The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 22, 1960 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
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Thursday, December 22, 1960
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tide Schedule ^ today: High 8:20 p.m. Low 11:58 p.m. Friday: High 8:21 a.m., 8:47 p.m. Low 1:50 a.m., 12:55 p.m. A REPORTER ASKS SANTA NEVER TO "GO ME€HANfZ£D"-ON PAGE 6 TODAY BRAZOSPORT FACTS Feds Classified: tie 3-2611—All Other Officos: BE 3-3511—Extepl Angletont TI 9-5248 SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANGLETON, WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZOR1A, SWEENY, OLD OCEAN, DANBUR'f and DAMON Weather Cast Partly cloudy, littlt wanner through Friday, Low tonight M) High Friday 58. VOL. 48 NO, 258 Freeport, Texas THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22, I960 Associated Press Member Price 5 Cents By MARIE BETH .JONES Christmas arrived a few days ;arly for one little boy, this year. !t was a celebration complete with the traditional tree, toys and new clothes — as well as with that most necessary of Christmas ingredients, love. The sequel was not so idyllic. It came in the grayncss of early morning and brought tears jf parting and uncertainty. The story started with a routine call concerning a woman in a local tavern. She was drunk, the caller reported, and she had a small child with her. Angleton police ri"'-~ ' pair and took them to the Brazoria County Court House. They isked the questions law enforcement officers must always ask— name, address, age.... They learned that the woman and her son had come here from a midwestern state. She had lelt her common-law husband, who MRS. EENEST UPHAM ADJUSTS LIFE-SIZE SANTA FIGURES This DUplay Took Fitit Plac« For Home Decorations At WC DON. BERRY, RIGHT. RECEIVES BRUNO DRUG TROPHY Chamber President Marcus Weems Pieunli Butlneu Award Upfiom Home, Drug Store Ij Hove Top WC Decorations j Tll •.. />•., 'j Winners in the Christmas deco- picture window which is encircled! •" •*«» UDSBlVCO COURTHOUSE CORRIDORS: Christmas Came Early For Boy was the father of the little boy, and they had come to Texas with another man. Soon after they arrived, the man vanished, taking all the money with him.- The boy was three years old, she said. She was 33. The officers decided not to file charges. Instead, they contacted the County welfare worker, who provided a blanket and a heater as well as groceries for the woman and her son. The little boy sat solemnly during the questions and waiting. He grinned at passers-by who joked '.vith him or tousled his blonde air. He paid little attention v. is mother voiced the wish tha' he could get hack to the husban' 'ie had left. The boy was too small to undcr- md when.his mother answered icstions as to scars on her inds with the explanation that •?r husband had inQicted them. Within two days, they were back in the Sheriff's Office. An officer had noticed the woman as she lurched drunkenly down a street with the little boy trotting along behind her. There seemed . no alternative this time. A charge of drunk in public was filed. She had no money to pay a fine, and was taken upstairs to County Jail. The little boy was installed in one of Brazoria County's new 1 y established foster homes. C h ild Welfare Department officials placed him, and then visited the mother in jail to reassure her can be taken away from you if you continue doing this?" one of the visitors asked. The mother said she was aware of that, but made no other answer. The visitors left a card listing ths phone number of the Child Welfare Department, inviting the mother to call and check with them about her little boy, but the woman did not do so. The days which followed were a time of investigation to find whether the little boy's father might want him, and if he would provide a good home. Officials checked concerning other relati- "•" hoy was being well taken |ves who might have a claim to the child, as well as looking into the legal aspects of the case. They found the results of this search a little discouraging. The mother had been arrested for drunkcness many times in past care of. "K^'s in a foster home — with no strings attached," they ex getting the best ol care." The mother's whole body trembled as they talked, apparently | months. The courts here had no an alcoholic reaction. ! right to take the child from her, "Don't you know that your child ! because of the residence problem The Welfare Worker made a special call to the foster mother. "Don't plan too much on having Christmas with the child," she warned. "I'm afraid he won't be here that long." The prediction was correct. Officials decided that the only solution to the problem was .b furnish the mother with a bus ticket back to her home and common law husband, and to hope that Child Welfare workers in that state will watch over the boy. The foster mother refused to be deprived of the anticipated Christmas celebration, even though she knew the boy would not be with her on that day. Almost a week before Dec. 25, the tree lights were turned on and the house resounded with cries of delight as a little boy discovered that Santa had made a special trip, just for him. Santa had left a tricycle and other toys, and new clothes, and it was a wonder- iul Christmas. In the cold, damp darkness of the next morning he was dressed and his new toys were packed away for a trip to his other home. The little boy's blue eyes opened wide in surprise when ha saw the policeman waiting outside to take him away. Clinging to his foster mother, he cried in fright, not wanting to leave her. Tears streamed down the woman's face as she hugged the boy for the last time and the officer pulled him away. It was easier when the youngster saw his mother. The tears stopped, and he seemed a littie less frightened. At three, he's a little young to remember for long, or to make comparisons. Perhaps it's just as well. His future appears one of bleak uncertainty far removed from tha warmth and comfort and love ha found with a stranger who wa» his mother for a little while. FOR WC-BRAZORIA DISTRICT Policy On Insurance Established By Board A partial insurance policy for j room reports and reports on pro- L. Pickle, Miss Gloria Pittman, the West Columbia-Bran o r i i School District was approved by tlie trustees at their rcgulai session this week The men discussed the building of the building program was presented to the trustees. Par- R °S crs - tial payment of the site work contract was approved. ! M. E. Richardson, and J. C. Census trustees for 1961 were also a p p o i n ted, with Assistant Supt. M. B. Barrow to direct. Mrs. Christine Mize was approved as clerk, with Mrs. Ethel Cooper, W. J. Mize, Glenn Morris, Irl insurance at length, climaxing dis- j Supt. J. C. Rogers pointed out cussions which have been held I , hat conslruc t ion m fr e Wcst Co- tSIJ^MnTrlte "o/"! 1 -^ *«"*** «** «*. - „ . . effect will be continued under | Charlie Brown School; and the j ^P^^Mrs^LeoIa its existing agents • untfMts cxpi-j Henry 0. Tanner'School was per. ration riatn. *' •' -"~ ' hug ~^c\d ?£K& f !^¥ ^^iiia'^tfi 4 ^ ,..,. ........ . . . the glaziers' strike. No glass •caa! Lee Crecy irora the Tanner School an new insurance, beginning , . ,, , ., , ( i i__..i.., ««_.— T«« *wy ityii * n 'o»m» B be mstalleii until a settlement -if I faculty from Jan. 20, 1961, to Sept some kind is reached in tbejl, 1961. was approved. Also ap-j ' 4 t with the Junior High building and subsequent a d d i t i o ns, will be written by one agency and the commissions "divided among" the approved agencies having established offices within the district for five or more years. Th<><« agencies must represent old line legal reserve insurance companies to qualify for the com- strike. Rogers said that this could delay the conrolerion of all three buildings indefinitely. TEXTBOOK COMMITTEE ; The textlx»j)k committee for missions. The writing agency will keep Winners in the Christmas decoration contest in West Columbia have been announced by the cosponsors, the West Columbia Chamber of Commerce and the West Columbia Garden Cluh The Uie-size llgures ol Santa and Mrs. Claus brought the award for the best decorated • home to the Ernest Upham residence. The two figures are placed before a Mil. and MRS. ALFRED Me- DONALD, arriving from Lufkin to spend Christmas with the LOU1K KITCHENS in FP. . . Happy Birthday! today to DONNA MAGEE. And, E. D. "SPOT" BROCKMAN, due to liavc a birthday on Friday. . . MR. and MRS. B. K. CARUTHERS, planning on dining cyt Friday in celebration of their 28lh wedding anniversary. Also, the FRANK N. EDKNS will bo mark- ii.g an anniversary Friday. . . ARNOLD HAMILTON, JOHN E. SMITH, ALLEN OWENS of KP, NICANORA ORDONEZ of Sweeny, LINDA DOUGLAS, and JO ANN MATOCHA, business students at Wharlon County Jmiijr College, recently visiting Dow. > And Around Tlio Count;" The HARMON HOOTS, hoping thi'ir nlnns will .vork nut so they emi leave on a trip to Cenlralia, Wash., MRS. IIOOT's hometown. It's boon 10 years since she's bivn tack homo at Christmas time. The family was just nhuiit too busy with trip plans to cclc- bruti! HARMON'S birthday Wednesday, . . picture window which Is encircled i with a red-lighted w r e a th of greenery. Santa's sleigh and thf> reindeer are waiting impatiently on the roof of tin Uoham home The deeoruuon has especially eaugiu the eye of youngsters in tlie city. Other homes given . honorable mention in the contest are those of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Galloway and Dr. and Mrs. B. C. Berger. In the commercial division, the A - A - MacLean said, trophy was awarded to Bruno Drug for having the outstanding business decoration. Judges for the contest were Mrs. Randolph and Mrs. Sybil Le Blanc of Sweeny. * • Q Shopping 0 Days 'Til CHRISTMAS Ruling Aimed At Only Few Dealers An ordinance regulating second hand buyers in F-eeport wns aimed at only a small percentage of the dealers in used merchandise, Chief of Police Nolen Lasslter said today. Changes in the city hall hours and in the garbage collection) schedule have been announced To give city hall employees a holiday, the office will be closed all day Saturday as well as Sun- 40 per cent of the commission and the balance will be prorated to the participating agencies. Galloway and Farmer Insurance Agency of West Columbia was designated as the writing agency at this time. Other We^t Columbia approved agencies were listed as W. C. Autry Insurance Agency and Weems and Sims Insurance Agcrcy. Balkum, Miss Ava Lee Edwards, Mrs. 0, L. Johnson, Miss Dorothy Knipiing, Mrs. Earle Marshall, U. agencies in Brazoria Badge Insur- J. S. Mont- CONSTRUCTION A review of the monthly lunch- day and Monday, City Manager; Former Resident DlCS The regular Monday garbage route will get pickup service on Tuesday rather than the Monday after Christmas, giving employees in that department their only Funeral services for a former Freeporl resident, Mrs. Addie McFarlane, 99. will be held at 2 o. m. Friday at the t-'arthman Funeral Home in Houston. holiday during tlie year. The regu- j 'Local survivors include a son, R. E. MeFarlano of Clute; and •! granddaughter, Mrs. August West | of Freeport. lar schedule of pickups will followed on Saturday prior Christmas, MacLean said. be proved was an expense allowance for the "lementary physical education teacher travel for the West Columbia and Brazoria elemen-i tary schools. •'• j Trustee Joe Brigance reported) 1960—61 was^eppointed. This will j Jnat plans were being made withj include Mrs,.Ann Alexander, Mrs. the county and others to clean up! Irma Alexander, Mrs. Oarlene the new school site at Brazoria. j rbe regular meeting of the group scheduled for Dec. 26 was cancelled. Hoover Says Communists Planning New Youth Unit WASHINGTON (AP) — FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover said today "At this very moment, the Communists are completing final arrangements for a conference to Be held in Chicago beginning Dee. j attendance ol r e p r e s entatives 31, to formulate plans for a new | from various areas of the Corn- era! William Rogers. Hoover did not elaborate on his announcement about the Chicago mteting. But an FBI spokesman said there were indications the Yule Decor in Set At Brazoria The annual'Brazoria Christmas home decoration contest judging will be held Friday, Mayor J. 0. Fossel Jr. announced today. Residents will not be required to register to enter the content this year as they were in past years. The judges' tour will include all homes in both Brazoria proper and, Old Town. Residents with Christmas deco-r rations are asked fa' leav^ then* lights on between' 8'•''««(; 9 p.m. Friday. Judges will make their tour during that period, Fossel said. • ; ••<•• Three cash awards ofH25; $15 and $10 will go to the originators of the most attractive 'outdoor decorations. Judges will be Mrs. Marie-Brigance, president of the Brazoria Garden Club: -Mrs. Anola Hanson, Brazoria Study Club president; and' Morris Bedingfield, Brazoria Lions Club vice president. nntional youth organization. The Communist Party, USA, remains the largest subversive organization in the United States, Hoover said in a year-end report on FBI activities to Attorney Gen- Brevity Record The West Columbia City Council nvrt'ln a record short session jzation. munist party. He declined to give other information i-n the meeting. Hoover said that urder the leadership of Moscow-trained Gus Hall, the US Communist party has strengthened ties with Russia and with Communists in Cuba and elsewhere. The new national youth organi- I Cation. Hoover said, "will be this week taking no action except | clandestinely directed by party for the official approval of the!members." He said the US party . *V READY FOR THE JUDGES Mrs. Marvin E. HuuseU adjusts Jhe front door decoration ui iist iiid u! i rins T'iuci i£ fxipsrsiisn :ar ess ;uagia£ tonight <°n ihe Angleion Christmas decoration contest. Cash pritps and a trophy will be given by the conies! sponsors. Ihf, Angle^on Chamber of Commerce and the three garden clubs in ihe city. Judges will begin iheir tour at 7:30 p.m. Tapes Shed Light On NY Plane Crash minutes of the previous meeting. For Tanker Crew Rescue Operations Continue WASHINGTON (AP) Tlie first hiv' Thomas V. Wynne, 55. Reed At the Monday mealing of j men were rescued this mornin: the Frceport City Council, City ! from the broken tanker "Pino Attorney Wayne Holder was in-1 ijijge" L y, miles off Cape Hat- sirucled to draw up an ordi- ( C ,- HS| N, c. A helicopter from nance thai would require second I t| lc aircraft carrier "Valley hand buyers to keep records ofi],* or g e " snatched eight crewmen salus, and to present these rec-1 f rom (| 1C stern section today. The ords to police on i-eiiuest. |carrier reports it's possible that "We gel complete cooperation | five additional survivors have from most »( these dealers," j been picked up. Chief Lassiter said. But a small | They reported 25 other crewmen number hinder the investigation aboard that part of the ship. Alof thetta by refusing to reveal together, there were 39 aboard tlva source of used merchandise, the "Pine Ridge" when she split he said. I yesterday in high seas. Five crew- Other second hand buyers in, men, three of them in a life raft, freeport expressed concern thai j were spotted yesterday in the the ordinance would Icacj the | water. comparatively w a rm — 7-1 degrees — because of the proximity of the Gulf stream to Capo Hat- attempts for the "Pine Ridge" jncludi „ Val , Forge ™ L ^Lj!!i_* nto . r '_. hmvev «' > .Jf stroyers and merchant and ( Harbor Dredging Bids Postponed public to believe that thsy too might bo dealing in stolen merchandise, and refusing cooperation. Sun Data Sets Today 5:26 p.m. Rises Friday 7:14 ii.m. Sets Friday 5:28 p.m. There wen eight Corpus Christ! seamen aboard the tanker. Wives, mothers and fathers at Corpus Christ! voiced shock at the new their loved ones were on the sinking ship. The men are: Dominic Dowicki. 37; Chester Reed, Jr. 33; -Charles I. H. Hulsey A. Frey, 33; Joseph Daniel Courson, 45; Robert ' "orps ot hln- n n ces that and Hulsey have been rescued. ..iialcil lo be 16 feet high and winds ol 28 miles an hour have been hindering rescue j ^t one time, more than 10 ships, de- Coast Guard vessels, were involved in the rescue attempt. However, the Coast Guard Cutter Andro Scoggin, assigned to coordinate the effort, has now released ali merchant vessels. Helicopters also are scanning the waters around the broken-up tanker, looking for other crewmen. Tlie live mat) who were seen in the sen yestepflay are feared lost. They have ftpt been sighted today. Rescue operations were to be continued through the day. Tlie Pine Ridge was first reported in trouble by a Norwegian tanker which saw the disaster but said tlie weather prevented it from doing anything about it. The forward part oi the Pine Ridge capsized. The tanker Tbe District gineors office » • opening of bids on ,500,000 Freeport Harbor d r t- d s; ing job has been postponed temporarily. Slie project calls to rthe dredging of the B r a z o sport turning basin to the upper turning basin. Postponement of the bid opening date was listed in the Corps of Engineers' construction bulletin covering contracts awarded and bid openings which are rescheduled or postponed on projects under jurisdiction of the District Engineer at Galveston. The bulletin covers a period Gill, 35; AK'in D. Hickmun, 32; I from Dec. 1 to Dec. 15. has started a new publication, "New Horizons for Youth," under editorial direction of its national youth director, identified by the FBI as Daniel Rubin of New York. Brother Dies Funeral services for Charles Henry Wright, of Houston, brother of Robert Wright of Freeport, were scheduled for 2 p.m. today in Houston. Wright died Tuesday in a Houston hospital. NEW YORK (AP) — Tape re- 1 the approaching jet. cordings show that a United An instant later came the vobe Airlines jet was off course when|<>' <he radar-scanning La Guar- it collided with a Trans World I *a controller saying: 'I think we Airliner over New York City last! have trouble here with a TWA Friday with a loss of 135 lives, i Connie. There's something wrong! But they don't reveal why the'; He ' s n °< awing or anything. He Opfimisfs Sold Out At fP Tree Lot Due to an unusually heavy demand for trees this year tha Brazosport Optimist Club sold out of trees early, according to Melvin Manning, Christmas tree chairman. Anyone who still has an ad- port Optimist Club may use it at the Lake Jackson Optimist Club lot located next to the Lake Theatre in Lake Jackson. Oscar Bucek, president of the Lake Jackson club, has agreed to honor the advance tickets as long as their trees last. The Brazosport Optimist Club would like to thank all those who patronized its lot this year, Manning said. Money derived from this sale will enable the club to carry on its youth's work during the coming year. jet was 11 miles off course nor ! might have got hit by another why control towers at two air-1 airplane." ports apparently lost radio con-' » «'as about atjhis point tha f tact with the planes. The tapes show that the La Guardia Field controller tried — •but failed - to reach the TWA Constellation after warning it of Two Charged In Shrimp Theft Two men were arrested by Freeport police who said the pair committed two burglaries in the city. Guy James (Bossman) Williams and S, J. A i kens arc charged with night-time burglary, non-residence, and night-time burglary, private residence. Both arrested Tuesday as the Aikcns with the Nov. 26 burglary [the planes collided hi a snow- swept sky. The jet went screaming down on a Brooklyn street, narrowly missing a school with 1,700 pupils. The Connie plunged down in sections'at a tiny airfield in Staten Island. The jet was supposed to have been flying in a holding pattern over a New Jersey air corridor called Preston. It wns Relative Dies A former Brazosport resident, R. R. Turner Sr. of Corpus Christi, j father of R. R. Turner Jr. of 810 [West 10th Street, died Thursday morning in a Houston hospital. Services will be held in Sun Antonio at Fort Sam Houston vith full military honors. of when taken Singleton Shrimp Company I ready to come into Idlewild n 400 pounds of shrimp was I a landing, from a freezer. The Connie was in a different shriwp boats oil which they were | win by local officers, employed put into port. ' Williams is also charged with]pattern over Staten Island pre- the burglary of the Jim Goodwin pared to set down at La Uuardiu, home at 402 East Fifth in which ~ ' two guns, valued at 525 each, were taken. The rifle and shotgun were recovered and returned to Good- aboard the Helen and Aikens was a crewman ^ the Marion Eari. The charges were filed in Justice E. W. Free- The Christian :ptama Clufc of Civile Temple Baptist Church will present a Christmas play, ""' man's "Court in Freeport where] Room in the Hotel," at 7:30 to- WUliams' bond was set at $2,000 and Aikens' bond nt $1,000. The men were then committed to bound in ballast for Corpus [County Jail in Angleton. night at the Angleton Second Baptist Church. The play will,also be given at I'>,... n 1. 1*9.. r. tin 4- 'n* l.'Vl n YM Gil**- C'hristi from New York, | Police charged Williams and)day. Temple Baptist at 7:30 pjn. Sun- Tlie TWA plane was at one point out of the La Guardia radarscope but La Guardia could pick up the fast-moving jet as it headed io- ward the city. The radio tapes disclosed how the tension built up in the control towers as the seconds ticked away. Finally, the Idlewild controller reported the jet was cleared for 5,000 feet. Tlie La Guurdia man said ihe Connie was at the same altitude and then predicted the possibility of an aerial collision. Seconds later his prediction came true. Council To Meet The Clute City Council is sche- iluled to meet at 7 p.m. tonight for a regular session with mainly routine matters on the agenda. BEAZOSPOET FACTS HOLIDAY ADVERTISING DEADLINES Weekend Edition, Dec. 23. Retail Prior to 11 a.m. Frl,. Dec. 33, Classified prior to 5 pan. on above date Monday Edition, Dee. 26th Retail Prior to 3 P.M. Frl., Dec. 23. Classified prior to 5 P.M. on above dale. Tuesday Edition, Dec. 27 Retail Prior to 11 a.m. Sat.. Dec. 24. Classified prior to 8 a.m. Dec. 27. \

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