The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 27, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1962
Page 2
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LABOR UAf IS MONDAY. SEPT. 3rd—SCHOOL STARTS NtXf WctK STOCK UP THIS WEEK DOUBLE BIO BONUS STAMPS WITH 3.50 PUKCHASI OK MOM TUESDAY FRESH VINE RIPENED Tomnro BURSTING WITH FLAVOR AND PICKED WHEN VINE RIPENED TO GIVE PULL SATISFACTION! The** (irlee* 9e>cMl In rMWKt. M*n.-W*«I. A««. %y *• lUik r*n»rifi> t^*B •<f*j§T* •»• rwiPTTw n^ rtflM M limb? «•«.•*«•». H.I. NO. 1 FRESH Fresh Prvnes ._ 2 u* 29< K. W. Beans ... Lb. TOP FROST LUniH HIEHI SPAM HIQUHUTV EGCS BOILED Hnm IOTTRGE CHEESE PAKOF 6-OZ. CANS 12-OZ. CAN U.S.D.A. GRADE "A" MEDIUM DOZ. SLICED LEAN LB. CARNATION 8-OZ. CTN. 10 97% CAFFEIN FREE WAM|N Mucm MU|T Instant Sanka \^ 99c Food Club Flour... 5 M« 35c Loaf Coffee Cake 29c KftAIT PARKAY WEINGARTEN'S Sliced FRESHNESS TO SPARI Margarine "N C ™ 25« French Bread Slieed _ u^l* Champion Bread 2 U.S.D.A. INSPECTED FARMER BROWN FRYER PARTS I'/j-LB. LOAVES 49s Fryer Breasts u, 49c Fryer Wings u,21e Dixie Packs Lb 59c Legs and Thighs u 43e Necks and Backs u 17c Family Packs u 65e Waxtex Paper 100-IH. 01 Rel L\C IVIHYDAY LOW B Tissue 4 Rolls O 7 For 0/C IVfRYDAY LOW WICI Northern Facial Tissue 2 of zoo't 25c 100 EXTRA BIG BONUS STAMPS:® Your Back-To-School Leader Ye*. One* oqaln thli year « th* years in the past, Welngarten'i k leadfnq Hi* way badcro-Khool wfrfc low, lew teww prices! Tk* teltctioo k larger ami Hi* tavlnot or* blgqer awl ot *oun* yo« «t4 Bla kny* Stomp., »VIRYOAY LOW LOOSI LEAF-LARGI PKG. or 3 HOLI or TOP PUNCH Northern Towels 2 Rolli -5 ft For 39C IVMYOAY LOW PRICt Sandwich Bags Northern 23c IYHYDAV LOW PRICI FILLFR PHPER composmon BOOKS WIRE BOUND 37 33 «g. of n Cartridge Pen Pencil Tablets 83« Pedigree Pencils 2 roil 45c LePaget Paste Effi He Crayola Crayons $*.» ...... 19 C School Scissors & .............. 1 9c Northern Napkins 2 Pkgi. ef OC 80 < ZDC LOW 1UMH KITS ASST. STYLES and DESIGNS COMPLETE WITH 'A PT. VACUUM BOTTLE THI BRAZOSPORT PACTS t/oti An ~By BWRTON H. PKIW, M.D.—_____ New Young Addicts TMAG1NKS Only ten yearn old find stucK on K Glue-sniffing Is the latest Mck discovered by boys from KV to IT. A few whiffs from n tube •qucezcd Into » handkerchief or they're flouting on When »n.y heat some glue marking ponol or lacquer-thin ner hi a *avice- pan, the whole gang start* flying. Bvaryon* • *e* double, hear* lottd Dr. Fern notsea, fall* flat on his fnce and MMMTout for an hour or so. Sniffer* don't Inhale UN glue teelf. The Mck oorne* from fast- evaporating chemical* M*ed to dissolve glum, grease, palnte and plastics. Some of the** chemical* pol ton the bone marrow, bringing on leukemia-like tragedy. Other* attack heart, Hver and kidney*. Bom* — Ilk* prohibition'* Jamaica gtogtf (Jake) *od Mo' ««~ anKTeni oun't Mi wMher or lot they're Inhaling poison. Jootom are first studying the ong>riuiKB effect*. Picture a clwsroura where •twtante ttitf, p&m out and have to bo carried Tense and worried sniffers can't atop the habit ev*n though they believe b»th mind and ]lf» »r* fading. What «Urted a* * few whiff* »oon bulldi to *»*• eral tube*. The craving mu»b> roornn. Encourage* Delinquency Boy* fight. Potty itMwry •ptral* Into major crime. Bop* peddlers should find jrlue-mlfferfl ready reonilts. Sniff em brondeaftt bad breath. Vba vapor hrltatM. Nos«a nm and mouth* drool. Appetite and weight shrink as atomaehs rtim« Me uneasily. The miffing M<* ciarted In alums where parail* were either too strict or not (wound. Habtt Ono Spread It'* a habit that *an *Mlly iprend to homes In better neigh. Jorhoods where children ean't •tend lonely, unhappy lives. Reetrloting glue sales might lelp. But k> dissolve awajr gin. MroMenw, otlck dose to horn* and be « friend a* w*M M a irent! Of, Mm% motOnm ti opm for letter* ft* cannot Mulfrfafe* ta answer individual lalt«rt, Kt w!9 me readers' (junction* fe Me) jt VDhrnr.vnr jtotnlbla nwi when they are of numeral Mer» tut. Aildrent your Icttara to Dr. Fern in nart of t/if* O 1M3, Ktag reMurw Syndtoete. Inn. 27 Die Viotently Over Past Weekend By TIIK ASSOCIATE!) PRK88 At leasl '27 pcreons diixl in violence in Texas over August's las weekend, with 13 of the tola killed in traffic accidents. S h o o t in g s and drownings claimed the majority of the remainder of the fatalities. The Associated Press began the death count at 6 p.m. Friday anc continued it through midnigh Sunday. Tommy Lynn Holt, 18, of Center vas killed Sunday when his car oft the road and ran off a bridge Seminar On Space Opens In Amarillo AMARILLO (API Eight top nuclear scientists, including renowned physicist Dr. Edward L. Teller, opened the Golden Spread Nuclear-Space Seminar here today. enitankmcnt. Charlie Boone. SO. of Clrbumn was electrocuted while sitting nn a dock at Eagle Mountain Lake near Fort Worth Sunday. Boone was electrocuted when he touched a wire on a lighting f.-icility. Sunday Muniz, L'.'i, died of a bullet wound in his chest during a shooting at a Bclton dance hall. Police charged Tom Davilla Jr. of Temple with mmxler. Alfred Baker, 7U, of Dallas plunged 25 feet to his death Sunday from the window of a rest home. Mrs. C. A. Sammons, 60, of Highland Park died Sunday of injuries received Saturday when she ell from the attic of her home. Mi's. Mary Kelly Muse, 76, of ian Marcos died Sunday when a ruck in which she was ridint; vilh a son collided with a car 3 miles south of Johnson City. Carl Edward West, L>4, of Glen Rose was killed Sunday in the crash of a car into a tree 2 milrs west of Bui-net. Gilbert Maiish, Taylor, di Sunday when his car overtur on a curve 4 miles south of lor. The two-day gathering Iliat hag I Tommle attracted a do/en scientists from lwo continents is designed to bring the world of nuclear space science closer to the layman, and Amarillo closer lo science. Dr. Teller, an exponent of peaceful uses of atomic energy, :old newsmen Sunday high altitude nuclear blasts are producing sizable, but not disturbing, effects 4 miles south ofyfftyk Jean Jones, 1J, died^" at San Angelo Saturday after being accidentally shot vilh a .38 caliber revolver. ' Paul Mason, (W, was found shot lo death Sunday in the yard of his Richland Hills home near Fort Worth. Robert Edward Lusk, 34, of Pti-- ryton wai killed Saturday and two other persons injured after their n space. !(1 ar overturned six miles south ol He urged continuation of suchi p(irl >' ton - itudicg, saying the studies are} l - ouis Mwin lUwis, -19, irf vital to the nation's defense Houston drowned Saturday in (ial- against missile attack. Teller said veslon's West Bay. the Soviets have claimed a de- ! Robert Hall Walker, .11, of 'ense against ICBM attack, but!Houston w-as killed Saturday when fays he doesn't know if they ln ;ll ' s car went ™" "' control and 'act have such a defense, and| colli<)c( ' w '"' another automobile, doubts if anyone has thli infor- William Mai tin Iliirvick, 10, of mation. Grand Prairie was killed just The University of California 11 "" 1111 "' lll:| l ''My Saturday when professor xaid an effect of the' ne ' p11 ' r0111 '"* father's pickup 'acific high-altitude nuclear te»t!" ut ' k blast July 9 was lo add a ring to! Johnny Clay Dardcn. L'7, of fort the so-called Van Allen radiationi Worth died Saturday aft.r ings. He described the added ! slml "cvcral times Friday •in); as only temporary and noth-i"" a downtown Uranbui-y strecl. ng to worry about. |Ciilberli> Castillo, 1, «as struck 'Hie rings consist of high-energy I"" 11 klll( ''l h 5' "" automobile as he -bomb electrons, invisible alom-! cm!i!lt<<J H Hmwiwille .••Im-l Sal c particles which follow the palh;" n '">'- ol the earlh'i matjdetle equator. DRIVE-IN CONVCNIENCK SUPER MARKET PRICES GIROUARD'S SUPER MARKET BEACHES CLEAN! Mm. M. P. Arninl, X', of Kci- inil died Siilnrday of a Kiinslml wound in UIR (oiclicuil Spi-Kfanl Alvin J. U-\vi« du-d Saturday fium liljtincb n<in\(>il in u Irulfic Hiridi'tit lali' Kndav Men-dull Huntei' Si., i>5, \v.ij» •hut lo dcalli Salurday in,1 llotiiilcin imliiv said «a.s nn ai;;u- mt'lll uvi'l' u liliH'krd dnvcuay. Ji-rry MUITI», 111, of Tulm H,t« killtil and HiinlluT youlh injuii'il iS.ilurday in a 1,11-11.1111 rulliMnn al KwiriiiK .S[irliiKs. 7ii inilcK norlliwi'bl ol l.uhlxji Iv. Charley, .'!(), viii[i|iiyt; of lioryrr clunnical ciiiii|iaiiy wan tilled Salurday In an oilfield ;ir ddi'iil near 1'riiiKlc. Pringle is lKiul ai miles norlli of lioiwr. Alii* I'cnsiciu, ^'1, was killed wild Uvo iilhiT persons injured .when her automobile oveiturned Sutunlay llelolcs in the San Antonio vicinity. Karvey James Ijiy, '>2, of I lexis- ton drowned Saturday in \\'ood land Uike, .six miles west of Magnolia in Montgomery County. Carlos (JuiUuii, IS, u| Bio\vm- vill<> ihottiied Suiuiduy in a Biuz- o» Cuunlj larin [mild.

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