Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on November 29, 1967 · Page 3
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 3

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1967
Page 3
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By REGLVA GRAVES Alter the Lions won the bi- district game Thursday, enthusiasm reached an all time high. The Brownwood Lions will play the Dumas Demons in Arna- rillo Saturday at 7:30 p.m R. E. Warren announced it v/ould be possible to get a special train to Amarillo if a minimum of 500 people could ride it. The train tickets will cost $10 for students and SH.SO for aclulls with nn additional 40 rents for a bus to and from the stadium in Amarilln. BROWNWOOD public schools will be dismissed at 3 p.m. on Thursday. There will be a general faculty meeting for a discussion of school evaluation at 3:20 p.m. in the BHS auditorium. Guy T. Smith, superintendent of the Brownwood schools, will be in charge of the meeting. Teachers from all Brownwood schools will attend the meeting. THE BUS DRAMA class will present "Dinny and the Witches" to Howard Payne College Monday. The play was directed by James Harris from Howard Payne, who is student teaching at BHS this semester. , 198? §ft6WNW$65 McCarthy: Hero or Villain W f / -"- v .• tSaf", i-W^T" f Students in the drama department are now studying a series of taped interviews. The tapes consist of actors telling annul acting. The speakers oh the tapes include Helen Hayes. John CHei- gud. Sidney Poiticr, Jose Ferrer, and Bert Lalif. These tapes are a forerunner to ofher plays which will be presented by BHS students. I'UTUnr, HOMKMAKtiKS of Amerirn held a style show Tuesday during their Hub meeting, Girls participating in the show included Carol Sayies, Mary Beth Bucy. Connie Glass. Chcr- ita Dossetl, Debbie Sprinkle, Cindy Bowers, Linda Green and Lynn Garner. 1 Also. Marian Harriss, Becky Slayton. Beverly Donley, Paula j Nofris. Karen Gamblin, Pat {Jones, Lydia Jamar, Vicki Cunningham, Susan Barber, Nan ! Seward, Kalhy Allen and Di- ; I anno Dunn. ; I ; TODAY STUDENTS received; their report cards [or the sec-1 i ond six weeks of school. Mon-; day began the third six weeks | which will end near Christmas, i THE RESULTS of the pre-j I liminary scholastic aptitude' © 1967 by NEA, Inc.^" / "Never mind that stuff— gimme your CREDIT CARDS!" tests are in the counselor's office. These tests were taken by juniors and seniors early this year. FUTURE TEACHERS of America made plans during their club meeting today to sponsor a bake sale. The sale will begin on Monday and continue through Friday. Many different types of pastry will be sold in the morn- ing, before school, and during the lunch hours. CHOIRS OF all elementary schools, Brownwood High School Brownwood Junior High School. Brownwood High School band and Brownwood Junior High ; School band are preparing for the joint Christmas program ; to be presented Sunday afternoon, Dec. 17, in the Brownwood Coliseum. 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Watching l?QUSl9ir cage, ' *14 95 NO INTEREST Ofc CARRYING CHARGE fcy HAttrtY KELLY Associated PrdSi Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - ft looked as if the campus intellectual had descended from the ivory lower to find himself star of the pep rally. In the center of a crowd of sign-waring students stood a | handsome middle-aged man whose gray hair was neatly trimmed and whose tall frame wore a conservatively dark suit and vest. The tnan: Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy, 51, Democrat and senior senator from Minnesota, dissenter oh Vietnam, challenger of President Johnson and overnight hero of legions of war' protesters. | And the students brandished j (heir hand-lettered signs reading "Young America founts on Sen. McCarthy"..."Draff McCarthy; Hump .Johnson" ..."Riin, Baby, Run" during a recent campus visit by the Minnesotan. McCarthy is expected to announce Thursday whether in-j deed he will run—whether hei will enter Democratic primaries in a "personal confrontation" with Johnson over the war and thug take the issue to the people. > In the sound and fury over his challenge of the President's Vietnam policy, McCarthy has been portrayed as hero and vil- .lain. i Critics have accused him of; i everything from bitterness and j i gross party disloyalty to seeking ; publicity to better the sales of his book, "The Limits of Pow- er," and to ifrcfease the fees for his lecture touts. Friends and supporters see him risking his political neck to force a referendum by primary on the war and of providing a rallying poifit for dissenters— the'kind of dissenters who, as one fan put it, "don't wear beards, who do take baths atid who don't write four-letter words oh walls." McCarthy—who, one writer observed, could "kid his way through the judgment gates"— is not the most likely figure to be at the center of such a fuss. He has been variously labeled as brilliant but detached, moral hut cynical, philosophic but bored. He is a Roman Catholic, a forTner professor and an intellectual. He does not assault windmills. Where most politicians prefer the heavy, easily tmderstood strokes of a broadsword in verbal combat. McCarthy uses the rapier tipped with irony. Although McCarthy serves on three of the Senate's most prestigious committees—Foreign Relations, Finance and ethics- he is not a member of the Senate's inner circle of power. Despite his 19 years in the House and Senate, many colleagues consider him a loner. He does not fit into handy patterns. In other days, President Johnson said of his fellow Democrat: "Gene McCarthy is the kind of man, as we say in the ranch Eugene McCarthy . . . war critic country of Texas, who will go to the well with you That's a homely way of saying you can count on him in dark days or bright ones." Some feel the LBJ Ranch well water turned bitter in 19(54 when the President left McCarthy hoping he would choose him as his running mate—then tapped McCarthy's fellow Minnesotan, Hubert H. Humphrey. McCarthy's Vietnam dissent was not a flip-flop. In January 19Pi> he was one of 17 Senate Democrats who urged Johnson to prolong the bombing lull. But his dissent appeared to escalate after 1ft Aufulit JflfiB* ing by the SeMte f fireifft Kill* tions committee, there Uftdsf* secretary of State Kictidte Kab zcnbach insisted President Johnson had authority 16 ta8 what has beeri done in Vietnam even without the cofUfbVifsill Gulf of tonkin resolution; McCarthy left the heafiftg flfid said to a reporter he met ifi thl hall: "This is the wildest testimony 1 t ever heard, there is fid limit to what he says the President can do. There "is only ofle thiflf to do—take it to the country," The implications are Wide, not only for President Johnson, but in the divided party ranks Ifl McCarthy's and Humphrey's Minnesota. As McCarthy's dissent bd* came more vocal last month Humphrey, one of the adminis* tration's chief apologists, fft- porlcdlv had a talk with him about it. Humphrey is said to have asked: "Are we talking as friends, Gene, or are we still friends?" Still friends, McCarthy reportedly replied. McCarthy's intimates say there is more than a war between Johnson and the man who once would go to the well with him. (Classified Ads Make And Save You Money County Records (EDITOR'S NOTE: Jim Lee Brown charged with DWI in County Court Nov. 22, Is not the Jim Lee Brown of UOO Seventh St. 35th DISTRICT COURT Jo« Dlbrell, Judge Presiding Sandra D. Pounds vs. Bobby Jo« Pounds, suit for divorce. JUSTICE COURT Ernest Cadenhead, Judga Presiding David Martinez charged with rape, ' case dismissed on Nov. U at request of dlslrlcl attorney. Carlos Roblcs, charged with rape. Raymond Perez, charged with rape. Alfred Cadcna charged with rape. Howard Marlowe, doing business as Brownwood Dodge, vs. Lawrence e. McClanahan, suit on balance of account, $87.77 and all court costs. State of Texas vs. Wesley Grant, Brownwood, suit on suspension of driver's license. COUNTY COURT William 0. Breedlove, Judge Presiding Virgil Cullen Long charfled with DWI. Billy Gene Patterson charged with DWI. Verle Ford charged with abandonment °'Kenneth"'Hazzlett and Bruce Pollock charged with theft over *5 and under $50. MARRIAC6 LICENSES Barney Bill Westerman, 24, Brownwood, and Frances Vonnett Gardner, 18, Brown- DPS Promotion Goes to Gossett AUSTIN (AP) - The Department of Public Safety's regional commander at Midland, Maj. Leo Gossett, has been promoted to chief of criminal law enforcement for the department. Maj. E. K. Browning, Austin, whose promotion from captain also was announced Tuesday, will succeed Gossett as commander of the West Texas region. Gossett's new job was established by the legislature this year to allow closer coordination of various statewide crime control efforts. A Pearsall native, Gossett joined the department as a patrolman in 1949. He became regional commander at Midland in 1962, Col. Homer Garrison Jr., director, announced these other promotions: Ranger St. James E. Riddles, Austin, to captain, filling the vacancy created by the death of Capt, Jim Paulk, Lubbock. Highway Patrol Lt, C. L. Russell, Beaumont, to captain, filling the vacancy created by Browning's promotion. Sgt. Joe White, Corpus Christ!, to inspector of the motor vehicle inspection service, Ranger Jim Ray, Tyler, to sergeant. Highway Patrol Sgt. Ira Dees, El Paso, to Highway Patrol lieutenant. Three patrolmen were prompted to Rangers-flyman Block, Beaumont; Robert Fa* for, gaird, and Robert Mitchell, geant t Mason, ArowUlP. fa inspection ser« Richard V. Maylleld, 17, Brownwood, and Peggy Jean Michael, 19, Brownwood. Trueft Rltchee Moore, '?, Brownwood, and Cherry Annelte Nobles, 19, Brownwood. Thomas Lance Cranberry, 21, -Brownwood, and Linda Fay Segrest. 31, Bangs. Alan Hershel West, 19, Mineral Wells, and Gall Lavonne Randall, W, Brownwood. Billy Jesse Wiley, 36, Brownwood, and Esther Mae Waters, 34, Brownwood. Samuel Lee Wade, 26. Coleman, and Betty Jean Mlchell, 22, Coleman. Leslie Leon Chambers, 21, Cross Plains, and Ruby Kay Shirley, 23, Cross Plains. Richard James Jackson, 23, Bangs, and Gay Nell Hyer, 25, Rolan. J. W. West, 39, Brownwood, and Jewel Lee Gebhart, 42, Brownwood. Otto Baxter Keeton, 65, Brownwood, and Mildred lone Mann, 46, Brownwood. Larry George Duncan, 19, Brownwood, and Claudia Faye Sheppard, 19, Brownwood. Lonnle Mearl Crouch, 72, Fort Worth, and Sandra Jeannle Miller, 25, Brownwood. Gene Edward Coulter, 31, Brownwood, and Sidney Elizabeth McClure, 26, San Antonio. Donald Royce Roberts, 23, Lubbock, and Sue Ann Long, 20, Brownwood. TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR L. D. Richardson, Brownwood, Fort pickup. Walter Mosler, Brownwood, Plymouth. Brownwood Independent School District, Plymouth. Leonard Stansbury Jr., Brownwood, Pontlac. Nell McClain, Blanket, Ford. Terry J. Hammond, Brownwood, Ford. R, O. Matthews, Brownwood, Cadillac. Clyde and Ethel Brawley, Chevrolet pickup. Russell D. Weller, Brownwood, Chew rolet. Warranty deeds Robert C, Weaver, secretary of urban housing and development, acting by and through the Federal Housing Commission, to Walter Walske and wife, Lot 2, Block A of So. Oaks Addition to the Town of Brownwood, $12,500. George 0. Cooke and wife to Lester C. Bowers, land In Brown County, $10. Marlon A. Reed and wife to Martin L. Lehnls III and wife. Lot 3, Block 7 of Third Addition to Bluflvlew Estates, $10 aoc. Lonnle Robert Nelson and wife to William H. Bell, land In Frances Hunt Survey No. 18, aoe. William W. Bell to Lonnle Robert Nelson and wife, Lot 11, Block B of Eastover Hills, a part of the Frances Hunt Survey, $10 aoc. Henry T. Coleman and wife to William Early Irlck, land In Brown County School Land Survey No. 365, $10 aoc. C, L. Malhews and wife to Glynn B. Wooldrldge, Lot 28 In Block B of Coody Addition to the Town of Bangs, $10 aoc. George A. Day to Donald F. Wright, Lot 7, Block 17, Morningslde Addition, $10 aoc. Southern Savings and Loan Assn. 1o' J. W, Paduh and wife. Lots 1, 2, 3 and 9, and part of Lot 4 In Greber's subdivision to the Northwest part of Block 4 of Coggln Park Addition to th« City of Brownwood, $10, Glenn A. Clark and wife to Katie J, Smith, Lot 3, Block J of Bennett and Forbess Subdivision of the D. J, Jons? Survey No, 56, $10 aoc. • C. Q. Pavls Jr. to Don Magness, Lot 4 of the Taber Addition to the City of Brownwood, $10 aoc, Danger of Fires Shifts to South BATON ROUGE, l&. (AP) State forester James Mixon says the danger of forest fires — like the one that jumped from Texas across the Sabine into the Jx>g- ansport area — has shifted from the northern to the southern part of the state- Mixon said, Tuesday that 151 Hres burned 3,§95 acres of woodland in ^southwest and southeast Monday. SAVINGS *N» LOANS OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT AND £ARN t SfNERQUS DJVJDIND-MUB QUARTERLY 1 **sl» IOANS fWSONAUOANS 10 HIT, M/M C* UM80H SWTHWN SAVINCSI IOAN i • ' < A*«AJIIA«IAkl V ' - ' LET PENNEY'S BE YOUR SANTA! ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY REDUCED THRU SATURDAY! Gaymode 'brushed' blend sleep fashions delight her! GOWNS, RES, $4 3.19 rest te gtvt„», even b&tfer te gtH Babysat gewns pajamas gf fery$b§d acetete/nyfon redy?fd e§p§cfal!y te glvt Santa's feydpt cj ferggkj Sygry ens beasti Permsy's j?acsly§iyt Ssymesif^ |gk§J««thot ttlls y&y, and her, that,,) cfcsyt them h tht vtry nfceft, Tb» fsferlsi§ th? jwttar ta'ssrt. f ~3?&3$\ for, » »the Jrlmi §f' Sewns loiijts XI, XXI, MS, 4SO.,, .„,, : CMi|ft!.Y«wi'- 8ay ^ •, «?wpiqpqp!«B^s»sTre?«p? i T ff T*' w ¥^vw • J -. - • > -- .-•. > * -. >«^-" , ,,-•• < , •, r --,,-,, >,-„? >' . ; f ' , "-• j.". -,, ,, >-.,•<, .*-<.,!'":/%3 ^ .^^r-Hsia ^ ^ r $nh^«T< V^^J*", *"*,*, ">"f " 't I', \ i'3-f •"*'"•',_<""' -. - I/'- -;'^'~' ':• '•''•," ' "' . r ,' ' " "-, ; * '!' > ''•• '' , ' .'•',., f ''•',' -y ' \ -. .; -. . ^; • '-"_,, ',•••' r/^f^lffK

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