j and other confection foods in; cellophane wrap and decorated' for Christmas giving and will have available recipes for (.he water tank and run some water through it, This will warm it and make It limber enough for you to coil up for storage during the \yin« ter. I do suggest that you hold the hose «p and, drain a|J the water out so it won't freeze if it's exposed to real cold weathr er, A. & Raudttey Town Topics Area Personals Mr. and Mrs. Hooper Herring of El Paso and Harold Herring of Los Angeles, Calif, attended services Sunday at the Indian Creek Methodist Church, They were visiting in the home of their parents, Mr, and Mrs. F. H. Herring of Brown-i wood, Thanksgiving holiday guests in the Homer ligger home at Indian Creek were the couple's children, Bill Bgger, Katherine and Eldon of Odessa, Mr. and j Mrs. Curtis Jones, Debra and) Brenda of Mercury and J. C, JSgger, Debra and Bevedy of Brownwood. Thanksgiving visitors at the Loyd Utieman place at Indian Creek 'Were Mr. and Mrs, Elpert Utzman of San Angelo, Mr, and Mrs, Hugh Utzman and family of Fort Worth, Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Vteman of Llano and Eoy Utzman of Brownwood, Holiday visitors in the hpm.e' of Mr. and Mrs, Ludlow Allen of Indian Creek were their children, Rev, and 'Mrs, Wayne Allen, Steve, Sun] and Qrapt of Carrollton, Mr, and Mrs. Dewitt Allen and Doiyia, and Mr. ajid Mrs. Pan.ny JMiQfl of wood,. foods on exhibit. Her talk will center around holdiay foods. The RPV. Hubert Fouist pastor of First Baptist Church of Graham, will present a program on driftwood arrangements at 1:30 p.m.. immediately following a sack lunch. Elmo Letbetter, a representative of the Housing Urban Development, under the Community Action program, is to participate in the day's program. Mrs. Milton Thomas, owner of a hobby shop, will have an exhibit of arts and craft materials. Interested persons are invited to either or both morning and afternoon programs. Those spending the day will bring a sack lunch, Coffee will be served at noon by Early Club women. JUDY WILSON'S parenis, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Wilson of Route 1, Rising Star, announce the engagement of their daughter to Dinky Hill, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rex Dunlap of New Mexico. Bridegroom- to-be, grandson of Mrs. Maud Hill of Rising Star, is a 1959 graduate of Rising Star High School, He is self employed. Bride-elect will be a spring graduate of RSHS. Wedding will be Dec. 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the home of Miss Wilson's parents. (Rising Star BBC) Margaret Blagg Honored at 1CL/ Miss Margaret Blagg, daughter of. Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Blagg of 2202 Bclmeade, was recently installed as public relations chairman for the Epsi« Ion Alpha chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity at Texas Christian University. Miss Blagg, sophomore French major, is a participant in the TCU honors program, and was initiated last spring into the TCU chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, an honorary sorority for freshman women attaining scholastic excellence, DOCTORS ELLIS & ELLIS OPTOMETRISTS Call for appointment 643-0184 or 308 Citizens Bank Bide, CORNER DRUG * ON THE SQUAJIE Your Family Health Center WJJ PON'T Alfc'OT PRICES , , , WE BEAT 69c Alka Seltzer 49c 55c Vick's Salve . . , 37c 75c Syrup Black >

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