The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 16, 1961 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1961
Page 9
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Monday, January 16, Task Force Is on Job TPOUR firl» formed «. partner- 1- ship at manuscript typisU for uuthors and shared all work that came along, One day a job came In which called for two hundred hours of work. On the records the rf irl s had various •mounts of work to their credit and no two were due for the •ame amount of work on the new job, it finally worked out that each girl had to work the same number of days as she did hours a day, and no two had to work the same number of hours or days. How waa the work distributed 7 a,M»»j pa^JnA Siino? aui * pun xis A«p . lunoq 0*1 9uo -B^.iip 0 »j jo; HIS ano :no;, n ,os Walk a Straight aiid Narrow Path •XfOTTVE beard, of course, or JL persons being made to walk & chalk-line, but probably you've never tried it Putting yourself and others to the test can b» made an amusing party stunt. Arrange "racing lanes" with long tapes or strings held down with thumb tacks or pins. Pro- T-iic onch participant with a pair of binoculars or opera glasse* and stand them along n starting to«. Peering through the bwg* *Rd •t lira binoculars, parthrfpanta are required to walk *th* Hn*"* as rapidly ai possible *a tratcil above. Sighting through th« this way causes one's f«ot io tee-m far away and makes it «c- tremely difficult to maintain one's balance. It's a good idea to have aome- one stand by to Keep player* from falling. Can You Stand It? IN this gam*, guest* literally *• rork on their heels. Object is for a person to stand with heela topether and attempt to move both feet, heels touching, until the toes point oiit from each other to an of approximately 3SO decrees. Feet roust be slid along th< floor, aot lifted from It Hidden Animal Match Muscles With Friends?? A NyONE can s;atch mus- /jL cles with friends and show superior strength (it says here). Here's how: Place iia ordinary chair so that its rear legs and back rest flat on tea floor. Then challenge anyone to raise the chair to an upright position by grasping the end of one of the rear legs. This is the only hold permitted and the chair must be raised with one hand. Those who try this stunt usually fail unless they happen to know the secret of the trick. The toppled chair is raised by grasping it at the extreme lower end of one of the rear legs. Be mire that none of the leg extends beyond the little finger, which is then used as a fulcrum to raise the chair upright Day to Night Change-Over AT breaks and night falls, yet each transition occurs quite smoothly. A literal transition of day to n>ght, as posed In th« Jigsaw problem at left, also proceeds smoothly despite a difference of night and day in the size of the letters. To meet this challenge, puzzlists are Mked to clip the letters D, A and Y along edges and dotted lines; then to reassemble the 12 pieces obtained to form the word "night" below. This may seem simple, but it requires some patience an- 1 ingenuity. Speed Is the indicator of one's degree of skill. You are expected to flnd the solution to less than five minutes. Numbers shown are for identification purposes In solution below. OT s»,->9[(J -"H "J *»Ji !g 'zi pat uiio; 6 port 8 '9 'S 'Z "t sa»!<l A N animal teat's one jump n- head of pursuers is pictured in tb« scene above. How quickly can you draw its outline? Begin at dot 1, draw a line to dot 1, then to 8, etc., until you reach dot 22. What did you draw? Robert's Hon' OW TJOBERTS father's age is the JTX same as Robert's with the figures reversed. Last year Robert was just o quarter of his father's age. Give JIKCS. Card Trickery fTTHiS can be a very impressive .A card trick. Show five card*. Aofc a wit- JKBB to mtect coo imotaHy. Place the fir* fcx your pocket. You then draw out four card* and throw them face down on the tabla. juk tbo wune otf tba chosen card. When it k jtven, you bring tbat cud Irom your pocket Then turn op the four cords on the table, which appear to be th« cards originally pocketed. Actually, they weren't The cards you show originally are all diamonds and hearts, ranging in value 5, 6, 7, S, 9. In your pocket you have OTHER diamonds and hearts that ar« quite similar. They are the four cards that you bring out first When you ask the name ol the chosen card, you can easily count to it w your pocket, because of the regular rotation of the number*. QOMEOKE with * flair tot O statistics has figured out how much can be said during an ordinary phone caJL (There are those who can talk all day without saying anything, of course, but that w£s not a consideration.) What this person gaugeu was the number of words one person could recite in the course of three minutes' time. Just for fun, we've counted the words in Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, Hamlet's to-be-or-not-to-b* soliloquy and the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States. We have used this count together with the statistician'! report ia the following telephone quiz: 1. True or false f Abe Lincoln'* delivery of his immortal Gettysburg Address would have necessitated an "overtime" caJI. Z. True or false? A stow apMfcer TCdtiaf Hamlet's folilo- ««y win Mm overtime, but * ftmt speaker wttl not. S. Xna* or CalMT It Is possible for » tast speaker to netto one ot ttia three patwa^w cited more than a doaen tfcma* within the three-minute time limit Answers, including wordag* of UN three pas« •ages, m gtawa Mow, but 70* art not to peek, of course. net. t9 jo r)B]»uoo u • £$>£ sjstu a] P]tios 8t tl cj 8;qtu8»jj jo pOBuduioa EI ttopfljQ K. ' ' SPJOM UK— BBtu 8JD BucHjsonb ivuoiuan sp( p sie»q RHIJ uQ uosj»<l » Give Your Tongue a Testing OEPEAT the following tongue-twisters aloud «J rapidly as you can: Twiit six thick crumbs sit six thick xtirky. One old ax opening oysters. Cats scratched for scraps of scrod. Sylvia's siloes showed signs of snow. Sentimental SnUy sings siring flcng* sweetly. STOREKEEPERS ARE WORRIED ABOUT PROFIT NEW YORK (AP) — The na-i National Retail Merchants Associ-j s t oro executives and found only 30 | n P™ fi , Ls ' J cw , w " uld P redicl be ' tion's storekeepers are looking alien gathered in Kc\v York City; pcr cent looked for sales in tlie! yon(i the Iirst haK ' down a rocky road in 1961. ibis week to thrash over their^,,, half ot th , V( ,, r 1n exceed!,^ «*> ^^would They don't ex]ieet much of a problems. !),,. 1<H,0 pmo d. The median es- ot ,i st np record 1T)9 bv six to sev- snlc< increase and the>'ro even Then- •nvsident Alfred Ihomp; , llm:it(MV . ls t |, IV( , p ,, r cent. Twentv- iCn per cent, i-iore worried about profits, '.sin. warned of a tough year. ; ' . • ! « JiV*™?.^^^ Clark Gable's Director Happy With Last Movie HOLLYWOOD (AP)—John Huston had just put the finishing touches on his two-hour tribute to Clark Gable. The director had viewed the final version of "The Misfits" and made a few minor changes. Then it was sent to the labs to rush prints for a mass release next month. His work finally behind! him, he relaxed over marinated 1 herring and a beer and talked about what turned out to be the most publicized film in recent years. "I think Clark is great in it," said Huston, a man with a Jong, weathered face and a gray skull cay of hair, "He liked the part. He thought it was the best he had had in 20 years. "Our first desire was to get the picture out in time lor the Academy Awards because I felt sure jMe'd be nominated. It would have been nice to have it happen while his memory was still fresh. But the picture would have suffered if we had hurried that much. So next year he can be nominated. "Marilyn (Monroe) is excellent in it, and Monty Clift is fantas- GOP OFFERS INFORMATION ON TEXAS BA LLOT SYSTEM By RAYMOND HOLBROOK Associated Tress Staff Writer State legislators who want to do something about Texas' "scratch" method of marking paper ballots will find a whole arsenal of ammunition at their disposal—thanks to the Republicans. In their try for a recount in the November election, the state GOP made a detailed study of the way election judges handled incompletely marked ballots in 214 of the state's 241 paper ballot counties. They found that 94,104 votes were counted in the 214 counties and a projection of the 25 other counties would push the figure well over 100,000. Some Republicans insisted that these votes could have switched Texas from the Kennedy to the Nixon column. In some precincts ballots on which the voter failed to mark out all but one political party were counted, in othere such ballots were thrown out. It all depended on which conflicting section of the Texas Election Code the presiding judge followed. Article 6.06 states that the failure of the voter to mark his ballot in strict conformity with the directions shall not invalidate his ballot and that a ballot shall be counted in a!! races in which the intention of the voter is clearly ascertainable. Article 8.21 says that no ballot shrill be counted if the names of two or more candidates for the same office are left unscratched. The percentage of ballots thrown out varied widely from! Other counties checked showed county to county in November. In I a range of 5 to 12 per cent of the Cooke County only 1.42 per cent were not counted. In Waller County the figure was 24.58 per cent, or one out of four. The variation between precincts within a county were even greater. In the Bethel Precinct of Anderson County, 63 per cent of the certified copies furnished by coun- bailots were thrown out. In four adjacent precincts was counted. every ballot Besides Waller, counties In which a high percentage of ballots were thrown out included Anderson 12.95 per cent, Aransas 13.92, Atascosa 16.51, Bailey 12.58, Bandera 12.03, Blanco 12.87, Burleson 13.34, Camp 13.09, Chambers 15.24, Collingsworth 14.99, Colorado 18.57, Culberson 13.10, Dimmit 14.70, Edwards 20.69 Fort Bend 15.86, Freestone 14.99, Frio 17.23, Glasscock 12.44, Goliad 17.93, Guadalupe 12.10, Hudspeth 14.80, Kerr 13.78, Live Oak 14.50, Loving total number of ballots not counted. The Republicans are also urging a closer check of adding up vote totals. In comparing the secretary of state's list, used to compile to certified state total, with ty clerks, the Republicans found 83 discrepancies in 55 counties. A scattering of precincts had a higher total vote in the presidential race than there were voters. Sam Houston Plans Housing Expansion HUNTSVILLE (AP)-A 51,724,240 contract for student housing at Sarn Houston State Teachers College was let by regents. The contract calls for 14 units 12.14, Marion 14.55, Matagorda io house 53D students including 12.10, Medina 13.21 Presidio 15.73 'one four-story dormitory with caf- Real 12.70, Refugio 14.24, San Ja- ' ' ~" " cinto 15.92, Schleicher 13.01 Trinity 16.95, UvaJde 13.17, Victoria tic. Ye*. I am very tuppy «rMh the picture." Would he work again with Marilyn? "I don't think tbere'i much I can add to the vast literature about Marilyn," h* said evasively. "I can't cure the world's ignorance on this matter. When people talk about her, they are generally talking about themselves. They don't really know her." About Gable. Huston said: "I had known Clark for a number of years but never very well. I had the impression of him as having a kind of implacability, even a lethargy, I discovered in working with him that this was only a facade. "Underneath he was very earnest, even eager to please. Whenever he had a call, he was always on the set a half-hour early, always ready with his lines. Only once did he ever blow up. "That was due to a misunderstanding about whether he was called for a rehearsal. His wife had to fly from Reno to Los Angeles to see the baby doctor, and he wanted to go with her; he was more excited about having a baby than anything in the world. She went alone, and he found out he wasn't needed on the set after all. He blew sky high. "The rest of the time, everything went smoothly. We started at 10:30 in the morning because of Marilyn, and he was ahmys there at 10. He worked until 6 but would have stayed later if we needed him. He was in his best shape in years and seemed extremely happy in his marriage. Now he is gone. It's pretty hard to get used to." 12.79, Willacy 15.97, and Yoakum 12.45. Counties with a low percentage of ballots thrown out included Brazos 3.74 per cent, Briscoe 4.46, Coke 4.67, Delta 4.43, Erath 4.46, Gray 4.04, Hardeman 4.01. Hopkins 3.69, Kent 4.51, Lamb '4.54, Nolan 3.99, Farmer 2.82, Potter 3.80, Rains 4.11, Randall 4.49, Red eteria to house 264 women, five two-story small dormitories to house 45 men each, and eight one- story apartment units to house 50 married students. The* low bidder was H. A. Lott of Houston. i SUNDAY PENANCE HUGO, Okla. (AP) - Six young boys were punished by a police judge who ordered them to attend Sunday school every Sunday for River 4.83, San Augustine 4.89, six months. They had entered a Augustine 4.89, Starr L70, Tar- warehouse full of cars and spent rant 3.84, Taylor 3.14, Terry 3.96, Jan hour driving them around. and Wilbarger 2.77. I JOHN'S TRIM SHOP SPECIAL THIS WEEK! FREE Foam Topper with each M* Scot Covers ov* *25°° 211 W. M»ln JTJ »-41M hawau'sl 221 E. FAYLE STORE NO. 1 Servict Second to None and price better than most. 1001 S. MAIN STORE NO. 2 SPECIALS FOR MONDAY-TUESDAY WEDNESDAY DOUBLE BIG BONUS STAMPS TUESDAY U.S. GOOD BEEF SHOULDER STEAKS u, 53c REFUGEE WELFARE GROUP HELPS FREEDOM STRUGGLE NEW YORK (APt-Viktoi- Jaan- hivts- felt secure, for the moment, in the New York Immigration Ul- fice. Bill he knew he couldn't re main thnv. and he had no I'l-'i'" 1 flse to 1:0. The frightened Estonian soamar, was convinced his worst danger was yet to come. riu-av from the slRiHiA-.; nvov- a hec Premier Khrushrhw Io (ho U. V isl..:Rwrk. who but ion to a free society—-persons' Fry's underground succeeded we call community leaders." ! in smuggling out about 1,500 At ils New Vork !i<'adt)iiariers: teachers, sculptors, arlisl.s, scien- 22 slaff members, wurk daily In!lists and others, and to the pn-s- reseltle silcii refugees. Their ent day tlie general aim of IRC names are sunpled mostly by'hasn't changed 1KC representatives in Ifi key for-! In one re eign cities close to the Iron Cur-1 the committ tain. jugois .UK A recent typical IRC operatior, ^^'^ «'i';ntist_or _Kiniilar. involved a Chechoslovakian ohcin-' nt two-year pericxl resettled J.701 ref- their families—each a H.irlmr. aboard the ., said, "T niiKht be shol. In ft few moments n private ear pulled up. and Jaanimels pot in. He (trove unnoticed to an airstrip and horirdod a private plane. \Vhore he stayed until the Baltika departed remains the secret of nn organisation called the International Rescue Committee. This is 'I ••'.'"Up 'l' 1 "''"' nmtin '- r refugee ontatr./.iCor.S-uili^lli- ''> !!,.,! Jit.-rnlly. rescue is its middle name. f|.< founders. Maff members nnd M.ppoiters aie persons who feel (here is :. special for a refii- ',,.,- welfare ovgani/ation \y>l< ;l ro'iibinos the humanitarian biisi- ,,,-ss of reli.f with the patriotic struggle for freedom. jvoixity Chemistry Department. • The IRC prides ilself on beinc isensitive to international politics 'and (he sicnificnnrr- of a • person's defection. ' Kven before the United Ktaies 1 put'dictator Rafael Tnijillo on its : black list, a spokesman pointed out. the 'iRC nlreadv bad announced It would welcome refu- •.n>es from the Dominican Repub- i The IRC does not sliu behind barbed wire lx>rders \\it!i cloak and datnrer and <h.iinatieally snatch oppressed scientists from 'thi- cl'.iVh-'v of the i nern\. ' Hut snatehins,' Jews from Na/i • Storm Th'opers in 1 !>",:' was pn icisely how the IRC \\as Iiorn. i It 'be-an takmir "ii its present intellectual and political lid If 1C Chairman I.eo Chcrnc "("hir first <-:Micern is fo>' "™'- ( h., openiv fi-ht fot:ilitari..n:si!- is at that time for the \vel- of prominent refugees ,l in rvatiei-- :•• r.i a •.•Min.: named Varian Hv to to sec \\hat could bo done. Refirernent Fund For '! State Employes Jumps i| AI'STIX (A I'i — Stale Auditor -; C. H. Cavness s;iii! today the state I employes r e t i r e m c n t fund I increased 51-' million in tin 1 last ifis'-al year. j He .said the fund totaled SSti,- j3^.o4n last AU.U', :n. Tlie .system made its first in- 'vestment in cori>orate sto<-ks in I March lf)Nl and had acquired ! 10.000 shares in "0 corporation^ j.Tl a cost of Sf>14,'!ir> by the en! 'of the fiscal year. More than S(o j million was in U.S. bonds and SI!' inilhi'ii in eor]Kirate Ixii^ls. | Tli,' system h.'is • iTiem'tx-rs ;\\ith .ViL'H new un i'i liremenl at 'an aver.ii,'!- of S"^ 1 a month. Mem- ilh'i's cinilribute •''•.' per cent 01 : tiieir val.'iry up to $;») a ye.u '\\ith tile slate nultini: up .Vi pi i [cent iiii a mafcluriij b.isis. : \nr\G ALARMIST ; NORMAN, Okln. (AP) — An IS lmonth-->Id K'i'1, wandering around 'a bank while her parents conducted their business touched off a near panic by turning ;> dial ,m the v.ifc and sounding a burglar two per cent increase, and the profit squeeze tightened. The Commerce Department reported sales" totaled S219.8 billion last year. A gloomy picture of the furniture seRinent was painted in Chicago, where 20.000 dealers attended the. winter borne furnishings | market. They expressed appre- ibension that sales this year will jbe below 19fiO, when the bil- llion total was more than seven iper cent under 19?i9. 1 Retail volume tliis week chalked illp a slight Rain—one to three per 'cent—over the eomp-irable week of 1359, i Tthe utiemplo\niient headache i grew more severe as tlie Labor I Department reported the number | of jobless increased by TiOO.OOO to I 1.5! million in December. This jwas the highest for the month since 1040. The department predicted tha! ilhc unemployment total will go up ! by one million in January to 5.5 ! Because of a severe slump in freight loadings, the Baltimore & •Ohio Railroad announced 1 plans to jcut payroll costs 10 per cent. A I number of other companies, in- Irl'iflirKT several suppliers to the auto industry, ordered cutbacks. ' A University of Michigan sur- AVV found Americans are sliehlly worried about business conditions .but most believe the current downturn will remain mild. Plans to buy new cars, clothing and major household ?oods nre on the rise, the survey indicated. Auto piixPin lien pieked up with an estimated output of 110.000 pnoscncrers (firs this week. It war. the highest total since mid-December and compares with 74.20-1 last week nnd 173.713 a year ago, when makers were catching up nfter the steel strike. Sfllcs in IVcemlwr were the r*>-. rest for the month in years. .totaling LST.ftV). Output in Jae.u iaiy is scheduled at about -100,000, ami plants are laying off workers, j Steel shipments are running • ahead of December despite cut-; : backs in orders from auto manu-; ifacturers. Production this week jwas estimated at l.-l million tons,.' j up 2.S per cent from tlie prior; | week. i Bethlehem Steel Corp. started; operating two more open hearths n! its Lackawnnna works in Buf- , •falo, N.Y. Twelve of 35 furnaces i !now are operating. Sharon Steel' : Corp. recalled 350 men at Sharon, | i Sales on the New York Stock I IFxchance this week totaled 22,-ij '227,1 SO shares, the biggest since: : the week endi-d Oct. 1S. ISjS, !when the total was 2l.40U.570. Rond volume expanded to the' 'highest total in mure than n year. '. .The total was Sr\27?..000 par : va'ue compared with S21,3-10.000'| ;the previous week. The last i busier week was Dee. 1-4. 1!X>9. •when volume amounted to more- than $."•" million. Briefly around the business. jscene: Trans U«>rld Airlines will; i start showing movies on some jet : flights this spring. . . Otarinn [Listener ( T oro. has de\eloped a hearing aid the si/e of a Ihurnlv 'tiail. . . Bo'ing Airplane Co. says 'it expects to s"!l more flian Wif> : i million \\orth of commercial jet transports this year. . . French ! industrialists have designed an elevated monorail rapid transit system with vehicles operating on rubber tires; costs SP, million ; to i") million a mile, oompare<r with S-'O million for suh'.vays. ', Does BLADDER IRRITATION MAKE f YOU^ Nf R VOUS? • iroMtrr nr.d bfttfr th^y cm ff^l hy Irri*aiK',r.s. T1i<^<* irn'a: or.s oTtrn occur ftftfr 35, ftr.rt :r,fty miftkft you icns* «n4 n*rvou,i from too frrqucnf, burnint or Itchir.t urination both <1nv unrt niitht. , Secondarily, you may lot* s'.rrp and «->if- FRESH LEAN PORK STEAKS MORRELL PRIDE SMOKIES Lb. 10-oz. Pkg. LEENEX 200 Size Box TOP KICK OG FOOD SUN VALLEY OLEO MOKTOVS I'l 1{K BLACK PEPPER MORTON'S SHIYK \VKAri'I-:i> HOT TAMALES >o It A>29c TUNA 4CANS $ 1 M ..,<», CAN I Lb. On. T.WRVS (IT 35c GREEN iEANS 5c.«s $ 1°° IUMBI.K BKK ARTZ COUNTRY BOY EGGS LARGE, WHITE DOZ. FRESH GPFEN cS'STRX'ti'^'.:*'it bfinirt f.i r^mfn-r. by r-:rh',n» irv:;*'-' pain r*\\t1 S'if» ''•' ymmff OTSTEX at druggists. Petl trnt«t:on, ' CABBAGE LI.

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