The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 24, 1952 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 24, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE.2- THE BAYTOWN SUN t< SATURDAY. MAY 3*.. I9SE If; Voting Brisk I/I- Voting In the Fresh \Yater Supply ^District Eight bond *ssue election today was "very brisk" at noon, Election Judge J. F. Hieker- son said. The voting, place is the David G. Surnet Elementary school in Wooster. Assistant election judges are W. B, Lewis, G. Pv,TindaJl and P. M. Lounaberry. Htckerson safd et noon that iKore thai* 95 persons had voted in the $125,000 bond issue election and the assumption of debt by the newly-annexed Lakewood area. Andy Bargainer, chairman of the board of directors of the water district, has said that if the assumption of debt failed, the bond election would be a dead issue since the district could not afford the debt without the income from the S350,000 taxable values of the Lakewood area, About 1,000 persons are eligible to vote in the election today. The polls will close at 7 p m. and the results should be' available very shortly after that, Hickerson said. SAN JACENTO. MEMORIAL Mrs. Robert Edwards—Baytown. .Mrs."William Jarrett — 3205Vi Michigan. Charles Enloe—Dayton. Mrs. Jtoberr. Floyd^-1603 Florida. Jerry Smith—402 South Iowa. Wright Faler—Stewart Hotel. Stock Quotes Special To The Baytown Sun Airway Elec ..... AHeg Ludlum ... Allis-Chalmers ... American Repub AT and T A mer Woolens •. Anaconda Copper Am. Cyanamid .. Beth Steel Calvan Oil Calumet and Hec Canada So Oil .. Celanese ........ Celotex Cessna • Chi Corp < Chrysler Corp .. Columb* Gas Creole Pet f . 75 Crystal Oil 24*i Cities Service 100U Davidson Chem 35% Dow Chem 111% Du Pont Chem 8-i'a Eastman Kodak 43% El Paso Natural Gas 37 J 4 Fairchild Eng » 6 Freeport Sulph 36^ Gen Electric 59% Gen Motors 55 Gen Tire and Rub 27 Gillette Saf No Sale Goodyear Tire 41 Mi Greyhound Bus H^> Gulf Oil 52V* Storms Rip Southwest (Continued From Page One) a man and a woman were washed swollen to flood stage by heavy away. spring rains. About 70 additional Highway patrolmen said Haj families were threatened. Several ren>s small bridges were washed out. And more nasty weather was forecast for Oklahoma. Arkansas^, Missouri and the extreme portion of Texas. , Banker R. D. Walton Dies At Houston Ho ed several small were driven from their homes and a teenage boy and a highway worker were drowned after a ten-inch body was not Jound until early Saturday morning. Ten persons -died of burns in north Tahlequah, Okla.. when lightning «et fire to an Indian shack. Nine of those killed were children. The mother of four of the children got out of the shack, but-later died of burns. A minor flood pushed over the curbs in Bryan, Tex., and hail one vi ce HOUSTON — <U.R>- R Walton, prominent Hou s - tage banker and insural died at his home here JVM was 54. nda Walton was vice *,„,,„•. president of the T the - -j — President of Past the er were drowned alter a ieu-un-« euros ui 01?*", *-. •" 1 r\, T* Q «!,<,,.„* • ine Wort* rain forced the Bosque river over and one-half inch in diameter fell. Bankers Association of jS its banks at Stepbenvtfle. _ __ ^ storm was aecomparued by i^gS*"-^^^ STANLEY HARRIS ; FURLOUGH—Pvt. Harris has been called home to Baytown on an emergency furlough because of the illness of his wife. Mrs..'Harris had her appendix removed at the Baytown H6s- pitaL Jackie Harrell, 19, of Dublin. Tex , was drowned when his car was caught in a sudden. flooded wash. Adrian Ballard, 60, drowned when the state highway truck he was clinging to, was washed away at Cow creek. L. J. Brown, working with Ballard, managed to grab a tree and is' under treatment at the Comyn hospital. Another youth riding with Harrell also was saved. State highway patrolmen said they had unconfirmed reports that winds up to &4 miles an hour. No Sale 84 20 1 .4 SATURDAY NIGHT MUSIC BY DANNY BRAND AND HIS CORRAL BUDDIES ENJOY AX EVENING OF DANCING! WILD BILL TUCKER SHADES OF THE OLD WEST—He resembles Buffalo BUI but is a character in his own right. Wild Bill is a Hollywood sound effects man and imitator, a gun fancier and expert marksman. He will present sounds and imitations and display his guns in an appearance at the Cedars Drive-In Sunday night. •>£&(. i * » • • uO To . .Xo Sale . .No Sale .. 3 15-16 26 7% ..... 62% ..... 15% . 46 ..No Sale 40 Texans Attacked By Polio Last Week AUSTIN .'•— ftJ.P.) — Forty persons were attacked by polio last week in Texas, boosting the year's cases almost to the 500 mark. The 40 cases were 'almost three times the normal number, for thq week of 14. Thus far this year, 498 cases have been reported. TONIGHT BARBECUED WIENER -DINNER Ask a car the details MujM! 'lilt):}'] 1 i l h pM;;i Ml ' I v iSiiil !' * ' i '1 U 1 M« M '»' He Musf Be Proud Of His Cooking Bob Gouner, 40, cafe operator in Highlands, poster $600 bond on charges of simple assault and aggravated assault filed against him bj' two customers who said Gouner beat them up after they complained about the food at his cafe. The complaints were filed by C. C. Young, 71, a printer of Houston, and Mrs. M. O. Bender, 56, of Channelview. Gouner followed them, they said, when they went to another cafe, and knocked them down. Gulf Stat Util Houston Oil H L and P Co Humble Oil Imperial Oil Interlake Iron ...... Intl Nickel Jupiter Oil Kirby Pet Libby McN Liggett and Myers .. Loe\v : s fnc La Land Mack Trucks Mid Con Pec No Sale Mont-Dakota Util No Sale Nat Dairy Prod No Sale Ohio Oil 5 3 Packard Motors 5 ^ Pancbastal Oil 3 n s Panhandle P and R 8^ Penney's Inc" 67U Phillips Pet °6 : V Pure Oil 63% Richfield Oil 63 Repub Steel St. Regis Paper 20 Sinclair Oil ...... Socony-Vac 38 Sou Pacif .: f. •• 79% Stan OH Qalif 55% Stan" Oil tfid 80K Stan Oil Ohio .' Scan'Oil N. J. ...' Sun Oil , : ". ......'.. Sunray Oil Texas Co -* Texas Gulf Prod Tex Gulf Sulph Tidewater Corp 45 Union. Oil of Calif U. S. Steel -.- 38% Woodley Pet 65% Cotton Closed COLBURN FORT WORTH, May 24 (IP) — <U5DA >— Weekly - livestock: Cattle compared week ago Fri- Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Colburn, 3228 day. Slaughter steers and year- Arkansas, are the parents of a links weak to 50 lower, cows 1- son, born Tuesday, in Lillie-Duke , 1.50 lower, bulls steady to weak. ,•,._,,..,-, . , good and choice stockers steady, £±^s: 1 *c h ri$?;.n? l 3S *- «• k «• M "»•«• stocker weight at birth was eight pounds, five ounces. MCCORMICK Mr. and Mrs. Luther F. McCormick are the parents of a daughter born May 20 at San Jac in to hospital. The five pound, 11 ounce girl was named Brenda Gayle. She has one brother, Terry Lynn, 2 and four grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gilbert, Mrs. Lola McCormick and George McCormick. Try Sun Classified Ads—Dial 8302 cows 1.00 and more lower. Week's tops: Slaughter steers and yearlings 35, cows, 24, bulls 26, thin, lighle wight stocker steer yearlings 36. Calves, good and choice steady. others weak to 50 lower. Good and choice slaughter calves 31-35, utility and commercial 22-30, culls down to 18. Good and choice stockers 32-38. Some under 250 Ibs to 40. common, and medium 24-30. Hogs, butchers 50 lower, sows steady, feeder pigs 50 higher. Week's tops: Butchers 22, sows 18, feeder pigs 17.50. DFUVE-IN Hv.-y. 146. North Z MIn. From Towr: DOUBLE FEATURE .WILD WEST EXCITEMENT! 77, 84 21% 27% IINDER'S *-PRESCRIPTION' ' DEPARTMENT IN BAYTOWN DRUG STORE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS AS USUAL DACE EVANS PAT BRADY • GORDON JONES 1360 ON YOUR DIAL 92.I MG. ON YOUR FM SATURDAY EVENING 6 :00— Texas Blue Boys 6:30 — Sports Review 6:35— Baytown Top Tunes 7:00_Golden Gospel Train S :00 — Telequest 11:00— Slffti OH SUNDAY MORNING 7:15 — Chapel By The Side of the Road 7 : ^5__Stewars. Heiehis Baptist Church- S:CO— Second Baptist Church S":15— ta Porte Church of Christ g : . 3 0_ Centra! Assembly ot God &:00 — Churches at Christ 9:15— La Voz Mcxicana 11:00— Orpan Reveries ll-.lO-r-Grace Methodist 11:-10— Tapestries in I.tusic SUNDAY AFTERNOON 12:00— Lynn Murray Show 12:30— Sunday Show 12:55 — News Summary 1:OO— Dars Hutchins' Western^ Jamboree 3:00— Sunday Variety •t rOO^Tour Business Reporter 4:15 — Sundav Serenade SUNDAY EVENING 6:00 — Your New Home-_Lowe51 6:15— Ray Bloch 6:30— Sports Review 7:00 — David Rose 8:10— First Baptist Church 9:00— News Summary "* 9:05_lTotir Favorite and itSne 9.45— Light For Living 50:00 — Antloch Missionary Church 11:00— Sign Olf MONDAY MORNING 6:00 — Revalue; Round-op Join GOP Battle (Continued From Page Ofle)- situatioh. He has never been known to change his mind,"-Porter continued. Porter charged that Zweifel and McLean were not interested in the .outcome of the election—only in nominating TafL Zweifel has stated he'd rather '"go _do\vn" \yith -Taft .than win. with .Eisenhower. In his .weekly "editors's letter," George Carmack of the Houston Press wrote Saturday that "certainly in Harris county we saw no evidence of fraudulent practices within the precinct conventions." The Post editorial charged that seating tne prc-Taft delegations from counties where Eisenhower had the majority was a "brazen scheme" of "thwarting the: will of the; majority "and cramming a minority delegation "down their throats." lometle luei Allan Hixon Mofa Lynn CAjSTOON: OPEN SPACES" TONIGHT! Even if a person is a good sleeper, hi still changes his position completely 22 to 45 times a night — First Run in Baytown-— You Read the Book — Now See the Picture! ADVENTURE -.OO—Trinity; Valley :45 — Lower Trinity News Review :00 — Morning Devotional :15— Watching The Clock :30— Late News :32— Watchirnr the Clock :00 — World; News :15— Churches" ol Christ :30— Dick Eason Show :00— Warren Edwards Newscast :OS— Startlrae :00— Late News :02— MJd Day Matinee MONDAY AFTERNOON :0ft— World News -15— Stock QnotatSons ' :20— Mid Day MatJne* .00 — Top Tunes :00 — ^Tews Summary :03^JBest On Wax :*X?— Warrtn" Edwards Newscast :05 — IA Vox Mexicxna. SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNER Roast Turkey Fried Chicken T-Bone Steak Choice of 3 vegetables Salad Dessert Child's Plate ~5Qc m 3505 MARKET %v,v- *V3 Highest RoHngl, - '-^ Outstanding I . . ^ filt«d •with color, rithixass, and Iu»h beauty! ~% nooucnow of • Q. WE'LL PAINT YOUR CAR FOR A M AY BARGAIN AT Ferguson's f 700 W. TEXAS i - wTVx«>. is.. Interview celebrities and with llki Chase I earn people tvho mak« the ne to >ou c%er> Monday i AUTOMATIC Gulf Coast 2603 MARKET COMPANY 'DIAL |N [ft * THEATItE ^ PHONE 8311 Men of Danger Who Matched the Fury of an Untamed Wildenb! • ~\i strait GRANGER Wenden COREY cydCHARlSSE Mrs *» to »e sc^ », FRANK FENTON * ™« * ANDREW MARION - w-« n STEfflL'i f ADDED -A- CARTOON: MOUSE TROUBLE + ENDS TONITE "DESERT PURSUIT* "PANCHO VIL1A KETUBNSl •/w YOVR LEGAL GUARVIAH... Thct*s what the court "•Bagdad*••^^*^^""""***"**™'^^» —l /nil •M, LEW15 STONE« WARILYN ERSKJNE • RICHARD ANDERSON, MOKE FUN— ._ "GLAMOUR IN TENNIS" "MO^ETONE NE\\!» AND "TEVIE GALLOPS ON" Hurry Last Time Toniffh "RAXCHO-NOTOKIOUS" Also "CHAIN LIOHTNING" . 3-J4SJ Box Office_Opens 6:30 Show Starts 7:30 SUNDAY $ MONDAY ^ DOUBLE FEATURE * ; THE PUiifzEFpmzYpLAYl T« I : Streetcar Named* ADRIEHHE CORRl . MORA SWINBURNE " ^ SHIBDS*ESMOND KNIGHT. HiLAND THEATRE SATURDAY ONLY SUNDAY - MONDAY '.CHAMPS! JH^fTS SCAMPS! ff PCM* ^aa-te***«*;/ w .i «•» TJKWS scwa - —SECOND FEATURE "CAVALRY SCOUT' STARRING ROD CAMERON FEATURETTE: "THREE HAMS ON RYE 11 CARTOON: "RACOON DAWG" "CA\Ti: OF orr "THtN'DEKIN'G SUNDAY - SUNDAY NIGHT ONLY • In Person HEAR THSS HOLLYWOOD 50UHD EFFECTS MAN PERFORM SOME OF HIS FAMOUS IMITATIONS ADULTS 35c - CHILDREN FREE \ Vhfien LEIGH • Marlon BRANDO I GREAT HIT r Remember UCENSE NITE (Monday) RANDOLPH SCOTIA When The

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