Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 10, 1935 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 1935
Page 6
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fftfiPAMMBAiftf : ' (6«rittin«sa froifl page - - • ' _ , 1 6*j%eh and mMe five b\m transfusions. - "** ' jutcS MwSsti^itiOtt ffh Lit Sanderson said officially i i'gtiftshot wound In the abdomen" WM the cause of Long's death. He addend there were "not necessarily" ah? fettfnplications. &r. (S. S. Long, a brother of the 9ehator ( however, was quoted as say- tag; that the bullet which entered the right side, puncturing the colon 1ft Wo places, also penetrated the kidhey. iMtfen before Senator Long died, there was a demand for a full investigation of the fatal shooting. Rep. Penerty (R-Pa.) said: '"tThe congressional committee Which Is about to Investigate Senator's activities In Louisiana might also investigate who it was who instigated his attempted murder." R6p. Lewis (D-Colo) a member of this committee, expressed doubt, however, the house body would Investigate the assassination. In Baton Rouge, no move by the legislature for an investigation had been made. A coroner's inquest was already underway. At the senator's bedside when he died was the widow, whom he married 22 years ago. Became Delirious Senator Long became delirious at 'midnight last night, and soon lost consciousness. Earl J. Christenberry, his secretary, said he exclaimed: "Where are my children?" His children, Rose, Russell and Palmer R«id were rushed to his side, but too late for the senator to recognize them. The secretary said there were last Wishes expressed by the senator. He would not divulge them because he said they concerned the family and were private. Mrs. Jack Docournau, a niece, gave another version of the senator's last act before he lost consciousness. He Sent for Mrs. Long, who had left the room, she said, and as she walked In, he exclaimed: "Here comes my sweetheart. Where are all the children? I love all of you." Governor O. K. Allen, who was tearful as he emerged from the death chamber, said the senator wondered "what will happen to my poor university boys." The senator made himself the particular patron of the football team of the University-of Louisiana. Fighting determinedly, Long also told Seymour Weiss, a clos= friend and treasurer of the Long organization, at the bedside. "I want to live." The body was sent to a funeral home. • Christenberry said the body of the senator would lie in state In the fiye: million dollar capitol which was erected when he was governor and In which he was shot. Other arrangements awaited a conference In the office of Governor Allen. Recalling Sim - of Our Ancestor r '' ' '' NEW YORK, Sept. 10 strength of motors and specialties kept the stock market on Its feet today despite profit-taking in many of the recent leaders. A number of issues pushed up to new highs for the year or longer. The utilities and rails *ere qUlet. The closing tone was firm. Transfers approximated 2,000,000 shares. Am Can ..... 35 145% 143 'A 145% Am Rad .... 70 18% 18 18tt Am T&T .... 31 144% 142% 144% ftft't ftst ••:.'. — , ftf-den .>.'.. aM Not t>ft«':..:. |7 -if , Packard .... 6t4 6% Penney 9 83 Penn RR .... 61 29H Phil Pet .... 62 27% Pub Svc N J 15 42% Pure Oil .... 21 8«i Radio 279 7% Repub Stl .... 80 19% .Ml- *fc 17 4% 82% 42W 8'A 7% 18% Sears 63 61% 60 M Shell Un 14 10 6 9% 5% 11 Anac ........ 429 AT&SP ...... 45 Bald Loc B & O ... Barnsdall . Ben Avla . Beth Stl . Can Pac . Case J I . Chrysler ., Col G El . Coml Solv Comw Sou Con Gac . Con Oil . Con Can Cont Oil Cur Wri . Doug Airc Du Pont Gen Elec . Gen Mot . Goodyear Goodyear 111 Cent . Int Harv Int Nick Can 56 Int T&T .... 81 Kelvin 25 Kenneac .... 61 Mid Cont .... 11 M K T 6 M Ward .... 114 Nat Dairy .... 65 Days o£ simpler, sterner life, when pioncci fanners, broke with oxen the virgin turf oC a new land without benefit of AAA, are recalled by this scene, depicting a team of oxen being used by the Mcrshcm Association in its celebration of the 200th anniversary of the arrival of that family in America. Thomas C. Hill, of Lawrenceville, N. J., is behind the plow, symbol of the fruHfulness o£ the good American earth. 20% 53 <4 2\4 17% 9% 21 % 40 14 10% 80% 72% 13% 20% 2 28% 8% 87% 20% 2% „ 32% 40 124% 123 243 34% 33% 46% 45% 10 M 21% 19 VA 58 Vi 29% 11% 12% 24% 10% 4% 37'xi 16% 16 120 . 43 100 106 . 32 . 67 535 205 . 77 . 56 104 . 29 . 32 . 66 . 31 . 55 19% 52'4 2% 16% 9% 20% 39% 10% 77 68% 12% 19% 1% 27% 8% 86'/i 19% 2% 31% 454 . 38 . 34 . 32 . 20 0% 20% 15% 57% 29 11'4 12 23% 10% 4% 36% 15% 20% 53 2% 17% 9% 20% 40 10% 79% 13% 20% '1% 28% 8% 87% 20% 2% 32 124% 34% 46'/i 9% 20% 16% 58% 29 Vt "11 'A 12% 24% 10% 4% 36% 15% Slmms 7 Soc Vac ... Sou Pac .. Sou Ry ... Std Brds .. S O Cal .. S O Ind .. S O N J .. Studebaker Tex Corp ., Un Carb .. Un Oil Pac Un Pac .. U S Rub . U S Stl • •.. —__ _. ,„ — ... New York Curb Stocks Cities Svc ... 15 2% 2 Ele cB&S ... 142 13% 13Vi Gulf Oil .... 4 59% Humble Oil .. 10 56% 56% 102 11% -. 91 20% 19% , 21 10 9% . 83 13% 13% . 17 33% 32% . 45 -25% 25% . 78 45% 44% 348 4% 4V* . 75 20% 19% 160 68% 65% .. 5 18% 18% . 5 102% 101% . 39 15% 15 ' 208 47% 46% fcfe as* is 28% 27% 42'A 8% 7% 19 60'A 9% 5% 11% 20% 10 13% 33% 25% 45% 4% 20 67% 18% 102% 15% 46%, 2% 13% 56% NEW ORLEANS COTTON NEW ORLEANS,. Sept. 10 (/P>— A factor that aided the upturn a the start of trading and held durln the morning was unwanted rain in practically every section of th cotton belt. At one time during th morning gains ranged to aroun half a dollar a bale, but profit-tak ing set in and prices eased fron their highs. October held aroun 10.44 and December at 10.43 durin the morning, CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, Sept. 10. (/P)—Hlghe wheat futures prices here today ac companled strengthening of tl- world's statistical position. Expectations that French whea exports will cease, orderly market ing of Russia's new crop and sma remaining supplies In the souther hemisphere with unsatisfactory Ar fcrtftd as Aiflish inte'rhatiorial trade factors. Wheat cldSfed % off to % Mgher ompfcred" with the previous finish, 5ec. 93%-%; "and corn was U-li% p. December 56% -57. Oats gained i-%, and barley was unchanged a % lower. Proyl^pns were higher. STOCKING RESIGNS WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 (IP) — Secretary Ickes, oil administrator, nnounced today that Dr. George . Stocking, chairman of the petro- eum relations board, had resigned ,nd would return to the University if Texas as economics professor. FEAHS FOR FISH TULSA, Okla., Sept. 10. (/Py— A. H Weibe of the Texas Game, Pish and Oyster commission, predicted today hat someday It would be necessary o lay a pipeline from the East Texas oil field to the Gulf of Mexico to carry away salt water and waste oi" f East Texas streams are to have any fish. GIANTS WIN PITTSBURGH, Sept. 10. W)—The effective relief pitching of Allyn Stout and the timely hitting of Hank- Lieber enabled the New York Giants to defeat the Pittsburgh Pirates 4 to 3 In the first game of a double header today. Banquet Will ' .. Fa* Army CMef * Members of the £att*ft ,, Reserve Officers' association, will ibid a banquet In the ScMMdef hotel dining room At 8 o'clock .tj* morrow night Guests of hoiiof will be Major George A. Obrtto, contact officer for the 90th division* Major Van Swearingen, and tdeut. Col. Barker. Major Corbin will discuss at length the army extension coiirses for 1935 and 1936. All reserve officers In this s/etf Won are Invited to attend .the ban 1 quet, whether or not they are • members of the local troop school. All makes Typewriters and Other Office Machines Cleaned and Repaired. —All work Guaranteed— Call JIMMIE TICE PAMTA OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY, Phone 288 NEWS Want Ads are effective LOOK AT YOUR HAT! Everyone Else Does! Just Arrived! Fresh stock of new hat hands ... a new band will make your hat look like new. Factory Finished By— HAT MAN Located at DeLuxe Dry Cleaners duced seat stubs as proof he escorted her to a theater the night of the shooting, BATON ROUGE, La., Sept. 10 (AP) — Officials announced today that the body of the assassinated Hucy Long; would He in state in the rotunda of. the magnificent statehouse he built, from 1 p. m. (C. S. T.) tomorrow until 4 p. m. Thursday. It was not announced when the funeral would be, held pending probable adoption of a concurrent resolution by the legislature for the burial of the senator's body on the statehouse grounds. It was explained the resolution would provide for interment of Long on the capitol grounds only in the event Mrs. Long agreed. WALMSLEY 'SORRY' NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 10 (fP)— Mayor T, Semmes Walmsley of New Orleans, titular head of the opposition to Senator Huey P. Long, assassinated political "dictator" of Louisiana, and one of Long's blttrest loss, said in a statement today: "I'm sorry the senator has died." Wheat Sept. . eDc. . May . GKAJN TABLE High Low .. 92 V« 91% ,.. 04% 03% ,.. 95% 94% Close 91%-% 03%-% 94%-95 KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK | KANSAS CITY, Sept. 10 (/P)—U. S. D. A.—Hogs, 2,000; slow, steady to 10 higher; top 11.50 on choice 200-250 Ibs.; desirable 180-250 Ibs. 11.25-50; little done on heavies; better grade 140-170 Ibs. 9.85-11.15; sows 9.50-10.00. Cattle, 10,000; calves, 2,000; most bids weak to lower; other killing classes opening steady; few loads choice native fed steers held up to 11.00 and above; vealer top 9.50; stock steer calves 8.50. Sheep, 0,00; native lambs fully 25 lower; odd lots sheep about steady; top native lambs 9.75; most sales 9.50-75. YTTTTT TTYYTTTTYYVTYVYTYVVVTTTTTTTTY YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MODERN - ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL Kitchen Helps SEE IT AT THE COKING SCHOOL YYYYYYYY HUEY P. LONG At the bedside besides Mrs. Long and the children, Governor Allen and Christenberry, were the senator's sisters, Mrs. W. M. Knott and Mrs. Stewart Hunt, and their husbands; his brothers, Dr. G. S. Long. Julius and Earl and the latter's wife; his father, Dr. Roy Long, and several cousins. Fifth Transfusion The fifth blood transfusion which the physicians attempted to administer to Senator Long never was completed. At 3 a. m. Dr. Sander- son'announced there no longer was any hope. ' "He is dying," he said. •• The end was only little more than i an hour away then and the physi- f clans had abandoned their battle * against death* | "We have done everything in the i world we could for him," Dr. Sand- Jerson said. I Gpvernor Allen made the official f death announcement. His voice was husky and barely audible. "This marks tbe death of Huey P. Long the passing of the greatest .„ guilder of economics in the history Itpf Louisiana in 225 years," he said. ^It also maiks with the death of Huey P. L:r»g the passing of the greatest hero for the common right 'of all the people of America." L The marriage of Long and the tornusr ftose McQonnell followed a P »«P* -typical of the speed of PAMPA DAILY NEWS COOKING SCHOOL is conducted for your benefit.. Jt will pay, you to attend MRS. BEULAH MACKEY YATES will discuss problems of ihe home and the merits of products she uses in ihe school. Be sure and notice ihe special demonstration oi ihe double-tented, double-action BAKING POWDER ECONOMICAL AND DEPENDABLE Same Price Today as 45 Years Ago 25 OUNCES FOR 25c Manufactured by Baking Powder Specialists who make nothing but Baking Powder — under supervision o£ expert chemists o£ national reputation. K C is economical. Because of its high leavening strength only 1 level teaspoonful to a cup of flour is sufficient for most recipes. It is a time saver. That's due to the double action. One action in the mix and the second, a stronger action, in the oven. You can prepare dough for biscuits, muffins, etc., hours in advance, set in a cool place and bake when desired.' NO need for hurry when using K C. No greater convenience can be added to your kitchen than proper tools and appliences. Modern improvements are each made to fulfill a number of different kitchen tasks, making work less complicated and , eliminating many useless utensils. MAGIC MAID ELECTRIC MIXER The Magic Maid Mixer Performs More Than IS Separate Kitchen Tasks. 3 Adjustable Speeds, Uses Small Space $20 SO WAFFLE IRONS See This Waffle Iron at the Cooking School .SO Hot-Point Electric The new feather weight Only weights 3 pounds And priced at only TtfEC You can < Ww* ?|&IS|%; WAFFLE SETS We now have in stock many designs and patterns. Comer in today and see them! Our stock is complete! UP ELECTRIC COFFEE URN Nickel plated, holds six cups. See them on display at the Cooking School. Better still see them in our store, .Priced from - [ zn »*?*/ UP YOUR TABLE . • • Whether for family or guests, your table can always provide a setting ot grace, beauty and style. Dinnerwares and silver are on display at the Cooking School, Presentation of at' tractively t set tujbles is always, ready for your inspection. Rddreas- net in Memphis, Long, for » packing firm, a cooking contest. won the pr|?e. A few during a ^ visit to TO? fcstrumental ta BEE K Hardwar . S5rt (•$ ,4. . *,

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