The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 24, 1969 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1969
Page 6
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fttftaan 0tw Friday, January 24. 1969 LITTLE HENRY I EXPECT YOU TO DO A GOOD JOS I •y Art SOMOB THE BORN LOSER By Howl* Schneider EEK AND MEEK i cuess SOME OOGHTA STICK-TO »HELtO, THERE''/ BUGS BUNNY By Ralph Helmdohl HUWWY UP } I'M POIM' WITM A1Y / TH' BEST I SHOE; ,ACAN,FUPPSY.' IT'S MOPE OF A JOB THAN I FIG6ERSP.' LOOK , OWWj TOE.' YOU CLUMSY WASCALJ MY TOE IS SWELLING SO MUCH I WON'T BE ABLET TO MY SHOE SIAAMER DOWN, ELMER.' I'LL SEE THAT YA SET HOME! YEE LUCKY I HAP SOME ) BOOTS LEFT OVER FROM ^ PUCK HUNTIM' SEASON.' HI AND LOIS By Mart Wdker and Die Browne DIP VDU TELL CHIP TO COME IN AND GET BUSY ON HIS HOMEV\ORK? ICTANT, DAD. ^ I'VE GOT TO STUDY FOR A MATH TEST NOW. r CHIP, I WANT YOU TO VACUUM INSIDE THE CAR FOR ME. MR. ABERNATHY By Joaes and Ridgeway O.K., START UP >OL)R MOTOR AGAIN. BEETLE BAILEY By Mort Wafter BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH 5y Fred Lasswefl ALLEY OOP By V. T. HamBu HOW COME VOU DECIDED ( T FIGURED IT'D BUY US TO GO ALONG WITH THIS / MORC TIME.' TH 1 LONGER WE HAVF., THE BETTtZR OUR t P* TH' WAY, I'M GLAD YGOT A \ Y'ASKED ('OR OUR POINT 1. STUFF THERE IF WE FLUNK OUT AS REAUTiriANS, THIS COULD IN HANDY.' ^ MILITARY HEADS in the Nixon administration were named by Defense Secretary- designate Melvin Laird who retained Stanley R. Resor, left, as Army secretary and announced appointment of three-term Rhode Island governor John H. Chafee, center, as Navy secretary, and Dr. Robert C. Seamans Jr., right, as head of the Air Force. TONIGHT ON TV PUSH ANOTHER CHAIR UP TO TH 1 TABLE PER SWEET I'LL GIT RID OF HER IN SHORT ORDER 1! WEIGHT SINCE I SEEN VE LflST- AW'TATER!/ HE'S GITTIW'PURTIER BALLS O'FIRE!! J6ST WHEN WE'RE 'TO EAT SUPPER HERE COMES OL' WAG-TONGUE MELISSV FRIDAY C PM O O ID News (C) O Wtol'a New? — A boy-meets-girl story Voyage to the Bottom ol tfce Set (R) I Love Lucy (R) C:M PM O High Ch«|MUT»l (C) John Cannon risks his life to improve freight and stage service to Tucson 0 Folk Guitar Plus — Chords and a song for trie recorder, banjo, guitar and autoharp 01 Wild, Wild West (C) West's bizarre behavior convinces his friends that he has become another victim of the mind conditioning of the powerful Raven organization; concludes two-part story O) Movie (C) "The Thrill of It All" (1963) Doris Day, James Garner; young marrieds. run into romantic trouble when wifey's TV commercial career makes an on-again, off-again shambles of their marriage . . . good family situation comedy fD Lost In Space (C) (R) Penny becomes involved in a war between the leaders of two alien civilizations 7 PM O Anthology — Tips for high school students planning to go to college (D My Favorite Martian (R) Martin builds a cyclotron in Tim's kitchen to repair his spaceship 7:» PM / O Name of the Game (C) Ivan Dixon plays "The Incomparable Connie Walker," the Negro mayor of a large city who Is deeply involved with corrupt men who plan to use him to gain control of the community; the drama is a pilot for a proposed seri.-s; Dina Merrill guests as a TV commentator O Making Things Grow — Four soil basics for everyday plants (D Gomer Pyle (C) Carter tells Corner he should marry Lou Ann instead of re-enlistini* 83 Man From UNCLE (C) (R) Solo and Illya face the biggest danger'of them all — a marriage-minded ^irl S3 Hizel (C) (R) Hazel strives to improve her vocabulary 8 PM O Book Beat (C) Peter Farb's "Man's Rise to Civilization," a book which probes the 6>epe* roots of human behavior through exploration of the lives of primitive neoples ID Movie (C) "Midnight I--ice" (1960) Doris Day, Rex Harrison, John Gavin, Myma Loy, Roddy McDowall, Herbert Marshall; happily married woman finds terror creeping into her life through obscene phone calls . . . thriller S3 Movie (C) "Girl Happy" (1965) Elvis Presley, Shelly Fabares, Mary Ann Mobley, Gary Crosby, Joby Baker; Easter vacation in Fort Lauderdale with lots of music ... if you like Elvis 8:M PM O The World We Live In — "The Dam Builders" studies ecology by comparing human dam builders and the beaver ID F Troop (R) O'Rourke and Agarn try to buy a pretty girl captured by Indians ID n O'Ctock High (R) A non-combat staff member has exceptional talents as a gunner 9 PM O Star Trek (C) Capt Kirk and Dr McCoy face starvation on a hostile and barren planet and meet a mysterious female enemy who can destroy the human body with a touch; Lee Meriwether guests O German PlayhooM — Sigrid is unsure about her feelings for the playwright and the student ID Judd for the Defense (C) The outcome of Judd's defense of a wealthy young girl on a nobbery charge hinges on privileged information which is not available for his use S.» PM O Shortcut* to Fashion — Applying seamtape to the hem, finishing the kickpleat, putting a sleeve in the jacket; 10 Sign Off 03 Western Star Tbeitre (R) A Supreme Court justice and a U.S. senator meet in a duel which changes California history; 10 Sign Off 1* PM O (D ID NCHTI (C) S) Perry Maxon (R) lt:M PM O Tonight (C) Johnny Carson (D Movie — "I Aim at the Stars" (I960) Curt Jurgen.s, Victoria Shi.*, Gia Scala, James Daly; this Is supposedly the story of Wernher von Braun, the German scientist who worked on the U.S. space program after WWII . . . engrossing but not too authentic ID Movfe (C) "Spiral Road" (1962) Rock Hudson, Burl Ives, Gcna Rowlands; doctor bnttles jungle diseases while trying to conquer his own emotional problems . . . shot In the arm 11 PM ID TV Pirtylln* (C) Gay Hart M:M PM ID New* (C) 12 Sign Off MIDNIGHT O Ne*» (C) «:« Movie — "Front Page Story" (1953) Jack Hawkins; a day in the life of a newspaper editor . . . good; 1:35 Sign Off 12:1* AM ID Movie — "Man Who Turned to Stone" (1957) Victor Jory, Ann Doran; mad scientists Irom 18th century run 20th century women's reformatory because they need women's bodies to keep their eternal life . . . more laughs than screams; 2:05 Sign Off 1:K AM ID Movie — "Night Tide" (19G3) Dennis Hopper, Linda Lawson; young sailor kills girl he loves in night skin diving melee to save his own life, only to learn later she was hypnotized to believe she was one of a group of mysterious sea people who are impelled to kill under the spell of the full moon . . . stlty, teary tragedy; 2:45 Sign Ofl SATURDAY fi AM fD Sunrise Semester (C) Q) Farm Journal 6:30 AM O George Roesner, RFD (C) Ot The Answer (C) IB Casper (C) Cartoons 7 AM O Popeye Theatre (C) Cartoons ID Go-Go Gophers (C) Cartoons ID Adventures of Gulliver (C) T-.SO AM ID Bugs Bunny, Roadninner (C) Cartoons ffl Movie — "Jungle Moon Men" (1955) Johnny Welsmuller; Jungle Jim discovers pygmy moon men 8 AM B Super ( (C) Cartoons 8:30 AM O Top Cat (C) (R) Cartoons ID Wacky Bacea (C) Cartoons 9 AM Q Flintstonea (C) (R) Cartoons ID Archie Show (C) Cartoons O) Spiderman (C) Cartoons 9:30 AM e Banana Splits (C) ID Batman, Superman (C) Cartoons ffi Fantasllc Voyage (C) Cartoons SB Across the Fence 10 AM tD Journey to the Center of the Earth (C) Cartoons S3 TV Partyline (C) Faron Young ' 10:30 AM O t'nderdog (C) Cartoons CD Herculoids (C) Cartoons (B Fantastic Four (C) Cartoons 11 AM O Storybook Squares (C) ID Shazzan (C) Cartoons G) Goorgc of thf> Jungle (C) 633 Country Variety Hour (C) Webb Pierce 11 :M AM O Untamed World (C) ID Jonny Quest (C) (R) Cartoons ID King Kong (C) Cartoons NOON Q Movie—"Tarzan and the Amazons" (1945) Johnny Weissmuller ID Moby Dick, Mighty Mlghtor (C) ID Larry Kane (C) Live £Q Judge Roy Bran (C) (R) Bean and monkey uncover a plot to sell guns to Indians BOOKS THE LAW REVOLUTION By Melvin Belli, Sherbourne Press, Los Angeles, $5.95. Melvin BelU, the San Fran Cisco lawyer, qualified as i South westerner, although he might vehemently deny it, sim ply because of the Jack Ruby case. But beyond that, he is an outspoken although thoughtfu observer of the legal picture. His "The Law Revolution' points up changes that are tak ing place which some lawyers seem to say haven't happened really. Historians of the law can trace some of these changes U the 1880s. But these old case more often than not are simpl> dug up by the Supreme Court to provide authority for th> changes it wants to make." For law must have a basis in the past. "Law" and "revolu tion" are not compatible. Thu the Supreme Court rarely re verses itself." It "discovers law when it wishes to make change. This revolution was forced o the public consciousness durin the school integration troubles Lawyers and newsmen wh knew considerable law frequen 1 ly were shocked or startled b federal court interpretations o Rabbi Wonts To Publicly Recognize 'People Power* By DAN CUFF Associated Press Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Jewish ower! Irish Power! Italiai ower! That's what a rabbi alls for in a tongue-in-cheek tter to the president of Adelphi niversity, where black stu* ents have been seeking more X)wer. Dr. Karl Applbaum, rabbi at Jewish center in Brooklyn, oresees classes in Irish jigs, unch hours with serenades in Yiddish and special days of hon- r of such Italian heroes as Gabaldi. "1 really felt I wanted to >peak out on this subject," Rabi Applbaum said Monday. In fie tetter he asked for: Textbooks that read from ight to left and kosher cafeterias; observance of Murphy Day, O'Brien Day and several other olidays for the Irish; Italian ancing classes and Italian mute. Rabbi Applbaum, 59, presi- lent of the Long Island chapter f the Association of the United tates Army, said his letter to Dr. Robert Olmsted of the Long sland university was sent to lemonstrate the deterioration of American universities. He said there ought to be a 'white curriculum" with 'courses in political science, u'story, sociology, education, iebrew language, Yiddish, Hal ian including all the variations rish brogue, English, Philosophy, art, Israeli dances, Irish igs and Italian dances." Jewish, Irish and Italian in structors ought to be hired to ;each the curriculum, Rabb Applbaum wrote, with hirinj 'not on the basis of qualifies ions but purely on the basis of religion and national origin." The rabbi said that unless his equests were honored within 10 days, Jewish students would oin with "blacks, Italians, rish, French, Russians, German, Austrian and Polish" to march seven times around the luildings of the university" jlowing the Ram's Horn. "The walls of Adelphi will collapse as did the walls of Jeri- ho," he said. The students "ad- ise me that they have a commitment from Israeli Gen. do she Day an that he will lead he marchers.! 1 U:» PM (D Movie— "Mark of the Renegade" (1951) Ricardo Montalban, Cyd Charisse; pirates storm ashore in California, and the Spanish settlers have their hariendas full . . . Western oirate yarn GD Profewlonal Bowlers Tour (C) 1:39 PM O Movie—"Angel and the Badman" H964) John Wayne, Gail Russoll; gunslinger is refoi-med by QuaJter girl . . . superior Western 2 PM ID Run for Your Life (C) (R) (T5 Thumterhirds (C) Puppets 63 Basketball (C) Texas Tech at Baylor 2:15 PM (D Changing Times (C) 2:30 PM ID Sports Calendar fC) 3 PM ID CBS Golf Classic fC) Players to be announced »/ CD French • American Challenge Cup Raco (C) i special I The ABC Sports special from Aspen, Col, features the first direct competition be- ("•rr-n two of the world's foremost ski rncing teams, Franco and the U. S.; the lop five men and women make up each team in the two-day slalom and giant slalom competition; mo segment of the program includes a look at Aspen's night life and some o( skiing's "beautiful people" In th latest ski fashions 03 Movie—"My Pal Trigger" (194t Roy Rogers; cowboy's love for hi horse Is reciprocated . . . true hors opera J:M PM O New Adventures o( Hwhteberr. Finn (C) Tom is poisoned by a jun gle plant and Huck and Becky ar captured by slave traders 4 PM O Wonderful World of Golf (C (D H'orM Series of Tennis (C) ff) Wide World of Sports (C) Hawai ian Big Wave Surfing Championship Ladies Demolition Derby, New Yor (D Movie—"Incredible Strange Crej ture" (1962) Cash Flagg, Caroly Brandt; macnbrc events as iliabol cal night creatures slay carniva dancing girls . . . lock the doors 03 Contemn Rodeo (C) 5 PM O IHvnrce Court (C) ID All-Americsit latent Show (C) ID fling Cro*by Pro-Am Golf Tour n*m«nt (C) Bing Crosby is common lator and host of Ms 28th annun tourney at Pebble Beach, Cali(. ID Ernest Tubb 1C) Music *:M PM O Hunlley-Rrlnkkjr rVews (C) ID R»R«r MwM Nrw* <C> 89 RoJIer I)rrby fC) Bay Bombor vi Midwest Pioneers the law. Then came the two major Su preme Court decisions known a Mirando and Escobedo and th nation howled. Both involved the treatment of persons suspected of crimes. Coddling, it is called. Belli in very clear terms tells what happened. The Supreme Court once would not support Constitutional rights when only a state law was involved. When it began applying the federal Constitution to all regions, a whole new field of law opened. When Belli explains it, it seems incredible that citizens were denied their Constitutional rights simply because thei^iar- ticular state permitted them to be violated. A great many people have urged that Congress overturn some of the Supreme Court decisions. Belli declares that legislation cannot remove certain rights of the people. The lawyer moves into that touchy question, still unresolved, of the Constitutional guarantee of free speech and publication and the guarantee of a citizen's rights to a fair trial. Newsmen and many lawyers contend there is no conflict. But some lawmen, judges and law 1 ers act as if there were. Bell omes up with no solution. Other astute observers take a ifferent viewpoint about the aw resolution not necessarily in onflict with Belli. These say revolution is caused by the upreme Court's new emphasis n protecting people rather than roperty. Belli is expected to go into his in a promised .second book oncerning civil law. 42 Students Enrolled TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Forty-two students have en rolled at Tallahassee Junior Col lege for the fourth class of th Florida inter-American Learn ing Institute. Established under the Flori da-Colombia alliance, FILI i designed to provide basic orien Cation in the English languag and U.S. culture for student who plan to study in this coun try. The 42 students are from Co ombla, Mexico, Republica c China, Iran and Yugoslavia The class is the first to includ students from other than Latin American countries. No matter who examines your eyes . . 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