The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 15, 1961 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 15, 1961
Page 11
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__ Sunday, January 15, 1961 fl?t Agfaum JNi 11 For CASH-IN-HAND Results, Call Want Ads Today «—.— • - ^ quulilieil ' S. Prwit j] ',(.. . ' ••!•"•,• iprii- P,-,, , ,'r I ,'.'.•., r:KMA ' i! -f: KEPAIRH ' -i llm '° 0nt ' -lectrlc. 8?3 «orj. -v BELTS, PULLEYS - For "»tor», air-condllloners, pumps, eompres- wasters, atlic-wiodow Jans. 3000 stoc jj jr ass ,..,. Eicctnc Co.. S. ,..., - un -.our ...... ....... j,, ,;",! "r """'i'"" 1 - '!r.v«-i iu- rtufcwasbtj- 'Whirlpool IMrlccrator .... fuinlshi-i .;-j ;„' '"'Xown Wiishcr mid Dryer Service' !|:i ' rvi ' 1 iiuliu'c-rntor ....... .u:,; I-MI.I..I, '•'•'' u "*< JU -3618. ' ' i HOUSTON NATURAL GAS ' '' . iTUBtl. Phone JU 2-2056. ------------------- ...... Whirlpool IMrlccrator ....Terms $2S3.nO Terms 8225.00 WAl'.EHOUSK K. Republic JO 2-538-I 31. Icjijj distance. Kxp«n- , modern equipment, bonded. SHOULD SELL OUR PRICE P & S ALUMINUM CO. 20S W. Lobit Custom made screens JU 3-2251 Latex Inside Paint $2.95 PIT pillion PTARKTT-SHUTE U-'MBEP. CO. 2318 North ilitln. phnne JU 25618 - K'.irnis'U'il . ,. . , .30 fate Plates J .35 '•"," i !$ .40 CflJc cups $ .20 . ''--jV'-.TM!; v.'KI.r. M'.lLU'.Yi - Hom( ,, !!n.2l) Heavy Barb Wire $7.95 . I.-:-: •..'.i.'.'iir,-,) !m?3l , 0 , 1; aurora,-"] jJHI,; j J'lI.W) Ixfif Bathtub with Faucet....J25.00 ; I>!'M"v_\v,iit:r .Systems: <Mabll\ht<.! 1901. ! ? ; : ; r ' ri L'sorl Lavatory * fi.OO ''•"•" jWATKl: V.'KU,.; MULLKIi -iV"wilnr J'9-50 New Box Spring S19.95 '•"•:! :'.-iK,::} Tprmir'i *i-prv"lr> \v! 515.001UO Kl. Vi-ln. Galvanized Pipe U2.95 ' • ! TK!: v,;.;i.rX rl i\ v,-n'^ i^ii" "£ * "a Bathroom Heater 52.95 .,;.!;. i':i.i-. ,;;; ?-(;a:3, " " ' ""'•' i tlfi.OO Used. Kitchen' Sink .' S 3.95 j:».r>ti New Inno-sprlng Mattress ...$19.95 v.'ia.i, np,ruuvG -"••I i-rv:;-.. h.-,nl! f> r:!!,,.:; p, M,, m .,er ot Traa-i Pump IJACR HKARD FURNITURE CO. !-' W. lu-.ltx, Baytown JU 2-1962 •>'-'x w!u, :.rA.\,v ., JCl'il I'.K-.'T I'P.Gl'KRTV c -D3.-kv Bond -- Realtor 24. r , I -,- C 2 c "^ r*! Armature Works r::e'-'.ric Motor K"7.'indir:g Repair all types ana :-'"2 Carolina nt V.'est Main a:-' or .N'ijrhi. Phor.a JCJ 2-9OTO Soil Fertilizer 1 ;'..J:;-;-'- -•"• SAS't). CLAM AND Oi:rr!:.f. FHELL - Haullr.R and small -^lt Jo'-;!. f.EORGE TOP.P.EE: JU ' n ''- -' 25. Plants-Seeds REFPJOERA.TOR fi cu ft. Kelvlnator. new paint, pushbutton defrost S88.85 B. F. Goodrich 514 W. Texas JU 2-825; CLOTHES LINE POLES Custom Trailer Hitches Bay.ov.-n Trailer Rental, JU 2-5S15 Whitcomb's Used Appliance We have (n our stock several sood used dryers. Both gas and electric dryers are available. Prlc":,! start as low 33 S5H.95. All Appliances P.cbuilt and Guaranteed 700 W. Main JU 3-1631 rnon. Grape- M.OO <f?\ch. T'r:cirrt' •.^.-::-i .V). ; — Patented ::••'. .'!:•:•:;'-, Orei'n House. PP^.V^.TMO:--. PECANS, new ?:! T-r'-'* '3--.VTV . Pmnke trees. ( 'c.: : -'-' <'" :o:\ Strjiwberr.' r •••; irn "Wsrl-eV St. 'Rd.. USED APPLIANCES 2-dnnr Serve] refrigerator with automatic hx'mak^r, 2 year warranty on scale-! unit. 30-diy service. Excellent condition. 5123. Servei rcfriKerator — Ideal for apartment. Clean. 54900. Two Y\'es!in:;hnu.m) electric ranges. Clean. Kxct'ilent conditior.. Vour choice. each. J. W. AINSWORTH CO. 2500 :,:arket JU 2-S397 Graves Furniture Exchange Pets-Supplies 2J9 N. Main i '•'!<•(> Porcelnm G.ia Rango i : . : '"ricidri!re Hefrigeratnr .. Breakfast He! . . i .T-P'.cce Bedroom Suite | Living Room Couch Remodeling Specialists ^" x P cri( -rn;t'] jn hnnillin^ -ulfieuU rc- i«<"itliHB problems and cllmlnatinK tm"".wary cos!.<. Ouauty m.V.f-rials. ile- l»nil;ib!o craftsmen i-mplo'.eii. BARNEY MOKTO.N. BL'ILDEK MOP.TON LUMBER CO. •126-3311, «1] Soiu.'i Main. Highland* Business Property H«:i!L.v:;;.i.s ;iMil ti - "_>3 Main. Brick nK: s'.za 16'xW and lot 3'-'. 5' wMc and 75.0' deep. Formerly 17. House* For S*j« - Ci)m;,,- : -y bullrifni- For in- ' Kn formation, cmiiuc*. K. K. Cole. Bay:o\Mi, Te.xa;'.. Jl 1 'j-yuo?. ILLINOIS, 3222 - Mice, big, 2-bedroo home. A real bargain (or quii'k salt. Owner will earn" own notes. Priced $5.- 47. HoutM For Sato Highlands Realty HlC!HL.\>iI)S. -V. Mam. New business building 1 . 1500' floor area. Drive in grocery, barber shop, beauty Ettop. 2 Us'.,, 120' 1'ront. Terms, HJC.HLA.V7)S: JI'j.S' front corner bust- ric.rLi 1'j!. <;<KM! l(;crtti(i.'!. Terms. A. w. HAM:.:, ittaitor. 115 s Main I'.'if'.'.'-.' 41-8-2411 or I25-3-I6-). 43-A. Water Front EDDIE COX. Keoltor, 6-50GO. NOW SEE THIS NO DOWN PAYMENT LAKEWOOD - Spacious home. 2 baths, ga.3 bu'lt-irj 'kitchen with island bar. Largo wooded lot Excellent terms. SH.950. MONTGOMERY REAL ESTATE JU 3-1219. 6-7221 or LAKEWOOD DRIVE, 229—Lovely 3-bed| room home, central heat, attic tan. (Completely rcpamird, floors re/lnlshed, 3-bedronm giving it a new home look. SEE THLS TODAY Wa'!-r Realty 6515 Bayway Drive LO 6-5291 47. HOUM« For Sato LAKEWOOD—Just move In for £590. Xo fuss, no bother. Payments sy7.n. Vi a^r« heavily wooded. :i-bfcilroorn contemporary, schools, shopping. Call Mr. Panos collect, Houston i!I 9-8381. Articles For Rent I-'LOOK 3A.NDEHS, Hug and upholstery shampoo machines, handaander, polisher, aa«. Kulin paints. Williams Rentals, 0 Moirell. JU 2-910S. FLOOR SANDERS AND EDGERS— Sheley Lumber Co. 220a Marttt St.. JU 3-376S. Lots AvnUaWc At Bai-ridge Sl;;i)0 And Up. 10 r « Poivn—7 Years On Balance Cc-orse Dcllent, JU 2-G030. 44. Farms-Ranches 33. Sporting Goods COKNEK ARCHER AND BARKALOO KOA1> — Small farm '.', miles out of 31.9 acres with nice 6-room home. Terms. For othor Information call Eddie Cox. LO S-506'0 or LO 6-7221. O.v SALE— I-!' Loflfjohn fibertlass flat bottom beat. K.xcellent lor fresh water arori. BAi'TOWN MAHINE SALES. 2700 llarkci St., JU 2-7SJ6. GUNS-New and Used Authorized Bro-.vnins Dealer MALLIN'S PAWN SHOP. 6 N. MalE SEE Stripling Outboard SALES AND SERVICE Beat Boat and Motor Deals In Town 718 E. Humble at Hwy. 146. JU 3-2053 FAH.M — 174 acrca with 2 houses, ffnct'il. hardrop road. 4 n-.lles north- cist of Crnsby. J. I'. Martin Estate. JU 2-8937 or 126-3135. 45, Lots For Sale JU 3-1585 5:2.51 S:5.0i.i j .'.',. .S1?K5P 513.001 GUN BARGAINS OFF SEAi'O-V DISCOUNT On New imtl r.wd r;;:ns and P.ides JIM NELSON fit N. Main JU 2-S307 ON CKDAP. HAYOU STREAM TT.-O beautiful wooded homesites over an aero in size with lots qf. bayou Irontage. Truly beautiful property. Beverly Realty 9 S. A=hbel. Tuck Building. JU 3-1751 LAKEWOOD — 104 Timuorlar.c. one-year old -l-b(-droom brick horn*.'. T^o fom-1 plete baths SI.200 tio\vn moves you n;. ' -' LO 6-7jn "or LO LAKEWOOD, 505 S. Burnet—Tins charm- t.ifi -3-b£d;'Oom home po.-,sc;sses worlds of eye appeal. A lar^e .'armiy can live in comfort with this extra !ar;;e den. 2- complete baths, air-conditioninp. cenlnil fu-at. Beautiful oversized lot. plenty trees. Drive by today for other information. EDDIE COX LO 6-7221 ALL NEW Creekwood Addition New Plans New Low Prices New Low Down Payment Move ;n ti f afl low as J150. conditioned. «n<* wooded iota. Walker Homes, Inc. At The Enri Of Prosit Street Mrs. Jack M Wilson, sales Manager JU 2-8084 JU 2-8515 Real Estate Exchange This ftrra l» establishing a REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE POOL. All types of properties considered. Please come by and dlscuu your needs and wants with: r.uft* Miller or Ed Ehderi!. Carter H. Miller AND ASSOCIATES—REALTORS 205 High-way Blvd. JU 2-9024 days or JU 3-2822 n!t« LOW PRICE OF S3300—1405 Oak. 3-betl- rooms Just remodek'd. Lots of house for the price. BEVERLY REALTY CO., JU 3-i75i. McFARLAND, 1702—3-dedroom nome excellenl condition. Owner transferred must sell. $800 down. Will trade. KEYSTONE REALTY 209 E. Texas. JU 3-1728. NEW HOME—8031 Ocean Drive. Bayridge. Sell, trade or rent. Houston collect MA 3-8116 after 6 p.m. NEW THREE-BEDP.OOM BRICK-Central heat, carpeted, built-in kitchen, large den. 2 baths. $84.50 monthly. MONT' GOMERY KBAL ESTATE. JU 3-1219. GENE MULLER, Agency RESIDENTIAL AREA — Beautltul wooded !n;s in LaKewood. BAY LOT, 440 Burnc-!—Heavily wooded. LO 6-7551 47. Houses For Sale ASHSY. S18 — Leave your car at home ::r,d walk to work. .\ear Rubber Plant and Refinery, pretty 2-bedroom home with separate dining room. Owner trans- ' PEARCE, 604 E. — Clean 3-bcdroom homo, low down payment, carpet, vc- netlans, and oversized garage, near school. JU 2-9311 after 4:30 p.m. PAMELA. 702—3-hedrooms, kitchen built-lns, 2-car garage, \vooded. lot, GI equity, owner transferring. JU 3-369-1. PLUMWOOD — 2002 Chilton Drive, Section 2. Open dally. 3-bedroom homes, 2 baths, electric kltcnen. carpet, heat, patio. KENNETH KRASOFP. JU 2-611T. PP.UETT, 1400 N.—Large five-bedroom family home: living, dining, den. kitchen. I'.i baths SIB,000. BOB STEPHENS REAL ESTATE, La Porte, GA 1-2111, GA 1-1176. Houston, OP. 9-2T36. Boston Bulls. 525. .!>'!! Long Drive, LO 8-7778. Livestock-Supplies Highest Quick Cash For Appliances & Furniture l-i (he "Huff-l " i Paint Specials Bull Q-II r;l".*s Enamel. Bute rif':i^ Sprir Ynrnis!i. <!'. — rej; S2.S3 $231 1'." Puro nrlntlo Knnmel Brush. n-s SI.15 $ .SI Denman Paint & Hdwe. 118 E. Tc-w JU ':-5711 \Ve Rc'-'im-nend P.cii.ihl* Painters Good Eating I .'orrcd. ! G-5060. Eddie Cox. LO 6-7221 or LO I HORSES BOARDED Articles For Sala '; '. - 1 ) r,i r ccM down ' : ;': ' . ur> to 50 per .• •: •••CK'k-. i ':<H Tor free } -.-j .•:•:' MTV. r"'Bnihi'sf T v>. .".' 3-^ill. i ALfM!NTM SCREENS C'.is'.orn m:;do to fit your windows. TP.K.M'KD PLYWOOD R?;.-kf tbn'.l Backboards. ?).f."> Sheley Lumber Co. .'209 MirXet JU 3-1 OYSTERS PLENTi" FRESH OYSTERS Open Daily. Captain OsEood. Bayou-Crosby Read. JU 3-1-137 KP.ESH OYSTERS Baytov/n Fish Market ••'••"• J'.' 3-5330 CHANNELVVOOtv — 3-bedroom, double Kiirase, I 1 -!- baths, central heat. Bargain at ?11.20O. GI nothing down. Kv.-y. 73 opposite San Jacinto Ordnance Depot. GL 2-2053. STEWART. 400—2 bedrooms, corner lot, shade trees. Owner will finance, low down pajToent. JU 2-2353. CROSBY— 919 Kenning Ave. 3 bedroom I brick- home. 2 baths, carpet, tile, large ! den and kitchen, patio. Carrol Ferguson, i j Crosby. ' SEE TODAY — MUST SELL MISSOURI. 3213—Modern 6-room home in excellent condition. 3 baths, separate dining room, dishwasher. Oarage apartment '.vith added Income, NO DOWN PAYMENT. Available now. Call Jim Bailey. JU 3-1728 or JU 3-3512. 36. Insurance PJV.YBOP.N JOHNSON AGENCY ',- , Savings to policv holders F1KE. AUTOMOBILE. LIAB1UTY r 2201 Market JU>17M jTHP.OW A STONE TO HORACE MANN Or Arisen Jones, too for that matter. COUNTRY CLUB OAKS — By owner. The lar«e family will appreciate this Colonial brick. 3 bedrooma, 2 bath.-,, complete electric kitchen. story. 2-bath, three bedroom home with 4-room rent house at rear. Oil well thrown LO 6-,62 Business Opportunity dininK and Uviau rooms, air condi-i in - t-o* al :03 Stlmson St. and (hen call tione/i. carrwsed and draped, oversizs SI'AKKV BOND-REALTOR Hi', with trees. Price Includes club!™ 2-S24S S07 S. Mam nie;nbersh!p. Small equity, low pay-! niraits. Plione LO 6-5621 for appoint- VAE DRIVE, 5-117 — S-Bedroom5. IVi baths, ctistom mads drapes, double gar- riirf-. c?"frii i! ( ?at. ;<sh p-iTH-Ut";i don. S70I' <"i::it'. . SS5 LO 6-S297 Or JU 2--i2r>S. BWSlt. PM.U.1. SHOiT'lNr; CF.:>." \V.T> i'T:V(.'. ill (,•-.{ ^\\\ CALL US FOP. HOME BUYING SEP.V- 1CK — Wo have homes in Baytown's most select — Pamela in GLEN AP.BOK. MoFarland in EVA MAUD, Jcr- j WOOSTER, l"fi - 2-bedroom homo with n tJuc in COUNTRY CLUB OAKS, Kct- • den, V4 acre corner lot. with lots ot trees. i terms in FAIR PAP.K and several homes \ Will take late model cur or boat ns down Ki; — Oil Ra>- : '» GHAYWOOD. All hove electric kttch-[pnymcat. Call John Mitchell, JU 2-6836 CULPEPPER'S USED FURNITURE 'J-Piei-a St*r::nni! S^f:i. Npwly i 'plintitfl-v! .... J » r.o'lrv] r i i:v?'.tr' T.'fnlc Hnr] •I Chnirn $ .ViMvIv r'TiMi^lprt't Lnvp Kent 5 . : :,"",',|Mi'U-'rit ,'niWillts, .iL' : '•^; v. :t'l ]''] two t;ii> baths, wall-to-wall carpet-1 nlte or JU 2-6828 days. nj:. OnL» 4-brdroom home .'tr.d the others j ~—.;' • "—~.7r, Mroom.s 1 . JU 2-BI38. T. W. |'"I". , Ai J). ^ ' . ! ; Ktl I •751-'. John shearer. nr >t lorat on TEXA'.ro :-:Kl:V!''!s :-' In B.'VlLnv; Kxcril ;r,'a) s'-si.stanri> :!-.-.••. 'Pox :!0::-.; H'J^MCM y. Tmi--,' r.\"s-7 'V'Or contact Mr. M.ii:ou:r'«. JL' "-rcil. •I;; NM-'.Ml KrllOOUS-HCi Hifh. TwoVri- .'oorris. ifir^'-; kitchen and Hvi.ij: room. r,;:;- t:nrushnl or unfiimi'^ied \viih n*ns- <i;inh;r- (io'A-ii pa>Tr ; cnt. KMtra lot also :.'. Jjjjhli 1 .TiJ. 1 ,' iijf An.-on .lonrK ;u'(i T\TIOVf KOi- 1 ii'.iv!'H'JMro Mann srhixjl r.impus. BEVEKLY ••'iM-TY CO. JU 3-nr-l. .O i.:, :i f"!il bar- : UN. iiay or Fina:-,:1 i''i- r o. «. 5!n il'.lfh. ! -- FriK'dalrc 'i.'J .^!7C S)>0 Ho I )"r:l '",: .i,i;i I.-rn Coffve T.-,b!c M.ii;u'.;;rK. For Lease VTOli. SPAKE THAT TOOTH ..... Y..-J n.ieh'. l^.-.r lh.-,t scrcmi, in this ._ _ _;!>,!." n.w rnorti. two story honff that has '• in.'cn torn u;> ;r:d thei'. out i;p ;i^ r iiin Tor n- 1 : ;<s ;i »'niropr;K-l;c clinu 1 . It's loi';it''d SHOP; 0 " •'< ''"'<" - 151 M 'W t'ori-.c: in! tit -IIKl K. ' U"' 1 :fv-m.'nr-7d :; '.-r p; i o r ^'.s. i on.'!l Y":i :i '.::;::• in 1701 AMV HT;il'.KT- New 3-bC(!toorn brick 1 'a batlis. SIOR4 rlov/n moves you in. 115 KtliOEWAY — New 3-bedroom i»r!dr. 1'j bathJ. S1M»1 down. NICK 2-bertrMom hnrni;, S600 down V ivnit-nv liti'ii CLAYTON—Corner lot. Pink hricli :;-bo<!roo>ms. 2 h:itl-::, electric kitchen, family room, rnrpet in llvins oum. ri^ntral nir cop.'lltioninfr. Shown by nppointment. JU 2-M53 day or nlgit !5 North Commerce St. Phone JUS-1476 it 0::! t:ill! tt !'P7 fr-762G : : "i.o;31-B. Building Material cth™j SPECIAL While ihev Last j Beverly Realty ' •••[[[•••iiiMiuiiiiimiMiMiiii iiui imiii'iiiiim "''''' ; No. Real Estate Wanted i?^" ! STEWART AND RUTTER |JII I'-SW') l.S ."•'. ."."hhi'l JU 3-<"6.' j ~j"OHN~M ! EQUITY "OK ! mVlXKl-L !' 1 r?'T Iconic l'» lcor:-,pr j.M. n--. . o\'i: ;t - "-bedroom brick vc- trod on wrll landscaped ii.'vil liiiilt-ui ri'ft'isenitor. ti'ifi ft. of ijvejilile floor CRA1GMONT No Down Payment 3-Bi-droom.', 1'-;. h-i'M.?. centrally cotidi'inncd an. I Mrnted. 'ill brlrk, huilt- in range carpetc-J floor.?. LO ti-551 1 or LO 6-7716. Gene Muller Agency LAKEWOOD 445 Burnc t — Large rontemporary bay home, beautiful fireplace. 3-bcdrnorn. 2-hath';. alr- eondltloncrl centrally heated. Shown by appointment. LO 6-755 1 Dean Kinq Real Estate \\K tcfllls nnd romplf.e ,.- t'-1 mw nt Mathcrn<"fl, Po.iri".-. Also Slew np- : CEUAMTi" T1I,R so!; (Lih (m-.'!c7\;jrrs, '.fjo est 'n tile (or floors UA'K wnd Instal'f vt-r door.v. T i Fic'il FHl;it« Salc5, Rent.i I ; 150'J N. Pruett ro.'TiplfMPly rrmodcllrd j M '•>"'? lot. Owiu-r will j -. s::.iv. i-aii ]{ U th Gr;f-l "•v-'ilrrM-ni house, fenced Fair Park Addition -VJPWAV. OTJ — Out-oJ-iown owner. P.e.isimnbk' ofd-r acroplej. 3-hnlroom l>ri.-K. 1'., Int'^ oltr'.r..-; brr.It-ltl TO MODKRMZE t 'f; rt-'sinnpf! n*nl li hi V>JNC Idral PAYMKNT '.W nimli'l Admiral, fli i'0r:d linn. fK I'-' M'i'i iiflcr 4 n.m. Tiione : 18. Berlrooms-Board — HKNTALS — ;IT ir:i.'li.r;r ~. «T^h •i. Itl.OCM SALKS STEP LADDERS Top Value Stamps TEMPLE LUMBER CO. SPARKY BOND-Realtor It Stays Sold List With "Sparky" !', IiniiSO and - S'JM (Ki moves rnr- rush CRA1GMONT PARK Not Ic To Move In i'l.I'S 1.1 TCP VA1.UK STAMPS WITH KVF.HY HOMK PIT.CHA.SKP 1 to M' l'-'i';cii ' '"'t > .. „( friiin rod — Your New [ I^'',;',^( rlcde .1 )O'-T|>- 3- j EDDIE COX, Realtor Be Nice To People SCOTT. 503—Beat bargain in Baytown. Pretty 2-bertroom home. SiD5 moves you In. Assume SQ8 mocihly notes. No closing cosi. This Is an equity <!ea.l. Drive bv to.-Uiy. CAROLINA. 1S05—NJD'B 2-bedroom home. A real bargain for quick sale. Owner will carry note. Priced at only $5.950 Sen Eddla today. WOOSTER, 243 John A—Pretty 2- bedroora home, big yard, plenty trees. A real bargain. Notes $40 per .iionih. Priced .53.850. ALABAMA. 1604—Britton Cravens. Two bedrooms. It's a cutie. Buy equity, assume 3mall notes. $45 per month Drive by today. WOOSTER. 113 Btirnct 'street—Nice, big, pretty. 6-room duplex. Just redecorated. Don't miss this flno buy. Owner will carry notes. 55500. Call today. FOURTH. 807 s.—Nice 2-bedroom home wl'.h bis den on b!2 corner lot. Buy equity. It's a bargain. LAKSWOOD DRIVE. 211—Pretty 3- hedroorn home \vitli nice bl£ den. Good FHA loan or buy equity. HARVEY. Ill—N".ce big -!-ber!mora ha.-ne. Buy equity. A.SSUOI* JS-I.OO monthly notes. WOOSTEP.. M9 Arbor—Pretty 2-bedroon: hJ-in.;, cvi:]o;)D frncorl brick yard. Owner leaving town. Buy equity and assume small notes 551. per month. CALL TODAY. DON'T WAIT. REDELL ROAD. 4115— (Coady.i 3 acrea of land. 2-bedroom home, deep welL Cash or te."ns. For quiclc sale, 56.950. THE BUDDY BP.AY ''-HOME—10T Cabinets In beautl'ul Brownwocd. This home wns creatnl for discerning taste. The dlf.lnntve stylinc and quallly AUntln S'.oni construction lift.^ it 'Tit of tiie ordinary. It offers 3 master bedroona, extra larpe den. spacloun livinx room, wall-to-wail carpet, ultra-modern kitchen. 2 tiled b.ith-3. air co.tdltion- Inj; anil oversized 2-cr\r ,irase. Slt»ate<i on fully I'lndscapetl Vi-acre lot with fruit :ind shade ;ree». Back yard fncurt. Corr.o out today nnd peo (or yourself—you'll be nvverl by its gracious beauty. BEAl.'TlFl;;, F.UOWNWOOD — 104 Bayshore Drive. Bumst Bay. The Murrey Rofigors home will he soM at a bargain. Drlva by todny . . . then Cfill K^dle, JIAYHAW. 202—Lakewood. Pretty 3-licdroom home. Large lot, plenty trcei 1 , cvclono fence. Good FHA loan. J400 do\vrt WOOSTErt, SS04 Bciywiy Drive — Largct rrctry 2-bedroom home, cx- tr-t large 'l^n, ?-.:p'jrri!e '.Drr^ tilo hltehcn. 2-bat!-s. alr-con- ditioninK and l!":itir.s. 2-c.-ir i:ar:i'..-^. ^ acre land wlrli plenty !n»cs. <"in b« usnj .is bus:!)?'- 1 * :,ri'-per',y. Look In'.j this tni'riy. \Vi!I mc-ko a. Tina •lector's ofi'.cf. Owner trnmSerreil. For other Inlorma'.'.on call KHUIE NOW SPECIAL — SPECIAL — SPECIAL \\OOf~F.ii — 31U Abhott. Prc-.-.y 2- bc^roaiil hoiiie. ^l(.'nt'. T tree.? .'ind shrub.!. Pri«e ro.'.uc-,-.! to J5200. Utiv equitv and msiume J:i9 montli WISCONSIN 331-1—Pretty tv.o-hcil- roo::i h TI» T.'ith hiuL Olrs3 to sclunls, cnuri:]",?:: 'ir. 1 >'r'ipi : 'ins centi'r. Price njiiuccd for quick sale. LAKKWOOD SVliDIVls:.:.!:', 1 . 2.j« "ayhrr.v—Special- Air <virrilt1,?r.Pd plete batli?, cyclone ffnce.l-ln L;u-k yard with plenty <'f tr;!-s. For rju.'ck ;;ale S! ; '-3t\ Buy (^iinty and nsiturr.c small nutc:;. D^-ivo by to- ilay . . . then Ciiil EDDIE COX. IN UKACTin.'L COCNTKY (-l.'.'K OAKS, on -\ro suu—Prf.;y 3-ljca- ro-ini h xiin :IIK! Uon, 2 cr.:rnplot8 b.nhs, \'.'n!l tu \',-ii! oixr'/.pt. liv.or- kltchcn. This Is tho homo you have been looking for. Dru'e by. Price reduced. Cill KoniK. HOLLY. 323— \ beautiful homo .!«- fllKr.i''l i'T pr-t-.'ijU3 l!vm;; with extra larpa family ruo::j. Ur-^c iivln?; room, thre. 1 btMrooms. I 1 - hati'.s. Fenctd hack y:ird \vlth Tilin'-y ot trees. Ocvij FH.A. Ima otitaln.^hle. LAKEiVOOl), 201 .N. Eurne!—Tills ell- brick 3-bcdroom home offers luxurious living, close-in luburban that combine* a friendly community with elbow rocru on 2/3 ^rrc corner i •. v. -.ti plenty trees. Ha» R spacious den and art extra larj;s fflmi!v room, central Good VlIA lonr. cbtalnalili*. beintf trsnsfcrrcil. II:.:rry. c:-.!l Ed'.l.e. BE.\UTIKUL LAKKWOOIi'. US N. Bur- net— 'or ^onu l t l l^Il^ special? Here It is. Modern all br'.ck 4-bcdroom honr> on a litrj^o \\ooo,'J lot. Central alr-condllion.'nff. orrt heated. It hni pr:ci! yi 11 r;in afford. i!-nve by tu- tt^l'-, i i ij-;v. ;Jjrn '•::]! jv':':'.'.' .")J12;BAYWAY DRIVE. C31»—Small 2-bedroom home on Rood busln*«a property. r"i.r ijiilck flilv, 555 ( .'iv Torms. Call Kddle. a!r An Extreme Opportunity In A Distress Sale 1303 MADISON STREET. MILBY- DALE. TWO LARGE BEDROOMS. AIR - CONDITIONED, PANEL HEAT, DOUBLE GARAGE AND CARPORT. FENCED Buy $2000 Under FHA Appraisal is rou HAVE soitB CASH Beverly Realty 9 S. Ashbel, Tuck Building, JU 3-1751 FHA HOMES OREGON, 1808—Baytown, 2-bedrooms attached garage, cyclone- fenced, re- de^corated. $300 down. As Is, $6450. Redecorated, ~s¥So~Ct. S250 down. HIGHLANDS — 20T Polnsettla. 2-bedrooms; redecorated, attached saraee S6SOO, $300 down. »ar»ge, Avey's Real Estate 426-??.13. Highlands, 113 N. Main Sound $$$ Investments HAROLD LANE. 510—s«io equity. 3 bedrooms w(U> large den. ju baths, central heat, carpetlns, 2- car garage. S99 payments. ROSELAND OAKS — 4 bfldrooma fa.-ni.iy room, all-electric kitchen, 2>-i batha. 2-car garage, centrally heaterl and air conditioned, corner wooded lot GRATWOOD—3-bedroom brick with 2H baths, dining room, large den, all electric kitchen, central heat Oversized lot. Il-fx210' New financing or buy owner's equity MIDWAY. 112—3 bedrooms, carpeted, centrally air conditioned and heated. Excellent condition. New loan, small down payment moves you In. VILDWOOD, 235—3 bedrooms, den. 1'i baths, centra! heat, large corner lot. Equity reduced. UTAH. 1609—Britton Cravens 2 bed- roomi, den, t'loo: furnace, attic fan. In good condition. Low equity, monthly payments, 555. SHERIDAN, 1705 — 3 bedrooms, fcn':-?u back yard. In good shape. Equity reduced trado considered, $11.SO!. REPUBLIC. 4SO E.—Equity reduced. T\vci lar^e bedrooms, larjre living room. na:iel heat, i' air conditioner?. piiruce. Only SS.700. PECAN, iris.—3 bedrooma. den: panel heat, r.irret. Lot 7S'xl6.V. Near Cedar Bayou school. Selling below appr;!i=.i! -in now loan. Payments .Tl'nroxi!n:iH'!.' $77. RUTH GRIFFITH. JU 7.-2049 LAVER.VF; CANANT, JU 3--S349 54. AutomoDilM CHEVROLET, 1MO—4-door »1tft MV tires. M»k« food work « Khool <*r. Flmt J150 MJcu n. JU a-TT«T. FORD, 1990—2-Daor, V», *Uck real good tliti, v«rj llttl* ruit, JU 3-l«09, FORD, 185*—"500" 1-Hoor , Excellent condition. 8«* 221TH C«4u Bayou Road, J«nnlKh» AddltKw, J. PashaK. PLYMOUTH, 195S — Fury tWu», I*«d, beater, power itetrtng and brakis, •»- ttllent condition, only WKL LO (4UL RENAULT DAOraHOS, 1960-Blw*. U month* old. 3Exc«U«nt couditioo. Weekdays after S. JU $^776; or JO ' Mercurys — Continentals — Infllih Comets — MG's — AMtln Sprits* SEE US FOR A REAL DEAlt' BAYSHORH MOTOEK •"•••• 2100 Market JO crwnt 1* Oood Bay Motor Co. ; SOB Highway 1« JU 2-9HI A-l USED 603 W. Texas Felton Foref CARS JT7 5- TRADE WITH "HONEST" JIM Jim Carter Mtr. Co. 424 W. Teias JU 1-WS* SBRV1CB WITH THE SALB Clyde Jones Rambler 407 W. Texas JU T. F. ODOM -- BUILDER Rellabln Building Service 1702 Ivle Lee JU 2-5930 For Dependable Movlnfi Service Local or Long Distance. Call JU 2-2050 Hasty Transfer And Storage GE.Vr.VOOD ADDITION' SC3 Plcetwootl—Brick ver.ecr 3-bed- rr.nm linmi-: tienntlfully decornted. rxCL'ilettt features, near school. 113 W. ADOUE Three be'lroonw. i baths, carpc', drapes, two window air conditioning t;iil!.'i. excellent condition, near school. E. F. Luquire CONTRACTOR JU 2-0131 or JU 2-7093 Two '59 Galaxies One 2-door hardtop, one 4^3oor hardtop. both have power steering and brakes, and white wall tires. East Texas cars, really nice. TOUR CHOICE, $1795 ' Laughlin Auto Sales Across From Memorial SUdium, I960 Bel Air i 4-<loor Chevrolet u-ith walte will tlraii Six cylinder, standard shut, low mtteat* car with bju» finish. Thij it *, toot b-jy at $1795 Dan Hutchins Mtr. Co. Texas Ave. and Hwy. 1« JU 2-713J New Yorker Station Wagon 1957 Chrysler with air conditioning. power windows and seats, radio, and heater, fully equipped. la tat- quolst and white 2-ton« color. Priced at $1575 Higglnbotham Motors 2912 Market Jtf 2-8198 TOU CAN NOW PLACE TOUR OBDKS TOR A 196! Opel Paul Prince Buiclc 2800 Market JU J-S31* '58 TKunderblrd Thli one has all tn« «xtraj fschlrf- Ing ill power and air coodlUonlm. Sharp black and white 2-tone- finish with blnck and «*lt« l«ath«r interior. This Is OPS i-ou must »e«. What Bm you waiting for? Neal Dickens Mtr. Co/ " T Under The Slg Shed—Hwy. 14S. TO 3-4M5 48. Mobile Homes MOBILE HOME—43' Spartan with factory a,'r-condltlon*np, central heat, 2-hedroorn.i. (Tall 12S-3114 or 428-2733. 49. Automotive Service SAVE Bargain Buys! Six 1959 Chevrolets and equipment. Prie»d On Shock Ahsortwr* and r ; ston R '-H^;. on Mufriors WATSON AUTO SUPPLY 3:(17 Minnesota JU 3-.>S73 Most models for sale. Seven 1957 Autos Fords. Chevrolet*. Bulrks. 2-doors. 4 doors. Six's, ard E!sn!'». Several Specials 2-<ioo.-i, i-door.'. la most modsls. SEE Buck Turner Chevrolet 10 E. Texas JU 2-S20T Trucks Ei- of Work Cars GOO!) \VORK C.SH - 1930 Plynjoa!. 1 ) 4- door. raj:o. !n.'.ilor. Ran* sood only ; J1!900. S:c a.! -IIS VV. Peuri-e. Cnsh-Trade- iTornis. JU i-KiJo 54. Automobiles i S07 S. Acreage For Sale ilntachi-d rnri-rr Int. UU!;U- and '. IV::; : ii .'• Building Material Bargains I.rnhnuanv V-.;:»,.vn ri'.«"'vl i K.isy -i' IrOASTAl. 'ro. IN'" ' : 'MV K J.'i i . • ir LO i'v:« i . • •'.)!,::;) .\<'l;l>' 'i.AXn AN.'i I •nc.i. JU ,1-371:. a;!,' S500 DOWN ' ilf :ilvi.' .ill tTllri .i-b fri'.'.irir.s '..irpe i"ir:fn ntral heat. i' 3 b.T.h.i. --car KEALL B'JII.WINO co. - >;^!".v.t^n:i. sh.'t, ':• pn?s«r,. LO 6-722! LO 6-5060 ju •::•:•:.], Classified Display Cbsslfied Display A Honey! 1957 Ford. V-S "alrlane SOO, 4-door sedan with radii and heater, power e.imp~t-n!. Clean throughout. A. ' real t*:iy a: only $1095 Ernie Dittman Motors TOT E. Tex=u JU 2-S15S 54- A. Auto Safety Check COMPLETE FROST-END AUGXMENT S6.00 THAD FELTON FORD 6t2 W^jrcxas JU 5-8186 -~bn 7H" PEST—In pair.', ,\r..! body -.<:.•-'.<. braKe and !ron:-«nd align- i JACK SMITH GARAGE '1U.1 N. Va'.n JU 2-9030 Clossified Display 3-S12J. TODAY. TO SITT v:;op!:r.TY •:rni.K AUT. Hob 22. Rest Homes •]• KI,|'>:/.KI; C'.ill us for Smith iir.iln. i ,- l i:i r.r^'-' <-"i7U. Classified Display IN TVI.F.El. 23. Services Offered M nation. 10 year. xl:i!lf.l. . M. r . O'l y >•, ',.1 '?!!*.•)& Before You Buy SHEETROCK- PLYVVOOD--LUMBER wi-: iiivr: Top Value Stamps TEMPLE LUMBER CO ,100 .\rtiK l-.orc.i. •!' TAN iorntlon, JU 2-1 Classified Display Classified Display '-IHII M;i|i., t ;.|: r.'1<'IKKt:i- ''!N'i; '.-' 1 A • • ."I I <".-• .IK I'' i",l. Classified Display Classified Display Classified Display OUR SERVICE MUST SATISFY AH Mokes Foreign Cars Try Us, We'll Make You Happy! VOLKSWAGEN SPECIALISTS Texas Motor Import rry 16th !-or Tho Pincsi' if —MOTOR REPAIRS — IGNITION SHRVirE — B D /V;S sG":viCE —GENERAL R'PAIRS —AUTO AIR CONDITIONING SEE REAGAN'S GARAGE We A.I X'a<'2 Cars 9H N. Main JU 3-1814 PIANOS "31 A-'-'C- PIANOS 35 To Choose From New Pianos $495 .T Us- Pianos $189 ,-,. Ti-n Small Down ruMuc I p to 3fi Month* to I'. vl — Ki > i>;iir<vl \Vorkmnn«.hip BROOK MAYS PIANO - ORGAN STUDIO !J? F. T< 1 \rt'< 'IT" PLUMWOOD SECTION II . . . designed with your family in mind i HIGHWAY M6 TC ". JAV-ES DOWN DWA' v y;;L TO CHILTON TRADE CONSIDERS 2002 CHiLTON—Beautiful, Ageless . . . Oulstanding va!., t -> i 'Sis beautiful home constructed by KRASOFF, CO-T ; V^ -r ecc'omy with luxury. Created for you, tha q tJ ,v'-.;...T'.>a'5iJ buyer, buiit by a quality minded builder P ac^r! w>'i c-i-s^'jl pU^ining in a neighborhood of CIV.MV^ ai'-bncl. ho-nes. DRIVE OUT TODAY AND SEE THE ENTIRE SUBDIVISION. KENNETH KRASOFF BUILDER Phon« JU 2-4417

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