Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 13, 1947 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 13, 1947
Page 6
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i-ft** , Pft*n|»a tit**, , Jtttife 13, l§4t exas Today fcy JACK , Associated press Staff • Thirty-one years ngo on a Friday the thirteenth Young Jimmy Spear.s W&S Wrking on his father's farm. Things went wrong all day. !F"irst,.ti teatn ran away. A plow was smashed and a horse killed. Young Spears narrowly escaped injury. Then his father told him to fchop cotton. The boy broke four hoes in a row. "Son," said the father, "get the hell to the house and go to bed." • .Jimmy Spears did. And lie's followed that sage advice every Friday 13th since then except twice, when he carelessly forgot the date, went to work—and got in trouble. ^ Once when he violated the go-to- bed advice he paid a fancy price for some hogs. Lnlcr, every one of them died of cholera. The second time he worked on Friday 13th a piece of equipment collapsed and Spears escaped by the skin of his teeth. Jimmy Spears today is 47 years old. Me lives near Hillsboro. and works for the Itasca Cotton Manufacturing Company at Itasca. When a Fri'day 13th rolls around, he simply tells his foreman two days before the jinxrd date that he won't be back to work for a couple of days. The foreman understands. The two days arc necessary because if Spears went to work on the j Leavss Prom a Correspondent's Life Noie Book BY HAT, BOVLE LOS ANGELES— f.<P>— Footnotes CHIW It O Jt:iU.-> ninu ^ >.v*n- "*. v..~ ! V.,,..-. second shift of the 12th. he. would on Hio fo ks ou,, h«e Phone Ask me about my business M8 or 47 have to start home after midnight on the 13th. He's so serious about not doing a thing on the 13th that he won't even cook. He. says if he tried it. he'd probably burn the house down. So his nephew. Bennie Beartlen with whom Spears lives, brings the three meals to his bed. HP fears the Jinx so thoroughly that he worries about people having birthdays on Friday 13th. He considers them very unfortunate individuals. So at midnitrht last night red- faced, red-headed, unrnnrried Jimmy Spears went to bed—to stay there until Saturday 14th. He'll sleep, and rend, and play with his doe Spot. But you can bet your bottom dollar place. he won't leave the You have to be odder than ocid to attract attention in Southern California, which admits it has more than its share of screwball 1 ;. On one crowded street corner I sa\v an elderly man with a face like Walt Whitman and a beard like Santa Glaus ' He was hatless and clad in a pair of slacks and wore his short open at the neck. \Vhr,t made me pause and stare, however, were his big pink feet — sans shoes, sans stockings. I am still country enough to think it unusual to see n man standing bare- fooled on a street, corner at, high noon, but nobody else gave him a, second ulance. He was "just another character" in a Umd whore thev say, "we've pot 'em all." He'd have to pass out dollar bills to get any attention St&fe&LANCES OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK SIMMONS Grocery & Market We have what you want — or will get H for you! 1213 Alcoclc Borgcr Illway Phone 1713 Gov. Jester Studies Bill to Prohibit Secondary Strikes AUSTIN—f/T't—Oov. Beaiiford H. Jester continued his study today of a hill to prohibit secondary strikes which 1ms been cm his desk since the Legislature adjourned. Yeslrrrlny the Governor indicated I h<> would net on the measure within ! the next few ttoy.s. He stild there. ' was a finestk>n involved as to whcth-1 in this world more, than half n hundred years. That's n IOIIR time. TUit I never smoked or had a drink In my life. And I expect I'll live It was past midnight in n small lunchroom off Spring Street. It was crowded with people whose faces bore the vacuous tirerl look people get late at night fitter too good n time. One shabbv old lady with thin i gray hsiir and dirt creares in her nec'k that stood nut, like a mud- j filled waffle sat alone sipping hot I coffee from n cup lightly gripped I looked disdainfully at the other latej niifick-grabbere--slnnprs all in her rye. 1 '—ancl mumbled In a loud monoione: "I wns born in IB83. I been living cor*, wr ev HE* novice, me. T. M. nee, u. s. PAT, off. 8V CALBRAITH |,J, ft»,» f «!lHI flu T»k«» Japin LAKE SUCCESS— UF> — Russia ch&tged today that the American- controlled Japanese government was "closing its eyes to Fascist activities" and tlmt the "old Japanese military ^^ A ft* Sttffet ft fife charge tfetegfcte vit" SlOtl 0? tll<5 c, „,the U. N. C«fhiW«8l<Sft Bh.Staman flights. Koretsky sftid the Soviet press was particularly Interested in how Democracy was working In Japan because the Japanese constlCution Mofof 6! tn Ke safe! th6 '"old Jftpftn6s6 lMil» tftry cllqu6" Was fcrttfitthfr pdlitk-ftl leaders and demonstrators. This military 'tfrollp, he d«?cl4f%d, were ''wolves in sheep's clothing." The Pajnpa Netvs Waftt Ads "After all I went through to finish high school, wouldn't you think thev'd at least out me at the 2f5-cent counter? ' Labor Bill penally provided in the bill onflicted with the penalty provided for a similar offense in a bill passed previously.* Jester also indicated that he would give a decision the first of another fifteen years too." Nobody, paid any attention to her but. th<? counterman. next week on a House bill which "You're a good girl. Mary," .. .. .. ... ...!._ .,i .. «.ltl»:», poirt "Kttf *«r\\t f t»rt tollMllrr ^ nf\ IVMll We Sell Beer! Every Day and On Sundays! By the Case or by the Bottle To Go. 1 p. m. to 12 p m. Also Open Sunday Nights Dancing Starts 7:30 p. m. SOUTHERN CLUB would allow "wet" precincts within "dry" counties. He said he had received a deluge of telegrams and letters both for and against the bill. "Both sides have really turned the heat on," he commented. Jester said he had received a number of communications concerning his noproval or disapproval .of a bill which would outlaw fraternities and sororities in public high schools. Another unsigned bill which has aroused public interest is one which would require county commissioners to raise the salaries of employes in comities of 60,000 to 190,000 population. At liis press conference yesterday Jester said he had signed a bill which changes' the name of the Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission to the Texas Employment Commission. The agency will continue its operation as in the past, A sii usage made from soybean and skim milk, formed the mainstay of the German Army diet timing the recent war. said, "but you're talking loo much." "Yep. and I'm going to keep right on talkintr." she said, and went back to her coffee. Hard time", in Hollywood haven't, cut out all (.he studio cocktail par- tics. I went to one the other night at, which the guests were invited to biing ice skates, It was thrown by Samuel Gold- vyn on the set of his picture, "The Bishop's Wife " Everybody came but Ooldwyn. The guests were more interesting ,hat the movie stars. One lady xportcd a monocle. I remember also 'lie young man who wore a scotch lif/hball in his right hand and kept •unning his left hand through black •inglcts that cascaded behind his ars like oil flowing down a wash- joard. He said desperately over and over: "I've only been In love once in uy life, and I'd like to see. what it's like again." HELLO FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS I have not had the opportunity, as yet, io greet all my old iriends and customers personally. I take this opportunity to say frankly that I am glad to he hack in Pampaand to be associated with the Frank Dial Tire Co, CLIFF B. A'JSMUS Now Associated With Fnnifur TCIftf VIUF rn IK Ami UiilL llllti tu 300 N. Cuyler Phone 44 U. S. Tires & Batteries Texaco Products FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS SERVICE Mystery (Conllnued From I'tico 1) McDaniel erected a temporary outdoor pen with a long strip of chick- n wire, bolstering it with two-by- 'ours and stakes. After several trategic moves on our part, man- uvering from one end of the pen o another, lying prone, kneeling, squatting and doing other varieties of contortions the above picture vas taken. McDaniel said he intended to take ,he coon to the Reel River, near Le- 'ors, Monday night and release ihn. The coon was to"p wild to be <ept as a pet, and besides. McDanel would have had to secure a per- nit to keep the animal. In addition ,o that, the coon partook of a little valor during his captivity, but reused food of any kind including some nice juicy meat. / There, Dr. Purviance is the story. One of the first coons ever on record to be trapped insid<; the city iinlls Invaded townsmen's property and Btole chickens. As far as we con learn B'rer Coon never even offered Childress or any of his family a bite. There are no signs cither of his getting acute indigestion as a due reward for his sinful deeds. (Continued From Pace 11 quircmcnt that workers Involved in a contract dispute vote secretly on accepting their individual employer's last settlement offer, as stated on the ballot. The reasoning here is that If a substantial number of workers voted to accept the final offer, the union would have no basis left for continuing negotiations for a better offer. 4. A provision limiting payroll deductions for union dues after July 1, 1948, to workers who have submitted individual authorizations to the employer, could force wholesale cancellation of contracts—such as the vital two-year agreement of the CIO-steelworkers. The analysis says that while contracts may call for continued dues check-off, the Supreme Court has held that when a major section of a contract falls, the entire agreement may be re-opened. 5. Maintenance of union membership could be destroyed by the provision holding that a union can force an employer to drop an unwanted member only for non-payment of clues. The labor attorneys contend if enough dissident union members were involved in a given plant the union, powerless to expel them, might find itself unable to enforce its own contract. This, in turn, cou,ld lead to an open shop, or one in which the union would not have the dominant voice over workers. Aerial Weapons Research Slated •WASHINGTON— (JP)— The House Appropriations Committee today posed a $43.449,000 fund for research in aerial weapons after hearing that potential foes might "jump at us" if they ever get air superior- at us' ity. The committee' recommended the appropriation for use by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics during the fiscal year starting July 1. It would be a $12,736.000 increase over the amount granted last year. Committee report said research in such weapons-as guided missies and planes of unprecedented speed is essential to national security. Jerome C. Hunsaker. chairman of the advisory group charged with coordinating the government's research work, said during the hearings the United States .would be "in a splendid position" ir war broke out now, but added: . "Our aircraft are not obsolete today because no one else has any bette. but the seeds of obsoles- cense from an engineering point of view are already apparent . . .1 am speaking now for legislation to keep us out in front.' Much of the testimony at the hearings was so secret that it was stricken from the public record. U. N. Meeting (Continued From Patte l) v Principal points of the Soviet, plan, as set forth by Russian deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyokp, were injection of the issue of atomic energy and the question of elimin- ating'troops on foreign soil. Gromyko, In presenting his plan, said that "networks of military, naval and air bases" were stationed in many countries by foreign powers and the. commission should see that such personnel and facilities were withdrawn. The Unite:! Stales and Britain contend that this item has nothing to do with the problems of arms reduction. Russia is UiRlstUiR that atomic weapons must lie o'utlawsd before the United Nations proceed to reducing other armaments. Infants usually prefer bright, warm colors and show a strong liking for yellow, red and white. Wm. T. Fraser & Co. The 1NSWIANCE Men Autumottilo, Cniniicnsatluit, Flro and Liability Insurance 113 W. Klngsmill Phone 1044 Bus Strike SotlB tOLKS keep many kinds of laxatives on hand. They i nclude weak, mild, ttrong and harsh types for different members of the family. Actually, all you need a «* single bottle of new, improved ADJ.ERJKA, the EUULV IAXATIVB. It's a scientifically compounded Tone-Up laxative originated by a doctor.;. works quickly, but gently, to move waste through the digestive tract. Stimulates sluggish intestinal muscles equally well for youngsters or older people. Try it and you will learn why over 20,000,000 bottles have been sold. Caution: use only as directed. ADURIKA TNI TONI-U* L A X A T I V I PAMPA MONUMENT CO. Cemetery Memorials ED FOHAN, Owner 601 E. Harvester Phone 1152 (Continued From Pago 11 busses completed their runs ut 5 a.m. GST. The St. Louis Public Service Company, in addition to providing ser- yicc In St. Louis proper, serves most of its suburbs. The strike vote came after union members had unanimously rejected the company's offer to sign a new wage contract o the basis of a decision made last Tuesday by an arbitration board. The Missouri Legislture recently enacted a bill which prohibits strikes against public utilities and authorizes the governor to seize and operate utilities in cases of actual or threatened strikes. The governor has signed the bUl but it does not become effective until September. OUR Congratulations J. G. DANIELS MOTOR CO. A FINE NEW HOME" LUMBER GALBRAITH Electrical (Continued From I'URB I ) were concerned. Jones and Pepin will move into the drafting rooms hi City Hall where all engineering work and inspection work will be done from now on. The Wednesday afternoon battle in the City Commission Room brought out one factor that the Electrical Examining Board c\id not know. The electric ordinance, in referring to the board, said their duties shall be to examine all potential electrical contractors to determine whether they are qualified to do business in Pampa- The section stopped there and gave no other duties to the board. However, under the description of the duties of the electrical Insector it states that where a controversy appears over an inspection, the inspection shall then be passed on to the electrical board for review Sand final acceptance or rejection. An R. C. A. Jone} Bros. 'Produc* lion! W Roughest HorieJ— Wildest tulll— r Fail«sl Calves—Best Cowboys! V Buss Cotson and Family, Holly' wood, Colif., featuring Trick Horitt—Fancy Ridina, ond Rop. ing! ^Colorful Paradt pnd Texai ~No1oblei! ADM.: Adults, $1.25; Childrtn, 50c; Bon Souls, 50c Eilrg, AMAK'l'O FUR STORAGE SAFE COLD PHO June Parade of Values REG. 1.39 WORK SHIRTS Sanforized eharabray, won't shrink over 1%. Sizes !4 1 /4 to 17. 1 Reg. 39c Men's Slack Hose Of rayon In fancy patterns . . . lights and darks. Sizes 10 to 13. _ Reg. 2.19 Band Overalls Sanforized 8 -or,, denim . . . built for hard wear. Sizes from 38 to 42. 1 77 REG. 3.50 WHITE SHIRTS They're sanforized, have non- j wilt collars. Sizes from 14 Ms . to 17. * DEO. 2.29 SLIPS).. Soft Pastel Colon! Of lustrous rayon satin iu blue, jiink, while, maize, Lace trimmed. 32 to 40. MEN'S COOL "T" SHIRTS Of fine cotton with a crew neck . . « shore sleeves S-M-L. 63c Reg. 2.39 Covert Pants Sanforized 8-oz. covert ytt» x l97 double seams, strong: tacks. r REG. 35c ANKLETS REG. 1.98 SPORT SHIRTS Boys' sport shirts ill atlrac- tire plaids; sanforlted. 1 Of sturdy, reinforced cotton with turndown cuffs . ; . ribbed tops! 6H-10W- REG. 1.98 POPLIN HATS Water-resistant! Smart stj"l« •/* with stitched brim, self band. 1 9x12 Heavyweight Wardloeum No finer felt base at Wards f)95 _ . , — *. it* _i W ^ ^^ low price! florals! New tiles and 8 PRICE SLASHED! RAG RUGS Bought to sell at 1.89. multicolored, washable, cotton! 24x48". I 6-Way Flopr Lamp Reduced! Heavy, well-styled metal biuel f|95 in bronze finish. Kayonllf shade. . *" Sturdy Walker-Stroller Hardwood and- metal con- stvuclion . . . handy and comfortable! 8 49 REG. 5.95 LAWN^CHAIRS AH metal, attractive enamel finish, • while SALE! WALL COVERING ._ WardsprijitedEriamo-Wall! *'* ' '" Beautify walls now; at great savings! Looks; cleans like tile! 4H' wide. Reg. 35c Curtain Materials All white or colored dots ' against sheer marquisette. All 40* 39" wide. MWV Reg. 2.49 Tailored Pairs Of sheer, light-Inviting; cot- , 1911 marquisette. Each side, O. 33"l£l". Mm • '; ' ' '' ' W^B Sale! Auto Scat Cushion Buy! now, save! Attractive leatherette with plai4 fiber insert. pr. 936 CURTAIN MATERIALS Snowv'wliit*! Flufly dot^! All of crisp, sheer marquisette}. Make your own lovely curtains, now—save! Sale] Super Bam Paint Water-rwlstant, faOeprwf. A39 Gallon covers 400 94, ft., two A Gal. eoate! m ^^jfr ^W Miff ^W^^W ^^^^^ , < LONGWEAR SHEETS Size 81x99 ^^^m W^^^B ^^P 5 ^» |^HVU ' " -7; ','••£ V' > '•», *; "-i-i •£,.'>- '< N. " ' .rf.,,.

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