The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 16, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1897
Page 2
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• i^ •^i^f^W. J ^ 1 »B<wi,-^l-.Ejta.3*&ifcirfjfirV / TIIK DAILY CHKONIOLK, ')> t'll' ftt ttw Marshall, Mtflt., through iln> nm«* nt O* <>*)*» *•. »•*»• S»iliBeri^aon« temVdd at tha olftce of '• •• ^^-SsiiWfe ' • M, 8t»|> ft (Jaickly, lust the Sftate us Mt. ^hftt'les II, itnfTtniin, of 182 - Tea Kyck Street, J set son. F*rom T>rt v «ff ', to ST>0 ficr year .r» will wnd a_ Siloring school in to 'SMFP and «wvtbnll>fe:rkfld w&llTifStiicT ly, Mf8i Witifikiw'a Soothi tot tiliikton tftcttiingr. 01 H. rftiitl, Rpftmts the gu&e, allays all etm>8 wind coHc atid is the boat remedy ' foi -diarrh'iHk T^gnty-flv^ee^ts a boi A « npbject F 6ol!t? for ppvffiil y^are. (JhfttobferJairr'e ChoJ^m and t)Iawhoea Rpmedyli only, sure relief,- It acts ftfeea Ope dosfr of H gives fclief when all frtfl. The IVaohftB Works Gftnm*titCalHtijjr twin ft >1 lui!> Won removpd from the ^ t >it ImiliJhig to tho iref(id«M'o of J. Claj horn, H4 North Eajfht utreotl Watsoii rrcpives daily ohcii^D, no,'u",hi v s honewtly packed, basktlB well tiilod, C'U'detto. t>t due iiti Oil takpiuwnj thp pain of the moat, hum. It is an ideal family hmijwijit. / 1 miirliurt, cholern nod lufnntuui, other cti»rrh<.i v n, <it tutty emin-iefr <o tho little ones are nifiilli hly oun-d by Dr. : Fowler'/ Ext, of Wifil Union Teachers' Agencies of America, - Itcv. I., It. lltf'":*, V. fl. (Vluitngrr. Aur )'<»i v 'X. i".; H'nxliiugkiM. It Ci rill; Hi, Thir.5 , 'r>f T'«>i»llli)«» -lo (> xt f>*w ronutbn, »iii > to Csio-s 'j KAUIKK*. {'a, An n.n' /mid), Kli I'i'iioii l Jiip m fur Ssnila, H«nl Hi-din?. \'->n JJlRln tbrpujth tbe ol'l li ofllx- " —- I*lnml SOO. Hni> . ,,.5»rit<' »\7. .loftur a miuiiiliivitol, fought »ud iH<d, t« tht lilKn!, ttr«ud w>pnt<tji. cool wi-nlhtr; \nw». Oo« ivi-t»Ic with .tuvnls «iin I row SarniJt SI5. KOI fuldemi nir foot HIMIU 'Ipb »irc»t. I)* . fruit, mi) <> T K n^vtit or '/ W. 21,- f*«rku IF ymi have a pnin lii your trntik, Stttp ft . V lame line k, Stop it. I An ftdiing back *'op i^l Do y<ni WtMit to kUtftv Jiow t f>i )U it-ii yort! Iftthf rfrsf, »{««;, ftcvw trj it nd yottm«tf of pa<« wlth<»«i5 Juwwinp tin- ctntac 1 . If pair) or ttchc etlst thor< »„ J"<axsi»>jQ£ Itj^IJnd QUt thi» icftsui- iwl g6t"si,fbpr it- Strike ftiwwe « etif ;low wlfli tin, tight wenptfn, ftikd Its nllit-s 'mhfftfitl flthfg wOI fl<M Itkei cliaff Dcfoi. he wind To gfet -right flown to it, back ,'rftc is iwlU'«t!ver nf kfdft<ty <Hsorriers, " ';•) placotl tlio«' ,by nature; JfWen to III i itfrifM^te nntl tnke tip the wcupoii, etrikj H-Twrfe tligcaae is rdnfotvcd, «wit?i < aMh'i' hat out not lx i ruutctl by 'hand of mnb frt-lr AS BH^M's (ttecoso Let us Introduet <» ygt» this •^'•mponl fcet 115 prove ft» su to fttt-othcrel Itere te a blow i : , Chnrfe* If IS a 6t&tas» or 'Ef cfe S&e&i J»cte(cirv Midi. tK •^1 Iwtfe sniftered tot ttfong tfme from i And 'bladder diBottterivbteh has .m reefed »e inotfiablG trf w*»rk hospital Cor iby complaint ,md discharged from thci* as curefl, bui tht'^otd complaint hna Invarlnbly conn ngdn. Sotfle time ago! toward ,ol .**«—, ftrtfiJ.a'—Jtu- "fcUitt^ , ^A»j.-Jt T. , J. ^. j-j^^j., •>.)»4At-' with most gmtifylng l»rtna)jy complaints wMch bothered rtt* Vt-r t-ry red improved, aiftl th. f suffered in my back has cntireh t-f t mt 1 , my geooraf condition is niticlt S»i f. I would not like to bo Mrkhout KidQtfy Pilts.1 think othcrsshoufc what a valunblo n-imtly ft ia" /For sale by all cltalcts^ prirc 5<) wunta 'Jfnilt'd by Foster-Milburrt Co., Buffalo, K Y.,sole agents forthrT. 8 R^raenk bet ^the name, ftoan 1 *. and take no other. at f.his offlcev job work at low prices done l>on't Wait until <iold •w«>at?}t»r comes, but havo^ that roc»f covered with aebpsttis roofing.' It is only one-half the price of shingles. Anyboilj can put it on BOSLRV'S Hardvcare. 1'ny \(Hir I'ajtes. I will be }it the ottlee of thf JHprndon hot(>l during business hours ut»til further notice, for tho purpose of receiying city taxi's which are now duo. Savo the extra collection fee by paying now. M. S. DfLAVEHCSK, City treasurer. , For Infants and Children. SOUTH What A taut <ti*Alto With Ae c»n bay 160 Bet^-ft of g^otl JJ V 000. Pft^ $400 down; balance in jmyments doc (n 3, 4, Mn<1 ojc-ftrB nt ? f>cr conf. B» can *!«« htt^ KH) choice owes for fStlp anrf 1ft ttqod OoWh for J300. Th« -milk ant! batter from thft cows <vilt pay ( nl| fnrm •and family csp«ti«5«. The incrca«o of sheep nod wool wilt frnJoiKlwi mortpfSRo htttann it is dne', In live years ho wilt have n farm all paid fot niifl ^11 fttwiked. For floccrip Uve liPte find priccft fidilrrmfl It-, P, Itantpr, Agent for South t»akdtn, 2!)"i Ohlrftgo, HI, I have ft, fl^'e flssoflnifnit of <^inary ingors for Jialo, Cait And «PP tliftni. Miss Ktt/Ej< Flvoob, 3>t S. Monroe s^cct. The Place fe j.'o buy fiour, graham, biJltcd meal,cqnH<e mpn), ground fcod, brnn^or middlings Js dote* A o Sot$ ageist; , ta6 Aft^ biipfe Btftte t0<S&niraii; ti'orfe. Kloct^fe'trypU^to. _ Gives dwro^ <>^ 8- B«* M. and Ph, D. LaWftwneis, shbps, i etc« f wfell equipped. For catalogues Eotiihton IJKclliganV ft arm .Property. Inmirat, /" f nni prepared to insuro farrb property, a£ one ppr ebftt for tb,tfle yeArfr in ',\ g0od first clnBS company doing bufiinoss under Hconsfl from the state insurance commissioner. This is better than the Mu : tual companies. Agent Ol i MAKE $18 WJth h of Stove Pipe, i , made thfc* patterns for tips wok tftoVd Ami , nt|*itj it?t$ fit? public. Wf gtiafarttre it to toko , \tith t\vr> sticks of Wfjod. We, a%> have stoves fr>r tees* money. slm-e certs out naiiic -east it} the hearth'. n . ' •••^ ^•^ ^IMI^ •MM •••f • ' ^m^%F ^M^MMHtHMMMiHIII Pleasant, Safe; * Reliable DR. ANE'S COPOUND JSotlco. I am prepared to doJatUes' ami children's . at their Leave orders at Clftrk'a brtrber "shop, or at 35 east Green street.. „ MT«. >*. W. CMHK. Misses Sanders untl McKary will open drcsa making rt»ujs over tho postofl^-o next to tho abstract office, Wednfsda\. Sept. 15. They are both experienced ladies at the business and will be jiloaBt d to secure the patronage of their friomlH and others who may need anything in their litio, Cordette. -S. B. CKOKUN. St. Mary's school of music will re-op»>n m Monday, .\HS- HO. The beat and lat «<t ntethodB are used in this departtijent and special attention gi ren to the theory and art of music/ For furtbSX-Biitt'CU- lurs call at the school or sisters' resi- d^nce. , j _ __ . Jna, Van /'iir. j\profnman, bns chairs and. t» tiles !i> rent for parties. New Fall Goods. •y . /" i /' _ _ ,X)_ i • , - /• / / - ' y Choice Dress Patterns, , ..-...,, ^—_I_^ X . ....*. •4 Trimming Silks to Maitch, Wash DreSS Goods, in Fall Colors, Winter and OR, LOUIS S. JOY Will Kive in fctlJihoti to gpncral , sprofnl Bttentidrno dlssiiHps nf ahd- ear. Ffll'ms: of glasses !\ (Special diplrtitta QQ py*j, ehr, throat from CJhictigo Polypl»nlo.> At Watson's you 'can pot the- Albion nnd Uomcr flour by the UX3 lb,, in your own bit^s, no light \vi?ijfht of fKJ or !)H llw.: also Albion patent; Ibo bust' Hour try it. WANTS FOliflD ETC Twenty ceDW.a wcolc for each, ootlce coftiltii^; livallucn. No ohnage lt-*<* th ocul«, A HKJITS V?ASTKI>- I'or war/n ^j Sonor fJm,H"B(ia, C'utmn rtffrtfefijji'ffw (if lng:(.oir. ..Kfidorseil by (..'iitulti |«ttiVitH. i.ti iretuenmnia ilomnmj. 'A b:>Mvzirt<a'- temtiln: Only SI..'*). Hip booh, Mg Komjatiiiufnf, K\-vn- kHMtywMtl* tli« r»nly «>inlo.iT}»lf, rutlftlilr. hook, OuttltH |r«c, t;t»WI jftvojK^Kroiuht p»Fil. J)i-op nil iriiah in d .nmkc JSiy^'ft/ niomii with War in Cuba AMrurHoAvf', THK XATKJN \1. 1!(.)OK CO'SCKKN, ST^jJMt Ua»H>orn HI., ( Y lil< USD. |j»OK BA>K yjIKAH-Or PV lum|{.' ior a furiu- J7, tkwfi oficrt} ttnnwb &•< 'ho ou n«u »tu ft, FXir torros . i-jil) to 1) Onni h*tn this iiiniirnncl man, F U»£ KlvNT/Uouivoii J l.iiqutru'ut pr—^~ A1HS. WJ1 RjJNT—Two cjory btjuto unwiwt -t i",tory re of , t.'A'ltV. F 1 1 — Table* Knd rha,it» (t>r pnftlou Va»Zaut, the orfprn8aman. I?OI( KENT-Tables and otmira for purticn L 1 BQqntru of J. W, Ltntflr, the* pupuiar ?l •UKJi'l'-OtHcc IK<> ha I. lutjiui irH)!* KALE-'Ihii l>r(tk 1? MsrWratt-tt-'wstTm Aor fpr the right v itll > '« r boarding IIUUBU, Kuiiuir« u{ I' lit H OUSK VOA UKNT-Na. •» N. lnjulrii llr*l door suutb. ti. UENKVBK.NNKIt : street. H OV'SE rent Sspt Kur pat-tu u[»nt U> , W.-l». liuclj. corner MauMiui umi " L ADIKS, I rank* txg frujfi' lit lii'liiP, nvl »>«u all (i. 1/iivo lliu fuiLii; <>ii[<>ii uuil.y li work U Very (jlutu-uu*. and will i-^ndvijay fel x »««hly. TUu IB no tleewptioii, I »»ot ui. inm.i v uuU w'lll glm.ll}' ttulxl paniciiiai'o tu «tU L OST.— Tht JKUwr pun of !»ift of Hngl|«b tteiter b«ea. B!ti< »pot oa bet-am. l''io4<iT r«iurn 10 with a i>m»p> »liit« i OFT. — b»turd»y, butwevu Worthy Pttlmt-i I* rflOfl! llli.^ tUrt W^liil^tUX^ &^'W»«, *l ^<H*ix boot coiTtBiuUiK a »uin of; niunuy. A iibtim r ward will i>« paid liar u« roiiuu to tht t'croutu UllilA). ^ - / , ( r_ \\7A&'EK&-~*t. tuw tttuda lu Jiick ci .B.S.&CO. Tli<» Will IJ<' A( Marshall, Hotel Royal, FRIDAY, OCT. 1 OHO I>aj Onlj fr*>ri.*nW*tlon lit frcpandctrJctly •Ors B. H , A T ('>., inM4UBB 6f th« «.y •\ote iht<Ir n ttttufttlriii to ear," throttt and luuga op ttnd. tin vati; Htid ni-rvoVnijllsi'8> 1 t,'s. (IcfiirmHifC, t*U li(3-*».» foy* eic'iUftftftH'^e, oi^ht^ruPttl t>r(tu».^lU*« t chrotiu CfiU^tl, 1 ' trp tl l liTn ~?T>R^ siij utci-fv BiWNtV Uif* I 1 ---, rhf»iil«tl«m, nil (Ir^oy-tc of kl'lni-yK and Wiiliivr, bwirt, -Ki!!ia< h and IK r\ oux ili*i'&rt<w. i licircii (St. Vltux <i»w.«) jji-nyr»r<l«(>UU.v. scltfiifula, p'fcla iji*e»*»'». ll»eai»f* cf men ami wnm<m, and al iii»ca(ni!« rtnc ton»<3 l>)thHl. >., , Kptlepii}, orllts, in«*UlyUy, cured l>y » u«* iiui nt'ViM fulltn^ r*. j nit w lv. i)r«. H.. S, A'.Cd uiako a iipef.Ijtlly.ur.Bll Conns 'it rt«:Jrtl <1lMiMt-w, .pil-Bk-laU-rual find external, which din "Iteu taken Tor norvou* nii't tr'ilrtlile, all cured. •Renseinlter'we otiru allfi •of pita*, without .pirfn luivmiptlou or Iruiu i^MiuvBH, slid wiituiiit tin' use «,if ktiUV, ttAu^tlt or li^tt uif- Come iiDtl i»** <*ouvlu<sed TyyoC>»t». MtUlHIi AUKD fjullurinu 1 fruui *yfcrmctorrlKH:<», iu&iiiittoil -or fn«u Wt?*krtp.-ao hrttu^bt ta»-. froiii •«rrora.i>jrltii]4»crrUuu« lu viiutti'or over lojjuJ pt-«<i' hi'ali'i S'»t>, an- jjiven pwrimuu AbtttiluK* tn^tt ^tuitft^Tv Lfi, «sitiv 1 TUUil>f6 44Ht C$uC&r4 iA^j)Ml Uuife, [)»1<J or si.iirn. N«» uSftotli* « Cul^rrh New tiomti IrCftttnirut, !'u«nrptisaiThi <uid i;licop. i^utulv^l tt t0 tuuru <f-\<tff> ^ft^t! </ *ti«V h*Mii(!ttcl>«.', p'ilyj*,'?apt- wft^in rtitd , CBOt'K aJuil uliu'i !>)i)»H!ittM Ufrvw f«il<»4 t« our*.', 1'iWB.m* for » ft* will , J ^-_,^_i., ^ ^ BLANKETS OUTING CLOTHS, Look in upon us before the Stock is broken. S. V. R. LEPPER. fANTIUJ—ImmtiflluLuly, a guuJ irtrl for •£ u- £biiulr« at CUrwuielt ^ . Tnueu. <jVliu igru utMi'4«to lial 1 , (jar* Mrjtu tttli' pjiftu ultt-i* ol'ibotr em>o ami tuim uicciiciuo «tim 4 i/i-pri'sp, >rltii full •|iii>U!H,ti«uii bow to IK: ta-lt< u %'bM tt*U» ifl toft* U,.b, «. ^,'OM VI«r<41IUJ<WJXH-4U (1 fiSowlnl jisaf. sjui.o with a tiapiul ot ^JO,tM») r liVliuc'you take tiot tb sUtLtiK ll JOU c^yluy flieni ' ' W K'HXf girt tflf tf - .J&h.-w W «o*. I lof general himisewart Ku -A irftiiati«B^ tw )i*d ataiuped y, Itepi. U . Ob . nf ulop«. The • • m,ft r vit-^B •^w^vHi.f • »jvj ^itfnr ii''iriii-">if M* to tcwr«a So «icb(g»o tor t»u<b- ,N Man THg Kiat'i) Will r<,"j,ji;i tlutr I will r.:fiA,-i i)j ; »r j,vuT(ifui uito It <w4«ia> tt,4 »H)Ttl> <ot«r ta teat YitaUu- Jii.u>*ww.v . Ntel'tfef *t i'ou'.'r. Faiijuj; Mamory Wa«Uui! iii tfft c. u of »U< aktutit! ur .n.h «nO^ < ne t^r i»*utly t» not only tureii br aVtoz W »ba «•* >l«KHt VM It » ll^Miparj rtiv« wRiti tor 4t5.0lU, wi|* * lrk4 aom oowuauy, of How Vurk. Tlik ou»«ielBcmt.lvuiuid #411l«iw4 wau wbo bni tta«& t«ae w« w w iwua a aaB^ii^iwftsW fo JBKB <i6wp tlow tiutU U) tbe OiuPry of thuj l»H«to Una wrwct aethoil of suUuit«ti«e, » u», 44^ rcM> wul< roow» 1, « aud .\or.lliuru Ui nmioo. by O. W - Eoti«ae A 4, FOft THE ' Stomach, Liver and Kidnes, x"Kola Comound Cures and all foot the Stomach. K0fa Compound 4 Cures Sick Hoa(,laolip, Torpid Liver arid Biliousness. Kola Compound Cares Constipatipw. Is a Brain and Kerve Tonic and Blood Pri'rifier. ' Kola Compound is' the peer of nil other medicines. Kola Compound 1 Cures} Backnclio and Kid- • ney Troubles. Kola Compound la natures -fe.metly—poteni yet harmless. It tones and - • vitalizes tho brain,- nerves, muscles, hejirt and stomach, m brief rejuvenating and ~ rbnrMing^ tipr the entire sys- ' tetn, enriching the blood , ami imparting to the whole body the freshness and vigor of youth. Kola Compound Is composed of life giving, tissue-building, Herbal anil 8 " Vegetable Extracts, and contains nothing injurious to the moat, delicate constitution. Kola|CompoUftd Is indorsed by many eminent I > hysiciaii9 and Scientists, Hay Mm KOLA If yon'Tsrt^ suffering .any d^raug^ueiu of Btomauh, 3Uver tjr Kidneys, Blood oi- J4et*votts TRY A ~p^ia«l li" wflFaot cliieap. . pojiit you. IMoer (50 cents per bottle. Kola Compound be 4 at his le Bl«€|i, corner Ao fnrajsh oue with literature, t wonderful this j practice of Iw S6|^«^* Tto^ devoted lurgely t^tbe treatment and 9«re of io of . and atlvice al oSca A limited uutuUer of c^lla in town aad ooiuity

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