The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 17, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, September 17, 1897
Page 2
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•>, \ > HH THE MtLV CHRONULE: SEPTEMBER 17, 1807, TKK DAILY CHKONICU. • " !*.Hi>»f"t|H)rt«titnl tlirfw>?lif tl)4 maite" At spcolhl tlli« Ifci <•«*!» I*. l(> n<wt» J*** received afc the office of 1'iiMuiftfkm* J6A Bast- State J, M- MOSPS, n^ Times htlt Bncceaa (Attics at jfftfrm Newton 'tfwt'fourA Augufjt 1st, IftJS, hi jHtwItnft township, Wayne Co., , IsaJV-at ihe hiwuc of his daughtpt,, Mrs. f.fc ' i •» "* * ^ -T *! " - jjT» W«H tttosop of Ht'jna'flf 11 ^- f<4' '" Nofrton and W*w onfl'nf ft* l^ttrilf OT --* *ttfts thvt'f of whoio i»urvi*« him,', " t in 183* thd famHy »««#&£& to Mk-mi runt lucttted ir» 'Mnro&gp, whort" ttfp •» iiJ> had noon spent with tti» oxwptfnft of ' _*tfeW irtonihs in California in Search of ' livaMi. . / H . . Mfirengo was in a vcty primitive condition as Mr. No\vknt ftrstsaw it anddur- 4* ing tho sixty lour year*, hu saw neftrlv <f ' all tor* old liMidtnarka~"pasB 'away, and new ones 4IH tbfcir plaoea. ' jnl>*"4th 184*5 h£ was united in umt- V Mfeb' Amelia Nelson, who died in Six i-hikirera wore born to fh$m. thrtr ;' of wistful aro' living. His limt illness was a protracted CHIP. ami attomlctf w'Mi Ktcut suffering iirltil tlw final release camp. flm* ciDoth^r pmtieer ha« j^imw} flic silent itiuUjttldc, for to all tho Mastet born Apriltfth, 1S3*» HtO'iNTir fiith illf. Crawford Co., Ponn v QHht- eiuuo to Michigan iritis year 1881,. atid \\Un married to Rubles Kothurich" qn 'the 2nd da> of NovombtT of the satub i. Kuthriek ptuflprl away Sept. II Hi, afte* thrfo jeureuf T»atit>nt suffering. Therol>y "emliug H lift* much apjir^ci atodr h«s bor famih and frifiid«, as §hc alwaj s" made f rk-ndK wherever she vvits known. ttiy fingcrB \P y hndly intonw. Jir. '1 lioinnt' K , t teliof ID tlir**e imuutw. It^wns lmost. ina(»icrtU I nev*r saw nnjt]Hfi(f like it 1 .'' Amelia Sw(>r<l,*,SHUud<jr«yiito,-(). . •• S ^__ SBOMAN BAY- eu?»w'* «it«-K I'otrojt ] : ;«> p. rii, for Witrti t o, Ui "1 SlnCHrillnc, ('>rt Kl^iii .thi-oiiKh thool Pl>!lt:C (if llll* whi'ffr'tb" 1 ft"! inun !>n»'rt, fought. >ai)il: «] UM?, to Ilif ^'»f>. fluw tWiitiy, irta'i'l scpiioiy, • »wil wtathi'i' (j<-ci'.yi'o<lv i*oi<;«, Uu<> wi-i>.t| ,ititli ^in-'nis BV- "horiti SIT. t'Mim Sitriii;) $15. Kor foltloM cl.i 1 wiitt* .liihii SdM^nniiii, liiot Kuml il|i;i HriM«l, l><> (>'. T. It. . a^Kiit,, or (.- \V. Urown, _ Jllftr,, Wiudsor, Om. j.uao 81, HWR . I., *. I). ,' Thrt • nri- th«tiF>and* fif i osi j ^., wiltiiii i be nt'xl tew i Aitili'cf.- nil HpiiUi'^tioiiK to n.- J/,//: ,St, n>tvqfntf H 'lo l>e fillni Wfd<Ttt (o l»r lip v<> if i( hftd not wcurrt'd ri^ht in OriMtd HnjiMs, nnd invcsf tgtilioti by our rcprcsHifnthpifi li,«-} phw-«l it hcy«ftd the of doubt. Theso are fh<l' fncts'ln : Mr. J. It. WhUf> of No. 4S llatfjej* , Jtns been an irtstrtuitor in penti ftn- In diffwnt businoss o<rflog< i s for the wst foitrl^t-n y« i ars. Ilr- say* .«- " rficr I wiis suddenly laUm'ni. I tl a physWitiv wl'io fti roHji ' gravel ' #rt«rti'H i #fftdttt»H y grew ' }?r my and svvc'l<-d up ud Itiat J t\4 a fjlf^. and ) 11 »T p i } vttAn i Wrfa ttke «*n« <T,iJ!y b . . , . H)f[»hfnc io giv<> ir»'e tr'licf,' Inn. fiirthc* ititfi iliat lie wrirl lie WHS guwerless, ant- otltitt^ "would ilo my any g«fd l)«t A sttr CH-!it oppRitioti, t Jit'lifi'o my flt-sli 1wn* Hcmlly fftokwl it* tl^« nltcnipts tmrclioVt «y fufrfny, ovcrything was uscrf; nltishir.l tliwU-r?., turpftitiiip, hfit cloths and a 1 , nclt things. I \viis l(t this condition, givtn tp hy tlic fc doctor, alid almoil fitit of In tiiflffuitlimifTt'fing, I 's Kidney PJIK an«l really I it 30<!biniitcs. After/-about two hours'* 'iid a. pftsfwfcf? 1 of urine, and passed bVon., rid '••oinc' gravel' stones w-fiich gfoJlU.« >4ir\cd ntie. J mpidjy improved. 1 tool, i all sK Iw.v's, .and fftvl to-day cntirch- ,flJ. Minfi fiits been a wonderful tnsi" feel that I cannot Ray anything strotn' ion,s;li for Bonn's Kidney Pills.' Jly j'wit* wish is that they may become wejl- .n<nuu They will prove a loon to ntrih- and. ' >"/* For wile -by all dcalcw, price -00 coats, Unilwl by Foster-Milbnrn JM, Buffalrf, X. Y., sole agents for Ihp/iL S. K»»m^ni- oer the'name, Dvaris, aod^tuke no otl Fftfit class j«^ at this ptllc vork at low pric^i B done I>OH't Wait/ .U*Tl!l col<l wpM-hor (ximes, Mut have that roof Covered wHh acsfie^tua roofing. It is only ono-half the ^rice of shingUip. Anybody can put it o<i "**• BrisTLKY's Hardware. rny/Yonr Ti f will h<?'at/thtv«n>cn«f' ._ hotel duriiu; busiiu'ss hours unttKurther notice, fry/tho putrjwse of rpccirin^\city taxes which are now due. Save th»N^ trii i'i.fl1c(;tion fet» by pnying now. J M. S. Dl-LvVKIKiNK, .'~ City treasurer. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. Thshe- ilailt jtputn oi U 09 n«rf wttpp«l; HOUTH 1>AKOTA. What Mnn f a« »o Wltfi Ae ftiw hft^ IfiO 8<**8 of gftfld l«»i(l for $t,0il». Pay i400 dow6j bnlaucft in Mire* piKyineBta dae Jn 3, *t a»tl / 8>enr« at * pefr cent, ^e can also buy 100 ehfiiwjewefc fhi ^00. The fnilk ttt~ t»ty tt1t-ftti*i» fftwiily expenses. and wool will fmy off tho rnort.Kage >>cforo it ift d«6. In five years ho will have,n fnrm ali pAt<I for aufT w«sl! rtbekstt For fomtif tive lists and pricep nidress H. V, Hunter, ftp migration Agent for South Dafc&tft, 395 strdtit, Ohicngo, III. I bavc a fine aswfiftment of canary for Rftlw. €aH ntvd «oe '- 34 S. Monrofe street, / iff C*'l. Cfccsh6t'» 1601. "Ajf^fttTs- «f slott grinding nJanfe Iritis of - u '~" (ihiokeu feed. t t^imcftl school; Blectiv<!r8yBteni. Stiin- mer ccmrsea. jQiveB jjt%rees of S. B. r K. M, and fh. Di Lah&mtoriee, shops, mill etc., T*ell eqmppcifl. For catajoguos atl dress M. BtVfSdsworth, Ph. D,, direcor, n receives daily choice freestono honestly packed, boskets welt 7 Farm Property l-naured* I iurt prp'pwfed to iuBUrfi fftrm prof>ertv atone percent for three yearn in n ftood tlrat cUfis company doing business under licen««Jroro the state insurance commissioner. This is hotter than tho Mutual companies, HKSRY BKNSKK, Agont, ! am prenai* 1 ! to doHladios 1 ^»nd children's Bhnnipj.ipinK at tht>ir ho tfVHVti orders at Clark's barbor shop, or at 35 cast Gr6en stn'et. N. W. CtAKK. Misses Sfinders. and Mt'Kary wjlPopen dross nialtiiig rooms- over the poBtoflu-HV next to the abstract offlc'e-, Wwlnesday, Sept'. 15. They are both experienced ladi<»s,at the businoHB and will lx r plca(led toaecnre UiepatronaKO of their friends nd. others who may- uecd anything in . CitoxiN. St..Mi>o'B wliool of nuiflic \vill TO orM-ti on Mondak Aug. 'JO. The, best nnd hit cvt inothodB^are used hi thja department ati<l Hfwcial attention Kif*n to tho theory and art of ittuftib. JTor furthier piirCicn- at tho school or Bisters' rofii- ifcnce. Jap; Vuj. 'niirH nmt ui proasnian, linn New Fall sGoods. __ . ^^\ Choice Dress Patterns, ., <_ I ^ ^.^tut. , . . / ' Trimming Silks to Match, 4 , Dress Goods, »n Pall Colors, Winter and *- --v- - ,,A , • BLANKETS*^ OUTING CLOTHS* Look in upon us before the Stock is --. ' -*,>.! _ l " broken. S» V • t\f t- \ i O UR V\ WN ,-j"j, <S ANE'S Pleasant, Safe, Reliable A,- •*• \ Length of Stove Pipe- We mtide the patterns for Ihi.s cook stove and reco- metld jt to the |>ttt>lie. We jruarjititec it to' bake with tvi^i ..i'.-1—ftf wood. We itlso'Jra^e stove'w for kess money, stove cet?rs our name cast,in'the hearth'. W. E, BOSLEY&SQfi DR. LOUIS S.JOY Will givt in nd'Jilion to (jenoral prac tice«(«pocial attention (o diseaws of eye and car, 'Fitting of tjlssses a hpfciaHy. (Special diploma on cyn, ear, nn»{> and throat f rbni Chicago. Polyohnicv) S TATK OB MICHIOAN,County Ot Cftltl^un, s» Notice I* hereby gtvf-n that by c.n order of I he Pfohnte Court (or (ha Couuly nf Calliuah, made on th» Uth day at September, A. \). ". e\x inonlh" from that date wor« nlUiwcil (nr <;rptltt0fa-t.o present thoir piR(nia-agn,lni»t thri *»-' tute of bwif.Vnoy, deceased, latei.ol' m»id coifuty; th«rofur<! all cteditors.of «aicl itccBast'.rt »ro rcmtireil to-ttrmtont t-bcir olaimu to salil Probate Court at the prdbatc office In the city of Mnrcliail tor fxHiiihiiiWou And nliowailuo on or ho •or«| tho i 14th day of Mnrch. noxt>'. ftinl tlint-vucb nlalmitw.tll lit* before »«'d etmrt on thi> 14th dftv '«>! Doc»mbcr (Vm-i on the 14th »lay of Marc.h h««xt, at. ten o'clock In ibc fornnoofc of each of tho»e ilivj'B Dated September Ulh. A. D.. 1S97, WILLIAM A. ••-•-•• • Juilun of \VANTS FOUND ETC, - Twenty cunt* H ween tor ?ac.l> opMcts not t«x cewliup flvo ltnc». No ohMtge^lim' than twenty " ' \ Ul'SK-FOB SAfcK OK *»|CNT,-- Knfiiilro- at ' shoe riitre. . " A OKN.TS WANTEU-H'or" war in Vubn, Uj tiooor. l^iiucada, C.ulmn reprrcBnWtivu HI WMfhtneton. KiiclnrsiMl by Oiii>»u jiatnotH. In trenieu'toun ili-ni»ucl. . A -tionnti/.u fur U(jrntn. Ouli? $1 M. HlK book, WifcoiywtiwHiu*. Eyt-ry- body wants tbo iiiilj «iuiorwed,~'rul)ttl»lo, book. Uulfltfl Irt'i 1 .' C'jodl glvi'ti. Frulght |ia)d. Drop all iranh at d niaki- $;a.K> a' nioiici wljli War iir Oiibii Adiln-HHiodty, TUB >ATIOU\L BOOK COXC1CHN, 3JrtJSIiti ' ' ' "" '" ' inO.K SAI.B CIlKAP-Or exchango tor a farm A? the property miown ad 4Ue• Huiltn op Hurt mreet. For term* ?p|)ly to U ham the iiiuuruncc Uinu, ' F 'OK ttENT-Uo«i'*ii'6ti North Madison Knqnlrcot WK.S. Wit, OU.NNOK. |?OK R8.ST—Twqrilory 'houns on wust ^tato •J7-----»iri-et;- EBtinlrc-of- : -.- J.CAKV. L^UH HENT-Ta l ile« and chutrn for partlua. f Enquire of VanZaut, tho expruisaitiua.' F iOK KENT-Tables' and cbaira forpartlt* Euijulro of J. W, Lv»tt>r, the |>opul»,r tit T|H> C Will Ho At COMPOUND tHE GREAT Blood ari Ntve Tooic FOR TWE Marshall,. Hotel Royal, ' nrf 1 , UV/1>; 1 I>ny u .O.iiij'' In lynch .Month. f(jnit*M!UAttbn and t'x»ruhiBtion frVe utxiKtiliiUy |>oit UKNT— OiBi-w rooniw uod an JT- loilgo lift 1. JuqtiUtB »» • KNHY UKXN.K H. ' T?O»t HA LK -Tlifei- ' Wifk lioUHti op[>otite tlu JT . JM»rah*ll: W«gou Wtirki.; A ,i;y«»iJ cliaiir . ». for ibe rtght. piuty .to rbu » very protUablw utut;, Euquire>>t I»HJ». HENHVBS.SNKK: U UUttK K'OftRKNT— NOi £> N. Ea K leutrewt. Juuuire Brut dopr »oath. R. " - " H Ot'tiE of »ln toutu» ia (icalrablf lutnttoi:, tu reutWepiUt. Fur particulws tnvjulrp iif MTJ. W.'li.' liuck. <oi»er L ADIES, I itiilke-blK wag«»*t borne, «nd »ttui J all to Save the sautu ouio/(unity. Tbt work tii very ploa*aat ajul wO! t«tfril)y puy 'inf '' t Thl» ie «o iWcBt/tion, I WIUH uii luouij! •rttuqJafB to all •to'Jiltug jdJU. A. STEBBlNb, L UST -The l4tt*r part of last wtc-k «t,'i of U^gltati Stuwr bre^d. iilttcV wttU ttpAt (>ii< bivfcAt* £*lAd£r r&tijtrii to. f-hi)lu>j zoj, . _ ' ' bttwweti "Woi-lliy t'ftlnu-r's (t» tfalsWuKtiitt tU'tUli, » Jioi:fe^l A iibtfttl w- 1 i; Drii li. S. & Co., dcvotu 'their 'ntttrlillou- to disease* of the «-y«, oftV, thwaf anJ luntf-i vain ttnrf tu-rvoitii tliwii««BM, dtf-onultui-, uranii «t " lldn, <-roii,i i'jt<,(le»fni>8H, clishian-n of tl«ir«r», :ouglii iri »tr« l»l(,'!nit.)tt *rr all Stomach^ " Liver and « * » Kidneys. Compound CnresDysf rpsift nud nll<lo- of the Kola Cmpound pid" IjiveK and BiliousiiesB. Kola GbmWund Cures CoimtipAti IB ft BrAin and KorV^ Tdnic .and Blood -Purifier. .CompoHiid is tfie peer cH^all. ; • other iiiedieiiies. Kpia Compound Ouresj Bnckbche. and Kid- noy Troubles. ~ - • • • .' * ' Kola Compound Is uatnres remedy—patent yet harmless. It toups ulid- • vitalisses thef brain, ,-ijervefl, muscles, heart, aiwl S|bmach, in brief.. ;'.rejafeuatiii'g .and building up the entire sys- -ten>, enriching the blond and Imparting to the Avholo .body- the freshness and vigor of youth: , , Kola Compound ttiKl nttvr.u* < , fn!(t,*kln womtu, ttH'l al ' , >;inH-p»y. ortt^s, positlvi-ly -curfiil by and uevt-r IttllluK, f«mwly. • Onr.-«., S. •& ';« iiwke it Kp of roL-tttl di»wat.p», pite* nu-rnal n)ifl ItciiiEg ami bitfeini'g, rt^al ulcerR, fiHi wbkli »rw o(wn tftken Tor ntirvJiuR imJ trouble, all cured Btjinemti^rwn <surt all fitrina 'il plle^ wirbont.p&ln Iwt'rruittloii «r detention irora Imaiuttio, »iul without tbw utw )' feutfi;, TOYOOSO, jllUDLE AOEO AKl>4DtO m' i-peonetorfboei*. invpotuttfy <r<»ia w<atUn*e» bWJMifht oH uvn-tioui) in youth or (>VCT_ 1u lott'i yturi*, urc Kh«>u in-rumwist relief b»"itito ttjrv ua Tumor* Is composed ofc life giving; .tissue building,. Herbal and . Yegetablo Extracts f and contains " nothing injurious --- ; to the most -delicate constitution. . ' . KolagCompound t"ur<'rt without tu ilifflrill' W A WliUr-4 t - ' «TBU-Jww«itlua»ly, * aixtd. wlrt fo* #vu* ecft) uousewoilf^ tiaiUfft M Chroylvlo "-^ .. . ~.~.«.-~^«»._ , W • 10 reot. fjo/ 4') ticu to W (or bouto- S'4- W . tlou iwJ.^rif^ u» bu» 801, ^5w^^u^iw W StC,J?W:t eity Btaam Lauo^tj. Hahc W W4 £»4 AK , , 'flu; W *- to iule bwwit. Fi(Hii. »ptcJ»l auaot Tu MnwiTaU mut VSuiiilty far ai4.»trw««i«J tried home 4-ifo |i»wr»uee *W>y«*. *M* «*i«» =W per«o*i)«i». wiu»ty oJGtor «c blgb «i»*» *» te B»WO i\ery t»«« «jf atjfT We wili'jftv*: b'lMJtllti casst.e, tttea*e^ «t M f--*^-- P UU^KJL^O »J» U PlJSl* v**r*i-*f ~-— T unnMela oaK,o»n writ* lull •evtr ^. 8, «. & Co,, wi -w »'ith a ! «»> - B., S. * CO-, •. Made a Wet! Man of Me. It . Mrjaion, n a* MAVVW t4>i>Uf and 4»io*>d »NW*.*J.ti i>u»k iffctt <•»!»«>* ig ri« flt« «l yw«tU. fe * «<««itttttpti»«- WW« °« h« r, It Is indovsed .by waay. 'flmi- neut Physicians "and Scientists, Maf KOLA Jf you . any Stotftacb, ' of tlie TRY A Of Di. Lane's Kola Com- poiuut It will uot dlfetap* „ point you. IPwe ^0 cents f I per bottle, Qpmpoynd May be obtained ofl I>i% Lane at lib «tHt» in Blmik wruef Btete i*% iy|» isill to $GUTU«& any- owe ,wWg Dr.gLane wffgftly to tbe study, treatment tha uervoas system — iitboth male and female. Cou»ulta- tioti and ttdviee at oMca FREE- A iiwitwl aaiebj* of calls iu tovu afld equuiy A., : .:, 'fc

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