The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 16, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1897
Page 4
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*^ V'CvH' r .,** ""fa"^? *~ l * ^ >"•! i* ^-i* ! r* *>£ ' 1*" W r TT i^^T'.! ...J.iji. if. _<!.., i >,,.*:£*.., j. lu! K .l;.fcLiAjA'-,i«Vii>j 1 -J*,'^ ^^t/Gti*^V14ra^.ijiiitto^J^feft Wangled and Torn heart UonBckc6p6f. nht8tjr*m«flj a elate of affairs is tiotjneeea- jrtipy. We «imtwtaftbt<>|hotoiigEhlyii«i8li 'arwUro'n Jtrtn if as Xvtlola ,'ttnU^attiml a», ^ { brynslit td'ttit 'Atiybtiay^tft',, lAOTdef ^ ',, sock or » ha*Klhcrefeief -II takes Art ttf l do«p">fece dttftaia tottw way they " % a'redxflMsfit the Fast Trains. ..To .'•;." Bay View , Via G. R. & I. • Schedule is noVf i iTeffect. Fust day traift No. 7 leaves Kala- IUHKOO 12:30 p. in., and Grand „, Rapids 2;201>- m., nrriviiig Traverse v , rify»7:H<>p m., Petoskey 7aw p. in. Hay VM-W' 8:03 p. m. and Ha'rbrr Hprjnjjs 8:23 p. m. This Si'bodult* wfMH'tally ni-comotlates passengers coining -from [other [lines. Bend for folderH Nand further information to C. L. OKHvWOOJ),- v , (t, I'. ,V T. A., ^ fltntid Kapidp. •>«LACE 8TCAMCH8. LOW TO MACK1NAC PETOSKEY CHICAOO.. . FCH WttK BCTWICN Toledo, Detroit /Mflckinac PETOSKfeV, THE "SOO," MARQUETTB AKO DULUTH. EVERY EVENING BETWEEN Detroit and Cleveland Connecting with Rarliesrt Trnina at Cleveland lur ull points JJast, $cm(h and Soutluvtst. ^y nday Trip* June, July, August knd StpU(r,b»r Onl) 2 New S«ccl Passenger Steamers >jc iis .ct;u iniilt (at our fpncr I^»ke Rout* touting $ioo,«xi each, henxl «>r illus'-atcd pamphlet. AdOlre»a, A. A. SCH1NTZ. <}. I", «.. OtTHOlT, MICK Deceit i f;!evK!aniJ steam m. P f RANKLING Bates and Corned $t*.» " DETROIT, MICH, i. THB BIBLE * Writ* Jt>r l*twiat«a THEHEUBVO „ . i\L^^.f^'i 1f\ *«_-*.-—*. A *«_». The People of Jackson, Miss., Drop Business and ^ly from the Yellow Plague. rOWN HOWTWO-JTHIEDS M That , .N^atftvy, t« the P«'v«f' 1 I'liint «iw . t'nrtef the Nnrno of Ital is depopulated, < iCa ouslnsss hodses newspaper^ qyafcended. Seven casca of yellow fever are officially an*rcvntic i ed at Itisi Vet-y dodrir, *|th.mafty. cases av'vat'^Ma jswfntft. Art lif t»art4 has StMe fl worst and ttj«_ public tho pr pr0ho«nced' yellow "feVer/ bfWitcI of health- bo? Iat4 a mlmrcn o« travel except out of the ptat*. *The bright eldc &f the' sit- untion JB tfiat tlie disease la of a very m1U1 ty'fre,* ^C CXtitlW^ |rt>rri tftffr Altj^, bugHp In a small way several apy. ^las attained 0 unpr^fp'lentod . *£ti? State Jjoard advises %H"who can to Jetive. Rfpoi-t of l»r, «;nttPT*<. - t>r. f'iuitemp r<??iehed Edwards at 4:30 4. in. yesterday, .apd, the following Is lile report to Surg«»n~Gerv£ral Wj'maft: '"The dlaKHosia of.' yellow fever tnadp'ln «lx ras^a l?y Dr. Purn^ll 1s conflrrried, tie has tw6 other 1 r-ases that I have nnt B«?on. Th^rt* are jiiany children sick With what Js°i>robnBly a mild t'yrie of the <^txt'»"are twt i-onUncd tu one locality, ,l»ut aro all trat'eatrle to th<> Anderson casis whloh came from Occ-aii Springs. The incdium of distribution appears to havf been the Champion case. lie -was a promlnont Than, and many people fionsrpKfttod in th(> houw during his Illness." Tli«t ; : (!uu'nie It <3t-tit-rallj- T«koi<. First • th« «isea at Edwards 'w'cr<f re< ' «9, malaria, fever, then after a time they became dengue fever. Art- other wait and they jWr* pronounced gunplrloufi, and finally dPclarcd to be the KcjnnSne ypllow fever. t)iirins all this timt» the dis^ftHe has-bben SpreadinK rnpKlly.'jit the rate of flv'e or si* new cases daijy, until there are now (forty ca$ existence at Edwards. 'Tho evolution of the disease; from malarial to;yellow fever was.sueh that the people dengue' as simply a more term for yellow fever. * The stntw. bfutrtKluis instructwi Dr. Uurnell t<> piHV-'^. 1 « eordnn^of guards around Edwards; --Ileport saye that the disease has al?o" /.Appeared at, Clinton Smiths, towrt« near lidwiiftls. Million 11 <>iiiiritiithi<> KnlabHSlieil It Is stated that an expert has requested in piocced to 4 NlttavumuT MI»K., to Investigate the ease, ftf .Malcolm Catner'oh, wllo caine from Edwards, and lo .completely' isolate .the ease.. YazOo City, Miss., ha? issued orders for a shotgun nuajantlne to be enforced. Guards the teeth are placed along the country boundaries, but in »pite of these rifitd ruli'H, several have managed to get In, j»or«ie even coming fr#rn Infected distiictH. • Jaeksun has a population of 10,(»0(> peopl*', and two-thirds of these have dt'serted the city. ' — OP THIMiS KM»K\VII Kill'. II* . ____. Ifa tftjiiWe J« more c OMittum or mcro mla imderetood than nervoim dyftpopsia. .Peo pie haying it think thntlheir serves nrc*iu t>Jar««s ana are Burprised the* they are no? cured by ntove ifledioinenftttd BOrm* reme- dJes; tho real seat of tho mfedmef *» loss nght ofs th6 stomach-sis the organ to be looked aftr*,. '' the No Nmv Ctiw* 1 * llpportinl nt Mobile! Two nt Nrw Oi'lntilH. Hfcpt. 16. — Advices re- KUJ#<-uri Cfiicral 11 \Vyr»»an, of Marinv hoapital Hfrvlcf, . /ate th«- spread of yellow fevisr In is-sippi. They contain a general MIMIC of ilia condition of. affair.* t^ lidWjiri'ly, M dispatch snowing four now eaafcu'at Hcvanion. .and some/cases of it IV'irthutchii', the chtuiM'U'r Jm.s ftot l)C«')i d« t tcrmUi','d. ft4)in Acting Assistant (H that <h»Ti' wiM'e no new i lit M'^'Mlf yi'xti iday a cu"(*c. Tho •^>\^ c which report new inj? hii-.|iH So 'Ail * d up to us" nlgrht night ate W.— At th«* of yi stt-rday't* invr-atigailcn by bnfl:rfl yf htmltli, at 8 o'clock last uven- liiV. the fvve»"*ituatlijp no far, at as NI-W Oiit-ana^hj 1 . ct'ii«;-en« v d, was *MeVMl to nav 'qiatWialTy improve! Iwns an^h'ty thah at any Monday among th» O'Jrfrt^: ^tft* (lay there casta reported to tte* board of jtgr in\ f-stigatliWi- 'Of thews, two n«l^r invpstteation, two «jt, fcufrptdous, -fo«rie«n were fcynd to be hauntesa! cases of fover and ui.-ie pionuunced gettuipe yellou ' Ot0 SOUTHERN WAV, «re IN THE Mi>« M*n>« »mt (Miter l« Oeulh, Tex., Stpt, 16.-^>r, T.. B,. Barter, uf Kaufman, a«rl Charts P. sell, tif- Abbott, Ivfo ojF the most hwut J^HB of Jhljs «jc«on. who bad > beeo- f i tends 4a4 b i, shot »u<J Idlltsd e$<?h other air'; .TBOitjn ill Thty Tiifct Uj. UifcpMSfc of d<j|ive tv 4 laud transaction.. Tfet" ast- rcsultfd la. a quarrel and aw at ttn At the -tjtet-« hour bwth Arrived **«<>«- -«nd -4e#w ptotolBj r ^ a number ,of shots. Both men f*ii 4fttd au4 41ed v» itbip a of each other. bou, wfao has Ju*t di«d iUueaa, uuuli a •whkh be tjom tli,K')Ui.w.->- *--uutit>. ills., IB thfe tdli of after w loo« st(.>l>.-ij tn.e , ur,d tor \vafc'4ti»t'Jiargtil by In him to have drawn £wr «ervi£g te t.he "Secottd UU- . ai>d to have been police Wo hnvo'ali the laioet tbiflgfl in tho of job For 'JPbe Herndon d lot withTmrn and orchard. Terms easy. BROWN BKBCOTOIW, , Mich, For 8*le A *07 model bicycle; will cheap fof t*rtfeh, Er>quk(t at ^tB^rlcan tirtfy, north of Greenes dr,ug afore. fa^boutetyk, talk ftboktltinBuf seen thfr styltah wfeddinir iovi- i, party cards, individual fcards wo ,_ r # out? fhpy're pure style ttatf t you need a trifle of printing ifc the above lines Just about now. We have tho newest and latest script type. Pietor Ij»ekwooct,,Afrti|)e,- H««J biiJl is srepared to $xdianiK»,8our tot Wheat. Ho imndlcs the 1 flour, oatfot the best b ffl OBI SBBYOflS fHKPKi AJ)p*ttUft an«l . Hood l>l|t»«Bf.l<>» irtentt, tttnf» » trlstf at i , pain wfiatover.iu th$ stomach, nor perhftp* any of the Wnrol BynaptonaiJ of stomach . notiti the eiumsch HO much ft* m\ nearly every otnetorgati; in motn« eases the heart palpitates and is- itregtttwm-i*»-' «M»ers the kidneys are affected; in othora the .bowela are constipated, with headaches; still others arc .troubled with Ui8ftjaf,rte«h-fttad appetite, withfloouumlatiUn of gas, sour rlslofes and heartburn. 'Mr, A. VV. Sharper of Net 61 Prospact St., dianatrolwr Ittd.-r writ«M»*-4oUav»8 -"A. motive Of pure gratitude "promps me to write these few lines regarding the new and, valuable medicine, Stuart's Dyspepsifc TaT?" lett*. I have been a Buffarftig front ttertoue «tpe(«m f ' r the la?fc four yenrsj hnve tjfeed rttjiid patent ineUicine'fi nnd. other rune* edie* without any favorable rowult. They mmietimes gave temporary rehef until the effect* of thcuicdioiDo wore off. I attributed this to my Hodentary Kabila,' bciti« n boodkeeprr with little physical oxeroific, Kut I ain gltd «o Btnle that the tablets have overctivno all these obstacles for I gained ni llcsli, nleep better, and am better in every way. The above is written not for notoriety, but is based on actual fact." ^. Respectfully 'yourfl. A. W, SHAKl'JEB, til L'roapeet St., Indiauapoli-, Ind. Jt is safe to ?»ay : 'that SttiHrt's Dyspepsia Tableto Will euro, auy .stomueK weakheBB or dinea'u expept eanoer of stomach. Thej cure Hour ntpinAi'l), gas, IOHH of (l«»h aiul apiH'titc, Kl(*p1eHsnes8, jialpiUition, henrt- burri, oonrtipatiou ati'd he'adae1»p?. Send for valuable little book on stomach ineBHOH by nddrearting Stuart Co., Mainhall, Mich. All druggists isoll full sized packages at GO oents. Itoivroou Sot'd Timg ulMl Hnrvent. I« a good, otjportunily to enquire about -farming landn ib South Dakota, only one dftyVtWe frora Uhicago, Bountiful .oropn of wheaV^prh, barley and rtax reward tJie till, r of tfie^tioil. AH a Btoek and 'dairy country Stftith^Dakotu letK'Bali the world. Firs olasw farm Inn'fls-with'nwiTby markets can now be bought for Yroui $10, |li!, $" ami upwards, pw acre, hod thm is the tiqiw to inve«t. For furthor'particulaM write to (leorge H. Heaffurd, Qenernl Pafmenijer Agent, Chicago, St. Paul Railway, Old Colony Building, Chicago, 111. That ttia be?t, line front Oh'.i'M to Cripple Creek, Colo., ai>u <. jioiata bhovrn in tho _.„ m»p Isit \;iilOa({o & Alton R. «. —— \Vrlt«'or cull to-ttay. for lowest rates am ul««. R, 8omfr\'ill«.Oeiicr«lA?Ptt rtinc-ut, 101 AtlKwa 8,lr*ot, ;. CtUeauo. JlliuoU. • 0TVI.C*( ladies', feflUeaea's 4 Tawkat THE ELDREOGE THE BELVIDERE, \ ARRESTS DI5EA5E. - be pftld for tho attest nnd conviction of any on^lefpcted refilling our bottles. Foif srtlc by W. T. IlIIAKK rtiul A.O. II\'I>E., Three Opinions: "The ^CHICAGO RECORD 'is a model newspaperJn eycr^sqase,of the word.*'— Hnrrisburg (Pa.} Calk\ \ . "There is no paper ppbHkhed in America that so nearly approaches the true journal* istic ideal us The CH1CAQO RECORD. From' 4 'Ncwspaperdoffi" (New \ "/ have come tg the firmjeonclusioj^aftcr a. long test and after a wide etfr? pardon . with th6 journals oL many cities and coun^ tries, that The CfllCAQO RECORD comes as near being the ideal daily /ottrnal as we are for some time likely to find on these ' ^ / mortal shaves."—Prof. J. T. Hat field ii The Evttnston (///.) Indcp. VX'JL'-A-'C ,! RexTablets are sold undera positive guaranteed cure or refuiid the money, and we stand by o.ur • guarantee. CUKES all Nervous Diseases, Impotence, Varicocele, Lost Vitality in old" or young, Nightly-' Enilsslona and Wasting Diseases, and all effects ot self- abuse or excesses. Stops dangerous drains. • /V genuine nerye tonic. Shows immedi- He improvement. The grandest remedy of modern times. Don't bay imitations. Get REX TABLETS. Price 50 cents, or six packages (a full treatmen*) for $2,50, by. -mail,' in. plain package, on receipt o! r price. Circular free. .-•'•' KINO REMEDY CO., » For Koln at M«r««hivll, Mroh , by A. O. HYDE. - - -Sold fo) -ncuwk'&Iers cvcwjioJicrc-'oml- received b;i all jHStnutnters. Address -TUE-CHJ- CAGO nMOlW .. .,. TJRADi MARK*, f DI28IGN PAVBItT** ' COPYRtOHTa, rtt* ta S. CU. .1! I)l'(|»I>WA>ft, 1»BW Yl.UK. - For the last 20 years we have kept Piso's Cure Ipr Consumption to stod^ and -wbuld sooner think a groceryman could ?t along without sugar in &s store than w$ could without tso's Cure. It is a sure seIler.-~RA.VEN & CO.. Druggists Cewscd, ^ * ftnf Vhiir JOB PRINTING UUl I UUl at Chronicle office. REILWOHIM" B ij.n,i«i,iiii^n wy.m ^»BW" . O. HYPB. a.un kl.oi.ll ,«• v !th>.nt II, Wi*kly. jja.fio*\ }< ; S' r| Hl«iii..n'.i«. AJ.WHH, Mt'VN <t C0» •. - - - - - ' % ay, N j W yur* Ol«y. are your kidneys worth $juoo —If tin;y are, get a uarnple bottle of Or. Veto*' Aspumgut Wine, * ftewljr discovered i«m- , eijy tur in4rtiv« und di^uastd Kidneys,- It „ clcaiO»ea the filter of the system, 'produce* tiuru Uiootl and r«r>civei the cause of DrigUt'tt lijiitu^e, Kheumutiiiu, ConMlpa- tiofi ,in;i allie'l discaaci. J» BuarDnteed to ben.'i c or ;nopcy refunded. Price fl.UO per bfttt.e ,i» ^rugMdteii, OI by cxi)rcs» prepaid upon rocvuit of fuice. Sued loi 20-|j»ge pair:ph!ct,' A New fair ol Kidceys," Iree by' NATUHB ( » RBMKDV Co.. Ooyce Did'z. CUic4go. IU, of,,-..,,. M, B. POWELL, Druggist!, MAB8HA.LL, MICH ' > »Od «oti«ble euro an ttu ^-.. . Priue, H^-.swl by atioL lainasqldoBljfV A. 0. HYDE. f-voas OH. «. O. WEfT*»

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