Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 28, 1954 · Page 26
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 26

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1954
Page 26
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PW36 TWENTY-SEC ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH By Legate Chattel*! HfftES THE PRI7E- V I SAW YOU Oi WNNEft,SrR. AN0M5U \ TV LAST MAY HAW HER THE Aft 155 ERSWWE. WHAT ABOUT T I HAVJ THE*! AT /HV THOSE PAPEfcS \ HOUSE fN EVAM5TOM. BONOS. AS IT S/WS IM /CONSRATUWTIOIW HEft TO 5K3N, / BE LESS FORMAL THERE. INSTRUCTIONS: /««. SKELLY V TU68Y WILL PftlVE US OUT IN HIS CAR! MB SfOBY OF MARTHA WAtNfc By Wilson Scruggs fe OW.k-EITW ...r\U I' WONOEBWUXTFeWJClE'S T I SUPPOSE ...1 Mi «O%OP^ yi W*W^_. _^fi! ?!-. DON'T OPE AWUT i SUPPOSE THEV...THBV TOOK: I rroe A.NYTHNG euse A aB TO THE 5TWON.GUESS TMevkw!f?Ew?.a?MJETO PO: UP TWE c/j? TOMoeeow. ) JWA IN THAT DNEB BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith RN? IS IN A B\Q KLVsU 50 too *ar VKSK. OS ALLEY OOI By V. T. Hamlin OKAY.CX7P. THIS GHOIJIWI TAKI ME TOO LONS...TO DO MY VERV RIGHT THIS VVIZER'5 WRONG OUR BOARDING HOUSE v With MAJOR 1IOOPLG *5ijT By J. U. Williams DONALD DUCK ft* Watt Dhrcy T^.m^ BUT HE WAS BUSX i MAKINa A DEAL WITH TALK ABOUT LUCK/ HIT BVAN ICE-CREAAA TRUCK.' Television Proni rams K»y Channel*! KSD-TV (B); KAC* (14); KBTM (30); WTVI <S4> WEDNESDAY -IS) Wrnnglers Club (.14) Serial Theater -15) Buckeye Four (30) Sundown Banrh •|J' Sports View. Weather (54) Cnptaln Video -(Si INS Telenewi (38> Sports Review (S4| Movie Quick Quli •(Si Hall of Fame (30) Mews 134) News; Sports -(Si Doltye Bennett C«ii John Daly (54) Marge & JeH -lit' Edtllc Fisher (38) Spotlight Theatre (54> Ncw» -(Si News Caravan (54) Perry Como -151 I Married Joan 136) The Matk (.14) Amos 'N Andy -(Si Burnn and Allen -(5) TV Theater 130) Biff Picture 1301 Wrestltnn (M) Mahogany I5i Boxing A " lerrla Cavalcade Du/fj-B Tavern 151 Sportu Spotlight 5:00 P. M.- 5:13 P. M.- 8:30 P. M.- 5:43 P. M.- 6:00 P. M.- •:13 P. M.- 8:30 P. M.- «:43 P. M.- 7:00 P. M.- 7:30 P. M.- 8:00 P. M.- 8:30 P. M.- 8:00 P. M.- THE BKRRYS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28> 1964 .„ _ THE B&T>«30M THE H6RAC3E STARTS By Cart 0 fl CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T. M. » n . u.«, f .,. on. _<opt. 1854 b, NEA S.r,i M rtac "I sympathize with the plight of the farmers and will back any appropriation needed for election day relief!" 10:00 P. M.-(51 I Led Three Live* 154) 'l-Star Playhouse 10:30 P. M.—iSi Playhouse ot Star* IS4) Movie Showcase -_:00 P. M.—(5i News 11:15 P. M.—(51 That's My Boy :4S P. M—ISi Feature Film .:20 A. M.—(S) Lester Morrl* 1:30 A. M.—(5)-Weather THURSDAY .—(51 Dave Garrawiy (54) Morning Show — t5i Arthur Godfrey (54) Morning Movie —(5> Arthur Godlrey '.—( 5) Home -<5i Valiant Lady — (51 Love of Life .—15) Search for Tomorrow — (5i Guiding Light i—(5i To the Ladles .—( 5) Garry Moore .—(51 Strike It Rich 15) Home Making (51 Double ot Nothing •I5i Kate Smith —I 5) Bob Crosby .—(5i Welcome Traveler! (301 Ed Brown — I5i House Party (38) Kay Morton 7:00 A. M 0:00 A. M. f>:30 A. M. 10:00 A. M. 11-00 A. M. 11:15 A. M. 11:30 A. M. 11:45 A. M. 12:00 Nonn 12:30 P. M, 1:00 P. M. 1:30 P. M. 2:00 P. M. 2:30 P. M. 2:45 P. M. 3:00 P. M. 4:00 P. M,—(5) Muile Varieties A™ ~ . |36) Ponny wtse Sn( "» 4:30 P. M.—(5i Howdy Doody (361 TV Auction (541 Splce-O-Llfe 4:45 P. M.—I3B) Westv/ard Ho! Permanent Marriage SNOHOMISH, Wash. /P — Mr. and Mrs. Anton Merger, spry and alert, will observe their 74th wedding anniversary Aug. 21. Herger, who'has been retired from farming and logging for 20 years, ronceeds "I'm not the man I used to be" when it comes to trimming his fruit trees. "I hate to see him go up on the ladder," Mrs. Herger volunteered, "Well, you don't do it any more," he quipped, "so I have to." Herger was born 95 years ago Garden Talk Answer te Previous Pu«U i p rri*i*r-i i-!'*H p N°l iAIKi i ls|«|s| I#|B|C|O|N!D| ACROSS 1 June's flower , 5 Popular vegetable 9 Sweet — ,12 Ireland 113 Feminine i suffix 14 Sea eagle 15 Proposed 17 Frontiersman Carson 18 City in Germany 19 Fathers 21 Water-grown cereal 23 Male child 24 Dry, as wine 27 Church service 29 Leer 32 Incarnation 34 Overdue payment 36 Mend a she* 37 Centaur 38 Afresh 39 Females 41 City in The Netherlands 42 Encountered 44 Love god 46 United States of 49 Proportion 53 Sports rooter 54 Book of New Testament 56 Wile 57 Always 58 Woody fruits 59 Legal matters 60 Advise 61 Greek porch DOWN 1 Network 2 Mineral rocks 3 Moral wrongs 4 Come in 5 Wager 6 Runs together 7 Thomas Edison's middle name 8 Requires 9 Chinese dog 10 Great Lake 11 Garden insects30 Praise 16 Beast 31 Gaelic 20 Portals 33 Steeply 22 Worries 35 Vacation spot 24 Girl's name 40 Cured 25 Level 26 Hinged windows 28 More rational 43 Jungle beast 45 Blejsei 46 Distant 47 Female hotM 48 C«vern 50 Tense 51 Preposition 52 Greek mount 55 Exist U 50 51 51 n in Switzerland; his wife 92 years ago in Germany. They met in Peru and were married there. They lived near Raymond, Wash., from 1889 to 1919, when they moved here. Maybe It's Millinery? SIOUX CITY, Iowa /P-A bathtub isn't plumbing. Municipal Judge Barry J. Sisk ruled that Walter E, Larsen, 61, who installed a bathtub himself, was innocent of violating a city plumbing ordinance. The judge cited the Iowa legal code's definition of plumbing ai "any receptacle or appliance Installed or used to receive waste water, house soil, slop or sewage". He ruled that "a bathtub actually doesn't receive waste water, but clean water, even though that water which may be discharged from the bathtub is waste water". Any man or woman In Australia who has a right to vote t» required by law to do so. UM/AE OOTA HERE ^riYOO 56LL.M6 \ HVEMA FOR. TH&. LAUGH'S/ AS vou ALWAYS . A GEWTLE HORSE, YOU'LL HAVE TO CARRY THIS JilRTHPAY CAKE WE FOR .STIHFX TOO.' BE CAKEFUL ANt? DON'T CRUSH IT.' TK PIG THAT HE'S SUCH A SOFTY HE RIDES ONLY C.EMTLE HOSSES AIN'T HIM eo MUCH AS HOW SORE TH' COOK'LL BE AT HIM PER POOP FROM NEI&HBORS A SLAM AT HIS COOKIN'.' AWPF-SPDTT-TT/; 6R6AT CAESAR, MR. POPOMER./ NO WONDER THAT 60UNJD EFFECT ASTOUNDED 06 — IT'6 ACTUAL CAT/ The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart Wednesday KSD (NBC) 550 KG KXOK (ABC) 630 KG KFUO 850 KG KMOX (GBS) K\VK (MBS) 1330 KC WOKZ 1S70 KG News; Sports Tonn. Ernl« News Songs of Today New« Songs Sports Reel Serenade Allan Jackson News: Hlnes Curt Masse.v News: Thomas News; First Tiv* First Flv« Newt; Record Record Rmort News: SoorU Artist of Day Club 1570 News News; Bonnet Bill Stern Nows; Weather Sports Daily Morgan Realty Jim Man's Family Sports Digest News t-one Ranger News Tenn. Ern Choi-alters Bob Burnei Ed Murrow Chuck Norman News Club 1870 Sign OH 3-Clty Byline Vandercook Sammy Kaye News News Sports Family Worship Triveloi F.B.I. Jlst Precinct Chuck Norman Eddie Flschu Perry Como Groucho Marx Big Story Admiral Etrausi Mystery Theatre iry: Heattei Robt Hurleigh Squad Room News; Bandstand News Melody Pattern S«Jee & Mollj McCarthy-Army News Guest Star Alusic Hour 30 Mtn. Broadway Music Mart Frank Edward* Dave Allen News; Bandstand _ EFFECT ? T(<Y THF EA'SV RIPER New Stars Musle Edwin Hill Ted Houston News: Htne Guest Book Music Man on the Go Platter Farad* News; Bandstand Bandstand Dawn Patrol FRECKLES AN1) HIS FRIENDS News Abide With Ma By Merrill Blosse Vewa Platter Parade Midnight Melodic* News; Sports Goodwill Top Tune* News Concert Favorite* News; Allen U. N. New* New*; Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol DIDNT KNOW \ If ISNV EXACTLY "- MURIXXX THEY eo MS TWE TEAMlS LUNCH MONEY <ewi Chapel Time & Tempo* Country Jr.; Market* New*; BrMkfut Club Newi Dwifbt Cordon Kentucky Jut Market* N,w* and Weather World Newt Weather; Tempo* Timetable News New*; Bretkfail Meditation Hymns Music Reveille Chapel Window World News News; Rex Dcvla Weather Records New*: BraakfMl Club Tom Dalle; New*: F Mo*|l* Gd Wilson: Newt Bruce Barrtnirton Breakfast on 8:30 World New* Sports Mewi rime & Tempo* World Newi Clock Wetchei New*; BrMkfut Club New* Owlght Gordoi Melody Mafic New* Welcome Traveler Freedom Story Market Baik* Concordla fheme* ot Ace* New*, Mu*ie Disc * News; Gordon OK Handstand Bob Hop* Break the Bank Whispering Street* 3lrl Marries Modern Romancei Uberace Coffee Break Uutlo of Maiten Newi OK Bandstand Phrase That Pays Second Chance Devotions Open Bible Make Up your Mind Rosemary By Leslie Turner .•w&fnyNeTiWTrwZTo News; Weathei Hour oi Stirs Martha Lane Jack Berch Martha L*n« FKfcYNE WHA.T £HE ViW Woman'* World Newi Concert Tim* THE Acrumv'Miflwni« Warren; Newt Aunt Jnov Helen Trent Our Qtt SvncUj R«««Uit Md Wta Newi Make Mlf>t Newi Qwifbl Qordov hwt (or Vonm Bruce BarriniftM «on« M8ttfrworta Marketi, New* srass Curt MMWI C»p Cpmmentw* Qu**n for i Qey Newi U*«» MiM Newi Market Newf LUCKV («XTT)ME Comrnbo a<x«i tfuiic Hour News; Market! Suns & Dance Vews In Stores Pauline Frederick* 'Udy It Jane Mr* Burton Perry Maton Nor« Oreke Brighter D»y New*; Other Side Newi Record (bop Vie Damon* Piano UJ* Beautiful Road of Ufe Pepper Vount Ri«bi to H*pplne*i Martin Block Ed Bonnet Sacred Heart Native in rone Program for You Newi ' *«k Me Anothci Warket* New* MuHo Club Hilltop Hous* House Partv New*; Otner Sid* Wliard ot Uddi a«ck»tage WU* Stella Dallas Wldder Brown a My Home Bibl* Neale Studio Dental Society Newi 3urt Hay Penny frlo Suldinj U«bl 'lain Bill 'arr»ji JOHN Son« Shop CWd'i AibuoM Open Bibl* Musis NUn* SMin Mutic Marl Kltcoen

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