The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 16, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1897
Page 1
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MttMte a * •• tt "•!?• t * -,',-j » . „* < ' V \ ftOYXL HAKINQ POWOEH OOti t r-1,1 Write A Black Page irt the Cur^nt • ' Htet0ry|«rtfi£ iriw'.«*"* J General Harrison. Stood by WS W'o- JSk§rr,cfcpi» and then .He h<?ard the Sh heart! the ins »t_thj> of lh<$ prts- Whfefr tame out of th* ol£t o^> A ftfrmtii the Five Jiltflg Tiik«ft from j*H m '• Wheri Cot^t W*», fc S*$ and t.Uctaft.V l)r ong «t* «wm»<» to * Mileage Tickets. fornj «f Thousa«e(-KlHo Tieket, l wneid^ratron ni>d botweon the railroads and their principal patrons, will be placed oft Bale Sept. Jfet, at all important Michigan Central ticket offices. t l'he ticket is sold for S30.00 with a' e&foato to the parchasor of gTO.OO when used, up in compliaticc with its conditions nucl IB accepted ojiall tho Hoes in the Central Passengel- Asswiation, forty- fire in number and covering a vast : extent of country. No mileage book lifts yet been devised so acceptable to all parties concerned and 90 advantageous to the holders. Every one who in Hko'v to travel a thousand' mileH in ft year should avail themselves of it, and should consult the nearest Michigan Central ticket 'agent. An elegant line of belts, latest styles • and lowest pricea, at Hulett & Bon's. A clever French woman has designed thirty-sis separate and distinct ctyles in sleeves for tho coming season. >KW WOODS, At J. C. Deuel & Co's. Call on them before you buv a rocker, .they have all kinds and prices to suit the time at the new Hatch block. . Cotuo in. fhe Sunshine State, . IB tlia title of n ueperou*ly il'lusl/ratod pnm phlet of ^ix«ecn p«K08 in relercuco to South. Dakota, th^ rending. niatter in which W«B written by X« enthusiastic -South Dakota lady-r-Mrs, Stt»Ua'Hosnacr Aruold---whp has • been a rewdeot ot the' Sunshine Sitate lor ,. over 10years. A copy will bo.raniled to thenddres*of any f'Vtmur wt ihrioer'a wife, if seat at once ^o Tlarry Mercer, MlobigOu i*as«en({er Agen»,'Chicago, Milw»uUp«5 & St. Paul rail Way, 7 l?6ft street, W., Detroit . Mich., •- '. .,;-;'••, •' i .. .• .A • • ..-••' Vacatlou Days In the lake rpgionis of orn Michigan, Mjnuesota, Iowa ami South • Dakota, along the linos of the Chicago, Mil- watikee & St. I'.xul Railway, are hundradu of charming lot-al.ttes proominently fitted fofBuuimur |ioine«, iiearly all of which are located on or near !ak<«s whJi'h have pot been tutted out. Them? reports range in va^ , rlety from tho "full ilnw for diuoer" to tbu flannel Ahirt contuine .'-tut- every meal, Aniqiig the Hat aro naun'« fumiliar to uiauy of our rondero R* the porfuutiori of northern' suincr reworts. Nearly all of tho Wisconsin pointB 'of ia't-rcut arc withui ft «Uyrt din' tance from Chicnttaor'Milwnukoo, and none of them are au fur a*«y fraji the "busy riaartK of civilization" that they cannot be rfat-Iied in a tww houraof ' frenuent traina,o»er the finest roadJntliBBorthwoBt— th»Chica«o. Milwaukee & St. ^aal Haitvray. Send a~t*o cent bi(ii'»pf«r a copy of "V^ cation PNJ*'' giving a description of, the principal r*ortw, aiul a tnic of fiUmiuer hotels aiul bcftumij? houaQR, and rates {or. board, to Gtarf H. Heatfurd, tiiiiieral Paas«agei pt, Chicago, III, _.,_.„ 0krp»t laying, stoves bliw.-k.od and set t f Urwi tUre pSickinjj ett% ^ttvtr wdera SHAW. of On,* «rtf* Th«in ^UwogtiiMil, >VI»lcrt stay Help CkrtpniioV Mmtt»t-t« FuWlsh Trtein, tut He.KariKjHtiy Defclrtifh, " Versailles, _tn&, Sept; Ifi.—Flve mon- ln Jail here for complicity In the attempted robbing of a store at when thtftfobber* -wefe meif b~y Iff's posse and baffled, one of the robbers and tha\heriff being xvourtdetl— ? wer6 hanged by" a mob Tuesday night In this place, because they were "suspected" of being part <rf the gang that has been committing alV^orts of crime eXeejMrtnUrder In tftls region for months paat. The names of the Ac»^ inen are: kyle Levf, aged 57; William Jenkins, 291 married; Henry Shutter, 24, Bert Atidrews, 30. and Cliff all residents of Osgood, three miles away. Two^personH were left In the, Jail, Charles Kelly, aged l*. for burglary, and Arthur McMfllen, for carrying tion- eeatefl weapons. The lautr was let-out last night on Ivmtl. McMillen salyg three of the 1 prisoners were killed in the Jail and one of the others almost killed there. The molj came very near takinK McMillen out. Deputy Jailer WHIhun E. Kernan, and O'mrd William Black, faced the mob Tuesday nisht and were uuiokfy disarmed ami ' >cked in "a cell while the work of slaugrhver was done. One Mob.May St*jr«;t Another. Marshal John E. Tyler, with twenty- nve deputies. Is alert against any pas- sible surprise, and every road, running Into town-Is picketed with wide awake men. This precaution .la tiot taken SK anticipation of a second visit by the lyne'hors. ' Tne. danger aVprehondtMl is from another quarter/the the lynched men. No private citizen of Versailles probably has reason to fear personal violence; the "danger dreaded Is arson; Rumors abound of threats tin the part of tht> frienda of the. men who were, mobbed- to even up matters by means of the torch. The buildings said to be ni.arked for destruction are the Jail a,nd court house. The public officers are aJso subjects of these threat* That 19 why this little city is under close' guard: i ' .,. •' -' : ... ._ ..- ;...' Town Win- Not ail Jt iiUki-Jy Thins•It trouble cornea it i» expected from Osjroort, which the people of Versailles stay is the headquarters of the band" wXosw depredations have bt-avi wide- sprt'Bjtrattd which is thr> home of those who w*re Tuesday night so ruthlessly ifushed'^nto eternity. s.Th«f' feeling between the^two places IB of the bitterest, and thtt Qplru>n tixpr«&et<d here is that there are pler^y of others in Osjtood who deserve th<s\Same' fate as the flve found dangling toUmiis yesterday morn- Ing. .Of the niany hutidreds suen'yaa- terijay at this place," 1 ^rtisldents and visitors, not one .was heard to express a "wind of condcn* na ti*'ii'X'f Tuesday nlght'ij w?ork. The" pwple i»f\yeraaUle8 declare that the lynchera w«re\Ul non- rteidfnta, and that not a mun Ulvliig in or h^?7the t«w» had any Barftrifi the slaughter. ' ' ' • There 1* a gen-ejal undercarr«r*)t of approval of the deed and It is said that uo effart-wUl b£ niady to 4p&rt'hi.'n4 any one who took piirt, t'h« coroner'* Inquest Uegaij ye»turcl»y and will bu eofu* ' ' ' today. ,It Vas'cdi^ut'tVd on' "•• " TO^n ttfe crpwfi T.niftr!t' i (! oixt any disturbance. Tire «ftmt Nrrtt^ arftifedr "Af<> JP was "Aft , rpJ yetted; "Of\t> twrs fhtCe, up," and thT* nnlv" olftpr vwifjs hcaifl l w«r^-thic\1'lir^k* of ^thfr vte-Wms, «*p6cla.ll|; of or.fe th«m, tfcho was pt»tt«i|t ft]t>.*lbwly and cried "Oh «*^d, JiaV*' pity^ KanU I t» saved " fn the t^-se th? men dispersed to thelvhrrst^ Artd Vefliclesv *hffh had h«^n left iti lh« bcfttow^i outride tif town. Th«^ trpe upon which the nteh WP<*P h^ 1 nK'''l w<ti t»n m*s dlyigtfitt line between the £rrm? «>f ^ r ill» tani WhMe<nnd. JtiVttfy BinVtli, and la but a f«w rocla frolrt White's home imff thftt of \t*x:-fcHfltt. A ff-w hours after the litotes, had. been cut downt3UrJ«sit&-9e«fe- -era had ail hut eompteteil the deptTuc* Oon of th«> irce. l*1pre by pkco it was carried away utitft notbfnir hat the bare trunR I» ten. stand»s. It waa stripped of evury IcnJ and twip. and th^tr th'e limbs Were sawed off and cut Into small pieces.," The bnrk .was peeled f.ft th trunk, and even thfr posts of the -toiwfr-MMM; by were whittled up for These <uiil pieeps of the ropes were soon scattered all over Rlpley and adjoining pounties. Some fahutohj: prices '\ere of tered for pieces of the ror 1 ^, and a tttr^nffer paid jijinmTl boy $2 ,foi* » loop and^knot takn From one of the limbs of the tree. Wilt If dw w Kilt i*r attention thes'e d"aya'tct an of "rite wlBd^ft of estilhtohlht fwistal : ^ b«nh*/ When Jh the la*t congress Ek .bill wi^st £^nt to^ hftift providing tw %'gtltuWon9 Tfe flecllnM t<? mfioffle' fe *<»- 'tnWsftfgate .'tiife «a1>* bearing apott rt be etttfld "pr^clH -afta W*ftfng olawb- to rflacusrt Its tn&ita wfth thoet famlllai' wKfe it* The rteflt it ttat «* hast became convtnc^i',of both the wts* dnm afjd thfr utility ot pb»tal saving* institutions and haa ^elde«l .to nave, a bl|J prepftr^l proVjdtcBT tor th«ir jfeaf^b^ Ufhmfent ttnS to rmwth'end its pas«6*B by congress. In. all itrobab/Mty he will treat the giinj^ct In bis anriual report. at sonje t^figth 4 Hc» has not y^t <Ip<5i^ 'upon the detail^ of jdfty plan, but w soon give his nttenti&n to them. , « '- '•„ .' -, .tt« W KA«vertl$*J%to teU tne ^vhoie ~ — flinty! in'plain, ^'n^»te language, \n atsjewl, words as possible^ «n4.-,«a.,'4*'*^t o* * *"'*'? /? ^h0&t*»bttttet* ,VMy w|H; he** i \ K , 4 •«",,'" i ., We wantjjflit to t TH^ DEtROjrr iv^NiNq News it Will cost foil very little. ,'.-.. Tile Detroit Evening News* Agents In everyUown in Michigan. IH tt'IDE AWAKlE. fully I>«trrtnlti^I to tiring <hc l.vnch Mur«l«« i r» 'to,Proper JiuiUcw Indianapolis, Sr-pt. 16.—Concerning the lync-hlnB at Vt'J-sailtes Oovurnor Mount Said: V'The iihire whfre the lynching too1< putet- bclnR remote from railroad or telegrablj station I have been unable to secure particulars v»f f the occurrence beyond the information conveved by press dispatches, .The outbreak was wholly •umrxpot'tpii, «nd I had not thp sliKhttst Inllmatioti fif the imjiendliiK lawk-<ifint.RK. As soon aV I learned of the occurrence 1 Iminwliatoiy wired tho authorities of Klpley county^to proceed ,ii «nee and vter.rously to uHpa. tn<? offenders to justice^. "I intend to •I'einfijrce this demand by every nu^sin p'oBfiible,. and with all the power nt'thti conmuyid-.of tlio-.exec,u-' tto'.authorlty of the statt*.' I have sent •.A-r&P.rwtittaJ'lve. to tii't; BCcne'-'o'f the tragedy and intqnd t»> employ t-very proper effort to the end 'that no guilty man may escape. The "vnfiople of Indiana arc; la.iv-abldinffv ait'ti I am con- «df?nt that 1 shall Jij cordially sustained In my ertfntvst purposp to make "an e'x,- ample of evil (inura in this tnst'an.,-. that will tqnp r(?irjuin us a .w'tirnlng to other wo'uldrbu trnnsgrt-'Ssora." . IN'FAVOR OF WORKJNGMEN. ' ' Nr»iiu-« Hdtn« , S<»pt. t«>-Th* president yesterday named' ft long list of j>ost* master?, among them the following: tl- )lnol9~-Camp Point,- Kielmrd Seatont <Jkstey, George W. Parker ; Chicago Heights, Wflliam J. McEldowney: Co'al City, Hugh Hennett; Hospital, Clarence E. Holt, Mowoaqua, James. R. OVegory, Marshall, Wm.tV.Hogwe. indlanar-AJcst— andrla, J'ames F. flreiiaman; Crawfords- •Pllle,- JoTio B. JBonneH; Evansvllle. Jas. IX ParvinS; Fairmont, Clarkson I>. Overman; Huntlngburg, John W. Lee; Lafayette, James L. Caldwell; New Albany, Maurice Morfis*. Sheridan, Frank Oldham. Towa— Anite, S. F. Myers; La/irens, William F. Atkinson; Parkersburg, John -Bird; Waterloo, * Isaac C. Hunger. Michigan— Calumet, William 'H. Hosklns; Flint, Jame» A. Huttah, Harbor Springs, A. L. DeueljTshpemlngi Charles T; Falrbaims Lake View, Carus tJ. Vlnfng; Marquette, Orrln O. Ypung- quist; >fegaunee y J"ohn V. Stephens; St. Ignace, Frederick/ Krugcr: Satflt Ste, Marie, William Webster. Wiscnnpln-^ Lancaster, James. T. Webb; Merrill, C. N. -Johnson: Clintonville, Joel L, Stewart; Waupaeka, Adelbert M.- Benny; Wausau, A. W. TrowJtt. Tlirt'i- ,H«>lll»t«>r< In ,J.»t»;in. Salt Lake Clty,^ Sept: !«.— A private letter from Tekio,: Japan, announces the arrival in' that city of Senators Can- nori tind Pt!,tligrew and t'X-yenator Du- 't.«. Killer «.;iyi< ; ti.'Tahgc?mi:i)t(» liavi' ''made, for an interview with thti on., the- rtllver qiiestloh — the purpose of the .-senatorial visit ' ' ' V What if Not Miracles?, The great Four-C Remedy is doing work whfirevcr introduced as nearlyA»tracalotl» as it ever falls to jtbe lot ol any human agency to do {I will es /fenj it a favor for any one .interested to-write the persons whose fca i appear below* or "anyone whose name may appc'ar 1 arnong these testimonials.) BENEFACTORS OF THt RACE. Office of "Kise«s8«s Tm»B," I KlngBahor, Okla.. Deo. 12,'B*. f ! beH6v« Ittty duty to Wtlte yon line in regard to the beneficial qffeotof Phelps' •Four C Remedy," 60 far as I am personally con* jertred. A week ago last Thursday, I was takctt with a severe attack of la grippe and In a short lime bcottrne no hoarse I could not speak aboveu whisper, the nlRht lou» I bad oouehed t before rstirlnK J took aearfy tho entire nipht; . --,-„i teaapoonlul.and slept theentKe niRht a««weetl; u ever 1 did in my life,'not coughing one*. 1 r mtirely telieved before taking one bottle. Phe Jonah, Cold and Croup Gun shoulij te ia . hragchold In the land. I send you thts Wholly iniollolted by Bnybne, tot you MB bencfMitprs of the race id giving H the antidote for irout »ffllolwn* to vrbteb it Is h«ir. Chutt«I M : «rt(tng<; I><i«^n"t Ilav«, Preference AkenA'ttt'lMtmr C'tatlns. ..-•'-.." - Chlcajjo; Sept, BT-— JUdfje •J:ohnr'-GHb"r Items, >bf thp circuit court, rfcndered^. an important aVl»lon in favor of working- mcrv ..Tutsadhly.'i . : The '.casfe In which it wa« madfr is DolPHe vs. Shepard, a pro- eec>dlng to wind op the piu't'ncrBhlp of this well-known firm. William Dolest; clalinH a largr* quantity of horscH and personal property undbr a chattel mort- gaite. and, Prank Potak and about 120 wage- workers , 'having labor claims agalnsj the old firm of Oojeae & Shepard raised th<» Qucgtinn before Judgi* Oibbons whether they 'were '.not entitled t«'be paid as preferred crtdltora hav-, Ing a Hen taking pr«c»denee over Ufc chattel' mortgage In favor, of WiUmm,' .^^.. „. „, „ newpak ol t afaoes it wi« t«y you ta l«>i[ oy*r J«tl6r*$ stack. Thfiue o/dk eatitety 810() Ko«:inl «if thw"|>apor will be pl»ftfwd «t l-'n^t, « nn dreaded .h al> •• tocure in all if*>Rta#ca and that i» 'catarrh.-. Hall's Cntitrrh Cure is the only.'pJwitiYe euro/now known to the (nodical fratenuty. (Jatarrh btjicg a constitutional di»CB«<xri4ui|fes a constitutional treatment. H«U'« Catarrh cure is tnken icteraally, actioK directly U.pou the blood and tnucou« ,*urf aces of the wy^tcp*, thereby destroyi ni^the fouadntiou of the' diM-aws and glieJng tho '.putien Hlreogth by building/up tho constitution aiil .OBsmtiog nature in doi nit its work. Tlir proprietoro have BO much faitli in it* ourntivp powcn* ttiat they offer one hundrrd cbillwrsfor mjy o»(<o that it' faji» to cure. Si>nd for lifts of »c»f!.iji<'ninlrt. Adtlrewt«, ' F. J/CHENEV at CO., Toledo, O., Bold hf druggiftto, TSc. Hall's Family Pilla are the beat Very Truly .Yours, 1 C.J N»t A MIRACLE.' of the Editor. ',Jt»nsM, Doc, 24, "W tMt Friday. D«o. 19, m» attending physician rt»Mxj unless I WM t»tt*f by^roonihi<r h««ouW lo nothing for my..te«ef. That niprht I com- nenoad taking Pbelp r * "FourC" remedy, stopped ill other medlolne*. The Bret dose stopped my louab: slept and Iwsted well; ft few more doses •amoved all soreness from my lung*; the second lay I wo* up;_;tbe third day I waa out on tha oreh and to4ay was up town purehaainK holiday . Mii» JBNSM B*s»rr, , Washington Ave. and Summit at /_ CHOUPCURCb, On« do»e of Phelps 1 Cough, d6M andCroop i, pave my child Instant relief when attacked the croup. ' x W. B. M'ooatc, of Moore Bros.. Grocers. • Arkansas City, Kansas. UNBROKfN R6ST AT NIGHT. Xj, B. HCUNU, ManBRpr, } Office Comtnrtotftl rrintltig Co , > 196 South Clurk St. \ , . Chicago, Nov. 24,'81 B. B. Phelp^, Esq., '.City, D«AB,Sm;—I wish to- brnr te^ttimmy to tht prcat effioaoy of your "Four t!" remedy in thr,i>nt un<5 Wng ailments. As a rule I bttvn been <:K«i> tioaiof the merits of proprietary meiHrinc-s, bui h»v* to oonfesi that a test of your "KourC" i» convincing that at least one riuuly tnri.dc rotupaj Is worthy of use. My ohlldron all tako it with out the least objection, from t>tde>.t toyouiit-e't and it is particularly noticeable tbbt oenvilt U almost Irnraedlatc. A «lnglo dose will cheek mostcougbs In their bfeinulnt-; It cives (l " '"' hroken rest at night, In my family "Four 0" is simply indispensable! and I recommend it. uri qualifledli;. Voura, J, B. J ACUTE LARYNGITIS. Cl)ic*ge., Sopt. 2ft, *95 For years book each mlntei 1 httvo nufferi-o with acute Laryngitis.. Last winter was so -tin A I could not leave my room fortwo weoksbr sp«-|ik abo?e a Whisper. ' 1 tried every known coiit'li preparation from cough drops up sivil clown with no relief, then in dpBperatton I WHS induced to to try Phelp's "PourC." Thp first do*c relieved my cough, giving me (be firit nlght'a ru«t ro; weeks. Half the bottle ourecl mn I have rn-vor been without this wonderful reminty fince. .It Is a* different from other like remedies an rnolasf>c» from vinegar or sugar from sand, " MHS. JofKi-n E. Onrtnn, 0313 MuUisou Avo. IT IS A MIRACLE. Conductor Eckard, the Railroad CorreBpon, deh,t of thw N«o<iajhtt Kon«u« Register, hasthio' to »»y of "Four C." "1'holps i<< having * wonderful sate of his Couph aud CoM Remedy. Wo personally know It, i» Just what it is ed to oe. Too miicb can t lw suid in It 1st miracle. NOTICE TO ORUOOISTS AND THE Pi .1C. \CoOTRAcr.'~t)ruggists are authorized in ALL CASES TO REFUND THE PURCHASE PRICE, if the Four*C Remedy (Phelpa'CoOgh, Cold and Croup Cure) faiis to,give satisfaction in Croup, Bronc&Uw»,Astbma,LaGrippe,Coughs and Colds, no matter how long standing, or deep sealed, in fact I guarantee in all manneroi Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Cure^AH.but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a, trial on the above conditionl;^Hak« all chances. , ' R, R, PHELPS, 118 53d Street ! CHICAGO, ILL, Proo. For sale by;W. T. of strict tqr,mtflity und th«* verdict 'be thttt the five 'm*>n i-ame to their duath at the hands of a mob. the mem- -b*cs ol wWob ^r IS A SMOJtT Vtctiuw AlVftfc f he misery of j e»r» ba> b«en euwHi U night by |l«e for WJO feel to tb* were distrttt in %««IIH it ft? can ge* it tot you. WITCH HAZEL OIL Glbboua durlded that the Ingmen's claims had the prefer^rice. The meaning of tnU UeclstaW'ls that •\etaen the /workinman ha« a labor "clfttwand the mun he woflw for fail* th« workman aliould pr^Qt his ctalm s to the receiver, awslgna*?, aherlff.ttir other haying the property of nto^eia- In charge The claim 8howI(T v *< presented within thirty <h»ya and Should be sworn to. show the amount 4u«, when earned a»<| for what lator. Care should be tak*n t<>y?re*er|t the claim. l» -praper els<t-the lien wiU not attach, but it In proper fer<rv the lieu of any' raortgag* or jMdjn»e4it ftgainst the employerobt)*in*d op ajteeuted since July 1, 1S»5, when th« /yiw b*S»tri« In farce. ~ < Pooayour h««d f«il $s though gonusoae w<«-hammering I*} W tho»(* » miUlott V The Klondike Gold Aro now attracting the attention of (no whole world, and the results of placpr and quarto mining are fully equal to the ftnuji of mitfgi&tts in the early California dayu and fextra»rdioary iuducemeuts are being" offered to prtwpo tore, practical miners and investors, : By next apringtbe gold fever will have taken poaaoseion of thdusands of people, and tbe weatern road»Vill have all thev f to transport tb,e fortune huntora, Chioago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, .»&dii» eetueptios Mnee,, offer If the Jiaby Is Cutting TfcetU sure and u»« t!*at . the beat fa«ilitie«for reaching the gold unions, «r"^ ^ Fat furtfaei- injformatiofr, ^dress If *riy Mercer, Michigan Pane. Agt. v Detroit, ^\ "Afy boy «wie houie fromachooloiie day with hie band badly lacerated Mr. B. J.^eball, with, Ifeyer Pfof, »rug Co., St. Louis, Mo. .'«! drewed wound; apd applied £baiotetttain> Pain Biltft-freely. AU paio eeaia&a. and in *hort tioM> it hoalod, without leaving a For wouuda, apraloa, swellings aod Jcnow o| to medicine or iption «qual to it. I consider it % fho *5 und .fio Uay '* Sou a c*r br«J»d of i« prepared to pafedowttlbe beet wnlka. to «ta»d witjhaajr other jour statwcwy Rheum 4c Tettfers, aorth of th* otfeer Works G«trn»at ^T^RF WSPH^T TIK ^^"^^ AS Large Reduction In Prices on All / Cooking Gas Ranges $10.00, #13.0<X $15.00 and $iaoo Boiling Stoves $1, to $5. according to siz^ WELSBACH Reduced in;• Price Welabach both aa to Ugbt »ud oonaomption of Raft, Ne^ly 300 uoia ii» Mft^J ait ™*^^K*V**^y 1^^^ J[^^(^^ JT**^9 * QA'Ut <!*

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