Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 11, 1971 · Page 9
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 9

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 11, 1971
Page 9
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exico Foul-Up laims 14 Lives LJLIACAN, Mexico (AP-) — can soldiers mistakenly thought Irteen persons were Wiled they had been fired upon, a po- |10 wounded in the village of lice spokesman said Friday. Realito, Sinalao, after Mexi- He gave this account: oran Addresses letired Employes [important legislative items Mining for the Texas alslature were outlined by Hilary B. Doran Jr. at the ting of the National sociatlon of Retired Federal noloyes in the directors' P om of the Chamber of bmmerce Friday. Doran, Del " Rioan who Ipresents the 65th Legislative istrict in the Texas House of representative, listed the fmaining items of importance ; ab appropriation bill, a tax ll if necessary, congressional edistricting, legislative districting, the election code ision and the penal code levision. A question and answer eriod followed the solon's remarks, with considerable interest shown by members. Mrs. T.P. Cook, president of the association, was in charge , of the business session. Hostesses for the social hour were Mrs. T.P. Cook, Mrs. C.A. Roll, Mrs. Alfred Bochat, Mrs. R.C. Courtney and Miss Mildred Folliard. A special guest at the meeting was F.Hi Doran of Del Rio, grandfather of the representative who spoke at the meeting. Attending were Messrs, and Mesdames Alfred Bochat, H.L. Molyneux, Leo Farrell, C.A. Roll: also Fred Gilbert, Elmer DeBroil, Miss Mildred Folliard, P.H. Whitney, Mrs. A.N. Ogden, W.H. Hayes and Mrs. R.C. Courtney. lismissed Teacher ues for $300,000 BROWNSVILLE, Tex. (AP)A hearing will be held In U.S. district court here April 23 on a -suit filed against the Mercedes •schoolboardby a former teach- Mercedes High School following the hearing. •6r U.S. Dist, Judge Reynaldo iGarza set the hearing date Friday on a suit filed by Mrs. Ursual Moore of Progreso. The suit asks for $300,000 damages and an injunction against the school board. In the suit, Mrs. Moore claims she was not rehired by the school board because she told pupils she was losing her job for being "too friendly with or associated too much with Mexican-American pupils." L She claims this action violated her right of freedom of : speech and was discriminatory. She claims the board listened only to testimony from other teachers and not from pupils at a hearing March 2. She was suspended from her job as a Spanish and German teacher at Editors Double As Newsboys MEXICO CITY (AP) - Nearly 500 employees of a Mexico City newspaper, from editors to accountants, took to the streets' Friday to sell their product. Arnulfo Rodriguez, assistant director of La Prensa, said the newspaper executives and editors also took to the routes because the local newsboy union decidedtotake Good Friday off. Good Friday is not a legal holiday. "It was a great experience," said Rodriguez, who sold more than 3.0 newspapers. "In a way it is a bit frightening. It is one thing to insult the reader from a safe room and behind a typewriter," he said. "It is another to insult him and then go out and face him." The soldiers arrived Thursday night at a baptism in El Realito seekingaman believed involved in narcotics traffic. . One of the villagers fired into the air and then was disarmed by a soldier, as he took the gun from the civilian, the soldier accidentally sho^ himself in the stomach. His fellow soldiers, believing he had teen shot by the civilians, then began^shooting the unarmed villagers. The police spokesman said 13 villagers were killed and one soldier died in the crossfire from his compatriots. Ten others were injured, including the soldier who disarmed the villager. The Mexico City newspaper Excelsior reported that the baptism was attended by poppy growers who responded to the soldiers' arrival with gunfire. The soldiers returned the shots, according to Excelsior, killing 12 villagers described as narcotics distributors and wounding 10. One soldier was killed and one injured, the newspaper said. El Realito is about 80 miles northwest of Culiacan. USDA May Add Tortillas To Food Program EDINBURG, Tex. (AP) — Tortillas and citrus from the Lower Rio Grande Valley may eventually be included as additions to surplus food distributed in the Agriculture Department program. Juan Del Castillo, a USDA official, discussed the addition of the two items during a recent visit in Hidalgo County. Del Castillo was visiting the county at the request of County Judge Ed Gomez. He said such other flour foods as crackers and spaghetti are being distributed in some areas instead of flour. He said Tortillas might replace the flour allotment in areas such as South Texas. Castillo visited with representatives of various tortilla factories to discuss the possible change. DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Sunday. April 11,1971-9A Eagle Pass Gets Juvenile Officer EAGLE PASS-Police Qhief Pete Rossi has announced the assignment of Detective Auturo Garcia to a newly which will handle all juvenile offenders and complaints. The juvenile division will be under the direct command of the establishment specialized bureau. of the created juvenile division to be Garcia who has been MOVCflCK S@f S the known, at , Division. According to Rossi, the new division will operate within the Detective Bureau and will be a specialized investigative unit Youth Aid transferred . from his previous duties as a ttimlnaTlnvestlgatorCk A»•£('c Qnl A in the Detective Division. jnGrllT S >?Uie Rossi named the increase in juvenile offenses during the past two years as the reason for "Father, next spring vacation,, may I go tq Fort Lauderdale?" Lopex Requests Change of Venue EAGLE PASS-More than a dozen tracts of land will be offered for, sale to the public at an auction set for Tuesday, May 4, at the Maverick County Courthouse. DALLAS (AP) - Leonardo Ramos Lopez ,24, charged in the Legionnaires Here Support Lf. Calley Bentsen and to Congressman O.C. Fisher. The Department resolution adopted at the meeting in Waco emphasized that the American Legion has never, does not now, nor will it ever condone the needless or wanton killing of any human beings, be they friend or foe. However, it should also be made equally clear that incidents occurring during and under actual combat conditions cannot possibly be equated with civilian matters of a similar nature, and such should at all times be taken into account. It seems ironically inconsistent for a nation to permit some of its citizenry to belittle and defame its standards and traditions and go unpunished, then in direct contradiction sentence a combat veteran to life at hard labor for willingly and actively defending his country. ttWtt:::::::::::::::^^ Kennel Chatter Nuevo Laredo Rancher Slain By MARK L. NELSON In this everyday expanding dog world, producers of all sorts of products are jumping at the chance to make an extra dollar on you, John Q. Public. Of course the standard products such as dog foods, nail and hair clippers, collars, leads and rubber balls are a common item owned by all. If your dog has a particular (problem or need, there is some sort of remedying device. You can turn through any dog publication and see some of these items are a little out of the ordinary, some sensible' and, of course, some just, money makers for the producer. Your station wagon can be equipped with a crate to confine the animal and make traveling much safer for all or a barrier to keep him to the rear portion of the wagon. There are also shipping crates for trains and airlines as well as cardboard traveling crates for your smaller K-9 friends. Grooming devices are probably the most popular with the consumer; of course, the regular combs and brushes but added to these are a variety of grooming sprays that will give the animal either a hair setting job or untangle snarls. , In addition, there are several tools for this purpose to split the tangle or to remove it. You can buy a special vacuum cleaner and a hair dryer if you like. 'Grooming gloves are available as well as grooming slings that hold your K-9 friend in a suspended state while you work on him. Of course many of these items are for the pros. Don't be surprised the next time you visit a dog show if you see most of these products. ,. Other grooming aids are skin and coat conditioners both for oily and dry. skins. There are tearless shampoos as well as mange medicine and many more of these self-medicating products. You can also be cruel to your dog and buy a "bitter that supposedly will eliminate his biting and constant scratching; however, this I would i, not recommend. Chances are if he is really scratching he is likely to have a problem that such a methoq will not cure. , There ar^many gadgets t may or may not work. If your dog barks a lot you can purchase a transmitter that is attached to your dog's collar which gives off wierd vibrations when he sounds off. In the cold winter months you can have a "doggy heating pad" for the dog house so he won't catch a chill. Or if you tie your dog you can buy a device that reels up the excess chain so that he will not get entangled; wonder what sort of choking effect it has? Another collar transmitter is available including a walkie-talkie it says, will "enable you to give your dog commands as far as a mile away." If your dog has an offensive odor, there are a variety of fragrances to cover it up. I : : haven't heard of dog tooth A brushes yet but I'm sure if you ).: tried you could find one in i|: some pet shop, probably some $ mouth wash too. ..••.? If your dog has an accident on your favority rug, yes, they have a stain remover for this also. When you get tired of letting your hound in and out of the house, you could invest in a variety of door flaps so he can have free run of the place. You can buy window decals of your favorite breed to put on your car or some stationery of the same and if you are really gung ho you can get a sculpture identifying your breed. An item that everyone should have is a stool scoop of some sort. It makes this unpleasant job a little easier. There are many varieties, some called "pooper scoopers" and another Slog butlers." Where do you put It when you pick it up? Well, they have an answer for that also. One product te called a "doggy dooley" which dissolves the stool by chemical means. The only problem it seems to me would be changing- the chemical. . . One thing to keep m mind before you buy any of these items, particularly skin and other NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico (AP) — Police sought three men Friday for the street slaying of a heavily-armed rancher. Officers looked for a possible narcotics connection although the victim had no record. Slain at the end of an automobile chase was Donate Alvarado, 37, who resides in Nuevo Laredo and who owns a cattle ranch near Columbia, Nuevo Leon, up the Rio Grande from this border city. The automobile bearing the killers had Texas license plates which officers said might have been stolen. Officers said Alvarado was driving his 1971 model sedan alongObregon Avenue and stopped near an intersection. The other car pulled alongside his and one of the men fired a pistol. Nuevo Laredo police said the men were in a green 1970 or 1971 Ford. The car fled north at high speed. Dist. Atty. Lie. Jose Escamil- Del Rio American Legion Post 595 has expressed its approval of the action of the Department Executive Committee at its meeting in Waco last Sunday, in establishing a specific policy for The American Legion, Department of Texas, on the Lt. William L. Calley Jr., indictment, conviction and sentencing to life imprisonment at hard laobr, Jesus Ramirez, post commander, reported Saturday. Through unanimous and enthusiastic • action the Department Executive Committee went on record as disagreeing with the entire proceedings in the indictment, conviction and sentencing of Lt. Calley; and petitioned the President of the United States as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to set aside the jury's verdict in the case. At its meeting, Jesus M. Ldmones Jr. Post 595 took action endorsing thep;; ; ....... Department's position and %''''''''urged all members of the post to let the President know of its personal views on the case, with copies of wires and letters being sent to the Secretary of ¥t v ....... v .v.v.wvw^v:«-;xw»:*:.sifx-:s« the Army, Senators Tower and ••••••••••••••••••---•••••• S. Sgt. Roger L. Fitch has received the United States Air Force Commendation Medal at Kadena Air Ease in Okinawa. Sgt. Fitch's wife, Rosario, is the daughter of Mrs. Carlos Sotomayor of 501 Rio Grande St. in Dei Rio. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Lyle W. Fitch of 14535 S.E. Rhine St. in Portland, Ore. Sgt. Fitch distinguished himself by meritorious service as a management engineering technician at Laughlin Air Force Base at Del Rio. He is now at Kadena on Okinawa in a unit of the Pacific Air Forces. A 1959 graduate of Gresham, Ore., Union High School, he attended the The Legionnaires reiterated the Legion's long and unswerving 100 per cent support of the fighting men in our Armed Forces and extended its sincere and heartfelt apologies to them that this Nation through pressure of the news media and others would cast doubt or lack of confidence in their military integrity. The resolution urged that a • properly constituted impartial committee be appointed to determine why, out of the many similar incidents In other parts of Vietnam during the course of this conflict, so much publicity and attention was focused upon the so-called My Lai incident. The resolution further urged that all Legionnaires and citizens write or wire the President of the United States expressing then- personal opinions on the verdict. Del Rio Servicemen killing of three sheriff's deputies, asked Friday that his trial be moved away from Dallas. His court-appointed lawyers contended there is "so great a prejudice against this defendant in Dallas County that he cannot obtain a fair and impartial trial." Lopez and Rene Adolfo Guzman, 33, are accused of shooting the three officers Feb. 15 after the deputies went to Guzman's house for a routine burglary investigation. The victims were Samuel G. Infante and W. D. Reese of Dallas County and A. J. Robertson of Ellis County. Counsel for Guzman had requested a change of venue earlier. Altogether the defense law- years. Don Metcalfe and Florentine Ramirez, filed 15 motions with Dist. Judge R. T. Scales. In addition they said they will seek the release of Lopez under a writ of habeas corpus, contending he is being confined illegally. Lopez, ordered held without bond, has been in jail since Feb. 19. In other motions his lawyers asked that Lopez and Guzman be tried separately and that the state be blocked from seeking the death penalty, which Asst. Dist. Atty. Doug Mulder has stated he intends to do. Arguing that state laws provide no guidelines on imposing the death penalty, the defense motion said a jury is left "with virtually unbridled disposition as to when or if to impose and inflict capital punishment." The land to be sold, which includes rural acreage and city lots, has been seized by Sheriff J.A. "Bean" Salinas to satisfy judgments entered in cases of nonpayment of school taxes. The sale which is set to begin at 10 a.m. will offer the land for sale to the highest bidder on a cash basis. Two Texas Men Die in Vietnam WASHINGTON (AP) - The Defense Department said Friday that two Texans are included on the latest casualty list from the war in Southeast Asia. Army Spec. 4 Douglas E. Crooks, husband of Constance L. Crooks, 1239 Hartsdale St., Apt. 102, Dallas, was listed as killed in action. ArmyPfc. Arthur Hernandez, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Hernandez, 908 N. Goliad, Big Spring, was listed as having died not as a result of hostile action. Quality Flowers Designed with Care. 307 E. 8th 775-6066 la found under the front seat of Alvardo's car a machinegun with two magazines, and in his belt a 9 mm pistol. He had not used either weapon. It also was reported that he carried $1,200. I Alvarado was shot four times with .45-caliber bullets .three of which struck him in the head. Another went through his left shoulder, into the chest and out of the right side. "We are investigating a possible connection with narcotics traffic," Line. Escamilla said. There have been a number of killings in the Nuevo Laredo area the past few months, some definitely involving narcotics. DetectiveChief Jose Trinidad Gonzalez said he had no leads, but the fact that the car had Texas license plates suggested the men might be from the United States."We don't know,", he said. Alvarado is survived by a widow and five children. University of Portland and Southwest Texas Junior College at Uvalde. Back When. % . I we Company offers you to select your choice of a washing machine for only $2.99 down and the balance in 12 monthly payments. The Junior Chamber of Commerce launched plans at Spring and Washington for organizing a softball league. Streets, with approximately ' 500 attending the open house. tUKl x ,» •»•.• • • FIVE YEARS AGO April 11,1966 Out-of-town guests joined residents of Del Rio and Val Verde County for the dedication of the new library United States Air Force S. Sgt. Walter M. Kendall has arrived for duty at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio. His wife, Mary, is the daughter of John Ojeda of 107 Arranaga St. in Del Rio. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Frank 0. Kendall, 1947 Amsterdam Road in Ludlow, Ky. The sergeant, a pneudrauhc repairman, is assigned to a unit of the Air Training Command. He previously served at McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey. Sgt. Kendall has completed a tour of combat duty in Vietnam. He is a 1957 graduate of Florence, Ky., High School. Enrique Mendez Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Mendez, has volunteered for service in the United States Army, stationed at Ft. Polk, La. He graduated in 1968 from San Felipe High School. Prior to his graduation he was active in Boy Scouting and received the Eagle Scout Award while a member of Troop 277. Mendez attended Angelo State University in San Angelo and he is a member of the American Federation of Musicians. He was playing with "The Royal Knights Orchestra" of San Angelo prior to his enlistment. Navy Seaman Guadalupe Martin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Trinidad Martin of Quemado, Tex., is now serving with Naval Security Group Activity, Kamiseya, Japan. NOW YOU CAN RETIRE ON $ 5.00 A DAY LIVE LEISURELY in a luxury Hotel with all modern accommodations where the "Sunshine Spends the Winter," in the Beautiful City of Del Rio, Texas. You can choose your room, and we will serve you three Family Style Meals; a telephone in every room; television available; Recreation Rooms; Patio; Swimming Pool; and Elevator Service. Walk to all denominations of -Churches; one block to the Banks and Shopping Centers. Beauty Salon and Barber Shop on the premises. If fishing is your pleasure, we are only twelve miles from one of the largest man-made Lakes in the world. Lake Amistad is noted for its tremendous catches of Catfish, Black and White Bass, and many other species. Coast Guard Petty..Officer Second Class Terry L Nelson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin M.Nelson of Brackettville, Tex., is serving aboard the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Sebago conducting a weather patrol on Ocean Station ECHO in the North Atlantic, 1,50Q miles off Cape Hatteras. The Sebago will take continuous samplings of atmospheric and oceanographic conditions for the U.S. Weather Bureau and provide weather and information to aircraft. OPEN HOUSE APRIL 17th &18TH, 1971 SEND ME FURTHER INFORMATION i address, CUAU W*v • •*•»»•• navigational transatlantic city & state zip code... MAIL THE ABOVE TO THE ROSWELL HOTEL, P.O. DRAWER R, DEL RIO,TEXAS 78840 Civil Air Patrol planes were searching today for a student from Laughlin Air Force Base in a Cessana 150 overdue at the Del Rio International Airport. **** TEN YEARS AGO April 11,1961 / Neil Mathena was re-elected president of the board of trustees of the Del Rio Independent School District. The 10-year-old adopted Korean son of a Laughlin Air Force Base couple was found 400 miles from Del Rio on his ' way back to Korea. **** TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO April 11,1946 O.L/ "Pete" Williams-has been honorably discharged from the United States Navy. .L. Molyneux, United States B u,,.~».flg that will eliminate your problem in half the time jmd a quarter the cost. In addition a little imagination on your part could save you a lot of time and money. month. THIRTY YEARS AGO April 11,1941 For a limited time Central' Power and April 11,19 31 In hpnor of the opening of the "straw hat season," several merchants are . giving free theater tickets with the purchase of a straw hat. Construction will begin on a modern airport equipped to handle night landing and a tremendous volume of airplane traffic into and out of the city. The Val Verde Wool and Mohair Company announced the sale of 125,000 pounds of mohair at 20 cents a pound. THE MEXICAN KITCHEN 807 LOSOV* WELCOMES ALL WHO ENJOY DELICIOUS MEXICAN FOODS TO DEL RIO'S FINEST. Closed Mondays JOIN THE SWINGERS! Swing your money Safest Surest place into Now Paying EACH ACCOUNT INSURED UP TO $26,000 1st Federal Savings & Loan Association

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