The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 27, 1962 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1962
Page 4
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS WABLISHED THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE Sublimed drily ami Sunday enctpt Saturday by Review Publishers, Inc., 307 E. Pork Ave., Freoport, Tons, James S. Nahon, ,-rcsldont. i JAMES S. NABORS PUSUSHER GLENN HEATH _ __ _ _ EDITOR,PAGE 4 BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, MON., AUGUST 27, 19*2 GEORGE i. BEACOM — _ ADV. DIRECTOR' • —•• • : KRNIE E. ZIESCHANG Advertising Manager MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Superintendent E. E. HENORIX Circulation Manager PEARL GLOVER Classified Manager .— ADV. DIRECTOR ROBERTA DANSBY Manaqinq Editor LEROV BVRD Womtn's Edifor GEOR&2 PEAGU^ON Spirts Editor NANELLE K. MALI.ORY Office Manaqer World wld» new! coverage by The Associated Press. Mtsnbur at foxat Daily Newspaper Association, Texas IVess Association. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ly carrltr, dally and Sunday, SI,SO per month. Mail rates upon re- gu*st. All mall subscriptions payable in advance. Enttred as second class matter March 21, 19S2, at Hie Frcepart, Texas, Pest Office, under the Act of Conqi-ess of March t, 1870. Spotlight Trinidad Confident In Forthcoming Self-Rule «y ROBEKT BEKREU.K/ has a I tract ed seniors from proh- PORT OF SPAIN. Trinidad ably every ethnic group in the j (API—This hot, lush land of world. calypso halladeers and slcri rlrum Toddy Negroes am in tho ma- hands becomes independent nn.xt jm-iiy. | )U t a f astr ,,. |,j,-||, ra(r |j| ir . Friday—a new litlle nation vi'ilh | v will niake the East Indians problems. dominant by 1970, They now com- The haunting African rhythms pose about 37 per cent of the pop- of Ihe calypso singers will cele- ulation. J luate the end of 160 years of There has been little intermar-j British rule. The island, with its riage. iillle ward Tobago 20 miles to the Some among Port of Spain's j northeast in the brilliant blue Car-;lower laboring classes. Negroes; ihbean Sea, will become lhe na-' a "d Indians, accuse one another; lion of Trinidad and Tohago. It is of "" - sor(s ot deviltry. They ex- no bigger than Delaware. P rt>S! distrust of one another, MEET ME TONIGHT IN DREAMLAND! Trinidad hai little in common ' ' the white man's wilh its Latin neighbors except ... , tropical geography.'its population _ ^m'"g importantly in futui-ej of 8.-W.OOO is a mix.,,,? of manv ^'"f d-b.S. relations « the U.S.j races and nationalities, dominated " a '' a! , bas ; at °'Jf ;>n !;" as ' va! " hv people of African and East "^ Rl abou ' ™ mil!l0 "- ™ e \ Indian stock. i NaVy ""'""^ ". t-*™*** «"! Like Jamaica, which became in- 8 s ?"" re miles . ln . UolW War "| dependent Aug. 6, Trinidad will: 1 ? 1! ¥' "*S°™'™* «i«h the; remain wilhlnthe commonwealth, f." 11 * *«*>*<* Canbtean Fedem-) , . . ,, '.lion brought hut as a fully autonomous part- ty as i -. „. ner. Few Trinidadians seem to • ,', ." "!'. . njiius to 1 ( \ entertain any douols about thir enim ... , ability to govern themselves. a , ()le ^^ Both Trinidad and Jamaica en- T1 , 0 „..,,•„', joyed wide latitude in self government under Britain. Except lor foreign relations, defense and some features of fiscal policy. t | )e , Trinidad's leaders had full control Jim Bishop, Reporter •y JIM BISHOP Issue Walts On ourf's Intent C 'llie word intent Is Important in 4,000,000 and on up to thi> Roman the reading of any Supreme Court decision. Several weeks ago, this august body, which is designed to MONDAY ON TV OHAJWltt A CWANNKI, A CWANNKIi It A Kt'HT-TV 0 KilOW-TV I 1 OHANWK, «% KTrtK-tS I* .1:M> O Opts In Brtb Show" S Edge of Nl|!hl Who I» You Trust? deny or affirm and Is forbidden i members. Catholic Clnirch, with over 41, 000,000 members, down to thei United Christian Chui-ch, with 530 1 War American Rnmlslnml MOM Thrnlre _ "Th,. AtnlnM Mr. Had- to Inittnle. startled the nation by declaring a State of New York school prayer to lie a violation of he Kirsl Article of the Constitution. Now, a new action is pending against the last stanza of "The If the phrase—majority rule— means anything In America, then it must be recognized that this is a religious country, because S3.4 per cent, the majority believe in (!od but are not professed religionists. Star-Spangled Banner," because' In each public school across the t mentions God. nation, I would suggest that a stu- There has been a lot of legal j dent write a prayer and submit it luffing and puffing since the orig- nal decision. What was the intent? Docs it expel God from school? 'in not a lawyer. Still, I've read he decision twice and I think that sored' and will represent the to the student body as a nonsec- InrlHti appeal to God, to be recited every morning. Thus the prayer will not t* -officially spon- 5:.1ft a pHlirnl's life; rft>p»l 3(1 0 PrnisrcM Report SO ''v r,ot a SVci-ct no O Tfn O'clock Ttonmlufl — \rw«, Wfalhfr, Spnrln • Q) N<nv», Weather (B Nrwi, Wonlhrr. Sporlil l«v." V»n .inlminn, 'i"a"v 1(1:ln ID La'' Show - - "force Bnlnlcr, Kdwanl Arnold, of Arms," William ItoMfn, Ri<-hi*rd"N>v N;uiry Olson. Frank I/tvu. tO Karly Show . . "Cnn- -'°- v: " y»me lifiilemmt fulls In love wilh a WAG during World Wnr fl j 09 Rocky and ill* Friends ln:M ® A " c Kinnl nr P°rl J7" IB Kltirlk't Clubhouse l<>:.1» O Tonl«hl — llnl March ' ulll ho host for Ihl* n-rfk, Ahr» Iliirrowft, INtRfr Mil. ' Irr, Dnrnthjr l.ludiin: coi.on (B niveibonl — "Trunk Full of Prenmsi" « shlp- urrckrd Ihr.spinn proposes I Hint the Knlerpriso be-1 . . "Cnp- live \Vilrt Women," .John Curmdine, Kvelyn Anker. i Operation l.ift S Whirlyhirds Yogi Hear •_*:« 0 Ahnanitr Ncwurr JMS O Huntlfy-rtrlnklry he court is not denying the existence of God, nor the need of God n our schools and daJly lives, but —11 t is denying the right of ant group if government officials?—slate or of (lie majority of the. students.; After that, let anyone sue out a| restraining order to the Supreme Court of the United States. This is the quickest way, I feel, to re-1 _ MONDAY KVKNINfl «:«« O Nr«n," Sport* O What's New? ID News, Weather (B Mews, Sports, Weather O Nrns, 11:30 Jt:W I Walter Cronkite, News - Follow That CViimiill l)r ' News Final lalional—to sponsor a prayer, j store God to the schools. A couple of the Supreme Court The newest attack against thei [Justices have, in private, expros- mention of God has been insti-j scd alarm al Ihe volume of mnil|Uttrd by Mrs. Miriam Rubinstein which has castigated the court.lof Hiclisville, L.I. She asked Ihe The issue of separation of church | State Kducation Commission of and state is old. History shows (New York to forbid the singing of \ that the excesses of the clergy almost always occur in countries where there are state-sponsored faiths—England, Spain; Italy, for the last stanza of th* National Anthem: "Blest wilh victory and peace, May tile heaven rescued land example. Israel Is the newest na-j Praise the power that hath made! tion to join these ranks. The founding fathers of nation—some of whom fled European rounlries because they could (not worship in a manner compatible with their consciences—did And presen'ed us as a nation. ' this) Tlien conquer we must, { For our cause it is just, And this be our motto: In God is our trust!" There is nothing in thesie lyrics ' (B ABC Evening P.eport «:30 O Sr " Hunt .0 Redman's America — "Nomad Indians of Ilif Plains'! ID To Tell lhe Truth (B Cheyenne "The Wedding ft I n K s." Cheyenne leads, a revolt KK, bandit dictator in Mexico; repeat 1:00 O National Velvet—"The Rumor." Ml ni-i Iclrnliily make* K remark wlilrii atartn a. rnmnr: rp|H»rtl O Snenk Preview- A preview of a new full series OD Pele and <;iad>s • Gladys altempls to discourage the romantic nl- lentlon ot her teen ac« 12:10 f) Dftiblf, Drnko Tl KSDAt* iMOIIMMi rc . »8"*mem from redl ^ e the lease i •««"• /lie new gov- In CARS, SPACE SPUR STOCK SURGE .things a, housing starts, average,spa^launching vehicle to Martin- By JACK I.EKI.KK AP Business News Writer C (API — The eco- his nomic panorama took on some not deny the existence of God. I which expresses an affinity' for They embraced Him. Tliey loved (any church. It acknowledges God Him so much that they gave upland our reliance upon Him If by 1 gardener; repeal their old homes. Ihcir farms, their!some odd chance, the .Supreme! material treasures, to lake a voy-iCourt should deny Americans the! age (o a hostile wilderness, andjright to Sing this stanza, then Iti and live there to worship as they : will not represent a victory for the 1 I pleased, iseparalion of church and state, but; The thing they opposed was a a clear solid triumph for atheism* mandatory house of worship. That over all churches. is why the Continental Congressl The decision of the N.Y. Stale; separated the state from lhe Board of Kdurntion in this battle church. This separation has not;is relatively unimportant because 1 jonly endured, it has flourished.!the matter should be expedited to are free to choose a j Uie Supreme Court for final adjud- Tlnm, Channel, 1 «:(m © Operation' Lift • i> MO {B (,'mirt Don '7:00 O Today a ffl News, yatm Report -.| '' 7:1(1 (0 Mr Caboose'. KiiEineer 7:30 (R Morning frlltion News; .Spoils . (1:00 O CHPI Kangaroo ~""l (0 Cadet Don I H:sn fji) People Are Funny j »:IHi O Say When "j Q) Calendar tj (B Jack* Show 1 9:30 O IMav J'our H n n f Irj COLOR Q) 1 Love f,ucy IB-Morning- Movie "Life of VerRie Winters," John Bohs, Bclty Furnrss, Anr HanllhR 10:00 O Price liTSijhiT CO ID Verdict Is Yours 10:,HO O Concentration" CD Brighter Hay itl:SS ffl CBS News I we had better call in all our coins The market leadership these are broken into 24 sects, and O Anthology Q) Father Knows Best — "The Meanest Professor," Bud in' f o r c e d lo reexamine one of his teachers qualifications; repent IB Law of the Plainsman — "Rabbit's Kan g," a crippled bov steals from 1! '•"* O TmirFIrM Imprmlon: | MS «X)F.OH '.' fO Love ot Life the hank lo prolect lady love; repeat . 8:00 O «7th Preelnct — "The (0 Tennessee -Ernie-Ford trade ™ lhe tammi ' was see the Venezuelan coast. k ets quickly Compared with the bulk of The United States is the likel Latin Americans, Trinidadians candidate for inc are prosperous. Per capita in- Americans do come in 1960 waa about $600, of the hightst in the hemis The grots national doubled in th* past decai ]9fiO total of about J435 million, -ures Exports and imports in 1960 ; Apart torn the naval base the "?* Unoht ^ ged ' In i llne ' totalled RM.5 million and J301.8; U/ contribution to Trinidad s'l ZT " W d ° Wn ' million, respectively, double the!economy is significant. us jn . J P- ana 1D51 figures This resulted in a-vestments are estimated at $500 — headache familiar to economisb!.' ; million. The giant Texaco oil base A balance of payments deficit. is valued at about $.",00 million Trinidad is th* world's 17th big- j —— : cest producer of crude oil, which! now amounts to 43 million bar-i rels annually. H also produces! eocoa, sugar, rum, coconuts and nofle*. Economists say H must diversify this agricultural production to out down on food imports. Trinidad buy* 80 per cent of its food abroad, including fish. Th» country ha* other problems. On* ha* to do with the racial mixture. Since the island was discovered In 1498 by Columbus, it ,ere '«* au.omooue inauairy will sell p^ in |he , , . tt dra .S- (7 million cars thls y ear snd ""''been caught in a squeeze b5*«n| Statistics indicated the trend of year. incessantly rising labor and olher 1 Responding to good news, the; costs on the one hand and condi- j •ented the! obtaining relief j for its pro- Washington Scene By GEORGE OIXON t were such prime contract for the Titan HI Thai the scars from the price The aerospace issues paced the'battle between the Kennedv ad-i advance on word that Ihe Defense;ministration and steel producers Department had awarded thei remain deep also was evident Division By Sex Pigeon," Peter Fnlk: a Jt:.10 O Truth nr Corweniienew tO Search for Tomorrow (B Yours for a ,Song 11:55 Q NBC »«•» Report TUKSn.AV ATTKKNOO.V 12:00 O Topper ID News at Noefi (B Jane Wynian Prestnlr 15:tK fJj^Lee Shepherd Show"^ ]2:30 Q Highway Patrol""~~~ tD As the World Turns JB Camouflage a statement by Avery C. Adams, ch-urman of Jones 4 Laughlin; WASHINGTON - -Senator Mau-.pool if they though, it would ad- i He cited President Kennedy's ' '"'"IT B ' ^ euber s er of 0r(> K on « vanoe their log-rolling. Clear Your Litter and a Little More DAILY CROSSWORD CRIME W FASTBL WAN POTUIATION MARCH OF EVENTS^ I i statement in September that thei ' Vn " y ° PP ° Sed '° lhe Wash - Mrs ' steel industry can look forward lo I CUSl ° m ° f is so violently to the Washington prac- le ladies repairing to one room and Ihe gents to another after they get up from the dinner table, she might be inclined to its. based ag it was upon theTha-i MrSp Neuber S f ' r . who looks verylP arle y- Sh* characterizes segre- ;oretical and academic recommen-! iniposing ' . if not scnalorial . •« a gationalism at "an abominable the good profits, and said: "History l ^ Xe ' a " er ? inl T f rties ' A ™' m -! tie ' e of ™<O A «« 11^*™- >r - *ztSy tt^t^r s B.H^o^BOA.T' " " ™^&<^>*S«Vf» M SWimminE - the facts." j Building to be closed to her mas- •.letter Iiaphasard way 20. Civil Aero- 1 Baiting tor one K. Creamy. white 18. Unit of rapacity H. Strained &SmaH body of water shield K. That over there W.Hotnxta CO. Adapt B.Elgyptten god of pleaaura K. Eggs on 88. Very smafl Island 28. Command ». Peevishly SI. Moves by 6Z. Gladdens K. Certain road topplnr 88. Edible seaweed 68. Shaip ridgfl of a. mountain H. Existent aZKustle out, a» charity «. Untidy Goeljc 10.On» who colon fabrics t6.Ye«r-. rilfl 18. Asters tt. Shared equal billing (movie*) tics Board: abbr. 2L Geisha girl's sash 22. Scorches 23. Vinegar worm S*. Pigpen 27. Saint: abbr. 20. Large worm ^*^" • ••1TCT4K1OH 9TOivA44(^toll lef^PflV _. fc «^ M . v .nj av.a\jciinv. nmjiiiimfii-1 - •-" ' '- "-• *" j TTTASHINGTON—Crime in the United State* na« gimra to Nations of his Council of Economic-• balhi " s suil has CBUSed U 16 swim-' id ''a. W more serious proportiona than at any time in our history. Advisers was not in accord wiuY minE poo] '" lhe Old S(inale offk ' e " Usually, public concern about crime hi stimulated by a eensa. r,...,.,,__ .. L _ , _, tional robbery or murder, and. usually the concern ki confined lo the area in which the sensational crime occurred. i Law enforcement officials deplore the public complacency I about crime. Their studies indicate that pub- : **** lie unconcern \» keyed to a belief that crime j iu growing- with the population and therefore : isn't really an:' worse than, it ha* always been. The steel industry increase,) it.,j culine ^leagues from 9 a.m. to the past week but still! 110 ? 1 . "* mornm 8« » parity Thoumut of ' per cent of Some recent- statistic* published by FBI I thai improvement in September'"" Chief J. Edgar Hoover, therefore, should be i wl " ** sli B ht >»«»use automakers of more than passing interest to- Americans. sli " have b 'K stocks and will be Hoover reported that more than two million workin g 'hem off. If I ever suggested such t thing back in Oregon my friends would wonder where I got al) the highfalulin ideas," she asserts. Mrs. Neuberger's explanation ii that often the honored male: guest at a party is someone she' wants to talk to a<ter dinner, but she can't because h« is whisked away to a striclly stag corral, morn- •'" le avers bh* has discussed this .ings, and would like lo look at!" 00 ' 81 aberration with other fe- This has aroused strong anti• segregationist sentiment members of the matu . .. Jtinal swimming bloc. They feel '","^™iher insistence upon segregation llke uniHll-tiine timid IMM-OIIIPS easy prey for three thugs; repeat O Evans on Psychology — "Great Thinkers; Dr Carl Jung Speaks on Freud" fO Lucy-Desl Comedy Hour— "Lucy Meets Ihe Wouslache." Kdie Adams, and Ernie Kovacs; Lucy helps D e s i re-coup his show - business finances; repeat JB Surfside Six — "The Quarterback," a gambler tries to fix a football game: repeat «:,W O Travel Club »:00 O 'The Rlddlr of thp J^ihltanlK"-—An hour-Ioni; news upeclnl prohlnt the many unanuwcrrd quo- tlonn ronnerled with the linking of the I,u»llanla In 1*15 O School Story fO Hennesey — A friend offers to help Chir obtain an engagement ring for his fiance; repeat CD Ben Casey -"My Good Friend Krikor," Dr Casey faces court action to iav« 12:ss ffiTABC Midday Heport 1:00 O *an Murray T tO PAKswntd <BHome Edition V J :tn 1:S8 O Lurrtta Young . Ot House Parly __ ©T>ragnet 2:00 BrYoiin^'lr MaTninii'" 0) The Millionaire __ ®_ Da >' 1n Court X:3» O Our Five Daughter* tO To Tell the Truth ®_Sevcn Keys " ~' Ne' w , l:«0 O Mak. Room for thUMjr tO Secret Storm . 09 Queen for » Day" serious crimes were committed tat the U. S. j Automobile production still was 1 in 1961, three per cent more than the pre- ! wr y low —about 7,000 passenger vious record. What's more, the rate of crime ! cars— as the changeover to 1963 - Slturdty's Aaitrtr 33. Circle of light 34. Wicked 36. Luzon natives 37. Trust 31. Annoyance: 33, "Long —— colloq. 22. Dressed has increased five times faster than the In-I models moved slowly. American crease in population over the last five year*. | Motors and Kord joined Chrysler The shapely lawmaker starred fund raising parly a couple of years ago, pirouetting down a footlighted runway in a bathing suit thai was against too. I am delighted to have this opportunity of expressing whole • hearted agreement with Senator These figures show that crime* are being | in turning out 19ffls. J. fdgqr Heaver committed at a far higher rate than here- i Hie railroads and labor \it-rp - ••-.-,_ tofore, compared with population totaj» To lock«i in balt'e on wo fr nis des< ' ribed as " dri P dr y ; " Many separation u worse than abomin- Orwte cKmbf. some, the figure* are another indication of a ; Labor piiinha^iy.*! ih» lit.i,, i7'. !rnale Senators would like to see »>»'• Its truslrating. general lowering of moral standard, that has rt Tousan^ oMobs in II f ir, ! '"' r '" "^ Sti " drippinK ' ' ^ °"^ ^ ' " m B ' rMid °' been proceeding since the end of World War II. „-..„.. ' " , , I VP ^" Espe«'ially discomposi-<i by Mrs. H» «»" Mrs. Neul)e|-ger — and Beside, the usual run of crimes, Washin K ton report, a .harp ' Cental and P"nn vlvania ftail increase in thefts of mailed matter, mostly checks. An average ^J. ; " ln!> y lvanld '**"of the law" ! of 12 peraons are arrested daily for man thefts, a number that! , J, 40. To regret ( has tripled in the past 15 years. James .M. CONTRACT BRIDGE By B. Jay Becker hi' tadMduol Chqmpion.hlp May) (Top crass-examination of Symes. Pennsylvania ' DOWK 't, Bllei of S.Bstoto 13 34 14- 0 One 13-year-old girl had a peculiar talent—a photographic Hia "' ma ' at an Intel-stain fom- memory that permitted her to accurately forge a signature after "'^J' 1 Commission hearing, seeing it only once. Her family was recently arrested on charges of passing over 400 forged checks. segregationist atti tuJt- are Senators Norrix Cotton Neuberger. I think post-prandial other segregated ladle* — may be harboring the delusion that they Ksst dealer. Both alde« TuirmaWo. NORTH ¥ A 9.1 • 1064 + 1087.1 KAST VQJ108 »7662 SOI/1H of New Hampshire; George A. ! ar * missing something when they Srualhers of Florida, and Gale!'-'*"'' J° in u * Wow* after dinner. W. McGt-e of Wyoming. They are athletically Except in the very rarest in- inclined i»lances, they aren't. Some of Ihe • OUTDOORS MAN—Supreme Court Justice Wirtium O. Doug 1 . las is one of the nation's greatest lovers of the outdoors. He 'ompardble week of last year, i^,.,^,] ^^ momjnus out 0( travels to far places at every opportunity, and during the court Bond sales amounted to \>'.',JM,- jn ,| ie s ena | ur j a | wt j|< term, when he must stay close to Washington, he seizes every "OD par value, up from the Qf coursi available moment to trek through the surrounding countryside, $^,£^,000 of tiie previews week! In fact, Douglas' deep devotion to outdoors recently showed in one of his official decisions. The court upheld a lower court ruling that an insurance agent's all-expense paid trip to New York was a pleasure trip, not a business journey thai could be considered deductible for tax purposes. But Douglas dissented. He contended that It was a bu»i. ness trip, because, as he wrote in his opinion: "I would think that some might conclude that a weekend in New York City was a chore and that those who went sacrificed valuable time that might better have been apent on tht farm, in the woods, or along the seashore." Had there been a couple more nature lover* on the high bench, that agent Mould have won hi* etuc m a, walk—or rather in a hike through Uta woodo. S,(Bl,000 of lhe Ceut-faCixut MEWSPAPEBS n ,, m argument \» that they are looj^'V lias heard veritably word lor word, news ami vie-ws that have been over Ihe public prinU for they bandy jokes cvci-y • in | busy by then. Besides, they have I infancy. The diiincei ar« they been accustomed to taking a | wouldn't do cither if ladies were morning plunge us « soil ul non- present, because they'd hardly Douglas Loves t'tg Outdoor* alcoholic "*y*opener. 'Ilicy ar«!*'* nl women to think lhey pit-pared lo make a deal withI s " 1 h dolll! - Uieir feminine i»lleague. ' dun't want lo talk exclusively If she will relax her opposilioni 10 Inf ' n a(l lne evening wears on 4 AK98B + A.KQ The bidding! East South West North Pas* 3 NT J'aw 6 NT Opening: lead — que«n of hearts. Hera 1* an unusitui cano of « safety play that /ailed and yet was rewarded in an IIHUX- peeled manner. South opened wllli t|i,ee no. trump, ahowlng as | 0 27 point, and North, awm-i-d of al |.,,«t 38 point* In the rombfnnl han<U raited to »lx. ' Weil led Uie q Ul;eil of ,„, , Declaivr wo » wilh the king ela ' cashed Uie ttce of diamond., lu ,,i i than playiMl a low ward* the ten. i Illli to- 1 waru to go where Uu^ dames go. Ami lhey needn't even lalk. lo deseiiregaied swimming, Urns restoring Uieir old eye-opener and adding a new on«, they will support her campaign to desegre- gale the after-dinner part of dinner panic*. i i am convinced lhey d «ven tolei Iflg Lltt6fDUfi[ 3110 VOU « tog ta th« Senate iwimmiagt D ' Pick up for two w«ui ugalimt Ihn took th« disjnond with the. jark .•xnd it wwi Jfinxt who shown! out. Tho situation didn't look good al this point, since South now had only ten aura trick* available. Went roturned Ow Jaefc ot hearts, taken with the ace. South then cashed the A-K-g of clubs, hoping for a favorable: division in that suit, but KASt nhowml out on th* third round. When d.-.-lajvr next cashed, th* K-g of position; tills became Ihe North + 10 Matt • QT Woua* iffurd ferni of dm Jack of now placed West kg » aquevxa. He ooukl not dlainonit diacani be- possibility that the suit WUK divided 4-1 with Kasl lioMmg u, u Q-J-x-x originally, if llM „„. ed out to t>e the cam-, I,..- could hold himself to one dmnmnd lon.rr sfter Wp»l hhowt-,1 out Bul unluckiiy fur South, West i He toim &m* that would mak« KM ot Huuth'H diiirunnds good. Nor could We»t afford to d1«- •Hid tho tun of hearts because hal \viiulil nuiltu Uie nine *. trick, which, in turn, would »qui-ezB West again When UHJ line was ciuliud. '1'lie name ie«ult would b« .'hi«v«l if West ilincajdwl lh« of tiutia iiwit-ad of ih* ten of hi-nrtJi. West didn't botliei gnve up.

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