The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 17, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, September 17, 1897
Page 1
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-A~~*- t?;4.$»7. . JCBIDE, TWO CENTS. ROVAl. B»KII«*POWPFB CO., «FW YOWK SEW At ,1. C. DPUC! & CVf>. Call on thorn bo- foro >o« buy a rocker, thw have all kinds, and prices to suit tho tttne at tho now IJfoteh Mod*. Qome in; Ratchfwd OJves the Reasons for th* Btttleflri^nt of MM Sift ' ifee stftaft to frottt tftefe stamtrtijftpil s*trt It tt» «a« fetar$ oM^rfed at T^l^Sr t)ft«5W r If an<Sthtit the WA 'JEh* ?hayof ^ha .th*- entfrp l»oliew - force gtrartl tfta sftaft. ^Tro } tre* wh^R tfe? men ay Atony lobejccq. Tfte' c ^Veh did Wit sho^r" i!' with, fhe-'i« d«wn t'lsht. njid . Thp Diiiiiur H»U A-t County fair to lot. \\ v . tl. Attfurft, Secretory. Htatf, Is the titro of a generously illustrated patn phlet of cixtecn -pupes in reference to South ' Dakota, the reading matter in which wns written by an enthusiastic South Dakota lady—Mrs, Stella ilosmer Arnold—who ha* been a resident of the Kun.ihino State, for over 10 j-ertra.. A copy wtll he mailed to thcmldrws'of any tSirtnor or farmer's wife, if stjtitnti once to Harry Mercer, -Michigan 'I'wweager Agen , Chicnao. Milwnukire.AS3*. Fnu' railway, "! -Fort stro<>t, W., Detroit Mioh. From $10, to §•">() JKT year <uiyod each family'-'who "will sent] n ptifiil to the Dress Tailoring school in the Watson building. If the HaUyls Ctuttlnja: Teeth Bo sure and UBO that old ar(d well tried 'ron»eil>vMrs. Window's Soothing Syrup for children teething. It soothes the £b<»it Sn»w» Vp the Cnnc W Mtwlc tfttt ttip. <l»-tit OiMTat«r.« Itt Son to i*ay 37 t'etit* »nrt Help th« J**w ''W Jftlff Cow«|«M»le«f—*St*lk»>i* at'sprlnff , VftJtfy Refuse to Allow J*& 1 W*rk *<? »* Dono—Altnntlon oft Hurt* «*n. ,'-<?<jlurnbuA <6., gppt- 1V.—A circular was issued y*st(*nlay by the national exeoutUve of the Tioafd of trnlted Mirta. Workers to thV minors of the country 'setting forth the reasons for the recent 'settlement of the groat fetrlke v . Ihre" conditions are cttfd under which It was expertfid the strike might b? won. KU-st, that the miners would <j«U wmk Iti sufficient -numbers to create a coat famine, and rut her than have such a condition of affairs con'titiue -;tor any .lensth of time the Industrial public Would Insist that our demand be conceded and the full rate of wages paid. Second, that a sufficient number could agree to ca{l a Joint contcronef of mln- X-rs and operators from the fields Involved to mutually 'aeroe as to-higher, prices for mine work.' Third, that the fvar of a loss of contracts, or the inability In some large and Influential district to fill eontrlacts thi?, season U work wa«! not resumed soon would lead fl> negotiations and propositions to the termina- t tion of the struggles Why The^ Ajfi^cd to » .Sf«tl«in«-iit. The -circular states* that the national executive board was induced to agree to a iM'ttlement for the 'following reasons: "That ttte marketfl were being supplied;'' that the suspension was not growing; that miners could not t>e induced to respond promptly tB-i4Hj~n«ed9°*fe*Bp:hour, and that those who dXd respond were fast approaching the point of.exhaus- tion, and <:i.iuld not'/•o.nUhuo' LAW StrfcMS tO Bt A(3A«W8ff THtM, 8ig|iK>_ .Jtenftlrte, A now form'of Thousand-Mile Ticket, .the result of careful consideration and discussion: between .-the nulroafls and their principal patrons, will bo placed on sale Sept. Int. nt" nil important Michigan Central ticket ofticoe. The ticket i« sold for $30.00 with-a rebate to tho purcliasor of §10.00 when used up in compliance with its wmditions and is accepted on all the linrs in the Outral Passenger Aflsoiuiitioiiy forty- live in number and Covering a vasj. extent of country. No mileage book has jet boon devised BO acceptable to' all itwtifs-^tHiwH'Red- and HOI ndvnnt«80ous to the holders. Every one who -in Ukel> to travel a miles'in u year should avail it, und uhoiild consult the Central . it Saves tlw Croupy Children. 1 SEAVIKW, Va. • Wo bavc a sale . on Chamberlain'a Cotigh Kwued> , and onr cuntomflrw coming froro fur uour, speak of it in the bi Many have fluid that. their would have died ot craup' if ' Iain's Cough Remedy had not bwn an The 25 and 50 tieut eizea for rale at fill Mlao ol Decatur, will Dualuy'* p]ac*, at) ti-itura»*, that organized taBor v\'ua ciiHfcil uiKtn to devoto time, men, and ; nwmcy -to their OAvn affair*, and could not b«t reasonably i-xpfiv4«l to continue indefinitely to fight our battles;''thwt .the-, suffering's tot the hungry men, bfam«l'es»" women and innocent children, appealed to us not to continue the strugBl*' .where the result \v6ujd only' bt» disastrous, entailing great*, r misery and more hardships. Hu|i|»<»rt of Thome W l»o CtmllMiii) tliii Strike. XThnae 'conditions'- worts' recognized by youXexinmtlve board and district prrs- ldentH\for some time,, and woiv ox- plaint-d X H> 'the convention hi detail, and aiv piysentpd to you «H fuitht'i infunmi- tinii' on thft x x^pn.dltionH surrounding the controversy,1 \The fallowing • sUiUts, Pennsylvania, ty}'** ,?nd Indiana, will r<tsume'wo'rk In T\jll, anil a portion of JlHrioK. at the ex'jHratioii of the ten- day limit fixtd by thi* oonvt-ntrnn-ao as in Kivt> all districts aff«-tyd an' opportunity to comply with "th^ conditions' j>reHcnbfd by th*- conventioi^. If ,WbHt Virginia, and a pwitlitrt of Illinois will refuse .so" aiid tht» w*Hl hav4 tp b» continued, your n pivHt-nt^itivrs havfe provided that'assessment* "shall' bi- It-vird ori who ar» l vvurklriu K^ work in many ca,»ss at operators' terms; flue <>lt» tjur»tl"li I.vll I llM'lllod. "On the aut'ation of Uin-if-lifths the price of pk'tf for niiu'hinf-wining yuur board jnadf every uttort iiuS*i?»U' to »>- cirr*'Cpiwide ration of" VMCt matter,' but wt-it m«i \\itli a. flat ri-fu.a«.t ft-itfl ilit- <*pt-rator» to go into that nut'stkm at tunt for t^ht- rfaswii_ ihMt tlv- uni- Ity *gr«*mebt «wd*Bg in th.e Pitts_ district provide* ..for thf-mWtra* ton"o< tli* tuiestlun in the near future, 'it t wttfeif W01SS 4a fesunwii.' -This assurance IflW l^lrwrK ihere"«fty they," Vi'ill hang wilt" for scale.prfc^s? all %'infer^it nee^s- ffuin here to attend ,th6 Sprin«rteld <?on^ ,Iils., Sept. 17'—TftP.llU^ Fidwatlpn of Lah'or yesterday 1 passed rfsttluflor;* wpcn the t|a,«lotori artaH', wfitfh aftt-r cSppwrl! g tftp-kilting «f thd* <nlnairs!i' WMie 4 ,j.»gael t t > tilly <r»a«x;h- hig upi>n th4 puhlt*- highway, says: "!les<jlveu ( That-we-, view, wl'th alarm of tht» pi'<-r>p)V f% n\tn Jn executive. Judicial #nd niiiiU^ry authority, whose ,lutj' It f« tfe enfc-ifp IfttUoitd nt bryttlting tlu 1 - laws; and'be It further "n«solvorl. That we demand (hat th>' Bnthorltip«- of the ntdto \>t retjnsylvanla and thp Tnlti'd StatfH d^ th^fr full dot's' fn hrlngintt to justice all those rcapon- filUlc foi HIP Rilling oC nilnriw at Hazle,ton. Pa, and s*b*«ifd th«*v fall (o perform said duty, w£_uharKe_to,.thpn]i ibf lojipt n^iliiltty 'uf a t)os«iWe rciic-tltimf of d rpvi Union upitn AmVrican pitll." jtltnti' f'>r unijth»r s t offpn-d l>v Taazi'-, of ^hit-CR", 'who offered J'^ry resolution" thi' opi'ninK day of the ron- veritioti. Thi' Titoy.dHar rewslulifin was -\.K f.)l'l:-n>«: "That we rof:airnn«r)d to or\i\\i> t "'' th'" Kf-nt stt'l en- nation ttiHt, in future cVmHlcis toiporato rtrwd -*nd in r>. like the H'imi'HU>a 1, (^i» I'ullman iind'• Ha'alfitoh. thi> workmen, when Rln.URht*>r*»d \ipon the 0Mlillc- highway, "hall humbly ^brnlt, i)ti>-e ajt human t«if«ta. *aki ra<e of their dead, pas's resolution" condemning the mt av"l>J-n'fitl. and-.tlieii furnishcah- ilidatea for fjic'rifxt <'i»n!tict." This Was Jefoatcd after, a lively deliate. .. •:'---' Th<? n hvsinltiT, inljiiuriii d. last night for. next jvar'-fl'-'gathWlrR an<! the• 'fplliiwlhg <!ffl-t«r« M. G. prwiiler.t;' P. f. Df.yle; Chii-ag.'t, Mlllnrd.'.--bloyd, dclrgfite to r.nti'.nal coti-' Vi:hti»-.n at. NashvillV-. Thtv. <;ormtit;itlon wn? revised in a riunthcr, of'minor par- Mtulars,' tht> must .inil.-orlant bolnsr Ui prevor.t -prriwis..holding rmliUciH' |K'«1- lions ftt-'m heinp ellgiW* to ofllceif of;'th'» fecU ; ratiitn, A resolution WHM 'adopted dehounctng' th> (.'asf purnlHhmtrrit tilll and Oovernor iTanlxpr tor MsnlnR It, holds We» Are uHdei 4 fleliarftnerttal apd regttlatlonB, over 1 wW^-n- the' court haft »0 J«rl»atetton. Me *ays 'the law forbid* ranov&js, ev*n. only for « par- tloulat wmac=»«rf«sM to contribute ,jo polttlcA.1 fu«4»-ftnd that ^the tact that r/m6vol was forbidden fd> i particular 4aosc ft strong to show thftt it was not d^Igtied to be forWtlden \ with resrpwt to 'ftthef cail^esii , Jt, is a cardinal ijan&tt In .the-fsenstnirttort of, stAtutep, 'Bxprs»n tic UtlltlS feat CJt^tttStO aUe,TlU!fe* *' p With reference to' Judge Jactfflon's dc- clfiioh. holding that a Ohle* deputy^ffiat^ sftftl could not be disturbed by his su- jEHfrtor offlceTj Judge Jenkins said: "I "cannot concui*%t*«^.< v oticlu9fnn of that Icai ne J Judge, t fmcFho language in thp act hinting at or suggesting any such Intention ontncpart ot the congress &t*he United States." At th«Kclose of the judge's opinion he adds: ,"&lnc<? the fore- g^.lng wtt* penned I am advised by the puMIe p'ffssof the decision of, Judge ot x the supreme fourt of. the Djtotrlct of Coretnbla, rairaered S*pt, 14rlff7, in the cnw\»f Wood vs. Oary, postmaster general, arid In which that court would Heetn t<> have 'reached the same conclusion t«> which I iBmnUlie Washington, Sept. 17.— Secretary WH»on is informed that the live stock com missioned of Illinois probably will fiuar artlne all cattle shipped to that st.ite fiom Kentucky, There h»ve beeh a number of outbreaks of Texas fever in Illinois recently caused by cattle shipped In violation ot the federal x and state regulations from Texas, Arkansas am Tennesssjse. It is asserted that Infected cattle are inow being driven across tin? quarantine line, shipped to Louisville and re-bitted to points in Illinois. - . Yotjr Home Paper, |I45 fw 3 nwiitfis (fey mail)* News, ail the aim Foreign AGENTS I fit £v£t?Y TOWN IN MIGHIQAN. Evening Ne\Wl}etr0it \ What if Not Miracles? The gJreat Four*C Remedy is doing work wherevet introduced as nearly nuraculMfc as It ever f alia to< the lot ol any human agency to do (1 will e& iem tt a favor for any tone intetested to write the persons whose names . appear below or anyone whose name! may appear < \ among these testimonials.) / My aim Is to contlftCB the public of a) tittcertty and of the true merits of this f emedy. BENEFACTORS OF THE ROE. MOHI: AT H'A/I.KTON.' A'sl>uiulti'«» by Strikers Ttit) D. T. & M. wi thei-oqnd tiip-fl. an The fare far ietiv^a Slar- on any regular train Miuiday. Qitpa and c<»n4JitioB» will a» well. •' . . } Tixe to Toledo, a ? All a*jct>uttts 4ue ?U« tettfttm utj&t- riu 4k BiBbw; arc «|u«rap4 payable, *01. H. HUMPWKEYS Ully tjbw tr»»e reiatlonahlp of priws ov tiic'k anJ (rtaeliiiiK mi«iuji'. V^'hu-u tltix *> >treni'tht-n«d by the adddUwnal data 'uriiisued, «iul by bulng ,jp«fuKun^rt by HazU-Un, Pa , Sept, 17.--The.\nierlran Federation ol Labor has tak^n up tho cause of the mint workers in tJiU rrrflon. The f^dt'iMllcn orKar.iaers am alry^.-ly at work here, and \\:vc*n this has b«-i-n <,owi-' (.It'ifd a unif'irm Pvalt will bv foimuiatrd an«i pr«-«sfciiUd t<i tlie opeutora. Thi re \vlll bt no ir.archlng «r anythlrig !ii-thi- nature of ft <leiiji;n. a trutiun and *.H> a^t- tempt will IK- made to bring a«out -yni- puthftir strike nwvtrnpnts. Tbt- p«a'c<» pn-valltnK during tbo past faw dayir>ytns brcken y^t-tt-rday by a c-onflU't \u-rwfn a tril»lnK and woikliif? ntlnert" 1 , whU*;l fc,p a time thu-»tvr.ed *o be uerli^s. A ttodv of. about J£W mm and b«y«. ltd by a score (if.wom«) made a raid on the Carson, 'Star and Munar<h 'rnlllerU** tfl IIoheyhrooK. riear AudHr.rlt-d. The wo- m<-n, as well ae" thuir follow.ern, wer>» a<intcl with chibfc and slones, and leforv thK 3oO workers i'ou'd be induced to comKout the tni.°BH*»- wer* used- '• Bom<\of the women stationed them* jielvos tiijythft top of » »mlm. banK ^gsd pelted theNiforkingmen with Hungarian- «tas i-iul^ied and badiy In4ar«d. The,*n«>unt*!i' was up tiie Irfhlgii ^HK! WJlkf**w*rr* C*t- llwtt'g. The supfriiitpr,iJ«*rt(' t;«H«d foe t* s - ststanee of fih^rlff Sr«tt, of whlrh- and that Lfttt'ial Genftrsl *JftWn f<-r a .IHidy of soldiers, A 8100 Reward .$100.' . Tho re"- ers'bt .thislpapcr will bo pbased iolehrh tlat thore IB at leaafgue dTcnded diseaBi) tiiut science ha« buon Ab « to cunr in all i»*8tiwo* and that 1n cat«rrh. Hall's Cntarrji pure i» the only poaitire cure now. known to the modioal fraternity. Catarrlr being a oonatltutjbnal .disease re»iuire» a (•ountitutionnt treRttiocnt. llall'a Catarrh oure in taken interaally, acting diirecUy upon the blood and mucous surfaces of. the nyntem, thereby de«troj;iug the foundation bl tho disease, and Hiving,ibe pHtptit strenuih by buitdinK up tho constitution and Bos'H'Hiit «at«r> .iu doim*. its work'.' The j.-dpiitstorfc Imvo «o niMoh 'frith jn it* oi»r«tivep"ffiei* that H»pJ' vlfur •''«»> h'iitdr"d doilnrti for any caspAhut it In Hen I for list of testimonials. Address, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Tolodc, 0 Sold by druggist*, 75c. j-p- Hail'tt faintly Pills are'me beat /• A Cure for IMUouH Colic. RKSOIJRCB, Screvon Go., Ga. I V/C'iHi, aubject to attacks of bilious colic for several years. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Konmlv IB the only ayre relief..'-It acts liken vharm. Onedowof it gives relief when all other remedied fail, U. E). For wile at Greene's Drug. • , KinfeanUor. Okla., Doo, 18, tS. ,- -I believe It my duty to W*W*fo« i line lo tenure! to the benefloisl effect of Phelpn' "?ooc C tt«m<«ly," ao far &* I am pernoMslly con- »tued. AVeBk nao last Thutsd8y, I was taken *ith a aever^attaofc of la grlppw »nd in oahort lime became so buarse I could not speak above a whisper. The oiizht previoug I bad couRhed aearly the entire irt<tht;|u0t before retitinK I took t teaspoonful.und »lupt tboentlro niRbt as sweetly 18 ey«tl did in my Ufe^tiotcoughlngpno*. 1 waa mtirely relieved bpforttaWng one bottle. Phelps 1 2ooth,OaW and Croup OaroahonW he in every lousolittld in the land. I flend you this wholly innoJicited by anyone, for you are bensfactots of lb« race 1n eivlne it the antidote tor some ot the went afflictions to wblch it it b«ir. Very Truly You**, . _, ' .- ..,,..-.../., *„ C.J.N»iuiTT, Editor. ,-'/.• / /''' -' 'A MIRACLE. " "\, . . .Kansas* City, Kansas, Deo-34, 'W > Last Friday, Dec. », my' attendine phyilotsn ttated onlass 1 was bettor by morntoft hawlW lt> nothine for my relief. That night I 6qm- nenoed taklna Phelp'* "PourC" remedy, Btotipcd ill other medicine*. The first do»e stopped my !ou(tb: slept and rested well; a few more dose; •emoved all soreness from ray Jungs; the second i»y 1 was up; tbe third day I was out on the :ordh and to>aay wai up town purchasing holiday MM»J»»rH»»BAB8W, •' . Washington Ave., and Summit St. One CROMPOUREP. dose of ^helps' Cough, CoW and Cretan >-, i we my abild instant rcuet whan .attwelced rth IBJ oron"p- . -_ W . B. MOORS, of Moo» Bros,, Oirooew. Arkansas City, Kaunas. and Monty Saved by buyinjr flour,' graham, feedbt ^ \ - /XC. A. CKSJSHBu'a Call and try. All kinds -of - UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. v 1 JL HCT.IKO, Marioger, I Office Commeriiiftl Pribtinu Co., V 106 South Clark St, ) Chicago, Nov. 24, 'M B. Phelpa, Esq., City, ' JKAB Si*;—I. -wish to :bcer testimony to th« •preat effloucy of your "PourC" wtneily iu,throftf GDI* ItiOR Ailments. As a rule i.hav<* wen •ike,; tical of toe merits of proprlotaryX infUiclncn, hu liave to ODafss 1 } that a test of yont "KourC" i« fjinvlnftitlg (bat at least one roady rande rcmi'ilj ia wortlij of use. My ehiMr.-n n.11 lake tt wah out the least objooOon, from oldcBt.tQ yduiiBer. 1 ttlUl it Is particularly rtotlct>ul>lo tfoot-fwnellt is almost immediatn. -H tingle do«<?' wUlcbtc' 1 most coughs in their beeliioing; it gives an uu hrokvn rest at night, in my family "PoW O" la simply indispensable; ant) I recuroraend i\un • idb. Youfi., X • J. BJ quilifled ACUTE URYNGITIS. ' • . Cbicnge,, S«pt. 25, US For years back each winter I have Ruffereo wttb.aoutQ laryngitis. Last winter was so bin! I could not luave my room for two weeks or spf-aft above a wfiisper. I trlwJ every known oouiilt preparation from cmipU dropn «,;> rthd down with uo relief,, then In desperation I wan Intluci-u to to- try Pnelp'» "FourO." "Jhiallrat dose relievcil my couftb, Rivlni; me the flrKt uight's rest foz week*. . Half Urn bottl«-0ur«d rap. I have "ti&ie been without tbli* wonderful remedy cinoi*. It if aVdltterent from flthcr liki- remedi«a as molasses trotn vinegar or »<igar fn>m «atid. .MM. JoafepB R.OIXCBB. - . 5313 J IT IS A MtRACtC. Opnduotor Eckard, th« RailrdwT < dent of the-Neodashs K»ii!-»it,KJ>fri«wr, VoTAljH to say of "Four C." "l>b*>f» ij httvlog a woiv •derful ««!« of his CouRU ttud. Cteld RerflWy. Wo personally know it In Juet what U 1* nprc«»ut' cd to oe. Too mutsh oao t be said In Its praise. Itl»a mirttclc^-^N^ -.'/.. DRUQOISTS ,^Ntt THE PL ists are authoriz^n AtL CASES TO REKJUND THE X:oNTRACT,~Dru CHASE PRICE, « the.Kur-C RemedylPhelps'Cough, CiSld and Croup Cure) fails to give satisfaction in Group, BrohCB(Uis^Vsthma,LaGrippe,Cough.s and Cold,s, no matter ho* long standing, or de^p seated . in tact I guarantee if* all manner ol Bronchial or Lung troublepidt as a Cure-All.bvit to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trbl on the ahoVe conditions. * I take all chances. B, RPHEtPS, 118 ^3d Street, CHIG/pi UL, Proo. For sale by W, T. DIlAKE. • _ Dr. Fowler's itt. of Wild Strawberry baa on u»e« for forty >eaw and has netcr yet ailed to core acaae of dia«rhoe»,dyBeutery, or J8un»m«r eumplaint in any of it» variowa ' tne IS oR •i»B*«5«etlin«E* and make the Sept- |7.— Tits foal miner*' hst JH, Se vent am Ruirket ia coja- in tfa« Sixth orU' ye*te.r- It la orolmbl* that all. the opcrutois tn tb« diwtricj will come toeft^e i** *«i^- ef tb . Mage?, hMri'U'dly marched their Audenrtcd eamp^ to, ^the st->?» . Imt it.ivas »ve,r »p whert ti* soJ^P and. ttoe tattalUin returned -ta " The solders bad nut been «ut ot sight ten nainuti*' b«fOT«>. ft <r,rfw4 "of strikers tmunced upon « stiuad 0f H,«n- who were •aere^nliar- coal, One to ft»e applio»tion» of Ooan'a Oint- .wilt «ure the .worst .ca#a of kofaiatr il«* th»e «w was. 1 Oaw.jiou afford to utfer tortures Vhen aattople, never,failin« It new fajLi. , quit work, , ,°TW» «ecopd HUlted in the sending of a the gev«rnor:», woo^ to t »• squadron of e t|teturl»e* . governor Hast!»g»,1ast night unit m . era wf »'« W«t by'a*v«ate«o <jf the independent ap#*«.tor«. Tn* w»cw ajiboittsd p)ro|»oi»itUiB f «r ife ««»l* 'of 81 cents a. ton, t$$> w«lf bt, 'mine rum. After, % to «u»8ire«a ftlj <ieney to Incite Hot • f his *nd now cor aet*d on bawk. two of Uw; strifcern tfce .if** ies. Jt is «* tor*8*rljr o» by . tbat . double to eign to dig coaJ tor Uiem until -•--•• ^ ' lU«.,^pt. H.~W«daw- Kloudlke Are now attracting tbe attention ol Whole world, and the rea»lt« «l offwa4 to By ft*** iwd the df^tw IcMu^jtoi't tits Tlu Cbjyo^o, MUwauJtt* r»Uw»y, of tbousaodB of people, fcaw all tb*v St. RwW A fine shoe dressing for tan and black For sale by Mitt It K. GAS STOVES I Large Redufition in Prices on All Cooking Apparatus. Gas Raogos $10.00, $13^)0.81S.OQ aad $16.oo Boiling Stoves $1. to S5.aoe0raiQg to size .THE WEL8BAOH If yottftre goina t»buy a new pair Of K&m.tjbt>s& it will pa> y«u to looljf flvw | H ^utlt«r'a stock. Tlwae of «Ut ' akin ace «od«#!feiag entirely new, are tasjde ' hieyete, «b*ai» for cash. Entire at Ameri- Ittusary north of Qreena'a drug »£or#. **d «** «u, furniture ai W. K. ' ft, SUAW. 1'afce W«ralH*. { the «|40w^k8 in the city If tfictly fproiddeu, »ad hereafter &« OB- riattjBta&ffelatiug thereto will Ue enforced att&nifiJB. . i Py p£4fir of the mayor. B, BWTI^K, M^rfhaJ- iis.has rec»i*ad tluough 1 H ad pewent, and «* is wrQpiM«*4 to P»t «<«ra tb» 'J*** *»%* -QAS ~ W<3HT Ri^i|(^.Jiti:Frl^ From S2.26 to Maay of tlw bf9t lifted atorw i» Mwah^l o*e these both en the a^arkat > Ch*ir« *ad **at tot Y? ^ Welsbach Lights Always Give Sau^faeUon, * to light ajid oonsumption of K w». "Nearly 300 sold ^ Matt^fiU dnriag the past year, •"'."". THS UAR85AU LWBT CO, Ort, W. m

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