Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 31, 1939 · Page 6
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 6

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1939
Page 6
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THE CORSICANA SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT. TUESDAY, JANUARY 81, 1999. HEALTH, BEAUTY AND POISE' HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR PERSONALITY . By VERONICA DENGE1, GRACE LENDS DISTINCTION Have you ever particularly ob- 'seryed the difference in postures assumed by people sitting In the same room. Someone will be sprawled on the base of her Cross your legs above your knecg •pine in the big chair, another will have her feet wound around the rungs of a straight chair. You, I am sure, will be sitting comfortably straight with your feet 'loosely crossed or the legs crossed correctly. And your hands will be quietly laid—palms up and one over the other, or in another gracefully relaxed position —In your lap. You won't twist your handkerchief or bite at a fingernail, or pick the upholstered arm of your chair. Or will you? . The correct way to rise from a chair Is to place the feet firmly on the floor one a bit forward, and leave the chair without the aid of a push from your hands. Try it and see how much easier it really is. Sitting down Is another graceless movement on the part of many women—and men, too. Properly, one should approach the chair, turn, and with one foot a bit forward should sit down in one movement, and not let oneself down by degrees, all the time leaning on the arms for •upport You can create an air of distinction as you enter a room, lit down, or stand up, Just by the way you handle yourself. Your clothes will look smarter—notice the flowing walk and gracefu movements of models at good fashion shows. And if you cross your legs— as so many do—when you are sitting down, how do you do it? Notice the picture—the legs are crossed* above the knee—not at the knee. By crossing the legs above the knee and adjusting the skirt properly, the loose foot will not tend to point upward In an awkward position. Because It IB relaxed, the foot will hang naturally and the toes follow the line of the other foot. But If the leg Is crossed BO that one knee lays on top of the other, the loose foot goes off at a tangent, and the toes point skyward. Just try this now and prove It to yourself. Notice how the under knee pushes the calf of the leg out of contour, too? Do remember to always keep one floot flat on the floor—It is most unattractive to rest the foot one the heel. Will you watch this? AD. reqnMti for penonal "Health. Bonuti ind Polte" Information dMlred bj Veronica, Denrfll'i eolnmn followers mu«t bo iccompinled ta a 'oil.? nlf-adilmMd, stamped enrelopa (•.• i.e. I. AddreM! Veronica DraieL ID ear* of thli oawc DSPW. More Baby Chicks Are Fed Red Chain Chick Starter every year. It gives better results. Distributed By McCOLFIN GRAIN COMPANY Telephone 470. R. B, OWEN, LAWYER Dally Sun Building General Practice Specializing In Land Title Work and Estates C. F. BRYAN, M. D. Skin Cancer Diseases of Women Mild Office Treatment For Piles. . Office at Residence Exall Heights—Corslcana Telephone 1806 SUNFLOWER STREET By TOM LITTLE and TOM SIMS IS DAT ALL DE TfcASH YOU WAS, SYLVESTei? PWM? i i^ITS JUS' A //LOOK SAV WE MK7WTCET A BIGGER CAN' LITTLE CAN AM'//UOIV MANY .IT AIN'T EVEN // STICKS AN THINGS C-OM6 V OUT OF OUR V YARD/ S PRIM AND EFNV; MEENY, MINY AND TODAY'S CROSS-WORD PUZZLE Solution at Friday's Puzzle. ^ S*e.'.-- t?. S. S. 13. 18. 14. 15. 17. 10. ao. at. 23. 34. S5. 11 as. 19. 12. Kil 'VIS. ACROSS Devloea for oonvartlng rotary Into direct motion Sword handle Dowry Region Butter aubstltuti Trouble To a great extent Score Depend English ilani word Blithely Young mar* Poorly Tree or nohrub > of the eenua Ilex Pronoun Insect German general in the Thirty Years' War Tibetan ox . Symbol (or tantalum Recover strength 86. Browbeat ST. Part of an egf 18. The sooty albatroBi 19, Shouters 43. Entirely 43. Derisive cry ,- _— «. Silkworm Time long gone 46. Thickness Inane 47. Burden Pulls sharply! 48. Pleane replyi eolloq. »bbr. DOWN L Short (or » man's name S. Southern constellation S. Joyously 4. Wisely 5. Snored (. Like a certain malt beverage — T* Symbol (or Iron 44. About t. Entirely D. Flay 10. Greasy It Rogulsb 16. City In Minnesota 18. Bind closely 20. Policeman's club SI. Present 22. In the style of 23, Senselessness 25. Full of elevations of land 2«. Old word meaning to prepare 2T. Pieces out 29. Stagecoach 30. City In New York state 13. Rivulet 33. Vcllow: dlalectlo 84. Stain 35. Former spelling of yul* ». Ringing Instrument IT. Large mar In* gastropoda 88, Short Bleep 89. Pronoun 40. Large stream! abbr. 41. Undermine .lltlNUlNI, HI FAfHKR- Bj O>orga MoMann THEIR PHOWE IS STILL BUSY- IT'S A WONDER YOU WOUL-DU'T TELL. ME THIU6S N TIME- IOUS- STILL BUSY- IN THE WORLD SHE BE TALKING TO-At-L THIS TIME? TBY THEM AGAIN SHE MUST BE DONE TALKING Kl IT WOULD BE A VsONDERIF I COULD TELL YOU ANYTHING- I'VE TRIED ENOUGH-' SHE COULD TALK TO ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD IN THAT LENGTH OF TIME — NOT IF SHE IS ALIVE- I THOUGHT SO-STILL SOMEBODV MUST BE errriN'AN AWFUL ANNINVON 'PHONE- BUT WHO IN THE WO WORLD WAMT TO IT 9 Copr. 1039, KinR Fcsiuru Sywlic.itc. Int, W^orld THAT'S RIGHT! WELL. UNDQV TH 1 CIRCUMSTANCES. YOU AOE EXCUSEOt BUT DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN! YESSUM! 'COUNTTA US MOVIN'— HADDA HELP — i tLK lOUJCtt- MORE HEAD WORK NEEDED Bj Boa* WeitOTBf GOOD LANDS. I KNEW SOMETHING LIKE THIS WOULD HAPPEN YA SEE,MRS. JONESdF HE HAD STOPPED AND USED HIS HEAD THAT4 WOULDN'T^ HAVE OCCURREt Hl-YUH.TILLIE~l'VE ORIGINATED A NEW DANCED! CALL IT THE ZIPPER D1P~I BROUSHT MY COMBINATION ALONG I WAS JUST TELLINS f EXCUSE ME,MAC. TIUUE THAT LIFE f-'j THERE'S SOMEONE AT THE DOOR ISN'T ALL DANCING. MRS. TONES^YOU HAVE TO STOP AN' USE YOUR. HEAD ONCE INAWHILE IT SOUNDS INTERESTING. ANDY~ COME j ON INJ YOU'RE RISHT MAC "SEZ I TO MYSELF" I WAS ARSUINS WITH MYSELF AS TO WHETHER I SHOULD BUY THRffi CENTS- WORTH OF SUM- DROPS OR NOT HOW DID VOU MAKE OUT? IT WAS CON AN' PRO- AN' PRO AN' CON -SO NOW I .THINK I'LL SET AN ALL-DAY SUCKER YOUNS MAN-DID HEAR YOU TALKIN6 TO YOURSELF? MICKEY MOUSE— STAND-IN FOR THE BOGEYMAN Bj Walt DUn«i I'LL FIX. IT 50 WE WONT HAVE .ANY MORE TAME ELEPHANTS AND SUCH! f THERE'S OUR PROTECTION SIR! MEET ROBINSON SCARECROW! I MUST SAY. YOU DIDN'T—AH— k«'MA>YBE NOT-r-BUT IT GIVES ME AN IDEA! MAKE THAT FACE WILLV'? •^INCREDIBLE! MAYHAP THEY'RE \f NOT 6ONE , I FOR 600DI v . ,1 DON'T ^ > QUITE . COMPREHEND' FTER ALL ELSE HAS FAILED TO DRIVE THE ANIMAL PESTS AWAV,. CRUSOE TURNS THE TRICK BY MAKING FACES AT THEM/ •TOOPDECK PAPPY MAINTAINS DISCIPLINE" nHMBM< PHKATRE Starring POPETE—NOW SHOWING-"HIS SECOND CHILDHOOD"TOMORROW THEY DR1MKED FC1OM fHE FOUMTIWQ OF YOOT' OLE POOPDECK PAPPV Y AIN'T FELT'SA YOUNG IN MIMHTV- SEVEM -IVEARS \ ELL; BLOW MS DOWKi! WHO'SA TWO LITTLE KIDS'? M» tfn4hit«.tat,W«MrWiKUKmil, MORTIMER MUM THE RAIN FOURS Th«G«orMM.ithtwAd.mi Service, Inc. * * •«.«.•* tfj

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