Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 13, 1947 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 13, 1947
Page 4
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&&g* Pampa News, frlday* June 13,1547 Gracie Reports _, ALLEN Prospebifs for June brides seem bfettfer than they have been in years. A lot of shortages that made it so, •',-, hard t6 set up.. housekeeping hfl$£ disappeared and a ttould-be bride can go right out aftd famy n washing machine. Sow, all she has Is a pre-war prob- fSrrr of finding a husband to operate it. I guess .June is {•he favorite month Grade for weddings because it has the longest days of the year. When a girl is newly married she naturally wants as much daylight as possible during which to admire her husband's broad shoulders. Goodness. I can remember when I ',/a.s hinting for George to propose! I coyly asked him what June was most noted for. He thought it over and said that the baseball team that was out. in front at the end of June usually won the pennant. Cadillac Ambulance Service Phone 400 Duenkel-Carmichacl HAROLD ,10?'.; W; Mainly About Pampa and Her Neighbor Towns Mis. RBymunfl Hnrrnh is in Aina- riilo visit in-?; Iicr .son. Raymond. Jr., v)io recently urulnnvrrit nn operation in th? North-.vm Trvas Hn-;- pital thorp. HP is rrportrd ns VP- ccvpring vapidly. We soil all Brands of Beer everyday, nncl Sundays, ico cold by the 1 rnn bottle or cnsp. Sonihorn Club, Phono 9545." Clyde Smith, .Ti.. rrtimiptl Thursday from Bryan, v. hrrr lv has been veiling' his sister. Mrs. E. L. Noigli- bors. for the pa.a -c'.vo \vrok.s, Cleg-ff Instant Ambulance. P.J454.* Ilanoe at the Southern Chili every Wed., Sat. and Sunday nitr.' JUiss Mary Gordon has retnrnsrl (o her home. 1323 Mary F-llr-n. rsll'-r hring a patic>n; in the U'orlej HoM pitnl. Public .Stenographer. - .Abbott Bnuiklittg. Room 4. Ph G30. F. Cruin/ Air. and Mrs. (Jlcntlnn Yn'insr, \Vhite Deer, announce the birth of tv.'in claiiRht-crs. Carolyn Irene, n ]b: ; .. 4 o'/.. and ivinioiyn Ilpur, fi !b:.. £ rz., Tuesday, June :;. in the Woriey Hospital. I can deliver immediaiely one 8-ft.i Mot, Point Household Refrigerator. Modern Appliance Co. 110 K. Foster." Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Lynn, !>1D fr.. Faulkner, hay. 1 i'' turned from Vermin where they \verr e,tiled Io | the bedside of Mr. T,ynn's father. C. \V. I.viin, \vliO 1-as 1)0(11 seriotic.-Iy iil. Dance to Vic- Din/. 7-pieee brass | band nl. the Southern Club on Ihe largest, newest and best Dance floor in Pampa. every .Sal., nite. Free tablr.s. We cater to i ouples." Hetty Howard, daunhtn- of Airs. Utah MeC't\v, who lias been SIT- EXPEKT AUTO REPAIB1NG HOOD TIRES • SEAT COVERS * AUTO ACCESSORIES • SKELLY GAS & OILS. --SEE US TODAY-PLAINS MOTOB CO, DE SOTO and PLYMOUTH 113 N. Frost . Ph on e 380 BY J. R. WILLIAMS OH. THEM fiUVS ARE STS ' THE> AIN'T "<=OOLIM WIP TH WATCHMANJ--THEVRE PAlMTIW' TH DOG'S FEET--TH BE MEXT/ /THEM SMART ALECK, I AP-.E. ALWAYS. PAiMTIM A GUYS SHOES WHEN THEV KETCH YOU ASLEEP TH' OLD WATCHMAN HAS. THAT OLE? - HOW CAM- — ill in I!-,;' Vi'.niiw U</.|)iU'.I, i:, b'.'Cli moved In her hojne, ID! I Klraksvea'her. "Mr. and Airs. I:'. It:iv Miller rr- a ini'-;.',a-4" y<".;i'i'i'i:iy ol lii'Mli of a I'n'-miT Paii^ia n Mfletil. Kent, iJiir.v.-'iil. It!, .'-on nl Mr. am Fin- Chief Ben While and mem- Traffic Enforcement Program Slated for July 4th Weekend Police Chief Louie Allen announced today that the Fourth of July holiday weekend will again be the occasion for a seasonal traffic enforcement program. The program is being held, he said, in cooperation with the nationwide effort being made by the National Safety Council to reduce the high death toll which occurs each year nt this time. "The Police Department is asking each citizen to take special precautions in an effort b> save lives and property over the Fourth." Chief Allen said. He predicted that traffic will be unusually heavy during this year's celebration, for thousands are still catching up on -.the pleasure driving they had to forego because of restrictions on travel during the war years. "The long weekend, the festive spirit, of the holiday and more motorists on the road will make the Fourth this year a. time'of real hazard." Chief Allen said. "Let's all work together to makfe Pampa one place where the Fourth Of July does not mean death and disaster to any of our people. In-, stead, let us make it a day of joyful and safe celebration of the independence whicfc it commemorates." Read The Pampa News Want:Ads PORTRAITS •» COMMERCIALS Smith's Shidio 122 W. Foster Phone 1511 ivfcEAL ESTATE LOANS Y •. • ,' . . . For Bntldlrit, Repairing ->'• !.'.•"'.:•' Refinancing 1 ••• : ?. -'..; JPIIA ' Conventional !.' . Low Ratea-^-Long Terms. Security- Federal Savings; ahd Loan Association • GoJnbs^jYdrleV Bide. Phone 604 . . '-"i»i J^duJL. t ^Mbfe SUGGESTION FOR FATHER'S DAY Golf Bags, pried $4.25 to Minnow Buckets $2,65 to Casting Rods $6,95 to MARTIN AUTOMATIC FLY REEL Langley Casting Reel Langley De Liar , Sun Shades $1.00 to tackle Box Sown Filled Sleeping Bags .. travel Bags Hip Boots ... SPORTSMAN SHOP 100% SPORTING GOODS ,, . ;-,; 112 E. Foster $3.30 io Phone of WHltElEATHER • NATIONALLY ADVERTISED 1 1 •*t$X&$''->"&** . Delightfully cool, soft, little flat- ties just like you wore as a little girl! For town, sports . . . G Progressing With Pampa Mi'; A. i)in"\\-ill (i '.;;,(i St., I'hoiMii.x, An:-: . ,)i i 1 . lii'art ai!t;ie:ii lie li;,il "Air. anil Mrs. Albert Cooli have a-; the!'- c.iii.'Kl, Mrs. ( Malli>' Mae Uedland:--. Calil. "Mr,-.. ; : le\vai't i:, ;i loiiiiei 1 i'e>idi nt ill' "Miami and )/l:in:-; Io friend. 1 ; 11 let c. ".Mrs. .liini) 1 . 1 ; Scil/ and son, l.liiycl, ol Atianii returned hi.nie Vv'ednes- tiay from a local ho: pita). S (Editors note: this is ono ol a .series oi articles showiiif; the growth of Texas cities sinee the 1940 census. Figures were compiled by member papers, and are leased on utility outlets, city directories, employment services, and chamber ol" commerce estimates, etc. i By The Associated Press Wichita Palls has grown Meatlily .«ince 1940. and today is up 44 percent for a 1947 estimated population of 05.000. the Wichita Falls Daily Times says. The 19.888 increase from the official 1940 census figure of 45.112 is based on a joint estimate by the Texas Slate Employment Service and the Texas Unemployment Com- i pensution Commission I here., I W. R. Knight, manager of the Chamber of Commerce, predicts that Wichita Palls will have 70,000 population in 1950. date of the next census. The growth is attributed'to founding of many new small manufacturing concerns and enlargement of older, bigger ones such as the Wilson Manufacturing Company and the Wichita Engineering Com'- puny. Bank deposits are up and business volume is above the prewar level. Heal estate is .sky high, the Times says. Housing' is critical, and the Times said that private contractors have not built an appreciable number of new homes, claiming construction costs are too high for rental values. A local civic group, the Wichita Housing Authority, succeeded in completing a deal with the federal public authority for conversion of Elieppard Field barracks into 100 apartment units for veterans. Also. 12 negro apartment units were built from surplus Camp Barkcley materials for negro veterans. No authenic information is available on which to base the buying power, but is was estimated roughly al $100,000:000 for a, IS-county area. It), nl | eii yc.sienlay from Amarillo where they attended the 71st annual convention of the Slate Firemen's and Fire Mai'.'ihnl'f! Association, .Tune 10-12. Chief White said the meetinsv was a Miceewi, iiitlhal. a niiinber of well-- veiseil :;]ieakei's were on hand. Col. H. U. Braylon, director of firemen's training .school at, Texas A & M Co'.lcttc, outlined the program of the training school for firemen to be held at "College. Station July 20. Jay Stevens,- assistant manager. National Board of Fire Underwriters, San Francisco, discussed hotel fires. He said the Atlanta, Ga., fire "was started Of caused by force from an outsider." Chief John Ballcw of Ch'ildress was named head of the organization. Pampa had posters on display from the B. M. Baker School. The posters were by Lloyd Brummett i Grade 4), teacher, Mrs. Murle Cable; Joyce. Pixler (Oracle 51, teacher. Miss McKoney. Posters from other cities were also on dis- 1340 on Your Dial FRIDAY ri:(Ht— lliij) lliirriH.-in. ;"i : I.V - \'ii'K'il .Moll .SuliKf. .", ::;M- Caiiiaiii Aliduiylit 1IP.S. ,'v:.iri Tiini .Mi>x AlilH. lilliu KnllMii | j( ,\vi^. .If. Nr\v;-- .MBS. ii:l. r j — Kivi' .Mliinii/ .MvM'.'i'ii'h. li:l ) M--\';l|]||C'l'l'iillk .Vru's. ii:^.'i--S|i<ii'ls and .\\-\vs. ii::!(i— l.i'iivi- II in Hie i ili-ls- AU'.S. 7-.ini- <;:il)i-i,'l Hi-all, •]• .\lliS. 7:1.1 — lii-al bii'r Sim-irs- MJ!S. T:.'iii — Advc'iiiHi'c-.s 1,1' Jliillilun Drinn- niniid -AIISS. S:<W— Ali'i-l ihv pi-i'SKs- T,li:s. ( i .\ID.S, ti'a AMIS. ini- .Mils Congratulations TO DANIELS & THEIR FIME For Fine Fixtures and Finished Work Burnett's Cabinet Shop Phone 1335 '.f.:;n luiiicii (ii-rlir '.f.', r >. NI \\-s-.\i us. lll.'Cn - -|);IIK:I, I V|-rll('M|-;i -'. lil;.','ll ll.-inri- I ll' I :i . In:.",:,- \i-w.s- -.MI!S. I I -.i"l lii-i-ul'd Slmw. I I :;i» Urn, I'd SIlnW. 1 ^:illl- .Sii;M I )!'!' SATURDAY f,:'l'.l- Hl«n On. •."« .Now;:. " X::!n—Tin: Jarki., Hill 11:00---Tliis \VcL-k in MHK. 0:1.",- -l''\-c\n-sii>iiK in Rcit-nr^. !i::ill-Hny II \Vhli .Mnsii 1 .M P,H. 10:00 II,-aril's liirlliiliiv ('luh. ln::;ii l-'liisln lot'. Hi,- |':IM All:^ 1 I :ii(l Cliiu-i-li uf ( 'lii-isl. 11:1", Ci.l'l'i,- 'I'inii-. I I :"n Xi-ws. I1 :-\~i l-.'xleni-'ion Sd-vici'. ll'.'iiu i;n\ ( l>(iinl»aril','s iuvlir> MILS. I2:P,0 I >iiilH-|-Iir-ll .Tiinilinffc. IL': I", This Is .\;\-/,v. MI'.S. l.'iio Ai-l Mniiih'v's i ii'<-lii-sii-a •• S I :.'!(! Sinpi-ts I'aradi- .M U.S. ^:iin llui-s,. I laces MIJS. Vi'i'is 1 ;'' ,'i:fiil Km- run- .Apiimval ".\fl!S. :i::;o All lieqiiest .SIliAV. fiain Hawaii Calls MIIS. r,::iu Spurts anil \Y\vs —MRS. ,",:-ir, -.\insii-al liHi'i-liiil". "i:S"i--Spin-is ami N'I-VV.S. |)-.IKI Twt-utv (.juostiuus-—^1 US. f,::',n -SiT!in>l>y Amliy—MMS. 7:00 —.Miu'hty Casey— .MIIS. 7::!(i—'lllwli .Aih'i-nlui-e :\riiS. tiaiO—(MiU-nn'c) Thealre nl' the Air— MI!S. !i;nn--Kiinis A Kracli'm- "MDS. !):.'lo Oaiiee I u-vlieslra - MIIS, 10:00- -JJallen (>reliestl';l - Al U.S. 10::<o- -Panee (ireliesira- .MUH. l(i:-r.r, NV\vs -MliS. 11:00 -XiiiliiriK' Hut Musie. 1 :liil Si^n Off, TONIGHT ON NETWORKS \r,c r, IMnl l.avalle Mt-lmly, 7::!fi \Valix 'riini-: S ICvcn-li Sloan in "Mystery Thc-.-ili-r: S:MO Hill Stern Spin-Is. CI1S ."i-."U Sdiind nl'l' ami Wfiniojv; i',:1") Interview on (ierniany uf KriK'. (en. Iliiln-ri M'ei'lur,-; ii::!» t,e\vis l^il- ilr Shu\\-, new time; 7 (Itnny Simnis; S It I'ays i" 1"- iK'iiiir.-iMi ; -S::io .My l-'i-ii-nd Irnia. . . AI!C 7 l-'ut Man; 7.:;o This in VIJI; S::)0 The .Sheriff; H ISnxiiiK Charley h'lisuri vs.. Tuny IVIIune. SATURDAY ON NETWORKS Xlif 1L':I", I'. M. Ciiiisiiiner Time I Itli Anniversary; 1 I 1 . M. Saturday Simwease; :t:;'<n Durim-s Th,-n and Nuw: li Life of Itili v- r> .linly Canova Cli.S II -A. At. KHi-.iilii'lli, IJuss in (Iruud Ceiilral Druina; I I le.-ullliiers Club Awards; t! Cross Seel lull lut'-r- vii-\vs; 7 Kill C.oodwin Comedy; S:HH (iklahuniii Kouncliln. adili'il serlr-.s Al:(' - 11 :.'iO American Kurmer; t (Mil- Town, t'liiladelplii.a; I t'aul <!i-i-sli\viu ]'\ A. ('uiistan&y un IjaViur lion. MAGNETO REPAIRING All Work Guaranteed RADCUff ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL eo; DAY UNTIL FATHER'S DAY A splendid tribute to Father . . . this brilliant quality diamond, majestically tnountnd in 14K gold, $75.00 Dad If you ask he'd like to decorate himself a bit y not selecf a fine piece of jewelry for Dad as a token of appreciation for all he has done for you? 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