Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 15, 1937 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1937
Page 5
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, AMft, ig, 1S81 ffifi PAMPA BAit? NEWS, Pawp, * tftt ?*" PAGf 4:00 P. til. SOUTHERN cum .— We snid these hoys wore "fair." We retract that. Thi>y - re "Rood." Dusky Eddie Carson, Kenlal maestro, in just as tnll an ever. About sl.x feet elRht, we'd judge. 4:30 P. M. . AFTKttNOON VARIETIES. 6:0t> P. M. MONITOR VIEWS THE NEWS— James Todd. a very nhle com. menlnlor handles this well. 6:15 P. M. CONCERT HALL. 5:30 P. M. STRANOE FACTS — Good dope taken from the World Encyclopedia. 8:45 P. M. . .DINNER DANCE MUSrC. 6:60 P. M. SPORTS REVIKW--Thls Is another ooe that we recommend hltrhly. Harry Hoare, is mini- mentinK and doine a flno joh. Listen Jn, and drop Harry a line. 8:15 P. M. HILL HILLY SHOW. 6:45 P. M. :.TOMORROW WITH KPDN. 7:00 P. M. SLUMBER HOUR. TPMORROW 6=30 A. M. MUSICAL CLOCK—Farm flashes and Weather Reports. Good music. Show produced by NRC. 7:30,A. M. ' JtJST. A^OUT TIME—A Sthnd- afd produced Show, The correct time about every three minutes. .H helps pot you to work on time. 7:45',A. M. QVER-NICIHT NKWS — A daily feature sponsored by AdkisHon- Bnker. 8:00 A, M. , TUNE TEASERS—OrlginntrR in the BtudiuK of Cullum und Suns Motor Company. 8:30 A. M. BIRTHDAY CLUB — A quarter hour of snappy musir and data on the birthdays of the tiotabl 8:45 A. M. LOST AND FOUND BUREAU— An excellent service available to listeners, made possible by Ed- mondaon'a Dry Cleaners. 8:60 A, M. HARRIS FOOD STORES—Dance Music and Recipes. 9:00 A. M. BHOPPINO WITH SUE. 9:30 A. M. MERCHANT'S CO-OP — Pilmo music played by Jerry, and spon- . Bored by six progressive Pampi merchants. 9:45 A. M. EDDIE EH EN — House-wives laxation period. Organ Music. 10:00 A. M. . MORNIN.G MELANnE .— Dance ~ Music 'h'y the name hands. 10:30 A. M. ' MID-DAY NEWS — Trniwrndi" lasl. minute flashes. Ray Monday announcing. 10:45 A. M. HAWAIIAN MOODS—Just what the name implies. 11:00 A. M. HOLLYWOOD BREVITIES—More ahkout your favorite stars and their favorite music. 11:15 A. M. HOME-FOLKS FROLIC — Hill Billy Music. 11:30 A. M. LUNCHEON DANSANT — Lute popular duuco releases. 12:00 NOON THE POLICE REPORTER- Another thrillinK story liruuicht to the air by the Puritan Bakery. 12:15 P. M. COMP COMPTON'S ROYS—The Three Aces and the Deuce. New talent on this show, and it's good. Drafted from Eddie Carson's Orchestra, 12:30 P. M. MUSICAL JAMROREE—A snappy show., Kobd copy and wood music. Standard radio and Ray Monday do this. one. 1:00 P. M. MID-DAY NEWS—More lust min- Hte flashes by Transrailio. 1:13, P. M. ORGAN. REVERIES — An after Junch real period. 1:30 P. M. DANCE HOUR — And Ibis will awaken yon, and instill in you the pep that's needed during Ibis .spring weather. 2:00 P. M. SONG STYLES—A program of popular vocal selections sunk' by Gene Austin. 2:15 P. M. • THE GAiETlES -More nice music. 2:30 P. Mr THE CONCERT MASTER —This nroitram includes the better class of music. \ 3:00 P. M. AFTERNOON NEWS —Tex Di|Weese broadcasting from the Mi- torial rooms of the-DAILY NEWS. 3:15 P. M. , . . MRS. C. E.- POWELL — Vocals and Piano from the studio. 3:30 P. M. COCKTAIL CAPERS — Popular music again. 4:00 P. M, SOUTHERN CLUB—Eddie Carson's orchestra. 4:30 P, M. AFTERNOON VARIETIES — Everything' from Grand Opera to ' Serittton'Fishfacc. 5:00 P, M. MONITOR VIEWS TUB. NEWS- James Todd Commentator. 5:15 P. JW, THIS RHYTHMIC AGE—Dance Music and vocals. 5:30 P. M. AMERICAN FAMILY ROBINSON—A good dramatic show, depicting the life of the average American family. 5:45 P. M. DINNER DANCE MUSIC — The type you'll enjoy at this time of evening. 6;OQ,p. J«. SPORTS REVIEW—Here's Harry again. • We're getting lots of nice pomments on his good work. 6:15 P, M, MUSICAL MOMENTS REVUE— Rubinoff's new allow with Reed Kennedy and Virginia Vernll as truest stars. 6:30 P, M. JNQIURWG .RHPQKTSK-Colden Lite's Mun-On-The-Strcct. 6:45 P. M. TOMORROW WITH KPDN —A resume of tomorrow's programs. 7:0tt ]?, M.' THE SLUMBER HOUR — Soft ' lights; sv/eet music and poetry. LONDON, April 15 m—Some 13,- )fJO Englishmen nre expected to shell out around $100.000 tonight to see their new idol from America, Max Baer, perform 12 rounds or less against Tommy Fnrr, the "accidental" British champion. The former world champion, whose invasion of Great Britain seems certain to carry him a long way on the comeback road, is virtually the whole attraction for this crowd. Farr, little Known before lie recently won the British title from Ben Foord, is ca.;t as the official "stooge" for the theatrical Max. Baer's personality and "clowning" have made him a favorite with English fans although they haven't seen him fight. Baer is a 3 to 1 favorite. He's due to get $22,500. tax exempt, for tomorrow's bout. A victory will win him another rich match with the German, Walter Ncusel, next month There's no doubt today's fight will be the biggest in years from a financial standpoint. Three hundred spectators will be occupying seats that cost $50 each, a price unsurpassed In England since the Carpentier-Beckett fight shortly after the war. * Baer has been quite serious about his training here and will enter the ring at about 212 pounds. Farr whose British empire title will not be at stake, will scale around 200. Peter Sarron. recognized by the United States National Boxing as soclation as featherweight champion, will fight Harry Miller in a ten round preliminary. The main bout is scheduled foi :1S p. m., British time (4:15 p. in. EST). • Auulher xianhidyr. for you and yuur friends tu lln.ten in "'I »'- taniwJu' on Sun.da.)'. Three en- jMetany good-showir. not counting the regtflwrly scheduled pnse. You WPn't be disappointed. Training Camp News (My The Associated Press.) BALTIMORE, April 15.—The Boson Red Sox tossed Jack Wilson, the Seattle strong man, against the Bal- imore Orioles today, while waiting he return of Manager Joe Cronin Cronin has been away a week with Mrs. Cronin, now recoverini at the Washington home of he 'oster father, Clark Griffith, afte oss of two children in child, birtl n Florida. He reported her condition was satisfactory. Trainer Praises 4 Horses A t Fort Worth As Winners By FEMX R. McKNIOIlT ARLINGTON DOWNS, .April 15 AP)—Trainer Bob McGnrvey. 32 •ears in the business, pushed a loppy hat back over his grey hatch, squinted at n stop watch, langled his legs from a perch atop hen fence and started in. "Son, there are three of the 'astest things that ever had on 'our shoes.' Three negro stable boys tugged nt halter straps on Reaping Rc- vnrd. Case Ace and Military. Mrs. 3thel V. Mars' Milky Way Farms' rio of Kentucky Derby candidates. "Just look at Reaping Reward. Why he looks like he's ready to go into a show ring instead of a .rack. Picture of health—that's what ;hat horse it. His coat looks so good he's got to be good on the nslcle. It would tnke a real horse to outnm him right now and we're not training him hard. "We've learned how to race Reaping Reward now. We just let him un the first half mile his own way and then we start pushing liim. He can come from behind and run over horses at the finish. Our jock has almost tied his head clown in workouts but still he has done the five-eighths in 59 2-5. the mile in 1:40 and n mile and an eighth In 1:53 recently. Just breezing, loo." The great two-year-old of '38, one of the two horses to beat Pom- poon. held his head high for a photographer and goose-stepped in- 10 the barn. Case Ace Praised Case Ace. fractious speedster, reared high, pawed at a retreating stable boy. McGarvey bellowed gleefully. "What a horse—what a horse. He can bent anything on four legs when he's right. Can he run the Kentucky Dor'iy distance? He can run anything. He simply flies away from the post and—oh well, he's just about the fastest thing that ever Jiad on four shoes." McGarvey. beloved master of the Milky Way stable, talked lightly of Case Ace's failure in the Bluebonnet handicap event here last Saturday. He finished a poor fifth. "Robbie (Jockey Alfred Robertson) told me the long parade to the post apparently unnerved Case Ace. It must have been 25 minutes before they reached the post after hitting the track. He was nervous as a cat and didn't even know the way into the paddock. He started poorly, stumbling at the post. I thought he had wrenched his back. He wasn't hurt—just nervous." Track "Spanked" Trainer McGarvey then took time PUTS SELF ON TRIAL ver . . . Willie' Hagan, Haverhill, Mass., welter recently turned pro, craves action . . . The 46 medals awarded in the A. A. U. swimming hampionships at New Haven last week cost $185 . . . His friends have started another whispering campaign to get Tony Canzoneri to hang jp those mittens while th? hanging Is good . . . The New Mexico contingent at the A. A. U. boxing tourney blew into town wearing ten- WASHINGTON—A final rubber , , L , - . , , . same with the Senators faced the "«<• to "spank the track for al- Boston Bees today before they hop' lowing too much tune to elapse af- trains for Boston and the inter-city 'ter the horses have reached the series starting Saturday. Beaten track and paraded to the post. He yesterday in 10 innings, '2 to 1, the blamed last-minute encouraging of mutuel play for the delay. "The public can be trained to lay their wagers in five or ten minutes as well as twenty five. It's hard on the horses to be paraded and rubbed against each other so long." Military pranced by. ' "If it is muddy on Derby day- watch out for that horse. He'll have a fine chance in the mud. He's a slow beginner but he can certainly move up and match a lot of tivec horses in the stretch. He can run Bees sent Ira Hutchinson to the mound to pitch. The Senators nominated Monte Weaver. RICHMOND, Va.—Manager Burleigh Grimes named three right banders and two southpaws as his Brooklyn Dodger pitching staff for the National league season. The right handers are Van Mungo, Fred Frankhouse, and Luke Hamlin. the latter a rookie, and the left handers, Max Butcher and Roy Henshaw. the distance, in fact, I believe he can go a mile and a half at his NORFOLK, Va. —Lee Grissom, I best speed. He's ready to run Cincinnati Reds hurler, opined today I right now, but he just doesn't like gallon hats The dope is Don Guttcridge. Card third sacker, may he Columbus bound almost before voti read this. If Dick Walsh of the Albany Times Union has the right dope, * Senators picket! up Al Simmons for loss than the $7,500 waiver price . ceferino Garcia, who still hopes Barney Ross will live up to* his promise to fight him for the welterweight title, may have to undergo on operation on his left elbow Bill Pierre, Birmingham scout, Is considering starting a baseball school for kids between 10 and 14 years of . Prank Grayson, veteran Cincinnati baseball expert, says Frank MrCormick. young Red in- fiekler, looks like another Nap Lajoic to him. Premier Throws Scare Into Japs TOKYO. April 15 «!'>—Premier Senjuro Hayashi. in an election appeal to the Japanese people, declared today the ncute interim- situation created for the country by Russia's Asiatic policy and the huge United States and British naval expansion had caused the recent dissolution of parlia- Hajashi declared the Japanese rjoverniii 'nt was watching with concern the Soviet union's Far L'Visteni policy. Nor can the government, lie de- .•Inred. remain indifferent to the huge Anglo-American naval expansion programs. Only 4 Cities Share in Title Boxing Honors BOSTON. April 15 t/Ti — Eight youths, survii-ors of a field of 19fi contestants from 26 states, the Dis-' trict of Columbia and Hawaii, held national amateur boxing championships today. The winners: Heavyweight—James Robinson, of Philadelphia. 175-pound—Timmie Hill, Detroit. 100-pound—Ted Cerwise. Detroit. 147-pound—Johnny Marquez, San Francisco. 135-pound—Joseph Kelly. Philadelphia. 126-pound—Edgar Waling. Detroit wark, N. J. 112-pound—William Speary. Philadelphia. Only four cities shared in the title honors, the Philadelphia an'd teams each garnering three wnfll Newark, N. J., and San Francisco-, took one each. New York, Chicago, Boston and other large cities that sent teafhs frf- to the fray were 1 blaiiKed in ffte honor roundup. .—5* HISTORIC HOTEL BUKNS. PLACERVILLE, Calif. W) — The St. Francis hotel, one of the few landmarks linking this town to the old gold rush days when it was called Hangtown because of its many lynchings, now lies in ashes. Police blamed a drunken roisterer, celebrating according to the code of '49. CLEAN FALSE TEETH- GET RID OF STAINS New Easy Way—No Brushing Sffi-n-Klof-n. amazing new discovery, removes hlarkpRt stains, tnrnlsh, tartar like m:itrir. -hist put fnlsf.- teeth nr brkljrps In B pln."R of water nnd add Stora-KU-en powder. No incH?y brushing. Ilvm mine ruled by den- tistf—npprovcMl by flond HmisokiMjpinif. At n» druggiatB. Money back if not delighted. /^f£/v. WILMINGTON, N. C.. April 15. i/D—William H. Pitchell. salesman, is planning a parachute jump just to prove he bears a charmed life. Mitchell said lie got the idea from the iact that in 35 years he has survived: Seven dog bites. Five snake bites. Three automobile wrecks. Two motorcycle wrecks. Being buried in a cave-in. Being suspended head downward from a tree. DEFENDS TITLE CHICAGO, April 15. (IP)— Katy Rawls of Miami Beach. Fla. la;- nifrht successfully defended the 300-yard individual medley swim- next" fail". . . Second. L. D. (Tteer) ted the army of those advising Tony j ming title for her twenty-second Sports Roundup By EDDIE BRIETX (or is it grapplerettei is chaperoned around the country by her popper and mommer .... "She's yoost a little girl" says pop of Clara—who tips the beam at 140 and stands five feet, six . . . Joe DiMp.ggio can scarcely speak above a whisper because of those misbehaving tonsils he'll Have snagged tomorrow. NEW YORK. April 15 (/Pi—Here | Pedro Montane?, and Lou Burston are a couple of hot tip« from Texas ; his manager, are feuding in a mild First, Sammy Baugh, Texas way because Pedro insists on open- Christian sharpshooter, will bn rifling passes for the Washington Redskins in the National footbull league! bantam-weight champion, has join- ing a bar in Harlem . . . Lou votes against it ... Pete Herman, the old Meyer, who scored 16 Texas i Canzoneri to quit Pete, now | triumph, in the opening program Christian points against Marquette . blind, runs a hot spot in New Or-j of the annual indoor A. A. U. title in the Cotton Bowl same is ticketed ,.leans. I mret at the Lake Shore A. C., break- for the Chicago Cubs when he grud- i Approximately $3.000.000 worth of ing .' tie with Mrs. Eleanor Holm uates in June. I baseball talent will be quartered in Jurn-tt. and Helen Madison, star of The Redskins got Baush in the one lintel here (The New Yorker) for the Washington A. C. of Seattle. football draft last year Sammy four days beginning April 16 when turned down their first offer of $5.- 115 big leaguers land in New York 000 in favor of a $2.700 coaching . . . the hotel will play host to the berth at T. C. U., but changed his Giants, Yankees and Cleveland In- mind right quick when Washington clians. upped the ante to $7,000. The Yankees were supposed to have the inside track on Meyer, a second sack- Spencer Abbott. Seattle manager, FRIENDLY ENEMIES DENVER (A 3 ) —Bert Clay and his wife Ethel, ended their marital partnership but retained their business partnership. A preliminary divorce ranted Mrs. Clay in district court „„„. „„„ .,_ says former Mayor Jimmy Walker specified that she may retain her er, but along came Scout Jack Doyle j may bob up as part owner of the half interest in ^the downtown rest- wi'th a fatter bonus offer and Tiger Dodgers one of these days * " ' "' ' *"""" —"•••-'" that Auggie- Brittain, new bull pen catcher, "wouldn't be so tough." a hard track." Thirty two years around race Said Grissom, who claims he won't I tracks—with his father there be- trim his 12-day crop of whiskers 1 fore him—has taught McGarvey a until his first National league win: 'Brittain might have been a fighter in the bush leagues but no bozo whose name is August will scare anyone in the majors." KANSAS CITY—The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Chicago White Sox wound up their exhibition series today. Red Lucas pitched for the Pirates and Sugar Cain for the Sox. Mike Kreevich, smallest man on the White Sox, apparently has won a regular job in centerfield. Larry Rosenthal's hitting slumped, and Kreevich has been slugging up to Jimmy Dyke's requirements. SPRINGFIELD, Mo.—The Chicago Cubs faced the St. Louis Browns today in their final spring training exhibition game. The Cubs and White Sox will open a three game "city series" in Chicago tomorrow. Larry French went to the 'mound today for Chicago. Elon Hogsett and Earl Caldwell were the selections for St. Louis. P HI L A D ELPHIA—The Phillies and Athletics resumed drills on their home fields today, preparing for the big league opening games next Monday. The Mackmen will travel to Baltimore tomorrow to play the Baltimore club of the International league and will meet the Phils in the fourth and fifth games of their city series over the week-end. DANVILLE), Va.—Pat McLaughlin, rookie righthander staying with the Detroit Tigers on borrowed time due to Tommy Bridges' injury, got a chance today to lengthen his service with a major league nine. He was picked to pitch against Cincinnati. few things about the turf. He personally handles the stable and is the idol of every jockey and stable boy. Grey and stout, he's still spry. In fact, he took a running jump and landed atop the fence to start the interview. is Chicago bound. that a scoop, Spence? Is aurant she and Clay operate, receiv- Carl ing the same salary as he, and shar- Clara Mortensen, the gal grnppler' Hubbell's screw ball is dizzier than ing profits equally (lly The. Associ.-ilod Pivss) Philadelphia (A) 4; Philadelphia (N) 2. Washington (A) 2; Boston (N) 1. Cincinnati (Ni 10; Boston <A» 5. Chicago (Ni 10; St. Louis (A> 4. Chicago (A) 3; Pittsburgh <N> 1. Cleveland (A) 8; New York iN> 6. New York (A) 7; Birmingham (NYP) 4, 7 innifigs. • . •»• WINS FEKRY SUIT AUSTIN, April 15 (/P)—The Supreme court dismissed for want of jurisdiction today an 'application for writ of error in the case of Southern Transportation company against whom $1,500 judgment was awarded A lice Ford for the death of her son Napoleon, one o'f four negro children drowned in 1932 when an automobile ran off the Galveston-Bplivar ferry. A civil appals court had affirmed judgment, holding with the trial court that failure properly to secure a cable oh the end of the boat was ,he'' predominant cause of the ihild's death. WILL PL£ON Pampa's Junior High Reapers and the Hopkins junior high Softball teams will clash at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon on the diamond west of Harvester field. Hopkins won a T to 5 game from the Pampa boys last wees at ^ofi- kins, C. E. Shewmaker is coach of the Reupers. Kitten Laycock is mentor of the Whirlwinds who feature an outstanding young pitcher named TO ELECTRIFY COUNTIES WASHINGTON, April 15. The rural electrification administration announced today the Denton County Rural Electric company may use up to $530,000 for 555 miles of line, in Collin, Cooke, Denton, Grayson, Tarrant and Wise counties, Texas. The Limestone County Cooperative Electric company, Groesbeck Texas, may use up to $250,000 foi 260 miles of line in Limestone and Palls counties. CQMPWMENTARY DUPLICATE EDWABDSVILLE, 111 .(/P) — Lightning never strikes twice in th? same place? Several years ago it hit a the corner of the Madison county courthouse. In the same spot earl; yesterday, u. bolf knocked,off a, por Uuu of the -cornice. Twency-fiv feet ^away 12 jurymen and a bailif Slept THE PORMULA NEVER CHANGED $ti CHEAP! N ED IN B6 YEARS W HISKY like this deserves your confidence! It's "pedigreed"... made from *' exactly the same fine formula we've used ^ for 66 years. So naturally you can expect King to be .clean.-tasting, every drop! Try King today. Top-quality whisky priced for everybody! Kentucky $( r ?/fit , oourbon^ Whisky / A FIND AT THE jgggfflKftp^fflfflffipqBliffi/imHH^p >£**« fA,f*^Mi* KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURPON WHISKY .4t in "Kentucky Written Guarantee Against EVERYTHING that can happen to a tire in service . . . WITHOUT LIMIT as to time or mileage. Congr»tulatU» ws » «».. a Swell Slogan: ence War ords for mileage Liberal Trade-in venient Monthly Payments Top Dressing .DUPONT Top Finish. PI DUPONT Polish Sponge POLISHING 01 th. 20" sq WARDS FINEST Auto Wax or Cleaner, each 2!> SIMONI2 Wax Cleaner 4<!c Wards LIQUID 90(> "' 14 in. selected 2nd ory. For quick repairs 100"- pure niipthemc protection! Four Blades! Ball Bearings! Save ? 5;85 GRASS TRIMMER Can be used with one hand 55c GARPEN One piece steel blade .. GARDEN RAKE O ne piece forged steel ..

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