Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 6, 1957 · Page 19
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1957
Page 19
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PA 2.-1GOO for a WANT AD Taker On Fro/.en ftlcat Hcco in m ended maximum stor- Vrozen ftcr.f --- Doubting a recipe when pro- iV r 10 - for !n?m meat I"*" .Paring beef slew is (line and men f,J S: , S ? US ? se a ", d S'-out.d:moiicy saving for any liomcmak-: »'k fr, ? -, , ? monlls; resh Cl '' W|1C " scrvin <5 stow which has' a I v , '°r ? T'"' S: lamb J)1?c " froreii - i( is «'cll (o reheat bCCf fr'l r"! ,n° m °, nlllS aiU V hC StCW VTr >' S!OW 'y in «'B OVCI],' "c^Iiom 6 to 12 nioiiilis. [on top of the range. BVBNING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TIIUKSDAV, JUNE 6, 1957 Nuts Flavor Hungarian Dessert By CECILY UHOWN'STOXK !,-. Kill crawling msects fast with FLIT BUG KILLER ... now contains AROMIN* . • powerful new insect killer - exclusive development of Ksso J-escarch-makes FLIT better than ever! Use FLIT BUC KILLER with AromiH to rid your home of cruwling insects quickly and eilcctively. Look for " the familial- bUte-aiid- whito can or handy puah- outton container .".. sold almost everywhere. Associated Press Food Editor jv Many Hungarian families now in this country have brought wilh them treasured recipes for itort™. These famous desserts are related (o the cake family although they use litlle or no flour. Usually torten are made in round layers and richly filler! ami frosted. The almonds ||i;i( help make 11 ho base of the following torte I may bi> put tlirougb a rol.irv-i type hand-operated nut grater or they may be ground in a food, chopper. Now that mil meats :)re ; widely distributed j t j fl.ounce cnns, each holding a convenient cupful, you can have (hem on | hand on your kitchen shelves. [Vacuum-packing assures fresh!ness. CHOCOLATK ALMOND TOHTK Ingredients; One s-ounce can <1 cup) blanched almonds, 8 eggs (separatedi, i cup sugar, ] ti- ounce package tl cupi semisweet chocolate pieces, fine dry bread crumbs, and Frosting. Method: Set aside 24 almonds for (lie garnish. TCJiTaininK nuls through 7f NINETEEN ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY luncheon :is a good source of the f( vita- of » spinach ring, jinins —tliianiiiic. ribollavin and Vitamins In Lmul, JAW //„,„ S liecia i, y i Cimm . () ^ );a( OH ~ Leftover cubes of smoked ham ......«..,.,,s> ... uui uuny uiei . . . ran be combined with mush- .promoting hcallh and guarding rooms; heated in a velvety cream .(lie body against disease. Lamb sauce and served in (he center mea( ' ' • slui1 lne -->• i™ "•• ' " ' ' ' -- • • • luncheon meal wilh whole cloves. ^ MIIII [PJaco canned meat — applesauce •niacin. These vitamins are found j Pennsylvania Dutch favorite- 'j ialHlwicnps °" m °ky sheet and in abundance in lamb cbops.l.N'codles cooked wilh saffron Use '• i r 'V lnwlGra!c oven ( 3M° •roasts, stews and other lambWninri,.,- i ' UscKl for Is ""miles or until heat- dishos as well as other simllwCoTc™ '"'IxT, n ™ ,'"" ^ lhrougb :l>eef, p,,rk and veal dishes. Mcali ?j,° ,,3 es - %'w '""rT" -beer. veal. pork and lamb-isji^aC^'^strc tS be sfir j_ IJ "l« *I'H boilinff sailed water. ;a home " "'' 8 ™ ul " 1 mcat •I.D-TU1E HUNGAK1AN DESSEKT-CI,«. u iate almo^rtHT a r/cli treasure. >i ciip'f" 1 ' 1 illto almost type hand-operated nut and melt over hot, not hoiling, rotary u electric) heal egg whites until stiff hut not dry: FIRST GRADE FAMOUS BRAND TOP QUALITY POTOMAC FRUIT Corner Frederick and Centre Sts. met Phone PA-4-0234 mixture. Turn:ahead of lime; in this case round layer-cake pans will have lo store it in the , t indies in diLimcicn; erator until serving time If •cms by greasing but-'follow our method, mix the apri- ,!.',°. t . U ,"" s Wllh w:ixt ' (l «" Preserves uiiil brandy ,»• ,•„,„ .-™»rfig paper. Bake^lavuring-well ahead so (he (wo . , • - —- "-••• ••„„ - uc^iee.M oven i> lo flavors have time to mellow to- through a food chopper using the;;" 0 "unules, ur until tcirten sur- gether. fine blade. Wilh rotary bealer;^"-'" s l»'i'ii! back when Inudinl, (hand or electric), heal 'logeiher'''^''^-Jum out on cuoliii!' racks! Choose bottom or top round the eau yolks and susar inilil;•'""' slri f off I>a;ier. For sarnislijwhen you are planning to braise thick and lemon-colored. Meas-! me " t'siiiaitiinij ('.i cup) chou>-'h<-'ef. ure ra cu|) of the chocolate pieeci-j latc P^'ccs over hot, ;»)( boilin First time in coffee history! TOTAL VALUE raler or o, n« o ng . water. Dip one end of each of thej , . water; .stir into e«g-yolk mix- 24 almond.'; reserved for (lie »ar-' lure with hrcad crumbs and grat- nis1 ' into lllc chocolate and place' ed almonds. With clean rotary un w ^-^i'(J paper; refrigerate to' (Any melted chocolate left- be refrigerated tightly - covered container, then' melted and used another lime.i; Put cake together with Filling] and Frosting; insert almonds! I i(chocolate-dipped ends down).in' 'circles in (op of cake. Makes 10 servings. FfLLliYG AND FROSTING Ingredients: \'. cup of apricol preserves, rum or brandy flavor- jing, 1 <i cups heavy cream. 2 teaspoons instant coffee, sugar. Method: Stir the rum or brandy flavoring (to taste) into the apri-' | cot preserves. Add tiie instant: coffee to the cream: with rotary' beater (hand or electric) heal cream until almost stiff. Gradually beat in sugar lo taste— | from I to 5 tablespoons. Spread' apricot preserves over lops of, 2 layers of the cool cake; top with some of Die whipped cream; put together. Top wilh third lay- : er and spread wilh remaining cream. TESTfXG .VOTE When we prepared and served, this torle it was much enjoyedl .by all our tasters. We made the! | take layers in (he moinin., icooled them and then covered jtliem tightly. The layers can ,bc handled carefully but gingerly 'without damage. -Just before the. torte was to be served as a dinnertime dessert, we put the ;layers together with the filling and frosting. But you can, of course, fill and frost the cake BLUE RIBBON ARE ALWAYS- FRESH and ^>-v Your Friendly grocer will order Schmidt's Blue Ribbon rolls £or you if you ask him to. I£ you want FRESHNESS and SOFTNESS buy Schmidt's Blue Ribbon rolls. THEY'RE SLICED READY T© SERVES DELIVERED FRESH DAILY TO YOUR FRIENDLY GROCER BY BAKERS OF SCHMIDT'S BLUE RIBBON BREAD! Balanced for just ihe right rise in the mixing bowl; balanced far lhat final rise to uniform, light and airy flavor in ihe oven. USE THIS ONE NOW! y|l« mc^S?^''Z^ ifc^,,..^rffcS:,7r-^.—/ BfA S |SK ,_•;•""" gr&r, -..« w 1 & - ' ; "' € v -::- ".*?-*£•>£*'.•!" THESE ON NEXT 2 f/ PURCHASES 3 valuable coupons have hccn mailed to your home. Each saves 15c on a large jar of Instant Chase & Sanborn. Take the one to your jjrocer now. Enjoy a Flavor 13re;ik! You'll be glad you've got two more coupons to use on your next two hirge jars. Redeem your I-coffee coupon now! 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