Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 15, 1937 · Page 10
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 10

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1937
Page 10
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am PAHtttt ftAffct mm, tfataps, AffcfL FINANCIAL WHIRLIGIG LOOTS SCtTNCTDEE NO RUSH A few Investment houses are of the opinion that the storm of bond selling has ended. They believe that Insurance companies will come back Into the market because of the more attractive yields. On the other hand there are some Investment houses which believe that phantom of bond liquidation hasn't been entirely obliterated. They see additional selling on the part of fire Insurance companies to take advantage of the sharp price declines in the security markets. In any event. It is admitted in most bond circles that life insurance companies will not stage or encourage any rush to acquire bonds. Funds' on hand today aren't so large as they were a year ago when John Q. Public was paying off money borrowed against policies. SHORT Bohn Aluminum took advantage of the high prices paid for copper. The company liquidated a large pnrt of its red metal holdings accumulated at low prices during the depression years. This profit helped increase the first quarter net over that of last year. It will also aid the second quarter revenues. But despite the red metal selling profit the first quarter per share net fell short of earlier estimates. Tills due to strikes in the automobile Industry. Stabbed on Ride With 'Good Boy' TOBACCOES Speculative circles say it is interesting to note that the cigarette shares acted exceedingly well while other sections of the trading list dipped sharply. This is attributed— according to insiders to the fact that an extensive liquidation in the group took place before the nmrket declined. Current selling is only scattered and of marginal necessity character. Due to reductions in advertising expenditures and because of established economies trade insiders report that tills year's profit margins will run above those of last year. ODDS AND ENDS Total payroll 6 of steel companies operating In this country run over $1000,000,000 a year—highest in history of the industry . . . Standard Oil of Indiana owns a large block of Standard Oil of New Jersey capital stock . . . Through a subsidiary — Electrical Research Products—American Telephone & Telegraph owns important bnsic television patents . . . Union Pacific Railroad now a confirmed oil producing companv — "-* Wilmington tracl came through with an initial flow oi $1.800 barrels daily . . . Southern California Edison is one of the largest operating utility companies in this country—serves an area oi about 55.000 square miles . . . Continental Can obtains bulk of the British beer can trade . . . Bristol- Myers set to offer a new Double- Duty toothbrush . . . Them's hardly a spot on the globe producing or consuming petroleum products in which Standard Oil of New Jersey hasn't a substantial interest. MOTORS With the settlement of the Chrysler, Reo and Hudson strikes the automobile industry labor picture is brighter. Trade insiders are forecasting the output of this month will reach as high as 550 000 unit 1 If so it will be the biggest month since 1929. As far as the current quarter is concerned automobile production is scheduled to run at 1.750,000 units. That would compare with the first quarter output of 1.27500 and 1,477,652 in the second quarter of last year. CAUTIOUS Brokers report a new speculative interest in the building construction material shares. American Radiator, Certain-teed Products and the cement issues are being given preference. Tipsters say that these companies are enjoying the largest profits In years. Earnings are expected to run well ahead of last year. Building trade insiders aren't so bullish. Instead of the anticipated 100 to 200 per cent increase, the 1937 construction average isn't expected to run more than 50 per cent ahead of 1936. OUTLOOK United States Gypsum's first quarter sales volume averaged seventy per cent ahead of last year. The high pace isn't expected to continue. Those close to the organization say that the Gypsum management sees only a forty per cent residential building increase this year over thut of 1936. Taking the outlook into consideration, the company's net sales gain for 1937 i.s expected to run, about even witli those of it.s competitors. REPORTS ARE THAT: Bulk of recent foreign buying of 'AMBULANCE Phone Duenkel- Carmichael | f. Funeral Home 321 N. Frost AUTO HOAKS t See Us (or Ready Cash to [* Refinance. ; * Buy a new at. |t H^pe paymenta. , j* Raise tnonej to meet bills. B Proaipt and 0<mneous Atten- 'ti plven to ill applications. j^NHANDLE INSURANCE AGENCY ^rWwIej' BIdf Fh. «M American securities was in bonds and not in common shares — tome i Scottish investment trusts took rail), shares. However. Dutch investments interests do like Union Pacific . . . Hyer Raybestcs-Manhnttnn dividend due later this year . . . Allis-Chalmers to go on a $2 annual ba"is . . . Warren Foundry cfc Pipe about to enter its best selling season of year — company's iron ore shipments larger ... Gliddrn sales and profits for current fiscal year well ahead of those of last year . . . Union Oil of California paid a dividend all through the depression years . Allegheny Steel being switched into Briggs & Stratton — so a popular statistical service advises . . . Ritter Dental earnings continue to expand. United Air Lines being bought by the more courageous long-pull speculative interests . . . Tidewater Associated Oil being added to portfolio accounts . . . For fiscal year ending this month Truax-Traer will show about $1.30 a share . . . Trans-America came through the depression without a deficit . . . Recent price strength of American Telephone & Telegraph shares attributed to semi- investment buying ... At current price levels United Corporation discounts possible adverse developments . . . And, that there's no truth to gossip current that Virginia Carolina Chemical will merge with or be absorbed by another fertilizing organization. GOES TO HERO'S AID. MOUNT HOPE, W. Va. W) — Aroused when the cowboy villain slapped the hero around in a movie here, an excited small boy opened his pocket knife and threw it. ripping the screen. His mother, sitting beside him in the balcony, led him out by the ear. He hasn't been back. What a Fight! Unaware of the photographer (for once), Max Baer puts up a swell light as a spectator at the Tommy Parr-Ben Foord scrap in London. The former world heavyweight champion is to attempt, a comeback against the winner—Farr. When Frances Fitzgerald, 14, above, went for a ride with Thomas Smith. 18, Buffalo model youth who never smoked nor drank, she was stabbed with an ice pick and unwittingly aided in solving a two-month- old murder mystery, police said. Smith was jailed, accused of stabbing Frances, and confessed, police said, to having knifed and clubbed Mary Ellen Babcock, 18, to death while impelled by an "uncontrollable impulse." GULPS CIOG WASHINGTON, April 15 (/F) — The govfvrnment has developed a. liquor tester that can get everything out of a gallon of grog except, perhaps. "Sweet Adeline." This guzzling gadget is of glass, steel and rubber. It is the bureau of internal revenue's latest way of learning what you do to a stiff i drink—nnd what it does to you. 1 Designed to determine just what j whiskey is—which isn't as easy as . it sounds—the tester among other ! things can: j 1. Take on a terrific load and be | ready for a hard day's work the next morning. , 2. Distill a beverage 125 times, which is like going to 25 cocktail parties in a single afternoon. ( 3. Stop in the middle of a gallon and give a correct account of its feelings. 4. Imbibe without hangovers. 5. Operate at capacity for days without the police having to look in on the activity. Officials predict the apparatus will be the best thing in 25 years to run down the family tree of a bottle of whiskey and report on its chemical grandparents. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with ...... Major Hoople p> l/X TICKETS, PLEASE- WOcSATE CRASMIM3 MERE —THIS \S> A PLACE OP WOT A PLACE FOR BUMS TO LOITER AMD "BROWSE / COME / COAAG / WHERE ARE YOUR TICKETS -—OR MUST X CALL IKJTHE LAW? WE ARE LOOKIMO POT 2 , A BlCa, T2,E;D- FACEC 1 , "POUBLE'- OIIWMEt? PLEA THAT WAUOEREC' "FROM His USUAL. HAUWT IM A PAP- DEP CHAIR THIS WORE A OREASE SPATTE-RE.O VEST AMD WIWGED COLLAR, AMD WAS LAST SEEM HOPPlWO THIS WAY' WHY / \<2> THAT > YOU, MAJOR •? 1 flPM'T REC06MI2E YOU IM WOT2,KIU<3 C LCTTH ^<S —~ AMY CMAMCE- OF BRl MS IMG OW E OF YOUR PERFORM ER5 UPTOTH' MOUSE ~ro SHOW ME HOW TO &ET TH' DUMP ow YOU AT TH' PIMMER <3OM<3 2" Uvvo •DEAI3- MEADS = OUT OUR WAY By William. THEATRE Starring PUPEYE MY GOSM, CAM'T A FELLER. CLEAR. MIS "THROAT TOO SOOM. rMm , >Torr A La Carte HOW DID THEV GET ..,. GO TELL THEM UJE OCKT SERVE BEGGARS A ~ BUTTER RUBBISH HERE!! I SUPPOSE VX OH* VWL.L. Et-UoY Yuoux i? • N\CE TURKEY; • : H^RDiV 7 l'M SORRV BUT THIS EXCLUSIVE By E. C. SEGAJ? VOV. VjOin'-i' "^ .Jf-NT GUTTER. RUBBISH, voe ALLEY OOP Ooola Thinks Fast "VEH. 1 OOOLA.TH'dUABDS W- VOU '~\FORM ME THAT YOU HAVE /WISHED TO \ BEEW LOWEBIWG FOOD {SEE ME.VOUE/DOWM IMTO TH' PIT TO TH' , HIGHNESS? /PRISONJEG, ALLEV I OOP. 15 THAT EIGHT.' °°OLA,THm- IS A - BUT, AS HOW VOU HAVE ALWAYS BBEU A MODEL. VOUN& LADy> I'M GONNA IT THIS TIME -i"sEE,youR LIL'ACT OP KIWDWE5S Mt&HT HAVE /'VsiS, YOutC* PtSOyiDED A WAV FOE / HIGHWESS, I SEE, THIS DAWGEI2OUS (NOW-IHADM'T PEISOWEB TO HAVE >, THOUGHT OR THAT- - By HAML1N WASH TUBES rWO, I HADN'T THO OF THAT- " BUT, THAfJKS, GUZ, FOR .. J •-'"H A JC.-UJS IN rcssu.'/i HOLLOV; •".INCE THE BASEBALL TEAM, BACK IN 1912, PLAVEP THE HOTSY- TOTSV BLOOMER GIRLS. COLONY! 6V HAP THE NERVE TO COME INTO MV VEtey HOW I SEEN 'EM GET TERRIBLE!; OFF A TEAIM. THER.E'5 THEY OUGHT TO BE TA.KEED ANP FEATHERED! Running the Gauntlet By CRANE MYRA NORTH SPECIAL NURSE Nobel Prize Winner HORIZONTAL 1 Author of "Costa Berling's Saga." 12 Mineral fissure. 13 Sea skeleton, used for ornaments. 14 Dry. 1G Melody. 17 Angler's basket. 18 Mentally sound. 19 House cats. 20 Spanish coins. 21 Killed. 22 Pedal digit 24 Italian river. 25 God of war. 28 Neuter pronoun. 29 Was victorious. 32 Mexican 'dish. 34 White poplar. 36 Imitated. 37 Greek god of war, 38 Loans. Answer to Previous Puzzle UMIEJUL OATHALII NEDIA D! i MM i R AG EHslA M 40 Fold. 41 Bear constellation. 44 Amidst. 46 Fabulous bird 48 Statue. 50 Inlet. 53 Part of a window. 54 Thin plate. 55 Thought. 57 She is a writer. 58 She achieved with her first novel. VERTICAL 1 Ulcer. 2 To prepare for publication. 3 Smallest. 4 Grew together. 5 Learning. 6 Region. 7 Scotch Highlander. 8 Cloth measures. 9 Lariat. 10 Verbal. 11 Filmy. 12 To drink dog• fashion. 15 Moisture. 23 Lubricant. 24 Blue grass. 25 She studied in . 26 Forage plant. '27 Last word of a prayer. 29 Existed. 30 Olive shrub. 31 Birds' homes 33 Alleged. 35 Belt. 39 Senior.- 403.1416. 42 Drinks slowly 43 Oriental nurse. 44 Epochs. 45 Bill of fare 46 Uncooked. 47 Unit. 49 Preposition, 51 Fish. 52 Bronze. 53 Postscript. 56 Like. HE LITTLE GROUP IM HVSTEU'S OFFICE EXPEKIEMCE A TEWSE MOMENT, AS FOOTSTEPS. ARE HEARD OUTSIDE THE POOR. / A Bold Move H-n VST EE, SHACKLED TO THE WALL. LrJ WATCHES.. AMD A CUMWIMG GLEAM STEALS IMTO HIS EVES. HE SEES A EAV OF HOPE .' 5OREV, I/OUR EXCELLENCE BUT AN IMFORTAMT MESSAGE JUST CAME IM ! HE OEDERLV ENTERS THE. ROOM AND, WITHOUT HESITATION, STRIDES' UP TO BfZEESE WHO IS WEARING HVSTER'i GAUNTLET By THOMPSON AND COLIJ JUST A MOMEMT, &RPORAI.! THAT 1$ AN IMPOSTER.,,. I AM'THE CUAWV i ORDEI2 WOuTO RE- i-EASE ME .CALL OUT THE GUARD.' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS MOM SAIB K WORKED ABOLTT YOU 'T FPECKLES.AWD WAHTEO TO SEE -i PERHAPS "rtXJ MIGHT HELP Big-Hearted Nutty "rtXJ \ ^ES! IT WAS QUITE A MEAKI ) Bt-CW TO HIM WHEW ABOUT )SHE LEFT AS SHE DID.' HIS FATHER AWP I THOUSHT FT WAS A SILO' pupPY- LCVE /*J=fvMR _, BUT I'M AFRAID IT WASW'T.' I WANT YOU ID TR/ AND OCCUPY HIS MIWD WITH OTHER. INTERESTS....HELP HIM SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE: HE: SURE TOOK THE CORK UNDER I By BLOSSER HE'S EAR TOO Ttouwa TO LET THOUC3HTS OP A CjfRL INTERFERE WITH HIS PUTURE .' LOVE IS UNIMPORTANT AT THIS POINT! .I'LL SA/.' AND IU. WHIR IT OUT 01=- HIM AI-L E3f MYSELF^ EVEN IF I HAVE TO GET THREE: OTHER GUTS' TO HELP ME .'.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WROOND '. V\e SUCH OtKVH O? Boots Gives Up By MARTIN , «\Ot PA_ON>& UWE "WVb, ttLY -bHOT \Vi\ WOUV.OWT VOU U\<E TO «,TOV> « TttEl TWOERW ,09 WEAO ,VOW ft BVTE TO PR. 1»37 B» HE* BgBVICE. LNC._T. M. REO. If. 6. PAT. Off 403 W. Foster Own An Auto Radio! The New Firestone Stew art-Warner tops the list! PAY AS YOU PLAY! 6 metal tubes—8-in. Super Pynaniic Speaker—Sound Diffusion System F. E. HOFFMAN, SERVICE STATION Phone 100

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