The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 16, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1897
Page 3
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FRESH CAUGHT AT J. S. OOX, 8r. IARKI StrWfc. BREVITIES- oft Mary Hnsbtmtfk Is Very ft! of ty- frvftr athcriwwe itt It h just as well sanitary iMfjragt'tnfcrttjTlhto hot A ftanrml rftf? &nd tfledhof will brighten np j«"t paeseraenteH^ that hfc» become dusty, 1 finttVCreek 1» ittttbitieWJs of gaining the- rpfi&tttion of lit/hif tht"bi tuartyre. Ur. Atictrwe, of Bfovm rtnirerfcity avjuined a woman's privilege liis mind. fhore has Wrt 'nn advance of ton cents in the iiirjco ot srtlt. This M> due te» ,tho salt . Oeorge S. Smith te ill of hay ver. ' Mrs. I*. S, Johnston, of Van Weii. is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Qeo. Collins-. Mr. and Mrs. I, N. &naitejf 'aws, frow » visit So Jackson 'and <?olott, Mrs, A, B. Wflgner is honifr from a visit i» Grand Knpid«, . ' •^tiesf Oatrte WThpfer J*th Mrs. Jarrotd Walton of Detroit. hap refurtrefl a visit with eadtetn friends. '." .» ^Mrs. A. G. Gallup returned ttf Si Iioale this morning. -^ . , JMrs r Majg Kalamazoo today, tiomliard wfent t6 At A meeting of tHe Tward 0f edttc&- tion held last evening Miss Maria Root elected H» feaehor ojf 6ho ne«r seventh which je to have ite s^saionis "in ft'^1. Hiss Boot ia'& teacher of experience, and ft goes without saying that her eeteeffou was a WiSe on&, She *etli begin work on 3Slondfaj» iioxt. ' Miss- Jdabcl Wilson, ftf whv> had visiting nt W , B, Hamilton's,.^ iSckferd, made an unsuccessful Hardly ft papftt d(j 'We tnk(* up bui there is aw areoitjnt of from one to three suicide^ and I have noticed two out of throe ftfwes "domontitj troubfp," is ftLted ns the probable cause, particularly if the victim be a naatu Now even m a place the siao <tft "Otti 1 Town," there soems to t** danger. t^cardiOne mah who had 'twenty-five rents to invest ono Saturday ttight.' H« bonght three oants wor^i of tew ffivfr c^ttt* .worth of mngftr, invested seven eo'nts in meat, and an he, exf)reased it A ---- —good Cigar, for whieh^he piJd ten cwitfl. Same man has a wife and. three or fottr children. I should think twmhte' 11 Might be the verdict attempt afiuicide laftt Sunday evening. While the fehnily, with the exception of Ktrniift, th^ littlo gifl were away, Mi«ft Wilson, after writing eo\ ntal lottery went to her room when* eh^ *wnllow«d a large dose of laudanum, The little girl bc- cominp; kmes*>me went to Miss Wilson's •HTtRKfVP'-TjlVWiESgt fcftate stfeet >p«sturday afternoon. No ono seriously hurt. The Michigan Central runs nrr excursion to Kalaumzoo. Saturday on account of tho M. B, conference Asa Townseitd IB in Chicago training for the coming dual meets between tho Chicago A'. A. and the 2?ew York A. A., Albion college will open' f?opto ( tnber 22. President Fink still holds on be cause th«> trustees have so far failed to agree upon his successor. Detroit's health officer declares-that diphtheria germs can be transmitted "Oft air, and eajs that the cmhnliuer's fluid does not destroy germs. Knlamazoo i& to have u street fair next month. A local linn will boom it by offering 21 ppi'/.ea to the. 21 best dressed young -women who attend. Tho supreme; court hai decided Unit an omyloye cannot f*ive away the trade secrets of his employer after severing his c inflection with the firm. 1 , At the-^t. E. conference ;it K.ilnmazon yesterday, committees of in\ estimation were appointed by thebishop in the - easeeof Revs, O. E. Wightmaii, W. W. , Divine, and Wright. The Detroit Journal's editorial under tho heading "president Andrew a Stajs," is one of ,thfe most subliine exhibitions of brooilmin'dodnpHs , we *ver remember having spt>ti in cold tvpe. An anonjtaons It tter purporting to be a spirit,eomnmniration was \esterday received by Governor Pin^ree. it contained, tho astonishing information that Michigan is in danger of Spanish and English invasion. The four-prominent iwWi nt rested -for polluting the w»urc«> of Battle CwekV water supply, (jtojiuao lake, have b^erT bound over on their own recognizances They ejaim riparian rights, anil will make a stiff fl£ht. The proposed ruilwa} between Albion and Charlotte-is b«uu^ lx«>med, Brookfield citizens will probably raise D 8- r J.tKX.) and the aomo itmoufit is expected in Albion. Thf?, road will be tweiity*four wiles long toil- w*t $1CO,<J»0. The ajbtBti»)*scflfijtwat',of 'the loctittass to 130 given in this city neU week by Dr- Mary Wottd'-Allwi is made tilsewher* in t thia issue* jCj«ey.aris bournl to be MJ- slfuctivft as well as interiwtiug and we Ixswixjak tnt them a libi-rtil patronagu. Detroit Frew l j rt-«s; Buttiijefes men along the line between Maruhalt and Charlotte propose to build R railroad. be r tw^en the two cites: Thex are trying to lownd the- yoirmy lady asleep, as she stippowd, but being enable to aronse her, gave the ajariii to the neighbor's who itnmediatel} rwponded. Sho wus {liven n quantity of strong coffee mid Di'^. Haynes and Chaso were culled at once. Uy the time they had rtrrivufl th«i patient was almost beyond help. They applied an. electric battery which at tirst had but little effect. .The doctors labored vigorously and faithfully over her until midnight before they wore able to counteract the deleterious eir<?ct» of the. drujjf. Is'o reason is given for the rash act. " ~~ / fhefe. Another man ''will not worji at tfor^ wages," BO sitft around *>ft dry boxes, and talks .nbwit "monopolis"' and kindred subjects, while lus wife carqfl t<m the bobieB, nnd pt'oirtdp . if<wd f«f tjteitt aod their father, "Ootnestic troajble" again, sotflo- thiftte il in. B«pft Jiboat th^ ff*«ljr. ^uotetl in begiBhing ol' fliis nrtfrfe, would, be Iwneftttcdi therteSy. I me£aJ&dy who was Obliged to spend an hour in Mr Waiting Wttttj at the Michigan* CetittaXdet**; »» iaocoun t etbjela ted >traiw< ' Hhq Klid th? placo' was w> ditty as to be a int-aacp to the Jysilth of the ttavelh'g public, afttt askedfif cue dmibt ed her word) tbnt tnejr should open the I>r. JWar.V' Wo<Ml-.Vllp« lojifftnrt' In Murshnll,, Wo are glad to iufernTour readers that we are to have a treat in a course fif lectures to be given at tho Presbyterian church ne^t week commencing Sunday ovoning.. 'The lecturer, "Dr. .Mary ^?ood» Allen, is hi$Wy esteemed the length and breadth*6rou,r broad land. The following incident in her life as il speaker will be of interest to our readers: /"MrB. ; Mary Wood-Allen, M. '!')., was imitod to give-her leeture on Heredity before the, Pennsylvania legislature- in the house of refire,s™latite9,; Of this lecture ij, writer in the Union Signal iaivs: "If any went from moro curidslty they soon became impressed with the earneetm«ss of the speaker,' and of the ijreat importance of her subject. The interest became intense, and all declared ithat they had never before known what it waa to hear every wtfrd of a speaker n that hall in profound silenciX At the close of the/ lecture th£> members ered around M.ra, Wooi.UA'Hen .to be trodneed to.her. .Many words of commendation were given Us: 'That is ev«ry word true.' 'Tlwt is the/ strongest argument, for tcmperanco I ever heard.' 'That lecture should lrt» heard i'n every city and town, in every church and school in the, land." ; fc Dr_ Wootl-AHcn will speak Sunday ftveniug at the PnMibjtflrian church, her topie<being "The Bwttillc Vision."- This lecture has probably received tho highest commendation of all of her beautiful talks. Tlae Sunday evening address will l)e followed by a series of four lecture* at the samp church unites a a change be announced. Topics and dates: Monday evening,.<i lecture to womeu only, Tuesday evening, "Tha Need of the Hottr." V$fedBan'dav evf*ning,- 'iThe Be- qufsw we Mivko M-M>', Cluldeni." Thursday afternoon, U> girla. - Leetinrsfe -wilt-' b*tfifl' at t>tgl>lt; Tke email acJmi*fi<*u of 10 cents will bo chargett, ' r Th« I>. T. &; M. wil} #ive-ai to Detroit ne«fc ^u.n^»y, Th* fare for 'th« round trip fyf Train leayeu Mijr- ahall8:30a. n>. Tk-kets good returning on afty regolar train. Monday. .The same doors to'eotne of tho Adjoining and then render their verdict. I hfts* tened t«) assure her that I did nrft the city fathers of "Oar Town'" ,were fesponmllU for this r eo ivs she is a resident of Detroit she promises to bring the mailer botere.the proper ulMcialn v^er soon. "Won't wecitis'.efis.of^OarTmvtf' b" pro'Ud if in addition to mir eleAn ptreutg may ere Imrg boast, <>C tidy waiting -, ai>d maybe later on a new, opera house? -1 think the thanks of "Our Town" are due Justice Riley for his atatement of Michigan laws as jwjardB "profahe Ian guage." Mercy -what a "thinoint; out" ol the populatiOti of this city wo aid be the roeult it'thitt lawrwas enforced. Would it not be well occasional)' to air thia and kfndred laws, as for instance those touching the drink traffic, cruelty to ani mate, euj.," etc., for although ignortaco concerning our laws does not, exi'mpt the violator from the penalty thereof, j,et we,, .naturally' have sympathy for-ipno who aihs through lack of knowledge. MORE ypijIBlWflpJf!^^ V 1 t>O YOU WANt A NeW Fall Hat P. V. fjftTnbVn^ntt i«» here in vlth his rold bf«st Feather right to your bouse renovatifig car ttn o d leather beds and pillows, i •IF SO CALL AT Miss give -you ft Styllflh Trirfirtted H«kt tram SI.OO np tn »].r,o never sold before for less tharvS3.OO. This sale will last ufitit Sept, 28. ^ Children's Tarns ' Jri alt "polB rtt •Ottt* 3K*ds; for «ad |fjSath<sAs «t ytra^ iftwft price. Call ^arly, oiur X**' ' HATCH BLOCK Over Statesman Office. Our Mark is the porfeetly fitting and distingue suits worn by the best, df essed men in town Our name on a sutt of Clothing m«an8"gcm fjnality in matorinl, sljie, finish and fit: -A combination that yon can't find elsowhen town in tailor made \ garments, and 'on prices are reasonable at that. ^ '' J. J» BE SHANE. 'MBBCHANT .1'AItOB (iooil KcnsoitH WliY Wooleiw- Mnst Ajl^ road. abwr jlnat d t»^ifi.*tiit& board of 'From Alexander Hamilton'^ low tariff bill to relieve the straitened circumstances of tho treasury in 1789 to 18(3). ThB N teiriff was a hominnl Affair, ISlM H was raised by successive acts to an aver age of 47-06 per cent. Tho McKinley tariff was W) p«>r cent ad valorem and 44c u pound weight on woolons. Tho Wilson (a4'iff was TKI jier cent ad valorem only. The present or Dingley bill is 5T> per cent ad valorem and 44 cents a pound. Tariff act of 1801 had &• a pound on wool, the McKinley bill lie, the Wilson bill.mostly free. The Dinglj bill lias 11 or. 12c. ' T.hi"s" mu'st rafse tho price of woolens. . • TarilT is simply a form at indirect taxation. 'The importer pays the duty nt the frontier adds tho.amount to former cost jthpirftdds a profit tm his investment .e retailer whft odds a profit for tho OuF under wear wae all purchased in April and is now in stock.' The host 25e and 50c each shirt and drawers ever sold. Our suits and over ceats are also rn ptoek," at prices wo*rth a go<)d advance today. Our merchant tailoring de-partniGflt better stocked than over and our prices will prevail until our present stock is exhausted, tt T, , d thtt most BJekjaese to ihe^aet wteek, tJoit- vine reportal at ial? placea, ty- Labut; * ha.a just nust . bom tfy} slat** tjj to taent of child ia.|n>r IUWJB of the^tate, 'fhe Ifrkter at»te forth the ideas of wajaeir- ya^ive i;uf<jxc«aiont witer^iUDed by the coBiiiBiBeiuuer (iad ask» the mmtena* *>* tatty Mw ftWdiog ei|ia«B in er^die^iog tfeo aJofeaaid evil in tfc« efcitc. it." I ney Swords, S for cootrttpatiou and feiudred .ii' 01 the bowtli* tb«hi«i' wiu d wi|i»iutf the ttiu Money Saved ' . * buying tioaif, grAh'^ar'^ meal.aud mill feed at l^ull and try. A-tt kinds uf griading It id MitreH tfte Va. --We have a splen sale on Chamberlain's Cough and oyr oustomere cotnlnj? from for find near, speak of it- in (the highest terms. Many have said that thek/dhildrnn T/fouw .bav0 died ' of croup laiH'B Cough Itemedy had not been given The for l»1m ««» vtqpMh Cordette, K. CKOSJN. 4w* th», late firm iin & Bisbeb are due and payable to.1, H. I'lSii t*Ju«W8 ta Mia W A. J. Woowis, At/ft &i 81,8 Btuuk, y»tU* jratek. PLUMS W rifj^aijig rapidly owing to warn weatfeer, and season wfty S» skfft Preserve your plnms this \^^ek. J*rice Now J. "^"^u^^j»«TTS5«i3lHig the bftt^t IkCCUuBti it'Lgotily OB« coat of ahjogtea> U ca Qat, o,r s»te*t> roofs.- 4 ad put it o0; ex Hardwure. Mauct2»iti Java, it la the ftoos fur ,, ; Euquire at A dr»ig store, oo labor., no dust. Price Itfe JBosijeif'B Hardware ^Ify iboy c$Mx^0 hom^ jfri^Eti sidbtQUii oxu day with hi» huad badly ty&t&fyid bleeding' and sufferiog «rc»fr |^iiii>" Mr. & 4: feit-huU, with Meyw Bros. J woaod wd applied Chwabertaic'a Bsiji*w freely- AU pain ceased, and abort tiw) it healed, without leaJ F6rw X know <5f no pr^scriptkifl equal to it, 1 teftt akt^Jor eaUjatGrwoc'i U. S. CIGAR With a V.s. Fhiff lor » Label, Made on honor, sohl on ii'ierit. 'A Gr«a't !> tenter. Ask Tor UriMM and show vonr dealer ,haf you kn'ow when you got n gt>od e. They arc made bj Ei>. T. CHAP- f>f this city Do you want a good .cemcht walk? lull on Cfwjrge A ley. I will guarantee good walk, da!8* „ t. R. SHEPHERD Keeps'none but the BEST MEATS To be h^d, Gootls deliveret to all parts of the city bu no peddling done^ Every thing neat and clean. Yon ., can always get a clean cut a SHEPHERDS'. with clean j H, Disheo Mill and is ti'wty to ;om Gtrinding. The the all kinds of Cue- mill is in repair and IK doing excellent work. patfdne tig. ttpon honeet, <lett\ Gg-v3,_|5, BROOKS^ Manager. GEORGE INCER80LL, b»d fli(ht<«!ft.yi'!ire''nspWifiYftsi' Probate wiU <3* IB Prohatn confli". to PM*(OS hftving; flnd it to jirobAlc court* ttifty Him * WILLS, l5eeds, Mortgages and Other Legal Papers Careful ly Drawn* Titlos to lt«-!tl ''Estate W1U Attced «o th<*pnrohni>et antl s»'c of! r(«I »8tn(p, )MtytnpnI nf taxes, trtc. l.owrtR on rtftl onlftte npK»f(«t<)d, Afipm for a iroml Hn<* of-MfA Ami Wic liiKnf info "pompftnlca. OFFICE at UKKHH-yNi'K,' Cornjit Mapstion nnil (»rfin(i;8ta. Midi. Why Itf ot Kducate -AT - f AND' • Of Shorthand and Typcwrtiug, I1ATTI.K «:lti;r.K, MiC'II and Sch ' H<!{ yl»ime -wureil u nnvfnl ftiul jirolitabl" mlmntiot*' t*ti» »f th" lifft H]Hip|it'il ImjjiKH'*!* tf,ll>""i^* in (t»? i>nntn. Call on or bftKf for jmrtuiilfirt" mil Established 1882. Incorporated 1896. WELL WORTH YOUR WHILE TO INSPECT OUR ELEGANT/ r ' ' Line of New Goods % * ^ *» "***•( We -have never displayed «-«K>re attractive a&sortmeflt of DRESS GOODS S SILKS. •HI p Is wool Also .our special cbriv© QW JBABKBT. , IN UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY . A1J the LaU^t Fa,.fe and Ktaj.k-a m > '•!i KID GLOVES Of 4c yd. and upwards of 1 Children's jUndenvear AND MATTINGS we • aiwf oo s •4 all Marking a lower price o» ^rarraiitajbtle ' •, ' ' • . • LINOLEUM m »' fe u» over before tiie than we are,

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